The Boy in the Alley

By Stephen Scott

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The boy was tired, hungry, and discouraged.

It was a slow night, and he hadn't made a dollar. He didn't know where the hell he was going to sleep, or how he was going to eat if he didn't find a john, and soon.

Suddenly, he noticed a swaggering youth approaching him. His heart sped up. Maybe--?

The boy adjusted his leather jacket, struck a pose against the side of the building, and stared at the kid coming toward him. Big, husky, not half bad to look at. Maybe there was something here ...

As the youth drew abreast the boy spoke softly.

"Hey. Spare a quarter?"

The youth brought himself up, turned, and stared at the willowy boy. He ran his eyes up and down the boy's slender body, grunted, and sidled up.

"How much?"

The boy swallowed. The kid looked tough.

"Um--I'll suck you off for ten bucks."

"Ten, huh? Sure, kid. Though I oughta make you pay for what I got in these pants."

The boy smiled.


The youth stroked a growing lump under his jeans.

"The biggest."

"Well, let's see it."

The youth looked around. The street was dark, deserted.

"Got someplace to go?"

"Sure." The boy jerked his head to the left. "Down that alley. No one ever goes in there."

The boy walked in front of the street-tough and led him into the alley. He knelt in front of the john.

"How much was that again?"

"Ten. In advance."

The youth took out a wad of bills, peeled off two fives, and let them drift to the alley floor.

The boy quickly grabbed up the money, stuffed it into his underpants, and looked up at the youth.

"C'mon, baby. Let me see it."

The youth unzipped his jeans, reached into his shorts, and hauled out a monster.

The boy gulped silently.

The youth grinned, stroking the massive cock into hardness.

"Told ya. Think you can take it, boy?"

The boy held out his hand.

"Let me do it."

He wrapped his palm around the thick, fat-headed cock, and stroked it gently.

"Nice dick, man," he whispered huskily. "I'm gonna make you feel so good."

The youth leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Yeah," he murmured as the boy's expert touch caused his cock to harden.

The boy's fingers spun over the length of the youth's shaft with practiced delicacy, now gripping it with all five fingers, now rubbing the back of his thumb softly against the head from slit to sensitive underside, sliding the bubble of pre-cum up and down the angry head of the thing.

"Stop teasing, goddamnit!" the youth growled, his eyes still clamped tight. "Suck it!"

The boy drew the glistening cock-head toward his lips. He darted his tongue against the now copiously leaking slit and licked the musky droplets as the youth moaned softly, his hips arcing toward the boy's face. The tongue licked a long line from the glans to its underside, lubricating the head with a mix of his saliva and the youth's own juice.

Finally he opened his mouth and drew in the crown, scraping it gently on his bottom teeth as he sucked it inside.

The youth shuddered. The boy relaxed his throat muscles and moved his head forward, bringing the monster into his mouth.

The youth stabbed his dick violently, gripping the boy's hair with sudden fierceness, the large fingers yanking the boy's tresses back and forth in a rhythm with the fuck-motion until the young hustler's eyes filled with tears of pain.

The game was out of his hands now. He knew that, and didn't even try to keep control of the situation. His eyes clamped tight, he relaxed his neck and shoulders to keep from involuntarily fighting the rapid, savage pistoning motions the youth made with his sturdy hips as he crammed his entire cock down the boy's throat. Gagging him. Raping his mouth. Showing this little fag what a big man does with his big, fat pecker.

The voice startled them both.

"Well! Excuse us, ladies!"

The youth's and the boy's eyes both opened at the same moment, as the oral rape stopped as rapidly as it had begun.

The boy looked toward the opening of the alley. Three tough-looking teenagers stood with their arms folded, filling up the entryway and grinning at the sight before them.

The youth stammered, yanking his cock from the boy's mouth and stuffing it back into his pants.

"Hey, Bull! Look at the faggot I found for ya!"

"Ain't that nice of ya."

The speaker was a tall teen, his spiky hair dyed bright red. His face wore a withering sneer.

"What the fuck do I want with a queer-boy?"

The youth shrugged, trying to seem casual.

"You know--to fuck up. Beat the hell outta."

"Why? Wasn't he doin' a good enough job on yer crank, Moose?"

The youth turned red but bluffed on.

"Awwww--you know how it is, Bull. You get horny enough you'll poke anything."

Bull rubbed his chin with his thumb, seeming to ponder the statement.

"I dunno, Moose. Some skanky whore, yeah, okay. But a fag? Seems to me you got to be horny in a very ... unusual way ... to let one of them suck on yer meat."

"Tell you the truth, Bull, this faggot's mouth beats any whore I ever been with. Anyways, it ain't like I was suckin' him off. I ain't no queer."

Throughout this exchange the boy was trying to make himself as small as possible. Maybe they'd be so busy ribbing each other they'd forget all about him. Maybe they'd just push him around a little, scare him, chase him out of their neighborhood. Maybe ...

His thoughts were rudely interrupted.

"So he's got a hot mouth. How `bout the other end? Nice `n' tight, Moose? Huh? That faggot asshole feel like the real thing?"

"Hell, I don't know. I ain't put my hog in there."

"Maybe you oughta. See how it fits."

The spiky-haired teen turned his attention to the boy.

"How `bout it, fag-boy? If it's all that, maybe we oughta take turns. Whattaya say? Bet you'd like havin' these nice, All-American dicks up your twat, huh?"

"P-please, sir," the boy whispered, his throat closing on his words. "Lemme be, okay? I--I didn't, I mean--I--"

The kid called Bull turned to his cronies.

"Whattaya say, guys? Shall we let the little fag go?"

The two teens behind him snickered.

"Yeah, right, Bull."

"Anything you say, Bull."

The spiky-haired youth was obviously the gang's leader. He stood gazing down at the boy, a sneer of contempt on his lips.

"I dunno, boys. I'm pretty horny myself, I gotta admit. Could use a good cocksucker right about now. Anyone else feelin' frisky?"

The boys behind him laughed.

"Whattaya say, boys? Feel like pokin' a little free faggot ass?"

The boy gulped, sweat pouring down the back of his neck. Bull was lasciviously rubbing his palm over his crotch, where a fair-sized lump was forming.

"Yessir, I ain't seen any available pussy on the prowl tonight and I sure could use a tight little slut to relieve my pain."

The two behind him were now rubbing their own crotches. Even the youth called Moose, so embarrassed a few minutes ago, was imitating the leader now.

On a silent nod from Bull, Moose grabbed the boy from behind, pinning his arms. Bull sauntered forward, mockingly, then turned to his companions.

"You--" he ordered, pointing at one of them. "Hold the little faggot's legs down. And you--" he pointed at the other "--take his pants off. Rip `em off if you hafta. If he gives you a fight, cut `em off."

Moose pushed the boy to the ground as the toughs approached. One of them held his feet in place while the other flicked open a switchblade before reaching for his zipper.

"Fight me, fag, and I'll cut your goddamn nuts off," he snarled.

The boy could do nothing. Fingers rapidly unzipped his trousers and yanked them down. He lifted his butt up to facilitate the movement, praying they wouldn't cut him, or kill him, before it was over.

His pants slid down his ankles and over his shoes. The teen tossed them casually away. The boy sat in his underpants, breathing hard, trembling.

There was a pause.

"Whattaya waitin' for? Take his damn shorts off."

With a look of distaste, the teen reached his fingers beneath the elastic band and tugged. Again the boy lifted up his seat, feeling the cool night air caress his lower body as his nakedness emerged. The shorts went over his shoes and off, joining his pants somewhere on the alley floor.

There was an embarrassed silence as three of the teens tried not to look at the boy's naked cock and balls.

Bull strode forward.

"Okay. Let go of him. He ain't goin' nowhere."

The hands released the boy and he sat staring up into the face of his tormentor. The teenager grinned.

"Not without his pants, he ain't. Right, boy? You ain't gonna run down the street bare-ass, are ya?"

The boy shook his head no but his eyes had already taken in the scene around him. Okay, hauling down the city street without his pants would be no picnic, but on the other hand ...

Bull stood before him, imperiously, but no one was in front of the entrance to the alley. If he could just get around them ...

The boy suddenly sprang to his feet and began to run.

There was a moment of stunned silence, but as the boy hit the street he heard the outraged voice of Bull explode from the alley.

"Get him, you stupid assholes!"

The teens plowed out of the alley and the boy could hear their feet smacking the pavement. He was ahead, but not by much. Still, if he could just keep ahead for a few blocks ...

His heart took a sickening lurch as

Almost immediately, he felt a swift, sharp pain against his naked butt. Stumbling, his hand automatically reaching back to protect his vulnerable backside, he realized that one of the guys behind him had used the sole of his boot to shove the boy to the pavement.

As he pitched forward, he felt his fall stayed by a firm grip on his shoulders. He was spun around and when he came to a stop he was face to face with Bull.

The teenager sneered.

"Where'd'you think you're goin'?"

There was laughter from all sides.

"Look!" the leader shouted. "The little fairy thinks he's gonna fly away!"

The boy's faced burned as the other gang members hooted.

"You ain't goin' anywhere, sweetie-boy," Bull laughed. "Not yet."

He turned to the kid whose cock the boy had been sucking when the others had come upon them.

"Hey, Moose! The faggot wasn't finished with you when we came along, was he?"

Moose stroked his crotch, and his prodigious cock began to enlarge again. He grinned.

"Nope. Didn't even get my nut."

"Now, that's no way to behave, boy," the leader said, shaking his head. "Didn't your mama teach you to finish what you start?"

He slapped the boy hard across the face.

"That's for holdin' out on my buddy Moose here."

Before the boy could react, Bull slammed a fist into his belly.

"And that's for runnin' out on us."

The boy collapsed, all the breath knocked out of him. He felt strong arms under his and found himself propelled back down the street.

"Okay, take him back, boys. And this time, one of you lets him go again I'm gonna fuck your ass insteada his!"

They pulled the defeated, half-naked boy back into the alley. He didn't struggle, protest, or attempt to flee. There was no point. They had him, and there was nothing he could do about it but endure it, wait for it to end, and hope they let his leave with his life.

They shoved him into the alley and he landed, hard.

"Get his faggoty ass over one of those trash-cans, Moose."

The boy was lifted again and shoved, belly-down, over a closed trash receptacle.

"Okay, who's first? Moose? What say you finish getting' yer nut."

The boy could see nothing, but he didn't need to. He could hear the slightly uncertain laughter behind him, and the unmistakable sound of a zipper going down, followed by the rustle of clothing. In a moment he sensed the big teen's body close by.

"Should I use a rubber, Bull?"

"What do you think, you moron? You know where this faggot's been?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. You got any?"

"I'm glad someone around here has his head screwed on right. Here."

There was a brief tearing sound and the boy could hear the big, dumb teenager fumbling with the condom.

Then, another moment of silence.

"Well?" Bull taunted. "Whattaya waitin' for, you big dope? Fuck the little fag."

"I ain't never done this before, Bull," the youth stammered. "I--I don't really know how. I mean, it ain't like fuckin' a pussy."

"Jesus Christ, Moose--were you born this dumb or do you work at it? Spit on yer cock and shove it in, for fuck's sake!"

There was a wet, hawking sound. Then a hard, saliva-coated object pressed between the boy's butt-cheeks.

He willed his ass muscles to relax.

"Push it in, you big ape. Christ!"

Moose complied.

In a swift, uncaring moment, the big teen shoved his cock straight up the boy's asshole. No matter how relaxed he had tried to make himself, it hurt like hell. He gasped, choking back a scream as the massive dick plowed deep inside him.

The only saving grace was that Moose didn't take long. He made a few sharp fucking motions with his hips and, almost before the boy recovered from the brutal stabbing pain of the entry, the youth came, bellowing like the animal he'd been named for.

Moose pulled out and the boy's body sagged in pain and relief. Maybe the others wouldn't be so bad after this ...

He heard Bull's voice behind him.

"Spike, you're next. Ace, you go after him."

The ritual was repeated, faster this time, and although the entry was no less rough it wasn't as painful. Whichever one of them Spike was, his cock wasn't the monster Moose's had been. In fact, it was kind of... small.

Spike took a bit longer than his buddy, but not by much. Soon he too was coming, accompanied by little choking sounds.

When he withdrew, the third teen was on the boy instantly. Another hurried entrance, even less painful this time. The guy may have had enough on the ball in some other way to earn the name Ace, but it wasn't for what was between his legs. Although it was longer than the others had been, it was easily the smallest of the three in girth.

Ace huffed and puffed his way to orgasm, taking less time than Spike, and in a few minutes he was shoving in deep, keening.

"Oh," he blurted. "I'm cummin'! I'm cummin'!"

And he did.

And pulled out.

"Hey--it's Bull's turn," Moose gibbered. "Yeah, Bull! Turn that faggot asshole to mush!"

"Yeah," Spike dittoed mindlessly. "Fuck him, Bull. Fuck the faggot!"

Ace added his voice to the carnal chorus:

"Fuck him! Heh-heh! Fuck!"

Then there was silence.

"Aaaaahh, I've lost interest. Who needs it?"

"You mean you ain't gonna fuck him, Bull?"

"Don't feel like it anymore. Anyway, you got yer nut, all of you, so why don't you just get lost? I'll deal with the little fag my own way."

The boy heard the snap of a switchblade opening. He closed his eyes in despair.

"Awww, I wanna watch!"

"Yeah, me too!"

"Stick `im, Bull! Off the little fag!"

Bull spoke, his voice low now, and menacing.

"Didn't I tell you spuds to fuck off?"

There was a murmur of abashed voices.

"Uh--yeah, Bull."


"Sure, Bull. No problem."

"See ya."

"Yeah--see ya."

The voices drifted away. The boy heard one say, "Shit! I wanted ta watch!" and then they were out of hearing.

There was a dead silence in the alley.

The boy had been strong, uncomplaining, pliable. Now he didn't care whether Bull liked it or not. He was crying.

He slid off the garbage pail and crumpled to a heap on the alley floor, weeping in utter hopelessness. It wasn't enough they humiliated him, stripped him, raped him. Now they had to kill him?

The boy felt a presence beside him. He kept his eyes clamped and managed to speak through his sobs.

"Do it! If you're gonna do it, then do it! Get it over with!"

He felt a hand on his hair and waited for his head to be yanked back and his throat slit.

Instead, the hand caressed his hair, gently, and a voice cooed.

"It's okay, baby. It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt ya. I mean it. I'm not."

The boy slowly opened his eyes. He was looking into Bull's face, and what he saw there bore no relation to the sneering, vicious felon who had directed the entire episode. Warm eyes, tears brimming around them, speared their way into his soul.

Bull pulled the sobbing boy to his chest.

"Let it out. Let it out, baby."

The boy wrapped his arms around the youth and sobbed as though his heart was breaking. Hands caressed his neck and shoulders. Soft lips pressed against his cheek.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry."

Finally, when his emotions were spent, the boy shoved the teenager from him, furious. Tears streaming down his face he sat back on his heels, stared with rank hatred into the gang leader's face, and spat.

The youth did nothing. The spittle hung from his cheek and he let it drip down his face.

"I deserve that. I deserve that, and a whole lot more."

When the boy found his voice again, he hurled his fury at the kneeling teenager.

"Why did you do it? Why? Why? Why, goddamn you?"

The youth sighed.

"It's hard to explain. I'm getting' outta the life, see, only they don't know it. I'm gonna get as far away from those low-life assholes as I can, but I haven't finished all my plans yet. Soon as I do, I'm gone, like from the face of the earth. See, I know some things about myself, things that'd get me killed if they knew. I--I'm--I'm sorta like you, if you get me. See? So I had to do it. I had to. They'da thought somethin' was up if I hadn't. I couldn't risk it. The only thing I could do was make sure those morons used rubbers."

The boy turned away, disgusted.

"You don't wanna look at me, I understand. I don't deserve nothin' good for what I just did. I only wish..."

The boy didn't turn around.


"Wish I could make it up to you. Somehow. Isn't that stupid? Like I could ever do anything to make what just happened up to you. God, I'm an asshole!"

The boy turned back.

"No. No, you're not an asshole. They're assholes. You're not."

"Then you ain't mad at me?"

The boy's face flushed.

"Of course I'm mad! What the fuck do you think? You just let a buncha morons gang rape my ass! You fuckin' encouraged them! You egged the fuckers on! You're goddamned right I'm mad! Wouldn't you be just a little pissed? Are you retarded, or what?"

There was a moment of silence, and when their eyes met again the boy couldn't help it. He burst out laughing.

Bull stared at him, open-mouthed.

Then he got it.

He smiled, just a little.

"What's your name, baby?"


"I'm ... Johnnie." He looked surprised. "Shit. No one's called me Johnnie since I was a little kid. I've been Bull so long ..."

"How'd that happen?"


"How'd you go from Johnnie to Bull?"

"The gang, baby. I don't even remember how they hung that one on me. Christ, what a fuckin' joke my life is."

The boy paused.

"Umm... Don't you think you oughta ... scram?" Johnnie looked at him, puzzled. "You know, in case they come back?"

"Oh, fuck. Yeah. Yeah, you're right." He stood up, stiffly, and stretched. He looked at the boy, shyly. "Look, uh ... Scotty..."

"No sweat, man. I'm not gonna say a fuckin' word. And I won't be in this neighborhood again, I can promise you that."

"No. Uh. What I was gonna say was... you wanna... you wanna come with me?"

The boy was staggered.


"Yeah, I know. Sounds stupid. I just mean... I gotta place they don't know about. We can go there. Give you some time to... I dunno... recover. Or whatever. You can stay as long as you want, or blow as soon as you feel like. I ain't gonna put no moves on you. I swear."

The boy softened his posture. He was suddenly aware of his own nakedness. He blushed.

He realized he wanted Bull to "put the moves on him."

"Um--you know where my pants went?"

Johnnie scooted away, returning with the boy's clothing.

He held them out, but when the boy reached for them, took them back.

"Come here."

The boy raised an eyebrow, his face darkening.

The teen spoke again, more softly.

"Come here. Please."

The boy approached him warily.

"Sit next to me, okay?"

The boy knelt.

"Are you okay? I mean--um--you know--"

He dug in his back pocket and withdrew a handkerchief.

"Here. Wipe off that... slime... those pig-fuckers left."

The boy took the cloth, ducked his eyes shyly, and used it to cleanse his butt.

When he was done, Johnnie reached for the boy, pulled him close, and swiped his hand between the boy's ass-cheeks. He took away his hand and examined it.

"No blood. That's a relief. You hurt?"

"Not much. Not really. Moose was the worst. The second guy? Baby dick. The third was longer, but skinny. I wasn't in pain after Moose got done."

He felt Johnnie's hand caressing his cheek.

"When you're sure you're okay..."

"Yeah, I know. You want your turn."

Johnnie shook his head.

"Uh-uh. I want you inside me."

For the first time this evening, the boy felt his cock stirring.

"Um... I'd love that, man, but... we gotta get outta here, remember? And fast," he murmured, placing Johnnie's hand on his stiffening dick. "Before I reach the point of no return."

"Christ, I want you."

"You have me. When we get to your place."

Their eyes met and they smiled.

"Now give me my damn pants..."