The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Ten

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter nine...


Back at Mac's and Corey' apartment Corey has Jake undress and get on the bed stomach down. He complies with his wishes and undresses and gets on the bed as Corey handcuffs him to the headboard.

"What the fuck you doing," Jake yells and Corey stuffs his shorts into his mouth to shut him up.

"Just a little game I like to play with my men," he says whispering in Jake's ear. "Now relax and enjoy the ride," he tells him.

He undresses himself and breaks out the whips he has hidden in a drawer. He walks over to Jake and shows him the whips and Jake's eyes get as wide as a saucer.

"Mmmmmm," he is all he can say through the gag in his mouth as the whip comes down on his ass.

He jumps with pain and another strikes him again and he does the same as tears flow from his eyes. Several more times he endures the whipping until he feels Corey climb between his legs.

"Now my man get ready for the fuck of your life," he says and he shoves his cock full force into his ass.

Jake cries out as best as he can in pain with the gag in his mouth as Corey begins to aggressively fuck him. He is fucking him now more violently now and the sound of a gun being cocked breaks Corey' ecstasy.


Chapter Ten...

"What the fuck you doing here," Corey yells at Mac who is pointing Corey' service revolver at him. "Put that down and get the fuck out of here," he tells him and continues to fuck Jake.

"Not this time Corey," he says as he fires the gun and Corey falls on top of Jake.

"Mmmmmm," Jake yells through his gag and Mac comes over and pushes Corey off of him.

He looks around and sees the keys on the night stand. He unlocks the cuffs and pulls out the gag and Jake gets up as fast as he can.

"Mac what did you do," he asks.

"Just go home to Giovanni and say nothing to anyone," he tells him and Jake gets dressed quickly.

"He's still moving," Jake says looking at Corey lying on the floor," but Mac walks over and shoots him point blank in the back of his head.

"Not anymore he's not," he says. "Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and add you to the list of bodies.

Jake doesn't need to be told again as he hustles out of the bedroom and then the house.

He is going down the street when he hears another shot go off and he knows that Mac took his own life.

"Fuck why God," he says to himself as he walks hurriedly down the street. He reaches the main drag and summons a cab and he takes it to a block from his parent's house. He pays the cabby and walks the last block and sits on the porch and cries.

"Jake," says Giovanni who comes quickly out once he sees him sitting there. "Are you alright babe," he asks noticing the splatters of blood on his hair and neck. "Come inside and let me clean you up babe."

"He just walked in and shot him and when he didn't die he walked up to him and shot point blank in the back of the head babe. I was walking away when I heard another shot and I figured he must have taken his own life," and he cries again.

The next morning in the Daily News the headlines read how a city cop was killed and his fellow co-worker who had shot him had committed suicide also. A neighbor reported seeing a stranger leaving just before the shooting began but she couldn't identify the stranger.

"Giovanni we are getting the fuck out of this city," he says lying in bed beside him. "We are heading out to California and I am starting over in the wine business."

"That's fine babe and David said that he is willing to go with us also. He feels that he will never see his Claudio again."

"I want my parents to come also babe. This city is going to hell in a hand basket and I don't feel good about leaving them here. It's not like it was when I was a kid growing up babe. The city is filled with more crime now and the cops seem to be corrupt as well."

"I'll make arrangements with the airlines for us. When do you plan on leaving babe?"

"As soon as possible and I want you to arrange for hotel accommodations also."

They left the following day and arrived at three in the afternoon Pacific Time in Los Angeles. They hired a car and drove to their hotel and then they made arrangements with a realtor. The realtor agreed to meet with them the next day and they were excited to finally be able to get started on their new life.

"Good Morning Mr. Giovanni I'm Donald Simpson and when you mentioned that you wanted to see land for growing wine grapes in the Napa Valley I pulled out the parcels I had listed.

He showed them what he had and then Jake says arrange for me to see these please.

"If I like what I see I'll take them all," he says.

"The entire lot here," Donald asks.

"Yes sir the entire lot cash."

That afternoon they flew down to the Napa Valley by helicopter and Donald showed Jake and Giovanni the different parcels of land.

"I must tell you that someone else is interested in purchasing these as well," Donald tells them. "But seeing how you contacted me first you have first option on whatever parcel you want."

"Then that being said I'll take the lot of them Donald. Let's go back and draw up the necessary papers."

"I'll be able to close the deal by tomorrow morning Mr. Giovanni. If you would like to finance it you must have your arrangements made by then with the bank."

"I'll have a bank check for you if that is sufficient. Oh by the way I would prefer that you didn't mention my name to anyone about the sale. I wish to be anonymous with this deal."

"Very well sir and a bank draft is fine. Just make it out to Simpson Realty Incorporated if you would sir."

"May I inquire as to whom it was that wanted to purchase the property also," he asks.

"Let me see," he says sifting through some papers on his desk. "Oh yes here it is," he says. "A Mr. Pierre Silvestre," he says. "Do you know the man sir?"

"No I don't but I thought I might," he said thinking to himself that it might be Michel.

They shake hands the three of them and agree on ten o'clock the next morning to sign the papers.

"Why did you ask about the other person who wanted the land babe," Giovanni asks once they head back to their hotel.

"I just had a feeling that Michel was out here and may be behind it."

The next morning Jake stops at the bank and gets a draft for one hundred and thirty thousand dollars before heading over to the realtor's office.

"Good Morning gentlemen," Donald says greeting them when they arrive. "I have all the papers ready and waiting," he tells them.

They sign the papers and Jake hands Donald the check. Donald hands Jake the deeds and they shake hands.

"Thank you sir for allowing me to handle your affairs," Donald says. "Ah Mr. Giovanni, Mr. Silvestre stopped in later that afternoon and wanted to know if the land was still for sale. I told him that I had just sold the entire lot to a firm and that they requested to not be named."

"Thank you Donald and here is something for your trouble," and Jake hands him an envelope with five hundred dollars in it.

"Oh sir this is not necessary. I get a certain percentage as a salary sir."

"I know you do but please it's a gift from me for being so helpful. Also Donald could you recommend a good contractor," Jake asks.

"As a matter of fact I can sir. I just got his card and several clients of mine have used him and liked his work. Now where did I put it? Ah yes here it is... Mr. Justin Parker," and he hands Jake the card.

"Again Donald I owe you," he says.

Back at the hotel Jake tells his parents and David about the land he bought.

"I have just over three hundred acres and its prime for growing grapes papa. Now I have to set up a meeting with the contractor so if you excuse me papa," and he goes back to his room to make the call.

"Hello Justin Parker here," a strong voiced man says.

"Hello Mr. Parker I'm Jake Giovanni and I would like to come and speak to you about building me a house or two. I will also need a winery and some other buildings."

"Wow that's a tall order," he says. "How about this morning around eleven," he asks.

"That's fine with me Mr. Parker," he says.

"Hey lets get things off on a good note. My dad was Mr. Parker I'm just plain ole Justin," he says.

"And please call me Jake Justin," he says. "I'll see you at eleven at your office," he says.

"Good enough Jake ... later," and they hang up.

"I have an appointment at eleven with Justin. Do you want to come with me Giovanni," he asks.

"No babe I need to spend some time with Donatello. He is wearing your parents out and he misses Claudio.

Jake leaves and drives out to Justin's office early because he is still trying to find his way around. He arrives just before eleven and Justin is yelling into the telephone.

"And what the fuck am I suppose to do with the fucking houses I have already started," he asks to someone on the other end of the phone.

"I don't give a fuck if your wife is divorcing you I need your backing to sustain my business," he yells into the phone.

Jake knocks on the office door and Justin yells to come in.

"Justin," Jake asks not sure if he should bother him at the moment.

"Yeah that's me so what do you want," he says rather sharply.

"I'm Jake Giovanni and we spoke earlier this morning," he says.

"Oh shit I'm sorry man for my rudeness," he says getting up and coming around the desk to shake hands. "My business partner and I were just discussing some things and ... well I'm not going to bother you with that shit," he tells him.

"Justin I couldn't help overhearing your dilemma and I would like to talk with you about it."

"Well in all honesty Jake, Carl my finance officer is getting a divorce and he has filed chapter eleven. So unless you have a few million just lying around I'm going belly up pretty fucking soon."

"What are we talking about here for a business investment," he asks.

"Seriously Jake I'm talking a half a million bucks. I have twenty houses half built and no money to finish. I knew this might happen when I took him on as a partner but I needed the start up cash and he had it."

"What if I was to guarantee you that and more," he asked.

"I'd kiss you if you were serious," Justin says.

"I'm serious Justin and we can iron out the details with our lawyers," he says.

Justin grabs him and kisses him hard and long and their tongues fight for dominance as Justin offers his tongue to Jake.

"Justin man wow where did that come from," Jake asks.

"I'm so sorry Jake I did that," he says holding his head down. "I suppose you want out of our partnership now," he says.

"Justin are you gay," Jake asks.

"Would it matter if I was Jake?"

"Justin I am and have a lover also. So my friend are you gay Justin," he asks again.

"Yeah Jake I am. But I don't have a lover like you though. My Jeremy died in a car accident last year and I have been to busy to find another."

"How about you join us for dinner tonight and we can go over the specifics of this partnership," Jake asks.

"Sure Jake that sounds good to me. Just tell me where and when," he says.

They make the plans and shake on the new partnership. Justin meets them at their hotel bar at six and they have a few drinks before dinner.

"Hey Justin how you doing tonight my friend," Jake asks.

"Good Jake now that you lifted the world off my shoulders. I must tell you that I did do a small inquiry about you after you left today. Why didn't you tell me that you were that Giovanni of the Giovanni Wine empire buddy?"

"I just never gave it a thought and I'm glad you did a check on me instead of just taking me at my word. I would expect my partner to do some research before entering into any business agreement," he tells him. "I also ran you and your business through the gambit also and I am quite impressed."

"Well here's to Giovanni and Parker Industries Incorporated," Justin says holding up his drink.

"Justin if you don't mind could we name our new enterprise P and G Enterprises instead of using our last names. I would rather not have my name in print," he says and then explains about Michel to him.

"That's no problem for me Jake besides this Michel sounds like a real asshole," he says as David and Giovanni join him.

"Hey babe," Jake says to Giovanni as he and David take a seat.

David ends up sitting beside Justin and Jake introduces them.

"Justin this is my lover Giovanni and our dearest friend David."

"It's a pleasure to meet you guys," he says and lingers on David's eyes. "You have the deepest green eyes I have ever seen David," he says and David blushes.

"Why thank you Justin," he says smiling warmly at him.

"So now guys here's the deal that Justin and I have decided on. The name of the company is P and G Enterprises Incorporated. Instead of going into the wine business we are going into the real estate business. Soldiers have returned home and are now looking for homes and we have the land to build on. Justin has got twenty houses already started and those are sold already."

Jake continues to expand on their ideas for building inexpensive houses that the average family can afford. By the end of the evening the four are like old friends. So much booze has flowed that Justin can barely stand never mind drive back to his house.

"I think I'll see if I can get a room for the night," he slurs but as he gets up he falls back and leans against David.

"God you have such beautiful eyes handsome," he says looking up at David.

"Justin you're drunk and don't know what you are saying," David says smiling.

"I may be drunk but I do know what I'm saying gorgeous and you are one good looking man."

"Well thank you Justin," he says and before he knows it Justin pulls him to him and he kisses him passionately right there in the bar.

"Man what a kisser you are also," Justin says.

"Keep that up and I'll just take you back up to my room for the night," David says looking amorously into his eyes.

"Let me kiss you again handsome and I'll go to the moon and back with you."

"Well I guess you have a roommate for the night Davy boy," Jake says once they break their kiss.

"Come on stud and let's see what you got," Justin says. "You are a bottom I hope but if not I will learn to be one just for you baby,"

"Let's concentrate on getting you upstairs first and then see where things lead," David says.

The three help Justin up and they clumsily walk him to the elevator as Justin keeps whispering sweet romantic sayings into David's ear.

"We'll see you in the morning David," Giovanni and Jake say to him.

"I hope so guys," he muses and helps Justin into his room.

"He is a nice guy but he sure can't hold his liquor," Giovanni says.

"I feel sorry for David because he hasn't had sex for over a year," Jake says.

"Now Justin how about a shower to help sober you up some," David says.

"You going to join me baby doll," he asks as he kisses him passionately.

"Well someone has to hold you up so that you don't hit your head," David tells him as he helps him undress.

He undresses him and is shocked by the size of his cock. It has to be ten inches if it's an inch he thinks to himself. He sits him on the bed and undresses himself and puts their clothes on a chair.

"Man what a sweet ass you have David," he says patting it softly.

"Come on stud let's get you into the shower," he says helping him into the bathroom.

David adjusts the shower and helps him in and gets in right behind him. Justin lets the water run over his head as David washes his back and ass. He turns him around and slowly washes his chest and shows special attention to his nipples.

"God babe that feels erotic," Justin says as he tilts his head back and closes his eyes.

David rinses off the soap and slowly sucks on each nipple and he nibbles a bit on each one as well.

"Fuck David you know how to turn on a man," he says holding David's head to his breast.

He takes the soap and then washes his cock and it firms up and grows twice as fat. He gently washes his balls and Justin just coos as he enjoys the attention.

"Stop David please," he says pushing him away. "I know about Michel and I don't want to be your rebound," he says all of a sudden. "I lost my lover of eleven years last year in a car accident and I am vulnerable right now and looking for more than a one night stand," he says.

David stands up and looks directly into his eyes and they kiss hard and deep as David holds him tightly to him.

"I'm not looking for a one nighter either Justin. I want a man that will love me for me and me alone. I have been cheated on and beaten and now I want a man that will tenderly love me. I know that we just met but I am a good judge of character especially on first meeting. I like you and what I have seen tonight of you I must say you are well on your way to having a man for keeps. If I am someone that you can love and be devoted to me alone then I will make you that happiest man alive. If not then lets finish this shower and get you to bed and I will sleep on the sofa. So you decide Justin as to which path you will take."

Justin just stares into David's eyes and he smiles a smile that says it all. He takes David into his arms and pulls him to him with the passion David is seeking.

"David I know from Jake that you are a man of the world and that you have had some bad breaks in the love department with that shithead Michel. I am just an ordinary man David and not a worldly one either but I promise you that I am a faithful one. I will love you and make you happy as long as I live David. All I ask in return is the same. That I be your only man and that you love me as I love you."

With that said they kiss and Justin drops to his knees and he takes David's cock into his mouth. He slowly devours it as David holds his new lover with his hands.

"Justin take me but not here," David says to him.

He gets up and they get out of the shower. They dry each other off and walk arm and arm into the bedroom and kiss before Justin lies David down on the bed.

"David may I make love to you please," he asks before he just assumes and gets into bed.

"I would be honored lover to be your bottom," he says holding up his arms to him.

He climbs into bed and gets on top of his new lover and they stare into each other's eyes. He lowers his lips down and softly kisses him with such passion as David wraps his arms around him tightly.

"Take me lover and make me yours," he says to Justin once they break their kiss.

Justin sits up and lifts David's legs and places them on his shoulders as he lowers his mouth down to his cock. He swallows his cock all the way down his throat and lingers in his bush and smells his man's scent. He slowly ascends his cock and then goes back down just as slow and David moans out in ecstasy.

"Mmmmmm," is all he manages to says as Justin makes love to his cock and soon he is at the edge. "Babe I'm so close to cumming," he tells him but he just continues to suck.

He sucks harder and faster while playing with his balls and soon he shouts out his pleasure.

"Oh fuck Justin I'm cumming," he howls and he shoots his cum down into his throat.

David shoots his cum more and more as Justin sucks him hard and fast until he is spent. Justin moves up to his lover's mouth and they kiss soft and tenderly as David positions Justin's cock to his ass. Justin slowly but firmly pushes in his hard cock and the two of them sigh as he bottoms.

"Fuck me lover and make me your own," David says softly to him and Justin lifts up with his arms and slowly pulls almost out and quickly pushes back in. He fucks him more quickly and they soon find their rhythm and they move as one as they ride to their climax. They make love for quite awhile until David is close again to his climax and he quickly moves over the edge.

"Fuck me lover hard, deep and fast," he moans out in utter delight and Justin picks up his speed.

He pounds his ass like a stallion in heat and David yells out as he cums. He shoots his seed again as he pulls Justin down for a kiss and Justin soon reaches his own climax.

"I'm cumming lover," and he shoots his seed deep into David's ass. He pounds his ass as he shoots his cum and he looses control and is at the mercy of his rhythm. "Fuck my cock babe," he yells as he shoots more and more cum and David meets every thrust with one of his own. They move in sync until they both are spent and Justin collapses on David.

"My God babe what a ride you gave me," and he kisses him long and passionately. "I think I am falling in love with you David," he says as the two roll to their sides with Justin still in him.

"Please leave it in me Justin it feels so at home there," David says as the two just cuddle and ride out their afterglow.

In the next room Jake and Giovanni just finished their love making and are drifting off to sleep.

"I love you my sweetheart," Giovanni says looking over his shoulder at Jake.

"I love you more lover," and he kisses the back of his head. "Pleasant dreams babe," and they drift off to sleep.

They are all sleeping sound and around three a.m. there comes a bang on the door.

"Fire!" someone is shouting and banging on the doors. "Fire get up and get out!" they shout.

"Giovanni wake up the hotel is on fire," Jake yells jumping out of bed.

He grabs his clothes and throws them on quickly and he hears the sounds of screaming outside in the hall.

"Babe make sure that David and Justin are up," Giovanni says as he quickly gets dressed. "I'll get your mom, dad and Donatello up."

Jake runs out into the hall and the smoke is quite thick. He feels his way to David's room and bangs on the door. They open up and rush out fully dressed and follow Jake back to his parent's room. Giovanni is holding Donatello and Jake is helping his mamma and papa.

"Don't take the elevator," someone shouts as people crowd onto the elevator and refuse to get off.

"This way to the stairs," the man says motioning to the people to follow him to the stairs.

He opens the doors and the flames burst out into the hall. People scream in pain as they catch fire and run in shock while others just panic and run.

"Jake what do we do," Giovanni asks petrified with fear.

"This way everyone I remember a service stairway at the other end of the hall," he shouts but his papa falls to the floor.

"Giacobbe your papa," his mamma shouts and he helps him stand covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

Jake feels the door and the door is hot telling him that fire is on the other side.

"The door's hot so we can't go that way either. Follow me over here into the utility elevator," Jake says. "I know we shouldn't use an elevator but we are on the tenth floor and jumping is not an option. As long as we don't push any other buttons but the ground floor we should be all right," he tells them.

He pushes the button for the elevator and a few minutes later the door opens. No heat or smoke is coming from the shaft so they get in and push the ground floor button.

"Everyone stand back against the wall in case the door opens and flames should shoot in. I'll push the button for closing and hopefully we should arrive in the lobby."

They elevator begins its dissension towards the ground floor and the temperature is climbing as they descend closer to the lobby.

"The heat is getting unbearable in here," mamma says looking at papa who is turning very pale.

The elevator stops on the second floor and they freeze as the doors start to open....

To be continued...

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