That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 8 - Never On the Weekend

I was just coming out of the shower as Bill entered the room. He let out a soft wolf whistle. I dropped my towel and put my hands on my hips and did several bumps and grinds so that my penis was bouncing up and down, "Like what you see, Sir? It's only $100.00 a ride."

Bill was laughing, "Boy, are you cheap. I'd take you up on it but I can't; we priests can never have sex on the weekend. We have to save our strength for all the services that we have to provide."

I thought to myself, 'Two can play this game.' "Daddy Bill, get your shower and we'll discuss the services that you need to provide. I put a new tooth brush out for you, and the shampoo and conditioner are on the shelf in the shower. Now get a move on before I get too lonely."

Bill shed his clothes. This was the first time that I had seen him totally naked. I sucked in my breath; there was no way that my body was going to be able to accommodate that monster. I watched as he moved toward the bathroom door. I really liked the looks of the backside view; it was as spectacular as the front. What was there about Bill that was not to like? All sorts of thoughts were dashing through my already befuddled mind.

Bill finally returned after what seemed like an eternity. When he saw me lying on the bed still naked, he asked, "So is that the dress code for the night?"

"Just get in bed Mr. Never On the Weekend; we have to think about the work we would be causing your poor mother if we wore clean shorts to bed and then changed again in the morning. Now put your arms around me and make me feel loved." I pretended to pout.

Bill crawled into bed and I could feel the warmth of his body. I looked at him, "Bill, I have so many questions bouncing around in my small brain that I don't even know where to begin."

Bill pulled me into his arms, "Les, that's okay. You have had to endure a lot this week. I can easily understand why you feel like your mind is in a dice cup and someone is rolling it around. I mean even what happened tonight was enough to drive anyone to drink. Now lay your head on my shoulder and empty your mind. We can't do anything about anything tonight, so let me hold you and get you to relax somehow."

I propped myself on one elbow and started to trace circles around the dark spots on Bill's chest, "Bill, is it going to hurt when and if you ever penetrate me with that weapon?" I started to manipulate his penis and it was responding big time.

Bill shuddered, "Les, I love what you are doing, but I want us to be really sure what we both want before we to continue exploring a relationship and do anything. You already know that I was burned once and so have you. The circumstances were very different, but yours has just occurred. I think you need to make sure that you aren't just reacting to the hurt that Lisa caused you."

I leaned over Bill and started to kiss him and forced my tongue into his mouth. At first he started to respond, but then he pushed me away, "Les, please stop! You are responding to lust and that is not what I want."

I fell back on my pillow not feeling very good about myself right then. Bill sat up and faced me, "Les, please let's just go slow. You need to think about your four sons, and I need to worry about my mother and the church. We both have a lot on our platters that we need to digest."

Bill lay down and pulled me next to him, "Les, go to sleep and see what tomorrow brings."

I felt secure wrapped in his strong arms and the thoughts of everything that had been happening just dissipated. The next thing I remember was that the twins were sitting on our chests. "Good morning Dads, Grandma says that breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes."

Denny was sitting on me, "Remember Dad, you promised to take us to The Red Robin restaurant for lunch today. Now get up, we need for you to bring the vacuum cleaner up so we can clean our rooms. Grandma Barbara says that you are to bring your sheets and dirty clothes down. We have already taken ours. David and Darrin have started the first load." The boys leaned down and kissed us and disappeared.

Bill looked at me, "Come on, we'll take a shower together to save time and water."

As we were showering Bill looked at me and started to wash my back, "Les, having the boys around is going to be an entirely new experience for me. I don't know if I can handle all of the exuberance."

I laughed, "Bill, I am not sure what to expect. I've never been a father and mother rolled into one person. Somehow, I think this may be a lesson in disguise."

I gave Bill a pair of my briefs and he put on the same clothes that he had on the night before. The four guys were helping Mrs. Archer. Danny looked up, "Daddy Bill, are those the same clothes you wore last night? You need to bring some more clothes and put them in Dad's closet."

David smiled, "Don't worry Daddy Bill, we won't tell anyone that you and Dad sleep in the same bedroom. We'll tell them that you have your things in the bedroom in the basement."

I looked at Mrs. Archer and she was having a difficult time trying to keep from laughing.

Bill was so nonchalant, "Thank you guys for caring about me. I will take your advice and think about it."

Denny wasn't following what was going on; I'm guessing that it was going over his head, "Daddy Bill, are you going to go to the Red Robin restaurant with us? Dad, what time are we going to go?"

Bill answered before I could, "I really would like to go with you but I need to see how much work Father Roberts has for me to do today and I really need to get ready for my sermon in the morning. Father Roberts wants me to deliver the message at the services tomorrow. I'll call you at 11:30 to let you know what's going on."

Bill looked at me, "Les, we need to get the extra food out of the church this afternoon. The youth group is going to be making a meal to finance their trip to the church camp. Why don't you call the Good Will Mission and make arrangements for us to come and serve the meal tonight. It would be a good experience for the boys and would keep us busy. Mom, why don't you see if you can get in touch with Dr. Jacobs and see if he would like to help us? I'll see if Father Darryl and Uncle Tom would like to help. Talk to you later guys."

The guys helped Grandma Archer with the dishes and I took the vacuum cleaner upstairs for the guys. I put clean sheets on my bed and made it. I put clean sheets on the boys' beds and left the rest for them to do. I quickly cleaned the bathrooms and dusted and vacuumed my room, or should I say, Bill's and my bedroom.

I went down to the kitchen and reported, "Bedroom ready for inspection ma'am."

I looked at the guys who were folding the laundry, "I cleaned your bathroom, so make sure you keep it clean. When you are finished cleaning your rooms, leave the vacuum cleaner in the hall and I'll carry it down."

Mother Archer started to laugh, "Just think, when Bill moves in, we won't have to take the vacuum up and down the stairs anymore since he has a vacuum cleaner too. We can keep one upstairs and one downstairs."

The guys each took their own clean clothes to their bedrooms and we could hear them working. I called the Good Will Mission to see if we could provide the evening meal tonight. I explained that it would be like a buffet with casseroles, salads and desserts.

The young lady I was speaking to asked, "Are you sure that you would have enough food to feed 75 people? We have been averaging about that many at the evening meals this month."

I turned to Mrs. Archer, "The young lady on the phone says that there will between 70 and 80 people there tonight. Will we have enough to feed that many people?"

Mrs. Archer nodded, "Les, there will be plenty with some left over. Ask the young lady if we can stop by beforehand to see the facilities, so we will know what we need to do ahead of time."

I spoke into the receiver, "When would be a good time for us to visit your facility so we will know what we need to do ahead of time? ... Great, we'll see you at 11:00."

Mrs. Archer looked at me, "Why don't you call Bill and tell him that we will pick him up at 10:45, and he can finish his work this afternoon while we are picking up the things at the church?"

I did as I was directed and he acquiesced. He also told me that Father Roberts and Tom would be joining us when we served the meal.

Mrs. Archer had gone upstairs and she used the vacuum cleaner to do her bedroom and then David did the hallway. As I was going to check on the boys, David and Darrin were trying to carry the vacuum cleaner down the stairs. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner, "You two are too young to be carrying that thing."

Darrin looked at me, "Dad, we're just trying to help."

"Guys, I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I would rather you be safe than get hurt. Please go get Denny and Danny; we need to go pick Father Bill and visit the Good Will Mission before we go to lunch."

I looked at the clock and it was 10:30 as we pulled away from the house. We stopped at the church and David went in to get Bill. When we got the Mission, we were greeted by Peggy, the young woman I had spoken to on the phone.

Peggy took us to the kitchen where three gentlemen were working. The men looked rather grungy. Peggy showed us the facility and explained. "The patrons stop and get a tray and utensils and then they go through the serving line and the servers help them get their food. If there is anything left the patrons are then permitted to return for seconds."

Darrin looked at the young lady, "Miss Peggy, what are the patrons, as you call them, going to be having for lunch?"

She answered without any hesitation, "Today's lunch will consist of a bowl of tomato soup, a cheese sandwich, a cookie and some Kool Aid."

David looked skeptical, "Ma'am, you didn't mention if it was a grilled cheese sandwich and I noticed you didn't say cream of tomato soup. What kind of cookie will it be?"

Peggy was starting to frown, "You young people sure do ask a lot of questions. The sandwiches will not be grilled, soup will be diluted with water instead of milk and the cookies were donated from the Girl Scout cookie drive."

Mrs. Archer stepped in, "Peggy, I have some questions. First, what time is the evening meal? Would it be permissible for us to use the ovens to heat the casseroles and things that need to be heated? Thirdly, would it be possible to have three separate tables for tonight since there will be casseroles, salads and desserts? Finally, who does the cleanup?"

The Peggy person said, "The patrons have been accustomed to eating at five thirty, you may use whatever things you need and the clean up is taken care of by the patrons. Are you sure you have enough food to fill three tables? The patrons are not accustomed to that much food."

Mother Archer was becoming irritated. "We will have more than enough food to fill the tables tonight and there may be even some left over for tomorrow. Now we need to go, we will start bringing the food about three o'clock. Would that be a problem?"

Peggy was becoming annoyed, "No ma'am, that will not be a problem. I will still be here and my replacement, Jack, should be arriving about that time if he isn't drunk."

The boys had been watching the people as they started to assemble for lunch and I think they were surprised at how many young people were among those gathered. I think Bill and I were just as shocked by what we were seeing and had heard.

As we got into the van, Darrin was the first to speak, "Dads, I feel so sorry for those people. Why can't people understand that there are so many people in need? We need to do more."

Bill, who was in the passenger's seat in the front, turned to the people in back, "Guys, we can't solve those people's problems by ourselves. It is going to take the help of a lot of people. Anything we could do would be like putting a Band-Aid on a cut."

Danny spoke up, "But that is better than letting the cut bleed or get infected. Maybe we can get other people to help too."

The conversation was cut short because we pulled into the parking lot of Red Robin. The place was packed, but we were ushered to a table for seven immediately. The server took our drink orders and announced, "I'll be right back with your beverages and take your orders."

Darrin was looking at the menu, "Dads, these things cost too much. David, why don't we share an Original Red Robin burger meal. Danny and Denny can do the same. That way we can buy the young people at the Mission some milk for dinner."

Bill looked up, "I think that is a great idea. I'll share my meal with your Dad."

When the server returned Mom Archer took charge, "We will have two onion towers, three Original Burger meals and we'll share them. We are going to need to eat light because we have a busy afternoon."

Mrs. Archer had the right idea because we all had enough to eat and were satisfied. Danny looked at us as we were leaving, "Dad, I don't like this place very much. The hamburger was okay but the fries weren't too good; they were cold and soggy."

The host heard his comments as we were walking out, "Sir, may I give you a gift certificate for the next time you visit since you weren't satisfied. He handed the four guys each a certificate for a free hamburger. Little did the host know who was going to be collecting the hamburgers."

We went back to the church and we started to collect the things to take to the Good Will Mission. When we got to the mission, lunch had been served and the cleanup had been completed. We were met by Peggy and she had two young teenagers help us unload the van.

The guys were ready to go for the second load, so we went and got the casseroles that needed to be heated. As soon as the van was unloaded the we left to get the remainder of the things from the church and Grandma Archer reminded the boys, "Get the rest of the things in frig at your house. There is no way we can eat all of that and there is still more in the freezer."

Bill and I went with the boys to get the rest of the items. When we got back to the mission, Father Darryl and his friend Tom were there as was Dr. Jacobs. We now had everyone in the facility helping us unload the van. A heavy set woman approached the four boys, "Gentlemen, thank you for being so caring. My name is April Withers; I am the director of the mission. I want to thank you for caring enough to share."

She continued, "I understand that you have just been through a very trying experience, and I am amazed that you would care enough to worry about the less fortunate. I can tell you that people who are here tonight will think that this is Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one day. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people, who come to partake of the food that you brought, was well above the normal number."

Mother Archer and Dr. Jacobs were manning the ovens. Bill and I were the couriers of the hot food to the table. The four boys were manning the serving tables. Father Darryl and his friend Tom were greeting the people.

I guess I should tell you that Father Darryl and Tom had brought ten gallons of milk and ten gallons of orange juice for people to drink rather than Kool Aid. We were to find out later that, that was a real luxury for the people who were being serviced.

The four little guys were busy keeping the tables filled and I was watching and the dining room was almost filled to capacity but there was still some food left and people seemed to keep coming. It slowed down and I think all of us were relieved that clients had stopped coming. Everyone seemed to be satisfied and Mrs. Withers went to the four boys, "Gentleman, I can`t even begin to thank you for what you people have done tonight; we served almost double the number of people that we normally serve. You are very special to be willing to share what you have with people who are not as lucky as you."

The conversation was interrupted by a little boy who approached Darrin and tugged on his sleeve, "Mister, may I have another of those brownies. They are so good. This is the first night in a long time that I won't be hungry."

Darrin handed the little guy two brownies, "Save one for a snack later to make sure you don't get hungry."

While this was happening an elderly lady approached the adults, "I want to thank you for the wonderful meal. I am so glad that you have the young people involved. I just wished my family could be so caring."

Mrs. Withers broke the tension , "She approached a microphone, I think you lucky people show these people how much you enjoyed your meals." The people who were still sitting at the tables stood and applauded.

We waved to the people as we went to our vehicles. Father Darryl suggested, "Why don't we go to the Red Robin Restaurant for dinner. I'll treat."

Darrin countered, "Father Roberts, I think it would be better if we went back to our house and ordered pizza. We can make a salad. It will be much cheaper than going to Red Robin. Besides you and the rest of the adults can have a glass of wine and relax while we are waiting for the pizzas. It has been a long day, but it has been one we won't soon forget."

Bill looked at me and mouthed, "Your son sure is bossy."

I leaned over and whispered, "I hope you mean our son is bossy."

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Editor's Notes:

I really enjoyed that chapter. It looks as if there just might be a couple finding each other. Two people who were hurt by their partner and who have now found each other and will begin to share their lives and families. I somehow think that, that mission needs to have some help as well.

Once again this, like all the other wonderful stories from E Walk, is becoming a favorite of mine.

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Other Notes:

I am glad that Les and Daddy Bill got to spend some quality time together.

I love the way E. Walk is allowing the boys to grow and develop their characters. It is very beautiful with what they have been through that they are still looking out for others. Now if only more people in the Real World would do that.

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