The Black Cat

              Ted Rushmore stood in a alleyway facing a large, rainbow colored flag flowing in the breeze and from where he  stood, a  neon sign of a black cat blinked on and off. Paint peeled from  the weather beaten bar that was in a section of town that local residents referred to as  the entertainment district. Ted had learned about the bar from a pen pal that he had met on the web.

           He had stood in the same spot for nearly thirty minutes debating whether to go into the bar or not.  He was in town on business so the possibility of meeting anybody that he knew from his own home town was remote. Yet, he hesitated going in. A part of him was desperate to go into a gay bar and see men enjoying themselves without the fear or the reminder that what they were doing was wrong. Acting upon one's sexual desire was something that he had never dreamed about doing until he had met other married men on the web who were not only acting out their fantacies but living them. The discovery that there were so many others out there like himself that were gay and  married was something that he had suspected, but never in such large numbers.

            Ted, was fifty-five, and chubby. He was nearly six feet tall with broad shoulders. He liked to think of himself as a former linebacker that had gone soft but the realization that without clothes, his soft, hairy belly and large, fleshy pectorals made him a poster boy for a weight watching organization. He had thick brown hair that was graying at the temples and soft blue eyes with long lashes that women envied.  He had a fine acquiline nose and what most people would refer to as a handsome man.

            Propelled by lust, he entered the bar and he was surprised. The outside was sleazy but the inside was tasteful and not what he had expected. The room was large and nicely decorated with couches and chairs where men sat and talked. The large bar was filled with men enjoying themselves. Pictures and posters adorned the walls and there were people dining in a section of the room that was hung with mirrors. Many of the patrons were dressed in suits and ties and looking at the crowded room he felt a bit more secure as the men were older and many were heavy. He found a space at the bar and ordered a beer.

        For the first time that he could remember, he felt free and an elation that he couldn't explain to anyone but those that were living the same life that he was. His life was a lie and like a spy, he was always on guard, always having to watch what he said or did for fear of exposing himself. He had supressed his emotions lest anybody suspect that he was gay. It has taken a great toll on him mentally in the last few years and he had decided in the last few month for his own self preservation, that he needed to find out who he really was and was this what he really wanted. Did he love his wife? He supposed he did but it was more out of respect and feelings that were reserved for the mother of his children.  Her love was not the love that he wanted. Standing here in a bar in another state with men that he had never met excited him so that he stood there with his dick pressing hard against his gabardine trousers and he felt goose bumbs rise on his arms. He smiled to himself thinking how foolish he was but yet even if nobody else understood what he was feeling, he did.

        "Penny for your thoughts," a voice next to him said.

        Ted turned to face the man speaking to him.

        "I said, a penny for your thoughts. You looked as if you were off somewhere else and I wondered if I wanted to be in that place also. I had a rough day."

        Ted was speechless but looked at the man. He might have been a few years older then Ted and around the same weight. He was dressed in a suit and a tie. He had a pleasant, appealing face.

        "Sorry," Ted said. "I was thinking of where I was and where I am now."

        "A thinker. My name is Robert Ambrose. I haven't seen you here before."

        "First time here. I live out of town and here on business."

        "I hope it went well. This is a nice town with nice people."

        "Business went fine and I leave tomorrow evening for home."

        "Where's that?"


        "Another nice town. Does your wife know that you're in a place like this?"

        "If she did, I would have a lot of explaining to do. The wedding ring is a dead give away. No, she doesn't and this is a first for me. I have never been in a gay bar before. It took me nearly an hour to get up the nerve to walk into this place."

        "Does it meet with your expectations?" Robert asked and Ted looked at him. His eyes were large, blue, and alert. His salt and pepper hair was  stylishly cut. His suit was expensive and his voice manly. He looked liked a lawyer or doctor and Ted found him attractive.

        "I have nothing to compare it with. As I said, this is a first and you're the first man that I spoken to in a gay bar. Tonight is a lot of firsts for me. I do know that there is an elation within me that I can't describe."

        "I know the feeling. I've been where you are now,  but many, many years ago. Being married has its advantages but not when you're gay and want to be with a man. How many men here tonight do you suppose are married? You'd be correct if you said a lot. They tell their wives they have to work late, out at meetings or with clients,  but they come here looking for an evening of what they will never get at home. You do know that feeling?"

        Ted smiled and felt comfortable with Robert.

        "Have you eaten?" Robert asked. "The food here is quite good and if you haven't, let me treat you to dinner. I would enjoy sharing a meal with a new friend."

        Ted hadn't eaten and eagerly said yes. Even though the room was crowded with men, he felt this comfort zone with Robert and in a way he was making the transition easier as he felt his awkwardness desolveing. "I would enjoy that very much if it's no imposition."

        "None at all."

        They were seated and had a drink and in an hour's time Ted told Robert his life story  unburdening himself. It was chathartic and he felt giddy. Maybe it was the two drinks but he was loose and feeling good.

        "Thank you Robert for letting me share my innermost secrets with a man that I just met and hardly know but somehow consider a friend. It's so hard not being able to tell someone how you feel and what you're thinking and how much you want from your life." He stopped.

        "It's OK. Don't feel guilty for wanting something that is yours. It would be so much easier and life so much sweeter if we weren't gay, but we are. I was lucky and found out early enough and got out of a situation that was stifling me both creatively and mentally. Without being too personal, I assume you and the wife are still having sex?"

       " Personal, hardly. I just told my entire life story to a complete strange who listened without condemnation. She and I share different beds. Been that way for years. My sex is now done by jerking off and in a lot ways much more pleasurable as I can have whom I want. The kids are grown and out of the house and what we share is space. We are roommates. It suits her just fine but in the last six months I have had this reawakening, this rekindling, feelings that I have supressed for so long that are now bubbling to the surface and I have to live for me now and explore feelings that I know need to and have to come out."

        Robert smiled. "Your life story is safe with me. I'm a judge in Superior Court here in town. I do find you guilty or wanting to be happy. Would I be bold if I asked you to come home with me? I think that you're a very handsome man."

        Ted looked across the table at Robert who smiled at him.

        "I would like that very much. But I must warn you that I am inexperienced.  So, if you are willing to put up with someone who doesn't know much, I would sure love to go home with you."

        "You'll be fine." He reached across the table and put his hand over Ted's and held it. Ted knew that he would be fine in Robert's hands.

Part two

                Robert sped his Porche convertable through the streets like a Indy race track driver. He handled the wheel with authority and assurance. He placed his hand on Ted's  knee and in time his hand drifted to Ted's crotch. His dick sprang to life and strained to be free. In all the years of his marriage, his wife never placed her hand on his knee, let alone his crotch. Robert massaged Ted's organ as he drove through the city streets and Ted knew that if he didn't stop he would cum in his pants.

             "We're here," Robert said and drove up to town house overlooking the river.

            They got out and Robert opened the door. In the entry hallway was a large golden Buddha standing over six feet tall. It was beautiful and Ted stopped and admired it.

            "I do love it," Robert said. " I Bought it in Thailand years ago when Fred, my friend was alive. He taught Oriental Arts at the University and I had to own it." He patted Buddha's belly and they crossed a small bridge over a pond filled with fish and entered a huge living room that overlooked the river. The apartment was exquisite. Ted stood in awe at the beautiful furnishings.

            "It's an incredible apartment," Ted said looking at the magnificient art work.

             "I'm glad you like it. Sit and make yourself comfortable while I go and make myself comfortable. The bar is over there so pour us both a brandy and take off your jacket and stay a while.'"

            Ted stood on the terrace looking at the river illuminated by a full moon. The water sparkled with each ripple that gusts of wind created.  He sipped his brandy thinking of what awaited him and he was nervous that he wouldn't be able to perform. He wanted to please both Robert and himself. It was important to him. He felt Robert behind him. The scent of his colgne permeated the air like night blooming jasmine. It was exotic, erotic and intoxicating. Robert reached out and put his arms around Ted and held him close. They stood there with the stars shining and the moonlight dancing on the water. He kissed Ted on the ear and reached in and unbuttoned his shirt and rubbed his hand across Ted's hairy chest that felt like strands of silk in his hand. His fingers found Ted's nipple and he rubbed it gently with the ball of his thumb and Ted felt his dick Stiffen. Classical music played softly in the background as Robert explored Teds body, his hands soft and gentle as his moved down Ted's belly and lingered there. He reached into Ted's pants and put his hand on Ted's throbbing organ holding it there. His hand moved inside his jockey shorts and gently massaged his penis which was now hard as a dog's bone left out in the sun. Ted felt it twitch involuntarily.

           "That is a lovely piece of meat you have," Robert said and turned Ted so he was facing him. He kissed Ted softly on the lips. It was tender and Ted responded. Robert was wearing a silk dressing gown which was open exposing his fleshy nipples and large belly. Ted had never been with a heavy man. The few scenes that he had made were anoymous in a dark movie theater where he got his dick sucked behind the screen. He thought of the Buddah in the entry and found Robert's body which appeared smooth except for a patch of graying hair between his clevage exciting. Ted liked older men, even as a boy. He opened Robert's dressing gown which revealed his cock which was standing at attention. It was average. Tentatively, he reached out almost like a child touching something hot and placed his hand on his organ. It was smooth and silky to the touch and he felt himself beginning to leak.

            "Let's go into the bedroom where it's more comfortable and get you undressed," Robert said and led him by the hand into a beautiful room that was modern and stark. Robert undressed Ted slowly pulling off his shirt and with each button he opened kissed Ted as he revealed more and more of his flesh. He carefully hung his shirt over a chair and unzipped his pants and took off his pants admiring him in his jockey shorts as a man appraising a piece of art and pleased at what he was looking at. He took off his loafers and socks and made him lie on the bed with his jockey shorts on and began to make love to him. Incense filled the room with a scent that was exotic as he kissed Ted with a passion that he had never known. The feelings that he had exposed within Ted had him ready to erupt. Robert sensed it and held him close, not talking but brushing back his hair with his hand in a manner that his mother had done lovingly when he was a boy. He kissed his cheeks and eyes and nose and talked gently. Ted had never experienced love making like this. When Ted had relaxed and cooled down,  Robert's tongue snaked into Ted's mouth and his kisses were like molten lava as his devoured his tongue with his mouth. He moved down Ted's body and his mouth found his nipples and he sucked on them gently. Ted never knew that his nipples were tender but he held Robert's head as he suckled on one and then the other like a baby at its mother's brest. His tongue flicked at his body like a snake searching the night air for his prey finding spots that sent bolts of electricity throughout Ted's body. He tongued his belly button and then kissed his cock through his jockey shorts. He slowly took them off Ted and stood over him savoring his body.

            "That is a beautiful cock you have there. Pity your wife isn't enjoying it but I certainly am going to enjoy making love to it."

            He put his tongue on the tip of Ted's cock and ran it around the head until it was moistened with his own saliva. He twirled his tongue around the head of Ted's cock that almost lifted him off the bed. He had never experieced such a thrill before. He slowly moved his mouth down the shaft of Ted's cock that was close to eight inches taking it his his mouth and working the head until Ted cried out.

            "Please Robert, stop or you'll make me cum. I'm so hot I'm ready to burst."

            Giving Ted a chance to cool down, Robert once again wrapped his mouth against Ted's cock and began to suck him slowly and methodically running his mouth down the entire lenght of his shaft and then to the head where his tongue and mouth moved in a circular counter clock wise motion. The sensation was exquisite as Robert licked at his balls and lifted his legs and his hot mouth found Teds ass. He began to lick it forcing Ted to shake and rock his ass back and forth as his Ted flicked at his ass bringing pleasure to Ted that made him weak in the knees. When he inserted a finger into Ted's ass gently, he moaned not from pain but with exhillaration. If anybody had told him that a man would be fingering his hole he would have laughed. Now the sensation was incredible as he moved up and down on Robert's fingers as Robert licked at his balls, his tongue seeking the folds in his scrotum and lavishing them with love. It was an exquisite feeling.

        Robert stopped once again fearing that Ted was getting ready to blow his load and reached into a side table and took out a pink rubber dildo and lubricant.

        "What are you planning on doing?" Ted said nervously.

        "I thought that if you wanted to experience the pleasures of sex, this baby will take you higher then you have ever been sexually before. I promise I won't hurt you. Do you trust me?"

        "Yes, I do."

        "Then relax and let me make love to you."

        Robert began to suck Ted's cock and inserted Pinky at Ted's touch hole and turned it on. The humming sound was like an angry swarm of bees as he pressed it gently into his touch hole.

        "It may hurt initially but relax and you will get pass it." He sucked Ted's cock and put Pinky in a little farther as Ted felt the sensation of the humming instrument creep into his asshole. Robert licked Ted's balls and moved the plastic tool of pleasure further up his ass and turned up the speed and knew that Ted was enjoying as he began to shake his ass up and down as the motor moved to high and Robert sucking his cock and moving the instrument in and out of Ted's ass.

        Oh, God, Ted, cried out in pleasure. "Oh, sweet mother as Robert sucked his cock and jammed Pinky as far as it would go up Ted's ass. "Don't stop," as he moved his ass up on down on Pink as Robert sucked at his dick with joy. "Oh, Robert," he began to cry out, "I'm going to cum," he screamed out and Robert was ready and waiting for the ambrosia that would soon be his. With a final thrust of Pinky, Ted spilled his seed into Robert's mouth and the sweetness filled him and the taste was pure honey as Robert milked every last drop of semen from Ted's cock until he had nothing left. Ted lay there, not moving, covered in sweat as Robert brought a wet towel and cleaned him up.

        "How was it?" He asked.

        Ted looked at him dreamerly and finally said. "I never felt anything so wonderful. I thought Pinky was sucked up my ass and I never wanted you to pull it out."

        "Good. Now for another treat. Turn over."

        Ted did as he was told and felt the warm oil on his back as Robert massaged him gently, his fingers moving across his back like the wings of a butterfly.

        "Hopefully this will relax you enough so you will be rejuvinated to put that magnicient piece into me. I learned this technique in Japan and it never fails to produce the desired results." His hands were strong and yet gentle as he moved over Ted's buns which were two magnificient orbs as the warm oil glistened on his body and a had soothing effect that had Ted asleep in a few moments. Robert massaged his entire body and Ted took special care of his cock and sucked on it now soft and felt Ted stir as his dick began to get hard again. This was one randy man and Robert was going to get his wish.

        That was wonderful," Ted said. First the magnificient blow job and a relaxing massage. What's next?"

         "I want that mushroom capped tool inside of me," Robert said. "Have you ever fucked a man?"

        "No," Ted said eagerly, his voice filled with excitement.

        "Like to try?" That's a beautiful instrument and I want my ass to know what it feels like."

        "I'll do whatever you ask."

        "Then I'm asking for it. The Judge finds you guilty and your punishment is to make love to my ass." He smiled and kissed Ted softly on the lips that was both tender and sensual. He slipped lubricant on Ted's cock that was still leaking precum that was thick and creamy. Robert tasted it and smiled. Robert slipped the rubber onto Ted's cock rubbing it back and forth to take the air out and then  spread KY over it. He then had Ted put the lubricant into his ass and when he was satisfied he lay down next to Ted.

        "Slow and easy wins the race," Robert said. "When you feel like you're ready to cum, stop. I want to enjoy your tool as much as I know you're going to enjoy making love to my ass. Pussy may be fine but nothing beats a hot ass in heat and this ass needs lots of loving. "

        Robert had beautiful buns as Ted felt them. They were like two ripe cantaloupes as he saw the fine hair on Rober't ass. He had never made love to a man's ass and the elation he felt could only be equated with the beating that he had given a bully who had terrorized him for years. His dick was throbbing with anticipation as Robert gently inserted Ted's dick to his hole.

        "Easy does it. That is a fence pole you got between your legs and I don't need another hole poked in me so follow my lead and let's go for the gold."

        Ted felt Roberts fingers around his tool and felt as Robert led him to his hole. He followed instructions and pushed gently and felt something warm and wet as the head of his cock entered into Robert's ass. It was a wonderful feeling as he slowly guided his prick into Robert's ass who moved slowly with him as his tool found it's way into his hole.

        "That's it Ted. You're inside of me."

        He began to move his ass from side to side as Robert moved within him. To explain the sensation and the feelings of knowing that he was alive and loving a man brought tears to his eyes.

        "Oh, that tool is so sweet," Robert cooed as Ted fucked him. "Yes, daddy fuck me and give me that beautiful meat. Oh," he moaned in pleasure.

        Ted held his belly, tweaked Robert's nipples and he rocked back and forth knowing that he was ready to shoot his load.

        "Faster," Robert cried out in a husky voice. "Faster."

        As Ted watched his dick slide in and out of Robert's ass he knew the moment of truth was here and he moved faster and faster, his balls flapping against Roberts ass as he was up to the hilt in him.

        "That's it, make me cum, sweetheart," he cried out and gasped, "Oh, I'm cumming."

        With, "I'm cumming," Ted exploded inside of Robert's ass and the thrill he felt as  Robert's sphincter muscle clammed down on his dick and he spurted into the rubber with his load that he thought would never end was incredible.

        They just lay there and Ted pulled out of Robert's ass. Robert turned and kissed him.

        "Thank you. That was wonderful."

        "No, thank you for loving me tonight. You've made me realize that I can't change who I am and I plan to live my life for me.

        Robert hugged him. "Stay the night and in the morning I'll drive you to the hotel. Who knows but we might find that we both need some extra loving in the morning."

        "You don't mind."

        He squeezed Ted's tool. "Mind, not when I have this next to me." He kissed Ted and held him close and they slept in each other's arms and Ted felt free at last.