The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Three

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter two ...

"Jake you will keep this secret a secret do you understand me.  I will see you ruined if you ever divulge what was said here today am I clear," she asks sharply.

"Believe me I will never divulge this kind of secret for it alone will make me the laughing stock of society and ruin me.  Goodbye Molly and you also Giacobbe.  I hope you don't ever regret the choice you made today."

He turns and walks from the room and slams the door behind him.  Jacob is in tears as Jeff takes him in his arms and tries to quiet him.

"Jacob I will set you up in business once you graduate and you also Jeff.  Just do me proud and get superb grades.  I want him to regret this day that he made his choice."

She gives them both a kiss and they walk her to the door.

"I'll have the steward send dinner up for the two of you.  But tomorrow you will join me as if nothing has happened and we will make our ties that bind with society.  Now good night my loves and I will see you at nine a.m. sharp."

"My Lord Jacob I would never have the nerve to stand my ground as you did," David says coming into the room. "I'm so sorry that it cost you your father," he says hugging him tightly.  "And to refer to you as his whore I would have died a million deaths had it been me," and he hugs Jeff also.

"Thanks David but it makes me more determined than ever to succeed and make him regret this day.  Now how about I order up a bottle of bubbly and we have a good old fashion party just the three of us," he says.

"That sounds good love," Jeff says.  "How about it David old boy you game," he asks.

"Fuck yes I'm game, oh I do apologize guys for swearing but ... oh fuck lets just get drunk and fuck around," he says.

Chapter three ...


The next morning the three awoke naked in bed and terribly hung over.

"Oh my head," Jacob says grabbing his head and quickly heading to the bathroom.

"Take a drink of the dog that bit you," David says leaning up on one arm and looking down at Jeff.

"God you are cute David how come you don't have a man for yourself," he asks pulling him down and giving him a kiss.

"I had one but his father killed him when he caught us in bed together. He stepped in front of me to protect me and got the bullet in the chest.  He died instantly in my arms and his father then turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger thus ending his life also.  After that I have never been able to love another since Pierre."

"My God David how tragic," he says as Jacob walks out of the bathroom.

"What's tragic," he asks climbing back into bed as Jeff hurries to the bathroom. 

David retells the story and Jacob is in tears as he holds David in his arms.

"My God David how do you still keep up such an upper lip," he asks and then passionately kisses him as their tongues search out each other's mouths.

"Jacob please I must get up and be about my duties before someone comes in to find me like this."

He gets up and grabs his clothes and quickly moves to his room.  He returns ten minutes later and lays out the guy's things for breakfast.  They dress and are just about ready when a knock comes on the door and Humphrey gets it. Giacobbe is standing at the door with a blank look on his face and a gun in his hand.

"Father what are you doing," Jacob asks standing between Jeff and his father.

"No son of mine is going to make me the laughing stock of society and neither is his whore," he says.  "I'm sorry that your butler here has to pay for your sins but I can't have any loose ends falling behind to incriminate me. Now if you three will kindly walk out and down to the lower deck I have a plan to rid you from my life."

"Father please I will do whatever you ask of me but let these two go I beg of you," Jacob pleads.

"It's to late for begging Giacobbe I have decided and you three must die now go," he says pushing the gun into Jacob's ribs.

The three leave the room and slowly move down the hall to the elevators. Jacob pushes the down button and they wait for the doors to open.  The doors open and several people step off and David takes the chance and pushes Jacob's dad down and the three get in just as the doors close. The elevator moves down two floors before it opens onto the second class level and the three get off and run for help.

"I haven't a clue where we are David," Jacob says looking around at the vacant halls.

"This way Jacob and Jeff the infirmary is just down this hall," David says and they run towards the infirmary.

"Help us a man is after us with a gun," David says stepping into the infirmary. 

The doctor is treating a second lieutenant and he stops when he hears the disturbance.

"My God where David," the doctor says recognizing the young butler.

"We just ditched him two floors up and I haven't a clue where he is now," David says and the lieutenant gets up and goes into the other room to make a call to the captain.

"I might have guessed you would come hear," Giacobbe says coming through the door pointing the gun at the four of them.  "Now I have four to dispose of instead of three," he says and turns and motions the four to move out.

A click is heard and Giacobbe turns quickly and aims his gun but the lieutenant pulls his trigger first dropping him to the floor dead.

"Father why," Jacob cries out as he falls to his father's body and cries hard upon his chest.  "I could have grown to love you my father if only you would have given me a chance," he cries as the captain comes running in baring his side arm.

The doctor and David explain to the captain the events and he writes it all down.  Mrs. Brown comes down and finds the boys in a mess and sees the body of Giacobbe on the floor.

"My heavens is everyone alright," she asks.

"Jacob's father just tried to kill us but the lieutenant here shot him before he shot him," Jeff explains.

"I knew something like this would happen I just knew it," she says shaking her head.  "Come boys let me take you back to your room," and she takes hold of Jacob but he refuses to budge.  "Come on Jacob you can't do anything for him now son," and she helps him up from the floor.

They go back to their stateroom and she has David order up some chamomile tea for the three of them.  The steward brings it in short order and she pours it giving David a look to say back off.

"Here she says to the three young men take this and drink it," she says handing it to each of them including David.  "Don't give me any lip mister just drink it for you have been through a lot just like these boys have."

"Yes ma'am," David says taking the tea and sipping it.

They sit and talk and soon the three are relaxed enough to sleep.  She has the boys get into bed and David into his and she silently leaves once they are asleep.

A few hours later Jacob awakens with a scream.

"Father no don't," he yells out sitting up in bed covered in sweat.

 "Jake wake up it's just a bad dream," Jeff says sitting up beside him holding him tightly.

"Is everything alright," David asks coming in with just his shorts on.  "I heard a scream and it woke me from a sound sleep," he says.

"My heavens David remember yourself," Mrs. Brown says entering the room causing David to blush and leave quickly.

"He heard Jacob scream out in his sleep and came running in without thinking Mrs. Brown," Jeff tells her.

They get up and David comes back in fully dressed as a butler and resuming his duties once again.

"I've been talking to the captain and it's a clear case of self defense on the part of the lieutenant," she says.

They tell her every detail from when he appeared at the door until she came into the doctor's office.  She listened intently as the three spoke and finally she made her case.

"Well gentlemen it's like this.  Once we land in Italy there will be a hearing to determine probable cause for shooting your father and that of course will be cleared.  Then you as sole heir to his fortune will have to provide proof of your relationship to him.  Do you have your birth certificate with you Jacob?"

"Yes ma'am and I have my passport as Giacobbe Gerrimia Giovanni also.  I also have the letter that my mother wrote to me naming him as my father also."

"Those shall be sufficient proof for the court to prove that you are his rightful son.  Now about what happened today you must not talk about it to anyone do you hear me," she says to the three of them and they all nod in agreement.  All anyone knows is that he was shot and killed by accident today and that you are grieving in your room."

"That is the story you planted Mrs. Brown," Jacob asks.

"No it was the captain that has leaked it to the guests.  He doesn't want a scandal anymore than you do son.  So let's just keep with that story ok," she asks and again they nod.

They land in Salerno and they disembark once the others getting off have left.

"If you three will follow me and the others we can proceed to the magistrate's office and get this cleared up quickly," the captain says.

They present all the evidence and everyone is cleared of all charges and then Mrs. Brown who is a personal friend of the magistrate and his family presents Jacob for his petition as sole heir to Giacobbe' legacy.

"Do you have any proof that he is who he says he is Margaret," the judge asks.

She presents his birth certificate and his mother's letter to him as well as his passport.  The judge reviews all the papers and declares Jacob or rather Giacobbe Giovanni the sole heir to his father's estate.  He orders the necessary papers and his secretary draws them up and presents them for his signature.

"You just present this in Reggio to the magistrate and he will declare you the rightful heir and transfer all deeds and monies over to your name.  You are a very rich young man Giacobbe but you must already know that."

They leave the court house and all bid farewell to the crew and Mrs. Brown.

"I have a great favor to ask of you Mrs. Brown."

"Name it and if it's in my power I will grant it Jacob."

"If David is willing I would like to hire him for my personal butler," he asks.

"That son is totally up to him for he works for the shipping line and not me.  I just picked him out from among all the others because I guessed his persuasion as I did yours."

"So David what will it be my friend the sea or dry land for you," Jacob asks.

"I'll take the dry land as long as I am being asked.  I accept your offer for employment but only as long as we can have the same arrangement as we did aboard ship.  Friends and equals when in private but strictly business when others are around," he says extending out his hand to Jacob.

"Deal and done," he says taking his hand and shaking it.

"I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a long and lucrative business partnership," Mrs. Brown says giving hugs and kisses goodbye to all.  "I will make sure that your things are shipped to your new home boys and good luck boys and God bless you all."

She left with the others and that was the last time they ever saw her again alive.

They hired a driver to take them to Reggio and it was a two day trip for the guys.  They arrived at the home and were taken aback buy the size and grandeur of the place.

"My God Jake this is a palace or something," Jeff says looking at the size of the home.

"I quit boss," David muses as he thinks of the rooms in the place and the distance he must cover each day.

"Listen you two I am renegotiating your employment and once I have gone over the books and what it will take to run this place I will need you both in place other than what we first thought."

They pull up to the front door and a middle age man comes quickly out to open their door.

"I gentiluomini di pomeriggio buoni. Voglio darla il benvenuto all'Azienda Vinicola."

"What did he say," Jeff asks.

"He is welcoming us to the Winery," Jacob says translating the Italian.  "Didn't you notice the sign when we came through the gate at the beginning?  It said L'Azienda Vinicola, The Winery in Italian."

"God Jake you are one rich man now," Jeff says as he follows the gentleman into the house.

"I'm sorry sir my English not so good but I manage best I can.  Are you new master of the house since old one died?"

"Yes ah ...," he says waiting for the man to give his name.

"Oh my sorry sir my name Gilberto and I am the butler here.  My wife Maria is the cook and house keeper."

"So what do I do now Jacob," David asks looking at the feeble man.

"I will find you something to do even if it's just my personal cocksucker," he muses.

"Hey that's my job babe," Jeff buts in.

"Guys please let me have a few days to think before I have to hand out jobs.

Gilberto shows them to their rooms and then back to the kitchen where he introduces his wife.  He is introducing his wife when his son walks in without his shirt on and just some cut off pants on.

"Scusarmi non ho saputo che abbiamo avuto il padre di società."

"Ciò sta bene il mio amico. Sono il signore nuovo della residenza, Giacobbe Giovanni."

"What are they saying," Jeff asks David.

"The young hunk or man, sorry, apologized for coming in half naked not knowing there was company here.  Jacob just told him not to worry that he was the new lord of the manor."

"God I wish they would talk English instead."

"English or Italian he is one handsome man," David says noticing that the young lad is casting his eyes upon him.  He just gives him a smile and blushes slightly but never looses eye contact with the man.

"Così che è un bell'uomo come lei facendo in un luogo come questo"?

"La stavo per chiedere lo stesso magnifico un".

"Now what are you two saying," Jeff asks still frustrated that no one is speaking English.

"I simply asked him `what's a handsome man like you doing in a place like this' and he replied `I was about to ask you the same thing gorgeous."

"Why you flirt, hitting on the help already," Jeff says.

"Hmmm just a bit of harmless flirting," David says shooting a smile over to the lad.

"I'm sorry for my ignorance but my name is Angelo Philippi and I am the grounds keeper and the son of these two."

"At last English, my name is Jeffrey Sullivan and ...," but he is cut off when Angelo turns to David.

"And you are ...," he asks extending his hand to David.

"My name is David and God you are gorgeous.  I'm sorry for being so forward but I do appreciate the male anatomy."

"Well I do also and from what I see you are hiding a very nice one," he says lowering his head and blushing a bit.

"Well you must let me show you my gardens sometime," he says.

"Now would be as good a time as any," he says and the two leave the room.  "I'll be back guys I am going to see his gardens."

"Oh that's great now who is going to translate for me," he says throwing his hands in the air.

"What's the matter sweetheart everyone leaving you all alone in this strange new land," Jacob muses to Jeff.

"Make fun of me, sure you speak the language ...," he whines.

"Babe listen things will change shortly ok," he says.  "Now Gilberto is going to take us on a tour of the estate," and he gives him a squeeze on his hand.

They three of them head off on the tour and Gilberto shows them first the vineyards. Hundreds of acres of land just covered with the best grapevines that exist.  He takes them next to the winery where the wine is made and they are totally overwhelmed by the size of the place.  From there they move onto the private gardens that are cultivated in a style that would rival even the kings and queens of Europe's formal gardens.

"If you will excuse me I have to attend to some matters signore," Gilberto says.

"That's fine Gilberto we shall walk around here and view the beauty of these gardens," he tells them.

Jacob takes Jeff's hand and they walk through the garden stopping every so often to smell a rose or look into a fountain.  They walk into the center of the garden and a private gazebo with lush vines climbing up it sits and looks quite inviting.

"Shall we take a break babe," Jacob asks leading Jeff towards the gazebo.

They approach it and soon hear the sounds of moaning and they quietly look through the vines.  There inside is Angelo and David with Angelo fucking David to a rhythm that showed they were too far to stop.

"Yes Angelo fuck me harder I'm going to cum," David shouts and shoots his seed all over his stomach and chest.

"Oh fotte vado a col mio amante caldo," Angelo howls.

"What the fuck did he just say," Jeff whispers to Jacob.

"He said `Oh fuck I am cumming my hot lover'," he tells him.

"Oh fotte l'amante sì fotte più duro," and he shoots his seed deep into David's ass.  He pounds his ass with the fury of a stallion until he is spent and drops down on David and they kiss passionately in the afterglow of their sex.

"He simply said `Oh fuck lover yes fuck me harder'," Jacob says not waiting for him to ask.  "We need to go before they realize we were watching them."

They walk back to the house and go up to their bedroom. They unpack their things that arrived shortly after they did and relax out on their personal balcony.

"So what are you going to do Jake," Jeff asks.

"About what," he asks.

"Well we have school coming up and now you have this vineyard to run and you are among the wealthiest of society now."

"I am still planning on going to college but I don't know if I want to go to Yale now.  I think I might want to go here in Italy and take an active hand in running the winery.  Would you mind going to school here babe?"

"I wouldn't mind but it's the damn language barrier.  I haven't a clue what they are talking about and I don't want to get lost or behind because I spend all my time translating."

"So what are you saying," he asks.

"I would rather stay at Yale and get my degree there then come back here to live.  Would you be terribly upset if I went to Yale sweetheart?"

"You go where you want to and feel comfortable at Jeff.  I will miss you but I have plenty here to keep me occupied."

"Yeah I saw that earlier babe.  Just remember you and I are a couple so don't go straying and falling in love with some other man got it."

"Are you ordering me here or just feeling a little threatened?"

"You know perfectly well what I mean so don't play dumb with me mister," and he leans over and kisses him passionately.

"I will miss your kisses lover.  You certainly know how to turn me on with those lips of yours."

"Scusarmi il signore."

"English Gilberto please," he says.

"Excuse me signore but there is a magistrate downstairs to see you," he tells him.

"Tell him that I will be down shortly," and he gets up and goes and freshens up before going down to meet with the judge.

"Good Afternoon magistrate, how may I help you?"

"Signore Giovanni I am magistrate Alfredo Manfredo and I thought that I would save you some time and come out to meet you and take care of the legal end for you."

"I appreciate that your honor and please let's sit out on the veranda where it's cooler. Can I get you something to drink your honor?"

"Maybe a glass of your wine signore," he says with a smile.

Jacob gives Gilberto the orders to bring a bottle of the best wine they have and two glasses which he does quickly.

"I will see that you have a bottle to take with you your honor," he says making him smile even more.

"You are too kind signore but ringraziarla."

"You are most welcome now here are the papers that the magistrate gave me earlier," and he slides them over to him.  "I also have my birth certificate and my mother's letter to me if you wish to see them."

"That won't be necessary for these are quite in order."

"So your honor is there anything else that I can help you with," he asks noticing his look upon his face.

"Ah ... I didn't want to mention this your first day in Reggio but there is another gentleman contesting your sole inheritance.  He is a nephew of Signore Santinello and the only other living relative.  He has petitioned the court to hear his case for partial inheritance as well."

"I wasn't aware that my father had any siblings your honor."

"Well this is from his wife's side and not really a blood relative so to speak but never the less we must hear his petition to be fair."

"I understand and shall I hire a lawyer to protect my interests as well or do I need one," he asks.

"I would definitely obtain counsel to oversee your affairs and look out for you interests as you say.  Signore Michelfiglio is the lawyer that handled the affairs for your father and here is his number and address.  I would definitely call him and keep him on retainer for you and your company.  Now if you will excuse me signore I have pressing business elsewhere to attend to."

"Please sir feel free to come out anytime you wish and please bring your family with you.  You are always most welcome here," he says shaking hands with the judge.

"Ringraziarla and I appreciate your hospitality signore," and Jacob takes the bottle of wine from Gilberto and hands it to the judge.

"I will walk you to your car sir," he says and the two walk out to the judge's car.

"Is everything alright Jake," Jeff asks once he returns inside.

"I don't know it seems that a nephew is contesting my sole inheritance."

"A nephew and where did he crawl out of," he asks with that snobby voice.

"Jeff you aren't on the ship any longer so drop the snob act ok," he says a bit irritated.

"Oh yeah sorry Jake."

Jacob calls the lawyer and introduces himself to him.  He explains the sudden turn of events and how he wishes to keep him on retainer for whatever fee he now charges.  They talk a few minutes and agree to meet the next morning at his office.

"Well tomorrow morning at ten I am going to meet with my lawyer so I will be gone for probably most of the morning babe."

"Good I can sleep in and catch up on my lost sleep," he says while Jacob just shakes his head and smiles.  "What Jake ... I do need my sleep you know."

"Right babe you are still a growing boy," he says laughing.

"Well once we are in bed I will show you the part of me that is still growing tiger."

The next morning he gets up and leaves quietly before Jeff is awake.  He has a hard time finding the office but he eventually does and is a few minutes late.

"I am sorry for being late but I had a difficult time locating your building signore."

"Please call me Manny that is what your father always called me Giacobbe."

"Manny it is as long as you call me Jake sir."

They got down to business and filled out paper after paper and after two hours they were done.

"I don't see this nephew as being much of a threat but never the less he is a nuisance.  I will go to the courthouse and see exactly what is happening and keep you up to speed.  It's a pleasure Jake to finally meet you and I hope we have a long and fruitful business relationship."

"I agree Manny and I will be expecting your call," and they shake hands.

He leaves and heads back to the villa hoping to catch Jeff still in bed. A little replay of last evening is just what he needs and he quickly drives back to the villa.

"Hmmm babe I thought you had a meeting this morning," Jeff says feeling a warm naked body up against his back.

"La mattina buona il mio erotico un e come ciò l'asino piacevole di vostro è oggi?" which made Jeff jump up in surprise.

(Translation: Good morning my sexy one and how is that nice ass of yours today?)

"Angelo what are you doing in my bed," he says facing the handsome lad.

"I just wanted to give you an Italian style wake up beautiful one," he says leaning forward and kissing him hard.  Jeff opens his mouth to let in his tongue and their tongues fight for dominance. 

Angelo rolls him unto his back and slides quickly on top of him still while they are kissing.  He spreads Jeff's legs with his knees and positions his cock to his rosebud and firmly pushes it all the way in.

"Oh fuck Angelo that hurts and who said you could fuck me," he cries out in pain at the assault by his huge cock.

"You don't want Angelo to make love to you my beautiful one," he asks and kisses him again more passionately this time.

"Mmmmmm," is all Jeff says as Angelo starts his fucking.

He lifts up and he aggressively begins to fuck Jeff and takes his time with cumming for he wants to make this last for awhile.  He moves with the precision of a jungle cat as he now slowly fucks him while he rubs Jeff's precious nut inside.

"Oh yeah Angelo fuck me just like that man," he says meeting every thrust with a thrust of his own.  "Oh fuck I'm going to cum man," and he shoots his cum out onto his chest and Angelo's chest also.  "Yeah fuck me harder and deeper babe," he howls as Angelo now quickens his pace.

"Oh fotte la puttana vado a con lei lo slut," he screams out and shoots his seed deep into Jeff's ass.

(Translation: `Oh fuck whore I'm going to cum you slut.')

He is pounding Jeff's ass as his rhythm drives him on and he has no control over his climax.  He shoots massive amounts of cum and Jeff can feel it oozing out of his ass and down to the bed.

"Yeah babe give it to me. Fuck me Angelo faster and deeper babe," he screams with all the passion in him and he pulls him down and they kiss hard and long.  "God I wish Jake could fuck like this," he says as the two slow down and Angelo rolls off him.

"Well from now on you don't have to wish Jeff you can have Angelo that just called you a whore and slut," Jacob says standing in the doorway.

"Jake please he crawled into bed and raped me," he says in panic of seeing Jacob standing there.

"Well from where I was standing and for how long I would dare say you were a willing participant. I would recommend you get cleaned up and get yourself ready to go back to the states Jeff," he says and turns and leaves the room.

"Get the fuck out of my bed you prick. Now see what you have done to me you bastard," and Jeff lies there and cries and Angelo gets up and snickers at the situation.

"Oh sì Angelo che lei sono così licenziato la fa le valigie la merda e scende dalla mia proprietà capisce adesso," he says in Italian and then he says in English the translation.  "Oh yes Angelo you are fired so pack you shit and get off my property now understand."

Angelo just stands there naked looking shocked and angry as he takes in the news he just got.

"Serves you right you fucker," Jeff shouts at him.

Angelo walks over and slaps him hard across the face and says to him in an angry voice.  "You are nothing but an American whore," and he spits on him.

"I have told you to leave, now I am making you leave you bastard," and Jacob grabs him by the hair and drags him out of the room and pushes him down the stairs naked and then follows him and picks him up and tosses him out the door to the shock of his father.

"Signore what is wrong with my son that you toss him out like the wash water naked as the day he was born."

"Your son was just caught in bed with my friend fucking him by me.  I just fired him and now I am tossing his ass out for hitting my friend."

His father looks at his son lying in the dirt naked and covered with sweat, cum and dirt and he spits on him.

"You no son of mine no more.  You go home a getta your things outa my house you hear me," he yells in broken English.

"But papa per favore, I'm your son," he says with tears in his eyes.

I no gotta son no more you are a dead to me now get outa my sight," and he turns and goes into the house.

"You will pay for this day you American pig," he says getting up and grabbing his clothes and leaving.

To be continued ...


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