The Lynx

Chapter 35

I awoke at first light to find Charlie had rolled away from me in the middle of the night. Now I was pressed against his back, one knee thrust between the delicious mounds of his butt cheeks. I thought of the treasure that lay between those muscular globes and how I had possessed it once, and got instantly hard.

I inched down Charlie's back, spreading feather-light kisses over his flawless skin. When I reached his ass I held them in both hands and gently spread his cheeks. My tongue darted out and I tasted his masculine sweat, that scent that was uniquely Charlie. I opened him up wider and dove in, my tongue acting like a miniature cock as I probed and dug into his tight channel, opening him up for the invasion to come.

Charlie groaned and undulated his hips. When I slipped a finger up his back door he writhed against my hand. I eased back up along his length, slipping my knee between his legs and pressing against his begging hole. I nipped at the skin of his shoulder blades, and tasted his earlobes.

"Charlie," I whispered, closing my fist over his swollen cock and pumping him lightly. "Do you want me to fuck you, Charlie?"

"Yes!" he said fiercely. "God yes, fuck me, Ty. I'm begging you..."

I didn't need a second invitation. I made sure my cock head was well lubricated with pre-cum and lube then I gently inserted myself into his tight, dark hole. Charlie shuddered under me as I eased in then stopped to let him adjust to my cock. Charlie didn't want to wait. He thrust up under me, trying to engulf more of my cock inside his channel. His hands clutched the sheets under him and he squirmed wildly.

"For God's sake, Ty. Don't stop. Take me now."

I rocked my hips, pushing myself all the way in, past the ring of muscle, sliding over his prostate and eliciting more groans from him. I repeated the action and got the same response. It was too early in the morning for self-control. I soon lost mine.

Fucking Charlie was an experience I want to repeat again and again over the years to come. He was my lover, my soul mate, my best friend, and to have my cock up the ass of such a strong man was the most powerful aphrodisiac imaginable. I held his hips and fucked him, riding him hard until he cried out to me to do it even harder and faster. I slammed into him, loving the feel of my bare cock in his naked hole. My hand pumped his cock and he erupted, shooting his load onto his stomach and chest and all over the sheets under us.

I was close behind him, my own cock blowing its load deep into his bowels. I came to rest against his back, my breathing harsh in my own ears as I kissed the skin of his back and nestled against him in post coital bliss. My arms tightened around him as he rolled over and faced me, his arms looping around me and pulling me close.

"Good morning, beautiful," he murmured. "Sleep good?"

"Better than good. I'm so glad you sent that message."

He smiled against my damp skin. "You liked that did you? Every time I thought of you I kept seeing Lynx Woods and the image of two cats just seemed so right."

"Two alphas in a pissing contest."

"I don't see it as winners and losers. We both win in this round don't you think?"

I teased his mouth with my lips and tongue. "Definitely." I kissed him some more because kissing Charlie is an experience in itself and not one to be passed up lightly. "Can you get away from here for a while? Come back with me to Toronto?"

"I have all these paintings to finish up... can you give me two days?"

"Two days?" I pretended to think about it. "Two days here with you... I suppose I can handle that."

He leaned over and gave me a hard kiss. "You'll pay for that, McKay. But how 'bout we hit the showers right now and then I'll make you breakfast."

"And he feeds me too. I think I'm in heaven."

Laughing he dragged me out of bed and into the bathroom. He slapped my butt.

"Get your ass in there and get cleaned up. I have some serious plans for you later and I want you fed and clean.

We did both in short order though we had a minor intermission in the shower involving soapy hands and a couple of very hard dicks. Funny how I was like a teenager around Charlie, perpetually hard and horny. But the man was just so fuckable. Not to mention suckable.

I made coffee while he scrambled up some eggs with onions and cheese. We ate on the verandah where we caught up on what had been happening in our lives. He told me about finally coming out to his family. Trish had taken it better than his parents had, but they all seemed okay with it. At least his parents had told him they loved him and made it clear they didn't want to lose him.

In turn I told him of my trip through Great Britain. "You should visit the Dingle area. I imagine you'd find a ton of material. I know I'd pay big for those vistas."

"I've considered it more than once. Maybe you can take me back there, be my tour guide."

"Any time," I said huskily. Then: "How did you find me there, anyway? I didn't leave any forwarding address..."

I knew the answer, I just wanted to hear him admit it.

He grinned self-consciously. "I got it from Michael. He was very reluctant to give it to me at first. I'm afraid I had to do some first class begging. Then I had to tell him I loved you and wouldn't do anything to hurt you again. That man is altogether too protective of you," Charlie growled. "Are you sure it's over between you?"

"Completely." I felt warm at Charlie's jealousy. "He feels the same way about Donny as I do about you. We're just friends."

"I hope so."

I left my chair and slid into his lap. I played with the hair of his ponytail. "No need to be jealous."

"I'm not."


"I don't get jealous."


"No reason to, right?"

"Right. None."

"Then I'm not jealous."


He kissed me then and any doubt I may have had vanished in a wave of desire. I clung to him.

"Love me?" he murmured against my mouth.

"With all my heart."

"Good." He smacked my ass. "Let me make a couple of phone calls then I'll meet you in the studio."

I stood up and he moved past me to climb the stairs. I made my way into the studio and spent the next fifteen minutes studying Charlie's new paintings. I grew more impressed with his talent with every passing second. I was in awe of him. That he loved me and wanted to be with me had me even more awestruck.

When he finally entered the studio I was sitting in front of the Flowerpot painting, studying the play of light and shadow he used to convey the menace of the approaching storm. He kissed me lightly on the mouth.

"All done. You ready to watch me work?"

Over the next two days a new intimacy grew between us. It had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with trust. He let me watch him paint, something he had never offered another person. Even his sister had never seen him at work in his studio.

Not that there wasn't some powerful sex too. Every night he led me upstairs to our bedroom and showed me in a multitude of ways that he loved and cherished me. I returned his passion three fold. There was no slacking of our desire for each other, if anything it grew in strength, surprising us with the potency of our need for each other. Sex only got better and better with each experience.

On the third day we packed and piled out stuff into the Honda Civic and drove away from Gatlinburg. But we knew we'd be back. Soon.

Chapter 36

Toronto was wet and cold. We huddled in the back seat of the taxi staring out at the gray world beyond the rain washed windows. The streets swirled with fallen leaves and the trees thrust their bare branches into the sullen November sky.

It would be winter soon.

"Thanksgiving's next week," Charlie said. He held my hand in his lap, ignoring the looks the taxi driver was giving us. "Hard to believe the year's almost over."

"Thanksgiving --" Then it came to me. "Ah, the American Thanksgiving." I'd already missed the Canadian one back in October. I hadn't even thought of it in Ireland.

"There's another one?" Charlie asked, then grinned at the look on my face. "Maybe we can have Michael and Donny over for supper. Is there such a thing as too much turkey?"

"Not for Michael there isn't. Let's check with them. Maybe ask a few others too. I've got a great recipe for stuffing --"

"No, you have to try my mother's corn bread stuffing. It's not Thanksgiving without it."

I snuggled closer to him, now that he made it clear he wasn't worried about what people like the taxi driver thought. I could see this couple business was going to take some adjusting on both our sides. Michael had never had a family to consider and truthfully I had never taken him home for any holidays. We just hadn't had that kind of relationship, though we had lived together for two years. I wondered if he and Donny would be more of a family for each other. I hoped so.

I sat up straight in the cab. Charlie looked alarmed.

"God, I'm going to have to call my mother! What are we going to do about Christmas this year?"

Charlie's look changed to amusement. "Christmas? That's a whole month away."

"Yeah? And where are we going to go for it? Where do you usually spend the holidays?"

"At home --"

He froze and this time I laughed at the look of consternation on his face.

"Ha, precisely. And you thought it would be easy."

He sank down into the taxi's patched seat. "You know, I never thought about in-laws in this couple thing. But you get them don't you?" He looked like he wanted to bury his head in his hands. "I haven't even told my parents about you. How am I going to do that? I come out one day, the next I'm throwing a whole other family at them."

"The joys of marriage, one-oh-one."

The taxi pulled up to the curb in front of my duplex. We scrambled out, grabbed all the luggage out of the trunk and stood on the wet sidewalk while I paid the driver and watched him accelerate back into traffic.

We lugged bags and carryalls up to the front steps while I fumbled around for my long unused key. That was when I saw the note on the door.

I let us in out of the pending rain and stacked out bags in the foyer before I reached for the folded paper. A distant rumble of thunder warned me to get the front door shut and I had to turn the hall light on to see anything in the deepening gloom. It was going to be a turbulent night. I glanced wistfully at the inactive fireplace in the front room. I really needed to get that thing cleaned out so it could be used. Romantic evenings in front of a roaring fire were suddenly taking on a whole new meaning.

Charlie looked over my shoulder as I opened and read the note. It was from Michael.

Meet me at the Tangerine Dream. Imperative you come at once. Will explain when you get there.

I reread the note a couple of times. "How the hell did he even know we'd be back tonight?"

"Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he means another night, or maybe he just means you."

Lightning flashed outside and the wind picked up, battering the front of the house.

"You really want to go out in this just to find out? Let me call him."

The phone at Michael and Donny's rang several times before being picked up by their service. I ignored the breathless request to leave my name and message and hung up frowning.


I shook my head. Charlie rubbed my back through my thin jacket.

"Well I don't mind going down there, if you don't. We can grab a bite and still get back here early if he's not around. It'll save us cooking tonight."

I could see the value in that. It was late to be thinking of preparing food, but I was getting hungry. It was an obvious solution and had the added benefit of no clean-up afterward.

"Sure, let's do it. I got a sudden craving for one of their hoagy's anyway."

We bundled up warmly and opted for another taxi, rather than drive around in this weather in my new Explorer. Thirty minutes later the taxi dropped us off in front of the Tangerine Dream.

We rushed inside, out of the now torrential rain and stopped inside the front door, laughing and shaking the water out of our hair and clothes.

"You think maybe we should have stayed at home?" I muttered then cursed when I stumbled into Charlie in the dark. "Where the hell are the lights? Did the power go out or something?"

Charlie gripped my arm to steady me. Then his other arm went around my shoulder and he propelled me through the inner door to the bar.

The explosion of light made me duck. I blinked and couldn't see a thing for several seconds. But I could hear.

The room filled with loud cheering and the sound of dozens of hands clapping and banging on tabletops. When my eyes adjusted the first thing I saw was a ring of familiar faces. The second was the banner.


Someone had scribbled the word 'second' above the GREATEST and when my eyes fastened on Michael I knew exactly who was responsible for this entire evening. I wouldn't have been very surprised if he had even arranged the weather.

Charlie stood beside me, his arm still around my shoulder. I studied the crowd with murder in my eyes; he laughed and kissed my mouth.

"Don't you just love these people? When I told them I wanted something really public to show you how much I loved you Michael came up with this."

I spotted Donna in the crowd, and Karl and the rest of the crew. Kat was there, in six-inch spikes and a sequined jumpsuit cut down to show off his rippling, and very hirsute, chest. He winked when he saw me looking and raised a parasol'ed drink in my general direction.

Michael sat under the banner, his arms around Donny as they grinned at my discomposure. A pair of seats had been kept empty beside them. Charlie led me over, his arm around me, keeping me tight against his hip. He stopped us less than a meter away.

"Well," Michael drawled. "Did it work?"

"Did you catch that look?" Charlie ran his hand up and down my side. "It worked. Big time."

"How long have you two been planning this?" I demanded.

"Soon as you got back from Ireland." Donna stepped into the breach. I stared at her.

"You too? Is there anyone not a part of this conspiracy?"

Donna seemed to consider my question a moment. "The bartender didn't really have much to do with it. Although he did suggest some really nice Irish beer in honor of your trip."

I groaned and buried my face against Charlie's chest. He planted a kiss on my head.

"Don't ever doubt the guy loves you, man," Michael said. "I've been arm twisted by some of the best, but this guy had me giving up your whereabouts in Ireland with nothing more than a few glib words and a tear or two."

"Hey," Charlie protested. "There were no tears. I just asked you politely for Tyler's whereabouts and you eventually gave them to me."

"Only after you threatened to remove parts of my body that I hold very near and dear to me." Michael tried to glare from the shelter of Donny's arms. But he couldn't stop grinning long enough to make it convincing. "You're a brute. Worse, you're an American brute."

"It's called negotiating. Something you Northern pansies should get used to."

"It's called bullying. I should have mobilized the U.N. Yankee Imperialist."

"Canadian pinko."

"Capitalist swine."



"Crackers are Georgian," Charlie and I said at the same time.

I grinned up at him. For his part he gave me a very thorough, very committed kiss. The whole bar was cheering by the time he finished.

"You ever going to doubt me again?" Charlie said softly for my ears only.

I gazed up at him adoringly.


And welcomed his mouth back on mine.

[The End]

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