That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 7 - Call Girl?

I was totally confused about why it was urgent that I call this Mr. Patterson. I figured I would get this problem solved as quickly as possible if it was another of Lisa's lovers, so I made the call.

A female voice answered, "This is the Patterson Escort Service. How may I direct your call?"

My mind was going a mile a minute, `Escort Service?'. I regrouped, "This is Les Phillips, I have a note that asked me to call a Mr. Patterson at this number."

"Just a minute sir. Let me check to see if Mr. Patterson is available."

"This is Gary Patterson. Are you looking for a male or a female escort?"

That got my attention, "Mr. Patterson, this is Les Phillips. I am returning your call. I am not looking for any kind of escort."

The voice apologized, "Mr. Phillips, I'm so sorry. Nancy didn't tell me who was calling. I would like to set up a time to visit with you as soon as possible. I have a weekend gig, so I will be out of town starting tomorrow morning until next Tuesday. Would you possibly be free tonight sometime to visit with me?"

I thought to myself `a weekend gig' what does that mean? "Mr. Patterson, if you would like to come to my house about eight o'clock tonight, perhaps we can visit then. My sons will be going to bed and I am sure that they will be tired after the exhausting week that we have had."

I was surprised by Mr. Patterson response. "I'll be at your house around eight. I have been there several times but usually during the daytime; I'm sure that I can find it at night."

I hung up and I was not feeling very good about anything right now. I was looking at the things on my desk, but nothing was making any sense. I packed up a briefcase to take home just in case I had some time over the weekend to work on things and walked into the reception area.

Linda was on the phone. She looked up at me, "There is a Mr. Jacobs on the phone, and he would like to meet with you as soon as possible on personal business."

I took the phone, "This is Les Phillips; how may I help you?"

"Les, my name is John Jacobs. I know this must be a terrible time for you, but I would really appreciate if you could spare me a few minutes and I really would like to meet you and the four boys."

That caught my attention, `I didn't have a clue what this voice had in mind.'

"Mr. Jacobs, why don't you and your wife plan to come to the house tonight, and I will introduce you as a business associate. We eat about 6:00 and I have another meeting scheduled for 8:00."

My mind was on overload but the voice answered, "Les, I am a widower and live alone. I haven't a clue where you live."

Why I said what I did, I'll never know but the words spilled right out of my mouth, "Well in that case, why don't you plan to join us for dinner. We certainly have lots of food because everyone has been more than generous."

"I would be pleased to have dinner with you and the boys, if you would give an address."

"Mr. Jacobs, we live at 410 Mockingbird Lane."

Mr. Jacobs started to laugh, "Well I guess I won't need to use much gas tonight. I have just moved into a condo on Livingston Drive. I guess I have probably already seen you all and didn't know it. See you about six."

I looked at my receptionist/secretary. "Linda, I'll see you on Monday morning. Hopefully, I will be able to get my mind back on business by then. This has been one heck of a week."

Linda got up and hugged me, "Les, if I weren't happily married and had seven great grandchildren, I would be chasing your hot bottom around the office. Now get out of here before something else happens."

When I got home, the boys were having a snack. They looked at me and David questioned, "Daddy, you never get home this early. Are you okay?"

I smiled at my four guys, "I want you four gentlemen to listen and listen well, I am going to be coming home to spend more time with you because I love you. I may bring work home, but I will leave the office door open in case you want to talk to me. We need to take care of each other, and guys, I really do love you."

Darrin got out of his chair and came and gave me a big hug, "Daddy, we all love you too. We'll try hard never to disappoint you."

That brought tears to my eyes. I looked at Mrs. Archer and she had to turn away because the tears were flowing. I gulped, "I want you to take your dishes to the counter and I'll put them in the dishwasher and then you have some free time until dinner. We are having a guest for dinner."

Denny looked at me, "Is Daddy Bill coming?"

I looked at Mrs. Archer and she answered, "Bill is coming, but I don't think he is who your Daddy was talking about."

I held up my hand, "I asked a Mr. Jacobs to dinner. He wanted to meet you. He sounds like a very nice gentleman, so I hope you will be on your good behavior and not belch or let a small sound escape from your bottoms."

David came over and punched me in the arm, "Dad, you are crude."

I hugged the four boys as they went to do whatever it is that four pre-teenagers do.

After the guys left, I turned to Mrs. Archer, "Mother Archer, I hope you don't mind my asking someone to dinner without checking first. I also promised Grandma Hattie that we would bring her some dinner since she already has done so much."

"Never fear my young stud; we will take care of everything to your satisfaction. Now I suggest that you go play with your sons. They need a lot of attention right now."

I did as I was ordered and went into the back yard and found the four guys playing soccer. I immediately inserted myself in the game and it was like it turned into a four against one grudge match. I tripped on something and fell and the four guys were surrounding me.

Denny looked like he had tears in his eyes, "Daddy, I didn't mean to trip you."

This was perfect, "Oh please help me. I am going to need a lot of hugs and kisses to get better."

The four guys knelt to the ground and started to hug me. I grabbed the four of them and squeezed them as tight as I could, "I'm so going to get even with you four guys. I am going to love you to death."

David responded immediately, "Oh please Daddy dearest, please don't love us to death. We have had enough of that for this week."

I regretted my words immediately and squeaked, "How about I love to you until you howl 'Daddy'?"

Denny reacted, "D-a-a-d-d-d-y-y."

I finally tried to stand up, but it was difficult with four young boys holding on to me. "Okay gentlemen, I suggest we go get cleaned up and see if we can help Grandma Archer. We need to make sure that she doesn't wear herself out."

When we got to the kitchen, Mrs. Archer asked, "Would someone take this food to Miss Hattie while it is warm?"

Darrin offered, "Dad and I will take it to her while David helps Denny and Danny set the table."

When Darrin and I delivered the food, Grandma Hattie greeted us and showed us where to put the food. She hugged both of us but she kissed Darrin. She thanked us for bringing the food. As we were leaving I hugged her and suddenly realized that she had been watching out for my boys for a number of years. I guess I had been living in a cocoon.

When we were walking back to the house, an older gentleman with a cane was approaching. Darrin looked at him, "What happened Uncle Jake? Did you fall?"

The gentleman looked at Darrin, "No, Darrin, I had to have a hip replaced. It has rather slowed me down. Do you live here?"

Darrin looked at the gentleman, "Yep, this is where I live and this is my Daddy, Mr. Les Phillips. We were just taking dinner to Grandma Hattie. We have to get home because we are expecting some company for dinner."

I put my hand over Darrin's mouth, "Darrin, I think that Mr. Jacobs is the guest who is coming to dinner." I stuck out my hand, "Mr. Jacobs, I'm Les Phillips. Can we help you into the house, sir?"

Darrin surprised me and took Mr. Jacobs' hand. I had a sudden thought, `How does Darrin know this Mr. Jacobs person and I don't?'

Darrin made the introductions and introduced the gentleman as Uncle Jake even to Mrs. Archer. I was becoming concerned about how Darrin knew Mr. Jacobs. I guess I worry too much because Bill arrived and as Darrin introduced Mr. Jacobs, he explained how he knew Uncle Jake.

"Uncle Jake is Billy Martin's Grandpa, and he volunteers in our class every Friday morning. If I'm lucky, I get to go with him, but he usually helps people who are having troubles."

That explained how Darrin knows Mr. Jacobs but what does he want to see me and the boys about. My thoughts were interrupted by Mom Barbara, "Les, we are having beef taco casserole so maybe a little red wine would be good."

I went to the wine cooler in the family room and found a nice red wine that looked like it would go with a beef taco casserole.

Bill helped his mother put the food on the table and Danny looked at me and asked, "Daddy, please can we just have plain old hamburgers sometime. All these fancy foods are going to make us fat?"

"Danny, I'll tell you what. If you are good and clean your rooms really good, I will take you and whoever wants to go, to the Red Robin restaurant tomorrow."

Danny looked around, "Did everyone hear that? That includes you Grandma Archer and Daddy Bill. Uncle Jake, we will take you too if you promise to clean your room."

The four of us adults were trying not to laugh. As we were eating, we found out that Mr. Jacobs had been a dentist and had to retire because his legs couldn't handle it anymore. His wife had died fifteen years ago and they had four children. He had been living alone in a big house and after his hip replacement he decided he needed something smaller and all on one level and that was why he bought the condo on Livingston Drive. He had just moved there two weeks ago. What we didn't find out was why he wanted to meet me and the four boys.

It was almost seven o'clock when we finished eating. The four boys, Bill and I took care of the clean up and sent Mr. Jacobs and Grandmother Archer to the living room with their glasses of wine. We had just started the dishwasher when the doorbell sounded.

I looked at the clock and it was only seven fifteen and Mr. Patterson wasn't to arrive for another 45 minutes. Darrin went to answer the door and quickly returned, "Daddy, Mr. Degan, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Parker are here to see you."

I looked at Bill and he shrugged. We went to meet them and George started, "Les, we have some things we need to discuss. I hope you don't mind but I brought Don along and Ken is deeply involved in this matter."

I was not feeling real good about the situation but I ushered the three of them into the living room where Mrs. Archer and Mr. Jacobs were talking and introduced them. "What can we get you gentlemen to drink?"

I left to get the beers they requested and the doorbell sounded again. Bill went to answer since the guys were outside playing. "Hi, I'm Gary Patterson and I have an appointment to meet with Mr. Phillips. I know I'm early but I forgot how close I lived."

Bill took him into the living room as I was coming from the kitchen. Bill started to introduce the people, but Mr. Patterson interrupted him, "I already know Mr. Parker and Mr. Jacobs. I don't think I know the rest of you. I'm Gary Patterson; I was to meet with Les Phillips I thought. What are the rest of you doing here?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Patterson, I suggest you sit down and wait your turn. Everyone here, except for Mother Archer and Father Archer has requested to meet with me. I will talk to you all, but first I am going to get the boys ready for bed. They have had a stressful week. Now if you will excuse me, I will go check on the boys. Mom Archer would you make sure everyone has everything they need until Father Bill and I get back?"

We took the four boys upstairs and Bill took David and Darrin into my shower and got them ready for bed while I made sure that Danny and Denny were clean. As we were putting the boys to bed, Danny reminded us, "Remember Daddy, you promised to take us to Red Robin if we cleaned our rooms."

As we were going downstairs, I held Bill, "Would you please stay with me tonight? I don't have very good vibes about what is going to happen the rest of the evening. Everyone seems to be the bearer of bad news for some reason. I didn't know any of these people until the last week and it's like they are all about ready to pounce."

Bill pulled me close, "Les, we'll talk about that after everyone leaves."

When we entered the living room, I looked at the assembled people. "Okay, who would like to go first?"

No one volunteered. I looked at the assembled group, "Okay Doctor Jacobs, you were the first to arrive, so why don't you start. If you would prefer we can go into the dining room and talk. Somehow, in my gut, I feel you all are going to be talking basically about the same thing."

Doctor Jacobs surprised me, "Les, I am an old man and not very proud of some of the things that have transpired since my wife's death. Mr. Patterson knows that I was very sexually active for a period. I met Lisa while she was in college and we started to meet for rendezvouses. She met you and got married, and then you had your first son. We kept seeing each other and then she had Darrin."

Bill was sitting next to me and I guess I was looking a little peaked, but Doctor Jacobs continued, "It was after the twins were born that she demanded that I send a $1000.00 per month to a post office box. She didn't give me very many options, because she said she had DNA proof that the children were mine and would tell my four children and their families of my indiscretions."

"Les, after having met the four boys tonight, I don't think there is anyway that they might be mine. They look like you and I am guessing that they are physically built like you. Would you please do an old man a favor though and have some DNA testing done to be positive. If the boys are a result of my overactive hormones, then I will gladly pay for their expenses. They are beautiful young men."

Doctor Jacobs really rocked my boat when he said, "Les, I would be proud to be part of their life in any case. They are going to need everybody's help to get through this mess. They seem to be handling the situation well, but you can never have too many Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas."

Gary Patterson was laughing, "Les, after what the good doctor said, my news is going to be anticlimactic. I came prepared to write you a check for $200,000.00 for Lisa's half of the escort business."

I must have had the funniest look on my face. Gary looked at me, "Les, I thought you knew about the business. When Lisa and I started college, we started the escort service. She put up half of the money but thought it would be better if it went by the name of Patterson Escort Service. We collected a small percentage of all of the patrons that we serviced. Today there are 14 males and females working for the service. They pay us ten percent of what they get for their gigs."

My nerves were on edge. Gary continued, "I know Mr. Degan by his reputation and I know Mr. Parker because he used our escort services to meet up with Lisa. So if you will sign the agreement then we should have no legal problems, since there are two lawyers present."

My cage was really rattled now, "Gary, let me hear why George, Don and Ken are here before we do anything."

George Degan was very calm, "Les, after what we have heard tonight, what I have to say is very vanilla. When I was going through the things that you retrieved from the car. I came across two sets of keys. The first is for a safe deposit box at the First National Bank. The other set looked like it was a post office box but I don't have a clue where that box is."

George turned to Doctor Jacobs and Gary Patterson, "Did either of you ever send anything to Lisa at a post office box. Both of them shook their heads yes. Jake Jacobs answered, I have been sending a $1000.00 check to P.O Box 17440675 for the last seven years."

Gary pulled out an address book, "Yep, that is the same address that I have."

George wasn't finished, "I also found these in one of the cases that Lisa had in the car. She had accounts in two smaller banks and the amounts in the accounts total nearly $900,000.00. Les, I suggest that we get together first thing Monday and corral all of these monies before the government steps in. Now Mr. Patterson, if you write the check we can validate your business deal tonight and save everyone time later."

Everyone stood to leave and we shook hands as we showed them to the door. Bill decided that he would walk Doctor Jacobs home. Mom Barbara and I were cleaning up and she smacked my butt, "Les, go get ready for bed, I'll send Billy up when he gets back. I hope everyday isn't going to be this enlightening."

I hugged Mrs. Archer and trudged my way up the stairs. I was not only physically exhausted but my mind was blank. I looked into the boys' two bedrooms and they seemed to resting peacefully. I stood at each door practically praying, please let them be mine.

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Editor's notes: Somehow I do think they are his. Remember they look like him and they have many of his characteristics, and to top it off, It wouldn't matter because they all love each other. So there!

Great chapter as usual. I am ready for the next one.

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Other Notes:

I am beginning to believe that we may never get to the bottom of Lisa's life; she certainly was a very busy 'Lady' and I use that term loosely. At least now we know why she had no time to care for her children.

I sure hope that 'Daddy Bill' can help Les and his wonderful children get through this mess; at least money won't be a problem.