The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Eight

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter seven...

"I love you Giovanni with all my heart," he says and kisses him hard and long.

"I love you also my sweetheart now lie down and enjoy," he tells Jake.

Giovanni gives Jake the same delight that he gave him and the two cuddle afterwards as they drift off to sleep.

They walk all day and well into the night when they come upon a German encampment.

"Shit more Germans.  I thought Italy fell and that Germany was out of here."

"I did also but it looks as though we were wrong," Giovanni says.  "Fuck look isn't that Mario tied to that stake," he asks.

They look and sure enough it's him and he looks dead or near death.

"If they have him then where are the others?"

"I don't know but I'm guessing either down there or close by," Giovanni says.

"I have an idea and it involves us dressing in those uniforms."

"I don't think I am going to like it but if my Jake is down there I must do anything I can to save him."

They are getting dressed in the uniforms when a German soldier comes across them.  He aims his gun at them with his finger on the trigger.

Chapter 8...

"What is going on here," the guard says in German.

"We were just horny and wanted some sexual release," David says.

"How about giving me some release," he asks smiling at them.

David tells him yes and kneels down before him.  He leans his rifle against the tree as Giovanni gets dressed.  He undoes his pants and drops them to the ground placing his cock into David's mouth.  David starts to suck his cock when Giovanni places his hand over the guard's mouth from behind and cuts his throat.  He drops to the ground dead and the guys cover his body with leaves and brush so no one will find it.

"God he needed a bath," David says spitting on the ground.

He finishes dressing and the two meander into the camp and a guard calls them over to him.

"Take over for me I haven't had a bite to eat in hours," he says in German.

He leaves them guarding Mario and the others who are in a tent and Giovanni checks Mario to see if he is alive.

"He's dead," Giovanni tells David.  "I would say he's been dead for some hours now."

"Check the tent and see who is in there," he tells him.

Giovanni goes over to the tent and opens the flap slowly.  He looks around before entering.  As he steps inside he is grabbed and pushed to the floor and is about to be beaten when Jake calls out.

"Giovanni how... when did you get here," he asks helping him up.

"We just got here a few minutes ago and David is outside standing guard."

"David is here also," says Michel coming forward.  "How did you find us?"

"We followed your trail until we were lead to this camp and the rest is history."

"Where did you get the uniform," he asks.

"We killed two soldiers for them and had to kill a few others in between there and here.  Now we need to find a way to get you all out of here.  Oh Mario is dead and has been for awhile."

"We figured he was when he stopped moaning awhile back. So what's your plan," Michel asks.

"I don't know but let me go and talk to David.  I'll be back in a bit guys."

He goes out and tells David about the guys and that a plan is needed.  They are thinking when a colonel calls David over and tells him to patrol the parameter and see if he can find the soldier that was suppose to be doing it.  He goes about patrolling when he is suddenly jumped by several soldiers.

"Don't move or you're dead," he hears in his ear.

"I'm an American posing as a German," he tells them.

"Yeah and who is the president," he asks.

"The president is Truman, Harry S. because he succeeded Roosevelt who died in Hot Springs Arkansas."

"Well we'll let the commander determine whether or not you are now march," he tells him.

They take him off to their commander and a soldier goes into a cave and soon out comes a soldier with him.

"Jeff," David says and Jeff's face lights up with surprise at seeing David again.

"Fucking a David what a surprise seeing you here and you fighting for the Germans," he says.

"Come on Jeff you know better, Jake and I are not fighting for the fucking Germans.  He is being held prisoner in their camp along with about seventy other Italian underground."

"Jake is here also," he asks.  "Captain get this man an American uniform," he says and the captain goes off to get one.

"Jeff there is another friend there posing as a German who is guarding Jake and the others.  He's Jake's lover," he whispers.

"He's not that guy that showed up just before I left is he," he asks.

"Yes Jeff.  His name is Giovanni and they have been together since shortly after you left.  I am married to Michel from the French underground who has been here for some time as well."

"Damn and I thought I moved fast.  The captain is my lover and we have been together ever since our Yale days," he tells him as he comes back up.  "He and I are really doing well and we are very happy.  Justin babes take him over to my tent and let him dress," he tells him.

He shows David the way to the tent and ushers him inside. A few minutes later he exits and they return to Jeff.

"That is a lot better David," Jeff says.

"I have my men surrounding the camp as we speak David.  I also gave orders not to shoot or kill the soldier guarding the prisoners."

"Thanks Jeff I know Jake will appreciate it and I do also."

They joined the rest of the soldiers and began to move into the camp slowly.  David makes eye contact with Giovanni who was watching for him.  He motions him into the tent and he immediately goes in.

"Giovanni," Jakes says, "what is going on?"

"Everyone down as low as you can get," he says.  "David is outside the camp in an American uniform so I gather that there are American soldiers close by.  He gave me a sign to get into the tent so now everyone down," he says and then the guns go off.

The shooting erupted and for the next twenty minutes or so that's all you could hear.  Several times bullets went through the tent but no one was hit.  Then as suddenly as it started it stopped.  An American soldier appears at the door and orders them out of the tent.

"Jeff you son of a bitch," Jake says seeing Jeff walking towards him.  They hug tightly once they meet and give a kiss on each cheek.  "That's until later babe," Jake whispers into his ear.

"Man look at your sorry ass Jake you are so fucking skinny. If your mamma saw you she would whip your ass for not eating," he laughs.

"God have you seen her Jeff," he asks.

"The last time was two years ago and all she did was talk about you.  Your papa is not looking good either since you have been gone."

"I have planned on going home after the war," he tells him.  "I just have to find a way for Giovanni and Michel to get visas.  I am not leaving my man and neither is David," he says.

"I can help you there.  My uncle works for the state department and he can get them visas."

"Jeff thanks babe and man it's nice to see you again," he says.

"Here's the name and phone number of my uncle.  Just tell him that I told you to call him.  He'll take good care of you and get them right in.  Take care love," Jeff says and pulls him into a tent.  They kiss hard and long with their arms around each other.

"You take care of yourself Jeff," Jake says still holding him.

"I always do babe, I always do," and they kiss once more.

"Ah Jake ... oh sorry Jake," Giovanni says stepping in and seeing them kissing.  He turns and walks out and Jake rushes out to catch him.

"Wait Giovanni it's not what it looks like," he tells him.

"And just what did it look like Jake," he says.  "From my vantage point I would say it looked like two men quite in love and kissing," he says shrugging off his hand and walking away.

"I'm sorry Jake I really am," Jeff says coming up to him.

"I'll explain it later when he calms down," he tells him.  "You just be careful and stay safe," and they hug in a manly manner.

They gather the prisoners and march them off towards Rome while Jake and the others head back to Reggio.  Later that night as they approach the barn where they had stayed before where they killed the two Germans the four decide to spend the night elsewhere.  A small cave a bit further past the barn is where they stop for the night and Giovanni is still cold towards Jake.

"What is going on between you two," Michel asks Jake.

"I was caught kissing Jeff goodbye by Giovanni and he took it wrong," he tells him.

"He loves you man and it must have hurt him to see you two kissing when he was dying to do the same.  Go talk to him buddy and tell him how much he means to you," Michel says.

"Giovanni can I talk to you please," Jake asks but he just gets up and walks out of the cave. 

Jake follows him for a bit and then grabs his shoulder, turning him around to face him, and kisses him hard and passionately.

"I have been waiting for that," Giovanni says pulling him close again and kissing him.  "I was just jealous because Jeff was kissing you first when I was dying to be the one doing it."

"I'm sorry you had to see it babe.  It was just a kiss between old friends and nothing more my love.  You are the one that captured my heart not Jeff."

"He was your lover for some years though," Giovanni says.

"I would say more of a convenience for each other than lovers.  We were the only ones we knew that were gay. So it was convenient for us to have each other for sex."

"Am I a convenience for you also Jake."

"Yeah babe you are, a convenience to my heart forever.  I can't imagine not having you around to love me and me to love you sweetheart.  I only wish we had a place right now where we could go and be alone to make love."

"I know a place babe just follow me," he says and he takes him to the barn.  "There are two bodies up in the loft so if you don't mind them we can make love there."

"Right now I could make love to you in front of all the armies of the world," he says.

They quietly enter the barn so as not to make a sound but the old door creaks a bit and it does as they open it.  They look around and slip inside closing the door behind them.  The moonlight shining in through the open window above casts a romantic glow to the place and Jake takes Giovanni into his arms.  They are kissing passionately when Jake sees some hay fall from the loft and he breaks their kiss but holds him tight.

"Someone is up in the loft," he whispers into Giovanni' ear. 

"Fuck and I wanted you so badly babe."

"I'm going up so cover me," he whispers again and then moves towards the ladder.

As he walks towards the ladder he can see more hay fall and he hears the sound of scurrying.  He motions to Giovanni to follow him and they climb up to the loft.  The light from the moon casts just enough light for Jake to notice someone trying to cover up with hay.

"Whoever is up here is over there," he says pointing in the direction he saw the movement.

They slowly move towards the area and when they are close to it Jake jumps on the buried figure.  A loud scream sounds out as Jake tackles whoever is under the hay and he pulls the character up.

"It's a fucking kid," Jake says looking at the boy.

"What's your name," Giovanni asks softly brushing the hay from his hair.

"Why so you can put it on my grave like the other two over there," he says pointing to the two dead soldiers.

"Those were German soldiers that we had to kill or be killed," he says.  "We are part of the Italian underground."

"Donatello," he says looking from one to the other.

"How old are you son," Jake asks kneeling down to his level.

"Six mister and are you going to kiss me like you did him," he asks.  "You guys are `Uomini gai'," he says laughing.

"Yes we are Donatello, we are gay. Do you think that is bad," Jake asks.

"No mister my papa use to do it with his farm hand Luca," he says.  "He didn't know I was watching them."

"You shouldn't have seen that at your age son.  So where are your parents," Giovanni asks.

"Dead the Germans killed them when they came through last week.  Luca was working for them and turned them in as spies."

"And where is Luca now son," he is living on our farm now.

"Let's take him back to the others and pay this Luca a visit tomorrow," Jake says.

"Can I go to and see his face when you pay him a visit," Donatello asks.

"You sure can son but first lets get you something to eat and a place to sleep."

They bring him back to the cave and the others welcome him in.  Jake has asked him to keep his secret about being gay.  He gave him his word and never said a word about it again. 

"We need to avenge this boy's loss," Jake says after he explains to the men about Luca and the killing of Donatello's parents.

"He shall have his revenge and if he wants to he can come back with us to live," Michel says.

They feed him and he asks if he can sleep near Jake and Giovanni and the guys tell him yes.  He makes his bed near theirs and is soon fast asleep.

"I want to adopt him babe if he will have us as his new parents," Giovanni says.

"I could see you heading in that direction when you were fussing over him.  He is a nice boy and I would be proud to have him as my son," he says.  "But would he even want us for parents seeing how we are gay," he says.

"I would be honored to have you both as my papas," he says getting up and hugging them.

"I thought you were sleeping," Giovanni asks.

"I was pretending so I could listen to your conversation," he says.

"You seem to be very well educated for six years old."

"My mamma was a school teacher and she taught me early how to speak and spell.  I can read also in Italian and in English," he says rather proudly.

"So you wouldn't mind having two papas Donatello," Jake asks.

"No sir as long as you don't mind that I am not a baby," he says.

They hug each other and his fate is decided and Giovanni tucks him in and kisses his forehead goodnight.

The next morning they are up early and off just after sunrise.  Donatello is leading the small band to his farm.  When they are within seeing distance of the place they stop to make a plan.

"Donatello we will need you to stay out of sight until we have Luca taken captive," Michel tells him.

"He knows I ran away and he wants me back badly," he tells them.  "He is a man lover and he wants me for his sex boy."

"What!" say most of the men shaking their heads.

"Take me there as if you were returning me to him," he says.

"Listen to him if anything happens to me just elect him as your leader," Michel muses.  "I like that idea and he won't suspect anything if we have him tied up like a run away."

They fasten his hands together and lead him in front of them by a rope up to the house.  Luca comes out with his rifle and as soon as he sees Donatello tied up and the men relaxed just carrying their weapons he relaxes also.

"Well I see you found my son," Luca says slapping the boy making him fall to the ground.  "Can I offer you men some drink," he asks and leads them inside.  Only the four go in and leave the others outside to stand guard.  "What about the others," Luca asks a bit nervous.

"They can have some after us.  We are the leaders and are the ones that drink first," Michel says laughing.

"Good point," Luca says looking at Donatello.  "Boy go and get the drink you worthless piece of shit," he yells at him now untied.

"Get it yourself Luca you aren't my papa.  You had my parents killed," he shouts.

Luca reaches for his gun but Jake is faster and he knocks him down to the floor.

"You aren't going to take this brats word over mine are you," he whines.

"He had no reason to lie to us.  Now you on the other hand have all the reason in the world to lie."

"So what now you going to kill me," he asks.

"Maybe but first we are going to give you what intended to give him once we were gone."

His face went white with fear as the guys picked him up and dragged him into the bedroom.  They stripped off all his clothes and tied him to the bed face down with his arms and legs tied to the four poster uprights.

"Please don't," he begs as the guys take Donatello out of the room and he begs to stay and watch.

"I need to see him get his," he begs.

"What is going to happen to him is not for a six year old to see son.  It's bad enough you will be able to hear him screaming in his agony," Jake says stooping down to talk to him.

"I'm first," Michel says as he goes into the room and closes the door.

Once inside Luca looks back at him as he slowly drops his pants to the floor and steps out of them.

"Please mister just take him and go," he begs but Michel climbs on the bed between his spread legs.  He spits in his hand and rubs it on his cock's head and puts it to Luca's rosebud.  With one great push he shoves his cock all the way into his ass and sighs as he bottoms.

"Ahhhhhh fuck please," he screams out in pain as Michel now aggressively starts to fuck him.  He fucks him hard and deep showing no mercy for the assault he is giving him.  He fucks him for almost ten minutes when he feels his balls start to pull up.

"I going to cum you bastard," he whispers in his ear and he shoots his cum deep into his ass.  He pounds his ass without mercy as he shoots rope after rope of his hot cum into him.  When he is finally done he pulls out and gets off the bed and gets his pants on and then leaves the room.

"Next," is all he says and Jake enters the room.

"No please no more," he pleads but Jake removes his pants and climbs between his legs.  He shoves his cock into his cum soaked ass and soon bottoms as Luca screams out.

"No please the pain," he screams.

"Why don't you go outside with the men," Giovanni says to Donatello.

"No please I want to here his pain as my mamma begged for her life," he says to him.

Jake is slamming his ass with fury as he gives him all the anger he feels for what Luca has done to his new son.  He fucks him for almost ten minutes and he cums without telling him.

"We are just the first of almost fifty men," he says.  "The last one has the pleasure of cutting your throat and leaving you here to be found."

"No please just take the boy and let me go," he begs him.

"Fat chance so enjoy your last sex on earth man," he says as he gets up and dresses.

He exits the room and offers Giovanni and David a chance but they both decline.  He offers Luca's ass to the men outside and one by one they take their turns at him.  When the last one finishes just leaves.  The take what Donatello wanted and torched the house.  They watch as the flames engulf the place and the screams of Luca can be heard above the sounds of the flames.

"Now my parents can rest in peace," he says crying into Jake's shoulder as he holds him.

"Let it out son and let your grief be buried with them," he tells him.

By noon of the next day they arrive at Reggio.  The villagers give the men a warm welcome as they enter the burned out town.

"Most are still with you my friend," the mayor says greeting them warmly.

"We did loose a few my friend including Mario."

"He was a good man and he will be missed."

It took the town almost six months to rebuild but Jake had supplies and machinery brought in to help.  Once they were done he decided to have a meeting with his friends.

"Giovanni, Donatello and I are going to go back to the states," he tells Michel and David.  "I or rather we would like you to come with us," he says.

"I would love to go as long as Michel wants to," David says looking at him.

"Lover my life is with you David and where you go I will follow.  So it looks like we are all going to go," Michel says with a smile.

"I sent a letter off to ...," but he is interrupted by a knock on the door.  It is the mayor and a five year old boy he is holding by the hand.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you but I have something that needs to be discussed."

"Please come in and sit down," Jake says offering a chair to him.

"Before Mario left he gave me a letter to keep in case he didn't return.  Well after you told me of his death I went home and read it and well here it is Michel for you to read," he says handing him the letter.

To my friend Michel.


I am writing this letter to you and giving it to the Mayor for safe keeping in case I do not return.  If you are reading this then I did not return, damn.  Anyways it pertains to my son Claudio who is five and my only possession that I have of value anymore in this world.  His mamma died giving birth to him and he has always been my pride and joy.  What I ask is very hard to do but as a papa I must to insure his safety and love.  I want you and David to take my son as your own.  Yes my friend I know about you two and Jake and his Giovanni as well.  You all are good men and have shown us that a man is measured by how he treats others and not what he likes in bed.  Although I don't like the same I respect your choice.  So if I may as a father bed of you to raise my Claudio as your own son and tell him once in awhile about me to keep me alive in his heart.  I know you will do the right thing because I have seen the love you hold in your heart my friend.


Your friend  Mario.




Michel sat there and cried as he handed the letter to David and Claudio came over to him.

"You cry because you no want Claudio," he asks.

Michel grabs him and holds him tightly to him and kisses him on the face as the tears roll down his cheeks.

"No son I cry because I have a son Claudio," he tells him looking into the boy's eyes.  "You are David and my son now Claudio," he tells him.

"My papa told me before he left that if he no come back that you both be my new papas," he says and looks over at a tearful David.

"Oh Claudio son," is all he can say as the boy rushes to his open arms.

"Well it looks as if we return to America parents," Jake says and both boys rejoice at the news.

"I will miss you boys," the mayor says to them and shakes Jake's and the others hands.  "Most of us have known for quite awhile about the four of you but we loved you first and accepted you for the men you are."

"Thank you and I wish where we are going it was so," Jake says.  "But my life here is in ruins and the earth would take years to make it suitable for grapes.  I give this land to Reggio for all the people to use.  Let no one person claim it or develop it for there own use."

"It will become Giovanni Park," the mayor says.  "In remembrance of you my friends."

They left the next day for Rome for the war was over now since the fall of Berlin and the bombing of Japan.  They took a little time in Rome to shop and buy some new clothes because everything they had was worn or ripped.  The looked like gentlemen again and their sons like little rich boys as the boarded the Italia and soon sailed for New York.

"Papa this is so big a boat," Donatello says looking around at the size of the ship.

"It's a ship my son not a boat," he tells him and points out to a small boat just off the coast of Greece.  "Now that is a boat son."

Eight days later they arrive in the harbor of New York.

"Who is that lady," Donatello shouts pointing at the Statue of Liberty.

"That young man is the reason you are here today.  She is lady freedom, the Statue of Liberty," he tells him.

They are soon joined by David, Michel and Claudio as they also answer Claudio about the grand lady.  When they finally dock Jake arranges for their things to be shipped to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and he hires a cab for their trip to his mamma's and papa's house.  When they arrive his mamma is rocking on the front porch and his papa is tending a garden in the yard.  They get out and his mamma puts her hands to her mouth as she sees her boy again.

"Giacobbe," she cries and he rushes up to the porch to hug her.  She kisses him and hugs him as his papa comes around the house to see what all the commotion is about.

"My Giacobbe," he cries also and he hugs his boy as if he might vanish.

He then introduces the others and then his new son. 

"Mamma and papa this is my son Donatello," he says as the boy goes up to her.

"La nonna di mattina buoni ed il nonno."

"Remember son English," he tells him.

"Excuse me," he says.  "Good morning grandmother and grandfather," he says now in English.

"Oh my a grandson," they both say together and they hug the boy and shower him with kisses.

"You no feed him Giacobbe look at him," his mamma says.  "I cook for you a nice Italian supper," she tells him and has them all come in.

"Mamma why you don't ask about Donatello's mamma and I," Jake asks alone in the kitchen with her.

"Giacobbe your papa and I know about you and Giovanni as well as Michel and David.  We are no blind son.  We see you and Jeff growing up and know about you in your room.  These walls are thin my son."

"Why you don't say anything to me?"

"We wait for you to say to us in case we wrong.  I can tell be the way Giovanni looks at you he loves you.  He looks at you like I look at your papa and the same with the other two.  Now help me carry this food into the dining room son.  Son," she says pausing, "we still love you just the same."

"Let's eat! Papa shouts as the food comes into the room.

"Papa you please say the grace," mamma says.

"Lord we thank you for bringing home our Giacobbe safely to us.  We thank you for our new son Giovanni," and Giovanni looks from papa to Jake and back again and papa gives him a wink.  But most of all thank you for the new grandson you give us Lord.  Claudio is the best surprise of all.  Oh yes Lord thank you for David, Michel and they son Claudio also and allow them to feel welcomed into our home Lord. Amen.

"Papa you forgot the food."

"Oh si the food thank you Lord, Amen. Now let's eat," he says.

To be continued...

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