The Good Doctor

Chapter 55


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From the previous chapter:
I kissed the side of Sam’s neck and tried to explain. “Eric is really kind. Not just on the surface but it’s his whole nature. He makes me feel good about myself.”

Sam’s voice got throaty and I gasped as his finger moved into me. “How bout me, do I make you feel good?”

I tightened my grip around his neck. “Oh God! You are so gonna fuck me tonight!”

The Good Doctor 55

Later that evening my worst fears are confirmed when Ken comes over with a big ass leather portfolio case loaded with blown up pictures of me. I should be happy right? But I figure that I already have a job and as much as I love being ogled I’d rather that it was done only by Pete. Okay, that’s probably a lie.

Pete and Ken are sitting on the sofa going thru the photos and I sit on the arm and glance at them. The only one that stands out to me is the one of me holding Jase. The shot is taken from the middle of my chest and you can’t tell that either one of is wearing anything and he caught us at a moment that I didn’t even know existed. It looks almost biblical, the questioning look on Jase’s face and the look of love for my son on mine, you can really tell that Ken knows what he’s doing. It’s good, it’s really really good.

Ken sees me looking at the photo and says, “I’ve already got three offers for it. I been faxing stuff all afternoon. Eric, you just gotta do this. Opportunities like this just don’t pop up every day.” He turns to Pete. “You guys could pay for the kid’s education with this.”

I wished to hell he hadn’t said that about being able to pay for the kid’s education, now I’m gonna feel guilty if I don’t do it. Fuck!

“I’ll do it.”

Pete looked up surprised. “You’re sure? Eric….it’s gonna….”

“I really am sure, Pete.”

I turned to Ken. “What kinda money we talking here?”

He handed me a check and said, “If you agree to the terms, that check is just for the pic of you and Jase. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the cover of Men’s Health magazine in September. They’re doing a whole “Dad’s” issue and the editor almost wet himself over that shot. And there could also be more coming just on that one photo. It’s good shot for posters and stuff.”

The amount of the check surprised me, shocked me actually. “Holy shit! I’ve got some more shots of Jase at home if you want em.”

Ken looked a bit uncomfortable. “Guys, the big thing would be tomorrow. A really big thing. You’ve heard of Aaron Combs, the designer?”

Pete nodded and said, “I’ve got a couple of his suits.”

“Well he lives down here on the sound and he’s got his entire fall line at his boutique in New Haven. Basically it’s a retail store but he likes to work there and he’s kinda built an office and work room there in the back. It lets him stay at his house here for the summer without having to go into New York and it also lets him see how people are reacting to his stuff on the retail level. Nobody knows that he’s actually there and he likes it that way. The thing is that he wants you to come in and try some of his stuff with me shooting, just to see how it comes out. This could be really big. If he likes you, and I can’t imagine him not, and if he likes my shots, you’d be made as a model. The payoff would be huge.”

Jase pulled me down onto his bed and positioned me exactly the way he wanted me. I’m pretty sure this is because we’re in a strange house.

He layed down next to me and then wiggled into the exact place he wanted to be. My left arm was over his shoulder hugging him to me but not too hard.

He twisted his head against my chest and looked up at me. “Okay, tell me the story about when I was born.” This is like the zillionth time that I’ve told this story.

I squeezed him closer to me and said, “It was a dark and stormy night.”

“No, Dad! The real story!” Jase wants this repeated exactly, no variation and for sure as hell, no editorializing by his dad. “And go slow, Dad, don’t say it all at once like sometimes.” He hates being cheated out of the full experience.

I settle down and pull him closer, his head is against my chest. “It was just about this time, Jase, about nine o’clock. Your mom looked at me and said, “I’m pretty sure we better go.” And then she said….

Ten minutes later he was sound asleep. Hearing about his mom and how much she loved him always makes him feel good. It makes me feel good too. I kiss his forehead and carefully pull my arm from around his neck and gently get out of bed. It really doesn’t matter, he sleeps like a rock.

In the living room Pete is lying on the sofa reading the paper. He looks up and says, “Being born?” I nod yes and he smiles. “It’s a big thing to kids.”

“I think it’s not being in his own bed.”

Pete smiles but doesn’t look up from the paper. He says quietly, “That is his bed.”

“I know but you know, really his own bed.” Honestly I didn’t see this coming.

Pete lowered the paper. “I know what you mean, Eric, but that really is his own bed, because from now on that’s his room. At least here on the sound.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me down on top of him while he chewed on my neck and sent me into orbit. He twisted around and pinned me gasping solidly beneath him. His huge hands were holding my head while he stared into my eyes. “I want the boys to understand that what’s mine is theirs.” He grinned crookedly at me. “But I gotta start with you cause I think sometimes you forget.” He’s right.

I sigh. “I know…but you still love me, right?” I wiggle my crotch against his. “I mean no matter how stupid I act you’ll never stop…right?”

See, unconditional love is a big deal to everybody!

Pete groaned, he does that a lot, then buried his face in my neck.

I dressed up for the drive to New Haven, I mean it is the home of Yale University. I wore a new pair of khaki’s that I swear I don’t remember buying and red Polo shirt that Pete bought me. I felt like Fred Astaire. I also kinda felt like a stripper going to a sleazy bar for a party. I mean after all the point of this was to show off my body, well in a way. The thing is that I haven’t really done shit to deserve this body, it was like a gift from my grandpa. While I watched the miles go by I wondered about how he’d of reacted to this and I figured he’d of loved it. A chance to scam the whole world and be adored, it was kinda what he was into.

The store that we went to was beautiful. I couldn’t bring myself to call it a boutique but then I don’t think I could call anything that. We barely got the door open and Ken was walking towards us with his hand out to shake. That felt odd. There was about four guys hot on his heels and they all looked to be about twenty-five and they all had smiles on their faces, which is good. There was also one lady, who was about our ages who turned out to be the makeup lady. She was really nice and kept smiling at me. Course she also kept running her fingers up and down my arm but I’m pretty sure she was just being friendly because it was obvious that I was with Pete.

Ken took us into this room that was setup just like a bedroom but not just any bedroom. It was really elegant, all dark rich fall colors and really expensive looking with things strewn artfully about. Actually it looked like Pete’s old house. I’ve pretty much cured him of all that.

Pete was next to me making soft moaning noises because I’m pretty sure he was fondly remembering his old digs. He said, “This is really nice. We could do something like this at our place.” Geez, what is it with homo’s and decorating? I think our house looks fine. Kinda seventies chic. We change it now and in a year or two it’s gonna be what everybody wants and then where will we be?

Deciding I need something to get his mind off of fall colors I lean close to him and say, “You suppose they’ll want me naked?” He looks at me like I just bit the head off of a live chicken. “Cause I didn’t wear underwear just in case. I read someplace that you shouldn’t wear underwear before a shoot cause it leaves like marks on your butt. I’m pretty sure my butt feels really smooth. Wanna feel it?”

There’s a deep noise coming from the back of his throat and sometimes I wonder if I push Pete too hard but I figure his being a doctor and all that he’d know if his heart was getting ready to blow. He wraps his arm around my neck and pulls me tight to his chest, real tight.

His voice is deep and low. “Eric, behave yourself! I know the temptation here is to just go nuts and wreak as much havoc as possible on the vulnerable but these guys might not know that you’re kidding and three of them already have hardons.”

I whisper, “Hardons! You’re fucking kidding! Where?” And I try and look around but his arm won’t let me. Somehow I find the thought of hardons nearby to be energizing.

“Eric, could you stop thinking about sex for like twenty seconds! Hardons or no hardons there’s work to be done and Ken’s reputation is at stake.” Out of the corner of my eye I see Ken walking towards us. “Just let Ken direct you. Do what he tells you.” That seems reasonable.

Ken drags us onto the set or bedroom or whatever it is but it doesn’t feel very bedroomy when you’re inside of it looking out. For one thing there’s tons of lights all being focused towards me, three still cameras on tripods and one bigass video camera. This really fits my idea of what the set of a porn movie would be like.

Ken pulls me off to the side of the set where there’s a big table covered with clothes and a big rolling rack from which all kinds of crap is hanging.

He holds up a tiny pair of white men’s briefs. “Eric, his is Aaron’s new underwear line, it’s a really big deal to him and we’ll be getting to it but first I wanna see you in some of his fall things. I’d like to see how those colors work on you. I want you looking naked but with one of these suit coats on with maybe the topcoat draped over your shoulders. We’ll work it and see what happens. So why don’t you get ready and then Sheila can do your makeup and we can get to work.”

I looked around. “ how do you want me?” Ken looked confused. “I mean, am I gonna be naked?”

“Oh! No, no, you can change just behind this wall. Just underwear will be fine. There’s some hooks back there and a chair and stuff.”

“Oh, cool. So when do you want me to do that? I mean now?”

He nodded while staring at the back of a black camera that he was changing the settings on. He nodded. “That’d be good. When you’re ready c’mon out and we’ll decide on the best way to set this up.”

I took the briefs in my hand and they felt like a handkerchief, all light and flimsy and I was pretty sure that you might even be able to see thru them.

The area behind the back wall was about four feet wide and seemed to run the length of the back wall, maybe fifteen feet and it was unfinished, just two by fours and wallboard. There was a guy leaning against on of the walls smoking a cigarette. He had on old torn jeans and a tee shirt that looked like it was about a hundred years old. His blond tipped hair was hanging down over his forehead but he flipped it up when he saw me. He was really pretty much a slob. We bonded instantly.

I nodded to him. “I’m supposed to put on this underwear and then go back out there.”

He ground out his cigarette on the floor with a twist of his boot. “Cool. I’m supposed to help ya.”

I grinned. “I already know how to get undressed.”

He smiled back at me. “I know, it seems simple but it gets way more complicated. Everything has gotta be just so, ya know?” He shoved off the wall and took the briefs outta my hand and held them up. There was a small twitch in the corner of his mouth but other than that he seemed totally uninterested. “Cool. You oughta look good in these.”

“It’s a good thing there here. I…I kinda forgot to wear underwear today.”

He grinned. “Yeah, me too.” I knew I liked this guy! “Well, let’s get you into these.” He gripped my polo shirt at the sides and started lifting up. Once that was off I sat down to take off my shoes.

I said, “You worked for Ken long?”


“Ken, the photographer. You do work for him, don’t ya?”

“Oh sure. I didn’t know who you meant cause I work for a lot of em when they come here. But he’s cool.” He took my shirt and hung it on a hook and then moved my shoes out of the way as I took them off. He squatted down in front of me. “You got a nice chest.” His hand reached forward and brushed across my chest. Work out much?”

“Mostly swimming but some weights too.”

“Cool. You Italian? You look Italian. Your skin…it’s all..Italian like.”

“Guilty as charged. Actually, I’m only half Italian but it’s like an eighty percent half.”

He kind of pointed at my nipples. “You ever think about getting them pierced? I got mine pierced.” He pressed his shirt against his chest and I could see huge nipple rings outlined against the fabric. “See!”

“Shit that looks painful!”

“No, it’s great! You gotta try it! Makes your fucking nipples like way more sensitive! Here, check this out!” He grabbed my hand and brushed my fingers across his nipples while his head fell backwards and his mouth opened in a swoon. “Fuck that feels good!” Okay, this is definitely weird.

I pulled my hand back as gently as I could and said, “I gotta get into these,” as I reached for the underwear.

He kind of sat back on his haunches and said, “Yeah!”, while staring at my crotch.

He was getting a dreamy far away look in his eyes and I figured that the best way to handle this would be to turn my back on him and try and hang onto what little dignity I have. As soon as my back was turned I slipped quickly out of my pants and put my feet into the briefs but before I could pull them up he made a sound that was like a gurgling groan and the next thing I knew his hands had latched onto my upper thighs and his fingers were digging into my flesh. Just as I leaned forward to grab one of the wooden studs to hold myself up I felt him bury his face in my butt with his tongue feeling like it was drilling for a 50,000 barrel a day gusher inside of my ass.

I can’t remember but I’m sure I yelped as I tried to get my balance but the next thing I knew I felt his fingers being torn off of my thighs and he was screaming in shock. I turned to see Pete with one hand on the back of the guys belt and the other hand with a strong grip on the back of his neck as he pressed him up towards the ceiling yelling, “Say goodbye to the world you pathetic piece of shit!”

Just then Ken burst thru the door and yelled, “MR. COMBS!!! What are you doing? That’s Aaron Combs!!”

My head was lolling back against the headrest in Pete’s BMW as we sped thru the finally cooling late afternoon on our way back to Madison. I held up the check again and turned it over in my hands.

“Ten grand for a days work isn’t bad. Along with the other check it’ll really help the kid’s college fund.”

Pete’s jaw was set. “I’d have paid ten grand to get to kill him!”

I snuggled down in the seat feeling very safe with Pete. “I think he was just lonely.”

Pete looked at me quickly and said, “I think he was just horny! And besides we have no idea how many other real models he’s done this to. Eric, you didn’t need this work so we were in a position to stop it but maybe some of these guys really need the job and have to put up with that pervert.” Okay, he did have a point there.

Later that night in Jase’s room he turned his head into my chest and then looked up at my face. “Before I was born did you know that it was gonna be me?”

“Absolutely! I had sent in a purchase order and everything. I was guaranteed that it’d be you.”

“You can’t do that, Dad. You can’t order a baby.”

“Well it’s true that they don’t take phone orders but I actually sent in a purchase order. And I kept a copy so they couldn’t gimme a hard time later on the price.”

He sighs and tries to decide if it’s worth the fight. He smiles and says, “Was I expensive? How much did I cost?”

“As I remember model 332057a, that’s you, was on sale that month, two for $39.99. But I only took one so I had to pay $22.50”

He yawns but still twists around so he can get a better look at me. “That sounds awful cheap.”

I nod and bend my head so that I can kiss the top of his. “That’s true but babies are a kind of do it yourself arrangement. You get em but they’re all little and you gotta feed em like forever before they turn into anything. That’s the real expense.”

He twists around some more until his chest is pressed against my side and he’s talking into it. Sleep has almost claimed him. “Did…I…come…with a guarantee?” His left hand comes up to his mouth as his eyes begin to close.

I kiss the top of his head again and inhale his clean little boy smell, the smell of angels. “Didn’t need one, Jase. You were perfect from the very beginning.” But he doesn’t hear it, he’s already asleep.