The Lynx

Chapter 19

The next day was a repeat of the first. Only this time I decided I would walk to town. It was a pleasant walk and I again paid my way into the Aquarium and spent the day ogling tank after tank of natural beauty.

I strolled through that part of town after, window shopping. I spotted a gorgeous burgundy shirt in one window that I just knew would look stunning on Charlie. On an impulse I bought it, guessing at his size. I also made a stop at a pharmacy and bought more condoms and lube, ignoring the looks I got from the pimply-faced teen behind the cash register. I wasn't going to risk running out, not with the way Charlie made me feel.

I made a mental note to talk to him about getting tested. If we could verify we were both clean, we could eschew the protection. I knew I wasn't interested in bedding anyone else, and I thought Charlie would share my sentiments. I thought of what that would be like and spent half the walk back with a serious boner in my shorts.

I was on the road leading to Charlie's when I heard the vehicle coming up behind me. I made sure I was far enough over on the side of the road and swung the bag with my purchases into my right hand.

I could hear loud music rumbling out of the car speakers. Some kind of heavy rock. Nothing recognizable. Just a snarl of screams and wailing instruments. The tires crackled and spat as they traveled over the gravel road.

Was it my imagination of were they slowing down?

I glanced over my shoulder and saw a rusted out Chevy pickup with its pockmarked nose almost on the shoulder of the road. Something flew out of the cab and shattered on the ground at my feet. A beer bottle.

"What the --"

I jumped to avoid the flying glass and cold liquid and heard raucous laughter from inside the truck.

I stopped to let them pass, but to my dismay they slowed even more.

"Hey, fudge-packer, whatcha doin' down here? Dontcha know your type ain't welcome here."

Another beer bottle, this one empty, shattered at my feet. I stepped as far off the road as I could without stumbling into the ditch. Wishing I'd taken the car. Wishing someone would come along before these Neanderthals decided to get out of the truck and have some real fun.

They cruised by me and I could make out three guys in the front seat. I thought I recognized the pimply-faced kid from the drug store then they sped up and showered me with gravel and shouted expletives. I raised my hands to protect my face from the stones, and did my best not to hear what they called me.

Only when they were out of sight did I hurry on, wanting to get to Charlie's before they came back. I slammed the door behind me and leaned against it for several minutes while I collected myself. Hoping Charlie wouldn't come out for a while yet, I scrambled upstairs and stood in the shower for nearly thirty minutes while I tried to stop myself from shaking.

What if they'd had guns? What if they'd followed me in here? It had never occurred to me until now, but I wondered if Charlie owned any guns? After all, this was the States, not Canada, where you could walk into a corner variety and pick up a Saturday night special for the price of a loaf of bread. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But I was suddenly afraid. For me. For Charlie.

When Charlie left his studio and found me in the kitchen he must have sensed something was wrong. He took me in his arms and made me sit in his lap. When I told him what had happened I had a brief glimpse of the rage filled man he had once been, then he grew calm and cuddled me for a while.

"Don't let them get to you, Ty. They're just backwoods goons with too much time and booze on their hands."

I almost suggested we call the police then I thought of what that would mean. They would immediately know that I was staying with Charlie. It wouldn't take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out what that meant. Charlie would be outed and we might not get any help for our troubles anyway. How serious would the local law be about protecting a couple of admitted deviants from the town good old boys?

Eventually I crawled off his lap and said I was okay. I'm not sure he believed me but he let me go.

Dinner that night was a frozen pizza I loaded up with extra mushrooms, olives and cheese then cooked on a tile in the barbecue. This time we ate in the TV room, watching the local news channel tell us about the hot spots all over the world.

"You getting bored?"

I lay on the couch beside Charlie, my head on his lap while we watched sitcoms on his big screen TV. I tilted my head up to look at his face, his thumb rubbed across my goatee and traced a path over my lips. He was wearing the new shirt I had bought and it looked as stunning on him as I had known it would.

"No," I murmured, trying to capture his thumb in my mouth. "Not a bit."

"If you did, I was thinking we could take a trip to Pigeon Forge. See those sights." A smile played around Charlie's sensual mouth and I knew there was something else going on here. "It's not far from here."

Pigeon Forge. That sounded familiar somehow.

"Dollywood," Charlie said, no longer able to keep a straight face. "We could go see Dollywood, if you want. Maybe even get lucky and run into the lady herself."

I swatted his arm and he burst out laughing. "You should see the look on your face."

"It would serve you right if I said sure, let's go. Dollywood. You are one sick puppy, you know that?" I grinned and caught his hand, holding it against my chest. "How's the painting coming? Will you be finished soon?"

"A while," he said. "I've fleshed out the basic structure of all of them. It's the details that will take the longest. How close is your end?"

"On schedule, last time I looked. The official opening will be the first of October."

Charlie gave a satisfied nod. "I'll be done by then. Thurlow wants the unveiling to coincide with the opening."

I raised his hand to my mouth and began caressing the palm with my beard and tongue. I saw his eyes darken and his lips open. A sheen of sweat dappled his forehead.

"Ty," he said softly.

"Yes, Charlie."

"I've been thinking about what you said. About you fucking me. Do you still want to?"

"Jesus, Charlie." I was instantly hard. "Are you serious? Have you really thought about it?"

"Yes, I have."

"You're sure?"


I sat up and turned to look at him. His eyes blazed with desire and he reached up to cup my face in his strong hands.

"You want to know the truth, I haven't been able to think of much else. I want to know -- I need to know what it's like."

My heart was galloping in my chest. I'd never had a virgin before, all the guys I'd been with had prior experience and knew what they were getting into. I wasn't sure Charlie did.

But oh, I wanted him so badly. Just the thought of it made my dick jerk and dribble into my boxers.

He stood up and took my hands, drawing me up with him. He held me against him rubbing his hands down my back.

"I'm sure, Ty."

I gave up arguing.

Chapter 20

I so badly wanted this to be perfect for him. I knew how scary the first time could be. The sense of surrender and loss of control was hardest to take if you were naturally alpha and I don't think I've met a more alpha male than Charlie.

Leaving him with a sense of power might make the whole thing a lot easier for him.

I undressed him slowly, working over the skin I exposed with my lips and teeth. By the time he was naked he was shaking with desire. I quickly stripped off my own clothes and lay down on the bed, drawing him down beside me. One of his legs straddled mine, pushing his hard cock up against my thigh.

Grabbing a condom I unrolled it over my cock and slathered it with lube.

"Get up on your knees," I murmured.

He complied and I began to fondle him gently, massaging the length of his pole with slow, measured strokes. With my other hand I eased between his cheeks and played with his balls and the sensitive space right behind them. He tensed then loosened up as passion overrode his caution. I carefully inserted the first finger into his puckered hole.

He tensed again and I soothed him, rubbing his hips with my other hand until he relaxed.

"You're doing great, Charlie," I whispered. "Just relax. Anytime you want me to stop, just say so. I won't go any further than you want me to."

"Don't stop."

I slid my finger in passed the knuckle. He rocked against me and the tension now was that of rising desire. I pushed it all the way in, rotating my finger to massage him internally, rubbing against that knot of muscle that was every man's G spot. Charlie's mouth opened in a silent O and his hips undulated against my hand.

When I inserted the second finger he winced and I stopped. Waited for his ring of muscle to relax and open up for me. When it did I began rotating my fingers gently, stretching his hole. Preparing him for something much bigger.

We were both breathing hard by the time I put a third finger up his ass. His cock dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum and I used it to lubricate his pole and slide my clenched fist around it. He bucked against my dual touch, rising into my hand and pushing against my fingers in his butt. His eyes were screwed shut and his face was flushed and hard with rising lust.

"Ty..." he whimpered. "Oh, Ty, baby..."

"Do you want me, Charlie? Tell me you want me."

"Yes! Now. Fuck me, Ty --"

"Straddle me," I said, guiding his hips with both hands. Once in position it put my dick right up against his moist hole. I positioned my cock until the head just touched the puckered flesh behind Charlie's balls. "Ease down. You set the pace. You're in charge."

The head of my cock entered his dark channel. The sensation was fucking incredible. It was all I could do not to plunge into him. But this was his game. He had to take the initiative.

His thighs shook as he lowered himself down on my fleshy spear. Beads of sweat broke out on his bronze forehead and the muscles of his neck were rigid tendons.

"God, I feel full," he said.

"You are full," I groaned. "Full of me. Oh, Charlie..."

He rocked on me, sliding down then coming off me. He winced once or twice as pain from the unexpected invasion assaulted his senses. But when the pain faded the pleasure came. As he put me in deeper I began to stroke his prostate and when that happened his breathing altered and began to grow harsher and more guttural.

I reached for his cock and stroked it firmly. He threw his head back and rocked faster. Riding me now, fully impaled. He bounced up and down on me, and I matched his rhythm with thrusts of my own. I could see the tell tale hitching in his chest and felt his balls begin to pull up and tighten in preparation. His dick jerked in my hand and I increased the pressure. Stroking him harder and harder. He groaned and spewed a stream of pearly cum all over my chest and belly.

We both felt my explosion deep inside him. He clamped his ass down on my tool and I grunted as I flexed my hips up, tunneling into him as far as I could go. My cock spasmed and spilled my seed into the condom.

We both held our rigid positions for several heartbeats then my softening cock slipped out of him and I reached down to rescue the condom and dispose of it. Charlie slid off me and fell into my arms.

He pressed a dozen kisses onto my face and neck and held me tight.

"Sweet," he said. He lay his head on my shoulder and I buried my hand in his thick hair. Before I could say a word he was asleep.

I drew the thin sheet up around us and eased around so that we were spooning. Then I slipped into a deeply satisfying sleep.

- # # -

A noise awoke us. I came swimming out of a deep sleep to find Charlie's leg thrown over mine and his arms still around me. I thought I heard it again.

Breaking glass.


Charlie was out of bed before me. He yanked on his shorts and tossed me mine before heading for the door, a T-shirt clutched in his big hand.

"Charlie," I whispered hoarsely. Not wanting him to go charging downstair before we had a chance to check things out.

He waved me into silence, then held his finger to his lips.

The sound again. Definitely glass shattering.

"My studio!"

And he was gone. I heard his bare feet slap on the wooden stairs and I ran after him. I was only a couple of strides behind him when he jerked the studio door open and threw himself inside.

Something flickered and glowed in one corner of the big room. I smelled the stench of burning gasoline then Charlie charged past me carrying a fire extinguisher. I thought I heard him yelp then came the hiss of expanding CO2 and the small fire sputtered and vanished under clouds of cold gas.

Outside lights suddenly flared on and I heard the roar of a truck engine. I thought I also heard the sound of wild laughter then silence fell as the vehicle sped away into the night. But not before we both heard, "Faggot! Go back where you came from!"

I groped for the light switch and blinked away tears as the studio exploded with light. Dark panes of glass reflected back my disheveled image, except in two windows where the glass had been shattered and lay in fragmented pools on the studio floor.

Charlie limped toward me, still clutching the fire extinguisher in his hand. He sagged into an old wooden chair and let his face fall into his hands.

"Charlie?" I reached out to touch his rigid shoulder when I saw the blood on the floor. "Jesus, Charlie!"

I knelt and pulled his foot up. He had a piece of glass wedged into his heel and we both wince when I grabbed it between two fingers and eased it out. A fresh flow of blood poured down my thigh, dripping onto the wooden floor.

I set his foot down carefully.

"You stay here, I have to go get something to clean that out with. I'll call the cops while I'm out there --"

"No." Charlie sat bolt upright. "No cops. Don't call them, Ty."

"Charlie, this isn't the same as some punks harassing me on the road. This was attempted murder."

"Murder? I doubt it. They just want to scare us."

"Well they succeeded. You can't let them get away with it, Charlie --"

"No cops, Ty."

I knew better than to argue with that voice. I let my hand drop onto his shoulder then I withdrew it. "Fine, no cops. I'm still going to get some disinfectant."

Charlie tiredly gripped my hand then let me go. I returned minutes later with some betadine and an antibiotic cream. Charlie winced when I washed the wound site with the betadine then slathered salve on it and slapped a gauze bandage over his heel.

"Try not to put too much weight on it. You got a broom?"

"For what?" He looked slightly dazed now. Shock? "Broom?"

"To sweep up the glass, before you get cut again. Then we can survey the damage."

He told me where I could find a broom and dustpan, as well as a shopvac to clean up the tiny shards. I dug up an empty box to hold the broken glass and soon had swept the area clean. I ran the shopvac over the floor until I was satisfied I had gotten it all.

Putting everything back I suggest we look things over the next day when our heads were clearer. Once we had made sure none of his paintings had been affected Charlie offered no argument.

I led him back upstairs and gathered the thin sheet up around his shoulders. This time I tucked myself against his back and held him. Sleep was a lot longer coming to us this time.

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