The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Nine

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter eight...

"Mamma why you don't ask about Donatello' mamma and I," Jake asks alone in the kitchen with her.

"Giacobbe your papa and I know about you and Giovanni as well as Michel and David.  We are no blind son.  We see you and Jeff growing up and know about you in your room.  These walls are thin my son."

"Why didn't you say anything to me?"

"We wait for you to say to us in case we wrong.  I can tell by the way Giovanni looks at you he loves you.  He looks at you like I look at your papa and the same with the other two.  Now help me carry this food into the dining room son.  Son," she says pausing, "we still love you just the same."

"Let's eat! Papa shouts as the food comes into the room.

"Papa you please say the grace," mamma says.

"Lord we thank you for bringing home our Giacobbe safely to us.  We thank you for our new son Giovanni," and Giovanni looks from papa to Jake and back again and papa gives him a wink.  But most of all thank you for the new grandson you give us Lord.  Donatello is the best surprise of all.  Oh yes Lord thank you for David, Michel and their son Claudio also and allow them to feel welcomed into our home Lord. Amen.

"Papa you forgot the food."

"Oh si the food thank you Lord, Amen. Now let's eat," he says.

Chapter Nine...

They had a great feast and papa broke out the wine.

"This is a bottle you sent us before the war Giacobbe," he says.

He opens the bottle and mamma comes out with eight glasses and papa pours the wine.

"Whoa papa you and mamma forget that there are just six of us," Jake says.

"Giacobbe you forget how to count," he asks starting to count pointing at each person in the room.

"Papa not the boys," he says.

"And why not the boys you grew up with wine," he says.  "Now sit down and be quiet son, besides I'm sure they have had wine in Italy before," he says handing the grinning boys their wine.

"We have Nonno," they say together.

He offers a toast and they all drink their wine and the boys sip it as the night progresses.

"You see babe they are from Italy and have been use to having wine," Giovanni says.

"So my son what are you going to do for work," he papa asks.

"I haven't given it much thought papa but I have a few ideas in mind," he says.  "But I need to make a few calls first to test the waters," he says.

"You going off again to sea my son," his papa asks.

"No papa it's just a saying meaning I have to see if it's going to work what I am planning," he says.

"Now papa it's time for bed and the guys need to rest from their trip," she says.

"Mamma can the boys stay here tonight," Jake asks.  "I have some things to attend to in the morning and we are going to be up early."

"Of course my grandsons can stay," she says like it's a totally silly question.

They go back to their hotel and Jake has them sit while he discusses his plans for their future.

"I want you to listen to me without interruptions and then we can discuss any questions.

"The floors all yours my friend," Michel says.

"Ok I have been doing some investigating into the different climates here in the states and what would be best for growing grapes.  The best soil and climate is in southern California in the Napa Valley.  I made a few calls and there are acres of land for sale out there and I want to go out to see it," he says.  "If it proves to be all that I hear then I propose we start our wine business again in the Napa Valley.  So what do you think," he asks.

"California eh," Michel asks.  "You see buddy you are in this with Giovanni and yourself.  David and I have to find a way to make a living also."

"Michel I am talking an equal partnership here between the four of us," he says.  "We have been through to much to not be together now."

"But David we have no capital to invest like you do love," David says.

"Do you not have strong arms and legs?  Can you not give me sweat and time," he asks.  "Guys I love you and it would hurt me if you didn't accept this gift from me.  Giovanni talk to them," he says as he leaves the room.

"Guys please see it from his point of view."

"Let me go talk to him," Michel says going out looking for him.  He sees him enter the elevator at the end of the hall and he runs and jumps in just as the doors close.

"So where are we going partner," and he takes him in his arms and they kiss long and passionately.

"What was that for," Jake asks once Michel breaks their kiss.

"Just my way of sealing our partnership pal," and he kisses him again.

"Do you remember the last time we kissed and what it led to," Jake asks.

"Yeah I remember and I was hoping we could finalize our partnership in that manner," he says kissing him a third time.

"Well I don't think we need to finalize it in that manner," Jake says.

"So where are you going then," he says as the doors open.

They exit into the lobby and Jake tells him to wait as he goes over to the desk.  He comes back a few moments later with a key and tells him to follow him.  He leads him down a corridor to a room and he unlocks the door and they enter.

"What is this room for," Michel asks looking around.

"I asked for a room where we could have a meeting with some clients later and this is what they gave me," he says.


 Michel pulls him to him and tries to kiss him again but Jake pushes him away. "We really shouldn't do this and personally I'd rather not," he says as Michel grabs him and pushes him down on one of the sofas.

He tears Jake's clothes off and Jake struggles to get up but Michel hits him hard in the face.  He passes out from the blow and when he comes to Michel is fucking him hard and deep.


"Stop you bastard and get the fuck off me," he yells but Michel continues to fuck him holding his arms down.

Jake struggles to get Michel off him but it's to no avail and Michel just grins at him.

"Oh yeah baby fuck my cock," he says as he quickens his thrusts.

"You fucker we're through and I am telling David how you raped me," he says and spits in his face.

Michel throws a punch and breaks Jake's nose and the blood flows out fast.  He lays there as Michel continues to fuck him and he can feel his cock start to swell.

"I'm cumming whore," Michel says and he slams his cock hard and deep into his ass as he shoots his cum.  He slams his ass without mercy and keeps shooting his cum until he his spent.

"There whore now tell me you didn't enjoy my cock in you ass," he says getting up.  "You fucking know you wanted it and have ever since we did it back in Italy," he says getting dressed.  "Just tell the guys you were mugged or


something," he says as he laughs at Jake laying there covered in blood.

"The fuck I will you bastard.  I'm going to tell them the truth," he says and Michel slams his face hard knocking him out.

"Now fucker try to tell them," he says kicking him in the side and leaving him for dead.

He cleans himself up and heads back up to the room where David and Giovanni are happily talking.

"Where's Jake," Giovanni asks as Michel comes back into the room.

"We had an argument and he went for a walk," he says.  "I told him that I was not going to be a partner unless I had money to invest.  He got all defensive and we had words in the lobby and that's when he took off."

"That's so unlike him," Giovanni says and heads out to look for him.


Michel takes David's hand and he is about to take him back to their room when he notices that Michel's hand is cut up.

"Babe what really happened," he says holding up his hand and looking at the cuts.  "Where did these come from babe?"

"You fucking doubting me and my word," he shouts at David and hits him hard across the face.

"Michel what is wrong with you," he asks rubbing his cheek.

"I'm sick and tired of these two and it's time to leave them. I want to seek out our own fortune," he says.

"Babe they're our friends," David says looking at him suspiciously.  "There is something going on here that you are not telling me," he says.

"Listen either you are coming with me or staying with them bitch," he shouts and slaps him again and this time he draws blood.


"That's twice now you have hit me and that's two times too many," he says as he wipes the blood with his hand.

"So what are you saying bitch ... are we through or what," he says stepping forward towards David.

"You hit me one more time and I will have you arrested now get the fuck away from me," he shouts.

"Fine bitch I was tired of you anyways.  There are more asses' to fuck out there and I'm going to find them," he says storming out of the room.

Giovanni goes up to the desk and inquires to the clerk about Jake.


"Yes sir he was here about an hour ago," the clerk says.  "I gave him a key to the Stuart room for his business meeting he had planned."

Giovanni asks directions to the room and he heads to it.  He finds the door slightly open and enters.

"Oh my God Jake," he yells and runs to an unconscious Jake.  "Babe wake up please," he says as the tears start to fall.

He picks up the phone and rings the front desk asking for an ambulance at once.  The ambulance arrives within ten minutes and they take Jake to the hospital.  Giovanni is just coming over to the elevators when the door opens and David steps off.

"David help me please they just took Jake to the hospital," he says in tears.

"What happened to him," he asks still showing the signs of his own beating.

"He was badly beaten up by someone and left for dead I would guess," he says and then notices David's bruises.  "What happened to you David," he asks.

"Michel is what happened.  After you left we had a terrible fight and he lied about what happened between him and Jake.  I noticed his hand was badly cut up and when I questioned him about it he started to hit me.  That's when he gave me his ultimatum.  I was to go with him or stay but he said he was tired of you two and wanted to seek his own fortune."

"I bet he was the one that beat the shit out of Jake," Giovanni says.

They have the desk clerk call a taxi for them and they head to the hospital.  They arrive just as the doctor is coming out to inquire who is there for Jake.

"We are doctor," Giovanni says.  "I'm his brother," he tells him knowing that they won't tell a none family member anything.

"Well he is going to be fine but he's got several cracked ribs and a broken nose which was set.  He needed three stitches to close his cut lip.  He may have a headache for a while but he is not in any danger."

"May we see him doctor," Giovanni asks.

"The nurse is cleaning him up and he will be ready to leave once she is done."

"Thank you doctor," he says.

"I've given him a prescription for some pain medicine and it should help him sleep until his ribs heal."

Jake comes out in a wheelchair and his face looks like he has been in a car crash.

"Oh Jake," Giovanni says helping him up from the chair.  I have a taxi waiting outside," he tells him.

"Jake did Michel do this to you," David asks as Jake looks at his bruises.

"Yes David and I suspect he did those to you also," he says pointing to his face.

"Yes and I threw him out Jake.  We're through and I would guess he is trying to get as far away from New York as he can right now."

"He not only beat the shit out of me but he raped me severely.  He wanted to make love with me but I refused him and he went berserk on me once I got the meeting room.  I told him that we were through if he was going to continue to be like this and that's when he hit me so hard he broke my nose.  I passed out and when I came to he was savagely fucking me holding me down by my arms.  I loved him David as a brother and this is how he treated me," and he starts to cry.

"Jake please don't cry he isn't worth it my friend.  I have caught him so many times cheating on me with other men in Reggio that I was about to throw him out.  He always promised me that he would change and that it wouldn't happen again.  But it didn't change and he even fucked this kid of sixteen in our special room and in our bed," he says.  "I was furious with him and that was when he started to hit me.  He finished fucking the kid who just grinned at me and I was bleeding from my nose."

"That's when you told me something fell and hit you in the face," Giovanni says.

"Yes because I was too ashamed to admit I was beaten by him.  After that he just carried on with that kid anytime he wanted to and if I objected he gave me another beating.  He would fuck me once in awhile but the love was dwindling."

"Why didn't you tell me or us," Jake asks holding him to him as he cried aloud in the back of the cab. 

The driver looks at them through the rearview mirror and shakes his head.

"I was too ashamed to tell you Jake.  I saw how much you two were friends and I didn't want to be the one to come between that friendship."

"David I've known you much longer than I've known him," he tells him.

They arrive back at the hotel and he gives the cabby his fare with a generous tip.  They go up to their room and Jake invites David to stay with them.

"Thank you guys but I really want to be alone," he says.

"We are just next door if you need us love," Giovanni says.

"Thanks guys and I really just want to cry and then go get my son tomorrow.  If you still want me I would love to be your partner," he says hugging the two of them.

"Not a matter of wanting you David it's a forgone conclusion that you were already our partner," Jake says to him.  "Now you get some rest and we will see you in the morning babe," he says kissing him softly on the lips.

He closes his door and they can hear him start to cry and Giovanni is ready to knock when Jake stops him.

"He needs to get it out of his system babe.  Now I need to take a shower and get to bed," he says as they walk into their room.

"Sure babe," he says closing the door and taking Jake into his arms.

"Ahhhhhh careful babe my ribs," he says flinching as Giovanni holds him.


"I'm so sorry babe I forgot," he says releasing him and he starts to cry.

"Don't cry love its ok just love me tenderly until I heal," he says holding him close.  "I love you Giovanni and all I want out of life is to spend it loving you," and they kiss softly.  "Ouch I forgot my lip also," he says and they both laugh.

He goes into the bathroom and takes a nice long hot shower and he thinks about how badly things have changed.  He is bitter against Michel for what he did to him and he vows to get even some day.  He finishes his shower and dries off wrapping the towel around him.  He goes into the bedroom and Giovanni is in bed waiting for him man to come to bed.

"Come here babe and let me love you to sleep," he says rolling back the covers for him to get in.

He drops the towel and gets into bed and Giovanni gets up and he bends down to kiss his man passionately but softly.  He moves down to his cock and slowly swallows it down his throat and Jake moans out from the joy it gives him.

"Oh fuck babe that feels so good," he says running his fingers through his hair.

Giovanni slowly but methodically runs his mouth up and down his cock while fingering his tender rosebud.  He inserts his finger and soon finds his nut inside and Jake moans out as he comes close to his edge.

"Oh fuck babe you have me so close," he moans as he holds his head down all the way on his cock.  "Wait babe I don't want to cum yet," he says still holding him in place.

After a few seconds he can feel himself calming down and he releases his hold and Giovanni releases his cock.  He moves to his balls and sucks each one tenderly as he continues to finger his ass.

"I'm going to cum babe," he says after awhile of this and Giovanni takes his cock again in his mouth.

He shoots his hot cum into his waiting throat and howls out in ecstasy.  He keeps feeding Giovanni his cum until he has no more to give and he drop his cock from his mouth.

"Thanks baby doll for that," he says as Giovanni comes up beside him and they kiss as Jake rides out his afterglow.  "Give me your cock babe to suck," Jake says but Giovanni refuses.

"Babe this was just for you," he tells him.  "I'm fine babe and can wait until you are healed."

Giovanni rolls away from Jake and spoons into him.  Jake wraps his arms around him and they soon drift off to sleep.


The next day they get David who is somewhat better and head over to Jake's parent's house.  Donatello is outside playing ball with a neighbor boy when they arrive and David gets a strange feeling.

"Mamma where is Claudio," he asks and he knows the answer.

"Michel came this morning and picked him up son," she tells him.  "He said that you three had appointments and that he was taking Claudio for a haircut and that Jake would be by to get Donatello later."

"I knew it I just knew he would do this to me," David says as he breaks down in tears. Giovanni tries to console him but he refuses to be consoled.

"I try my best to find them David," Jake says but he knows how good Michel can be at hiding when he doesn't want to be found.

They go inside and mamma makes David a hot tea as Jake places several phone calls to the police and then to a private detective agency.

"Well we've done all we can do and now we just have to wait.  If I know Michel he is long gone from New York and heading west," he says.  "I have to fly out to California myself tomorrow and I will hire a detective agency to search for him out there.  I want a picture of Michel and Claudio if you have any," he says to David.

"I don't have any Jake I never had a chance to take any," he says.

"Waita minute," his papa says getting up and going into his bedroom.

He comes back in carrying his camera and hands it to Jake.

"I took pictures of all of you when you got here yesterday remember," he says.  "I didn't have time to get them developed yet but if you want I can have it done now," he says.

"I'll take the film papa and get it done myself.  The police lab will have it done quickly and they can give me copies for the agencies."

He takes the film and leaves Giovanni and David at his parent's house and goes down to the police station.  He runs into an old school friend he knew who is now a police officer and explains to him just what he needs.

"No problem Gio," he says using his nickname he used in school.  "Come on with me I know Mac in the photo lab and he can have it for you real snappy."

He follows Corey to the lab and he gives the film to his friend Mac.  The two talk about old times and about what has been happening since they had last seen each other while waiting for the film to be developed.

"So do you still hang with Jeff," Corey asks.

"No not since college I haven't.  He went to Yale and I went to school in Italy.  I inherited a wine empire from my real father and now I'm worth millions."

"Shit Gio you sure did ok for yourself," he says.

"So did you ever marry," Jake asks.

"Nah not me buddy haven't the fucking interest in the dames," he says.  "Just like you and Jeff I liked the guys," he says quietly.  Mac and I are lovers Jeff but keep that between us ok," he says.

"Corey how did you know about Jeff and me," he asks.

"I have known since ninth grade Gio.  I saw you two having sex in the locker room once after gym class," he tells him.

"Why didn't you say anything to me or Jeff," Jake asks.

"Nah not me I just kept my mouth shut and went on my way," he says smiling.

"Here are the pictures Corey," Mac says coming into the room.  "Ah... are you and that guy like lovers or something," Mac asks, "because you both seem a bit too friendly not to be."

"Yes Mac we are and I hope that it doesn't bother you," Jake asks.

"Mac I told him about us so relax babe," Corey says and Mac smiles.  "Your man is a handsome one," he says showing Corey the picture.

"Fuck man he is a hot one," Corey says.  "Do you two swing at all," Corey asks.

"Swing," Jake asks questioning the meaning of swing.

"Yeah like in switching partners for the night," he says.

"No we love each other to much to share what we have with others."

"Shame a fucking shame.  I would have liked to fuck that cute guy," Corey says and Jake notices the hurt in Mac's eyes.

"Corey you should be thankful for what you have and not be looking for a way to fuck other men.  That's what caused all this mess between my friends here," and he shows them the picture of Michel and David.

"Well between you and me guy my man doesn't fuck and I love to so we devised this way for me to get laid."

"Well mine does and so do I and we are exclusive to each other.

"Hey how about you and I getting together for some fun," he says nudging him.

"You're kidding me right with Mac standing here," Jake asks.

"It's ok if you want to Jake I don't mind really," but his eyes told a different picture.

"You know Gio homosexuality is against the law here in New York," Corey says with a slight threat in his voice.

"Are you threatening me Corey," Jake asks looking at him.

"Well I am a police officer and those pictures do tell a very lucrative tale."

"Corey please he's an old friend," Mac says giving him a dirty look.

"Why don't you just go back to work Mac and mind your own business," he says.

"You are my business Corey and I am tired of your games," he says.

"Well so am I of you now skedaddle," he says motioning him to move along.

"So Gio what's it going to be sex or jail," he asks.  "And by the way that boy in the picture I can see to it that social services takes him away from the two of you as well."

"Ok Corey where do you want to go," Jake asks knowing he is in a no win situation.  "First I have to make a phone call to my lover letting him know I will be later coming home."

"I understand and you can use the phone here while I go and make an excuse why I need to leave for a few hours."

"Giovanni I need you to listen to me and not interrupt. I am being blackmailed by an old school friend into having sex with him.  I think he is taking me to his house for the deed and I need you to call the station here and ask for Mac in the photo lab.  He is Corey' lover and explain to him what is going on and get over there as soon as possible babe."

"Oh shit Jake a cop how do you get yourself into these situations," he asks.

"Yes Giovanni that's right I'll be a few hours later getting home.  So could you just do as I ask and I will be forever in your debt babe."

"I take it he's right there now," Giovanni asks.

"Yeah that's right and I'll see you later babe I love you," and he hangs up.

"Nice going buddy now lets head over to my place for some good ole fun," he says rubbing Jake's ass.

"Hello may I speak to Mac in the photo lab please," Giovanni asks after hanging up with Jake.

They transfer him to the photo lab and he explains to Mac what Jake just told him.

"I've had it with this guy of mine," Mac says.  "For six years I've put up with his games to fuck other men because I have a medical problem and fucking is to painful for me. Giovanni I will take care of this so don't worry about Jake.  He'll be home to you shortly," he tells him.

"Thank you Mac and please don't do anything drastic," he says.

Back at Mac's and Corey' apartment Corey has Jake undress and get on the bed stomach down.  He complies with his wishes and undresses and gets on the bed as Corey handcuffs him to the headboard.

"What the fuck you doing," Jake yells and Corey stuffs his shorts into his mouth to shut him up.

"Just a little game I like to play with my men," he says whispering in Jake's ear.  "Now relax and enjoy the ride," he tells him.

He undresses himself and breaks out the whips he has hidden in a drawer.  He walks over to Jake and shows him the whips and Jake's eyes get as wide as a saucer.

"Mmmmmm," he is all he can say through the gag in his mouth as the whip comes down on his ass.

He jumps with pain and another strikes him again and he does the same as tears flow from his eyes.  Several more times he endures the whipping until he feels Corey climb between his legs.

"Now my man get ready for the fuck of your life," he says and he shoves his cock full force into his ass.

Jake cries out as best as he can in pain with the gag in his mouth as Corey begins to aggressively fuck him.  He is fucking him now more violently now and the sound of a gun being cocked breaks Corey' ecstasy.

To be continued...

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