The Good Doctor

Chapter 70




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From the previous chapter:
She gave me an odd look and said, “That’s Victor, well everyone calls him Vic.  Good at what he does but maybe a little intense.”  She nodded in the direction of the offices.  “Did you find your office?”

I shook my head.  “I didn’t look.”

“I hope it’s okay but I took one of the offices.  It’s right next to the one I figured you’d want but if you want to trade it’s up to you.  There’s also an office for Will, he’ll need one and then there’s a couple of desks behind the front desk for the other pros.  Usually the guy that runs the pro shop has his office actually in the pro shop itself so we don’t have to worry about Vic.”

I got up.  “Let’s take a look.” 



The Good Doctor 70



In the first week we were open we signed up 687 members and more people are pouring in here every day.  We had to rent tables and set them up across from the front desk so that there was a place for people to fill out applications.  About a third of all the applications came from our web site, which I didn’t even know we had until a customer mentioned it.  Any doubts that I had about whether this would work or not are gone.   The place is packed with new members none of whom know exactly where everything is located.  The trick right now is getting enough people hired to handle it all.

This is really the first day that I could even take the time to think about using the pool and I picked Jase up at school because he’s been bugging me about it and also because I really miss spending time with him.  My God!  He’s seven already!

The locker room was teeming with people in various stages of undress and shouts and normal conversations echoed off of the tile walls.   I got undressed quickly so that I could help Jase.  I figured he’d be less self-conscious if I was already undressed and this was, after all, a new gym for him too.

While Jase held onto my shoulder while was stepping out of his briefs there was a really old man in the corner of the locker room watching us while he changed into his own gym clothes.  It seemed like he could only move in slow motion and getting his pants off took like ten minutes.  But oddly he looked like a leprechaun, maybe because he was really old.   When I stared back at him he smiled and gave me a little wave.  I grinned back at him to let him know that I wasn’t upset that he was watching us.

Jase is still a little shy about stripping down in public and he stays very close.  There are other men all over the place in various stages of being undressed and they don’t give him a hard time or anything and mostly, at the old gym, they told him what a nice boy he was but he still gets this stunned look on his face and goes silent.

Before we walked naked into the shower Jase pulled me down so that he could whisper in my ear.  “Dad….this makes me feel funny.”

“What kinda funny?  Upchuck funny?”

“No…but like I did somthin wrong.  But I didn’t do nothin wrong.”

“You’re fine, Jase.  You didn’t do anything.”

“It feels like it’s wrong not to have any clothes on.”

I smiled at him.  “That’s just something you get used to.  It’ll be okay.  Remember, ninety-nine percent of your life is spent with clothes on so it takes a while to get used to not having them on.”  I want to tell him that it doesn’t matter, that none of that matters but he’s too young, he’d never believe me.

He had a finger near his mouth ready to be inserted in case of emergency, a sure sign of tension.  He said very softly, “Dad…how come those men look like that?” 

“Like what, Jase?”

He pulled my head even closer and whispered.  “The way everything hangs down.”  Geez, how do you explain that?

“Ahhhh, that’s the evil of gravity at work, Jase.”


“Jase, you’ve seen naked guys before.  You saw em at the old gym and you see me and Pete and David naked sometimes.”

“You guys don’t look like that.  And how come they keep lookin at us?”

I grinned at him.  “They probably can’t believe I’m old enough to have a kid who’s as old as you are.  But anyway, try not to think about it, Jase.”

“Okay.  Can we swim now?”

But then on our walk to the pool we noticed something else.  We were being watched by a small group of old guys.   I’m not really sure why but they kind of make me nervous, especially when the only thing keeping me from being naked is a skimpy Speedo and even more so because of the particular Speedo I’m wearing.  Vic, the guy that runs the pro shop insisted on getting me a Speedo in what he said were the club colors and with the club’s name on them.  The color is okay, I guess, tan with red letters.  But they couldn’t fit The Connecticut Racquet and Athletic Club on the little Speedo’s so they just used the initials, C.R.A.C. and plastered it on the back…right above my…well…crack.  If I had anything else I’d wear it and tomorrow I’m bringing something from home…but for today, it’s CRAC.

I could have strangled Vic but I know he didn’t do it on purpose and I’m pretty sure that he’s got the hots for me despite his constant talk about women.  He’s one of those guys who, every time you look at him, his eyes are just coming up from your crotch.

I dove into the water and Jase jumped in.  It was wonderful!  If felt so fantastic to be in the water again and I corkscrewed down to the bottom of the pool like an otter and then pushed off and came up under Jase.  While Jase wrapped his arms around my neck I glanced quickly to the bleachers on the side of the pool.  They were set up for watching competitive swimming and our audience was sitting there.

I swam gently backwards while Jase hung on to my neck.  “So whadya think of the place?”

He blinked water out of his eyes and said, “It’s nice…a little scary.”


“It’s a lot bigger than the other place.  And a lot cleaner.”

“Cleaner’s good.”

“Yeah.  But I didn’t feel like I hadda be careful at the other place.  The carpet is really new here and it’s like I’m afraid I’m gonna leave foot prints.”

Suddenly Jase clamped his knees to my waist and tried to sit up out of the water like I was a raft or something.  He was yelling and waving.  Luckily the water wasn’t real deep and I stood up and put my hands under Jase’s butt to hold him up.  David was walking along the edge of the pool towards us and Jase was yelling and waving at him.

“Hi David!  It’s ME!  It’s ME!”

I walked over to the edge of the pool and handed a dripping Jase over to his brother.  David’s been working here doing pretty much anything that we need him to do.

He grabbed Jase’s hands and pulled him up out of the water.  David is almost as tall as Mark and he’s going to look exactly like him.  That’s not a bad thing because Mark is a good looking guy.

Jase said, “Where’s Sam, isn’t he with ya?”

David laughed.  “He’s workin Jase.  He’s gonna pick me up later.”

David hunkered down next to the pool and whispered.  “You got a following.”

I ran my hands over my head to strip the water off.  “I dunno why.”

David said, “Oh I got an idea why.”

Jase grabbed it immediately.  “How come, David?”

David looked at Jase and seemed to realize that it’d be tough to explain and ended up saying, “Oh, nothing, Jase.  I was just talking.”

David looked at me.  “Did you have grandma’s Italian Chicken in the refreshment stand?”  This had been a major surprise.  The person that mom had picked to run the refreshment stand, which was more like an open air restaurant, was her.  “Lunch was unbelievable!  We had every table full and a line of people.”

“Yeah, I know, David but it kinda screws things up.  I mean we’re not really designed to be a restaurant.”

He nodded.  “She said the same thing.  She said she’s gonna cut back to keep it simpler.  But you can tell she loves it.”

I nodded.  “Grandma likes to cook.”  Just about like Genghis Khan liked to pillage.

David was grinning.  “I see Vic got you to wear the suit.”

“Well, when he told me about it I thought it’d be fine so I didn’t bring a suit from home.  Then he gives me this!”  I shook my head.  “It’s okay.  I mean I’m not mad or anything.”

David looked at the suit and said, “Turn around, lemme see the back.”

I bit the corner of my mouth and stared at him.  “You really wanna see it or are you just perving on my butt?”

He grinned.  “Awe c’mon, Dad!  Really, I just wanna see the lettering.”

I held my arms up and turned slowly.  When I turned back to him I said, “See, it could be worse.”

He touched his tongue to his upper lip and then shook his head slowly.  “I don’t think anybody’s gonna notice the letters.”

I knew what he was doing but I grinned and shook my head.  “That’s what you got Sam for young man.”

Jase looked from David to me.  “What’s he got Sam for?”


Once I got Jase dressed I turned him over to his Grandmother in the refreshment bar and went back to the desk to see if I needed to do anything before I went home.

As I was walking to the desk the old guy that had been in the locker room was standing up by the front desk but off to one side.  He was dressed in what can only be described as a costume, jeans, plaid flannel shirt and an immense cowboy hat.

He looked at me, winked and then gestured for me to come over to him.

He looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye.  “You’re Mr. Cortland.  You’re the young man who owns this place.”

Despite the getup he looked amazingly fragile, I laid my hand lightly on his shoulders and said softly, “Well, one of the owners.”

He glanced around to see if anyone could hear.  “My daughter makes me come here you see.”  He held out his hand and I shook it but then he didn’t let go.  “They say that I have to get my exercise you see.  But…but I rather like it…don’t you see.  By the way, my name is Butterworth…Simon Butterworth.  My company…don’t you see, Butterworth and Butterworth.”  He shook his head.  “They don’t want me to go into the city though, not anymore.  No, not anymore.  No, you see, my children run the business now.  Investment banking…that’s my game.”

He fumbled in his pocket with a shaking hand and came out with a cell phone.  “Could you help me?  My eyes aren’t what they used to be.  Is there a red button on this thing?”

I looked at the cell phone.  The red button was huge and was labeled, “Car” with a taped on label.  I pointed at it and said, “It’s right here.”

He pointed to the phone.  “Be a good lad and push it would you.  They tell me that it calls my driver don’t you see.”

A few seconds later a liveried driver appeared in the doorway.  Mr. Butterworth glanced quickly towards his driver but then turned away and put his hand on my arm.  “I need to ask you something, something personal.  Would you mind?”

“No….no I guess that’d be okay.”

His old blue eyes flashed with devilment.  “I hope you won’t be shocked.  You see, sometimes I shock people, but I was wondering if you already had a boyfriend?”

I was shocked, well a little, but I smiled and said, “Actually, I do.”

He sighed heavily.  “Oh yes…mmm yes.  It’s true, all the good ones are taken.”  But then he seemed to regroup.  “If it doesn’t work out…sometimes they don’t you see…you’ll tell me won’t you?”

I said softly, “Mr. Butterworth, you’ll be the first to know.”


Pete and I were sitting at opposite ends of our huge sofa in the living room when Jase came in and leaned on my chest.

Jase said, “Dad, what’s a jerk off?”  Pete lowered his magazine about an inch so that I could just see his face.  He smiled slightly and lifted an eyebrow.

I said, “Jase, where did you hear that?”  We try to be careful about what we say at home because it sparks questions.

“At school.”

“They’re not teaching it are they?”  It’d be just my luck that they finally started teaching something that I was actually good at.

He shook his head.  “It was some big boys.  They were talking.”

“Jase, it’s an adult thing.  It’s something big boys do.”

“But what is it?”

Jase it’s one of those things that isn’t gonna mean anything to you because you’re just a little boy.”

“I wouldn’t understand it?”

“Not really, no.  It’s a sex thing.”

“Is it bad?”

“No, Jase, not at all.  But with sex stuff you gotta be older or it doesn’t make any sense.  Like remember how you used to think that you’d never ever want a two wheel bike?  But then when you got older and were bigger you started to think it’d be cool.”

He nodded.  “That was when I was little.”

“Yeah, well, when you get older and your body starts to change then you’ll be ready to hear about it.  It’ll make sense.  Well, it won’t actually make sense because in a way it doesn’t make any sense at all but at least it’ll be understandable to you.”  Pete started to clear his throat.  “I mean there’s a whole lotta stuff that people do that makes no sense at all no matter how old you are.  Like women with those huge purses.  Especially when they’re really old.  I mean a lotta times they can barely stay upright but they’re hauling around these massive purses.  That makes no sense at all no matter how old you are.  Or earings!  What the devil are earrings all about?  I mean we’re supposed to be civilized and people are still wearing earrings!  Or women with high heels!  That’s crazy!  And yet people still wear em!  And..”

Pete said loudly, “Eric!”

“Oh…yeah.  Well, anyway, we can talk about it when you’re older.”

“Dad, can I ask David about it?”  It was David’s night to stay with us.

I laughed.  “Didn’t like my answer, huh?  You’d ask him no matter what I said, right?”

He smiled.  “Maybe.”

“Yeah, you can ask him.  Just remember that he’s not totally grown up either.”  I put my hand on the side of his face.  “If you have any questions after you talk to David, c’mon back and we’ll talk about it.  Okay?”

He smiled.  “Okay, Dad.”

After Jase scampered off Pete lowered his magazine.  He had a look on his face.  It was a look like maybe he figured that I did the wrong thing.

I said, “Okay, tell me.  What’s the AMA’s position on jerking off?”

He grinned.  “Officially it’s that you gotta do it under the covers and never ever admit to it.”  He shoved his stocking clad toe under my crotch and bounced my balls.  “And while your whacking off form may not be perfect it does fall within the guidelines.”

“You think I told him the right thing?   I mean there’s no way that he’d actually understand it.  I mean without being horny it doesn’t make any sense but, of course, when you’re horny it doesn’t have to be sensible.”

Pete said, “I wonder what David’ll tell him.”

I grinned.  “Knowing David he’ll tell him the truth.  I thought about trying to stop that but I figure that hearing this shit from your brother is maybe the most organic way for it to happen.”

Pete tapped my knee with his magazine.  “It’s not like Jase isn’t already having erections, you know.”

I groaned.  “I know!  I just don’t want him to grow up.  Why can’t he……it doesn’t matter, he’ll grow up anyway.”

Pete dropped his magazine on the floor and crawled over and dropped down behind me.  “He’ll always be your little boy.”

Pete wrapped his arms around me and I held his hands against my chest.  “I know.  But I also know what I was like and I did practically drive my mother crazy.”  I twisted in his arms until I was lying on my back and Pete was staring down at me.  “Jase is smart, smarter than I was but in this case I’m not sure that’s gonna be good.  That boy will get some serious sex.  I just hope I live through it.”

Suddenly I heard a bedroom door slam and two seconds later David came loping into the living room and knelt down in front of us.

I said, “Where’s Jase?”

“Brushin his teeth.  You really want me to tell him about whackin off?”

Pete said, “What would you tell him if you couldn’t ask us?”

“The truth.  He’s just gonna hear it in school anyway.”

I said, “He’s your brother, tell him the truth.  But don’t tell him more truth than he needs.”