The Love of a Cop Part 3


Title: The Love of a Cop Part3
Author: Theo
Date: Nov.26 06

Welcome to part three of my story. Read and enjoy like my other two chapters. Any comments and suggestions can be sent to

I replayed last night's action in my mind. It all seemed like a dream really, but I forced myself to open my eyes and come to life. It was no dream, there was Theo lying against me, and I was still holding him tightly as I remembered how he had given me his virgin hole the night before.

Arge! Its 5:34 AM. Well we would be waking up in roughly half an hour anyway so I'll make some breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast and freshly brewed coffee sound filling.

The alarm suddenly declare it was 6 AM.. I heard Theo's foot steps as he made his way into the bathroom to relieve his morning woody. The sound of his stream hitting the water seemed to echo in the bowl. Then, as he flushed the toilet, I heard the steps coming toward the kitchen.

As he entered I greeted him with a cheerful, "Good morning, Theo".

"Mornin", was the only response I heard.

"Well, you don't seem to be walking funny so I guess no regrets about last night?" He smiled and sat down at the table.

"No David, It was great." With that he started eating the breakfast I had placed in front of him, and trying to wake up.

"So David, you need a ride to work right?" Theo asked in between bites.

"No, just take me to my apartment. The garage next to it has my car in it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't damaged.

"It wasn't, David, so you're lucky."

"No, I'm lucky to have you," Theo blushed just a little.

"Is this coffee David?"

"Yeah, freshly brewed."
"I don't like coffee... So you can have it." He passed me his mug.

"Why don't you like it?"

"I never have, it's just gross."

"I should have known that. I mean I've fucked you, but I don't even know your middle name or much else really."

He blushed again. "Well, we have some time before we need to take off to work so how about you go first, tell me a bit about yourself."

"Well, my name is David Drew MacAlester, I'm 25 around 5'11", 180lb, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, you know about my father and such. I lost contact with my mother, but I don't care, she was a bad mother. I grew up in a well to do family, had plenty of money and friends. Besides my parents were always fighting or working 9 hour shifts everyday, so I didn't see very much of them. I was taken care of by a nanny until my mom split, then my father sold a lot of stocks, making more money. So, he retired and took care of me by himself. Anything else you want to know?"

"That's a start anyway." Theo looked down at his empty plate.

"You want some more breakfast?"

"No, I'm good", He kept looking downward.

"Well, are you going to tell me a little about yourself or do I have to force it from you?"

He looked up at me, I recognized his hurt look.

"Oh, you don't need to say any..." but before I could finish my thought, Theo cut me off.

"I want to, David", Theo said as he rose from the table and put his plate on the counter and then sat back down at the table across from me. Instantly the words came forth,

"My family wasn't poor but we didn't have a large amount of money, just enough to live comfortably. My full name is Theo Jay Blake. I'm 24 and you know what I look like. I'm the oldest child in my family. My younger brother is 22 and my sister, the baby, is 21. They both have families, and my parents are still expecting grandchildren from me. I haven't come out to anyone because growing up was rough. Because I was the eldest it was my responsibility to do the chores and take care of my younger siblings while my parents worked from 6am to 6pm, therefore I didn't have a great social life. My father was also a known gay "Bash" so I lived in fear mostly. That is until I left home."

"I'm sorry to hear that Theo," I took his hand in both of mine and he smiled at me. Leaning over the table I moved in and started kissing him. Theo put his hand behind my head and pulled me in tighter until lack of air compelled me break apart.

"I would love to continue this David, but we both need to leave." Theo got up from the table and went into the bathroom. I began cleaning up the kitchen and putting the dishes away. Then I went into the bedroom to put on an old suit and tie I had retrieved from my storage box. By the time I was done getting ready Theo emerged from the bathroom.

I was hoping that I wasn't drooling but I knew I must have been since my mouth was wide open. "Wow! This is the first time I have seen you in uniform, since I''ve been in your pants."

Laughing Theo buttoned up his shirt and slipped on his shoes. As Theo bent over to tie them, I walked behind him and grabbed the cheeks of his ass through those hot police pants which encased each cheek like a glove. Immediately, he stood up.
"If you start that, we will never get out of here."

"Would that be so bad?"

"Yeah, I have to be on patrol soon."

"Awww" not put off by the rejection, I quickly reached around his body grasping the huge bulge on display for all to see. He pulled away and started walking out leaving me with an equally large hardon and following close behind him in hopes of more contact. However, we did make it to his squad car without me jumping him, again, I don't know how I resisted that long, but I did.

After finding my car and getting behind the wheel, Theo came to the driver's window. I rolled it down and he leaned in for a kiss. It was just a brief peck on the lips, but more important is that it was in "public", however, it was just what I needed. On my way to retrieve the car, we had passed the burned rubble of my former apartment, and I got scared again. How could someone do this? Also, would they continue to look for me? However, that brief kiss, feeling his lips touch mine and his stubble rub across my chin had made all my bad feelings fade away, and I was ready for a long day at work.

"Hey David, how was your weekend?"

"Not bad Tyler." Tyler, my co-worker, and I are very close friends. He is very well informed by company gossip so he already knew what had happened.

"I heard that you're staying with a cop, is that true?"

"Yeah." "So how was your weekend? Did Andrew stay the whole time?" Tyler is also gay. He had come out to me the first day of work. Shortly after I did the same.

"Yes, he did. I was treated to breakfast in bed then we fucked. We went out to dinner then fucked again, we cuddled while watching a rented movie and then fucked one more time. So, overall I had a good weekend. Andrew also got us 2 tickets for a gay pride fair. You should go too, maybe you'll find someone.

I wanted to spill, but not just yet.

"Can you get me two of those tickets?"

"Sure thing David, Who you taking?"

"It's going to be a surprise, for both him and you."

"That sounds like fun; I'll go print them out now." Turning Tyler walked to his cubicle. I began wondering... have I done a good thing? How is Theo going to react to this? This is going to be interesting.

Minutes later, Tyler returned with two printed tickets. I checked them over for times, dates, and places. Ok, open from 8am to Midnight. Located just outside of town. Looks like fun with rides, attractions and other sights. I guess we can go tomorrow. It's a national holiday so we both have the day off.

All day long the tickets were burning a hole in my pocket and my mind was distracted of what was to come, surprisingly after lunch the rest of my time flew by until 4 PM rolled around and I got ready to leave just as Tyler walked back into my office.

"So when are you going?"

"Tomorrow Tyler, will you and Andrew be there?"

"Of course we will and I'm sure we will find you, so I'll see ya later David and good luck with that cop of yours."

I glared at him, "Thanks Tyler."

Unfortunately the drive home takes me past my old place, Ken Donald was just returning to what was left of his home, trying to salvage a few items. I felt bad for him. I'm sure he has got a place to go... at least I hope he does. It's certain I can't leave without knowing for sure so I pulled over to talk with Ken.
He was a very sweet man; he had helped me move into my place. Not a bad looker either, about 40, shorter black hair with grey on the temples and scattered about his head, a firm body and a strong jaw. Chocolate brown eyes and a whitening moustache. He did have one bitch of a wife though so I had always pitied him. I have also had a dream or two about him but let's not get carried away.

"Hey Ken, How you been?" He was sitting on an old dresser, leaning forward with his head in his hands, resting on his lap.

"I don't know anymore David, I just don't know."

"It's bad yes, but it is just personal possessions, you have your life, your health, and your family, things will get better." He really broke down and was now crying into his hands. I sat down on the dresser next to him, putting my arm around his shoulders, and hugged tightly.

"You don't understand David! This apartment burning down doesn't bother me, all my things were gone before my wife left on vacation."

With raised eyebrows I inquired, "How do you mean Ken?"

"She left me. Took the kids and most of my bank account along with almost everything I owned." He now turned his body and embraced me back.

"Ken, I think you could use a cup of coffee, come on let's go back to my place."

We got into my car and were off to Theo's and my apartment. I would tell Theo the situation when I arrive.

Arriving at the entrance I opened the door with the key I had been given that morning. The whole house was dark except the flashing red light of the answering machine. So I played the message while turning on the lights..

"Hey David, I'll be running an hour or two late. I have some paper work to catch up on. I'll cya when I get home."

So Theo was going to be late... well I'll get supper started and then help Ken get settled. As these thought drifted through my mind, I was busy getting a couple cups of coffee.

"So do you care to tell me what happened? I might be able to help."
I asked as I passed him a coffee.

Taking a sip of the coffee Ken began, "Well, David for some time now I haven't been very faithful to my wife. I did love her once but that was a long time ago. She helped me through a rough patch, but afterwards I didn't feel the same about her so I cheated on her."

"There are problems in many relationships, Ken." Did you try and work it out?"

"No, there was no point David. I cheated on her with a man and she caught the fellow co-worker and I in the act. After calling me several things, she packed her belongings and left. I didn't know what to do or say so I just told people she had gone on vacation, but I can't hide anymore."

I was still in a little bit of shock. Here was a man I had had fantasies about telling me his wife had left him because she had caught him with another man. He had always seemed happy with his wife. I thought of different times they had throw parties and such giving the appearance of the perfect couple when he started to sob again.

"It's ok Ken." I replied in sympathy.

"No! It's not! Being a fagot has ruined my life." I started rubbing his back trying too sooth him.

"Ken I''m also gay and it hasn't ruined my life, you just need to be honest to yourself and do what feels right." He looked at me and smiled slightly.

"How about you go and take a nice hot shower Ken and I'll start supper. Body wash and towels are in the bathroom."

"Thanks David, I'm in debt to you." He smiled full and broad.
It feels really good to help someone in need; Theo had done it to me so now it was my turn. If only more people had this philosophy this world would be a much better place.
I am no expert cook but I know my way around a kitchen, so hamburgers couldn't be too hard could they? Wrong! By the time Ken was finished in the shower and on his way back down the hall I had managed to burn a few patties and nearly set a few things on fire.

"David it looks like you need some help there."

"Sure do." I laughed as he stepped forward to take over. Everything went decent after Ken was cooking. I placed the cooked burgers on a paper towel covered plate and put it into the microwave to keep them warm for Theo's arrival. I kept getting a weird feeling I was forgetting something... I just don't know what.

"So David how did you get a place like this so soon after the fire?""

"Oh, it's not mine Ken. It's belongs to a friend of mine, who took me in the day after the fire. He's a really good guy and I'm sure he won't mind you staying until you're back up on your feet."

"Thanks David, I hope I don't make myself into a burden."

As I herd Theo walking into the front door it hit me... through all this the one thing I hadn't done was to tell him about Ken... The second he walked in he started talking and taking off his shoes.

"David, I had such a hard day. I can smell supper, it's great but I was thinking that before we eat I could suck some co..." Theo cut himself off as he rounded the corner from the living room and saw me sitting there with Ken, who to him was a strange man.

"Coffee, I could really suck up some coffee..."
Suttle as a train wreck I thought to myself.

"You don't like coffee."

"David... can I talk to you in the bedroom for a minute?" With a crooked smile he was off, me following closely behind.

"So who is he?"

"His name is Ken. He was my neighbor and his place was burned down along with mine. I couldn't let him stay there with nothing left so I invited him over; I hope that's ok with you?"

"I suppose so..."

"I knew you wouldn't mind." With that I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him deeply. Shivers shot through my spine and arms as he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth.
Theo pushed me backwards and up against a wall, I released my grip from his massive shoulders and moved my hands to the tight ass in his uniform pants. I was just massaging his cheeks and running one hand under his belt to run my fingers over his hair covered ass when he broke the kiss.

"But what about him?"

I was too caught up in lust to stop.

"David stop for a minute, what about Ken?"

It's ok, he's gay too. I then pushed my left hand all the way down the back of his pants and groped his luscious hairy ass. With my right hand I undid his belt, undid his button and unzipped his fly. With one smooth gesture his pants hit the floor and I nearly ripped his shirt off. Standing before me just about nude I just wanted to admire him for a little bit, his deep eyes staring at me, muscular legs and shoulders, chest covered in a thick black fur matted oddly from being stuck under an undershirt.

I was about to make a move, to his nipple or neck, kissing and sucking but there was a knock on the door.

"David and err... Theo I thank you for your hospitality but I'll be taking off now."

Without thinking I flung open the bedroom door to stop him and Theo quickly grabbed his cloths trying to cover his hard tented jockey but it was too late, Ken had seen him. Feeling more out of place now Ken was slipping his jacket on to leave and I grabbed his arm.

"You have no where to go Ken, please stay."

He was silent and just looked at me then the floor, not saying a word. Just then Theo emerged from our bathroom in his huge fluffy robe.

"Yes Ken it would be just fine if you stayed," Theo stated, " I have no problem with it."

"Come on Ken supper is ready, won't you stay? We can figure all this out over some burgers."

Supper was served and we were all seated around a table. Ken was the first to speak.

"So are you sure I can stay?" Ken inquired.

"Of course Ken, David and I would have it no other way." I really do love this man.

"So Theo, I noticed you're an officer. How long now?"

"Around five years."

"So David and you... I mean I couldn't help but notice you two in the bedroom, Are you guys partners?"

I had always thought that Theo and I were but it hasn't really been said yet but I was about to answer with a yes when Theo beat me to it.

"Yes Ken we are." I couldn't help but smile.

The rest of the dinner went well and Ken offered to clean up to repay for his meal. We obliged only because Theo wanted to go to the gym. So we packed up our bags and departed.

I shuttered a bit when we were walking down the gym's hallway, it had only been a few days prior to this in the exact place where a chain of events had begun. Some good, and some bad. I forgot all about that as Theo started stripping his street clothes and changing into his flimsy gym shorts.

His shirt hit the floor and I was exposed to his muscular back and broad shoulders. Quickly I turned my head to try and prevent an erection in the locker room.

"Here David," Theo stated as he put a water bottle in front of my face as I turned to see a very hairy chest only inches away. I could not resist! Leaning down I brushed my tongue across one nipple moving the hair and swirling it on my tongue.

"Save that for when we get home David." With a wink Theo walked backwards a bit then put on a shirt. Tufts of hair sticking out from the top and open arm holes. Also a small stain on the left nipple where my saliva had wet his hair was clearly visible. Theo was off to the weight room while I preferred more cardio based workouts so we went separate ways.

The cardio room was almost empty except for an older man, around 35 was on a treadmill. I got on the machine next to him (only because there are 2) and started my exercise. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him eyeing me. Normally I would flirt back some and have a good time but I'm taken now so I try not to pay attention.

"Phew, getting pretty hot in here isn't it?" The man states as he strips off his shirt and tosses it on the floor. He has a pretty tight chest scarcely covered in brown hair, some turning grey. Nothing compared to what was in the weight room for me so I still keep my eyes focused on the windows before of me.

"You look hot, I can help with that." The man gets off his machine and walks to mine, grabs a cold damp towel and puts it on my shoulders. He then slowly covers my left hand with his and squeezes it.

"Thanks for the towel." I pull my hand from his, got off the machine, and walked to the doorway. It was time to see what Theo was up to. Leaving the half naked man there, shorts tented and a displeased look upon his face, I departed to find my man.

Temptation is a bitch. But walking into the weight room and watching Theo lifting some massive weights, arms straining, sweat beading on his face and running onto his shirt. I know I will never need anyone else.

"Hey David, you're done now?"

"Yeah, but I was hoping you could spot me while I try some weights."

"No problem, what do you want to try first?"

"How about some bench presses." I had a wicked idea!

I laid back on the bench, and Theo added some weight, not a lot. Then Theo stands behind my head and lowers the bar to me. It is not a lot of weight but I pretend I cannot handle it. Pretending to struggle I pull the bar to my stomach and ask for help. Theo leaned forward to grab the bar but I pulled downward forcing Theo to lean far over me.
To get a better grip on the bar Theo had moved right over my head, one leg on each side. As he was stuck this way trying to get the bar back up I raised my head. He had been working out for some time now and I inhaled deeply taking in his masculine scent. Never before I had met Theo would I consider this smell good or sexy, but now it was and I could feel my cock thicken and grow in my shorts.

"David, Not funny."

I groaned and sniffed in deeply again.

"Let me up, were going to be seen."

Another groan emerged from deep in my gut and I pushed my head up further moving his balls with my nose. Trying my best to suck on a ball through his flimsy shorts. He was getting rock solid.

"D-David stop."

I just couldn't! Moving the leg holes of his shorts aside I reached up and slowly jerked on his solid cock and sucked on his balls, all the while smelling the strongest scent which I have grown accustomed to and now craved more of.

I was about to pull his shorts down and really suck him, as he had given up the fight and let the bar fall to the floor on our left, but just as I was about to rip them down another man entered the weight room..

He said something like "Sorry" or "My bad" turned around and walked out. I was pretty cool about this but Theo had gone 4 different shades of red and jumped off of my face and just sat down.

I started to feel pretty bad about what had happened.

"I'm sorry Theo, I got carried away."

"It's alright. Let's just go home."

We packed up our things in silence; I was not about to break the awkward silence so I kept my mouth shut the whole way home.

Upon arrival at our apartment, Theo opened the door for us to enter. As he closed the door, we noticed that there was a note taped to the inside of it. Theo read it alound.

"Dear David and Theo, I have gone to my sisters to pick up a few things. I should be quite a while so enjoy yourselves. Yours, Ken."
Theo crumpled the paper up and tossed it into the trash.

"Well David, Ken is gone for a while so lets clean out his room for him."

"Alright then."

We stepped into the spare room and started moving things and re-organizing them into the living-room. Our conversation went from work to different hobbies and different things we could try like Mini Golf and Bowling. All tension faded away, and we were soon playing around and joking.

"David, go and unload the dishwasher while I clean out this closet."

"Sure" I was feeling so much better I nearly skipped into the kitchen. Wait, the closet... Oh Shit! I ran back into the room, but it was too late. There was Theo standing there holding his old undershirt.

"How did this get in there?"

"Umm I don't know Theo you might have just... forgotten it." I tried not to smile but I couldn't help it.

"Oh, I see how it is, Odd don't you think though, this went missing the day you moved in."

I just smiled at him " Well, like I said before I have loved you for quite some time from a distance but when I got to come live here with you I was overjoyed. When you left me alone to shower, I saw it and took it. Hope you don't mind, but I didn't think you were interested in guys so this would had been my only choice."

"But see now Theo I can get that smell when ever I need it."

I went to him, grabbed the shirt from him, and threw it behind us on the floor. Lucky for us we had put in cot for Ken so when I threw myself against him, he lost his footing and landed on it. Just looking into his eyes I moved in slowly for a deep kiss and let my left hand run down his chest and when it reached the hem of his shirt, I went under it pulling the hair on his stomach. Before Theo could react I grabbed the hem in both hands pushing it toward his head and finally off his body, tossing it on the floor with the other one.

Theo wrapped his large arms around me and pulled me so tight. Our now rock hard cocks were grinding together as I began slide my pelvis onto his. The whole time we had been kissing so deeply that my lungs were depleted of air, and I had to break away.
I was really grinding our cocks together hard and I pinned his arms above his head, kissing on his neck and ear; Theo closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure.

"David... please." He threw his hips up into mine so I pushed him back hard against the cot and continued sucking on his neck. From all this grinding and humping there was now a nice size stain visible on my gym shorts.

I sat up on his crotch, Theo placed his hands on my hips and pressed me onto him. I took off my shirt and threw it as Theo pulled down my shorts. A few grunts and pulls later I was naked still straddling his chest. Moving up I was sitting on his hairy pecs one leg on each side of him, I could feel his chest hair tickle my hole.

My very hard and leaking cock stood just above his face. Reaching up Theo tweaked my nipples and a large drop of precum emerged from my cock and dripped down onto his lips. He extended his tongue and lapped it up. I took a hold of my cock and bent it down to on his lips, he opened his mouth to suck it in but I pulled back.

"Use only your tongue."

As his tongue snaked out Theo began licking the underside of my cock from bottom to top then all around the sides. He treated my cock like an ice cream cone until I was about to blow forcing me to got off him but not before he let out a groan of disapproval.

I lay there nude next to him thinking how could this be any better?

OH, I know! I jumped up grabbing the waist of his shorts yanking them down his legs. The hardest uncut cock I had ever seen sprang to attention. Pulling the skin back away from its head exposing a throbbing knob. I started to really suck hard and fast, each time going a bit deeper on his pole. My goal was to feel his pubes against my lips and to have my nose dug deep into a workout musk smell which I craved more and more by the minute.

Down I went further and further on his cock, I was so close to tasting his sweaty pubes I rushed myself and went right to the hilt, unlike before I didn't choke. I had done it, had him completely down my throat and the gentle humming that was escaping his lips was music to my ears. I brought my head from his crotch and licked his cock head then in one movement I went right back down to his pubes, he fit so well into my throat it was like his cock was made for me.
I could have sucked his cock all night but I wanted more! I was leaking so badly. I was so..... turned on! My hips were bucking by themselves so I grabbed his legs and pushed them to his chest. I didn't suck his balls but went right down to his hair covered hole and started licking very hard and rough. The musk from the hard workout was so strong here I caught myself breathing very hard through my nose, I couldn't get enough!

Before too long Theo was whimpering in sheer pleasure and was begging me to lick his hole more and more. I could feel his tight hole loosen up as I was plunging my tongue in and out of his hole very fast and as deep as I could get myself.

"Oh David, please fuck me!"

My heart skipped a beat, I was so overjoyed! I had worried he wouldn't like bottom but now I had nothing to worry about.

He had such a lustful glaze in his eyes. I got up onto my knees and put a pillow under him to prop up his ass. I spat on my cock and pointed it at the warmest furry hole I had ever had.

As I put my cock head at his entrance he closed his eyes. Slowly I pushed the tip into him and pulled it out. Once more I put the tip in but went a little further than before then pulled out completely . This left him growling for more so I stuck the whole head in and Theo let out a moan which only fueled my teasing.

I was planning on doing this for some time, to really torture him but when I was about to extract myself again he wrapped his legs around my back and with those huge muscles he pulled me down onto him, my whole 7.5'' slid in and a large gasp escaped his lips.

While pumping my cock deep into him I increased the speed of my thrusts and began hitting his prostate harder and harder! On every thrust Theo emitted short loud groans until his ass muscles clenched my throbbing dick, and cum erupted from his hard cock onto his hairy sweaty chest. Those convulsions sent me right over the edge and I blew a large load deep into his guts.

As we lay there exhausted and spent, deeply kissing like never before and just holding our sweaty cum covered bodies together we fell asleep. I did not dream my dream because it had already come true!

Several hours later I pulled myself from his sticky hairy body and sat up on Theo's legs. He was still sleeping and I realize how lucky I was

Suddenly, I hear the door open.

"Guys, I'm back and I brought drinks!"

There we are on Kens new cot, covered in cum, Theo still asleep, us both nude and Ken walks in the room.