The Lynx

Chapter 13

I don't know what Charlie expected once we got inside. Maybe he figured I was going to jump his bones the minute the door closed.

Don't get me wrong. I would have loved to. I'd had one taste of this man and I wanted a whole lot more. Anybody else and I'd have had him bent over a chair thirty seconds after we had our coats off.

But this was Charlie. I didn't just want to fuck this guy. I wanted this to be the start of something. That meant slow and easy. Let him set the pace.

But once we were inside I could see him get antsy. He couldn't sit still. I offered him a beer that he turned down. My offer to make coffee met similar resistance.

Finally I suggested we go to the third floor. I had a big screen TV there and I thought he might find the aquarium interesting.

And my bed was there.

I was right - he fell in love with the fish tank. Like most people he'd never seen anything that big. I'd had to pay big bucks to a contractor who added some bracing to my floor and guaranteed it would hold the two thousand pounds plus of water and other things I planned to put on it.

Charlie watched for awhile then turned glowing eyes on me and asked all the regular questions. How big was it? How many fish did I have. How hard was it to clean.

"Two hundred and fifty gallons. About four hundred all together, most of them tetras. Not hard at all. Big tanks are easier to maintain than small ones."

"Two hundred and fifty --" Charlie suddenly grinned. "Is that real gallons or some other weird Canuck measurement?"

I laughed. "That's American."

We spent the next half hour in front of the glass wall while I pointed out various things in the tank. The cory cats who spent their lives rooting around in the gravel with their tiny bewhiskered snouts, charmed him nearly as much as they did me. He loved the stately silver and black angels who kept the tetras on their toes, since they had a habit of eating the slower ones. Even the bizarre looking farlowellas who looked like dried twigs stuck to the bottom of the leafy plants where they munched on any algae that appeared appealed to him.

I made it a point to stand as close as I could to him without actually pressing against him. Our shoulders touched occasionally and more than once my hand would brush against some part of his body, an arm, a thigh, his ass. With each touch he grew less jumpy and finally he turned those storm cloud eyes on me and murmured, "Would you kiss me, Ty?"

"My pleasure," I said huskily.

I leaned toward him and let my lips touch his. His breath was warm on my face. When he opened his mouth I slipped my tongue inside. His hand came up and touched my cheek, I leaned into him and increased the intensity of the kiss. Going deeper and demanding a little more tongue. Reaching for his tonsils.

When his tongue came out to grapple with mine I moved around so that I was facing him full on. I pressed myself against him full length. The heat from his body seemed to pool in my groin. I gently rubbed my hips against him and he groaned and his hips twitched.

I slipped my arms around him and drew him closer. I rubbed one of his hips with my hand, then cupped his ass. The bulge between his legs nestled perfectly against my stomach. He began a slow grind, and my hand on his ass went with the rhythm.

I wanted bare skin. I eased my hand under his T-shirt then slid up along his back. The muscles there writhed under my fingers as I danced along his spine then back down to glide under the rim of his jeans until I was caressing the top of his butt. Again his hips jerked and I felt an answering twitch in his cock.

"Take that off," I murmured, tugging at the ends of his T-shirt.

He complied without hesitation. I lowered my head and pressed my mouth to his left nipple. Over his heart, which jumped under my lips and started pounding in triple time. He groaned when I began worrying the hard button of flesh with my teeth. Then I backed up and blew hot air on the rigid nubbin. He shivered.


"No," he said in a strangled voice, pressing my head against his chest. "Don't stop. Whatever you do. Don't. Stop."

I had no intention of stopping. I worked around to the right nipple and got it as hard as the first one. Then I moved back up to his face.

He attached my mouth with a ferocity that told me exactly how this little foray was going to end. This time he didn't wait for me to take the initiative. He assaulted my mouth, his tongue tangling with mine and our heated moans mingled. I reached behind his head and removed the tie that held his hair. Free, it cascaded down around both of us.

His hands began grappling with my T-shirt. I helped him and when I was bare-chested he leaned back without breaking contact with our hips and looked at me.

"You are hot, aren't you?"

I looked over the hairless bronze skin that was molded over hard muscle and swallowed hard. "You're pretty damned steamy yourself."

He laughed and bent over to take one of my nipples in his wet mouth. I held his head while he sucked and nibbled it into throbbing hardness. Then he attacked the other one, using his teeth and tongue to play with the light scattering of dark hair I have on my chest. I groaned and pushed the nipple deeper into his mouth.

"I never knew a man's nipples could be so sensitive."

"That's only the beginning," I murmured and blew warm air into his pits. I followed that by nuzzling the fine silken hair I found there. "I promise."

"Teach me," he said.

I broke away long enough to say, "Let's lie down."

We sidled toward the bed, reluctant to break contact. When we were less than a meter away we bailed out and landed on the dusky rose duvet in a tangle of arms and legs.

One of my legs found its way between his and I snuggled against the heat of his crotch. He rocked against me and my hands pressed down on his ass. I buried my face in the crook of his shoulder and nibbled on the skin above his carotid artery.

Finally I settled on the button of his jeans. I slid it out, and eased the zipper down. My fingers stole inside and I extracted his marble hard cock to rest in my half closed hand. Lightly I traced the outline of his helmet, smearing droplets of pre-cum around the hot velvety skin. My fingers worked their way down further and shoved aside the cotton briefs he wore to slide under his balls.

Charlie groaned and lifted his legs, opening them wider. But he was caught by his jeans which lay tangled around his hips. I sat up, grabbed the offending denim material and yanked it down his legs, tossing them off the side of the bed. His briefs followed. Now he lay naked before my hungry gaze.

Before I could move he tugged at my zipper. "Get that off, Ty. I want to be skin to skin. I want your cock in my hand."

I skinned out of my clothes in less time than it takes to draw a breath. Then I rolled into Charlie's arms and pressed my naked body over his. Our cocks rubbed together, lubricated by each others pre-cum. Our mouths found each other and the kiss was the most intense yet. As we kissed his hand snaked down my stomach and slid through the nest of pubic hair before closing around my steel hard pole. I'd been so ready for this for so long I was on the edge instantly. I was so close I could feel my balls climbing up my scrotum, tightening and ready to release their load.

"Oh fuck, baby, I'm not gonna last much longer. Oh God - -"

Charlie scrambled down, and when he wrapped his mouth around my straining cock my stomach clenched and I grabbed handfuls of his long black hair. The same hair that was wrapped around my pulsating cock and sliding over my supersensitive balls. I came off the bed with a shout and my orgasm rocketed through me. My cock pulsed and throbbed and shot jets of cum into the back of Charlie's throat. He swallowed and came back for more. Each spasm sent a fresh explosion of hot cum into his mouth.

My heart was still pounding in my chest when Charlie slid back up, his lips stopping occasionally to taste my hot, sweaty skin. When he slipped his tongue back into my mouth I could taste myself on him.

"I had to know... That's the first thing I wanted to do when I saw those pictures you sent me. Oh baby... I never knew..."

His hard cock pressed against my thigh. I reached down to stroke him.

"That's only part of it." I captured his mouth with mine. My hand tightened on his cock. I thought of him inside me. Invading me. Filling my tight hole. I shuddered.

"What is it, Ty?"

I kissed him again, drilling my tongue into him until he groaned against my mouth. "Do you want to fuck me, Charlie? Do you want to bury your cock inside me until you explode?"

"Jesus, Ty..." But the way his cock jerked in my hand and oozed pre-cum told me the answer.

I rolled over, dragging him between my legs and raising my hips so that his cock rested against the crack of my ass. I rocked into him. He gave a strangled cry and thrust back.

"Fuck me, Charlie."

"I've never --"

"I'll help you." Eagerly I threw myself over toward the bed stand where I kept lube and condoms. I ripped the pack open a rolled it down Charlie's dick with hands that shook. The lube squirted out over my hand, cold and gelatinous. I smeared it over the condom, then handed the tube to Charlie.

"Put some in my ass. Use your fingers."

When his first finger slipped into my back door I bit my lip to keep from crying out. The second brought a sharp pain that quicky dulled and faded as my sphincter muscle relaxed and opened up. By the time he inserted the third finger I was rocking into it, fucking his hand. My mind blazed with the new sensations. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to replace those fingers with his fat cock.

"Fuck me, Charlie. Shove your cock in me and fuck me."

I was beyond reason. Charlie gripped me feverishly. His body shook as he raised my legs above his shoulders and positioned his cock to invade me.

The head met resistance. He pushed gently and eased it passed the ring of muscle, until finally it popped in. We lay like that for several heart beats then he moved again, pushing himself all the way in.

There was no more resistence. I rose to meet his thrusts, my own cock hard again as each of his thrusts stroked my prostate. Pleasure pulsed through me, growing with each caress of his rigid dick. I grabbed his ass trying to pull him even closer. He bent down to kiss me, his tongue skimming my mouth, then slipping inside. Then he bit at my lip, my chin, nuzzling my earlobe until I whimpered in need. I rotated my hips, writhing under him, then I clamped down on his tool with my sphincter muscles. He cried out.

Charlie lost control. He pounded into me, flesh slapping flesh as he mindlessly stroked me. The only sounds now were our ragged breathing, breathless grunts and wordless cries that rose to a crescendo and exploded.

I gasped then arched against him. My dick shot load after load across my stomach and chest.

I could feel Charlie's orgasm then. He grabbed my hips and thrust wildly, once twice then freezing, muscles rigid as his cock blew its load into the condom. He groaned, a long drawn out sound that ended only when he buried his face in my neck and collapsed on top of me.

Chapter 14

We lay like that for the longest time. The only sound in the room was our soft breathing, the whisper of air into the aquarium and the rumble of a streetcar down on Broadview.

I thought Charlie had fallen asleep and was tempted to join him. Then he stirred on top of me. With a warm sigh he planted a kiss on my open mouth.

"Why didn't you tell me it was this good when I first met you?"

I laughed. "Oh, right, like you would have listened. You probably would have beat the crap out of me. Big tough Indian, remember?"

He rolled off me, taking me with him so that we still lay skin to skin. He reached down to removed the condom and wrapped it in a tissue, then rolled back and threw his leg over my hip. His mouth tickled my face with light kisses. Rubbing his nose in my goatee.

"Oh yeah," he said between kisses. "That."


He stroked my goatee. "I love this. A man with a beard. When you sucked me off it was such a turn on. I should have realized then..."

I shivered at the memory. His arms tightened around me. It was my turn to nuzzled his throat.

He shifted to bring his body closer to mine.

"How long are you staying?" I asked.

"Not long," his voice was full of regret. "Still have to finish the panels."

"You decided on the subjects? Can you tell me?"

He shook his head. "Confidential. No one gets to see them until Thurlow decides. The fate of nations, and all that."

"Ohh, I'm in bed with James Bond."

We both laughed. I played with the skin on his back, stroking him, tickling him with my finger nails. Running my fingers through tangles in his long hair.

"When's your plane?"

"Tomorrow afternoon. Four. We got all night."

"Good. That might be enough time."

"For what?"

"This. For starters."

I rolled away from him and pulled his legs apart. He watched me, a bit uncertainly as I moved down until I was between his legs.

"Don't worry," I whispered. "You're gonna love this. If you want me to stop, you only have to tell me."

Then I raised his legs to my shoulders and shoved my face into his ass. My tongue darted into his puckered hole and I heard a startled gasp from Charlie. It was immediately followed by a groan as I worked my stiff tongue into his back door. He raised his hips, opening his legs wider to give me more access. I obliged by sucking and biting at the skin around his ass. My goatee slid over his hot skin and my wet mouth worked him into a writhing frenzy.

By the time I slipped my finger into his grasping hole he rose to meet my first tentative thrust. Ready and eager for more.

"Ohhh, fuuuccck," he cried out as I ran my tongue over the soft skin behind his balls. Then I dove back into his love channel.

He twisted under my mouth trying to expose himself to me more, wanting more. Holding nothing back.

After dribbling some warm spit onto his crack I worked a second finger in and suddenly found him fucking my hand. He rode me fast and furiously, bucking like a horse gone berserk. His cock was hard again, bouncing off the solid muscle of his belly and already leaking pearls of pre-cum.

I moved up his cock with my mouth, tracing the outline of veins that ran up the rigid shaft. I ran my tongue around his glistening helmet. All the while my fingers flexed and stroked the inside of his love hole.

His balls contracted tight in readiness to explode. His cock grew even thicker. He was ramming it into me, jack-hammering my mouth with the force of his thrusts. His hands cradled my head, rocking with the fierce rhythm.

He gave a strangled shout and lunged off the bed, spewing goblets of hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed and took the next one, and the next. Finally he jerked away, his cock too tender for more.

I released him and lay back down alongside him. His arms cradled me and he kissed me tiredly on the mouth.

"Oh, man, you're incredible," he whispered. "I am so glad you didn't let my attitude blow you off."

I snuggled into him. "I just kept hoping."

Arms still tightly clinging, he drifted into sleep. I lay there a while studying him in the soothing light from the aquarium. He looked younger in repose, more boyish. I found it hard to see the roughneck he had been playing at being for so long. Now he looked like someone who could have inspired Michelangelo.

I didn't know where this relationship was going to go - I sensed Charlie still had some serious personal issues to deal with before he was comfortable being himself. But if he wanted, I was going to be there for him. I curled into him and went to sleep.

Saturday was usually my tank maintenance day. I thawed out some bloodworms and gave everyone a treat - the tank was pretty self-contained, I fed them only three times a week - but everyone needs something special now and then. Even the corys got excited as the thin red worms spiraled down into the water. The surface thrashed briefly like a miniature shark feeding frenzy. I left them to eating; I would do some gravel cleaning later.

Now it was time for the human component. Down in my newly renovated kitchen I put the coffee pot on and brewed up a rich African blend I had picked up in the market the other day. Filling a tray with the coffee carafe, two mugs, cream and sugar I headed back for the third floor.

Charlie was still sprawled under the covers when I set the tray down on the coffee table in front of the aquarium. I dumped my robe on the end of the bed and slid back under the covers. Immediately Charlie rolled over and took me in his arms.

"I wondered where you'd got to." He kissed my mouth and trailed his hand down my ass. "Is that coffee I smell?"

"Oh yes," I murmured layering a trail of kisses along his jaw line down to his bronze, hairless chest. I inhaled his scent; he smelled warm and sexy and totally masculine. I mouthed one of his dark puckering nipples.

"God, that smells good. Hmm, coffee."

I threw myself onto my back staring balefully up at the off white ceiling. "Thrown over for pot of coffee. I don't believe it."

Charlie sat up, making exaggerated sniffing actions. He flung his legs over the side of the bed.

"What can I tell you," he said with a grin. He grabbed the robe I had just discarded. "Coffee and me got a long history together."

On him the robe didn't even go past his knees. I watched the sexy sway of his ass in the silken material and the play of muscles in his legs as he padded over to the coffee table. He poured a mug, added cream only then instead of heading back to bed he sat down in one of the two recliners stationed in front of the aquarium.

Reluctantly I hauled my ass out of bed, put on a pair of boxers and a mesh shirt that I knew showed off my buff body and joined him. We watched the mesmerizing activity in the huge tank for several companionable minutes.

"I've always thought about doing some underwater painting. It would work in great with my current portfolio. And my agent keeps telling me how hot it is right now."

"Yeah? How do you keep the paints from running?"

He looked at me in mock disgust.

I finished my first coffee and got myself a refill. Charlie was already on his third.

Suddenly I stood up. Crossing over to my closet I dragged out a pair of jeans and threw them on over my boxers. I tossed him his clothes.

"Come on," I said. "I want to show you something."

Puzzled he got dressed and followed me downstair, through the kitchen and out onto the back deck. I set my coffee down on the patio table and took his hand.

"I started this last year. It's not done yet, but let me know what you think..."

I led him down the stone steps. I had spent a lot of hours the summer before bringing in truckloads of fill and landscaping stones which I had arranged in a miniature stony escarpment. I had filled the upper and lower terraces with as many native plants and shrubs as I could find in local nurseries.

Water flowed over a series of steps until it ran into a long, narrow pool that was over three meters long and less than half a meter wide. I kept a few minnows in it to take care of mosquitos but otherwise all the animal life that resided there came in on its own.

At the end of the yard there was a terrace of stone that backed onto the neighbors fence. Ivy cascaded down the granite stone face and spread along the ground at its base. The only tree on the lot was a sugar maple that barely stood three meters.

I had a gas barbecue on the deck that saw a lot of use in the summer. In fact I was having company tomorrow, Michael and Donny were supposed to be coming over for steaks. I wished Charlie could have joined us. I said as much.

"I wish." He stood staring off into the distance. Then he grinned. "Hold on a sec. Don't let that thought go."

He fished around in his pocket until he came back with a cell phone. He keyed in a number and spoke rapidly to whoever answered.

"Hey, Hal? Charlie. I need a favor. No, nothing like that. I just need you to reschedule that lawyer thing on Monday. Yes, it's important. Would I ask if it wasn't? Yeah, it might be. I'll let you know. Thanks, Hal. Oh, and when you're done that, can you call the airline and get me on a flight on Monday, afternoon or evening if possible. Yeah, you too. Say hi to Evelyn for me."

He put the cell back in his pocket. His grin widened. "Well, if you really mean it, I'm all yours tonight."

I put my arms around him. "Oh, I mean it all right."

But when I leaned in to kiss him he backed away. He looked sheepish, as though to say sorry, but he kept his distance. The message was clear: no kissing in public.

I didn't push it. His issues. His to work out. Instead I gestured at my backyard.

"What do you think?"

"I'm impressed. If you ever decide to spend some time in Gatlinburg you can transform my property any day."

"Just name the day," I said. "You hungry? I could rustle up some breakfast or we could walk up to the Danforth for something."

"Let's stay in," he said quickly. "What have you got? I make a pretty mean omelette if I say so myself."

I showed him where the eggs were and where I kept my stock of fresh herbs. He chopped up some chives and some mushrooms he found in my fridge, grated cheese and dropped some sourdough into the toaster. He brought two plates filled with all the fixings for a wonderful breakfast and with my first bite I realized I was starving.

Breakfast finished and dishes rinsed and stacked in the dishwasher we wandered back up to the third floor. A shower together led to a very satisfying orgasm then we got dressed and I posed the question.

"If you're going to be here for supper, what did have in mind? Eat out again? Or we could go down to St. Lawrence Market and pick up some stuff."

The market won and we headed down to my Landrover and drove downtown.

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