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Subject: The Young Energy Consultant - Chapter ONE



Hey guys,


This is chapter one. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank James (Canada), Rob (UK) and Edward (USA)

for all their help in the preparation of this manuscript.

In particular, for their additions.


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The Young Energy Consultant

by Moritz – Hamburg – Germany


.... edited by James (Canada), Rob (UK) and Edward (USA)


It was far too hot for this late summer day. Jordan was sorry now to have accepted

the job as an energy consultant. At first glance, it seemed to be the ideal job because

it enabled him to arrange both study and work together. He could organize his work

freely. He was just not aware of how difficult it actually was going to be to convince

potential customers at their front doors to change their energy supplier. In the training

exercise, and after seeing the euphoric promotional film, it had all sounded so simple.

Jordan had already been out on the road for several hours. He had rung the doorbells of

countless houses and apartment (doorbells and) but, sadly, had not signed up a single

new customer.


His compensation was exclusively based on commission. If he managed to complete at

least three to four contracts every day, then his efforts would be worthwhile and his

remuneration appropriate to the effort.


In the beginning most of the contacts on Jordan's route were with seniors. They had

willingly let him into their houses or apartments and let him talk first. He would tell

them all about the evil power companies that generated their electricity using nuclear

power or coal. But before he could describe the benefits of switching to a good green

power supplier that produced electricity from wind energy, ecological or hydro power,

they began to tell him their life stories. In the end none of these folks were willing to

change their electricity supplier. Jordan became more and more disillusioned about

whether this was the right part-time job for him.

The house where he had just arrived was to be his last for the day. He hoped to be

able to win over at least one customer so that all his efforts today would not have been

entirely in vain. It was a very nice and well maintained apartment building. Probably, he

thought, most of the apartments were condominiums. He rang at Mr. Davis' door.


One of the downsides, if you work at home, is that you are often bothered by unwanted

visitors. It was early afternoon. The summer had started very late this year and it was still

very hot. Normally, the summer at this time would be drawing to a close, but even though

it was the beginning of the fall, the temperatures were still very high. Mr. Davis was not

a fan of air conditioning. By using intelligent natural ventilation and window blinds, it was

possible for him to produce a comfortable indoor climate without the need for air conditioning.


Before he settled into this condo, he had been permitted to make some structural changes

to help. Due to the predicted climate change; in the future he expected to have to experience

longer and harsher winters and hotter summers. To keep his energy consumption as low as

possible he had thoroughly researched his likely future energy needs and had also recently

changed his electricity provider.

Since this was a cold-call with no prearranged appointment, Mr. Davis assumed it was

probably a sales representative at his door trying to sell him something or one of the many

religious evangelists trying to convert him to the true faith. Often Mr. Davis would simply

ignore the ringing in the hope that the caller would choose to leave. He felt it was the easiest

thing to do as it was exhausting to be constantly turning people away. Sometimes however

his curiosity won out and, the thought that it might be something important, compelled

Mr. Davis to open the front door to his penthouse apartment.

Before him stood a very handsome young man, probably in his early twenties who was clearly

suffering physically from the dreadful heat. The poor young man was visibly sweating.

The young man smiled kindly at him. "Hello, sir. My name is Jordan Miller. I am an energy

consultant and I have some valuable information for you which will enable you to save quite

a bit of money in the future."

The young man presented a card with the title of "energy consultant". It had a photo and the

name of the young man on it. He wore an identification tag on a green ribbon around his neck.

Mr. Davis had to smile to himself. Such a tag could be quickly and easily produced with a good

color printer nowadays. Normally, he would have told the young man in a short but friendly

manner that he did no need any consultation on his home energy requirements. Mr. Davis

noted, however, that the young man was very attractive. His voice was pleasant, and his

smile engaging.

Mr. Davis decided there and then to give the young man some of his time so he could observe

him. He had spent the whole day alone in his home and at his desk. He looked forward to a

nice exchange with this very presentable young man who stood in front of him and who

looked like he could easily pass for a photo model.


Recently Mr. Davis had found some nude photos on the internet of a similar looking young

actor. That young actor was so sexy that Mr. Davis could not help but sit back and masturbate

as he fantasized about all the things he would like to do with him. Now, much to his delight

there was practically a lookalike of the young actor standing right there live in front of him.


Studying his visitor, Mr. Davis assumed that the young energy consultant was probably a

student working on a commission basis for one of the many power companies serving the

area. He wore a short sleeved shirt with a conservative stripped tie. Anyone looking at him

would suspect that this was intended to portray him as a serious individual.


The high outside temperature had caused Jordan to sweat profusely and his cotton shirt

clung to his upper torso. Anyone taking the time to stare could clearly see the well-defined

pectoral muscles of the young Adonis standing before them. Jordan looked magnificent.

He had an athletic body. He was about 6 ' 1" tall and weighed 175 pounds. He did not

have the body of a professional bodybuilder but was very nicely proportioned with wide

shoulders, narrow hips, developed chest and slightly rippled abdomen which, taken all

together, was very sexy to look at. Jordan had dark short brown hair, a dark skin tone

due to his well developed summer tan and a narrow facial bone structure.


It gave Mr. Davis great pleasure to look on his young visitor. Normally he wouldn't ask

a sales representative into his apartment but, on this occasion, he was only too happy to

make an exception for this handsome young man.


"Please, do come in." said Mr. Davis stepping aside to let Jordan pass. "If I leave the door

open too long, there will be too much warm air flowing into the apartment."

"Thank you," replied Jordan as he stepped past Mr. Davis. "It´s nice and cool in your

apartment; do you have air conditioning?"

"No." replied Mr. Davis. "That would consume too much electricity. For health reasons

and on principle, I do not have air conditioning. Without using an air conditioner in the

summer months our grandparents knew how to create a pleasant room temperature."

After Jordan had entered the apartment, Mr. Davis closed the door and invited Jordan

to go down the hall into the living room.


As Jordan was leading the way into the living room, Mr. Davis got a very satisfying view

of the back of his sporty, athletic looking, trim young visitor. To project a serious look,

and in addition to his short sleeved shirt and tie, Jordan had worn a pair of black jeans.

In this weather that was exactly the wrong color and the wrong fabric to choose.

To make matters a little worse, the black jeans were just a little too tight and clung

to him all over. Fortunately for Mr. Davis the view was absolutely appetizing.

The black jeans were sticking to Jordan's body even more because of the sweat slowly

seeping down the well-developed back of this young Adonis and under the belt at the

hips of the jeans.

The nice well formed shoulders, the V-shaped back, the small waist, the narrow hips

and powerful runner's thighs all fitted together perfectly. Mr. Davis began sweating too

but that wasn't because of the temperature rising in the room. The barometer of his

hormones was definitely moving up the scale. As he watched Jordan's well shaped butt

swing a little to and fro ahead of him the thought passed his mind that the young man

probably had a good sound gene pool in his heritage to produce such an athletic body.

Given his age, Mr. Davis also assumed that Jordan still actively pursued some kind of

sport and his efforts had paid off in his very fascinating and attractive body.

Mr. Davis certainly wanted to enjoy it for as long and as much as possible.

Jordan was very glad that Mr. Davis did not appear to be the type of pensioner who

would invite him into his apartment for diversion and a break to an otherwise boring

daily routine. Unlike the others he had called on that day, Jordan did not expect that

his host was going to tell him his whole life story.


Mr. Davis' apartment was very well furnished. One could tell from the combination

of modern and antique furniture that this man had to have a good income, yet there

was nothing pretentious about the way the apartment was decorated.

"You have a very nice apartment. Amazing how cool it is here without air conditioning,"

remarked Jordan.

"The secret is simple, I don´t allow the heat from the outside to come into the

house," replied Mr. Davis.

Once they got to the living room, Jordan was undecided where he should sit so he

remained standing in the middle of the room. There were plenty of couches and chairs

and a large TV was mounted on the far wall. To the right was a dining table with seating

for at least twelve people. Jordan stood looking at the huge photographs that hung on

the walls waiting for some indication from Mr. Davis where he should sit down.

Mr. Davis was lost in deep thought having been totally charmed as he had followed

Jordan watching the body movements of the young man from behind. In particular,

he was mesmerized by the attractive buttocks and the movement of the

well-developed thighs which were very arousing. He wanted to place the young man

in a chair that would give him ample opportunity to admire the athletic body.

With this thought in mind he snapped out of his semi-trance and motioned Jordan to

take one of the plush comfy armchairs directly across from his favorite reclining chair

that he normally used.

"Unfortunately, I am a bit sweaty. I don´t want to spoil your beautiful chair," said

Jordan looking slightly embarrassed. "The constant changing from air-conditioned

rooms back into the heat of the day, and then into other rooms with oscillating fans

has made ​​me very sweaty today I am afraid, Sir. Normally, I do not sweat this much,

but it is just so hot outside."

"It's not a problem," said Mr. Davis. "I'll just lay a towel over the chair for you, I will

go and get it" he said and disappeared out of the room.

While Mr. Davis went off to fetch the towel, Jordan took the opportunity to look

around the living room. On the walls were many different large-format

black-and- white photos in different groupings. Hmm, thought Jordan to himself,

the photos were all of men who seemed to be in the age range of 18 to 30.

He wondered if Mr. Davis was possibly gay. The apartment itself was, however,

tasteful and unobtrusive. It was not what you might expect from a gay man in his

early forties.

Mr. Davis soon re-appeared and carefully placed a large bath towel over the chair

he had invited Jordan to sit in.

"Can I offer you something to drink? Coffee, tea, orange juice, apple juice or water,

perhaps?" asked Mr. Davis. "I'm sorry; I don't have any energy drinks or sodas that

are so popular these days. It's my opinion that they have far too much sugar in them,

and I also personally think fashionable drinks are vastly overpriced," commented

Mr. Davis.

"I tend to agree," replied Jordan. "I've already drank more than enough coffee

today, so, if you don't mind, I would like to accept your offer of some apple juice

diluted with mineral water. That would be very nice, thank you, Sir."

"No problem," said Mr. Davis as he disappeared into the kitchen to get Jordan's

request and something for himself. He smiled as he busied himself making Jordan's

apple juice mixed with mineral water. The young man was really an eye-catcher.

If the young man wanted something to drink, perhaps the conversation could be

prolonged during which time he could study the body of this young Adonis even closer.

Meanwhile, Jordan had made ​​himself comfortable in the towel draped chair.

He began to wonder how he could win Mr. Davis over and conclude his only contract

of the day.

When Mr. Davis reappeared in the living room with the drinks in hand; his eyes

were immediately drawn to the young man's muscular thighs. Without even thinking

about it, Jordan had spread his legs apart in order to help cool himself down a little

while he waited for Mr. Davis. Because of his sweaty body, Jason's jeans and shirt

were still stuck to him in places which, although very unpleasant for him, was just

perfect for Mr. Davis and his rising hormone levels.


After Mr. Davis had handed Jordan his drink and sat down, Jordan began with the

explanations that he'd been taught in training a few days earlier. Mr. Davis let the

young man talk without interruption. He simply sat back and took the opportunity

to look at the pretty face and athletic body more closely. He tried to do this as

inconspicuously as possible. Next to his thighs, Mr. Davis' next favorite area was

Jordan's chest and his pectoral muscles. Thanks to Jordan's sweat, much of the

fabric of his shirt clung to his sculptured chest.
Jordan again was glad that Mr. Davis, unlike the others he had seen earlier during

the day, did not constantly interrupt him but, patiently let him finish his well-rehearsed

Meanwhile as Jordan continued with his presentation, Mr. Davis focused on the

many details of the young man's appearance so that he could remember them

after Jordan had left. Jordan spoke fluently. It did not escape Mr. Davis by his use

of language that Jordan was a very intelligent young man and one of the more

experienced students. Jordan's voice was having an erotic effect on Mr. Davis as

he quietly savored the depth of this young man in his mind. Suddenly something

began to move; a little stirring in his groin. Damn ... he was getting so excited

that he was starting to develop an erection. He forced himself to focus a little less

on the body of the young Adonis and give more attention to Jordan's sales pitch

in order to stop his emerging erection.

"Ecological electricity providers are often more closely associated with a country

or the local region and its people, much more so than the big power companies.

The income and profits generated by them will usually remain in the area and

unlike the multi-national corporations does not flow into foreign bank accounts

where the profits are only subjected to minimal tax levels."

This statement which Jordan had thought up himself did not come from his

training program. It was something he had just seen on the news. The story had

touched on how many international corporations pay so little tax unlike the small

regional area ecological providers whose corporate taxes, together with the

personal taxes paid by their employees were used to finance the community

infrastructure such as schools, roads, hospitals, police, fire department, the

armed forces, etc.


All the companies took advantage of these services and the local infrastructure,

but it was the large multi-national companies that sought any and every

opportunity to use loop holes in the tax laws to avoid paying their fair share

of the their due taxes. The result was that mostly the ordinary citizens, small

businesses, and local vendors carried the burden of financial support for an

area's social infrastructure. Jordan felt it was an unjust system.

Mr. Davis was also a politically correct person and said, "I try to support

local companies and providers whenever I can. The global companies seem to

have lost touch with the ordinary citizens. A company should be a part of the

community and consequently also take on the appropriate responsibility.

Unfortunately, the global players feel they no longer need to be so committed."
"Exactly," responded Jordan. "And that's why you should consider switching

to a regionally owned ecological power provider. These days there are such

providers that are not much more expensive than the conventional electricity

distributors. By switching it gives us the personal chance to do something

positive for the environment and for the region in which we live. In our town,

and given the large temperature fluctuations we experience, for about three

quarters of a year a power company pretty well owns the city and all of us."
"I think it's great", said Mr. Davis. "I welcome such developments. Honestly,

I am very disappointed with the current state of affairs. We see so little and

hear even less from the Occupy movement these days. I think that if the

movement had caught on, it would have been very welcomed and, politically,

more might have changed. We also need a fairer system of taxation of the rich,

who pay now quite often pay less in taxes than their employees. We also need

to rein in the financial markets and put them on a leash."

"Right", replied Jordan. "And a first contribution to change would be, for

example, you changing over to the new city-owned power company. It´s much

easier than you think. I have all the necessary paperwork here with me today

for you to be able to do that".
Mr. Davis was silent for a moment. He had not expected the young man would

come so quickly to the point. He wondered if he should continue to play the

game in order to continue enjoying the presence of the Adonis a little longer,

or whether it was time to tell him the truth.
"Honestly," said Mr. Davis. "The fact of the matter is that I have already

changed suppliers just a few months ago. I wish I could have spared you this

At the sound of Mr. Davis words, Jordan, who had acted so confident and

committed before, now clearly showed his disappointment. The handsome

young man realized that he would once again be leaving an apartment, and

this time Mr. Davis, empty handed. Jordan was stunned as the realization

dawned on him that after a long stressful day he would go home without

even having earned one dollar in commission. A job in a fast food restaurant

would have earned him more.
"I really feel sorry that you have put all your effort into your presentation

without any reward", said Mr. Davis, at the same time regretting that their

really pleasant conversation would be at an end, and that the young man

would get up and leave his life forever. There and then he made the instant

decision to lift Jordan's spirits saying, "I am prepared, however, to compensate

you partial for your time by providing you with the amount equivalent to the

commission you would have earned if I had been able to agree to your proposal."
"Well, maybe I just have no talent for this job", remarked Jordan.
"I think you´re being too hard on yourself", suggested Mr. Davis as he took

another sip of his refreshing drink.


"The circumstances are just too hard. The dynamics of conducting business

on the front doorstep is no longer as easy as it once was. Unfortunately, the art,

and indeed it was a very reputable profession at one time, of the door-to-door

salesmen has basically fallen into disrepute. There were too many people being

ripped off, and those responsible were not policing the trade properly. That,

and the arrival of the internet with the ability to purchase from local suppliers

on line has changed, quite fundamentally, the way people now do business.

It was the fear of the scam artists at their front door that forced consumers to

become more cautious", continued Mr. Davis.


In a move to encourage the young Adonis to stay a little longer, Mr. Davis got up

and took Jordan's glass offering to top it up for him. On his return from the

kitchen area, he handed Jordan his glass saying, "You should not doubt yourself

and your abilities. Quite frankly, if I were of a mind to change my electricity supplier,

I would have been quite convinced by your presentation that I was making the

right move. But, in my case, I had already changed suppliers some months ago for

the very reasons you just gave me".


Mr. Davis really liked Jordan, not just because of his svelte body, but because

he could see that the young man had both brains and talent. He felt he should

offer some encouragement.


"Why do you think they still only use the unemployed and students for these

jobs? There are hardly any people still engaged successfully in door-to-door

selling anymore. My suggestion is that you should look for another job."
"That's easier said than done", replied Jordan.
"I have heard of the very poor working conditions of the young people nowadays.

Even young people with a university degree have a hard time finding a decent

job. Even if they have found one, they are often paid less than the long-term

employees. They often receive only short term contracts sometimes only

months, or up to the maximum of a year. It's a shame. The selfish capitalism,

which we really did not want to have, has crept in through the back door.

Supposedly globalization is to blame, but I guess it is much more likely the

boundless greed of the managers", continued Mr. Davis.

"Well, I should get myself out of here and on my way home", said Jordan as

he made to get up from the chair. "I can at the least say it has been an

interesting day even if I haven't earned a single dollar".

"I was very happy about the change the break talking with you made in my

daily routine. I now work only a few days a week from home. It allows me to

better focus on the tasks I have to do and it saves me the long drive into the

office, but it can be a bit lonely, and the silence can be a bit deafening.


How would it be if you stayed for a little while longer. Honestly, I have finished

all the work I had intended to do today, and now I've all the time in the world

to admire your athletic body. I would like to see more of it, and pay you for the

generous gift of your time. Then, you would not have wasted your time today

and at least you would have earned some money".

Jordan was more than surprised. He had never previously received such an

offer. Of course, he had noticed how people reacted to his athletic body.

The glances of Mr. Davis had not escaped him either. But, perhaps he had

misunderstood Mr. Davis. Maybe, just maybe, the heat of the day was affecting

his judgment? Was it possible he didn't understand Mr. Davis' suggestion?

Jordan decided to bite the bullet and asked, "What exactly do you have in mind?".

Mr. Davis was very careful to frame his next statement. "Well, Jordan ... I am

sure you have noticed the pictures of the young males on my walls. I have a

fascination with the beauty of the male form. I think you have a beautiful body

under those still damp clothes. So, if the truth be known, I would like to see

your toned upper body. So ... what would you say if I were to give you $20 to

take off your shirt so I can see for myself. I would just look of course ... no touching".
Jordan wasn't shocked by the suggestion, but he did want to get the answer to

one question. Sliding forward on his chair, and looking directly at Mr. Davis, he

asked, "Are you gay?".

"As a matter of fact, and speaking quite frankly", Mr. Davis replied, "yes, I am.

But, please do not be concerned. I do not mean you any harm. It is not easy

to pounce on young men at my age. However, it still gives me great pleasure

to look at them. Just like a beautiful picture; a very beautifully designed object,

or a beautiful landscape".

"What happens if I take off my shirt?"

"Nothing really," replied Mr. Davis. "We just continue talking to each other

while I get to look at your beautifully developed upper body."

"And for that, you want to pay me money", asked Jordan. "That's pretty weird."

"But, think about it for a moment", suggested Mr. Davis. "What do you have to

lose? All you are being asked to do is to just sit there in your chair for a quarter

of an hour or so and chat with me with your upper body exposed for my visual

delight and pleasure".

"While you constantly stare at my body", said Jordan.

"I am not staring at anything," replied Mr. Davis. "I am admiring the beauty of

the male form. However, you do not have to do if it makes you uncomfortable.

Look, I know you've had a long day; are tired and haven't made one sale. All I

want to do is give you the possibility of going home with some money so you

to at least feel you haven't wasted your entire day".


Now Jordan was very curious. "Do you often make young men such offers?"

"No, this is the first time ever," replied Mr. Davis.


"So why now today", asked Jordan. "What's so special about today?"


"I don´t know", replied Mr. Davis. "I find you very attractive, and here you are

sitting here in my living room. You are an intelligent young man to talk to, and

I want to help you out a bit".


"And you get some personal gratification and enjoyment", suggested Jordan.


"Hmm, yes", said Mr. Davis looking directly into Jordan's beautiful eyes. "And,

if the circumstances permit, why not?"

"The photos on the wall ... did you take them?" asked Jordan sweeping his

arm around the room.

"Yes", replied Mr. Davis, "they are the results of my photographic endeavors."

"You are a good photographer", commented Jordan. Did you pay the men a

fee for them allowing you to photograph them? Do you want to photograph

me as well?", Jordan continued.

"I think we are now moving away from the topic", replied Mr. Davis. "No, the

men let me take pictures of them because they wanted to have high quality

photos of themselves in their modeling portfolios.


I wanted the practice and they wanted the pictures taken so both sides did it

just for fun. We were all happy with the end results. As you may know",

continued Mr. Davis, "when an aspiring model wants to develop a portfolio

he or she can use in the pursuit of their work they usually have to engage a

professional photographer for which they would have to pay. However, in the

case of these young men I was very interested in the studying of shading and

lighting in the art of my photography so we struck a mutually beneficial deal.

They would serve as my models, and I would photograph them for free.


So Jordan, young man, do you want to earn the $20 or not", said Mr. Davis

coming right back on topic without anymore ado.

Jordan wanted to make sure he understood clearly what he was being asked

to do. "I only have to take off the shirt, sit back down in this chair and we will

continue chatting with you staying where you're sitting right now?"

"Exactly", replied Mr. Davis.

"Okay," said Jordan. "I'll do it". Jordan leaned forward in his chair and reached

out his arm holding his glass, "Could I ask for another drink please?"

"Of course you can", replied Mr. Davis, "But, would you mind taking off the shirt

first, please".

"You want to see me take it off ", asked Jordan.


"Oh well", replied Jordan with a little giggle as he stood up. The situation had

now changed completely. Jordan now realised that Mr. Davis wanted to look

at his body as a thing of desire. The young man suddenly felt as he was an object

of lust. On the one hand he was uneasy with it, but on the other, it slightly

excited him. Amazing, he thought, how could he assess the same situation so

completely different all at the same time.

While still sitting, Jordan had felt his jeans getting a little tighter in the upper

leg area. Jordan tried to pull the jeans down a little without success as they were

still a little damp with his sweat and stuck to his legs. It doesn´t really matter,

he thought to himself, I'm sitting down anyway and he's not going to try to touch

me anyway.

Mr. Davis noticed Jordan's squirming and was very intrigued by the strong

masculine legs and thighs of the young Adonis as Jordan now slowly took off

his tie and began to unbutton his shirt rather seductively one button at a time.

Slowly, ever so enticingly, Jordan's well developed chest appeared. It had a light

dusting of hair. Mr. Davis was a big fan of lighter body hair. He wasn't into hairy

gorillas, but he felt it was a shame that so many young men today shaved their

chests, legs ... and much more.

Mr. Davis could see the funnel shaped chest hair as it came together towards his

navel on Jordan's lightly tanned body. Since the shirt still damp with sweat and

stuck to his athletic masculine form, Jordan had to pull his shirt out and away

from his skin which took all took a little longer. Mr. Davis did not mind this at all.

In fact the little exotic show was very welcome.

When Jordan finally stood shirtless in front of Mr. Davis, he made ​​a few poses

showing off his toned muscles to nice effect.

"You like?" he asked the older man.

"Yes ... very much so. You have a very beautiful and well developed body.

Do you play a lot of sports".

"No, not really." replied the younger man. "I have to concentrate more on

my studies than on sports. The tuition fees are very high, and I am trying to

complete my studies in as short a time as realistically possible."

"What a shame", responded Mr. Davis. "The university years in my life were

some of the best times ever. We had a lot of freedom, and I met a lot of interesting

and intelligent new people, most of whom wanted more or less the same things

out of life I did in those days".

Jordan , meanwhile, had sat back down again.


As Mr. Davis got up to refresh Jordan's glass he looked over his shoulder and said,

"The energy firm who you are working for have probably told you that you should

introduce yourself to the people as an objective and independent energy consultant

and then, after you have established your credibility and their confidence, you

should give them the advice and the sales pitch to change to their energy firm.

Am I right?"

"Yeah, that's about right," replied Jordan.

"Sounds a bit like cheating, don´t you think?" asked Mr. Davis. "But I don't blame

you", he said returning to the living room with Jordan's fresh drink.

"As an employee you will often be forced to say some things that you would not

normally do because it's part of your pitch. Like I said earlier, door-to-door selling

is very difficult these days and I strongly recommend that you find something

more rewarding as soon as you can." I well know, as I had a very similar experience

in my earlier life".

Jordan eased slightly back in his chair. Even though Mr. Davis was speaking quite

normally with him his eyes were mostly focused on Jordan's taut athletic chest

and upper arms; Jason was no longer feeling uncomfortable.

Mr. Davis was thoroughly enjoying what he saw. As he watched the young man

and admired his upper body he couldn't help think to himself that if he was to

play his cards right he might perhaps get to see even more.


Jordan couldn't believe it. Here he was sitting in this tasteful and cozy living room

with this sympathetic and likeable older man. He had taken his shirt off and

stripped to his waist all by mutual agreement, and was now letting the man stare

at him. He knew he had an attractive body but he did think it rather weird that

someone would actually give him good money to be able to look at him in this

state of semi-undress.


He sat there watching Mr. Davis stare at him. Jordan owed his good looks and

his athletic figure to his father. It was in his genes, but it was also due to a lot of

physical effort on his own part.


The young man had helped out his father in the family owned store since he

could remember. This daily physical work developed his muscles enormously.

Sadly, with the changing market conditions, the business did not provide enough

income to hire additional staff, and his dad often expressed his concerns about

the mounting debts. It all came to a head three years ago when the banks

foreclosed on their business loan and his father was forced to close the store.


In a way, it was a chapter closing in his life, but the lessons he had learned from

it helped him to determine that he was going to get the educational background

he needed to make a success of his eventual career. So his two primary concerns

at the moment were his dedication to his studies and the ongoing and rising costs

of his degree. Fortunately he had got a scholarship.


Jordon, like many young people in his age group, was very well aware of the

social media on the internet. Not that he did it all that often but, from time-to-time,

he would stand in front of the full length mirror on the back of his closet door and

take full or partial pictures of himself; sometimes fully clothed and sometimes

with his shirt removed.


He would post the selected photos on the internet to enhance his profile and

was often amazed at the positive feedback he would receive from not only young

females, but also the male population. In many of the notes he received; he was

asked to show more than just his upper body. Jordan could not bring himself to

do it and would always politely decline.


What did really surprise him was that some young men would take full frontal

nude pictures of themselves, a few even with a hard-on, and post them on the

internet where everybody could see them. Jordan didn't think this was something

he could do.




..... to be continued ....


© 2013 copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany




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