The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter One


This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

Chapter One ...


She screamed out in pain as the labor pains intensified. The baby's head had crowned and it was about to enter the world.

"One more push Miss Giovanni," the doctor says to her in Italian and she pushes hard and the baby comes sliding out. "It's a boy, a beautiful baby boy," he says to her and she smiles as he holds up the babe for her to see.

He slaps the babe's ass and he cries out his first sounds in his new world. He cuts the cord and hands the babe to the mother as he finishes up with the delivery.

"So what are you going to name him," Nurse Margaret asks in Italian.

"Giacobbe Gerrimia Giovianni," she answers back to her.

"Well he is the first baby born on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic," she says.

She cleans up the baby and takes his vital signs and then notices how the mother is quickly failing.

"Doctor we're loosing the mother," she says in a panic.

"I can't stop the bleeding Marge and she is hemorrhaging badly."

"Please nurse," she says pleading weakly in Italian. "Make sure my baby has a good home," she says and Margaret takes her hand and assures her he will. She passes on and the doctor frantically tries to revive her but it is futile. The nurse removes a necklace that is around the mother's neck and places it with the baby as the ship suddenly rocks from something striking it.

"My God Robert what was that," Margaret asks.

"It felt like we struck something or something struck us," he says finishing up the birth certificate. "Here put this and the death certificate with the baby," he instructs the nurse. "Let's get up deck and see what is going on," he says as he and Margaret, carrying the baby, head up to the upper deck.

Up on deck its utter chaos as crew and passengers panic to get lifeboats loaded and launched. The nurse looks at the scene and then the little baby and then rushes towards a lifeboat.

"This is only for the passengers Margaret," a young crewman says to her and then notices the little baby in her arms.

"The baby Michael he was just born not more than twenty minutes ago and his mother died giving birth," she says.

"Where is the father," he asks.

"She wasn't married," she tells him.

"See if one of the passengers will take him," Michael tells her.

She looks at the passengers who, dressed in their nightclothes and furs, are long faced by the tragic turn of events. Then a woman yells out and says with a voice booming in the night...

"Here nurse give the babe to me," she says.

"Thank you Mrs. Brown and here is his birth certificate and his mother's death certificate," she says handing the young baby to Molly Brown.

"I'll make sure he has a good home Margie," Mrs. Brown says taking the babe. "I'll make sure he has the best of everything my money can buy," she says tucking him inside her fur coat.

"God bless you Mrs. Brown and his name is on the birth certificate along with his parent's names," she shouts above the crying and shouting. "I put his mother's necklace around his neck for safe keeping," she shouts as the boat lowers down to the ice filled water.

The crew rows away quickly from the ship as it lifts further up out of the water and the screams are horrendous in the star filled night. The passengers on the lifeboats watch in horror as the mighty Titanic splits in two and slips quietly beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic taking with her hundreds of lives.

"What on earth are you going to do with some immigrant brat," a snobby lady asks. "My husband could have taken that brat's place," she says.

"Your husband is in his eighties and was dying," she retorts. "And besides how could you begrudge this little darling a life."

They drift along in the night as they await a ship to rescue them. The screams and crying of the people that were adrift in the icy water are silent now as the babe sleeps warm within Margaret's coat. Along about dawn they see the Carpathia sailing towards them. They are finally rescued and taken aboard and Margaret finds a bottle for the baby.

"What a beautiful little baby, is he yours," Captain Rostron asks.

"No his mother died giving birth and I took him from the nurse to save him."

"So what will you do with him now Mrs. Brown?"

"I will try to find him a home and if not then I will raise him myself. Could I impose on your nurse to examine him to make sure he is ok," she asks.

"Clara," the captain calls out and the nurse comes quickly over to him. "Would you take this baby down to the ship's infirmary and have him checked out please," he asks and she takes the baby from Mrs. Brown.

"Well Captain Rostron I have to check out my fellow passengers so if you would excuse me," and she extends her hand to him.

"Certainly Mrs. Brown," and he gingerly shakes her hand.

The ship docks in New York harbor and Margaret is busy helping other survivors when she is approached on the second day after the ship docks by a couple asking about the baby's mother.

"I'm sorry to tell you but she died giving birth to the baby. He is in the ships infirmary and from what I understand his father is unknown. The baby's birth certificate and the mother's death certificate are with him."

"May we see the baby and take him home with us? She was to stay with us until she could find a suitable job and housing," Mr. Giovanni says. "You see was my sister and we were expecting her to arrive here on the Titanic," he tells her.

"If you follow me I will take you to him," she says and leads them to the ship's infirmary.

The couple after giving identification takes the baby and leaves the ship giving Margaret their address. She kisses the baby goodbye and promises to establish a trust fund for him at a New York bank.

The date is now April 14th, 1930 and Giacobbe is now 18 and has graduated from high school. He goes now by the name of Jacob and is at home celebrating his eighteenth birthday.

"Happy birthday my son," says Jacob's uncle to him. "I have some important papers for you now that you are eighteen and able to handle the truth."

"What do you mean Papa?"

"It concerns your birth and parents Giacobbe," he says handing him his birth certificate and his mother's death certificate along with the necklace she wore.

He carefully reads them and tears come to his eyes as he realizes that his papa is not his father but his uncle.

"Papa you are not my father according to this paper," he says.

"Yes Giacobbe that's right. Your mamma died giving birth to you and a Mrs. Brown took you from the sinking ship Titanic to save your life."

"My mother and father were never married either were they," he asks bitterly.

"No Giacobbe. She shamed her family in Italy so she was coming to America to live with us. She lived in France when she found out she was pregnant to spare her family the shame of seeing her with child."

"And my father ...," he asks.

"He never knew she was pregnant. She just left without telling him. She never revealed his name to her family but she did to me in this letter. She asked that if anything should happen to her that I was to give it to you on your eighteenth birthday," he says handing him the letter.

My Dearest Child.

I hope you understand the reason I am writing you this letter. One I do not know if you are a boy or girl. Two if you are reading it I must be dead and you need to know the circumstances of your lineage. I want to wish you Happy Birthday my love one on your eighteenth birthday. I know you must be a fine young man or woman and would be very proud of you if I were there. I want you to know that you were conceived in love my love one and never forget that fact. I wanted you and would do anything to raise you and protect from the shame I brought upon you.


Now my child about your father. Your father name would have been yours if you had been a boy, Giacobbe Gerrimia Santinello. He is a land baron in Reggio in southern Italy. He never knew about you or that I was even pregnant my love. I brought shame to my family becoming pregnant outside of the marriage. I left as soon as I found out for France and stayed there until I could find passage aboard a ship to America to stay with my brother Adriano. I hope that you can forgive me for the deception but I needed to protect you as much as your father. He was married to another when you were conceived and we fell in love and he wanted to divorce his wife to marry me but I would not permit such a shame to befall his name.


So my love that is your family heritage and I pray that you do not hate me. I love you and pray that you turn out to be a fine young man or woman and seek your path and fortune in life.


Your loving mother,



"Papa you are my uncle," he asks.

"Yes my son but you have always been a son to me because your mamma could never have children for us."

"Well papa you will forever be my papa and she my mamma," he says hugging him. "I am leaving for school in September and I plan to keep that plan. Mrs. Brown's trust fund she set up for me has allowed me to go and she has provided me with amble money to spare despite these hard times we live in. I am going to travel a bit in my land of my ancestry and see if I can find a place for myself there. I want to seek out my family that remains there if any still is alive."

"I have a brother still alive there and a sister also that will be glad to put you up. Ah ... Giacobbe do you plan to look up your father now that you know who he is," he asks.

"I don't know papa but don't worry I will not reveal who I am to him if I do cross paths with him. I need to go to Yale first and get my education before I seek my place in the world."

"Well let's go out and be with your guests. Your friends will think you deserted them."

"Hey Jake where you been," Jeff asks coming up to him as soon as he comes back out into room.

"My papa and I were talking and besides are you my keeper now Jeff," he asks.

"No but I am your best friend and we are going to be going to college together," he tells him. "I have a special birthday present for you later my friend," he whispers to him making him smile.

Later that evening after the guests have left Jeff and Jacob are alone in Jacob's room.

"So what is this special birthday present you want to give me," Jacob asks looking around to see if he can see what it could be. "I don't see anything gift wrapped around here."

"I can't gift wrap this kind of present Jake," he says as he grabs him and kisses him hard and passionately. Jacob stands back in shock once Jeff releases him from his arms and looks at him.

"Jeff what was that ... are you ... God man tell me," he stammers.

"Jake I have loved you for years and I just needed to tell you now before I lost you. I don't care if you hate me for being a queer but I love you Jake," and he grabs him again and kisses him just as before.

"I don't hate you Jeff and I guess I love you also. I just never dared tell you because I was afraid that you would hate me," and he kisses him back passionately this time wrapping their arms tightly around each other.

"Will you make love to me Jake," he asks looking longingly into Jacob's eyes.

"I have never done this before have you Jeff?"

"No but we can learn together my love."

They slowly undress each other and then walk hand in hand to the bed as Jacob lies Jeff down on the bed. He climbs on top of him and stares into his eyes before he kisses him letting their tongues search out each others mouths.

"I love you Jeff and I promise to be gentle with you," he says looking into his eyes.

"I love you Jake and I want to give you my virginity and trust you to be gentle."

Jacob kneels between Jeff's spread legs and looks at his naked body upon the bed and then bends down and gently sucks on his nipple that is erect and hard. Jeff moans out in delight at the sensation it gives him as Jacob moves to the other one.

"Oh God Jake that is so erotic the feelings you give me," he says holding him to his breast. "Don't stop babe keep doing ...," but he is cut off as Jacob nibbles lightly on his nipple causing him to rise up in delight.

Jacob moves slowly down to Jeff's naval and runs his tongue around it before pushing into it making Jeff giggle slightly. He lifts up and looks at his erect cock now dripping with anticipation and he bends down and takes the head into his mouth.

"Oh fuck Jake that feels so good," Jeff says as he lifts his ass off the bed to give more of his cock to Jacob.

Jacob slowly swallows his cock and gags once it hits the back of his throat and he moves back some and sucks hard on it. He tries again and this time swallows once it hits the back and Jeff's cock slides down his throat without gagging him.

"Yeah Jake suck me babe," he moans.

Jacob slowly moves up and down on his cock paying special attention to the head each time he comes upon it.

"I'm close Jake to cumming," Jeff says thrashing around in ecstasy.

Jacob lifts off his cock and moves to his balls making Jeff moan out even more from the sensation. He sucks each one separately then both together before he goes back up to his cock. He slowly moves all the way down to his pubic hair and lingers there making a memory of his lover before sliding slowly back up. He does this several times and Jeff is quickly brought to the edge once again.

"God Jake I need to cum," he says and Jacob quickly starts to suck harder and faster now. "I'm going to shoot Jake," and he shoots his cum deep into his throat causing him to gag some. Jacob backs off some and Jeff shoots his cum into his mouth as Jacob swallows quickly tasting cum for the first time. He sucks until Jeff is spent and then lets his cock drop from his mouth.

"God Jeff that was some load you gave me," he says moving up to kiss him.

"My Lord what a feeling that was, it sure beats jerking off," he says as they kiss.

Jacob positions his cock to Jeff's asshole while they are kissing and slowly but firmly pushes in.

"Oh fuck stop," he yells out as Jacob puts his hand over his mouth to quiet him. "Give me a minute to get use to you in me," he says with tears in his eyes. "That fucking hurts like hell man," he says and Jacob again kisses him to divert his attention.

He finally relaxes and Jacob slowly starts to fuck him pushing in further each time until he bottoms out. He stops once he is all the way in to allow his new lover a chance to get use to the feeling.

"You alright Jeff," he asks after breaking their kiss.

"Yes Jake but God that first shove hurt like hell. It feels good now babe so go for it and take me for yours babe."

Jacob lifts up one his arms and slowly pulls out to just about all the way before pushing back in. He keeps this up until he finds his rhythm and they are fucking like lovers in passion and in love. He his thrusting hard and deep and Jeff meets his thrusts with pushes of his own for quite a while until they are both at the edge of their climax.

"Fuck Jake I'm going to cum again," he says and shoots his cum out onto his stomach causing his ass to constrict around Jacob's cock bringing him over his edge as well.

"I going to cum Jeff do you want me to shoot it in you," he asks and Jeff just nods yes.

He shoots his cum deep into his lover's ass with great thrusts that he cannot control now.

"Ah fuck babe this is so good," he moans as he shoots rope after rope of hot cum into his lover until he is spent and collapses onto his lover. "I love you Jeff and thank you for making my birthday so special babe."

"I love you Jacob and God that was the most awesome feeling I have ever had with you shooting your cum into me like that. I felt every shot you gave me and now I am yours my lover."

They kiss long and passionately until Jacob's cock shrinks and falls out of Jeff's ass. They fall asleep with Jacob holding Jeff tight against him and his arms wrapped around his lover.

The next morning they awake to a knock on the door telling them that they need to get up and get about their daily business. They kiss passionately before they dress and head to the bathroom to bathe.

"Good morning boys," Mamma says in greeting as they enter the kitchen hungry and anxious for breakfast. "So what do my boys have planned for today," she asks.

"I'm going down to purchase a ticket on the Europa, the German liner. I am going to Europe for a bit before I go to college."

"You didn't tell me that Jake," Jeff says sadly and in surprise at the news.

"I didn't decide until this morning Jeff and I thought you would come with me if you could."

"Damn Jake ... ah sorry Mrs. Giovanni," he says in total shock. "Of course I can go with you but I don't have enough money to purchase fare on a ship like the Europa Jake."

"I have enough and I thought we could work our way around Europe or something. I thought that we would first begin in France then go from there."

"Son is that wise with all the trouble that this madman is starting over there in Germany right now?"

"I won't be going there Mamma but mostly France and Italy. I want to meet my uncle and aunt over there."

The boys finish their breakfast and head out to the bank to withdraw some money for the passage to Italy. While in the bank they run into Mrs. Brown who is in there conducting business of her own.

"Jake look that is Mrs. Margaret Brown of the Denver browns. She was on the Titanic like you," Jeff says looking over at Mrs. Brown.

"My papa told me about how she saved me from certain death by taking me into her lifeboat with her. She is the one that set up this trust fund for me. I want to meet her and thank her for what she did for me Jeff, wait here while I go and speak to her," he tells Jeff.

Jacob walks over to where Mrs. Brown is conducting her business and waits for her to finish before approaching her.

"Excuse ma'am but I am Giacobbe Giovanni. I believe that you were the one that saved me from certain death aboard the Titanic."

"Well saints be preserved look at you and how handsome you turned out to be," she says taking him and giving him a strong hug and kiss on his cheek. "I never thought that I would ever see you again Giacobbe."

"Please ma'am call me Jacob that is the American version I use now. I just wanted to thank you for saving me from dying and for the trust fund you set up for me. I start Yale University in September to work on my business degree."

"Yale I would never have guessed and how are you going to pay for that expensive school young man," she asks.

"From my trust fund you set up for me ma'am."

"Nonsense, let me give it to you as your ah ... my God your eighteenth birthday. How fast time flies and now you are a man going off to college to prepare yourself for the world."

"You have done enough for me Mrs. Brown but thank you for the offer ma'am," he says.

"It's my pleasure and besides I have more money than I know what to do with young man," she says as Jeff walks up to Jacob.

"Mrs. Brown this is my best friend Jeffrey Sullivan. He is going to be going to Yale also in September."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jeffrey. Are you of the Boston Sullivan's," she asks.

"No ma'am I'm a nobody I am working my way through college," he tells her.

"Young man no human being is a nobody. Everyone has worth in God's world," she tells him. "Martin come over here please," she says to the bank president. "I want you to transfer the necessary funds to Yale to pay for the next four years for these two boys do you hear," she says.

"Of course Mrs. Brown," he says. "Young men I will need your names first so that I can have the funds transferred to your accounts at Yale," he tells the lads.

"Now boys you go off with Martin and he will make all the necessary arrangements. Jacob it was so nice to finally see you and how nice it is to see that you have turned out to be such a fine young man. It was a pleasure to meet you also Mr. Sullivan and remember that you are a somebody."

"Yes ma'am I will and thank you very much for what you have done for me."

"My pleasure Jeffrey just get good grades and I will be repaid in full," she says giving him a peck on the cheek. "Now give my best to your folks Jacob and do me proud at Yale," and she gives him a hug and kiss also.

"Thank you ma'am and you will certainly hear of me in the future," he tells her. "I am going to be a someone someday. We are going to purchase tickets today on the Europa for Italy so that I may look up my family there before we start school."

"I'll be on the Europa also for I have business in Italy and it would be a pleasure to sail with you again. That is as long as we don't have to change ships in the middle of the stream again," she says laughing.

"I agree and I need to finish here so that I can go down to get my tickets for Jeff and me," he says.

"I am heading down there so hurry up here and you can ride along in my car with me," she says.

They follow Martin and fill out the necessary papers for him to take care of Yale. They climb into the back of Mrs. Brown's luxury car, a 1930 Pierce Arrow limousine. They arrive at the docks and follow her to the ticket office for the Europa.


"Well good morning Mrs. Brown," the ticket agent says in greeting. "How may I help you this bright good morning?"


"I wish to purchase three first class tickets to Italy aboard the Europa," she says. "I want a stateroom for myself plus my staff and a stateroom for my boys here."


"I'm afraid we haven't twin beds available only doubles left," he says.


"Is sleeping in the same bed together a problem for you two," she asks looking at the boys.


"No ma'am we have done it before sleeping over each other's houses. We're best friends so we don't mind," Jacob says.


"I didn't think so. That'll be fine George a double for them is good."


He prepares the tickets and gives them to Mrs. Brown who hands the boy's to Jacob. They walk outside to the car and she extends a ride home to the boys.


"So tell me young men do you have tuxedos for this voyage as well as the necessary clothing to show your standing in society," she asks.


"No ma'am we are just regular guys and we don't even own a suit," Jacob says.


"Bert take me to Saks," she says.


They arrive at Saks and she takes them into Charles for outfitting for the cruise.

"Now Charles I want the best for my boys. I want two tuxedos and clothes for three changes per day. I also want semi-formal wear for five days as well as matching shoes to go with each outfit. I also want them to have nice watches to go with my social standing which is theirs also. If you can think of anything I might have forgotten please include it and post it to my account. Oh yes luggage, I would like all these things when finished to be packed in the appropriate trunks and shipped to this ship address by this date."

"Certainly Mrs. Brown," he says.

"Now boys you have a good time here with Charles and he will take good care of you. I will see you both on Saturday on board the ship," she says and hugs and kisses each before leaving.

"Very well boys if you will follow me," Charles says giving the boys a once over.

He leads them to a private dressing room and has them undress down to their undergarments. He takes Jacob's measurements and lingers a bit at his balls as he measures his inseam causing a slight erection. He then does the same to Jeff and gets a full erection from him and he doesn't say a word but also doesn't miss it either.

"Now let's see Jacob, you are fair skin with black hair and green eyes how unusual. Jeff you are the opposite with blond hair and blue eyes. You both are quite muscular and well endowed I can see by your bulges," he says making them both blush. "I could take care of those for you if you are so inclined," he says still kneeling in front of them.

They look at one another and shrug their shoulders and step forward for Charles to reach them. He reaches up and pulls down Jacob's underwear causing his manhood to spring to full erection. He swiftly takes it into his mouth and quickly starts to suck it. He goes all the way down to his pubes and then just as quickly up again to the head. He moves up and down for a while until he has Jacob to the edge.

"Hey man I'm going to cum," he says but Charles keeps sucking so he spews his cum down his throat. "Oh fuck keep sucking man I have more," he says and holds his head as he pumps his cock deep into his throat until he is spent. "God man thanks," he says pulling his softening cock from Charles's mouth.

"Your turn Jeff," Charles says and pulls down his drawers and gives him the same treatment.

"Oh fuck he's good at sucking cock," Jeff says pumping his cock quickly in and out of his mouth. It isn't long before he is also about to cum. "I'm going to cum man," and he too shoots his cum down Charles's throat moaning in delight as Jacob kisses him passionately until Jeff is spent.

"My that was good boys," Charles says getting up from the floor. "I had a feeling you two were lovers."

"How we don't act queer," Jacob says.

"A thing that men have that like other men we just know when someone is queer," he says to them. "Now here are some towels to wipe up with and then you can be on your way. I have all the necessary measurements and then some and I will see you on Thursday for a fitting a final alterations."

"Thanks Charles and really thanks for the special treatment guy. Can we offer you a return favor Chuck?" Jeff says.

"You just go on your way lads and thanks for the offer but I came twice in my pants doing you two."

They all laugh and make their way out and then out to the street.

"Man I could get use to this life of the rich," Jeff says.

"Well don't because we are just visiting and don't really belong in it yet," Jacob says. "Although someday I am going to be a big part of this lifestyle ... now let's find our way home," he says.

To be continued ...

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