The Love of a Cop Part 4


Title: The Love of a Cop Part4
Author: Theo
Date: May 21 07

Welcome to part four of my story. Read and enjoy like my other three chapters. Any comments and suggestions can be sent to



Quickly I grabbed an old quilt from the floor and threw it over myself and Theo. I knew it was too late once again and now Ken must think we are some kind of exhibitionists but it was so worth it. I did notice that seeing us didn't bother him because Ken just stayed in the doorway.

"Well, I got some vodka, and I even found some Jamaican rum!"

"Err that's good, I'll, I mean we will be out in a minute"

Theo rolled over from his back onto his side facing the wall, as he rolled the quilt slipped off exposing his furry ass. Ken just looked for an instant, then turned around and left.

"Wake up Theo" All I got for a response was a grumble of slurred words.

"Well then it seems I'm forced to wake you" I waited for a response but there was none so I reached down to his ass and pinched him hard, on the right cheek of his bubble butt.

"OUCH!" He whipped around and looked at me through groggy eyes.

"Awww, Theo, you're so cute." I pinched his cheek, the one in his face this time.

"You're gonna get it David!"

I was still sitting on the edge of the bed at this time, when Theo sprang to his knees then jumped at me. It was like getting hit by a freight train as all his weight came crashing into my body, knocking us to the floor.

We landed face to face on the floor, Theo atop my torso with one leg on each side of my body.

"What's this? Hard again Theo?" He was indeed.

Looking into his green eyes I wrapped one arm around his neck and pulled his face to mine then started kissing lightly. Returning the favor Theo took both hands and put them on each side of my head to steady me.

He lowered his hips and rubbed his uncut cock over mine. Idea time, I reached down with my right hand and grabbed both of our hard cocks, I couldn't get my hand around both, not even close, but it was enough to get a good grip and started pumping.

The harder I grasped and the faster I pumped the louder Theo moaned in to my mouth. I wanted to cum with him, feel our two loads land on my chest so I sped up the pace. Theo's grip on my face tightened as he pressed his lips hard onto mine and then went into overdrive. He started exploding onto my chest and stomach, as he was unloading his cum onto me I pumped harder still and faster, trying to catch up to him and blow my load at nearly the same time. Trying to catch up, I tightened my grip, but the extra pressure became too much for him, squirming he pulled his cock away.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh so you think that's funny?"

"Sure do"

"Well then I'll be going, good luck with that hardon." Theo got up slipped on his boxers, shorts and shirt.

"Are you serious?" He winked at me and left the room. Revenge is a bitch really, so I cleaned up and got dressed, amazingly my hard cock fit back into my shorts, it didn't really subside just went into my left leg and I was off.

Walking into the kitchen there was Ken and Theo both with a bottle, laughing and talking. Glad that they are getting along at least.

`So David what will you be drinking?" asked Ken.

"Whatever's good", Ken opened a cooler and passed me a cold bottle.

"So Theo I picked up something today for you, well for the both of us" Theo gave me a crooked look.

"What is it exactly?"

"Well, there is going to be a fair tomorrow and I got us 2 tickets...I can get more if you want to go Ken"

"No thanks David, I've got other plans." said Ken.

With that Ken went to Theo's desktop computer which was now set up in the living-room and started checking e-mails and other things. As Ken did that Theo went to the other side of the room, opened the door, and then walked on to the balcony, I followed.

"So do you want to go tomorrow?"

"Sure do David; I haven't been to any kind of fair in years"

Theo was now leaning on the railing and looking out into the apartment building's parking lot.

"Is something wrong Theo?"

"Nope, just enjoying the weather before it gets too cold."

I walked over and stood right next to him, my left arm touching his right arm. It may have been warm out but the cool breeze of winter was blowing in and sent chills through my body so I got very close to Theo, my head resting in the crook of his neck. He threw his arm around me and held me close. No matter the temperature I can always feel warm like this.

Down in the parking lot a man got out of his car and walked to the main doors, he looked up and waved at us. Theo didn't flinch or really seem to care. I waved back and kissed Theo on his neck; the man just waved good-bye and entered the building.

I'm not sure how long we were out there on the deck but I was getting tired and nearly fell asleep on Theo's arms.

"Let's go to bed David."

I just nodded my head and he walked me into the apartment. Ken had fallen asleep on the sofa so I threw a blanket over him and we continued to our bedroom.

Once there I was so tired. Stripping my clothes, I climbed into our bed and Theo laid down next to me, Throwing a comforter over us to make sure we were warm, it wasn't needed too much though, as Theo lay on his back I placed my head on this large warm furry pec and drifted to a restful sleep.

Dreams of my past, snowboarding and skating, drifted through my mind before moving on to basic non-sense. Then back to my classic dream of my Officer on the beach next to me, hot bright sun beating down, and two huge beach towels under us. Theo is there wearing his Speedo, the glistening black hair of his body, and his warm face looking into mine. It's kind of funny because as this dream is just starting I wake up, I wrapped my arms back around my man, I must have moved during the night. Squeezing him with my left arm, using my right to rub his stomach and chest. Rubbing my morning hardon up against his thigh.

"Come on, wake up already" I got some kind of a grumble and he rolled over.

"Alright then" I suppose it's no use to try and wake him. I'll just go and make some coffee. This is weird though, why does he have a percolator if he doesn't drink any coffee?

I set the machine and laid down to watch some T.V, Still got my raging hardon though considering Theo left me so abruptly yesterday. Throwing a blanket over myself for comfort I turn on the news to see what's going on today. I will need to wake Theo soon to get ready for the fair but he can sleep at least another half hour or so. I got back up, poured the coffee and laid back down sipping at it.

"Good morning beautiful!"

"Well good morning to you to Ken" taking no real attention to "Beautiful"

"Sleep well David?" with a wink

"Yeah, it was alright"

Still wrapped in my blanket watching the news Ken pulled off his covering and went to the bathroom. Sometime during the night he must have stripped for bed, I really couldn't help but notice his erection because he pretty much showed himself off to me, stretching next to the sofa his undershirt rode up revealing a white stomach covered with black hair. As far as his cock goes, it wasn't close to full erection but still must have been a good 7' and quite thick, His briefs sure didn't hide much.

I figure looking wouldn't hurt anything and Ken really does have a nice body.

Just as I was thinking that there were thumps coming down the hall, Theo entered the room.

"Now that's a body!" He smiled and came over to the sofa, sat on my legs then lowered himself fully atop me, face to face.

"Morning David," lowering his head our lips and tongues met then danced from mouth to mouth. Theo was now massaging my cock through the blanket and it was aching pretty badly at this point, so much teasing from yesterday and now this.

"Ill be back, Need to get dressed" I was nearly begging for release but he was off me and into the master bathroom.

I was just deciding on what we were going to be doing today when the phone rang.


"Good' day is Theo there?"

"Yeah, hold on a minute"

I called, "Theo, the phone is for you." I stood there listening as the foot steps left the bathroom and enter our bedroom where he picked up the extension's receiver. Not wanting to pry into his business I hung up.

A few moments later Theo came down the hallway once again but this time he wasn't dressed in casual clothes, but his uniform.

"Umm, what's going on?"

"That was dispatch, I err, they need me to come in and take over a parole for the day because the guy who was supposed to be on duty had a family crisis"

"Oh" looking over at the tickets on the table.

"We can go some other time?"

"Of course Theo, they are good until we use them"

He smiled but I could tell it was fake, sure I was disappointed but I think he was worse off.

We didn't say anything for a little bit, just looking at each other, I got up and walked to him, gave him a hug and said, "We will go some other time, I promise"

"Alright, I need to be going" he said

We walked to the door and he opened it, turned around and threw and arm behind my head, and pulled me into a deep kiss.

"I'm sorry about all this"

"It's alright, really, we will go soon"

With that he was gone, I still had the day off, but what to do? Ken walked out of the bathroom, all showered and done up nice.

"Where is Theo, I herd him get up"

"He had to go to work..."

"Oh, well I'm going downtown for a while, wanna come?"

"Sure Ken, Ill grab my jacket"

We walked to his car and went downtown, a little bit of shopping and of course lunch at a sub bar, it was all fun, not nearly as much as a fair but it kept me occupied. And by the time we made it back home it was 6:19 PM The apartment was dark so Theo wasn't home.

Ken threw his keys into a bowl on the counter.

"I think I should start supper" I said.

"Alright, I can help if you like."

"No, that's ok."

Before entering the kitchen, I grabbed the TV remote and turned it on, Ken sat down, relaxed and was watching the news.

Myself, I started cooking, anything I could find really. Ended up making Rice, French fries and mixed veggies nothing special, but its food. And enough for three people.

The food was on the table, Ken and I were eating but still no Theo, usually his shifts are ended by 7 but it was 8:30 now and no sign, so I wrapped his food up and put it into the microwave.

Ken was tired and excused himself and went to bed, I sat on the couch and was hell bent on waiting for Theo, fighting off sleep the whole time. During a cheap game show there was a news bulletin, across the bottom so I switched channels to the evening news, there had been a robbery ( The regular stuff in a large city ) I was about o flip back when they said shots fired, peaked my interest of course, then it said a few small words, that would echo in my head before sinking in it was that not only the clerk had been wounded but an officer at the scene was as-well. Took my mind a second to clue in, Theo, Not home, The news, Panic started to sink in.

Of course it wasn't him I kept telling myself, there is just no way, But what if? What if it was him? Oh god, my stomach was flipping over and over. I stood up, gripping a pillow my chest, tighter and tighter. Starting to feel my eyes well up.

Just as I was about to fall over, I heard the keys in the door, and it open. Running to it there he was taking off his shoes. Couldn't help myself, I jumped him and used all my strength to lift him clear off his feet. One shoe still on, I walked over to the couch and dropped him.

"Well, isn't this a Hello"

I didn't even respond. I couldn't. I was beyond the overjoyed emotion until I found my words.

"I thought that could have been you."


"The TV, the news, it said an officer had been shot"

"Oh... I know, that's why I am late."

"And you couldn't call or page me why you were late? Do you realize how worried I have been!"

"I'm sorry David, I didn't realize."

I didn't even know what to say next! I went from worry to joy to anger in mere seconds my tongue needed a minute to catch up.

"Well I'm home now", He said with a smile, but I couldn't even look at him yet.

"You think this is funny?" Raising my voice.

"No, but I mean, I'm alright so you can calm down."

Shouting now, "You want me to clam down? And you couldn't even call to tell me why you're late? Once I heard that on the news and you a mere 3 hours late? ... How the hell do you want me to feel?"

With that I went back to the couch and sat down with a huff. Grabbed a comforter and pulled it over myself. Theo was talking but I couldn't hear anything. He got down to my eye level.

"David, I'm very sorry. It didn't dawn on me to tell someone why I'm so late, I'm just not use to it."

Calm now. "Well it has to start dawning on you because I love you."

Theo knelt there, looking into my eyes and nodded his head, I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him so close, not wanting to let go.

He picked me up and took me to our bedroom. My arms still around his neck.

Laying me on top of the covers, he pulled down one side, then I moved under them, while he pulled down the other side and stripped off his uniform. While I was nude and under the covers instantly.

He was putting on a little show for me, took off his shoes and socks, un-buttoned his shirt and dropped it. I was supposed to still be angry with him, but I just couldn't. Next, were the pants, two thumbs under the waist and pushed down slow. By the time they were around his knees, the jock he was wearing had been pulled down slightly, a black tuff of hair jetting out of the top. He was smiling and tossed the pants aside. Then crawled up from the foot of the bed, those green eyes staring into mine the entire time,

By the time his face was even with mine, he had gotten under the covers with me and stated kissing my neck and biting at the base. While he was doing this, I reached down and took off his jock, with some help from him of course, I brought it to my nose and inhaled deep, the strong musk odor filling my nostrils. Tossed it to the floor and peeled off his under shirt and dropped that too. His warm furry body on top of mine, kissing my neck.

Theo was now thrusting his cock into mine, grinding our bodies together and was starting to let out little groans. I grabbed onto his lower back and held on fueling his thrusts. Leaving my neck and looking up into my eyes his face got closer and closer.

"Ready David?" In a lustful husky voice.

I tried to speak, no words formed, all that came out was a long groan then I kissed his lips, biting on the lower one a little.

Theo moved back down my body, kissed my tender neck, down past my right pec and nibbled at the nipple. Kissing the rest of the way down until he lapped up the small puddle of precum that his thrusts has pushed out of me.

"You're so sweet David"

I was still un-able to say anything but ran my fingers through his hair. Theo then knelt up and got between my legs, lifting them up at the knee and putting them onto my chest, His eyes still locked into mine until he looked down

"You're beautiful David"

With that Theo learned forward my legs up on his shoulders, started kissing me lightly at first then as he positioned himself at my most intimate point and pushed his cock head into me his tongue plunged.

I could feel myself loosen up and I sucked on his tongue as inch by inch his cock was pushing further and further into me until his rough pubes were scraping my ass. Theo put the rest of his weight into our passion and I was fully impaled.

Breaking our kiss, Theo leaned back up, withdrawing his cock nearly out, only the head remained encased in my body.

Dropping his weight again, he pushed his cock inward to the hilt. Pulled back out and pushed back in, picking up speed. Ferocity

It felt like he was getting longer and longer, the strokes were picking up velocity and furiousness until with every withdraw I was forced to breath in deep, and with the push back in I would let out a low groan, but as he fucked my groans were becoming louder and louder until I was nearly yelling.

His face tightened and pace slowed, Theo fell back onto me, cock pushed into me the deepest and sucked out my tongue into his mouth as the cum erupted from him and deep into me. All this together started my orgasm which ripped through my body like a train. After his pace was done and I was finished spewing he let my legs down and just lay atop me regaining our breath.

"God I love you David" And he rolled off of me, pulling his cock from me as well.

Looking over, His hair matted, glistening body and the feel of his seed seeping from my opened hole.

I cuddled up to him, and he put his arms around me, kissed me goodnight and started to fall asleep.

The last thing I remember thinking before sleep overtook me was what if that was him on the news. What if he didn't come home? What would I be left to do? I herd him snoring and then glanced at the clock, and that was it.

I don't particularly remember dreaming that night but the blaring alarm telling me its 6AM broke sleep in our room. I was up, showered, dressed and ready to go by 7:13. While Theo on the other hand was barley awake and coming from the shower.

"Do you want anything to eat? We still have some time"

"No, I need to cover a few shifts for the next little while to cover the missing guy. So I may be a little late coming home for the next little while"

"Alright then."

He leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips, grabbed his keys and left.

"Well, Well" I said to myself "What to do now..."

"Morning Beautiful."

"Ahh Ken, How are you?"

"Alright, but the real question is, how are you?"

I smiled remembering the night before. The feel of Theo's cock sliding in so deep and out of myself. I started getting hard again and gave myself a squeeze telling myself "Don't worry, he gets home at 7"

"Looks like you got a problem there David."

"Right, but I need to go", Walking past Ken and into the apartment hallway on my way to work.

Nothing new or overly interesting happened all day at work, papers, calls, chit chat. I really need to find a more interesting career. Of course the drive home sucked, got caught by construction. That was another fifteen minutes on my trip. But I did make it home around six pm. Just another hour before Theo was due home. Still had that morning wood for him too take a look at. I started preparing supper; Ken wasn't home either so I made supper for two, Fried up some pork steak and veggies, got a little bit of wine and candles, just to make it more special considering Theo is running late, again.

The Phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey David. I'll be umm, be running a bit later than I thought"

"How much later?"

"I should be home around 10, just relax and when I'm home ill make this little extra wait worth your wait"

I looked at the food and table. "Sure, I'll be waiting"

"Ok bye babe and don't worry about supper ill grab something"


I laid back into the chair and thought, What next!

"Well isn't this a lovely set up"

"Oh Ken, I didn't hear you come in"

"So, I see you, where's your man"

"Not home from work, and won't be for quite a while"

"Oh, Sorry"

"It's not your fault, or his, just the way things are." After saying that I played with a fork on the table.

"Well if you want we can wrap this stuff up and go out, just you and I"

"No, that's ok Ken lets just eat this. I wouldn't want it to go to waste."

So, Ken and I sat down for dinner. I do impress myself some days with my cooking ability, this was delightful. Ken even light the candles, it was a good night after all. After we were done, dishes into the washer, we sat down and watched TV, nothing more. But I was content.

Time passed, 8PM, 9PM, and 10PM. Still no sign of him. Ken went to bed, and I fell asleep on the sofa.

"Wake up David" I felt a hand on my shoulder

"Come on David, Wake up"

I awoke slowly; here he was standing over me.

"What time is it?" I said in a groggy voice.

"A little after midnight"


"Yea, I'm a little later then I thought I would be"

"That's not really funny"

"Well, I'm home now" Theo sat on the edge of the sofa and was rubbing my chest.

"Mmm that feels good, What time do you need to be in by tomorrow?"

"Same time, around 8"

He bent down and kissed my shoulder.

"I don't think this is a good idea tonight, Maybe we should skip right to the sleeping part Theo"

"But where is the fun in that?"

"I think it's best, just for tonight"

"Alright, if you say so" He smiled at me and helped me up to my feet, then to our bedroom.

Theo stripped and got under the covers, as did I. Within mere seconds he was snoring, deeply at that. I put my arm over him and fell back asleep myself, hoping that the day's events were just a one time deal.

But sadly Enough it wasn't. Day after day it was the same thing, Wake up and go to work, work all day, come home, make supper and wait for him but every day Theo has been coming home later and later. He doesn't even come to bed anymore, just lies on the sofa and sleeps till morning.

The weekend was the worst, Saturday he was gone all day and I have weekends off. I'm just glad Ken is around, we have been going out during the day just doing nothing, lunch, walking, anything to keep ourselves amused. We have also made plans for a little trip once Theo gets time off.

This was at the end of the week. One long week with no contact between Theo and I and no way to tell when it will end. I don't even really get to see him besides the few minutes in the morning. He has been working way too hard you can just see it in his face and eyes.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday no change, He has even stopped calling to tell me he is going to be late. Ken and I have gotten closer though, I've learned a lot about him in the past few days. About his wife and family, why he got married and had kids, all that stuff.

I told him about my childhood, father and mother situation, and even how Theo and I met. He was rather interested, told me how lucky I really was and how hard it is to find a good man.

"So David, are you top or bottom"

A seemingly random question... but I guess the way our conversation have been going it was bound to happen.


"So, Theo obviously is versatile too"


Moving to the counter and got a drink.

"So who was taking it that last time?" "You realize you woke me up and I couldn't stop wondering, who was on bottom."

His question actually didn't shock me

"I was bottom"

"When was the last time you were top"

"Too long"

Ken was looking at me, but not really paying attention.

"David, I can tell how frustrated you are, It must be really though on you"

"It's not that bad" I laughed

"I can make you feel a lot better"

He moved behind me and started rubbing my shoulders.

"I don't know about this Ken"

"We don't need to go any further then this, I just want to relax you, I mean it's been so long since you've been with someone, come, lay on the couch and enjoy it."

If it wasn't for the fact no one has touched me in 12 days, and the stress of work and home life had been piling up, I would have declined right then and there. But, a massage is just what I needed.

Ken was rubbing my shoulders and back, making small circles and large deep ones. I couldn't really help it, I gave in and let out a small moan.

"So you like that?"

"Uhh yea Ken, a lot"

"Take off your shirt, make it easier"

So he lifted up the end of my shirt and peeled it off of me.

"You have a nice strong back David"

I couldn't speak, his hands were working magic on me.

"Roll over"

I did what he said, then he straddled my legs and worked on my front. As hard as I tried and as hard as I fought it, my cock was growing.

Ken would rub my shoulders, and down my arms. Onto my pec's and stomach. He flicked my nipples with his thumbs and licked his fingers and went back to rubbing them.

"So how do you feel now?"

"Much better"

Ken was tracing my ab muscles and with his right hand which drifted further down past my navel and was making small circles near my pants' button. I didn't stop him so he got a little braver.

He was looking at me but I pretended not to notice, and kept my eyes shut. Ken un-buttoned my pants and pulled the fly down then waited a second for any reaction.

I didn't move, He got off of me and pulled my pants down my legs, past my ankles and completely off. I was now nude except for my boxers which presented my completely hard cock.

Ken knew he had me, started rubbing my prick through my boxers and bent over and sucked on my hard nip. His tongue circling it, and then bite me.

"Uhhh Ken"

"How about we get these boxers off"

I nodded my head in agreement. So off they came, my hard cock springing out and strait up into the air. Pearl of precum on the tip.
Ken looked at me and I rubbed his arm as to say "It's ok" so he leaned down and licked the head, precum on his tongue he came to my face and put his lips to mine. I could feel his tongue pushing against my lips so I opened up. He was different from Theo, instead of it being a loving kiss it was one of desperation, That last little thought of Theo and what I'm doing right now prevented me from kissing back, even if I had wanted to.

Ken broke our kiss and knelt up, took off his shirt and shorts, His chest reminding me of Theo in a way, but with white dispersed hairs through-out, and it wasn't as dense. Ken took off his underwear and tossed them aside with his foot, a good 8" strong cock pointing strait out from a patch of black pubes.

"I want you David"

Without thinking anymore, I went to the bedroom and grabbed the bottle of lube and brought it back to the living room. Ken was there with condom in hand.

"I have never done this before David so take it easy on me" he laughed

"Bend over the end of the couch"


"Just do it."

He looked at me and turned around, bending over the back of the couch and pushing his ass in the air.

I went up behind him and rolled the condom over my cock, it's been so long since I've actually had to use one of these. I lubed up my rubbered cock and then squirted a large drop into his ass.

"Oh! that's cold!"

"It will warm up" I pushed one finger into him with the lube and damn wasn't he tight. Then two fingers. Ken was moaning and gasping as I pulled my fingers out and rammed them back in.

"Ok, you're ready?"

"I don't know David."

I placed my cock at his hole and pushed against him.

"Relax Ken."

I pushed even harder and my head slipped into him.

"Urge, David stop a sec."

But I didn't stop, I just pushed harder, entering him at a steady pace until he was grasping onto the couch fabric with one hand and using his other to try and push me back.

I went into the hilt and grunted, Ken whined as I did so. I started pulling back and pushing in, slow at first then picking up speed, damn he was tight and so warm.

As my speed picked up, he would let little whimpers out as I rammed back in until he was nearly to a constant whine.

Looking at Ken bent over the couch, ass at my hips, my cock buried deep inside him, His smooth back and ass rubbing against me, I wasn't enjoying this as much as I use to.

My mind was wondering as Ken stiffened up and let out a yelp, ass muscles clenched around my hard prick and his cum spewed all over the back of the couch. I pulled myself from him, ripped off the condom and jerked myself off, cumin on his back.

It took more then a minute but Ken stood up, rubbing his ass and went to the bathroom.

Only after I had cum and thought about what the fuck I had just done, did the guilt really hit me. How can I even look at Theo Now?

"Let's hide that thing and get dressed before he gets home David."

I picked up the condom and walked to the bathroom, flushed it and got dressed. Came back into the living-room and watched TV, Ken had gone in for a shower, once he came out he got his shoes and coat then left, not saying anything.

I sat there for what seemed hours, not really thinking about anything, besides the fact that I had finally got the man f my dreams, the one guy who I had been having so many wet dreams about then this happens and of course all after he said he didn't wanna be hurt anymore, Perfect.

There was the sound of a key in the door.

"He David, I'm home, I got off early!"