The hidden camera – and unforeseen consequences - Chapter ONE - Gay – Beginnings

Date: 15-06-2014


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The hidden camera –

and unforeseen consequences

Written by MORITZ – Hamburg – Germany ©

Edited by Edward, Boston, Massachusetts (USA) (and Rob, UK)


Rather by accident I learned from a regional tv magazine program about a sporting competition which was to take place Saturday afternoon. Students from different universities would be competing against each other in rowing. Although as a student, I had rowed several times, basically, I am not much interested in sports competitions. I lack any sense of sportsmanship. I just do not understand why it is essential to determine who is the best team or person. These competitions were only interesting to me when I got see young men in tight sports jerseys and wearing skimpy clothing in action. Some young men would surely cut a fantastic figure in the skin-tight sports jerseys that rowers usually wore. The event was to begin at 5:00 pm and then would successively take place in different boat classes, over several races. I researched on the Internet exactly where the event would take place.

Hamburg has an artificial lake - the "Außenalster" - where there are six or more rowing clubs found on its shores . Some years ago, I had tried out to be a member of one of the clubs, unfortunately without success. The clubs were sometimes very elitist. The wealthy citizens were always looking for clubs and places providing opportunities to keep to themselves. In Hamburg most of the rowing clubs offered them the just such a possibility.

I decided to go to the event the next day. I should probably not try to enter the club grounds, but since the race happend on the water - a public lake, I could so easily settle down on the shore in the vicinity of the club. I had bought myself a small compact camera a week ago. It offered downright fascinating technical possibilities. It was possible to take both photos and videos in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). The camera had a twenty times optical zoom. This allowed one to zoom even on distant objects.

Now I had the opportunity to test the video function and the zoom. Such a very small and very handy camera likewise would not attract much attention. Big cameras with a professional look gets more attention from other people. That was not a good thing.

I set off early enough for me to get a good spot. In order to take good photos or videos, it is best to be positioned in the front row, and also to take note of the sun's position. Right next to the rowing club there was a small park. There they had set up some tents. Even from a distance you could hear the usual music that was always played at such sporting events. The park was open to the public, so I just went on through to the shore of the lake. I wanted to get a place as close as possible next to the fenced Club grounds and on the water so as to be relatively close to the events later.

Only about fifteen feet away from the club area there was a park bench where I sat down. I had a good view through the fence to the left of me on the big boat jetty rowing clubs. A few students could already be seen there. I hoped that the young men and women had on very tight sports jerseys. I took out my camera and put it on video mode. I was ready, but I had not started to film, but just watched the activity on the site of the rowing club.

Suddenly, a young man stepped out of the boat shed right near the fence. He had brown, short hair, was quite tall, probably 6'3 and also was wearing a skin-tight sports jersey. This young man was probably no older than 22 years and one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen in person.

On television, I had seen similar exceptionally attractive men, this young Adonis was, however, now in the flesh just a few yards away from me. Because everything happened so suddenly, I was spellbound and felt like I was unable to move. I just stared at this beautiful athlete. His face radiated a mixture of youth and manhood.

In this intermediate stage, young men were their most attractive. They were not teenagers anymore but still not yet real men. His body was more on the slender side and not so massive. My seeming inability to do anything did not fade as I found the divine athlete also staring at me. On his face was a look as if he was sizing me up. I felt like I was at a border control, shortly before a warning was given and the description of persons randomly applies to oneself.

I 'm used to it. Men look at me briefly and then look away, bored. You will be checked out shortly and afterwards classified as uninteresting (too old, too small, not rich enough, not attractive enough, etc.) and then only to be ignored. With time, you learn to live with it. But as I could not stop staring at this Greek god, he also did not stop looking back at me.

Damn, what did that mean? Did he know me from somewhere else? Had I ever noticed him at another sporting event where I took pictures? In Hamburg during the summer about every six weeks there were many public sporting events, such as Triathlons, Marathons, Half Marathons, and so he mistook me maybe for someone else? Did he know what I wanted here? Did he take me for being a stalker? Which was what I was, strictly speaking, perhaps, but still in fairly normal range. I became a bit restless. What had I done to deserve this? I still had not started to film. Since he did not avert his eyes from me, I stood up and left the place at the fence immediately and went to one of the tents.

Strange, such a thing has never happened to me before and somehow I did not understand it. The young man had looked at me with such an intense look as if he thought me to be a potential thief or similar suspect. Really crazy! In the tents there were club articles and other items on sale that did not interest me. I looked back at the spot where the young man had recently been, I found that he had left his position and now was busy on the large boat dock.

I went back to my old place and sat down on the park bench. The small park was filling up very quickly with visitors. Obviously, they knew each other. Most were friends or family members of the competitors or from other rowing clubs. By their clothes and other trappings one could see if you was one of them or not. Had the young man recognized by my clothes and my behavior that I did not belong to this elite circle and identified me as an intruder or a troublemaker? He was now standing with his teammates on the landing stage and posed for the usual official photos. Probably they would be for a newspaper or the internet. Hmm, I will have look for it tomorrow on the internet.
The young athlete was actually of flawless beauty. His handsome face and perfect body got my hormones flowing. I just had to capture as much of it as possible on video. If I didn´t successfully do this, I would never forgive myself. I put myself under a good deal of pressure. This young guy was very special.

From the speakers, I learned in the meantime that all students, without exception, came from private universities. In Germany there are very few private universities, only those who could afford it studied at them. I felt more and more like a foreigner than before, but I was here now and I wanted to shoot my video.

I zoomed my camera in on the beautiful athlete. Slowly, I let the camera travel down the immaculate body and back up again. The proportions of this Adonis were stunning. The tight-fitting sports gear brought out the well-trained figure perfectly. The shoulders were wide, but not too wide. The upper arms revealed that all the muscles had been trained to their maximum. The pecs were very well developed. The waist was narrow and the hips also, as you would expect from a model athlete. The thighs were strong. The body seemed to be a perfect mixture of the swimmer and the sprinter. The proportions between torso, hips, waist and legs were magnificent. Here there were no thin legs; oversized shoulder, nor too broad hips the overall impression was in perfect harmony. They say that most athletes look pretty good. I do not find that this always applied to the participating rowers at the meet today. It's all in the eye of the beholder as, for instance, I personally would not describe a well know International American swimmer as handsome.


The Adonis, who would now play today willingly or unwillingly a starring role in my video, towered over the other athletes with his perfect face and body.

His nose was perfectly straight. The face was rather narrow and completely symmetrical. It corresponded to the canons/rules developed by Da Vinci in his specifications for perfect beauty. Da Vinci had figured out the formula for a perfect face, which - was actually never refuted - I thought. Leonardo Da Vinci had discovered in his profile studies of the human face certain regularities of different facial proportions.

The stunning looking young man would have been the perfect proof for him and his formula. That there are people whose beauty simply takes one's breath away when you see them for the first time, I had always denied. This Adonis taught me better now. When I looked at him it was hardly possible to avert my gaze again. I tried to capture on video as much as possible of this man. He moved away from me along with his other teammates by about 21 yards or more. All around me, there were now many visitors. I changed the camera settings from representation of the whole body settings, to only the upper body and then only the face and shoulders. At home, I would splice together these individual short video clips into a film. In the brief period between setting changes, the pictures became a bit blurry. I just had the lens a little more zoomed in on his face to film a close-up when he suddenly looked right into my camera. His expression had changed abruptly. His gaze was now serious, focused and tense. I was a little scared. Again, he stared at me with a look that I did not know how to interpret.

That was crazy. I stood in the midst of a huge crowd, many feet away from him. How could he have discovered me in the group? Why did it matter to him anyway? Was I imagining this? Was my interpretation wrong?

He somehow made me nervous. What a stupid guy! Why would he have something against me? I thought and filmed on.
When the team was finished with the photo shoot for the official team photos, all either went into the club house or to the big boat shed.

A short time later, the team appeared in a small park right next to the boat house. They met with friends and family members who were already waiting for them there. The official part before the competition would take place here in the park where I am already was.
As I sat with my back to them, I continued to watch the happenings on the boat dock. Behind the park bench where I sat stood a group of participants in the competition which I could tell from the snippets of conversation I overheard. There was not much to see on the jetty, so I turned to look around a bit in the park. Approximately one three feet away from my park bench stood one of the rowers with his back to me. He was part of a small group of contest participants and visitors. His two shapely round ass cheeks were almost at my eye level. Unfortunately, the athletes still were wearing their long athletic shorts. I fervently hoped that they would take them off before the competition and then wear shorts. But even so, the sight was still very exciting. I studied his flawless thighs, his perfect ass and his narrow waist with enthusiasm and in my pants something stirred. With my camera I tried to film this athlete as unnoticed as possible. The perspective was fantastic. At the very moment when I was focusing my camera on his head, the young man turned around to me. Until now, I had not been able to see his face. He looked at me. Again, I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. It was the very same young man I had filmed a few minutes ago on the jetty. Again, I looked into a very tense and serious face. Only when he looked me straight in the eye or into the camera, did he manifest that look.

This time he didn`t fix on me long, he turned right back around to his friends. I took his look as a warning signal. So, I stood up and walked 7 or 8 feet away from the group. Did the young man have a radar for gays with slightly voyeuristic tendencies? Was he a hater of gays? I had to be careful. From a distance, I took still more video footage of this young athlete. His athletic figure and his beautiful face were just too great a temptation. However, I had the feeling that what I was doing here was not without risk.

A short time later, the event was officially opened. On a small makeshift grandstand was a moderator who made a few introductory remarks announcing the teams for today's event, and then called upon a athlete after the other to the podium and introduced him. Everyone said just his name, the university for which he came and in which discipline he was studying. He then stood next to the other.

The Greek god who gave me both joy and worry was unfortunately next to the last. I took the opportunity to continue filming him. Again, the young man seemed to know exactly where I was standing and that I was actually still filming him. He looked directly into my camera only briefly and again with a look that had something almost menacing about it, or had I imagined it?

My planned small private erotic video seemed to be changing more and more into the category of a thriller. It was enough for me. I don´t want to get in trouble. Some amateur athletes don´t like it when they were photographed or filmed by strangers and this Adonis seemed to belong to that group. Maybe he would even lash out or make a scene, I did not want to risk it. After the presentation was over and the athletes had left, the officials whistled again, I finished my video films. I started slowly on the way home. I had just left the park when I heard a energetic voice behind me.

"Are you leaving before the competition begins? Have you taken enough videos of me already?"

Damn, I had just wanted to avoid such a scene! I got a very sinking feeling in the stomach, as if I had just been caught shoplifting.

I turned around and there stood this Adonis right in front of me.

„What makes you think that I have taken videos of you? I have only used my new camera for test filming a video."

„Let's not argue," said the young athlete. „Show me what you have recorded. We can discuss the matter very quickly. The competitions start soon but I begin in half an hour and still have a little time."

The young athlete was now standing right next to me. We were about a foot apart. He was so unusually close to me that I had two different feelings at the same time-- I was sexual excited because I could now look at his face, his chest muscles and his muscular upper arms very closely. I could even smell him. His scent was very pleasant. On the other hand, this proximity had somehow something threatening. As the young athlete, he was bigger and probably stronger than me, I just gave him my camera. The camera was easy to use and after a brief think through he pressed the correct button for playback. He looked at the first video I had taken of him.

"Congratulations," he said to me "you seem to be pretty good at what you do no matter whatever the motivation is, why you do it or for what purpose. The first video recording is very successful. Very smooth camera movements, good picture, good sound and picture quality. The only problem is that I 'm the main character in your first video. Do I need to watch all video clips or will you confess that only I am to be seen on most videos?" He asked me. He spoke quietly, so no one could hear what was going on in our conversation. His appearance was very determined, similar to that of a police officer. He had a deep and beautiful voice. He was sexy and scary at the same time.

"Okay, I'll admit, most of the time I filmed you. If you want, I will delete all recordings and go home."

He smiled at me. It was not a warm smile, but the smile of a poker player.

„First, I know that you can also restore deleted files. If you delete the memory card, the many small videos with me on it are therefore not completely wiped out of existence. Secondly, maybe it would be wrong to delete your recordings. Like I said, you have done a good job. You have to have talent to make such good movies with so small camera. You have achieved what you wanted to do
. The videos have an almost professional quality. Have you seen me before? Did you know that I would be here? Have you just came here to film me exclusively?"

"No, I have never seen you before! What do you want from me? You need to prepare for your competition and I want to go."

Why was he thinking that I knew him? Was that the reason for his strange behavior? Why would I know him?

"The first thing is I want to have the memory card from your camera. This is just a loan. I'll be watching all of your recordings at home. Then I'll decide if I will delete the memory card or give it back with the videos still on it. The memory card you would get back to in any case."

„I do not think you legally have a right to take the memory card. The only right you have is that I delete all pictures and videos because I have made
​​them without your consent – possibly, illegally."

"Relax," said the young man, laughing. "I 'm not interested in legalities."

He looked at me closely and then said, "Maybe there is a solution that will be interesting for both of us. To figure it out, I have to watch the video material completely. Also, I have an idea in my head that I have yet to thoroughly think through. Give me your address or your phone number so I can contact you when I have decided."

I was afraid to give the young man my name, my address or my phone number. Maybe he'd turn to a lawyer to sue me for damages and compensation or would report me to the police. Did I have to prepare for further trouble? I said nothing.

"So, don´t you want give me your name or a phone number? Okay, maybe you can give me any anonymous e -mail address so I can contact you. You should really relax a bit. I am not preparing greater difficulties for you, if you are concerned about that.

"So you do not want to blackmail me?" I asked him.

He laughed, "No, I did not before. Maybe I can suggest a deal that is interesting for you. I don´t want money from you. I still have to think in peace about all the options."

In the meantime, he had reviewed more videos and looked at the camera closely. He found out how to open the camera and remove the memory card. He turned the camera off and took out the memory card, then gave me back the camera.

"If you want me to return your memory card, you should now give me a phone number or an email address. Otherwise, I can´t return the memory card to you. I've only got a minute, then I'll go."

In my head I went through all the pros and cons and decided to give him just an anonymous e - mail address. It was the only one I had. It was from a time where it was still relatively easy to establish such.

„Good decision. I'll get back to you." Said the young Adonis and disappeared with my memory card.

I was really furious. More at myself than at the young man. This smart upper class youth had treated me as if I were the gardener in his filthy rich father's household. And I had allowed him to treat me like that. I had the chance to film a man who fulfilled my wishful thinking about the perfect appearance of a lover and who had taken the recordings from me. A perfect face and a perfect body relatively well captured in a number of video sequences. The best erotic film - gone!

Why we are so stupid and accept being abused by the children of rich parents? It is a fundamental error to be treated by members of the so-called better society in such a way. But secretly making a film of this athlete was a stupid thing too. I made
​​up my mind to stop taking photos and videos this way. Let's see how long I would keep this resolution.

Why did this guy ask me, if I knew him? Was he a celebrity? An actor or son of a very important person? I searched on the internet, but I found nothing like this. Very strange. This was just a bad movie.

A few days later I received an e - mail with the subject "Your erotic video". Actually, I had hoped that the matter/case was settled. I wanted to delete the e-mail unread.

"Hi stranger,
I've looked at all the videos you took.
My first impression was confirmed. You are very talented. With such a small camera without using a tripod and making a video of this quality, this is not something everyone capable of. I like your image composition and the camera panning shots. It would have been a shame to delete the videos. I would like to propose a deal. You could even make more videos like this, but always under the condition that you hand me after filming the appropriate memory card. Then I will splice it into a movie and you can keep a copy. Attached to this e- mail I have a short version of the film, which I spliced out of the many video clips that you have made
​​on Saturday. The long version is stored on the memory card, which you will get back as promised. When and where we will have to arrange.

Such secretly recorded videos have their own special attraction. If you agree with the deal, send me a short confirmation. I will email you further instructions then.


I had not expected this. You can be so wrong sometimes. This young Adonis just wants to be filmed by me, a stranger. He has surely enough friends who would certainly be very happy to do that for him. But maybe it was even more important to him, that a total stranger took on this task. But why did he want to be filmed? Why did he want the videos give the impression that they were secretly recorded? What was the benefit to him? What had he intended with these sexy videos? Porn? My heart beat faster. Without a second thought, I answered him.

"Hi XXX,

I agree. Send me your instructions.


Christopher`s email address was also anonymous, although of course I knew his full name. Before the competition, each of the athletes had been introduced on the podium to the audience. I had also found a photo of Christopher with his full name on the website of the rowing club.
I then looked at the attached video clip. Christopher had not only spliced the video, but also partly obscured elements of the video. How did he do that, I could not explain. Anyway, you got the impression immediately that the recordings were made with a hidden camera. Christopher also never looked directly into the camera. His athletic body at any rate was displayed perfectly in every imaginable detail. The video had a length of only 3 minutes but it was very erotic. I watched it over and over again and masturbated three times in a row.

It took a few hours before Christopher replied to me by email.

"Hi Moritz,
I'm glad you want to work on this project. You will certainly have as much fun as I did.
The next video should run as follows. A young man walk through the park, just as thousands of other people do daily in Hamburg. You hide at one point along the jogging course and where you secretly are photographing sports. Maybe you do actually, but that's your business. The young man comes running up to the point where you have positioned yourself. There, he take a break. He drink a bit of water and do some stretching exercises. The pictures are being taken secretly. Later you give me the memory card. By the way, I'll give you back the memory card from the rowing competition. On the memory card you'll find a long version of the video. The original videos I've deleted. That was it. The young man usually stop by in about half an hour at this point regularly. So you'll have plenty of time to make a good video, but be on time.

I will splice the individual videos later into a complete movie and you will get it back on the memory card.

The following dates I found out, please mail me which dates fit best for you.


Christopher seemed to have deliberately selected times and days of the week on which there tend to be fewer runners and walkers. Any possibility of disturbances happening during the shoot of the video should thus be rather low. I just took the earliest appointment because I did not want to wait long for the opportunity to watch my absolute dream guy again. I was overjoyed. I could not believe my luck, even if the motives of the young man were puzzling, just as was his behavior while I was filming him secretly.

Tomorrow, so I would see my dream man again. The date was optimal. For tomorrow, the weather forecasters had predicted a sunny and warm day. I would wait at 14:00 clock at the agreed place for Christopher. This meant that I had to ask my boss if I could only work until noon tomorrow. The rest of the day I would be using my personal time. Normally, my boss approved such requests easily. The time was perfect because just at this time there was a gap between the runners who ran in during their lunch breaks and the runners who ran right after work. During this time fewer people would be around. Second, the lighting conditions were very good and third, we would have very pleasant temperatures. Tomorrow it would be much warmer than Saturday, when the rowing competition took place. Secretly, I was hoping that Christopher would wear as little as possible for the video shoot.

In my fantasy I already dreamt about different scenarios, such as when tomorrow's session would conclude. At the end we would have sex with each other. Of course, this was unrealistic but in my fantasy everything was possible. Sometimes my imagination takes me over. I was so excited that I could not take my hand from my cock and kept stroking it.

The next morning I only worked 4 hours. Around noon I left the company and only ate a bite. Then I made ​​my way to the agreed meeting place. I wanted to get there early to explore the location to search out optimum positions for the shoot. In particular, the direction of sunlight had to be considered. I had relatively quickly found a suitable location for myself. I took my camera in hand. I was now ready to press the record button. Full of expectation, I looked in the direction from which I expected Christopher.

I just hoped that Christopher wasn`t joking with me. Hopefully nothing had come up. If the appointment would blow up, that would be a huge disappointment for me. It was now two minutes before the agreed time. I zoomed the objective to maximum, so that I could see if someone approached from a distance.
Suddenly, I could see a runner quite small on the screen slowly approaching. I turned on the video function of the camera. After a few seconds, the runner had already approached. As far as I could see, it was really Christopher. I was very excited. As a precaution, I had brought along a stand on which I could place the camera if my hand could not hold the camera steady enough. This enabled me, despite my very strong excitement, to film well. It was very sunny and we had a very pleasant temperatures. This made it possible for Christopher to carry his sports stuff in a way that showed a lot of skin.
He had on a very short pants, as are commonly worn by marathon runners. Christopher wore probably one of the shortest shorts I've ever seen on a runner. It almost hid no more than a brief swimsuit does. His shapely long legs were perfectly on display. As he slowly ran up to the camera, you could see that due to the strong movement his member and his balls bounced back and forth.
The shirt he was wearing had also as little material as possible. It was a muscle shirt.
His arms were completely uncovered, as well as large parts of his shoulder and his chest.
It was breathtaking to see this young athlete in motion. Christopher seemed to be a master of always knowing exactly where I was. He first ran straight towards me and then slowed down his movement speed about ten feet in front of me. The last few feet he approached virtually at walking pace. Christopher deliberately did not look directly into the camera. As always, I moved the camera from his head slowly down over his chest, his hips to his thighs and calves, and then slowly back up to his face. I scanned his body in slow motion.

Christopher was standing five feet away from me. He held both arms at his hip. Then he looked around and acted like he enjoyed the park. On his waist, he had a narrow belt. On the belt small bags were attached and two water bottles. He now took one of the bottles and slowly began to drink. He always took short sips and put the bottle back again. The muscles of his upper arms were working to their best advantage. Watching the play of his muscles was very erotic. Christopher repeated the actions several times with small variations, very aware of his every move. This gave me the opportunity to take different videos with his movement alternating times in close-up, now only his torso and then to film again in close-up his entire body. I moved my camera as slowly and quietly as I could.

Christopher knew exactly how he had to present his body to the camera. He turned his body slowly and consistently, so that I could film him from the front, side and rear.
I saw his legs for the first time naked. It was very exciting. His legs had a very light hair. I was afraid the young Adonis would shave his legs, but this was not the case.
I zoomed often up close on his thighs. I changed the close-ups among the four areas: his gorgeous face, his magnificent chest with the upper arms, his narrow waist and hips and his muscular thighs. I wished he would also get rid of the already very skimpy sportswear and display himself completely naked for the viewers of the video.
When he drank, he stretched sometimes and threw his head back. One time, he stood directly facing the camera and lifted his shirt. Then I could see a very little hair trail leading down to his pubic hair from his belly button.

Christopher then started his stretching exercises. Clearly he was doing them slowly to enhance the erotic effect of his various bodily positions as he worked his body for the camera lens. Sometimes he stood directly facing the camera, sometimes sideways and then he turned his back to me and the camera. Just as he stood with his back to the camera, he leaned bending his upper body down and touched the ground with his fists.
It was breath taking to film the play of his muscles. Christopher never looked directly into the camera and he also didn´t speak a single word. It was as if I were not there at all.

It now became more and more complicated for me to do my job. I was so excited that I urgently needed to masturbate. I would even do it here in public in order to get satisfaction immediately. To look at the body of this young Adonis in slow motion was breathtaking. I had been uncomfortable for a few minutes with a rigid member that caused me a pain in my trousers. I had to move and give my dick more space in my pants. So I changed my position. Christopher noticed this and waited until I was filming this highly erotic spectacle again.

He repeated all his stretching exercises, but this time a little faster. Then he started sipping water again. This time he raised his shirt with one hand while he drank and touched his stomach and his chest, as if he were giving himself a massage. Then he did a few more stretching exercises. He shook his legs and arms vigorously Hopped up and down in place. I zoomed in on his midsection to film the back and forth swinging his member and his balls as well as his strong thighs.

He walked slowly towards a tree near him. He looked back and forth to the right and left, all around, as if he would check if anyone would was in the vicinity. As he was standing right in front of the tree, he spread his legs just a little. Then he pulled his gym shorts down to the point that one could see his two strong round ass cheeks completely and even a little of his thighs.
By now, it was a torture for me not to be able to beat my dick hard. The need to masturbate at the sight immediately was overpowering! Christopher's ass was like every other part of his body-- perfect and it could make you have an orgasm. He was everything I have ever dreamed of. Damn, what a lucky guy I was in this moment!

Christopher began to pee. A powerful stream shot out of his penis. I filmed the event quickly and then I tried to change my position also. I wanted to try filming the young Adonis from the side. I also want to get his dick in the picture. I held the camera constantly pointed at this young god. There would be some blur in these shots. I took in stride as it might create an effect I wanted for some of the shots. Just before I was ready to capture Christopher's shaft with the camera, he slowly turned slightly to the side. Obviously he did not want me to film his member. Damn! I didn't try to make a second attempt, but continued filming with a steady hard on. I zoomed in on Christopher's hips to take in the powerful stream as close to the source as possible to show it close-up. Also his round butt was perfectly captured.

So that's why the young athlete had previously been drinking so much water. He had also planned this scene.

While he urinated, he kept looking in all directions so see if anyone approached. So far, however, we had been lucky. During all the time no other visitors came by us at this place. The stream slowly grew weaker and then ceased completely. Suddenly, Christopher jerked toward the camera, as if he had heard or seen something. He pulled his pants up very quickly, but for a fraction of a moment I could see something of his penis and pubic hair. He ran in the opposite direction from where he had come earlier. For a moment, I thought someone had actually come by. I continued filming until Christopher turned a corner and disappeared from the picture. At a faster speed he was already back again. Probably he was afraid that I would do something with the memory card and the many erotic video recordings would vanish.

Again, he stood directly in front of me. Strange, I was not used to a guy who was not a close friend of mine standing so close to me. Christopher and I were strangers. He knows nothing about me, and he don´t want to know anything about me.


When Christopher stood so very close to me it was exciting, frightening and threatening all at the same time to the same extent.

„Was everything okay? Are you able to film everything well? Need we repeat something?" he asked me.

"When you urinated on the tree, I could not film your penis. That's the scene we need to repeat." I said, amused.

„Haha, very funny. Forget it. Only in your dreams. Give me the memory card. I will send you the edited video by mail."

„Will we make another video someday, or was that everything you wanted?"

"I am still thinking about it. I'm still not clear about what actually makes sense and what does not. I'll call you when I gain clarity. Thank you and goodbye for now" he said.


He took the memory card and left. I had no other choice now but to wait for his email with the video. I quickly went home while the impressions were still fresh. In my head, I went over and over again this highly erotic shooting. Especially the scene when he had pulled down his pants and showed his shapely ass to the camera was very exciting. I masturbated twice in quick succession.

I had to wait three days for the video and a message from Christopher. Damn, it was hard waiting for so long!
The video disappointed me somewhat. Christopher had changed the material very much. The picture quality was so changed that one would think the recording was made with the video camera of a cheap mobile phone. He had covered his face with a thin veil and he had later overexposed or underexposed a few scenes. It now seemed really like a bungled amateur video. My camera had an automatic autofocus that constantly refocuses the image setting as well as an image stabilizer. The original recordings had been absolutely perfect. It really annoyed me, that Christopher had made
​​ his version with such profound changes in image quality.
Why did he do that? Didn´t he want to be recognized in the video? Did he want to prevent from putting a video of professional quality on the internet? Maybe he could not handle it? What was his planning to do with the videos? What were they for? Somehow, I had the impression that perhaps the videos are not for himself, but for someone else or for a very specific purpose. Maybe he was making different versions for different viewers?
Whatever the shortcomings of the video, it was still very erotic, at least for me, because I knew who was in the video.

It took a few days until Christopher reported back with this email tome.

"Hi Moritz,
The next video I want you to shoot is in the club house at the rowing club. The young man often had midnight training sessions. This would be perfect for our project, because at that time of day nobody will see or disturb our secret recording sessions. Can you set it up?
This is the story: You enter the club grounds. The camera is already running. You secretly approach the boat shed. The young man had a late night rowing tour and coming back. He pulls the boat out of the water and take it to the boat shed. He turn on the lights and clean his boat. You film his body in motion. He finish that and goes into the locker room. You follow him. The camera shoots without interruption everything. In the dressing room, he takes his clothes off and goes into the shower room. You follow him photographing him as he take a shower. Then he goes back to the locker room, dry himself and get dressed. When he was ready to leave the rowing club, you have to leave quickly. This will be the end of the video. You will get the opportunity to film his member in close-up. Your biggest dream in life will come true – lol.


Again, there followed at the end of the email a selection of proposed dates. The communication between Christopher and me was pretty limited. He showed clearly what he wanted from me and that was that.
What an asshole he was. Does he really think that I am a lonely and weak pervert?

But, nevertheless, I have to concentrate to the positive aspects. I will get the opportunity to be able to shoot this young Greek god in the buff, I could hardly believe it. It was almost like winning a grand prize of a lottery, but was there a catch? Could I trust Christopher? What were his plans? Why did he need the videos? Could it be that he was perhaps setting me up?
I chose a suitable date for Christopher and me and sent my reply. Although I did not know what game this young Adonis maybe playing with me, the temptation was just too great for me.
As I was detailing in my head the upcoming video shoot carefully, I masturbated until I no longer could.




..... to be continued ....


© 2014 copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany




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