The Love Of A Cop Part2


Title: The Love Of A Cop Part2
Author: Theo
Date: Nov.12 2006

Welcome to part two of my story. Read and enjoy Like the first chapter any suggestions and comments can be sent to

I slowly awoke with my hunk of a cop spooning me once again; I could always wake this way. Just think two days ago my life took such a turn from boring to awful as my apartment was burned down, now apparently it wasn't an accident which concerned me a lot and really should have me more worried than I am but how could I feel anything but peace and security in the arms of Theo.

With my head resting on his chest, I run my fingers through his hair wondering when he will wake so we can start the first day of a whole new life. Last night was amazing! It was all I have dreamed of and I want so much more, I want him to wake.

"Mmmmm good morning David."

"I've been waiting for you to wake up, it's about time."

"Sorry, I'm not much of a morning person." With that he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"That just won't do Theo."

I got up and straddled his chest pinning his arms behind his head then leaned in for a full kiss. Unlike before he opened right up and kissed me back with the love and intensity that sent shivers down my spine then directly into my already hard cock. I reached back and massaged his hardon through his boxers until I wanted more. I wanted his cock so badly once again. Slowly I broke our kiss and moved down his body, gently kissing his neck and broad shoulders on the way down. Past his left nipple which I nibbled on and pulled his chest hair slightly until Theo let out a small moan of pleasure.

"I love you David."

The effect those four small words had on me will never subside. He could tell me that every day for the rest of our lives and it will still mean just as much to me as it does now!

"I love you too, Theo."

I couldn't tease him any longer, besides I wanted to taste him so badly. I moved to the bottom of the bed and kneeled between his legs to worship my officer the best way I knew how. Slowly, I pulled off his boxers to reveal a good 7'' uncut cock. I pulled his skin back exposing a throbbing round head which I took it into my mouth and began sucking lightly until his breathing got a little deeper, then I took it down to the hilt in one motion ,but I couldn't hold him there. I gagged slightly and had to withdraw to a more comfortable depth. Remember, I hadn't done this since my ex had drained by bank account. Although, I was a little rusty I still had him writhing in pleasure and moaning my name. That is always such a turn on! Hearing someone call your name in pleasure knowing that you are causing it. He was getting so close and just before I drew him over the edge I stopped quickly, leaving his cock throbbing and bobbing in the cool air wanting more. Odd I thought, why doesn't he precum? Am I doing a good enough job? I wanted to taste him in my mouth so badly. After leaving his cock, Theo gave a loud moan of protest, until I moved to his balls, taking one into my mouth and sucking lightly on it, then the other. I lifted up his right leg then the left pushing them to his chest. He got the idea and held himself up exposing a fur covered ass to me. He's lucky I thought to myself that I have a bit of a fetish for hair because he had quite a lot. So I began an exploration with my tongue, down his hairy sack and spreading his ass I dove in and found his puckered hole. When I started licking at it and sucking lightly Theo was moaning and rolling slightly in pure excitement so I pushed my tongue in his hole and sucked his ring.

"Oh my god David, no one has done that to me in years."

I could tell, the way he was just laying and whimpering as my tongue darted in and out of his relaxed hole. This was great. I had him at my disposal, moaning my name.

"Please David finish me off I can't take it any longer."

I pulled my tongue from his hole and let his legs drop, then taking his cock as far down my throat as was comfortable while making swallowing motions and inserting my index finger into his relaxed hole. Even though he was very relaxed he was still so tight, it makes me wonder if he has ever been fucked. Just as I thought that, he arched his back and blew his cum deep into my throat, swallowing fast to keep up with the flow. When his orgasm subsided and his breathing went back to nearly normal I asked.

"That was great Theo but I noticed two things, first why don't you precum? Finally have you ever been fucked before?"

"For no real good reason David I don't precum during sex, but usually after my first orgasm if I keep going I will." "Also... No I have never been fucked before, my last and only boyfriend was a bottom only and after I broke it off with him I have never been with anyone else until you."

"Would you let me fuck you?" With that I reached down and pushed my finger back into his now tight hole, He flinched slightly.

"N-not now David"

"Awww Theo" "How about we just go and shower, You stink."

Theo got up from bed and went to the bathroom, slowly I got up and followed him. By the time I made it there he was already shaving. I went behind him and shoved my rock hard cock between his legs and whispered.

"Have you forgotten about me?"

"No, I just have better things to do." He gave me a wicked smile and turned back around to the mirror and pretended to ignore me.

"Oh, I don't think so." I grabbed him by the waist and turned him around quickly; I just looked into his deep green eyes and gave him a quick kiss, my rock hard member firmly pressed into his pubic hair.

"Don't tell me you would leave me without me blowing my load? I can always just do it myself in the shower but where's the fun in that?"

"Ha, I can't have that now." I put my arms on his shoulders and pushed him down to my now throbbing and leaking prick. He took his time by licking up and down my shaft, sucking up a huge drop of precum and teasing my head with his lips. I let out a long and soft moan, I couldn't help it he was just so good and his mouth was so warm. In one movement he took my cock right down his throat and held it there, making swallowing motions, he does this so well I thought but when I tried to tell him that all that came out was a deep groan of pleasure. I was mere seconds away from climaxing when he spit out my cock and stood up.

"Oh! why would you stop like that?"

"Maybe it's because I like to tease you?" Theo and I are about the same height, me being taller if anything but he has plenty of muscle mass against me but that doesn't mean he can leave me like that.

"We will see about that." He had turned back around facing the mirror, I pushed him over against the counter top, and he was in a ninety degree angel, ass completely exposed. I was so turned on from his teasing I was leaking more then enough precum to fuck him, or so I thought. As I placed my cock head against his tight hole I pushed forward quickly, a lot too quickly and my head popped into his warm and very tight hole. I was expecting a moan of pleasure or a gasp of delight, that is the effect on me when someone especially him spreads my hole and fucks me but I was not expecting what happened next. ""Oh Fuck!"" His muscles flinched and contracted, his head was jammed up against his chest and he grit his teeth.

"Pull out, Pull out!" He was serious, I pulled myself from his tight hole and stood there as he was doubled over in pain lying on the counter top. How could I have forgotten... he has never been fucked before and I didn't even try to relax him, how could I be so thoughtless? That really must have hurt. He may have been such a strong man but he looked up at me with a crinkled face and a hurt look in his eyes.

"I''m sorry, I had forgotten."

"It's ok David it wasn't all your fault"

"Yes it was and I really feel bad for hurting you." I was planning on getting to my knees and sucking him off until the pain subsided but I looked down and his hard cock had gone flaccid so I just climbed into the shower and washed up. I left the shower and went into his room to borrow some more cloths.

I knew David didn't mean to hurt me; he was just caught up in lust and the heat of the moment. It's also partly my fault, I'm 24 and gay, I've had a boyfriend but I have still never been fucked, not once, hell it hurt badly enough when he shoved one of his thick fingers into me. As he got out of the shower and dried off, he didn't look at me. He just left and asked what I would like for breakfast.

"Do you know how to make French toast?"


"Eggs and bread are in the fridge, help yourself."

I''m afraid things are going to be a little awkward when I go to breakfast, O well things have been worse. For now a good shower will do me good.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So I start making the best French toast of my life and freshly squeezed orange juice. The whole while trying not to think about what went down in the bathroom, I''m sure if I pretend it never happened he will too, well at least I hope.

"Mmmm smells great!"

"It''s pretty much done too, sit down and I'll serve." We didn't really make too much eye contact during our meal and I was wondering what to do for today. Apparently he didn't have to work or he would have left already.

"So... What is planned for today?"

"Well I was thinking that we should clean out a room for you, and go pick up your things." My heart sank to the lowest it could be. After what happened last night and this morning he is still making me my own room? Why can''t I sleep with him anymore? O no... what if it was because of what happened earlier in the bathroom. I really didn't mean to hurt him and now look at what's happening. This is going to be a long and hard day. At the end of it I get to go and sleep alone in a cold bed, I'm not looking forward to that at all.

"Do you mind if we take a swing by my parent's house? I need to pick up a few things from there too."

"Sure that's no problem, so what room do you want?"

"Ummm I'll take your office and maybe we can put your things into the living room?"

"Sounds good to me." After breakfast we get into Theo's truck and head off to my parents home and my storage box. It's not a long drive but I fell asleep within 10 minutes so I wouldn't know.

"Wake up David, were here." I looked out into a large field with different buildings surrounding the property. I find box 126 and open it.

"Ok, help me load up any extra clothes, my old television, and DVD player and anything else really that would go with my new room."

"Sure thing David, how about this old sofa?" After he said that, he threw himself on it, arms crossed over his head and legs spread. I could see a definite bulge. He just closed his eyes and relaxed. If this wasn't inviting what could be? I just moved over to him and lay on top of his hot body and brought my face to his.

"I really love you, yaw know that." He opened his eyes slightly and looked right into me.

"I love you too David."

"You say that but why do you want to set up a room for me? I thought that I could just sleep with you."

"Oh, of course you will be sleeping with me; I wouldn't have it any other way. I just want to make a room so it looks like you DON'T sleep with me."

"Is that such a bad thing?"

"Well yes, I don't want anyone knowing I'm gay."

"Besides me and your last boyfriend of course...does anyone know you''re gay?"

"Nope and I want to keep it that way..."

"Are you ashamed of who you are?"

"Not so much ashamed, but scared, I'm very happy with my life as it is"

"Alright." I got off of his body and walked to the other side on the container. I have so much to think about, not only about the guy who's trying to kill me but, Theo... so far in the ""closet."" How is our relationship going to work? Will I ever be able to show him affection in public? Will he even tell his family about me? Friends? Marriage?? I'm getting that tightening in my stomach again.

"Is that ok with you? I do love you David, but I don't want to risk anything"

"It is ok with me, but we need to talk about that later."

I was just so happy that I would be able to sleep with my hunky cop instead of a cold bed alone I didn't care much about his problems of being known for who he is, for now anyway.

"We will David, We will." We finished packing up his truck with all the things that would be needed to pull off the ""lived in"" room look.

"So, you said you need to go to your parents?"

"Yeah, they live just 10 minutes away so if you don't mind I would like to pick up some other things and more of my old clothes."

"That's fine just show me the way."

We drove all through the city then out to the other side. Past some old houses and into a country, I remember this from my childhood. We finally drove up to an old style house, rather large and covered in vines.

"This is it."

"Wow, your house is beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you are." I gave him a quick wink and got out of the truck making my way to the door, with Theo right behind me. I was greeted by my father, a good looking man in good shape, but unlike me he had brown eyes and brown hair with grey on his temples and scattered throughout his head, I think it just makes him look more handsome.

"So David is this young stud your new boyfriend?"

I froze in spot not to mention Theo did also.

You see my father is now openly gay after several years with my mother. They had been pressured into marriage by my grandparents. Even though my father was gay he followed through with it. A few years later I was born, rumors are that he is not actually my father, but I don't care I love him. He can also be very outgoing and comments like this are a regular part of life now.

"Err yea dad."

Theo was still standing there with a blank look on his face. I was worried he would pass out but he caught himself and spoke.

"Umm hello, Mr. MacAlester, pleased to meet you." Theo extended his hand, but my father just pushed it aside and moved in for a hug. A still stunned Theo just hugged him back lightly and pushed away after a short time.

"Well, David I have set a lot of your things out, but some are still packed away in the attic."

"Alright, dad and thanks again."

"No problem, how about you get your stud there to start loading the truck and I can have a word with you in the kitchen." Theo still looked stunned, he looked so cute, but he nodded and started loading the truck while I followed my father into the kitchen.

"So David how did you meet him?"

"How do you even know were together?"

"It's simple, a father knows."

"Well dad, Yes we are together, I think at least."

"So how did you two meet?"

"Well, I told you about my apartment. I needed a place to stay and was going to be shipped off to an over crowed house or to his place. You can guess the choice I made."

"Well, he's a very good looking man. Lets hope he doesn't pull the same shit Sean did."

"No, he would never, I love him and he loves me."

"That's great, I wish I could find a good man to settle down with. Weekend fuck fixes just won't do for much longer."

"That's more than I needed to know dad..."

"Well you two just have a good time and be careful this time David, I don't want to see you hurt anymore. You should really try the ""saying no"" trick to see how much he cares for your opinion and feelings, just a thought."

"I will dad and thanks again."

I went outside to find all my things already packed. Theo had done a wonderful job and I had a little bit of explaining to do.

"Don't worry Theo he is gay also and very outgoing at that. He means no harm really."

"I know. It's just that it makes me feel worried when someone else knows I'"

"You will need to get over that."

"I think not."

"Come with me Theo I have something to show you."

We walked through my old yard and into a wooded area, with lots of large trees that made it shady and cold. The weather will be turning any day now from warm to brisk then cool then finally freezing. We made it to a small circle of trees and my old tree fort about 15 feet off of the ground.

"This use to be one of my favorite places when I was a boy. I use to have friends here for weeks at a time. It's also the first place I had sex with one of my friends. I think I was 16 at the time. We were just messing around and decided to experiment."

"Sounds fun."

I slapped Theo on the ass and climbed the rope ladder.

"Well? Are you coming?"

"I don't like heights David."

"Well that's your loss isn't it, I feel frisky."

I gave him a wink and turned into the fort. It was well build with complete walls and a roof. A large tarp covering it all so it was water proof. I had put a lot of work into it. I went to an old trunk and pulled out a blanket and laid it across the floor.

"You don't know what you're missing Theo," I yelled.

I herd some grumbling and complaining then he threw his arms over the floor of the tree fort and pulled himself in.

"This better be worth it."

I went to him and threw my arms around his neck and whispered, "I promise you, it will be."

I undid his jacket and pulled it off and started unbuttoning his shirt, as I stripped him he shivered.

"Damn it's cold, David."

"Don't worry; it will be warm enough very soon."

I closed the small fort door and lead him to the blanket; He sat down and grabbed at my belt buckle. As he undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees I had finished stripping him and he lay before me naked. It was only a short time ago I would have just dreamt about scenes like this but now he is mine and I can be with him. I had forgotten about the cold and I dove in kissing him on his lips, then his neck, shoulder, chest, nipple and stomach. I went to his cock, kissing it, watching it twitch. Licking the sides and base, going back to the tip and sucking very lightly and licking his slit. All the teasing and playing had forced his eyes shut and moans of pure pleasure to escape his lips.

"Oh, David, let me fuck you?"

I stopped licking his cock long enough to nod my head then went back on him. He got up and pulled me to my hands and knees then went behind me, I could feel his breath on my ass as he spread my cheeks apart and blew warm air on my hole. Sex with Theo has been so gentle and loving so far (besides when I tried to fuck him) so maybe it was time to get aggressive. I grabbed his hair tightly and pulled his face into my ass.

"Lick my hole!"

His voice was mumbled but he did as I had said, he started licking and sucking on my ass. He tried to pull away but I grabbed his hair tighter and pulled him back.

"You will do as I say, you hear me?"

He mumbled again so I pulled his face from myself and said it again.

"You will do as I say, you hear?"


"No, say yes sir!"

He stood up a bit and tackled me.

"So is that how you want to play? I can do better than that." He roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and spit on me.

"Now I'm going to fuck you, yaw hear? And if I were you I wouldn't resist, it might hurt a bit."

"Well, Theo you would know about the pains of being fucked wouldn't you?"

I gave him such an evil look; he just looked back at me and moved slightly, I could feel his hot cock at my opening

"If this gets too much for you bitch, just say please stop sir."

I nodded slightly and he pushed forward very fast and hard. I was impaled on his cock in one push, right to the hilt. The pain was pretty intense but thanks to his tongue I was lubed up enough to make his cock slide in and out of my ass rather easily. He did not give me time to adjust to his mass; he just started fucking me hard and fast, balls slamming into me. I couldn't help it; I let out a very load shout and a deep growl. That just fueled his pace and he sped up slamming me harder and harder. I was moaning and cry out with every hit.

"Had enough you whore?"

"No, never!" Then he slammed back in and I growled.

"You will address me as Sir."

"Yes sir!" I loved being used like this and someday I will do it to him.

He then flipped me over so I was now on my back and looking right at him, he had a barbaric smile and then leaned in like a kiss but stopped short and bit my nipple hard at the same time he slammed into my ass again. My cock has never felt harder, and a massive stream of precum dripped onto my stomach. He went down and ran his fingers through it and brought it to his lips

"You're a good bitch and I want more of this." He brought one finger to my mouth and I got a taste of my own precum.

"Well, if you want more fuck me harder." He pulled his cock from my ass and spit on it.

"What's wrong Theo? Getting dry? Maybe if you could precum this would be smoother, but it's less than adequate." He looked up at me and I couldn't help but smile.

"Well we will see about that won't we?"

He slapped my chest then my thighs. I flinched closing my hole tightly as he slammed back in at full force, opening me widely. I tried to yell but nothing came out. No sounds, I just closed my eyes and breathed in hard. Half the time I like sex to be very gentle and soft but the other half I want it very rough and now that's what I'm getting! I was about to let out a scream of pain and delight but Theo leaned down and covered my mouth with his and sucked my tongue out. When he sucked on my tongue and rammed back into me I couldn't hold back any longer. I just grunted and as he hit my prostate once again, I exploded. Several streams of cum flew from my cock and hit his chest and dripped onto mine. One or two hit him in the chin and dripped to mine. He released my tongue and lapped up all my cum all while still fucking me. I started to grasp his cock with my ass muscles and he blew deep and hard into my gut. I could feel his massive orgasm spewing into me; it has to be one my favorite feelings. We were both very spent and just laid there.

"That was great David."

"Yeah, we really must do that more often." I leaned over and kissed him gently.

"But maybe next time I can be on top."

"Umm maybe..."

"I'm also sorry for my comment; I was just in the heat of the moment."

"It's no problem, really."

We walked back to the truck and headed home.

"I love you David."

Once again those 4 small words drove into my heart and made me feel so warm. I was just thinking about taking him in my arms, but my father came out of the door once again.

"David, I almost forgot, Happy Birthday!"

"Oh, thanks dad I had forgotten, with all that's happened." I had actually forgot my own birthday. My father then tossed me a small box wrapped in blue paper. I opened it to reveal a chain which looks to be gold.

"It's nearly pure gold, be careful with it and good-bye." With that he turned and went back inside the old house closing the door behind him.

"Wow David! your dad is pretty great."

"Yeah he's ok, so what about your family?"

"I would rather not talk about my family actually."

"Oh, I understand." I actually didn't understand but it probably wasn't a good story and can be saved for another time.

"So you're 25 now?"

"Yea, so what are you going to get me?"

"Hah, you''ll see."

"Well you know how much I appreciate you doing all this for me, taking me in, loving me and now driving me around. No one has cared that much for me in quite a while." I reached over and stroked his thigh with my left hand.

"I never want to leave you Theo."

"You will never have to."

I unzipped his jeans and unbuttoned his boxers; he was already at full mass and now sticking out of his fly.

"Just concentrate on the road."

Leaning over I put my head under his arm which was on the wheel. He let out a moan; He knew what was coming next. I licked and sucked on his extra skin, god I wonder what it would be like to be uncut. In one pull I had it all pulled back onto is shaft, and his large cock head was throbbing with anticipation.

"Oh, David."

I spit on his cock head and licked at it, sucking on the tip and darting my tongue into his piss slit, I kiss at his cock and lick the shaft. Lowering my head slowly I take his cock deep into my mouth but not sucking on it. I want to hear him ask for it. So called dirty talk makes me really hot and I wanted to hear him beg to be sucked. I then lift off his cock.

"What do you want Theo?"

"I want you to suck me."

"And if I don't?"

"If you don't I'll pull over and let you walk" I knew he was joking but I really wanted to play with him.

"Wrong answer." I got out of his crotch completely and went back into my seat and looked at him, cock out and throbbing, I knew this was just the kind of sexual torture I wanted to put him through.

"David, come on I was just joking."

"That doesn't matter, I will suck you if I want too."

"You can't leave me like this."

I reached over grabbing his cock and giving it a few slow and strong pumps, his was breathing very heavy. Then I just left him alone again.

"This isn't right."

"Well, beg for it."

"You actually expect me to beg?"

"Depends if you want me to suck you off or not."

"I can wait."

I gave him a wicked look replying, "So can I."

I turned away to watch the passing scenery, I remembered how his hot cock felt in my mouth and the back of my throat, how he was moaning in pleasure. I drifted off to sleep again.

"We're home David, wake up."

I slowly come around and realize he said, "Home", that feels great to hear.

"So. David how about a birthday supper then we can relax for the evening?"

"Sounds good Theo."

He walks briskly into his kitchen and rummages through the pots and pans then get some fresh veggies and pasta. I think he's making some stir fry which sounds really good.

"Do you need any help?"

"Nope, I'm ok"

He was chopping veggies and mixing different things, combining and cooking for quite a while. He finally brought 2 steaming plates of what seems to be Japanese stir fry with red wine. It was a great supper, I knew this would be a birthday to remember, sitting and eating with my love then settle down and just watch TV or a movie and cuddling.

"Do you need to go to work tomorrow David?"

"O, damn I do."

"It's no big deal I do as well; a weekend can only last so long."

Theo got up from the table and walked behind me and started to massage my neck. Brushing my cheek with his hand then bent down to kiss my neck. I turned my head and my lips met his. This day keeps getting better and better.

"Want to go and celebrate your birthday?"

"I would want nothing more than to have you in me."

Theo pulled me up from my chair taking my hand, he leading me towards his bedroom.

"Close your eyes David." I did so and he opened his door leading me in and closing the door behind him.

"Ok, open them."

As I opened my eyes I seen his bed freshly made with silk sheets. Rose petals atop the covers and some on the floor. It was so beautiful, I just looked at him and he smiled.

"Happy birthday David"

A tear came to my eye; no one has ever done anything like this for me. My last boyfriend was so unemotional; he just wanted a quick fuck, no foreplay, no fun. Then he would go to sleep.

"This is amazing Theo."

"I''m glad you like it."

He took me in his massive arm and held me. This was all so perfect, he was loving and tender. He undid my shirt and let it fall to the floor, he was sucking on my nipples and biting them slightly also pulling lightly on my little tufts of off-blonde chest hair. I wanted to get him out of his cloths so badly but when I went for his belt he knocked my hands away and just kept loving my chest, then lifted my arms above my head and ran his hands all over my stomach then around to my back. Into my shorts then groped my ass, massaging it, It was great. Theo went from licking my nipples and chest and dove into my armpits, licking and sucking on my hairs. I moaned so deeply!

"No one has ever done this to me."

"Then lay back and enjoy it."

He moved from my now damp left pit to my right and did the same I couldn't believe what I had been missing! This is great. A very large drop of precum dropped onto my lower stomach. When he was done with me, he ran his finger through the small puddle of juice and brought it to his lips.

"Lets change spots, I want to suck you Theo."

He let me roll him over and take off his shirt. A mat of thick black hair covering his whole chest and ran right down into his shorts. I was sucking on a nipple like a nursing pup while undoing his belt and taking his shorts then boxers off. I was sucking on his extra skin and massaging his balls when he let out a growl and cleared his throat.

"David I have had the most amazing few days of my life and I really want to be with you in a loving relationship."

"I know Theo, it's great to hear that and I will be here for you, forever."

He looked me in the eyes. "David, ever since I was a young boy I always wanted to be in an equal relationship, I got into one relationship with a untrustworthy whore but he was always a bottom." My heart fluttered and I was already guessing what was to come next.

"I love you David and I want to feel you inside of me but I'm really worried. However, I want it more than anything."

It was almost like I couldn't believe this was happening, my heart throb masculine cop was asking me to fuck him, slowly, for the first time. I just kissed him deeply and reached into his night stand (which I had explored earlier) and got out a bottle of lube and a condom.

"No David." My heart stopped!

"No condom, I want to feel you, no rubber between us."

I was still kissing his neck or face while he was saying this and such a warm feeling flooded over me. This was going to be the greatest night of my life. So passionate. I went to the bottom of the bed and lifted his legs to his chest. He grabbed his legs pulling them tightly to his chest exposing that furry ass I love. I licked at his hole, flicking it with my tongue, pushing it as deep as I could. He was just growling and moaning in pleasure. I put his legs onto my shoulders.

"Please take it easy on me David."

I'm not very thick, just long so I wouldn't spread his hole too wide, it would still hurt though.

"I would never hurt you badly, it will a bit at first but then it becomes pure pleasure I promise!"

"I trust you."

With that I lubed my cock and his slightly opened hole. This was going to be a tight squeeze. I pushed my cock head to his entrance and very slowly pushed into him, not like before in the bathroom, this was a very tender gesture. I did get my head in with only one or two grunts and groans, so I pushed forward an inch at a time.

"Oh, David."

His arms came to my hips and pulled me downward. The last 4 inches of my cock rammed into him fast and hard. I was expecting an outcry but he just breathed in hard and held me close to his body. I had broken in my hard cop's ass.

"David please fuck me!"

I know what it's like to crave cock in your ass so I was more then happy to please him. I pulled out right to my cock head then went right back into the hilt in one smooth motion. I hit his prostate and he shuddered and grunted. A very large stream of precum emerged from his uncut cock and dropped onto his pubic hair. His eyes were still closed but I quickly reached down and scooped as much as I could up and sucked it off my fingers. He tasted so good, so sweet. I pulled back out to my head and went back in a little faster, hitting his sweet spot again, and once again a large drop of his cream emerged and I caught it in my hand and sucked it all up. His ass was not only getting use to my presence but craving it more and more so I sped up my assault. Fucking him rather hard and with some speed, his eyes were closed but he looked peaceful. He was also whimpering, now that was sexy! I could feel his breathing shorten and I knew his first orgasm by getting fucked was on its way, I wanted to cum with him so I sped up as well. Theo was now groaning and moaning loudly he was so close. So I just continued to hit his prostate over and over again.

"David, I'm...I'm."

He couldn't finish his sentence, his back arched and ass muscles clenched. His cum flew from him and landed on his chest, face and stomach. This threw me over the edge and I came deep and hard inside of him.

"I love you Theo." I was about to pull my now softening member out but he protested.

"Please just stay where you are."

I did keep my cock inside of him, but I laid on top of his sweaty and hairy chest. Then I went to Theo's face to lick his cum from his cheeks and chin. I went in for a deep kiss.

"That was all I had hoped for David."

My flaccid cock fell from his hole and I crawled to his side and just looked into those deep green eyes.

"I will never forget this night Theo."

"Neither will I, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!."

He laid on his side, hairy ass and legs staring at me. I moved behind him and spooned my body to him. Here I was, spooning my hunk of a cop, holding him very tight. Our legs entwined my arm over his side and on his hairy chest. My cock placed into his warm furry ass. I fell asleep like this never wanting to move.