The Good Doctor

Chapter 71



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From the previous chapter:
Suddenly I heard a bedroom door slam and two seconds later David came loping into the living room and knelt down in front of us.

I said, “Where’s Jase?”

“Brushin his teeth.  You really want me to tell him about whackin off?”

Pete said, “What would you tell him if you couldn’t ask us?”

“The truth.  He’s just gonna hear it in school anyway.”

I said, “He’s your brother, tell him the truth.  But don’t tell him more truth than he needs.”



The Good Doctor 71

“Oh my God don’t shoot!  Don’t shoot!”  I sat bolt upright in bed gasping for breath.  Oh God!  Those bitches!  It was a dream.  Jane and Ellen were chasing me through the warehouse with guns.  Finally they cornered me up on top of the industrial metal shelving where we store the electric motors for Maelman Engineering.

Pete pulled me back down and muttered into the back of my neck.  “S’matter?  Go’da sleep.”  My head settled back down on his upper arm while he exhaled hotly on the back of my neck.  I could try to go back to sleep or….

Pete’s soft cock was pushed comfortingly into my butt crack.  I relaxed my butt muscles and then when it pushed in a little more I clenched.

He mumbled, “Hmm?  Wha?”

I said softly, “Nothing, go back to sleep.”  But I slowly licked his bicep and then rolled slightly more to my left and pulled my right leg up a bit.  Hi right leg followed and pushed its way between my legs.  We now had even more body contact.  Now I had to wait.

A couple of minutes later his cock was almost hard and he made a slight noise that sounded like “Mmm.”  His cock had begun to drip precum and his lips moved to my ear.  His right hand moved slowly up over my body from my hip until it was on my shoulder.

He said softly, “Baby……you awake?”

Fifteen minutes later Pete had collapsed against my back into unconsciousness.  I reached down got my boxers off of the floor and used them to wipe off my butt.  I love this fresh fucked feeling.  I just hope I don’t wear him out.


Later, just as I was finishing shaving, Jase came into the bathroom and slouched against me.  It’s the dad as furniture thing.  Then Pete stuck his head in and kissed me and then bent down and kissed Jase.

“I should see you around 1:00.  You’re gonna be there right?”  This was going to be Pete’s first time at the gym.  Well, the first time that he actually got to work out.

I grinned at him.  “I might have to sneak out to my other job as an undercover cop!  Of course I’ll be there!” 

“Well just don’t go out wandering around or anything.”  What does he think I do?  He glared at me.  “I mean I just don’t want one of those other people to show me around.  You know, get me started.”

“Pete…I’ll be there!”  He almost never gets to take time off.

He sighed.  “Okay, I’ll see you later.”  He grinned down at Jase and then ruffled his hair.  “And I’ll see you tonight.”

I started going over some spots that I had missed with my razor the first time and asked Jase as I shaved, “So’d you get a chance to ask David your question?”

Jase frowned and then rested his head against my side.  I dropped my hand and squeezed his shoulder.  He said, “I think he made it up.  Some times he just tells me stuff.”

I wiped the shaving cream off of my face.  “Well…it is pretty unbelievable.  But a lotta that is cause you’re just a little boy.”

“Well when will I be big enough?”

“Pretty soon, Jase.  It’s different for everyone.  A couple more years.”

“I wanna be big like you.”

“You will be kiddo.”

“And I want a really big penis.”


“David said those are the best so I want a big one.”  Breathe, Eric, breathe.

“He said that?”

Jase nodded.  “I asked him.”

“Wh…why did you ask him that?”

“Becausa them boys at school.”

“The boys?”

“Them boys that talked about jerking off.”


“The one boy was mean and he called the other boy pygmy penis.  Ernie said pygmies are really little.  And when I asked David he said that bigger was probably better so I want a big one.  You think mine’ll get real big, Dad?”  Oh, God, this is only the beginning.

“Jase…I think that your penis is gonna be as big as it needs to be.” 

“Well I hope it gets really big.”

I wiped my face off and then bent down and picked Jase up.  He wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms went around my neck.  I touched my forehead to his.  “Jase…well, first of all, if I was you I wouldn’t talk about wanting a big penis at school cause the other boys might give you a hard time.  Some things are just better talked about with your dad.”

“The other thing, Jase, is that like I told you before, you’re probably gonna look just like me and that also probably means that your penis is gonna end up looking just like mine.  You’ve seen mine so you can pretty much figure that that’s what you’re gonna get.”

Jase said, “Well, you got a big penis!”  I love this kid.

I laughed.  “Well, it works fine and does all that it needs to do.”  I kissed the side of his head and said softly, “You’re a good boy, Jase and you know what?  I’m really glad that you’re my kid.”

He hugged me and said, “I’m really glad you’re my dad.”

My mom caught me as Jase and I were getting ready to leave.

“Eric, Rose is coming in today.  Be nice to her.  That slob she’s going with has been giving her a hard time and she needs to relax.”

“She’s a member?”

Mom nodded.  “She sent her secretary in the first day you were open.  She prepaid a year.”  Mom does the books.  “Colleen, that’s her secretary, even picked out four nice outfits for her in the pro shop.”  My god, what size could that possibly be?

She pointed an accusing finger at me.  “Don’t talk to her about the size of her outfits!  She’s not fat, Eric!  She’s just a little plump.”  I did just think that didn’t I?   I mean I didn’t actually say it did I?  But anyway, I think that all women take dope.  I mean, what else would account for this level of thinking.

She turned back to something boiling on the stove and called over her shoulder, “You know, you can be a little cruel!”  Me!!??  These women disembowel me on a daily basis but of course, “It’s for your own good, Eric!”

“Ma, I’m not cruel to Rose, or for that matter, anyone else.”

I looked down at Jase.  “I’m not cruel, am I?”  He shook his head no.

My mother looked at me and then at Jase and then shook her head.  Whatever that’s supposed to mean, I haven’t a clue.

“I’m making soup Eric and I’ll bring it over later.”

“For the refreshment bar?”

“Yes, sometimes it’s easier to do here and I got the van to haul it.”  She seemed to think.  “Maybe I’ll do a tray of Tiramisu too.”  Cooking relaxes her.

I said, “Did dad say how Mark was doing?”

“He’s doing great!  And Jane and Ellen love him.”  Yeah…well.  This wouldn’t be so easy for him if I hadn’t done such a great job of organizing the place to begin with.  Not that I get any thanks for that.

She pointed her ladle at me.  “You know, it’s so sweet to see him there.  He’s so charming!  And he and your father get along really great.”  Yeah…right.



“Rose, it’s just a question!”

“Well it’s none of your damn business!”

“We’re a health club!  We shouldn’t ask what you want your membership to accomplish?  It’s not like I actually care you know!”

“Well I’m just here to build endurance!  Not that it’s any of your business!  But I think that I need to work with a personal trainer.   As a matter of fact I’m sure of it.  I want the guy that that bitch Maddie Albright is working with.  Ever since she got herself appointed to the board of that hedge fund she thinks she’s such a much.  I can buy and sell Maddie Albright, hedge fund or no hedge fund!”

“You mean Paolo?”  The greasy bastard!  If his name is really Paolo my name is Noam Chomsky, whoever the hell that is. 

“I think that’s his name.  Isn’t he Brazilian?”  Maybe, if Brooklyn has been annexed by Brazil.

“I guess, Rose.  If not you’ll never know the difference.”

“Whadya mean by that crack?”

“Nothing, Rose, nothing.  I’m sure he’s Brazilian.  Well, pretty sure.  Anyway, you know, he’s not an employee of the Club so once you got him you’re on your own.”

“Well I’m sure he’ll be fine.  Maddie goes on and on about him.”

“Well just don’t come crying to me if you find yourself being sold to some Brazilian octogenarian slave ship.”

She giggled, actually giggled.  “I’m sure that won’t happen but Maddie said that he’s very exotic.”

“I guess you could say that.”  I leaned forward with my elbow on the desk and put my chin in my hand.  “Whatever happened to your boyfriend?  You know the guy with the bad leg.”

She looked irritated.  “Visiting his children….for two months!  Can you believe it?  I asked him, what am I suppose to do for two months?  You know what he said?  You got your garden…honey!  That’s what he said!  Well I’ll show him!”

I smiled at her and said, “Welllll, a woman of your age…..”

She clamped her hand down on my wrist with her fingers curling around and the nails digging into my artery.  “Finish that sentence, Eric and I’ll tear this arm off of your body and shove it down your throat!”

I jerked my arm away and hissed at her.  “That fucking hurts, Rose!  You know, you and my mother are exactly the same, all either one of you knows is hitting!”

“Don’t be such a cry baby, Eric!  Besides, I’m sure that every time your mother ever hit you that you more than deserved it.”



Pete took off his sport coat and hung it in the locker.  While he was stripping off his tie he said, “Aren’t you getting into gym clothes?”

“These are gym clothes.”

“Oh, they look like, I dunno, too many clothes, maybe too formal somehow.”

“Well, these are like track pants or something and then this is just a Polo shirt.”  He peeled off his dress shirt and hung it up.  He wasn’t wearing an undershirt and he looked fantastic, all muscular and tan. 

I said, “You said I could wear anything I wanted to work.”

He smiled.  “It looks good.  You look very handsome.”

I couldn’t get over how good he looked.  I said, “I never get to see you in the daylight.”  I mean I knew he had muscles, I see em all the time, kinda.  The thing is that I feel em more than I see em.  He’s usually got me wrapped up in them but then I really don’t get a good look.

He laughed.  “Eric, you see me all the time.”  He leaned in and whispered.  “We sleep together naked.”  This was making me really horny.  I mean it was almost like I was cheating on him….with him.  When he lowered his briefs and that big cock came into view I mentally sighed.

I looked around to make sure we weren’t being listened to.  “I know, I know.  It’s just that,” I nodded towards his crotch, “in the daylight that just looks sooo much bigger.”  Pete, is, well, big and I’m used to that but somehow seeing it here, out in the open, it just seemed so different.

Pete held his boxer briefs in front of his crotch.  “Eric, will you stop staring at my crotch, you’re making me nervous.”

“I love your cock.  I love licking around the head of it.”

He hissed at me.  “Eric!  Quit!  For one thing you’re giving me a hardon!”

I glanced back at the rest of the locker room, empty.  “I could do you right here!  Really, I could do that.  We could get away with it.”

He stepped backwards with his briefs pressed hard to his crotch.  His voice was a frantic whisper.  “Eric!  You are not doing that!  This is a public place, for God’s sake!”  Hey, he fucked me in a department store changing room, that’s pretty public.

I gestured with my hands for him to calm down.  “Okay, okay, don’t like, give birth or anything.  It was only an idea.”  I stared up into his eyes.  “You have huge balls, you know that?  And they’re really beautifully shaped.”

“Will you quit thinking about that stuff!  You know, somebody oughta have you fixed!”

“Okay!  Can I help it if you turn me on?”

“Eric, everything turns you on!  The time of day turns you on.  The phases of the moon turn you on.”

Finally he said, “Can I put on my jock strap?  I mean if I pull my hands away from my crotch you’re not gonna like lunge for me, right?”

I hadn’t thought about that.  I said softly, “A jockstrap?”

“Oh fer cryin out loud!”  Then in frustration.  “I’m turning around!”

I dunno how he figured that was gonna help.  Pete’s scrumptious butt is a work of art.  It’s hard as granite but covered in soft warm skin.  I reached out and just barely touched it.  He jumped and slammed into his locker, face first.

Fortunately, the steel locker door didn’t leave a mark on his forehead but then he was a little tense.

I tried to look at his forehead but he pushed my hand away.  “It’s okay!  Really…okay.”

“Well whadaya usually do now?”  I’ve never seen Pete work out.  He didn’t use the same gym that I did and he never talked about it.

“Well, weights but first I gotta warm up on the treadmill.”

I said, “I’ll do the treadmill too.”  I’m really good at the treadmill.

We couldn’t get adjoining treadmills because there were a lot of older people but I was right behind Pete.  That turned out to be a great position to watch him.  He started out really slow but then he speeded up.  I was mesmerized by him.  He’s such a big guy, 6’4” and broad shouldered, that I guess that I never thought of him as being graceful.  But then he started to crank up that treadmill and soon he was running in a long graceful stride.  I almost fell off of my treadmill because I got like so absorbed in watching him.  It was like he wasn’t making any effort to do what he was doing, it seemed so natural, like watching a racehorse run or something.  Pretty soon the very air in the room seemed to be charged with the electricity he was throwing off.  The air almost seemed to crackle and all of the women in the room seemed to be sneaking looks at him.

Then, finally, he started to slow the treadmill down and eventually got off of it.  He was barely breathing hard and he winked at me.  I quickly shut off my treadmill and followed him to the free weights area.

He was running a hand over the stacked weights.  I said, “So whadya gonna do now?”

He grabbed a couple of fifty pound weights.  “Eric if you’re gonna be bored I can catch up with you later.”

“Me?  I’m not bored.  I like watching you!”  He sat at a bench and started lifting the weights.  “I never saw you this way.  I mean I’ve seen you as a doctor but never this way.  You look really hot!”  I wanted to sit behind him on the bench and lay my head against his back…but I didn’t.

He was lifting the weights starting with his left arm and I watched that muscle get pumped up even bigger than it was before.  After he did that like a million times he changed arms.  I was watching him and thinking how great it’d feel to have those big strong arms holding me in place while he fucked my brains out and how even if I wanted him to stop he could basically just have his way with me.

He glanced up at me and then a moment later said, “You doin okay?

I nodded.  “I’m good.”

He grinned and asked, “Whadya thinking?”


“What are you thinking?”

“Why do you ask that?”  I felt like I got caught beating off by my dad or something.

“Because, Eric, you’ve got a hardon.”

I grabbed my crotch.  “I do?”  I did.

“So what were you thinking?”

“Ah…okay…I was thinking about that time…it was one of the first time we went to your parent’s farm.  Rmember?  You fucked me like three times.  Remember that?”

He stopped lifting the weight and got a smile on his face.  “I remember.”

I lifted a suggestive eyebrow.

He stared at me for a minute and seemed to be biting the inside of his mouth.  Finally he said, “Let’s go to your office.”