The Love Of A Cop


Title: The Love Of A Cop
Author: Theo
Date: Nov.4 2006


Regular disclaimers apply, must be over 18 or legal age depending on where you live and do not copyright. This is my first attempt at a story and will not be my last any feedback is more then welcome. Send any suggestions to Ty.


The gym is a great place to relax and work out your problems as far as I'm concerned, running on a treadmill for miles just seems to make me forget any problems or pain until after I'm done then it all rushes back. Of course that's why after a good workout the only place to go is the hot-tub which for my luck was empty by the time I was done with everything else.

The hot soothing water just worked out all my aching muscles until I was in bliss. But of course it can only last so long, a young man slipped into the tub with me, directly across from me, just as I was hoping he would just relax and not try to start any weird small talk, he did. "So you come here a lot?" I simply replied often enough to keep myself in shape, I don't need any gut. I closed my eyes slightly and slipped down more, he moved around to my right and asked if my girlfriend appreciates how much work I must put into my body, I said that I did not have anyone special in my life then as he perked up a little he asked if I would want to go and grab a coffee with him, as he moved closer. "Nope, besides the fact I don't drink coffee I'm not interested" he knew what that meant and went back to the other side of the tub and sank down into the water and I got up to leave.

Don't get me wrong I am gay, I've known since I was very young, I was attracted to the way a man's body looked, not too sure why at the time but knew I liked it a lot more than a girl. As I got older I found out about homosexuality, and knew I was gay, even though I was very young around 10 or 12. I also just knew I couldn't tell anyone, because of what others said I knew I never could. Until I left home and moved to a large city where anyone can go un-noticed and passed over, living in a small town was hell, especially in my later teens, I wanted nothing more than to be with another man, not just meaningless sex and one night stands, but a real relationship. Giving anonymous blowjobs to random people in glory holes at the local fair once a year surely wasn't enough. So the minute I turned 18 I left for the police academy. A year of training later and 5 years after that I was 24, alone and no longer looking.

I had a good relationship with Carl, he was my age and it was all going good I thought until one day I came home early to surprise him on my birthday ( thinking I'd get a surprise when I came home ) well, I did get one. He was there on his back as I walked in and another younger man was fucking him for all he was worth. I just stood there in horror and when he looked up at me he just smiled. The next day, I was gone and promised myself not to get into a loving relation for a long time because while it lasts it was good but when it ends the hurt was too much, the good times faded away to be replaced by pain. I never slipped into depression and my co-workers never knew a thing had happened, but they didn't even know I was gay since I am so far in the closet. No one knew except Carl. I just kind of shut my love life off for as long as it took for the pain to subside. Back to the here and now. After drying off and getting clothed I walk out of the gym, as I say my goodbyes to the receptionist I get an odd feeling someone is watching me but as I look around there is no one there so I go to my car then home for another night alone.


I just stood there as one of the most handsome man I've ever seen was talking to the gym receptionist, he has been coming here for a long time now and I've always wanted to meet him, know more about him and maybe he too would be gay but I never seem to have much luck in that department so for now admiring from afar would have to do. As he started to turn around I walked down the hall so as not to be seen, then started my workout.

The name is David by the way, I'm 24, just over 5'11 , 180 LB and I work full time in a large computer software company, its pretty boring but keeps my days busy and some of my own time as well. I try not to think myself as weird but I just can't gather the courage to go and meet Theo face to face, I know he is a new cop, my age and height, and has the best and deepest green eyes I have ever seen but besides that I know nothing. One day I will muster up enough courage to actually talk to him however for now admiring and dreaming is enough.

After a nice weight lifting session and some cardio later I was spent and needing a shower pretty badly, so I grabbed a white fluffy towel and headed for the undersized nozzles. On the way I heard a few voices, not usually would I care but it was someone shouting at the young receptionist, how could someone be yelling like this to such a young woman? I thought and headed up the hall to see what was happening.
As I walked into the main room someone came up behind me grabbing the collar of my shirt and throwing me into the wall. All I remember is a sharp pain, then I was on the beach, it was hot and pleasant I could hear the waves crashing and then Theo came up beside me in just a tight Speedo his muscles and hair glistening in the sun he was so beautiful and he moved in for a kiss, as we locked lips he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth searching for mine and as he laid on top of me I felt so secure, I was his and he knew it. As I slowly came too, my head throbbed, as I staggered to my feet I looked toward the desk and the young girl was tied up on the floor and a man in black ski mask grabbed a garbage bag and started to run and he made it out the door.

I heard the locker room door close and another man slightly shorter came running down the hall, as he passed the doorway I threw my right arm out and caught him across the throat and jaw, he fell back onto the floor with a massive thud and just laid there, I heard sirens, the receptionist must have triggered the alarm before she was tied up.

Two cars showed up, my heart fluttered for a minute but after Theo didn't step out of either I just explained what had happened. The man was cuffed and taken away but as for his partner, he had escaped.


When I arrived home I heard something about a robbery on the scanner but I was tired and off duty anyway so I ignored it and went in for a shower.

My apartment is too big I think to myself on the way, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, and a large kitchen is just too much for one person but I've been getting use to the empty look, I don't own any pictures anymore so my walls are covered in paintings and different pieces of art my sister sends me, and my extra bedrooms have been turned into a work space and the other into a home gym for those days I can't make it to the real one.

Undressing in the bathroom I give myself the once over, eyebrow length black hair, odd dark green eyes, my 5 o'clock shadow which I keep ( I think it looks good ) my pretty muscular body from training and workouts, chest covered with rather thick black hair running into my boxers and unfortunately all across my ass and down my legs. I don't think I'm bad looking and I should try to get back into the dating scene but not for a while yet, memories can be more painful then one thinks.

Stepping into the shower and its hot water is therapeutic and in no time I can feel myself getting hard, its been so long since I've been with a man must be more then 7 months, its embarrassing when I think about it but I've been getting by on masturbation. I play my all too familiar movie of myself in bed with another, close, touching, exploring and just holding then I go down to his cock and take it all in to the hilt, it's been so long since I have actually done this. Just as I'm turning this faceless nameless image over to eat his hairy ass my doorbell rings and I'm taken back to a cold reality.

Stepping out of the shower and into a large white robe I go for the door, it's my partner who tells me I will need to come into the station for a back-shift because one of the guy's wife has gone into labor. So I dry off, get dressed and I'm on my way, with my unattended hardon still bothering me.


What a night I have had, I just want to go home and sleep, and after 2 or more hours at the police station sorting out different things I'm on my way.

I felt proud of myself as I walked through my door and into the bathroom for a much needed shower, stripping off and stepping into the scalding water felt really good and before I knew it I was yawning so out I went dried off and into bed.

Laying between my sheets nude made my cock twitch and I reached down to give him some attention, in my minds eye I seen Officer Theo coming up to me only wearing his jockey, holding me in his strong arms I feel so warm and loved being so close to him I can see his solid cock thought the jockey cloth, I reached down and pulled his jock to the floor and his 7' sprang up without any more thought I go to my knees and worship my man for all he's worth, the slurping sounds coming from me make him chuckle and pull be back up into a long passionate kiss, I just suck his tongue in and let him control me, let him make the moves, I am his. I look into his deep eyes and I feel complete he leads me towards the bed and I instinctively lay on my back and watch him take my cock into his warm mouth right to the bottom and he brings me to the brink a few times before shoving one of his large fingers into my puckered hole it feels so god having him in me like this I want more, I push my body down harder and faster as he slips another in, the pain is there but subsides too quickly any sensation caused by him, I want more of, very slowly I feel the third finger push on my opening and ever so slowly it slips in, I love the pain he causes but it turns to pleasure and I love him so much more.

All this time he is sucking me off and playing with my balls. He gets up and puts my legs onto his shoulders, this is the most vulnerable position one can be in, legs up and open surrendering to the other. His cock head pushes into my slightly opened hole and there is no pain just the feeling of being whole and full then he pushes deeply in one slow thrust and I cant help but moan out in pleasure then he slowly starts to pump me, being overcome with emotions of pleasure I just moan long and soft, then I feel him grow and release in me which just sends me over the edge.

Snapping back into reality I lay there, my stomach and chest covered in my own cum, I reach for my towel and clean myself and think " if only I had him to lick this off " I lay there in bed and slip into a deep sleep. I wake several hours later and look to my alarm clock, its dead I wonder why I have no power? Then I smelled something a little off, almost like smoke but how could that be? I get up and walk to my door and grab the knob. "Fuck!" its red hot and I know what this means, so I run to my bedroom balcony and jump onto the fire escape, go down the ladder to the street and call 911.


Two AM rolled around and left, still nothing but some coka cola and a doughnut. I can understand how cops can get this image of sitting overweight in a dinner doing nothing but drinking coffee and eating but that's not the case at all especially for me. After downing my second coke I get a call of an apartment up in flames so I head out to lend my assistance. After blocking off traffic with my patrol car I head over the EMS and see if I can do anything, keeping the public away and other small tasks kept me occupied most of the time but as the fire truck finally pulled up to douse the rest of the blaze I could start taking eye witness accounts and talk to the one who had called.

His name was David MacAlester in apt. 3 so I walk to him and he removes his air mask and I say

"are you ok sir?"
"Well I've been better"

"I'm sorry for you loss and I know I should really leave u be for a while but the faster I get some answers the faster we can maybe figure out who did this"

"You mean someone set this fire??"

"Yes I'm sorry sir, we found an opened can of butane in the back porch which must have started it, and do you know of anyone who might want to harm you or your neighbors? Any suspicious activity?"

" well I don't think anyone would want to hurt Mrs. Bouldered she's over 70 now and never leaves her apartment, No. 1 is empty and the Donald's of Apt. 4 are on vacation and have been for over two weeks. So I guess it would have to been an attack at me... hmmm... I don't have any enemies and I have never done anything to make someone...."

"What is it? Why did you stop like that?"

"Do you know of the robbery yesterday?"

"Yesterday?.. O right its past 12AM, um yes I know of it"

"Well the one man got away but his partner, the one who was caught; I was the one that knocked him down so if anything it would have to be a form of revenge against me."

"That's not good... and now you don't have a home or many belongings."

"I do have a storage box in the town over where I used to live. I think I have some extra cloths and other things there."

"Well until then, we have different programs that we can put you in like a foster home until you're back on your feet"

"That sounds good officer."

With my new information I set off back to the station to log it into a computer and also look for a place for David to stay. This night cannot get any longer.


"You have had a rough night Mr. MacAlester lets take you back to the station for a rest"

I agree and walk to a patrol car. So much on my mind right now, not only have I lost pretty much everything I own and something as simple as a change of cloths are more then an hour drive away. But someone is trying to kill me, if that doesn't cause someone to loose sleep over nothing will. But there is always different ways to relax one and fall into a deep peaceful sleep.

Once again my dreams went from work to different computer programs then games then back to officer Theo, he looked so sweet tonight, so concerned for me I could just melt in his arms if he would let me. I would never leave him, never do him wrong the more I think about it the more I fall in love with him.

"Wake up sir, we have found you a place to stay"

I got up still groggy and stumbling but managed to walk to he bathroom to relive myself then out into the main office where one officer said he I could stay with him for a while then put me into a shelter.

This was going to be a rough few weeks; Officer Ryan has a wife and three kids and now me? This would not work out as far as I am concerned I was just thinking about how to get myself out this mess when Officer Theo walked up and offered to have me go and stay with him, he has an extra room and bath and it would be no problem really. The choice was left to me. What do you think I chose? Of course I would stay with Theo! but controlling my enthusiasm I just said it would be much better if I stayed with him over officer Ryan because he already has a full house.


After such a late night, I hadn't slept in so long it was hurting so one last thing to take care of before I got home and to bed for the day, I had to find a place for David to stay. I checked with my dispatcher, he said that David would be staying with Ryan. Now Ryan is a good fella but he has a family and not a lot of room and of course I have so much extra I said that wouldn't do and I would take him in, so all I had to do was talk to David and checked what he wanted.

He said that staying with me would be a lot easier on everyone and that was the end of it. So we were off to my place. After we got into my apartment I gave my little tour, kitchen, his own bathroom, living room, balcony, and I told him to choose a room and we would clean it out for him. But for now I was off to a much needed shower and told David he could use one as well, he smelled of smoke.

I said that my closet has plenty of pants and stuff; he could also dig through my dresser to find something to wear. With that I was off to my shower and left him there.


I was so overjoyed that I would be living with my dreamy hunk of an officer, I was on cloud 9.

After arriving in his apartment he showed me around some and told me to go and pick out some clothes to change into and also to take a shower.

So when he disappeared into his master bathroom I went into his bedroom and started pawing through his closet and dressers for some clothes. I found some track pants, a button up shirt, socks and an under shirt.

I was still in my night pants, without any boxers so I bit my lip and took a pair of his, a soft plaid cotton pair kind of loose fit witch I didn't mind, just knowing that I was wearing his boxers and cloths started to make me hard.
I went to his discarded cloths pile and rummaged through his uniform and found an undershirt, and brought it to my nose and inhaled deeply taking in his scent and locking it in my memory.

The smell of a day or more of hard long work made it musky but with a hint of a sweet smelling deodorant, I was in heaven breathing in his essence, I was now rock hard and oozing precum into my night pants.

I couldn't believe all this has happened to me and now I'm living with my Adonis, all this and I wanted him so badly.
So badly did I want to walk in and strip, then join him in the shower and start making the best love of my life. I was just about to jerk off but I herd him turn on a hair dryer so I grabbed his undershirt and ran to my assigned bathroom, stripped, set the water and entered it. In no time I was craving his scent again so I reached around the shower curtain and grabbed his shirt, brought it to my nose and breathed deeply. A large drop of precum oozed from my swollen cock and onto the shower floor. I needed to jerk off right then and there or I would burst. I imagined my officer in the shower, water flowing all over his hair and muscled covered body. If only I could find out if he was gay, I would have to do something to find out I need to know. I finished my session and cleaned up the shower wall and finished cleaning myself then took my dirty cloths to the hamper and his shirt to my new bedroom and hid it in the back of the closet. He would always be there when I needed it.


I hate being so alone, sexually anyway, masturbating is just not cutting it anymore I will have to find someone eventually.

O well time will tell as for now I have such a hardon. I slowly pump on my cock, pulling my foreskin over my cock head and pulling it back. I love doing this but only if I had someone else.

My usual dream of this faceless man came into my minds eye and I started to massage his back and went lower until I was grasping his firm ass and spreading him. I love rimming and the sensations of eating this ass out was so good, I turned him over but then I recognized the face, it was David, strong jaw and soft skin, Dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, firm chest and soft blond hair all over and running down into his crotch where there was a thick bush of it above a nice cut cock. I was so much more attracted to David then the faceless man I usually think of but why now?

I decided to enjoy this and started to lick around his cock head then sucked him down my throat and just held him there, he was moaning my name and I let him take his cock from my mouth and he pulled me up to his face and took me into a deep and passionate kiss which I didn't want to end, but he released my tongue and laid me on my back beside him, he rolled on top of my with his cock a mere inch from my face. He asked if I wanted to suck him.

"Yes" I replied
"Beg for it"

"Please let me suck your cock"

"I said BEG!"
"Please David let me suck your cock, I beg you"

"That's better"

" With that he shoved his hips forward and I threw my head toward him and took as much of his cock down my throat as I could. I sucked and licked until he ripped his cock form my hungry mouth and got off of me.

He told me to hold on while he went to get something. A minute later he came back with my handcuffs and cuffed me behind my back then said I was his bitch and I was to do anything he said with that he reached down and grabbed my ridged cock and started pumping me.

I exploded instantly all over my shower door, never have I had thoughts like that, to be another mans bitch, to be controlled, it was new and exciting and it was David who had done it to me in my dreams. I wonder if David was gay.
I stepped out of the shower and put a towel on, I needed to go to my room to get a change of cloths but as I opened the door I seen David there he was standing back to me but I herd him sniff deeply and vigorously I thought he was crying so I slunk back into the bathroom to leave him alone, he has had a bad few days.

I finished up in the bathroom and left to make some supper for us both he probably hasn't eaten in hours. I'll just throw his dirty clothes from the hamper and into the laundry basket, I would do a load later.

I wonder what I have in this place to eat.... ill just have to make some pasta and sauce maybe some garlic bread and I'll go shopping tomorrow. I wonder if he even likes this stuff.



"How does pasta and garlic bread sound for supper"

"Good, I'll be out in a minute to help ya"

with that I boiled some water and got the bread ready. When he came out of the bathroom in just a pair of my boxers, his appearance just stopped me dead in my tracks. His wet hair stuck to his body, damp skin and a very attractive bulge in my boxers presented a picture worth framing.

I felt a stir in my own pants and turned facing the stove to cover my own tenting pants. I tried to adjust myself without him noticing but he walked over and placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned just past my ear and asked if he could borrow my razor.

He was so close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and I replied in a slightly croaked voice that it was in my shower and cream was under the sink.

With that he left for my bathroom. When I heard the door close I reached into my pants and gave myself a long firm grasp as I adjusted my cock into the left leg of my pants.
This was all getting to me! I will need to find out more about him, and I found myself just wanting to talk to him. But I placed two plates on my table and started to serve food. I called that it was ready and he came down fully dressed and sat to eat.


I decided to try something, to see if maybe I had a real chance with Theo, after he called me about supper I went down into the kitchen with just his boxers on and my semi hard cock tenting them slightly, maybe this would give me a clue about him, so I walked into his kitchen and just stood there. He gave me a once over and my heart fluttered, his eyes drew to the boxers and stopped there for a few seconds before I noticed he started to tent his own pants and he faced away to hide himself.

I was so overjoyed this was my first clue he actually was aroused at my appearance so I walked over to him and in a slightly sexual voice I got close to his ear and asked for his razor, I slightly gripped his shoulders and in a cracked voice he said it was in the bathroom.

I was getting to him I know I am, this just keeps getting better and better. At dinner I will ask more about him and his life, maybe I can find out more about him and I devised a plan to see if he truly was gay or not, I would have to make my move, gather all my courage and plunge into the unknown.

Dinner was delicious and after we were both comfortable I asked him "

"So you live alone in this huge apartment?"

"Yes, I like the extra space"

"Ok, so where are you from?"

"The east coast of Canada"

"That nice, so you got a girlfriend?"

"Not at the moment I don't. I'm not really looking either."

"Why is that?"

"Well I got out of a bad relationship not to long ago"

"Oh, I''m sorry"

"Its ok he was a real asshole."

I was just eating some pasta as he said that and as I replayed it in my mind I just stopped chewing and nearly gagged.

Had he actually just said "HE was a real asshole?"
"What did you say? I didn't hear you, crunchy bread and all."

"I said she was a real asshole..."

Ok, so he covered himself after his little slip up but I know what I heard so how can I get him to slip again? Or maybe I should just see if he will tell me.

"Yea, I know what you mean I got out of a pretty bad relationship myself,"

"I'm so sorry to hear that David"

"It wasn't anything serious yet we had just started living together but as we spent more time together we grew further apart almost like the spark was gone. I wish that I would have done more but he said it was best if we both just gone our separate ways."

"He? So that means you're gay?"

"Well yea, I feel comfortable enough around you"

He sat there and just thought for a moment I had to break the silence it was just killer,

"Is that ok with you? does it offend you?"

"Oh no, not at all, I've had gay friends before just kind of a shock is all"

"That's good."

After that conversation we finished eating and he loaded the dish washer and I set up a movie on his home theater.
After he was done I sat down and invited him with my hand to come and sit by me but he just smiled and went to the chair next to the sofa I was on.

Nothing happened during the movie I wished so much for him to just walk over and lay there with me, just hold me, but he didn't.


The movie was boring; I wanted to question David more. I now know he's gay, can I trust him enough to tell him I am as well? That burning question kept me occupied all the while.

After the movie I needed bed so badly I haven't slept in so long. I had an extra bed but I needed to feel someone there next to me. I needed another man's warmth so I said that there was no extra bed and that David would have to sleep with me.

"That's just fine Theo"

with that we were both off to my large bed, him on the left of me, it was so nice just having someone under the covers with me I didn't dare touch him or hold him I didn't want anyone to know I was gay, I just couldn't try something yet. But because I was so tired I fell asleep very fast, I couldn't believe how warm and secure he made me feel. I drifted to a deep and restful sleep.


Having Theo laying next to I was as great as I had imagined, so warm I basically passed out within seconds. His hairy chest only inches away and his cock not any further.

I awoke in the morning with Theo spooning me, I was held so tight to his hairy chest and his head lying on my shoulder I was in heaven, how could this get any better? I moved my leg back towards him and felt his morning wood. It was all I had imagined at least 7" and very thick, I reached behind me and grabbed hold of it, even though he was asleep he let out a tiny moan and held me tighter. I was gently rubbing his cock through his boxers then I slipped my hand under his waistband and grabbed it, running my thumb over the head and playing with his foreskin, god I loved a nice uncut cock it just couldn't get any better, I lost track of time and just kept massaging his cock until he held me so tight I lost a breath and he started cumming in my hand, it was so warm, after his orgasm had stopped I brought my fist to my lips to taste him.

I slurped all his cooling cum off and held it in my mouth until I had it all, then swallowed his load. I just laid there, him still holding me and his soft cock on the back of my leg I fell asleep again.

A few hours later he awoke and rolled off of me and let out a sigh, got up and walked to the bathroom to relive himself.

I could still taste his cum in my mouth and I wanted him so badly, to be awake and love me back this was all torture for me, I had hold him I was gay what else could he want to hear? Should I tell him I haven't had real sex in over three years? Tell him how my former boyfriend was just using me for money? I was desperate at this point so I got up out of bed with a massive hardon tenting my boxer's, well his.

I walked into the bathroom where he was looking into the mirror, I walked up behind him and grabbed him around the waist and turned him.

I looked right into his deep eyes and moved in kissing him lightly on the lips, I back my head up too look at his expression, I was thinking that he would look angry or disgusted but he didn't, he looked calm.

So I moved forward rubbing my hardon into his crotch and kissing him again, this time not backing up just kept kissing him lips hoping and praying for him to open up and let me in. I touched his lips with my tongue and he open slightly at first and I pushed in further until he opened completely and I was in bliss sucking on his tongue hoping for some response, to kiss back, but he didn't.

I reached down between us and grabbed his now very hard cock and pulled his skin all the way back and he got weak kneed and whimpered a bit.

I couldn't believe it my great strong cop was whimpering to my touch.

"We really need to talk David"

"No talking just do what feels right"

He brought his hands to my chest trying to push me away, but I just held his back with my left hand and griped his cock with my right. His pushing was futile then he just stopped trying and kissed me back, sucking my tongue in and lowered his right hand grabbing my rock hard cock. He just squeezed it and a large drop of precum dropped onto his hand and he broke our kiss and looked into my eyes.

"David I want this too but we really need to talk ok?"

"If you want this too why would you want to stop and talk?"
"Because I've been hurt once before now can we go to the living room and chat?"


I watched as his firm ass walked ahead of me, I was still so hard I wanted to jump him and just make love like never before but I respected his wants too. So I sat on the sofa and he on the chair. I could still easily see he was rock hard and he made no attempt to hide it.

"I don't want to be alone anymore."

"Why would you say that?"

"I don't want to just have sex, I want a relationship built on love, I don't want to just fuck and you leave."

"I'll never leave you."

"It's too easy to say that and I've heard it a lot before but guess what, the next day after they have had their fun they leave me and I'm sick of it."

"I said I will never leave, I've secretly loved you since I saw you at the gym months ago, I thought you were strait as an arrow so I kind of just admired from a far. This morning when you were holding me in bed felt so right. I am in love with you and I'll never leave if you let me stay.

With that Theo got up and walked over to me, I looked up into his deep green eyes as he reached down lifting me to my feet, he never broke eye contact.

"Will you never leave me, I think I'm falling in love with you, and I cannot start something if I'm going to be cheated on and left again."

"I want nothing more then to just be with you, not just sex I could just lay with you, holding, I love you."

That was all it took, to tell him how I felt.
He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom, once there he turned around and took me by the waist and laid me down on the bed. We were still both in just boxers and our cocks were rubbing together roughly as we grinded our bodies.

He gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had, I just let him take control and go at his pace. We kissed for what seemed forever then he broke away and moved down my body, sucking and nibbling on each nipple. He pulled slightly on my chest hair; I don't have nearly as much as he does but a good handful. He kissed his way down through my blonde hair until he got to my boxers.

I have waited so long to feel his touch I let out a sigh when he stopped, he looked up into my eyes and then pulled off my boxers in one motion, he looked at my cock for a moment then licked the underside and my throbbing head, his tongue felt so good! I've been dreaming of this moment for so long as he licked the head a large drop of precum oozed out and he sucked it off then took my cock down his throat in one motion not gagging at all, he was very good at this.
He started to swallow my cock, massaging it, I couldn't help but to let out a moan and push his head as far down onto my cock as it would go. Theo released my cock from his mouth and let it slap against my belly.

"I have been waiting so long for this."

"I just met you two days ago, but it feels like I have known you for a long time."

Theo then started sucking on one ball then the other, his mouth felt so warm I was quickly coming close. He lifted my legs up slightly, I knew what he wanted so I pulled my knees to my chest and let him have full access. He slowly licked from my sack downward until his tongue was flicking my puckered hole. I was squirming in agony, this was such a tease, he was torturing me. I was moaning and thrashing about until he plunged his tongue as deep as it could go into my hole. As he pulled it out and plunged back in I was breathing more rapidly, I was cumming so close I just want him to finish me off. I was begging for him to keep going, faster and deeper.

I released my legs and he took my cock back down his throat and sucked to the base, I was getting so very close then he stuck his index finger up into my waiting hole, that sent me over the edge and I shot my load deep into his throat, he was swallowing every drop and when I finally stopped he licked me clean and came back up to my head and started to kiss me very deeply I could taste myself in his mouth as I found his tongue and sucked on it.


I really do love David, I could be with him for the rest of my life, and I couldn't believe it when I had cum in my sleep thinking about him.

When I was done giving him a taste of his own cum me lifted his legs back to his chest and inserted two fingers. He wiggled a bit then took them both deep, I bent down and started sucking on his beautiful cock, I wanted him to be as relaxed as possible for what I was about to do, but damn he was tight.

He knew what I was going to do next and just relaxed and looked me in the eyes as I placed my head at his opening and slowly pushed forward until the head was in him, he bit down on his lower lip not to cry out but it didn't help much for he moaned loudly as I slowly pushed forward.

I can tell he hadn't been fucked in a long time. I kept pushing forward half an inch at a time until I was in to the hilt. I stayed there to let him get use to my presence then when he let out a sigh I knew he was now opened enough to make it pleasurable so I pulled back until my head was inside just barley then I pushed back in with one strong push, right to the hilt, he moaned louder and I kept fucking him and jerking off his softened cock.

I angled myself slightly and hit his prostate, his cock jumped to attention and a large stream of precum emerged and ran down my hand which I bought to my lips and sucked off. I kept fucking him until he was writhing in pleasure then he blew his second load all over his chest, his tightening ass muscles sent me over the edge as I spurt stream after stream of hot cum deep inside him. I went back up to his face and kissed him deep as I rubbed his cum all over his chest. We just lay there until I pulled my cock from his ass and we fell asleep in one another's arms, covered in cum. I never wanted to leave him.