The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Seven

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter six ...

"I love you Giovanni with all my heart," he says and kisses him hard and long.

"I love you also my sweetheart now lie down and enjoy," he tells Jake.

Giovanni gives Jake the same delight that he gave him and the two cuddle afterwards as they drift off to sleep.

Chapter Seven...

The next several years found our men fighting intensely as the war pounded on. It was now December of 1941 and they were listening to the wireless radio as the announcer told of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

"My Lord Giovanni, that'll bring the American's into the war for sure," Jacob says.

"All those lives lost and not a warning to prepare.  What cowards they were to sneak attack like that," Michel says.

"I hope that the American's kick their royal assess," Jacob says.

"Well speaking of ass kicking we have some to do ourselves today.  We need supplies and more ammo and I know just where to get it," Michel says.

"This is going to be an all out offensive against them. I'm going to assemble the men so get ready you three and meet me out there," he says kissing David goodbye.

David goes back to his room and dresses and so do Jacob and Giovanni.

"You be careful today lover," Giovanni says wrapping his arms around his man.  "I love you and don't intend to loose you babe."

"You just follow your own advice sweetheart.  I love you and I am too young to be a widower."

The three join the rest and they move quickly down the tunnel towards the town.

"The main storage depot is just to the left of where this tunnel opens.  If I'm correct we should be just inside the fence surrounding it."

"What about the guards Michel," David asks.

"It's early and like us they should be busy listening to the news about Pearl Harbor.  If we are lucky we can get what we need and be gone before we are seen.  I'm counting on it being foggy also to give us added cover."

"It still was when I checked awhile ago Michel," Mario says.

They reach the exit and Mario slowly pulls open the door.  He sticks out his head and looks around before coming back in.

"Michel you have got to see this.  It's terrible," Mario says with tears in his eyes.

Michel hurries to the opening and looks out into the sunlit morning.  The entire town is on fire and there are no signs of the German army.

"Come up here," he shouts and the rest of the small army exit the tunnel and are shocked by what they see.

"Oh my God the entire town is being burned down," Jacob says.  "Those bastards left nothing to return to for our people."

"Well let's look around and see if they left anything for us to save," Michel says.

They are able to scavenge some food but very little and they watch in despair as centuries of hard work goes up in flames.

"We need to go back and tell the people and let them decide what to do about this."

"We can't let them just leave the sanctuary can we Michel," Jacob asks.

"Who are they going to tell my friend?  Their lives are gone and so are their homes and businesses."

"They can rebuild and I will help them with money as soon as this fucking war is over," Jacob says.  "They are my people now and I need them as much as they need us."

"That's very noble of you but how can we feed them.  We have enough food for maybe three more months if we ration."

"Then we ration and plant our crops.  It will be up and harvested by the time we run out.  We can hunt for meat and besides many have root cellars as I did."

"It might work as long as they agree."

They returned to the people and Michel spoke to the mayor first and told him about the town.

"No Michel not the town," he says and cries hard at the news.

"Claudio please pull yourself together for the sake of the people.  They are going to need you to be strong for them.  This is when you will be needed to be the leader you were elected to be."

"You are right my friend.  I will go and address them."

He gathers the town folks together and as soon as they are together he breaks the news.  The shock of the news has most of them crying in despair.

"Listen to me my friends.  We are strong and we have survived here for the last few years because we are strong.  We shall pull together and rebuild our town.  It will be a better town and we shall overcome this and be stronger for it.  But it will take each of us helping one another.  Now is not the time for selfishness but for togetherness.  So my friends what do you all say," and they start to cheer loudly.

"There my friend you have your answer," he says to Michel. 

"Listen now to Michel as he tells you what is needed."

"My friends to begin with I want to tell you that I feel your sorrow this day for the loss you have suffered.  I also want you to know that you can choose one of two ways to go now.  You can allow this loss to destroy your spirit or you can choose to let it make you stronger.  I have come to know almost all of you and I know that you are a strong people and a proud people.  Now let us rally together to overcome this calamity and grow stronger for it.  The first priority is to plant a crop for food so that we will have food when our current supply runs out.  We are going to have to ration what we have until we are able to harvest this new crop.  We are going to need hunters to bring in meat for us as well.  Many of you had root cellars and I need you to find them and bring in anything that is edible.  Now I would like you to listen for a moment to my friend Giacobbe Giovanni." 

"My friends and I call you that because when I was new to your town you welcomed me to your community whole heartedly.  I want you to know that once this war is over I will help you at my expense rebuild your town and homes.  I will pay for the transportation of lumber and any other materials needed to rebuild your homes and businesses.  This is not a loan my friends but a gift from me to say thank you for welcoming me into your hearts."

The people applauded and most came forward with hugs and kisses on his cheek.  Jacob was totally overwhelmed by the response of his fellow patriots towards him.

"They love you babe," Giovanni says to him once they are back inside their room.

"I know and I truly love them for they didn't have to welcome me when I first came to live here but most went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and wanted."

A knock on the door and in comes Michel.

"Jake I'm going to be heading out to join my fellow patriots tomorrow.  They'll need my help and most of the men will be going with me."

"I'll go with you also," David says from behind him.

"No my love this is going to be total war and not a pretty sight."

"Listen lover. I have waited years to find a man like you and I am not about to loose you now.  So shut up and deal with it babe."

"Ok my love you can go."

"I am going to join you also Michel," Jake says.

"Count me in also," Giovanni says.

"Babe I would rather you stayed here and helped the people rebuild their lives."

"There's no fucking way you are going to war without me mister so deal with it."

"God I love you when you get so masculine.  It really turns me on babe," he says.

Later that evening Michel and Jake find a spot to talk alone away from their lovers.

"Listen my friend you and I agree that we don't want our lovers to go off to war with us right."

"Right but what can we do my friend they have their minds made up."

"I have a plan that will leave them here and we will be long gone before they even know we are gone."

"They will be so pissed at us you know."

"I know but I think it's better pissed than dead my friend."

"Right ... so what is your plan?"

"We leave around three in the morning and are long gone when they get up.  We will leave them a note explaining what we did and why."

So the guys went back to their lovers and spent the evening with them and had a special night together.

"I love you Giovanni and I want this night to be special my love.  It may be the last one for quite a while," he says holding his lover to him.

"You talk like you'll never see me again babe."

"It's not that babe but we may not have this kind of privacy where we are going and I want this night to hold us until our next one.

"Then make love to me Jake like you never have."

Jake kisses his lover passionately and with such tenderness that tears come to Giovanni' eyes.  He tenderly and slowly kisses and sucks his neck bringing him to depths of passion that he never knew.  He slowly moves down to his nipples and gives tender attention to each hard nub.

"Oh yeah babe suck those babies," Giovanni says as he lightly nibbles on each one.

He then moves down to his cock and quickly takes it into his mouth and swallows it down to the base. Then slowly moves back up and sucks hard on the head and then goes back down to the base.  He lifts Giovanni' legs and puts them on his shoulders and inserts a finger into his tender ass as he sucks his cock.

"Oh fuck babe you got me so close," he says as Jake fucks his ass with his finger rubbing his nut tenderly.

He keeps on sucking and soon he has him at his edge and he can feel his cock start to swell.  He pulls off it and moves down to his ass as he pulls out his finger and inserts his tongue.  He fucks his ass with his tongue for quite awhile until Giovanni cries out in delight.

"I about to cum," he moans as he thrashes back and forth with his head and Jake moves back to his cock. 

He sucks his cock and soon it is swelling again as he gets his lover to his climax.

"I'm cumming," he says and shoots his hot seed into Jake's waiting throat.

"Mmmmmm," Jake says as he swallows his lover's cum and Giovanni feeds him all he has.

He pulls off his cock once he has gotten all Giovanni has given him his all and moves up to give him a kiss.

"Fuck me lover," he says and they kiss hard and deep as Jake slides his cock slowly into Giovanni' waiting ass.

"Mmmmmm," and he pushes up to meet his pushing in and the two sigh when Jake bottoms.  "Now fuck me my man hard and deep," he says as Jake lifts up and starts to aggressively fuck his lover.

He soon finds their rhythm and they are fucking hard and fast as Jake pounds his ass with all his fury.

"I'm cumming again," Giovanni yells out to him and shoots his cum onto Jake's chest and his.

"I'm cumming also babe," and he fills his lover's ass with his hot seed as he pounds his ass.  "Oh fuck babe ride my cock," he howls as he rides his man and gives rope after rope of hot cum.  They fuck until they are both spent and Jake collapses on him.

"I love you Giovanni," he says as he kisses his lover and he starts to cry.

"Babe what is it," Giovanni asks looking at Jake.

"I just love you so much babe."

"I love you too Jake and just hope this war doesn't take us from each other."

"It won't babe and I want you to promise me that you will keep yourself safe for me."

"Jake you act like you are going to leave me."

"Well with this war one never knows what can happen and I couldn't imagine living my life without you babe."

"Nor I without you love."

They fall to sleep and Jake gets up around three and quietly slips out and Michel is already waiting for him.  The men are assembled and Jake and Michel give their letters to the mayor before leaving.

"Could you see that David and Giovanni get these when they get up in the morning," Michel asks the mayor.

"I will Michel and you and Giacobbe be careful and come back to us my friend."

"We will I promise," Michel says.

They all slip out of the room and down the tunnel and are gone hours when Giovanni and David come running out.

"Where are Jake and Michel," they both ask together of the mayor.

"They asked me to give these to you before they left," he tells them and hands them each a letter with their name on it.  They open their letters and sit to read it and the tears begin to fall.

My Dearest Giovanni.

     I know that you will be angry with me when you find out that I have left and not taken you with me.  I love you to much to risk loosing you to this war my love.  I hope you understand why I did it and will forgive me.  I could never live knowing I didn't have you in my life anymore.  So take care of yourself and please don't worry too much about me.  I want you to lean on David for support babe and he is going to need you also. I promise to be careful and return home to you my lover. 

I love you with all my heart.











"Jake how could you do this to me," he cries and the tears roll down his face.

"I just got the same letter also Giovanni," David says coming into the room.

"Well I'm not going to just sit here and wait I'm going after them and find them."

"Giovanni how we don't know where or which way they went."

"I know where they were heading because Jake told me they


were going to go towards Rome.  So Rome is the direction I will go."

"I don't know which way Rome is," David says.

"I do because I was raised in Rome.  So if you are coming with me get your things together now because I leave in ten minutes."

The guys leave and the trail is easy to follow because so many men leave quite a trail. They have money and provisions and their weapons so they are quite safe as they travel.

"I think if we travel by day we should catch up with them because Michel likes to travel by night to have the cover."

They walk on and at times they take cover when they hear gun fire a ways off.  On about night fall it begins to rain and the temperature drops fast.  They find a shelter in the cleft of some rocks but decline to build a fire.  The next morning they wake to find themselves clinging to each other for warmth as the sun quickly warms the day.

"Giovanni wake up it's late and we must have slept for quite a while," David says.

"Shit I was so warm and comfortable," he says then notices he is


in David's arms.  "Oh sorry David I guess I clung to you for warmth last night," he says getting up.

They eat their meager meal and start out again and this time there is no trail to follow.  They march on until they come to a town and they pause before entering it.

"We must be careful that there are no German soldiers there," Giovanni says.

"What is your plan my friend?"

"I want you to wait here while I meander into town.  I can pass for a native better than you.  If things are fine I will come back for you.  If not and I don't come back go back to the hideout and wait for our lovers to return.  Make sure you tell Jake that I love him and that I was looking for him."

"You just get your ass back here do you hear me."

An hour later he returns and he tells David that there are still some soldiers in the village.

"We'll have to go around the town after nightfall so we won't be seen.  There are about twenty soldiers left behind to maintain order."


"Did they see you at all?"

"No I was careful but I talked to this guy who told me that Michel and his men came through yesterday and that more than fifty men from the village went with them.  He gave me some food and told me that there were just the twenty soldiers."

"Where are they being housed," David asked.

"Somewhere near the center of town.  It's a house with green shutters he told me."

"Then tonight we must blow the place once they are asleep," he says.

"But what of the guards they post?  I know I can handle one maybe two but can you handle the same?"

"I doubt that they would have more than one or two on at a time," David says.

That night the guys slip into town and find the house that houses the German soldiers.  It is dark except for one light that is for the ones standing guard.  They found a place to watch the soldiers standing guard and watched to see what their routine was.  After an hour they determined that they made their rounds together every fifteen minutes.

"I have an idea David and it will be tricky but I am counting on those young soldiers being extremely horny."

"I'm afraid to ask but just what do you have in mind?"

Right on schedule the two young soldiers left the house and started to walk around the square.  When they came to the alley they saw David kneeling in front of Giovanni sucking his cock.  Giovanni gave them a sign to come over and motioned to them to be quiet.  The soldiers looked at one another then around the area before entering the alley.  As they approached the men they took out their own cocks and stood before David.        

"You two suck our cocks," one soldier says in broken English.

"Yes of course but back here so you aren't seen be some one passing by."

They walked back into the shadows of the alley and Giovanni and David knelt down before them.  The soldiers stood their weapons against the wall and proceeded to drop their pants.  The men pulled out their knives before the soldiers saw them and stabbed them several times.  They dropped dead to the ground and Giovanni and David grabbed their weapons and left.  They worked their way over to the building housing the other soldiers and proceeded to set the explosives.  Once they lit the fuse they ran like hell and got about one hundred feet when the explosion went off.  With a great ball of fire the entire building became engulfed in flames and you could hear the sounds of men screaming.

"Quick we need to get the fuck out of here," Giovanni says as they run out of town.

They ran until they could not run any longer and collapsed on the grass near the road.

"I think we are safe David," he says resting on his back.

"I thought my lungs were going to bust wide open," David says gasping for breath.  "That's the first time I have killed a person," he says and begins to cry from the pain.

"My friend don't let that pain you its war and in war you can't help it; it's kill or be killed."

"I know Giovanni but it doesn't make it right," he says.

"Well if it means anything it did feel great the way you sucked my cock man."

"I bet it did and I must say you do have a nice piece of meat to suck."

"I think we need to find a place to sleep and get warm," Giovanni says and the two get up and start walking again until they come across an old barn.

"How's that barn look to you David?"

"If it's dry and warm I don't care," he says heading towards it.  "Besides these clothes are wet and have blood on them and I want to get out of them."

"The same here my friend because blood is difficult to explain," he says.

They carefully maneuver over to the barn and when they determine that it's no longer being used they enter.  They find a safe place up in the loft and start to strip out of their wet and bloody clothes.

"Look someone left a blanket," and David spreads it out on the hay.                          

"I think we would be warmer if we cuddled naked wrapped in the blankets we brought," Giovanni says.  "Besides this way our clothes can dry out by morning."

They get out their blankets and wrap up together with Giovanni holding David against him.

"Are you getting hard Giovanni," David asks.

"It's you ass man, it's so hot and well I'm still horny from earlier."

David turns toward him and looks into his eyes and he moves in and they kiss long and hard.

"I don't think this is right guy," Giovanni says once they break their kiss.

"I know but it's not like we wanted to do this."

"I ...," and he just leans forward and they kiss again and Giovanni pulls David on top of him. 

He spreads his legs to give him access to his ass and David inserts his cock.

"Oh fuck man how good that feels," he says but guilt soon fills his heart.  "I don't think I can do this David."

David lifts up and he soon starts to fuck him and quickly he finds a rhythm.  Giovanni is holding onto his hips as he fucks him and the tears are running down his face.

"I going to cum," David says shortly after he finds his rhythm and he shoots his cum into Giovanni' ass.  He pounds his ass with all the strength he has until he has no more to give.  He pulls out of his ass and notices that Giovanni never came and he moves down to his cock and swallows it down to its base.  He sucks it vigorously until Giovanni cannot hold it back anymore.

"I'm going to shoot David," and he tosses his cum into his waiting mouth.

"Mmmmmm," is all David says as he swallows his cum down his throat.  He sucks his seed until Giovanni is spent and then drops his cock and moves up for a kiss.

"No my friend I can't," Giovanni says turning his head.  "I feel bad enough that I cheated on my lover."

"Giovanni we didn't cheat we just released our natural urge that's all.  I'm sure that Michel and Jake have done the same thing."

"Well maybe but it still doesn't make it right David."

Giovanni turns over and David pulls him tightly to him and the two slip off to sleep.

The next morning Giovanni is awoken by David holding his hand over his mouth.

"Shhhh there is someone down below," he whispers into his ear.

They both quietly and slowly get up and move to the edge of the loft and peek over to see who it is.  Down below are two German soldiers stripped naked and having sex with each other.  One looks up and sees the two guys looking down at them and jumps.  He motions to his partner and they grab their guns but the guys stand up and smile showing them that they also are naked.

"Are you both soldiers also," one says to them in German and David answers back yes back.

"Come up brothers," David says to them in fluent German and the soldiers grab the uniforms and climb the ladder to the loft.

Once they get up there they start to feel up the guys and the guys return the favor.  Giovanni takes his soldier off into another part of the loft and David takes his over to the blanket.  The soldier with Giovanni pushes him down and is soon on top of him shoving his cock into his ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh fuck," he yells out hoping fuck is universal and the soldier only smiles as he soon starts to fuck him.

He fucks him hard and fast and is trying to kiss him but Giovanni is not being cooperative.

"Kiss me my lover," he says to Giovanni in German and Giovanni kisses him hoping that is what he said.

The kiss is hot and hard as the soldier pushes his tongue into Giovanni' mouth.  He breaks his kiss and lifts up with his arms and again he is fucking him hard and deep.

"I'm cumming," he shouts in German and Giovanni can feel his cock swell knowing that he is ready to cum.

"Oh fuck German cum in my ass," he thinks to himself and he feels the cum shoot into him.

The soldier is shooting and moaning as he continues to shoot his seed.  He looks into Giovanni' eyes then his face goes blank as the knife plunges deep into his back.  He drops dead on top of Giovanni with his cock still in his ass.

"Get him the fuck off of me," he screams as David pulls him off of him.  "You could have come sooner," he tells David.  "No you have to wait until he blows his fucking load in me."

"I couldn't get my soldier killed until he fucked me and turned his back on me.  I then hurried over here as fast as I could man."

"God I didn't want to get fucked by some German dog," he says spitting on the body.

"Let's take their uniforms and that way we can use in the future if we need them."

"Yeah good idea," Giovanni says pulling on his own clothes. 

They dress and cover up the bodies and move on hoping to find the men.  They figure that they must be a full day ahead of them by now and move more quickly.

They walk all day and well into the night when they come upon a German encampment.

"Shit more Germans.  I thought Italy fell and that Germany was out of here."

"I did also but it looks as though we were wrong," Giovanni says.  "Fuck look isn't that Mario tied to that stake," he asks.

They look and sure enough it's him and he looks dead or near death.

"If they have him then where are the others?"

"I don't know but I'm guessing either down there or close by," Giovanni says.

"I have an idea and it involves us dressing in those uniforms."

"I don't think I am going to like it but if my Jake is down there I must do anything I can to save him."

They are getting dressed in the uniforms when a German soldier comes across them.  He aims his gun at them with his finger on the trigger.

To be continued...

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