The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

The Best Boy

I found myself in search of a new assistant and time was short. The start-up date for my new documentary film project loomed ever closer and I hadn't hired a new chief assistant yet. My former aide had left me for bigger and better things in the film industry as Best Boy at one of the major studios in Hollywood. I had wished him well on his new endeavors, but would miss him. Now, I was faced with a quest for a new Best Boy. Now, a Best Boy by old definition is: the first assistant to the head electrician on a television or motion picture production. Today, the definition has broadened to include a person who is a chief assistant on a production team to a gopher. The perfect person for the job as my Best Boy would have to, of course, be a multifarious person; dad would have called my ideal candidate a jack-of-all-trades.

So far, I had interviewed about a dozen men and women for the position; however, none measured up thus far. None of those interviewed had all the assets and qualifications that I required in a new personal assistant. My aide-de-camp would be much more than a glorified gopher. The person I would finally select had to be knowledgeable in so many facets of the film making industry. Plus, the person had to know how to drive and maintain large vehicles. I had written my own very detailed job description for my Best Boy position and it was a labor of lessons learned.

I was at my wit's end trying to find just the right person to fill the position of chief assistant. Then out of the blue the phone rang; an old friend, a professor at my old Alma matter, was calling to inform me that he felt that the ideal person for the job might be one of his student's that had just graduated from the university. He told me he wanted to send this talented young man over to interview for the position. I suggested that he send him over as soon as he could, because I was faced with serious time constraints in which to train a new assistant so as to start my new project on time.

Professor John Q. Quark was a respectable member of the faculty at the university as well as a person of high esteem in the motion picture industry. Therefore, I had a good feeling about the person he had recommended. I sat in front of my computer on that warm June afternoon reading my e-mails, daydreaming about all the prep work that still needed to be finished before departing for the first location shoot. I had to be packed and ready to leave California and on sight in Arizona the following Sunday. I didn't know how I was going to get everything done in time to meet my departure deadline; hopefully, Professor Quark's person would fill the bill, as my new Best Boy, and I would meet that deadline.

Suddenly, the doorbell of my condo rang, jarring me back to reality. I answered the door and there standing in the doorway was a handsome young man dressed in semi-business attire. I figured that he must be the latest prospect for Best Boy sent by my colleague at the college to interview for the chief assistant's position. Wow, what a good-looking prospect, now if he just had all the requisite qualities that I required in a Best Boy, I thought to myself, he would have the job.

"Hi, my name is Jason Benton, but everyone calls me Jay," the young man standing in the doorway stated energetically, thrusting his hand out towards me. "Professor Quark sent me to interview for the chief assistant position," the handsome young man stated enthusiastically, standing there in the doorway with a big smile on his face, grasping my hand in his for a firm handshake.

"Hello Jay, my name is Tyler Thomas," I replied, shaking Jay's hand for the customary introductory and obligatory handshake.

"Come in," I said, welcoming Jay into my home.

As Jay passed by me entering my condo he casually glanced around. I immediately noticed what a clean-cut well-built young man he was, who also smelled great as he passed me heading into my living room. He struck me as somewhat of a sexually stimulating fellow who was full of self-confidence, but not arrogance. As I sized up the young candidate I felt a little twinge of arousal in my crotch as my manhood stirred to life, but for now it was business before pleasure.

"Did you bring your resume and other credentials?" I asked.

"Yes sir," whereby Jay produced a single sheet of paper with his resume neatly printed out on it from the folder in his left hand. The resume stated that he had just graduated from college earlier in the month with a dual degree in Business and Media Communication -- certainly a good start.

The resume indicated that Jay held a variety of part-time and full-time jobs as a means of self-sufficiency, paying his own way through college for the past six years. The resume indicated that he was proficient with film, video and audio equipment as well as computers and various software programs; however, the one area that caught my eye was his area of expertise in graphics and video editing. Now, I needed to ask Jay some personal questions to finalize the interview.

"Jay, do you smoke, drink or do any types of drugs?" I asked authoritatively.

"No sir, I don't smoke, but I do enjoy a beer or glass of wine occasionally, and yes, I have smoked marijuana," Jay replied without hesitation.

I was immediately impressed with the young man's honesty. I didn't care for smokers, but was not a non-smoking fanatic when it came to others smoking. I drink socially and have consumed cannabis on occasion; however, I was not into the heavy coke and dope scene stereotyped in the filmmaking industry.

"I have no problem with alcohol or hemp if used for leisure purposes and used in moderation Jay," I stated with a certain authority to my voice.

"Do you have a valid driver's license?" I asked.

"Yes sir, I possess the standard California passenger vehicle, motorcycle, and bus and truck license; I also have my chauffeurs and other certificates that you might find useful," Jay said as he pushed the open folder across the coffee table to me so I could view its entire contents.

The folder was neatly arranged with photocopies of all items in document protectors for easy viewing. I liked this kid already; it would appear that he had an eye for attention to detail.

"Have you ever driven a large motor home?" I asked while I reviewed copies of his licenses and other certificates.

"Yes sir, I'm familiar with many types of motor homes including diesel pushers, and I'm better than average when it comes to knowledge of maintenance on vehicles and media equipment, too," Jay said with an air of confidence.

"Do you enjoy traveling?"

"Yes sir. That's why I was so interested in the job when Professor Quark informed me about it." Jay said with a broad smile and a certain amount of zeal to his voice.

After reviewing Jay's resume with all certificates thereof, and his answers to my questions I felt he was the one I would hire if everything checked out. Besides, I was running short on time. He seemed at ease around me and appeared to be an eager young man. I immediately took a liking to Jay and felt that he would be a valuable asset to my production team.

"Jay, if you check out on the motor home and my other equipment I would say that you have the job young man," I said to Jay with an air of confidence.

"My motor home with its matching trailer serves as my office, lab, and home while on the road. So, I need someone who can share the driving duties with me. I also need a person that can help with my mobile production equipment. The major production work on my projects is contracted out to local production companies, but many of the one-on-one interviews and smaller shoots are done with my equipment. So, I need a person that is willing to travel with me and who is free and unencumbered." I stated.

"No problem for me," Jay said.

"I'm sure Professor Quark filled you in on what I am looking for in a chief assistant, but let me briefly tell you who I am and what I do. I'm a producer, director, and writer; moreover, a few years ago I was Professor Quark's protege. Basically, I'm now an independent filmmaker, specializing in the production of documentary films. I do at least two and sometimes four projects a year. I need a person with your qualifications to assist me on this project and if you and I work well together this could be a long term employment deal for you," I explained to the young candidate.

"I think I'd be a valuable asset to you Mr. Thomas, and I too was a protege of Professor Quark," Jay stated proudly.

"Good to hear we have common ground. So, when could you start and when are you available to travel?" I asked Jay my final two and most important questions.

"Now and now sir. I am available for as long as you need my services," Jay replied as he smiled confidently at me knowing he had already secured the position.

"We will be traveling together for at least three maybe four months on this project, so call me Tyler or Ty for starters. I'm prepared to pay you $2,500.00 per month to start, pickup all food and lodging expenses, and take care of all other outside expenses incurred. I can't offer you a medical or dental plan at this time, but if you get injured on the job I do have insurance that will take care of your medical expenses. And, there is a bonus if we come in under budget and before deadline on the project. Does that sound like something you can live with for the next three months or so?" I quizzed, confident that Jay would accept my offer of employment.

"Yes sir, sounds fine to me," Jay, replied eagerly. "I got to start someplace."

"Now, let's see if you qualify for the position with regard to my technical needs, and then you can head back and get your affairs in order so you can report back here as soon as possible Jay."

We headed out to the motor home and trailer that I had parked out front for ease in packing. I gave Jay the nickel tour, asking if there were any questions. Jay had none. Then it was back into the house and the spare bedroom; that was my computer lab. I found that Jay had very good knowledge of all my computers and software, filmmaking equipment, and no problem using any of the equipment. I was very impressed how easily he worked between the Mac and PC platforms. Needless to say, I was impressed with this young college graduate, and new chief assistant.

"Jay, congratulations young man you are hired; I'll have your employment contract ready for you tomorrow," I stated enthusiastically shaking his hand welcoming him onboard.

"Thanks," my new hire responded.

"Why don't you stay here tonight and head back home tomorrow so you can get your affairs closed out. I need you back here no later than day after tomorrow or earlier if possible. I want to leave for the first phase of the project sometime early next Sunday; I'll want to be in Tucson, Arizona, before first light on Monday."

"No need for me to go back Mr. Thomas. Professor Quark told me that he was so sure that you would hire me that I took the initiative to close out my apartment, put my stuff in storage, and packed everything I thought I would need in my vehicle before I drove up today. All I need to do now is get a hotel room, unpack a few things, and find a storage facility for my vehicle," Jay said with that smile and air of confidence.

"Please Jay, call me Tyler or Ty; we're going to be working together all summer. By the way, if, you don't mind sharing my condo you can bunk here until we leave next weekend. From then on we'll be living together in my motor home, but sometimes we'll be staying in hotel or motels, and I'll pick up that tab for the rooms." I said.

"Sounds cool Ty."

"So, Jay, where are you parked?" I asked.

"Out front and down the street," Jay replied gesturing towards the street and direction of his vehicle.

"Cool, go get your vehicle, and pull it up to the door so we can unload it."

"Okay," Jay answered back heading out the door towards his vehicle.

Jay pulled his 1999 Bronco up to the door. I suggested that he use the bedroom to change into something much cooler and more casual, and then we would start unloading his things into the condo and motor home. He returned in a pair of cutoffs, sleeveless T-shirt and sneakers, and we began to unload his things. He really didn't have all that much in the way of personal property, but enough to make it through the summer. His mountain bike was the biggest item that he brought with him.

"Jay, is this everything you own?" I questioned.

"No, the rest of my stuff is in storage along with my motorcycle," Jay replied.

"So Jay, what kind of bike do you have?" I asked.

"I've got an 82 Suzuki GE1100."

"Well, we're done unloading your stuff, so you can park your Bronco in back for now, and later we can put it in the secured storage lot. Just pull it around back and park in one of my two spaces and I'll meet you in the rear at the garage. You can store your bike in there for the time being; besides, I want to show you my toys." I said.

"Cool," Jay came back climbing back into his Bronco.

I headed inside through the house and out the back door into the garage, opening the double car garage door, exposing my two prizes to the sunlight. I pulled the covers off the motorcycle and car stored in the garage. Jay rolled around in the big Bronco and parked in the closer parking space of the two that belonged to me.

He jumped out and strode over to the garage and let out a whelp of excitement, "Wow! Man you sure have a couple of really cool toys Ty!" Jay exclaimed his eyes wide open.

"Yeah, the Corvette is a classic, and the Harley is a 1997 Fat Boy," I replied with pride of ownership.

Jay looked both over as he kept oohing and ahing at the site of them as if he was having an orgasm. He was clearly impressed with my two prize pieces.

"Man, I got a woody just being close to these machines," Jay wooed with a big smile.

"Don't cum all over yourself bud they're just a couple of machines, you can't make love to them," I replied back with a little laugh.

"Yeah, but a fine piece of machinery is the next best thing to sex," Jay said with a giggle.

"Hey, let's close the door and go inside for a cool brew before you have an orgasm bud," I said to Jay with a motion and a pat on the shoulder.

We headed back into my condo, Jay following closely behind. While we were in the garage I couldn't help but notice what a nice ass he had. I really wanted to see this hunk without a shirt; moreover, I wanted to see him in the buff. Again, my manhood was stirring inside my Levis. This guy was making me so fucking hot, but I had to cool out until I could determine if he was a player or not.

"You're welcome to use anything in the condo Jay. The washer and dryer are behind the double doors in the kitchen, and if there is anything else you need to make life more livable for the next few days let me know. My hot tub is just off the deck; the swimming pool and weight room are down in the middle of the complex. You are welcome to use the phone if you want to call home or call your girl friend before we leave. There is food in the fridge, just make yourself at home." I said to my new young protege.

"Tyler thanks for the job man. For the record my parent's are dead, I have no family to speak of in California, and I don't presently have a girl friend either. I guess you could say I'm kind of footloose and fancy free these days." Jay said with that big broad smile of his.

"Sorry to hear about your folks," I said.

"I hope you wont freak when I drop the big bomb Ty," Jay said with a certain apprehension.

"So what's the bomb bud?" I asked.

"I'm gay," Jay said with trepidation.

"So, you expect me to be shocked or something?" I replied.

"I just hope you wont think less of me or change your mind about me working for you," Jay said still a little ill at ease with his last statement.

"No problem Jay. I've been around gay men more than the average guy, you know working in films and all." I thought to myself could this be a dream; was it possible that my new assistant could be an assistant and maybe end up as my lover? The thought of working with Jay all summer and the possibility of developing a sexual relationship, too, was so cool. I knew that I would approach him slowly so as not to create an atmosphere of sexual harassment or embarrassment for either of us.

"Ty, I'm glad that is out of the way. Professor Quark told me to be totally up front with you about everything."

"Professor Quark is a great judge of people," I said reassuringly to Jay.

"You've got a great place, I know I'm goin to enjoy workin with you." Jay said a little more at ease.

"Thanks Jay, so why don't we get showered, dressed, and go out for dinner? Kinda celebration dinner to close the deal." I said.

"Sounds cool." Jay replied in a much more cheerful attitude.

"Let me show you the water controls and where the towels are located," I said moving towards the bathroom ahead of Jay. "You're welcome to use the shower stall here or the jet tub over there," I said pointing to both.

"Wow, that's a great jet tub, is it big enough for two people to bath together?" Jay quizzed with eager anticipation.

"Sure is," I answered back with a self-satisfying smirk on my face.

"You want to use the shower first?" Jay asked.

"No, you go ahead and take your shower first and then I'll take mine. "Just yell when you're done and leave the shower runnin for me, that is if you're not bashful," I said teasingly.

I watched the mirror on the bathroom door as Jay undressed. He slipped out of his cut-offs and turned getting into the shower stall so fast that I couldn't get a good look at his goodies, but did get a look at his very voluptuous ass. He rinsed off quickly and was out drying off when I heard him say, "Okay Ty, I'm done it's all yours."

As I entered the bathroom door Jay was standing in the middle of the bathroom completely naked facing towards me toweling off his short hair. My eyes immediately focused to his crotch; I was getting my first good look at my new assistant's maleness -- and what maleness it was!

Jay's body was well tanned with youthful lean muscle mass; much like a cross between a gymnasts and swimmers body. He was about 5' 11" and weighed about 165 pounds. His dark hair complimented his bronze body, but body hair was not that prevalent on his smooth young body. His legs were dusted lightly with fine black hair, a small patch of dark hair in the center of his chest, and a dark trail from his belly button down to his pubic area. God, what a beautiful male specimen; my mind was delirious with lust for this young stud.

Jay had the most beautiful male appendage I had seen in a while, hanging out there semi-soft in its entire splendor. His cock looked to be a little longer than average, at least a four inches soft shaft; a dark skinned medium thick penis shaft that was fully circumcised with the most well formed pink head posted on the end of it. A nice set of testicles dangling in their dark protective nut sac. At the base of his dark skinned cock shaft and wrinkled scrotum was a bountiful black bush; indeed, a beautiful sight to behold.

Jay took the towel away from his head and I quickly broke my stare, entering the shower stall pulling the curtain closed behind me. I didn't want to get caught gawking. My cock had come to life as I showered off. I knew I wanted to explore Jay's body more fully in the days to come. I had to get his beautiful cock out of my thoughts for the time being.

"Jay, there is a hair dryer on the shelf if you want to use it," I said from the shower stall trying to conceal the excitement and lust in my voice.

"Thanks Ty. Before we leave for Arizona I'd sure like to try out the jet bathtub. Do you have any bubble bath?" Jay said with anticipation in his voice.

"Sorry, don't have any bubble bath, never had the need," I said apologetically, "but we can stop and get some today on the way to dinner."

"Yeah man, that would be great. There is nothing more relaxing than a well scented bubble bath, candles, and a glass of wine to relax," Jay said excitedly as he exited the bathroom.

Was he flirting or making a pass, I thought to myself. I finished my shower, and got dressed. We headed out for dinner and to do some shopping. Jay wanted to stop to shop for bubble bath and candles. I told Jay I would get a couple of bottles of wine if he would get the bubble bath stuff and candles. As we approached the cashier I couldn't help but notice what was in Jay's basket. In his basket were two containers of bubble bath, candles, four Fleets enemas, two bottles of Aqua Lube, and a box of condoms. We checked out and returned to the car, heading towards the restaurant for our celebratory dinner.

"Jay, I couldn't help to notice the Aqua Lube and condoms in your basket?" I quizzed.

"Yeah, I guess I just don't like to jerk off dry and I was out of condoms. You know safe sex and all," Jay said with a wry smile.

"Oh yeah man, I fully understand. I usually just use soap in the shower or baby oil to jerk off. I guess I'm just too busy to enjoy the finer things in life," I said turning and smiling back at him.

"I never cared to use soap for jerking off; it's too caustic, and I have grown away from using baby oil or hand lotions. I use Aqua Lube, ever use it?" Jay quizzed.

"No," I replied.

"Olive oil is also cool. You need to get down and enjoy the finer things in life Ty. You know, relax. You know, all work and no play..." Jay's voice trailed off staring straight ahead as we drove towards the restaurant.

Not another word was spoken between us on the ride to dinner. I hope that Jay didn't think I was nosy with my questions. I knew I wanted to end the evening in the jet tub with Jay enjoying the bubble bath together.

I pulled the Corvette off the Interstate and parked it close to the front of the restaurant. We went inside and were seated. We ordered a before dinner drink and appetizers, and started to discuss some business and what the next week would be like. I expressed to Jay that I appreciated that he was able to start work early and how it would take some of the workload off me. I informed him that we would work hard in the mornings and have some free time in the afternoons and evenings to get to know each better. He acknowledged that was cool with him. We then ate our dinner meal and had desert and after dinner coffee.

Either of us said much on the way back to my condo, maybe we were just full of a great meal, or maybe I had offended Jay earlier. I pulled the Corvette into the garage and told Jay that I needed to walk some of the calories from our dinner off. He agreed and asked if he could join me. We both headed out for a brisk two-mile walk not speaking word the entire two miles. When we got back to the condo Jay asked if he could take advantage of the jet bathtub for a bubble bath. I told him to go ahead and use it.

Jay drew the bath water and set about mixing the bubble bath into the tub, while I opened the bottle of wine in the kitchen. I returned to the bathroom with the wine and two glasses to find that Jay was already immersed in the tub of bubble bath. The bathroom smelled much better than it ever had with the fragrances, the bubble bath, and scented candles that burned around the shelf and on the tubs edge. I poured the wine in the two glasses and offered one to Jay, offering a toast to new beginnings we click our glasses together.

"Ty, why don't you get undressed and slip into the tub with me, that is if you are not shy," Jay said with sense of excitement and encouragement in his voice.

"Sure," I said pulling off my clothes.

"Very nice bod for an older dude," Jay said as he surveyed my body and my male equipment.

"I try to stay in shape; besides, I am not that old," I said feeling a twinge of inadequacy about my body compared to his as I slipped into the tub across from Jay. "Oh, excuse me, I said as my foot brushed up against his semi-hard cock hidden under the water.

"No apology necessary," Jay said smiling at me.

We didn't say a word for a few minutes it was relaxing to just enjoy the well-scented easy swirling bubble bath. I was becoming fully aroused and wanted to dive between his legs and grab Jay's cock. We sipped our wine and gazed at each other, Jay had a slight smile on his face. I decided to break the silence.

"So Jay you're gay, how many lovers have you been with?" I said looking across at my new assistant, hopping not to offend him. "I'm not trying to be nosy, just wondering."

"Two," Jay uttered.

"Wow," I said, "you're still a virgin." I said in a kidding manner.

"Well, maybe and maybe not. Both were fairly long term relationships," Jay said somewhat sadly.

"Sorry to hear that. What happened?" I asked.

"We just grew apart, wanted different things in life. Maybe we just wore each other out," Jay said jokingly.

"You'll find someone new," I offered.

"So Ty, what are you, you know as far as sexuality goes?" Jay quizzed.

"I guess I would have to say that I am bisexual because I have had relationships with women as well as men. However, I do find sex with men much more satisfying and titillating than women," I said in the most straightforward tone. "I hope that wont make a difference in our working relationship Jay?" I quizzed as my foot found his crotch again.

"No, definitely not. By the way I'll give you warning if you keep playing with my underwater torpedo with your foot I may have to launch a retaliatory strike," Jay said as his foot brushed against my hardening cock.

The air was starting to clear between the two of us. I was almost sure this was going to be the start of a great working relationship, and hopefully a sexual one, too.

"Jay, I find you very sexually stimulating," I said looking deeply into his eyes seeking some kind of signal to proceed.

"Ty that goes ditto for me. I sensed something electric when we first met. I hope that won't cause friction in our working relationship," Jay said.

"I think we can make the relationship work as long as we are able to separate work from pleasure," I said with a smile. "Let me get something from my room, be right back," I as I got of the tub, put on my terry cloth robe, and disappeared into the bedroom.

As I reentered the bathroom I took a big hit off the pipe and offered it to my new friend. "Here have a hit Jay; it's dynamite shit," I stated.

"Thanks," Jay said accepting my offer.

Jay took a big hit off the pipe, held the smoke in and passing the pipe back to me. We passed the small pipe back and forth a couple of more times while we finished drinking the rest of the bottle of wine. We both appeared to have a good buzz going, and I was ready for anything sexual to happen. Jay leaned into me kissing me with wanton desire; our tongues found their way into parted lips, exploring those sensual caverns. He took the lead and I could tell he was no virgin when it came to foreplay.

Jay's whole body was pressing into mine. I could feel our cocks pressing against each other's. We were stroking each other's bodies and splashing the bubbles onto the floor. I wanted badly to see what this prong pressing against my flesh looked like all pumped up. We continued to kiss and nibble at each other's earlobes, neck, and shoulders. Jay's hand found its way to my nipple and I moaned loudly as he touched it, tweaked, and played with it.

Jay whispered into my ear, "Let's go rinse the bubbles off and take this into your bedroom for the night, baby."

I said, "Oh hell yes!"

We got up, got out of the big tub, stepping into the shower stall to rinse the bubbles off. I glanced down to get a look at Jay's hard cock and what a cock it was. Jay had such a splendid looking slong; maybe about an inch longer than mine, but a little slimmer. The head of Jay's slong appeared so sleek looking; whereas, mine was a little more bulbous or mushroom appearing. I couldn't take my eyes off Jay's hard cock. I wondered what his cock would feel like all lubed up the tapered head finding its way into the opening of my anus, and then easing the remain six inches up my booty. My body was shaking with anticipation.

I looked at Jay and said, "Wow, that is quite a nice piece of meat young man."

"Let's see if all the parts fit," Jay said smiling at me as we finished rinsing off and heading into the bedroom for a night of sexually pleasuring each other.

I had finally found my Best Boy, in more ways than I could have ever expected.

The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the subject matter herein do not read any further.

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