The Interview

by Laguna Dad

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For years, I fantasized about what it would be like to be a gay filmmaker, to be in a controlled environment where a dozen gorgeous guys would be obligated to follow my every instruction, where my personal fantasies could play out right before my eyes.  It seemed like one of those fantasies which we all have and never really expect to come true.

But fate had a surprise in store for me.  As the manager of a restaurant, I had an opportunity literally fall into my lap.  I sat drinking coffee one morning in the dining area observing the crew bustling about when an extremely handsome boy of nineteen tripped over a crease in the carpet and, twisting and curling his body in an attempt to avoid me, sat down hard in my lap.  While it was slightly painful having him land on certain tender parts, I instinctively placed my hands around his waist as though to steady him and prevent his further fall.  He gathered his composure, stood, apologized, seemed to blush and then started to walk away.  He turned back.

"I forgot what I came over here for.  They told me that you're the manager so I would have to see you about a job."

My eyes roamed over the boys frame.  Very slim but obviously solid.  Wearing a pink polo shirt that clearly revealed the slight rise and ridges of his defined pectorals and the small waist, his was a body that men of all ages lusted after.  His face was more pretty than handsome with a straight nose, passionate blue eyes, deeply tanned cheeks with the rosy color that speaks of innocence and rows of perfect gleaming white teeth.  He truly looked like a fashion model - complete with requisite air brushing - come to life.  So what would such a boy want with a waiter's job?

"You want to be a waiter.  Any experience?"  I was trying to seem stern.  It was never a good idea to look too interested or impressed when interviewing a candidate for a job.

"Um...not really.  I mean, I've worked in a restaurant before...well, actually a fast food place back home...and I did take orders but it wasn't really like a waiter."

I tried not to laugh at his attempt to turn a fast food counter job into a semi waiter position as he attempted to convince me he had the qualifications and experience to do the job right.  But, his efforts were unnecessary.  I had decided to give him the job the minute he inquired about it.  It was just a matter of playing the game at this point.  I knew that, based on his looks, he would be an absolute success with our customers which were generally sixty-five percent gay males, twenty percent gay females and the rest elderly women who just adored the cute gay boys who gave them the attention their straight sons had never offered.

The game was afoot.  "So, what's your name?"  He looked familiar and I had a strong feeling I had met him or seen him or admired him - or something - sometime before.

"Bryan.  Bryan Milford."

"Well, Bryan Bryan Milford, do you think you can maintain your composure if male customers start flirting with you?  The majority of our customers are gay men, some your age and some well into retirement.  They come in here because it's a comfortable place for them and they feel free sometimes to - shall we say - extend themselves.  They may take liberties such as caressing your back or leg or maybe even your butt.  They may tell you how cute you are.  They may ask you for a date.  They may even offer you money to strip for them or....more.  Can you handle that without insulting them?"

"Won't bother me, sir.  I'm gay and guys - mostly older guys - have been coming on to me for years.  I kinda enjoy the attention although I'm kinda choosy about who I date."

"Right answer.  Look.  Unlike probably most employers, I really don't care what you do or with whom on your free time as long as you do your job while you're on my time.  If you want to date a guy you meet here as a customer, that's up to you.  If you want to go to some guys house after work for a paid quickie, that's also up to you so long as it doesn't come back on the restaurant.  Most of the staff here are gay and those that aren't are gay-friendly or even gay-for-pay.  But you have to maintain a professional attitude while at work.  Keep personal affairs outside and preferably at least three blocks away."  I smiled as I made this last point, trying to impress upon Bryan that things were pretty laid back but certain decorum would be required.

"Yes, sir."  Bryan was very polite and still a little nervous.  I let him continue with the subservient demeanor for a little longer.

"Now, what type of work have you been doing most recently?"

"I'm an actor."

I immediately rolled my eyes.  How many times had I heard that statement while interviewing waiters.  Everyone was a waiter, or a musician or a singer or a model or some other type of artist.  Bryan caught my look and faint smile.

"No, sir.  I'm serious.  I've been in three films this year so far and I'm expecting another one within a couple of months."  His face was sincere if a little over anxious and naive.

"Well, that sounds pretty promising.  But if your career is doing that well, why do you need this job?  And, on that point also, how will you maintain a schedule here if you have to go off to do a film?"

"Well...."  Bryan was clearly searching for an appropriate response now and not coming up with one, or at least one that he wanted to tell me.  "Well, we shoot mostly on weekends and the ad said this job was weekdays only so it's perfect for me.  And, I really don't make that much with the acting.  I mean, it's okay but it's not enough to really live on without a real job on the side."

"So, you're an extra?  How much do you get paid?"

"Not an extra.  Right now I'm kinda like a co-star but I expect to have the lead role in my films within the next seven or eight months.  Now I get five hundred bucks for each scene that I'm in if....under certain conditions.  I'm generally in two scenes in each film.  When I become the star of the film, I'll get two thousand dollars per scene and be guaranteed at least two or three scenes in each film.  That's when the payoff comes."

I was trying to figure out what kind of movies Hollywood was churning out these days where they only filmed on weekends and paid these kinds of wages to stars and co-stars.  Obviously some kind of low budget independent flicks that went straight to cable.  But then I caught an expression on Bryan's face that made it all too clear.  I recognized him.  Sitting in front of me was none other than Billy McMasters, the hottest new up and coming twink of gay videos and one of my recurring dreams.  I even had the three films he had made this year in my collection.  And, to think he wanted to be a waiter in my restaurant.  I could see the line waiting to be seated right now and visions of dollars piling up in a vault probably made me look a bit faint.

"Sir?  Are you okay?  Can I have the job.....please?"

"Yes, Billy....I mean, Bryan."

Bryan blushed crimson.  "Oh, you recognized me."

"Not until just a moment ago.  Then it clicked.  You look a lot different than you do....on film."  I had suppressed the urge to say 'without your clothes on' considering it too tacky.

"When can I start?"

"Why don't you come back tonight at five and I'll have our lead waiter show you the ropes and work with you for the evening and we'll see how it goes.  Sound fair?"

Bryan was beaming.  "Yes, sir!"

"Oh, and Bryan, let's lose the 'sir' stuff.  Just call me Mike like everyone else.  Okay?"

"Yes, si...Mike."

I watched the most beautiful slim hips and undulating buttocks as Bryan walked down the aisle and out the door, closing my eyes momentarily to recall what that body had looked like a few nights ago when I watched his latest video.  When I opened my eyes, two employees were standing in front of me, grinning.  I was caught, and I knew it.

"So, judging from the look on your face I'd say he got the job?"

"Yes.  Because he's the most qualified candidate so far."  I tried to pull it off but couldn't suppress the grin that was slowly spreading across my face.

"Yeah, right.  He's got the qualifications all right but they have nothing to do with waiting tables."  I wanted to object to Charlie's comment but I couldn't.  The truth was, he was right.  He was among the least qualified of the four or five guys I had interviewed in the past two days.  But I was supremely confident he would succeed admirably.  After all, what gay man in his right mind would ever dare to complain about the service Bryan gave him?

Over the course of the next several days, Bryan impressed us all with his ability to charm anyone and everyone while maintaining a professional aloofness that sent him home alone every night.  I respected that.  He wasn't a least not so far as one could tell.  There was still the videos of course which one could argue was only a step up from a call boy.  But, then, Hollywood was turning out some truly borderline product these days as well with very well known actors and calling it art.  So who could judge Bryan any differently.

Wednesday was extremely slow and I found Bryan in the rear banquet room enjoying the peace and quiet and savoring a hot turkey sandwich for his supper.  I dropped into the booth across the table from him and smiled as was my custom to let him know this wasn't a job related visit.  He smiled and nodded back, his cheeks puffed from a big bite just taken out of the sandwich.

"I've been meaning to ask you something, Bryan.  Stop me if the question makes you uncomfortable.  What's it like to do gay videos?"

Between bites, Bryan opened up and matter of factly filled me in on all of the pluses and minuses of acting in a gay video, answered my questions about production, costs, location shooting and scouting.  I was particularly amazed to hear that many of the outdoor locations were unguarded - that is filming occurred without anyone preventing a passerby from stumbling in on the action underway.  Bryan considered this the most disconcerting of all things that he had to contend with.  It was one thing to perform in front of a group of other actors, cameramen, and crew but entirely something else to be right in the middle of something heavy only to be interrupted by the shrill gasp or scream of some woman walking her dog.  He laughed as he told me of one actor's experience doing a scene in which he was leaning over a park bench being plowed when a park ranger happened upon them.  The director had quickly produced a film permit and played innocent when told it wasn't valid in this park.  No one had been arrested but it was very close.  And everyone joked about the slight tenting of the ranger's pants that had probably been the real reason they weren't arrested.

"I've always wanted to make a gay video.  You know, be a producer or director.  But I want to make something with a story line, something really classy and not just the 'walk in, look at a guy with hot eyes, and cut to a typical fuck-and-suck scene' before fading out.  But I don't know the first thing about the films and I've heard estimates of eighty to a hundred thousand dollars as the cost of making a video.  That's way beyond my ability."

"You can actually make a video on the cheap as long as you don't go cheap where it really counts - the production quality.  One of our producers got started just hiring guys off the street for a few meals and a piece of the profits and paid a little up front and another share of the profits to the camera guys.  His only real out of pocket was for the rental of the cameras and film and the post production work."

"That sounds about like the way I'd have to do it....if I did it."  I mused, thinking out loud.

"If you want to do it, you should.  At least give it a shot."

"I wouldn't know where to begin."

"So, you need a partner that knows how these things work.  Someone who has, say, acted in three or four videos before?"  I looked up to see Bryan grinning at me.

The hotel room was quite plush.  It was a suite with a sitting room, an in-room spa with large windows that looked out over the city from the fifteenth floor, a kitchenette and the requisite bedroom.  Bryan and I were discussing, preparing for two days of interviews which we had scheduled over the past few weeks.  It was hard to believe it had only been two months since that evening that Bryan and I sat talking in the restaurant and decided to try and make our own gay video.

Bryan would be the star - the leading actor in this production - of course.  That alone had generated a substantial amount of interest because he was one of the hottest new stars in the business.  Having Bryan attached to the project had immediately resulted in offers of financing from those who engaged in that sort of thing.  And, naturally, there were a lot of guys who wanted to be in the video with him.  We had decided that we would cater to the tastes of those who wanted their guys to be in the 18 - 21 age group.  For a first effort, if you had attractive young stars, who would care if the production wasn't as slick as you might otherwise want.  We had also decided that, except for Bryan and one other up and coming gay actor, the cast would be entirely newcomers.  And, for that purpose, we were sitting in this hotel for the next three days to interview (and probably ogle) about 32 attractive young guys with whom we had scheduled appointments.  For me, the best part had been sleeping here last night with Bryan in the bed beside me.  That was a dream fulfilled, although nothing had happened other than sleep.  But hearing his rhythmic breathing and feeling the heat generated from his body, and seeing him - in person - stripped to his Calvin Klein briefs had been an occasion of momentous proportions for me.

Our plan was to spend one hour with each interviewee.  We would ask them a group of questions, have them undress completely, put them through some acting exercises to test their ability, and then invite them to join us in the spa to relax and see how they interacted with us when we started feeling them up.  This last part had my stomach in knots.  I had never pictured myself as any kind of stud - rather I was just your average thirty-five year old guy who also happened to be gay and like young guys.  And boy was my every dream about to come true.  I was determined that in the course of any action which might occur in the spa that I was going to make certain that I had an opportunity to get my hand on Bryan's erection, if not my mouth, while he was dealing with our interviewee.

A knock came at the door.  Bryan went to answer and I adjusted my robe to make certain that I was modestly covered.  No sense scaring them off this soon in the game.  If they decided against the film, that was okay.  Hopefully that decision would happen after they'd taken off their clothes.

Our first interview was an 18-year old boy with light brown hair cut short and conservative but with a wave of hair that swept over his forehead down to his eyebrow and then back. He had a small earring in his right ear - clearly not afraid of advertising his preference - and stood about five feet eleven inches in height.  He was slim and lean, not muscular, a swimmers kind of frame and that sexy All American Boy Next Door look.  He was stunningly cute and wore his clothes extremely well.  His hips were tiny, his waist even moreso, but he had a pronounced bulge off-center of the buttons on his 501's and his butt was tight, and small, and decidedly cute and sexy.  I could already feel myself rising to the occasion as I anticipated seeing him naked.

Bryan took the lead, obviously more at ease in these circumstances than I and clearly the one that the boy would prefer to deal with.  He introduced us.  "Kirby, this is Mike, our producer and co-director."  We shook hands.  I stayed firmly seated so as not to have anything suddenly appear from the folds of my robe.  Kirby took a seat across from Bryan and I and Bryan sat beside me and placed a hand on my knee as though intended to convey to the boy a sense of intimacy between us.

"What makes you want to be in a gay video, Kirby?"  Bryan wasted no time in getting directly to the point.

The boy blanched, obviously not expecting this question - at least this soon.  He fidgeted in his seat.  Finally, clearing his throat, "Well, I need the money and I figured I'm kinda cute so why not."

"Any other reasons?"  Bryan was pressing.  I might have gone a little slower to avoid the risk of scaring Kirby away until after I had my tongue lapping around his pole.

"You."  Kirby looked directly at Bryan.  "I heard you were in it."

Bryan smiled.  "Well, that's an honest answer.  And a compliment.  Thanks.  Have you ever acted before?"

"Just a couple of things in school.  Nothing major.  But I'm good at memorizing lines."

"Not many lines to memorize in a gay video," Bryan chuckled.  "Just a few oohs and ahhs is all."  We all laughed at Bryan's joke.  "But an ability to memorize lines should mean you can remember staging instructions so that's a good thing.  How comfortable are you with nudity.  And especially nudity with a lot of people around and having sex with all those people watching?"

"Can't say for sure since I've never done it before.  But my buddies and I used to skinny dip in one friend's back yard pool a lot when we were fifteen or sixteen and make jokes about each other and we had a couple of circle jerks so I guess I'm okay with it.  I've never sucked anyone in front of other people before but I guess if I'm enjoying it I won't care who else or what else is around."  Kirby smiled almost leeringly at Bryan.

Whether Bryan sensed my anxiousness or was anxious on his own I can't say.  But his next statement caught me off guard.  "Well, Kirby, why don't you stand up and take off your clothes for us so we can see what your body looks like.  You're very cute so looks sure won't be a problem."

Kirby seemed only the slightest bit nervous as he slowly rose, then sat back down to slip off his Nike's and socks.  Then standing again he unbuttoned the striped long sleeve band collar shirt he was wearing and neatly laid it over an arm of the chair in which he had been sitting.  His upper body was as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom.  A very faint line of wispy hairs that appeared almost as a dirty smudge under his arms was the only evidence of hair visible so far.  His nipples were almost the same color as the rest of his lightly tanned torso and were like small pinpoints punctuating his slightly defined chest which, in turn, accentuated his tapered waist.  Trembling fingers unbuttoned the fly of his 501's and parted the blue denim to reveal that he wasn't wearing any underwear.  A neat bush of dark hairs, crowned the juncture of his legs and stood out in stark relief to the pale band of skin that encircled his hips.  As he pushed the denim lower, a cleanly circumcised and pendulous cock, soft and warm looking, about five inches in length and average in bulk was revealed.  Bryan and I both gasped when his balls were revealed.  They were perfectly smooth but they were pendulous orbs that hung in there soft sac probably seven or eight inches and seemed bulky by comparison to the rest of the boys small frame.  My mouth was watering and I could see signs of arousal springing forth from Bryan.

Finally Kirby was totally nude and we had him turn around slowly so we could drink in the delicious sight of his small ass and the two firm, round buns with the deep cavern that separated them.  Again, no hair was visible, not even when he quite boldly bent forward to treat us to the sights within that nether region that I assumed few had been privileged to see.

I was the first to move toward Kirby.  Unbelievably, Bryan seemed rooted to his seat.  I walked slowly around Kirby, ventured to run my palm over the smooth hard flesh of his ass, to caress his chest and stomach, and finally to grasp his waking member and slowly stroke it to full erection.  Fully hard, it measured easily about eight inches and was as perfect as the rest of the boy's tremendous body.  It stood up straight, not arced or curved, but straight as a piece of pipe, perfectly round and of uniform thickness from root to tip, and capped by a plump helmet that was silky and spongy and displaying a generous eye which was already leaking its own substantial tear of desire.

While Kirby stood motionless, nervous but seeming to enjoy my ministrations, I was overcome by his beauty and my legs gave out of their own accord until I was on my knees in front of him, passionately mouthing his rock solid member as the boy emitted one groan after another and began to instinctively move his hips back and forth to meet my thrusts, each one impaling my face upon his prodigious cock.  My hands were grasping and squeezing his adorable buns and my fingers were finding their way deeper and deeper into that delectable crevice, exploring his secrets.

I felt a delightful warmth, a rough wetness encircle my own cock and glanced down as best I could without removing my mouth from the lightening rod that was entertaining it, and saw Bryan helping himself to my member.  The shock, the fulfillment of fantasy was so great that I'm amazed to this day that I didn't bite down on the fleshy tube in my mouth.  I paused momentarily to look up at Kirby and saw the lust written in the expression on his face.  I motioned to him to lay down where he could help himself to Bryan's burgeoning erection.  It wasn't a suggestion which he resisted or hesitated to follow.  We were quickly in a daisy chain, each satisfying our own hungers and each other's needs.

We were still busily engaged when a knock at the door announced the arrival of our next interview.  We invited Kirby to hang around and sent him into the bedroom to straighten himself up and put on one of the hotel robes hanging in the closet and then join us on the couch for the next interview.  We were excited by the prospect of having Kirby around for the evening when we could explore and enjoy each other for hours without interruption.

All in all, during the three days of interviews, we met and 'explored' twenty six absolutely gorgeous boys and tasted the nectar of their youth, including one boy who looked to be no more than fifteen but clearly proved his adult age and was still a virgin to gay sex up to the time of that interview.  Our film was a profound success with a cast of nine boys that set the industry on its ass trying to compete with us.  Over the course of a year, we made three more highly successful films and engaged all twenty six of our interview boys, all of whom became stars in their own right.

After the first film, Bryan 'retired' from gay videos and Kirby starred in the next two and then also 'retired'.  That was four years ago.  Today Bryan, Kirby and I live together as lovers in a somewhat strange three-way committed relationship.  I had to buy a special bed that could accommodate all three of us since none of us were willing to sleep apart from the other two, even for one night.  Although committed to each other, we do occasionally invite one of the other twenty five of 'our' boys to spend time with us.  We never have other relationships alone, but we do add the occasional fourth.

And it all started with a simple interview.