The Good Doctor

Chapter 55


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From the previous chapter:
He yawns but still twists around so he can get a better look at me.  “That sounds awful cheap.”

I nod and bend my head so that I can kiss the top of his.  “That’s true but babies are a kind of do it yourself arrangement.  You get em but they’re all little and you gotta feed em like forever before they turn into anything.  That’s the real expense.”

He twists around some more until his chest is pressed against my side and he’s talking into it.  Sleep has almost claimed him.  “Did…I…come…with a guarantee?”  His left hand comes up to his mouth as his eyes begin to close.

I kiss the top of his head again and inhale his clean little boy smell, the smell of angels.  “Didn’t need one, Jase.  You were perfect from the very beginning.”  But he doesn’t hear it, he’s already asleep.



                                                            The Good Doctor 56

There’s a price to be paid for having a good time but then we all know that, don’t we?

My mom smiled warmly and stared into the eyes of Jase and David.  “Did you boys have fun??”  They both nodded vigorously and tried to answer but she interrupted them.

“That’s wonderful!  I knew you’d have a wonderful time!  You didn’t worry, did you?  I hoped you wouldn’t worry!”

Jase was the first to take the bait.  “About what, Grandma?  What weren’t we s’posed to worry about?”

She placed her hand gently on the side of his faced and said softly, “Sweetheart, I just didn’t want you to worry about me.”  She smiled.  “And you didn’t.”

David was the first to spot the danger and he almost looked like his eyes were gonna twirl.  He stammered, “We thought about you all the time, Grandma.”

It was kinda cute watching them try to save themselves but long ago I realized the futility of struggling.  But I knew that I could end it and did.

“Geez, Ma, cut em some slack!  I whipped em every night just like you told me.”

Slowly she turned.  “Don’t be smart, Eric!”  What she really resents here is that someone spotted the whole schtick she was into. 

I wrapped my arms tight around her shoulders and despite her trying to wiggle free, kept them there.  “They missed you….okay?  I missed you.  Pete missed you.  And the food you sent with was awesome.”

That kind of mollified her.  “You really liked it?  You’re not just saying that to try and make me feel better?”

“No, Ma, I’m not just saying that.  It was great.”

She looked at the boys.  “Why don’t you boys help Pete with the bags?”  Uh oh!

After they left she pushed me away and looked me over, head to toe.  “So what’s with the pornographic pictures you had taken?”  Fuck!  Who ratted?

“Ma!  What on earth are you talking about?”  Those pictures were not porn!

She slowly folded her arms, her face was set.  “Henrietta Fielding called me and told me that my son’s picture was on the internet….naked………with some floozy in his arms.  This is exactly why I don’t like you going off on your own!”

“Floozy!  Since when is Jase is a floozy?”  I began to wonder how we were gonna eat with mom in a home.

She nodded slowly.  “Jase?   So, Jason…your son... is now a blonde woman with enormous breasts?”  Actually, for all practical purposes, Jase doesn’t have breasts at all.

She was pissing me off.  “Mother…what exactly have you been putting in your cappachino?”

She grabbed a wooden spoon off of the counter and pointed at me.  “Don’t sass me, Eric!”  Sass?  “If Henrietta said that’s what she saw, then that’s what she saw!  She’s a nurse, Eric!  They hold lives in their hands!”

“Mom!  That’s total baloney!  The only pictures that I had taken were taken by Pete’s neighbor, Ken.  He’s like this big-time professional photographer.”

“Eric, why would Henrietta lie?  She’s one of my very best friends!”  Well, the truth is that’s the reason.  We men don’t understand it and frankly would rather not even think about it but women don’t get along very well with other women and will go well out of their way to make their lives a living hell.

“Mom…I don’t know but she’s lying this time.”  She was still glaring at me.  “Why would I lie to you?”

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips.  “Eric, you lie to me all the time!”

“Not about something like this, Ma.  I think Henrietta’s hitting the sauce.”

“She does not drink, Eric!”  She was pretty much spitting the words at me but the truth was that we both knew that this was over.  There’s a rhythm to these storms, a J curve, if you will, and this one had already peaked.

At that moment Pete came in thru the door from the garage carrying two suitcases. 

I said to mom, “I’ll show you the pictures that were taken.”  I popped open my suitcase and after a minute of rifling around came up with one of the prints.

I shoved it at her.  “See!  Me and Jase, no buxom blondes.”

She studied the photo and sighed.  “Oh, that’s so sweet.  But why are you naked?”  Oh God!

“We’re not naked, Mom!  He just shot the photo from my chest up, we both had bathing suits on but ya can’t see em.”  Naturally I was waiting for my apology.

She turned the picture over and then looked up at Pete.  “This is the only one?”

Pete came up with his best totally earnest look.  “Honest, Helen, there’s just this one and a few of Eric walking along the sea wall.  Nothing with anyone naked and no women at all.”  He sighed heavily.  “But I can see that I gotta call Ken and find out why there’s apparently pictures floating around.”

I smiled up at him.  “See if he can get us copies of the pictures of me with the bimbo.  Something that works for the scrapbook.” 

Pete said, “I’m gonna call Ken and find out what the hell happened.”  Pete was beginning to look mad and he disappeared into the office.

I looked at my mother.  “So do you believe me?”

She put the spoon down on the counter.  “Yes, for the moment anyway, I just can’t imagine how Henrietta could have gotten it wrong.”

“Ma, she didn’t get it wrong.  But apparently somebody took our innocent pictures and tarted em up.  You can do that with a computer.”

She glared at me like all of this was my fault.  “I might have known that you could…and that somehow it would happen to you.”  Why is it that mothers are so quick to believe their kids guilty?

She sighed heavily and said, “Well, the important thing now is that my grandsons have a good meal.”

“Ma, it’s too early to eat dinner, it’s only two o’clock.”

She glared at me again.  “Eric, do you have any idea how dinner gets made?  You don’t go out to your garden and pick veal piccata, it’s gotta be made!  The ravioli…it’s gotta be made!  The shrimp soup…they don’t jump in the pot, Eric!”

I backed slowly away while she was still talking to herself and wandered into the family room where Jase and David were sitting together watching the TV.  I pushed in between them and sat down.

David said with a worried look, “Are we in trouble?”

I pulled his head towards me and kissed his forehead and instead of pulling away he just kind of laid his head against my chest.

I whispered, “Cause of her little freak out?”  He nodded against my chest.

“Nope.  More than anything else she was just pissed that we left her for a week and in a way I guess I understand.”  And I did, I really did.

Jase climbed over and leaned against my other side.  “Grandma’s still gonna fix us dinner, right, Dad?”  He’s beginning to think like me!  I’m so proud!

Then from the direction of the office we heard muffled yelling and the sound of something hard hitting wood.  Then the door burst open and Pete came stomping out.

“Those dirty sons a bit…………!!!”  Looking at the boys he choked back the words.  “I’ll kill em!  I get my hands on em and I’ll kill em!!”

My mother came running in from the kitchen waving a dish cloth and yelling, “What??  What??”

Pete looked like someone trying desperately to try and contain a explosion.  He gasped, “I found the pictures!!  I found the damn pictures and I found out who did it!!  I’m gonna kill em!!”  He was clenching some printed photos.

I held up my hand.  “C’mon, Pete, lemme see em.”

He handed me the pictures and then pointed at the bottom of the page and yelled, “Look!  Look who’s got em!”  I looked at the bottom of the page where it said, Property of

My mother’s hand shot out like a striking cobra and grabbed the pictures.  “Let me see!  Oh God!  Oh God, Eric!  How could you have?”  Oh for craps sake!

I groaned.  “I didn’t, Ma!”  Why can’t she grasp this?  The picture showed me with a huge busted woman pressed to my chest.

I grabbed the pictures back from her and David pulled my hand down so he could see it.  “Eeewww, gross!”

I playfully pushed his head away.  “You’re not supposed to be looking at that.  We don’t want you being converted over to the dark side.”

My mother had thrown up her hands and hurried back to the kitchen and Pete was slumped down into the arm chair while he stared at the ceiling.  Jase was kneeling on the sofa with an odd look on his face.

Jase said quietly, “Can I see, Dad?”

I pulled David’s head back to my chest and rubbed his back while I said to Jase, “Sweetheart, I’m thinking that maybe you’re too young to be looking at naked ladies.”

He sat back on his heels and said softly, “Naked?”  How much is he aware of?  Maybe he was born already converted over to the dark side.

I whispered to the top of David’s head, “No Sam?”

He mumbled, “They made him work!  His first day back and he’s gotta work!”

Pete finally lowered his eyes from the ceiling and I raised a questioning eyebrow towards him.  He shook his head disgustedly and mouthed the words, “The twins!”

I slid out from under David and he laughed and crashed dramatically on the sofa cushion while Jase jumped on his back and tried to make him gallop.  I looked at Pete and nodded towards the living room. 

He flopped down on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap.  “They did it, the little bastards!  Ken sent me an email.  Apparently they Photoshopped it and emailed it to that fucking web site.  “I guess I gotta call their dad.  Fuck I hate this!”

No doubt about it, the twins were a piece of work but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get them into trouble.  “Do we really have to do that?  What will their dad do to em?”

“Fuck, I dunno!”

I looked at the photo again.  “I wonder who the woman is?”

Pete sighed and said, “Who the fuck knows but I figure her picture’s on the right web site.  Who the fuck names a web site WeBeSluts-n-Shit?”

I grinned at him and snuggled my butt down into his lap where I think it was finding an old friend.  “My guess would be sluts, or friends and family of sluts or, maybe more likely, people who admire sluts from afar.”


About eight o’clock that night Pete and I were sprawlled on the big sofa in the living room, he on one end and me on the other with our feet tangled up.  Jase came in almost shyly and looked at us.  He’s not normally shy so I was waiting to see which way this was gonna go.  He came over next to me and knelt down next to the sofa and put his hands on my chest but didn’t say anything.  Even Pete glanced out from behind his paper and raised his eyebrows.

Jase looked at me and sighed.  I looked back and said softly, “Yeesssss?”
He glanced quickly in Pete’s direction and then turned back and said, “I wanna ask you somethin.”


“About the pictures.”

I said cautiously, “Okay.”  Pete tapped his foot against mine, a signal.

“David said that the twins did something bad.”

“Yeah, Jase, they kinda did.”

“Was it real bad?”

“Maybe, Jase, why do you ask?”

He said softly, “I don’t want em to get in trouble.  They were really nice.”  I didn’t even know that Jase had had anything to do with them.

“Did they talk to you?”

He nodded and then dropped his head to my chest and talked to me sideways.  “The day that you and Pete were gone.  They were nice.  The boy that lived on the other side of Pete’s house didn’t wanna let me play cause I’m little…but the twins made him let me.”  I’m so easy.  Do something nice for my kid and you have me.

Pete leaned forward and rubbed Jase’s back.  “Was that boy named Hank?”

Jase nodded.  “He was mean.”

Pete sighed.  “I shoulda known that little…”

I shoved my toes up under his balls and when he yelped I said, “its okay, Jase, maybe we’ll call the twins and yell at em but they won’t get in trouble.  Okay?”

“Will their dad yell at em?”

“We gotta see how it goes, Jase, but maybe not.”

Then in an attempt to head off unexpected consequences he said, “It’s not time to go to bed yet, Dad.  It’s not.”

I smoothed his hair down and asked, “D’you have a good time at the beach?”

He nodded yes slowly and said, “But there weren’t any kids my age.  But it was okay cause I had David and Sam.  And then the twins.  They were nice.”

“Maybe next time we can get you a rent-a-kid.”


“Sometimes people rent out there kids as playmates for other little kids.”

Pete’s newspaper crashed and he yelled, “Eric!”

Wideyed Jase said, “They do?   You’re lying, Dad!  They do?”


But he was taking it too seriously.  “No, no, no!  I’m just teasing you.”  But then I figured, what the hell.  “I bet we could get five bucks a day for a smart little kid like you.”

Simultaneously, “Dad!  Eric!”

“Hey, I’d split it with ya!”

“Dad, you’re not s’pposed to say stuff like that!”  Pete’s toes were practically lifting me off of the sofa.

I dragged Jase up so that he was lying on top of me with his face in the crook of my neck.  I rubbed his back and whispered softly to him.  “You’re too easy.”

He mumbled into my neck.  “Most kids’ dads don’t say that stuff.”

“Yeah they do.”  He felt so small and thin.  He’s tiny like I was at his age and incredibly vulnerable to all the big things in the world.

I started rocking from side to side.  “Lullaby and goodnight…lalala..lala.”

He giggled.  “You don’t even remember the words.”  He was getting into this, accepting all my malarky for what it was, just another way to get close to him but he was willing to go along.  I knew that the day would come when when he wouldn’t be.

“I’m making up special words just for you.”

“That’s cause you don’t remember the real words.”

“I’m adlibbing.”


I laughed.  “It just means making something up.”  He was rearranging my hair with his fingers.  He always forgives me.




Pete had been looking, I dunno, maybe stressed, ever since we had found out about what the twins did and by the time he and I had taken our showers and climbed into bed I figured that maybe I’d have to pound it outta him.

He was lying on his side staring at me with an almost forlorn look.  I rolled on my side and pressed my naked front to his.  His right hand slid down to my butt to help hold me in place.

I ran my tongue over his lips and said softly, “Hi, Buddy.  Come here often?”

“I guess I’ll call the twin’s dad tomorrow…from the office.”  His big left hand was cupping my shoulder.

“You’re really upset about that?  I mean, really?”  We were virtually breathing the same air, exchanging it back and forth between us.  I was hard as a rock but Pete wasn’t.”

“Yes!”  He sighed heavily then said, “No..I dunno…not all that much, I guess.  It’s just….it doesn’t matter.”

It was my turn to sigh.  “Yes!  It fucking does!  Will you please tell me?”

His lips formed into a slight grin.  “It’s embarrassing cause it’s so fucking stupid.  I hate to have you know that I can be that dumb.”  His hand tightened on my shoulder.  “I want you thinking that I’m smart.”

I said quickly, “I pee in the bathroom sink.”


“I pee in the bathroom sink.  Not when anyone’s here…only when I’m by myself.  Okay, now you know something stupid and nasty about me.  C’mon, spill your guts!”

“When…I mean I never…”

I kissed him hard and spoke right into his mouth.  “Talk!”  But it kinda came out “Thwauck”

“That picture bummed me out.”

“The naked lady thing?”  He nodded yes.

“Oh c’mon, you don’t believe that I did…..”

He shook his head and his lips moved against mine.  “No…I know that you didn’t….that you wouldn’t.  Besides, there wasn’t any time.  It’s just that….well everyone is attracted to you.  The twins…well they were fucking cumming in their Speedo’s.  Then that asshole Aaron!”  He spit his name out.  “I wanted to strangle that son-of-a- bitch!”

He pulled my face into his neck and spoke in my ear.  “It’s like I’m always on guard.  And…well…I’m always so afraid that I’m gonna fuck up.  That I’m gonna disappoint you.  That you’re gonna look around at all these other guys and wonder what the fuck you’re doing with me.  And then that woman, it was like a whole other area that I had to worry about.  Something I hadn’t planned on.  You looked so good with her.”

I pulled my head back and looked into his eyes.  “God you’re a dumb fuck!”

“Please, Eric, I’ll get a swelled head!”

“Well, for Christ’s sake!  I’m the one who should be worried!  You’re a fucking doctor!  And you’re fucking gorgeous!  You’re every gay man’s dream.”  I turned my head and licked his upper arm.  “You don’t have anything to worry about.  I’m like crazy in love with you.  And you don’t need to worry about those guys…any guys…cause it’s not gonna change…and for sure as hell not for a woman.”

He grinned and said softly, “Sure ya don’t wanna think it over before you tell me that?”

I shook my head.  “You won’t ever lose me.  And if you ever leave me I’ll just follow you.  This is forever.”

He kissed me lightly, smiled and said, “So ya wanna sing Kumbaya?”

“We get to fuck afterwards?”

“You bet.”