The Addition.

(MM Str8 Virgin)

By Big Brother (Drake DragonsTale)

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This story is a work of fiction. This is an adult oriented work, legally limiting it's access from minors in many areas of the world. If you should not be reading this, don't. This is a HomoErotic piece. In other words, if you don't want to read about sexual interactions between two grown men, then do not read this.

Another note. This is a fantasy. In reality, you should always use condoms. Even when fucking virgin nuns. Always play safe, for both of your sakes.

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The Addition

I'm a fairly simple guy. When I bought my house, I knew I wasn't going to have kids. That's why I bought a simple two bedroom house in a nice part of town. It turns out that I'm a little more social than I planned.

I always have friends over on weekends and some evenings. The occasional party pops up too. Since I had a long back yard, I decided to expand my house. Adding a master bath and small office to my bedroom and a larger "social area" to the rest of the back of the house.

This meant that I had to move into the second bedroom. With all my stuff in that room, I had to cram my computer desk and such into the living room. (The dining room was very much in the work zone with my master bedroom and kitchen.)

Anyways. All this work ended up taking months. I had different crews working at different times throughout the day. The only time that I was guaranteed to not have company was from 10 pm to 7 am. Of course, that's when I slept.

I'm still a healthy and sexually active man. Since all the construction guys had Sunday off, I ended up using that day to get all my masturbation in. I'd gotten comfortable with the habit of watching a video and stroking it Sunday afternoon.

One Sunday, I had the video running. I was sitting in my robe, surfing the movie for something interesting. I jumped when I heard a sound on the other side of the plastic that protected my living room from the dust ot the construction.

I stood up and went to check who was in the back of my house. Pulling the plastic aside, I saw Jason. Jason is the electrician who was working on running all the electricity to the new sections of the house. He looked up saying, "Hey, Mr. D., I just came in to double check some of my layouts to save time tomorrow. I hope that's OK."

I wasn't really expecting anyone today. I just replied back. "Uh, Sure. And don't call me Mister. My name is Terry."

Jason is hot. I mean, every time I saw him working around the house, I couldn't help but stare for a while. On top of having a great body and an ass to die for, he had the sweetest smile. His eyes sparkled when he smiled at you.

He put down the tape measure and notepad he was working with. "No problem, Terry. Mind if I borrow your restroom?"

"Oh, sure. Feel free."

He went into the bathroom. From the other side of the door he kept talking to me. He was explaining how it's easier for him to prepare the lines when rest of the construction crew wasn't working. I was more interested in his voice than what he was actually saying.

Jason kept talking to me as he left the bathroom and walked into the living room. He was explaining how he would only be a few hours. Then, he was distracted by something. I put an inquisitive look on my face, wondering what he was thinking. With his eyes looking past me, he said, "My last girlfriend wouldn't do that."

I turned around an realized that I'd left the TV on with the porn running. I must have hit "mute" instead of "power." Figures. On the TV there was a couple of muscle-bound hunks. One was sitting on a weight bench and sucking the cock of the other one who was standing in front of him. I turned back from the TV to see Jason mesmerized by the images on the screen. His jean shorts were noticeably tenting. That got my attention for sure.

He said, "I have a buddy that always tells me that guys are better at giving head than girls. I always figured he was kidding, but that looks hot. I've never had a girl give me head like that."

"Trust me," I said, "The only think keeping me from going down on you now is your jean shorts."

He perked up. With a boyish grin, he unbuttoned his shorts, and let them drop to the floor. His dick popped up hard. It stood up in front of him, pulsing at me. It was incredible. I've seen many of dicks in my life, but his was perfect. His nuts hung below his stiff cock, with a nice nestling of hair around it all.

I couldn't believe it. Then again, I'm not one to let an opportunity pass me by. I dropped to my knees. I felt like I was going to faint with this dream-come-true. I crawled the few feet to him.

I'd checked him out so many times. I never imagined that I'd be face-to-face with his hot cock. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his dick. A small amount of precum was glistening at the end of his stiff rod.

He moaned, "Oh yea. Suck it. I need it."

My tongue snaked out of my mouth. I licked the head. His precum was sweet to my tastebuds. I guided the smooth member into my mouth.

I applied some suction as my tongue danced under his dick. I slowly sank it into my mouth. He filled my mouth. I kept pulling him into me, feeling my throat and cheeks stretched. His grunts and moans encouraged me as I took him entirely into me.

He was definitely loving it. He said, "Oh yea. That's incredible. I've never had anyone take it all before."

My mouth was now wrapped around the base of his cock. His pubic hair tickled my nose. His nuts rested against my chin. I held my breath as long as possible, vibrating my tongue against this stud's lovewand.

I finally had to pull back. I pulled far enough off his dick to take a breath and started moving my mouth up and down on his delicious pole. His hands touched my head. He wasn't forcing me, just letting me know he didn't want me to stop. His hips were trying to thrust in time with my sucking.

My hands weren't giving up this opportunity to touch this total hunk. My left hand was grabbing his muscled ass. My right hand was fondling his soft nuts and rubbing the sensitive area behind them. His hands kept rubbing my hair and shoulders. My tongue played all around his cock while my finger pushed back, pressing lightly against his asshole. That did the trick. He grunted loudly and pulled my head hard onto his shaft. His legs shook as he filled my mouth with a large load of hot cum.

I swallowed and swallowed, trying to get all his load down. Some of his stud-cream tried to get out of my mouth around his pulsing cock. I continued sucking on his cock until I had milked everything he could pump into me. Finally, I pulled off of his dick. He reached down and helped me stand up next to him. His arm comfortably wrapped around my waist. I put my arm around his too, enjoying his developed body next to mine.

He looked into my eyes, saying, "That was awesome, Terry."

I was a little embarrassed. Blushing I said, "Your awesome yourself, Stud."

His face was next to mine. He reached his free hand up and wiped my mouth. I guess I had some cum still hanging on. He said, "I guess you really like that stuff."

"Yours is better than most."

Next thing I know, he leans into me, and presses his mouth against mine.

Quickly, I pursed my lips into a kiss. He kissed as he pulled away from my mouth. A second later, he came back in, and we kissed again. Then he came in with his mouth a little open. Our mouths locked, and we stood there kissing for what felt like an eternity. I would have happily never let it end either.

I felt something prodding against my slightly open robe and my hard cock. It was his cock. He was hard again. I pressed myself into him, letting our cocks rub between us. He kept kissing me. Apparently, this didn't bother him. His hand reached between us, and started feeling my dick. His strong hand rubbed my cock. Our tongues wrestled in each other's mouth.

His mouth pulled away from mine. He looked right into my eyes. "You are an incredible kisser too. Too bad you're not my girlfriend. I'd never be unhappy."

I just blushed. I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. I've been complimented on my "talents" before. But, this was the hottest stud I'd ever seen, saying this. That and his hand was playing with my balls.

He turned us around. His hands then lifted my slightly and put my down on the couch. He removed his shirt and kicked his shoes off. I was just watching this stud undressing over me. My eyes were taking in every line and curve of his body.

He kneeled down in front of me. His eyes looked into mine. That beautiful smile crept over his face. His hand took hold of my cock. Slowly stroking me, his hand rubbed my hard cock. I was in total heaven. His hand stimulated my cock into a horny desperate beast. Just when I thought It couldn't get any better, he leaned in and kissed the head of my cock. His tongue poked out, and tentatively tasted my leaking dick.

He licked the top of my dick while his hand kept playing with the base. His other hand started playing with my nuts. Gently caressing them. Now it was my turn to be full of moans. Not only had I not gotten laid in a while, but this stud was actually pretty good at what he was doing. He started pumping his mouth up and down my rod while his fingers played under my balls. He pushed my legs apart, while sucking on my dick. His fingers started rubbing my asshole. I slid down, making sure my love tunnel was completely accessible. I wanted him to know he was free to do whatever he felt like. Apparently, he did.

His mouth pulled away from my dick. His tongue danced on my nutsack. His head pushed lower. Next thing I knew, he was licking my asshole. His soft tongue was lapping and pressing against my hot hole. I was moaning louder and encouraging him to eat my ass. His tongue pushed past the tight ring. My cock jumped as I felt him tongue fuck my butt. His finger worked its way around his tongue and slid into my asshole. He kept sliding his finger in and out.

He looked up from underneath my crotch and said, "You are really hot. I've never done any of this before, but I've got to fuck you. Please let me put my cock in your ass."

I couldn't have dreamed of a better request from this stud. Jason's fingers pushed into me while his face moved up toward mine. I simply said, "Yes. Take my asshole Jason."

He used his free arm to pull me further down on the couch cushion. His face locked into a kiss with me. I felt his hard dick leaving a wet trail of precum on my buttcheek. His fingers pulled out of my ass. Our kiss broke as he pulled back to line his dick with my needy asshole. He gently pressed himself into me. It was great. I couldn't believe this totally hottie was fucking me. I felt his cock enter deep into my ass. His cock stretched me. It felt so good. I loved having his stud ride me. His stroked moved me. His hard thrusts made me feel wave after wave of pleasure run through me. It felt like we were connected for an eternity. An eternity of pleasure. He kissed me when he could, taking every opportunity to bond with me. I loved it.

Suddenly, he arched up, thrust deep and came. His cock pulsed inside me. We both yelled out as he launched a wave of orgasms from him and through me. Then he collapsed on me.

We laid there panting. His head resting on my chest. I was so happy. I kissed the top of his head and asked, "Are you sure you've never had sex with a guy before? You're awesome."

He looked up at me. "I really haven't. But, I'm going to be sure to do it more often. I've never had sex this good in my life. You really liked me fucking you, didn't you?"

"Hell yea. When a guy get's fucked right, there is a feeling deep inside. It's impossible to explain. As long as you trust the guy and relax, it's the best pleasure on Earth."

"You haven't cum yet, have you?"

"Nope. But that's ok."

"I want to try something." He reached over to the end table. He picked up the bottle of lube that I'd left their for when I was going to jack off earlier. He poured a generous amount into his hand. I had a really confused look on my face, I'm sure. He then started stroking my hard dick, letting the lube grease the whole shaft and head.

"What are you wanting to do?" I laid there and enjoyed the feeling.

He flashed that sexy grin at me. Standing up, he pulled my legs together. He reached his lube covered hand between his legs, while he straddled mine. He crawled up on the couch, putting his knees on either side of my hips.

My mind was racing. I couldn't believe this stud was going to lower his virgin ass onto my cock. I reached down to my cock, and pointed it up between his muscled thighs. He moved forward and lowered himself onto my lap. I gently guided his beautiful ass in line with my throbbing member. His asshole was resting on the head of my cock. He pushed down slowly. I felt the virgin hole yield to the pressure of my dick against it. My head was in a buzz. I couldn't believe this was happening. He dropped his weight a little and moaned loudly as his assring grabbed the head of my dick just inside.

"Oh man," he said, "that's a little tight there. I'm not sure I can take it."

"You're doing great, Jason. That's the hard part. Just relax and the good part is coming up."

He started telling me the he wasn't sure when I grabbed his legs. I didn't take him in one swift thrust, but I was determined in my motion as I slid him down on my cock. He gasped and I sighed as we met, connected in a way only two men can know. I slowly rocked his body. My cock was deep inside him. I knew it was pressing on his prostate.

"Oh yea," his eyes were glazed over, "keep that up, Terry. That's an incredible feeling."

I relaxed my legs, pulling out of him a little. He responded by lowering himself to engulf my penis completely again. I watched his cock as it rose. He was hard again. This total stud got a huge hardon from having my cock up his ass.

Jason started moving his ass up and down on my dick. He was beginning to fuck my dick. His movements became faster and faster. I just lay there. I was doing my best not to cum any second. I felt his body shake. He dropped down on my cock and I felt this ass grab the base of my dick hard. His own cock jumped, then spewed a fresh load of cum all over my chest. Shot after hot shot flew out of this stud. That set me off. I came deep inside his ass. I filled that virgin ass good. I could feel my cum leaking out of his now used hole and into my pubic hair.

He leaned forward, keeping his ass on my dick, and kissed me. We kissed for a long time. Eventually he got up from my lap. I was covered with our cum. He took my hands and pulled me up to a standing position. He flashed that beautiful smile at me. He was beautiful. I'll never forget the look in his eye.

He kissed my cheek and said, "I think we need a shower."

We took a shower together. He washed me. I washed him. We ended up talking and touching most the rest of the day.

The next day, his coworkers wondered why he'd come into work so early. He beat them all there. Of course, we know that he didn't get there just an hour before them.

Jason doesn't do any work on Sundays anymore. Nope, on Sundays we just stay at home enjoying the newly remodeled master suite we share.