The Legacy! By

J. J. Michaels

Chapter Eleven

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter ten...

"The door's hot so we can't go that way either.  Follow me over here into the utility elevator," Jake says.  "I know we shouldn't use an elevator but we are on the tenth floor and jumping is not an option.  As long as we don't push any other buttons but the ground floor we should be all right," he tells them.

He pushes the button for the elevator and a few minutes later the door opens.  No heat or smoke is coming from the shaft so they get in and push the ground floor button.

"Everyone stand back against the wall in case the door opens and flames should shoot in.  I'll push the button for closing and hopefully we should arrive in the lobby."

The elevator begins its dissension towards the ground floor and the temperature is climbing as they descend closer to the lobby.

"The heat is getting unbearable in here," mamma says looking at papa who is turning very pale.

The elevator stops on the second floor and they freeze as the doors start to open....

Chapter Eleven...

The doors open and there are no flames or smoke but the elevator begins to shake violently.

"Quick everyone off," Jake yells pushing them out the door.

He leaps from the compartment just as the elevator drops out of sight hitting his leg as it falls and crashes to the basement floor.

"Is everyone alright," Jake asks and gets up but his leg pains him badly and he falls again to the floor realizing he broke it when the elevator hit him.

"Babe what's the matter," Giovanni asks helping him to stand and supporting his weight on him.

"I think I broke my leg when the elevator hit it," he says.

"I can help you daddy," Donatello says as he puts his small arm around Jake's waist.

"Thank you son but could you help nonno he's very weak," Jake says and he goes over to his grandpa.

"Here nonno I can help you walk," he tells him.

"That's my boy," he says and forces a smile for him.

They are walking towards the staircase as firemen come into the hallway.

"Folks this way," a fireman yells rushing towards them.  "This is the only safe way out," he tells them and he helps Jake walk.

"No please help my father he is old and I'm afraid his heart is bothering him.

Another fireman helps his father and they finally make it out of the hotel.  They stand on the sidewalk across the street from the hotel and the entire top floors of the hotel are completely engulfed in flames.

"My God Jake we did the right thing taking that elevator down to the second floor or we would have been killed," Justin says.  "I hope that all those people got out safely," he says.

The ambulance takes Jake and his father to the hospital.  His leg gets set and they keep his papa for observation for a day or two.  Jake is beside himself as he hears the news reports of the death toll.  The estimate of lives lost so far has hit one hundred and sixty three.

"There has got to be a safer way to alert people than banging on doors and yelling fire," he says.

"I was reading a while back about sprinkler systems that go off when the heat reaches a certain temperature," Justin says.

"That's fine if there is heat from flames but what if there is smoke," he asks.  "I know the technology is out there for smoke detection," he says.  "I want it in every house we build and I am going to look into whether or not the owner of this hotel is going to rebuild," he says.  "Justin if not I want you to purchase the property under our company name.  We are going to build the best damn hotel and safest that California has ever seen," Jake says.


Michel and Claudio take the first train out of Grand Central Station and head out to California.  Michel has changed his name to Pierre Silvestre and Claudio is now Jean-Paul. 

"Daddy why isn't my other dad coming with us," Jean-Paul asks with tears in his eyes.

"He didn't want to son and said he didn't love us anymore. He told me to move on without him.  We will be fine my son now no more about him ok," he says.

"Ok daddy," he says but he knows that his dad is lying to him.  "Someday I'll find you dad I promise," he thinks to himself.

Several days later they arrive in San Francisco and they get a room at a local hotel.  That evening with Jean-Paul in bed he goes downstairs to the hotel bar and finds a friendly game of poker going on.  He asks to take a seat and he is invited into the game.  As the evening progresses he is winning like never before and his winnings are mounting up.  As they deal out the last hand of the evening he can't believe his luck as he sees a royal flush staring at him.

"I'll raise you gentlemen three thousand dollars," he says looking at them with no emotion on his face.

"That's to rich for me," several guys say and toss in their cards.  "We'll see you gentlemen," they say getting up to leave.

"I'll see you and raise you another ten grand," a young man says.

"I'll tell you what my young friend, I'll see you and put the rest of my winnings in also," he says looking him straight in the eyes.

"Well sir I think you are bluffing but if you will accept the deed to this here hotel I'll see you," he says tossing the deed on the pot.

"And how do I know you are the owner of this hotel," Pierre says.

"Carl," the man says to the barkeep.

"Yes Mr. Powers what can I do for you," he asks.

"Would you please tell this man just who I am please?"

"Why you are the owner of the Pride of San Francisco," Carl says.

"Well then with that being said I accept my friend.  So what have you got," he says.

"Three aces and two kings," the young man says and starts to reach for the pot.

"Just one minute my friend I think that a royal flush still beats a full house," and he tosses the hand down.

"What the fuck," he says staring at the cards as Pierre pulls the money and deed towards him.

The guys that stayed to watch the outcome bid each other goodnight and leave the two men sitting there.

"May I ask your name sir," the man as asks.

"Certainly it's Pierre Silvestre," he says offering him his hand.

"Darnel Powers," he says shaking it.  "Where did you ever learn to play poker like that," he asks.

"Never played it before in my life Darnel," he tells him.  "Just a bit of beginners luck I guess.  Now if you will excuse me I have a son upstairs that I must check on," he says getting up.

"You're married Pierre," Darnel asks.

"Well it's a long and complicated story and not your conventional marriage," he says.

"Gay huh," Darnel blurts out.

"What would make you say that," he asks.

"I kind of thought you might be by the way you watched all the pretty boys coming and going this evening.  Don't worry Pierre your secret is safe with me.  I am also and I have this uncanny knack for seeing it in others," he tells him.

"Well Darnel may I invite you up to my room for some fun and games," Pierre asks.

"You could but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll accept," he says.  "Just because you own my hotel now doesn't mean that I come with it also."

"I didn't mean to imply that Darnel," he says apologetically.

"Maybe once we get to know one another better," he says, "and besides you don't own this hotel until I officially sign it over to you."

"Oh I see how you work here," he says almost threatening.  "Now what do I have to do to get you to sign it over," he asks.

"Nothing my friend I am a man of my word and I'll see you in the morning.  We can go over to the registrar of deeds office and have it formally registered."

"My apologies Darnel for taking you to be a... well my apologies."

"Accepted and I will see you at nine a.m. sharp Darnel."

They bid each other goodnight and Pierre watches Darnel as he walks away.

"Man what an ass that man has," he says to himself.  "I have got to make that ass mine," he says.

The next morning the men meet in the hotel restaurant and have breakfast along with Jean-Paul before going over to the registrar's office.

"Are you going to be my new daddy," Jean-Paul asks, "or just another uncle?"

"Jean-Paul that was not called for," Pierre says and he hits the kid behind the head.

"Out of the mouth of babes," Darnel says.  "Are you always so violent or is it just towards kids?"

"Never and he should not have said such a thing," he says fuming inside.

They finish their breakfast and Darnel can't help but watch the young boy.  He is pouting over being slapped in public and especially in front of Darnel.  They register the deed and shake hands as they say their goodbyes outside the courthouse.

"Won't you come back up to my room Darnel?  I can have someone watch Jean-Paul while we celebrate the transfer."

"I'd rather not at the moment Pierre," he says almost bitterly. "I have much to do and besides the jury is still out on you."

"And just what is that suppose to mean," he says.

"Nothing Pierre I am not interested yet in any sexual liaison with you or anyone else."

"I see it's the hitting thing this morning isn't it," he asks.  "I've been judged and found guilty then hung out to dry," he says. "Well fine then have it your way Darnel, lets go Jean-Paul," he says grabbing the boys hand roughly and pulling him down the street.

"God that man has a mean streak about him," Darnel says watching him as he pulls the kid making him run to keep from falling.

They turn the corner and Pierre stoops down and grabs Jean-Paul by the shoulders.

"If you ever make a remark like you did earlier I will beat you so badly that you will wish you never met," he says and slaps the boy's face.

"I already do," he says to himself.  "Daddy please find me soon," he says again to himself.

They get back to the hotel and he starts to immediately make changes and the employees aren't happy about many of them.  The evening comes and Pierre is going up to his room when he sees Darnel heading towards the banquet room.  He gets off the elevator and follows him into the banquet room and he goes into a private room just off of it to the right of the bar.  The brass plate on the door says Bridal Party Room and he looks in the partially opened door.  He pulls down the Murphy bed from the wall and undresses.  He strips down completely and gets into bed and after several minutes he is fast asleep.

"God what a sweet ass you have Darnel," Pierre says to himself still watching Darnel.

He watches Darnel for several minutes and finally he is convinced he sleeping.  He slips into the room and quietly undresses.  He then approaches the sleeping Darnel and slips in beside him and Darnel jumps awake with a start.

"What are you doing in here Pierre," he asks.

"Well I do own this hotel and you are in my bridal suite," he says.  "I might ask you the same thing seeing you are trespassing because you are neither a bride nor a groom."

"This has been my room for as long as I have own this hotel," he says turning to face Pierre.  "I would appreciate you leaving me alone now," he says.

"I could have you arrested for trespassing also but I am sure we could work something out," he says as he pulls him close and gives him a hard long kiss.

"I don't think so mister," he says and he slaps Pierre's face hard.

"Why you little slut," he says and hits him hard in the face.  "You are going to give me a piece of that sweet little ass of yours or else," he says turning him over on his stomach.

"Over my dead body I am," and he bucks him off of him and onto the floor.

Pierre gets up and he is furious.  He grabs Darnel by the hair and starts to beat the daylights out of him.  His face is badly cut up and he is punching and kicking him in his ribs when Carl comes in and hits him over the head with a baseball bat.  Pierre drops to the floor and Carl goes over to Darnel who is barely conscious.

"Call me an ambulance Carl please," Darnel says then passes out.

Carl runs for a phone and calls for an ambulance and it arrives within fifteen minutes along with the police.

"What is going on here," a burly police officer asks of Carl as he follows the ambulance attendants in.

Carl explains what happened as they work on Darnel and Pierre.

"I'm afraid we have lost this one," the attendant says covering Pierre's face. 

"This one is still alive," the other attendant says.

They quickly take Darnel to the hospital and he is placed in ICU.  He is still unconscious but stable and Carl is at the police

headquarters facing interrogation.  Jean-Paul awakens and finds his room dark and no Pierre around.  He dresses and goes down to the lobby to look for him.

"Have you seen my daddy," he asks the desk clerk.

The desk clerk just looks at him and is not sure as to what he should tell him.

"Let me get someone for you Jean-Paul," he says and disappears into the back room.

A moment later the head clerk came out and took him into his office.

"Jean-Paul I hate to be the one to tell you this but your dad is dead son.  He was in a fight and was so badly injured that he died."

"So what happens to me now sir," he asks about to cry.

"Do you have any other family around son," he asks him.

"I have a grandma and grandpa but they are in New York," he tells him.

"Well for the time being we will keep you with us until we can reach your family.  Have you eaten tonight son," the clerk asks.

"I did at lunch but I took my nap and just woke up sir.  I am hungry and could eat something if I could."

"Well with your dad dead now this hotel is yours.  So how does it feel to own a hotel son," he asks him.

"I know one thing I am not like my dad was I like people," he says. 

"Well someone will help you until you are old enough to take over for yourself Jean-Paul."

"Would you call me Claudio please," he asks.

"Why Claudio," the clerk asks.

"Well that was my real name before my dad changed it.  He told me that we needed to have new names now.  So I want to use my real name from now on."

"Ok son Claudio it is," the clerk says making a mental note of it.

The clerk took him over to the restaurant and made sure he had a good meal.  He called the hospital to check on Darnel and was told that he was moved out of ICU.  Carl was released pending further investigation and told not to leave town.  The days past and Darnel improved enough and was allowed to come home.

"Welcome back sir," Carl says as he walks into the lobby. 

"Hello sir," a smiling Claudio says.  "I hope that you are much better and that you don't hate me for what my daddy did to you."

"Oh Jean-Paul I could never hate a beautiful young man like you.  I'm so sorry that you are all alone now though."

"I'm not alone I have you and Uncle Carl to watch over me.  That is if you don't mind having me for a son that is."

"How about we sit and talk about that a bit later son.  I need to rest a bit before I make a big decision like that ok," Darnel says patting Claudio's head.

"Oh by the way I'm Claudio now and not Jean-Paul anymore.  Claudio is my real name and my dad made me change it."

"Well Claudio we can have a talk later over dinner ok son," Darnel says.

Later that evening Darnel and Claudio are having dinner and once they finish Darnel decides it's time to have a chat.

"So tell me Claudio what was your dad's real name before he changed it?"

"Michel something French," he tells him.  "I never heard it so I don't remember it sir."

"You do know that this hotel is now yours Claudio because you are his only surviving heir," Darnel tells him.

"Will you help me run it sir because I don't know how to run a hotel," he says.

"Do you want me to Claudio?"

"Yes sir `cause I don't know nothing about running a hotel."

"Well let's see if we can find any of your relatives first ok Claudio," Darnel asks.

"Sir," and he pauses, "I do have another daddy but this one took me away from him and we left him in New York."

"Claudio we both know that I am gay and we need to keep it a secret ok son," he tells him.

"I kept both my dads secret so I guess I can keep yours also.  So does this mean you are going to be my daddy now?"

"Let's just say I am until I can find your other dad ok," he tells him.

"That's fine with me... daddy," Claudio says and he gets up and gives him a big hug and kiss.  "I promise that I won't do anything to make you hit me either daddy."

"Oh Claudio I will never hit you like your dad did.  He was such a brute and I am not like that son.  Why don't you finish your desert and while I go talk to Carl.  I promise I'll be right back son," and he kisses the top of his head before he leaves.

"Carl I want you to do me a favor.  I want you to get a telegram to New York City police and ask them to look up a family for me.  I will get the name of them once Claudio finishes his desert."

He goes back to the restaurant and sits with Claudio who just about finished.

"Claudio did you have any other relatives like grandparents in New York," he asks.

"I had my grandpa and grandma there.  Their last name was Giovanni and the lived in Brooklyn.  My Uncle Jake and Uncle Giovanni both lived there also."

"Were your uncles gay also son," he asks.

"Ah I shouldn't tell you if they were or not because secrets are secrets."

"It's ok son I don't want you to betray a trust."

Darnel gave Carl the information and he left to send the telegram to his friend in the New York police department.  Darnel brought Claudio upstairs and tucked him into bed for the night and had a small talk with him before saying goodnight.

"Claudio I had Carl send a telegram to New York to have the police look for your uncles and grandparents," he tells him.  "If they are there they will notify them that you are here in California and can come for you."

"You did that for me daddy," he says giving him a big hug.  I know you will like my daddy because he is kind and handsome too."

"Well if he is anything like you son I'm sure I will like him just fine.  I hope we can find them for you son because there is nothing like family," he tells him and gives him a hug and kiss goodnight.  "Now sweet dreams my prince and I'll see you in the morning my love."

"Goodnight daddy I love you," he says.

"I love you also sweet prince," he says with tears in his eyes.

Downstairs later once he is asleep Darnel and Carl talk.

"I just got a reply back from Sean and he said that the family we enquired about has moved and there is no forwarding address."

"I was afraid of that Carl.  Well I guess I'm a daddy now," he says.  "I just hope that I can be a good one for my little prince."

"You'll make a great one and besides he'll have his Uncle Carl to help out also."

The charges were dropped against Carl because it was self defense.  All hope of finding Claudio's relatives was finally dropped and he adjusted well to his new dad and life in a hotel.  He grew up strong and turned out to be a handsome young man of six foot two with coal black hair and eyes.  He has just finished high school and he is off to school at U.C.L.A.  He has amassed a fortune in the hotel business.  With Darnel's help he bought several other hotels and updated them to make them all five star hotels.  His net worth was now over ten million dollars.


Jake and Giovanni along with David and Justin have built a vast real estate empire of their own.  David talked Jake into rebuilding his wine business and he is once again a leader in the wine industry.  Jake gave David and Justin the real estate end and he concentrated on the wine business.  Donatello has grown but is five eleven and a very handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes.  He also has just graduated and is heading to U.C.L.A.  Justin has been dead from a heart attack now for three years and David is still hopeful that one day he'll fine Claudio.  Jake's mamma and papa are both dead also and he still misses them.  The year is 1958 and the Donatello is getting ready to go off to school.

"Dad I am old enough to drive myself to college," he tells his dad.  "I have my room already and I have a phone installed in it as well.  I promise I'll call you as soon as I get there."

"Well you know how I worry son," Giovanni says.

"I know dad but I am a grown man now."

"That's right Gio so let him go and stop babying him," Jake says.  "Have you enough money son to get you along until you set up a bank account," he asks.

"Yeah dad and thanks I'll be fine I have to go if I am going to get there before dark."

They give him kisses and hugs and send him on his way.

He drives off waving until they are out of sight and arrives at school just before dark.  He finds his dorm and is unloading his things when a fellow student offers to help.

"Hey my name is Jean-Paul," he says offering him his hand.

"Hi I'm Donny," he says shaking his hand.

"So what room do you have," Jean-Paul asks.

"Let me see I have it written down here... ah yes 304," he tells him.

"No shit then we're roomies," he says.

"You serious you're 304 also?"

"Yeah so let's get your stuff up there and get to know one another," he says.  "They have a freight elevator we can use but only for moving in and out."

They get his stuff moved in and Jean-Paul sits on his bed and watches Donny unpack.

"You know there is something about you familiar that I can't put my finger on," he tells him.

"I thought the same thing when I saw you earlier also."

"So where you from," Jean-Paul asks.

"Napa Valley you," he says.

"San Francisco," he tells him. "Hey you hungry," he asks.

"Nah not really my dad made a great meal before I left and I really want to get unpacked," he tells him.

"Well I'm starved so I'll catch you later roomy," and he leaves.

Donatello finishes unpacking and he decides to take a shower.  He is just finishing when Jean-Paul comes back.  Jean-Paul hears the water running and decides to get ready for bed.  He is undressing and almost naked when Donatello comes into the room naked.

"Oh sorry man I didn't know you where back," he says watching him taking off his undershorts. 

He notices how well endowed he is but averts his eyes when he looks up.  He walks over to his dresser and he bends over to take out a pair of boxers.

"What a hot little ass this guy has," he thinks to himself.  "So you always walk around naked," Jean-Paul asks.

"At home I do but I will respect your feelings and wear some boxers when you are around," he tells him.

"You don't have to worry about me man, I usually walk around naked myself at home too."

With that said they both remove their boxers and for a moment they are quiet.  They stare at one another's manhood but in a nonchalant way.

"Much better," Donny says as he stretches out on his bed.

"Yeah man much better," says Jean-Paul.

"Are you ...," but he is interrupted by Donny.

"Yeah I am and are you," Jean-Paul replies.

Jean-Paul gets up and comes over to Donny' bed and for a moment he just looks down at him.  Donny gives him a smile and he climbs on top of him and their mouths meet in the most romantic and passionate kiss. 

"Man you sure can kiss," Donny says.

"Donny I don't want to be to forward here," Jean-Paul says. "I have never been with a man before," he tells him.

"Neither have I Jean-Paul," he says.  "So I guess we learn together don't we," he says and they kiss again.

"I have a confession to make Donny," he tells him.  "I want to start off on the right foot with you.  My real name is Claudio and not Jean-Paul," he says and Donny' face freezes as he hears him tell him.

"Claudio was your dad's name Michel," he asks.

"Why yes but he died when I was six," he tells him.  "How did you know that?"

"Claudio my full name is Donatello Giovanni," he says. 

They stare at each other and the tears start to flow.  They hug each other tight and cry.

"I've dreamt of this moment for so long Claudio," Donatello says.  "Your dad David never gave up hope of finding you some day."

"Is he still alive Donny?"

"Yes and still alone.  He had a lover for many years but he died of a heart attack three years ago."

"Michel was killed trying to kill my present dad.  He raised me after trying to locate my relatives back in New York."

"We moved out here to California shortly after Michel took you.  David was so distraught and for the longest time he had police and private detectives looking for you."

"I can't wait to see him again," he says.  "I always knew I would see him again someday.  God Donny I missed you so much growing up and now here you are..."

Suddenly they are aware that they were about to have sex with one another.

"Donny if you don't mind could we just snuggle tonight.  I would like to get to know you again before we become lovers."

"I was thinking the same thing Claudio."

They snuggle into the spooning position with Claudio holding Donatello to him.

"Goodnight bro," Claudio whispers in his ear.

"Goodnight my love," Donny says back over his shoulder.

To be continued...

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