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This story is total fantasy - I wish it weren’t. It deals with homosexual sex between consenting adults. I hope you enjoy it.

The Party

I was depressed. I’d been depressed for a few weeks. I was fast approaching my thirtieth birthday, and the end of my sex life as I knew it. After all, who wants an old queen!

My best buddy, Shane, was doing his best to cheer me up. What did he know - he was only twenty-seven! We’d been buddies since we were kids. His family and mine were neighbors. He was the first guy I came out to, and I was the first guy he came out to. We’d never played together, apart from a bit of adolescent groping - our friendship was too close to be ruined by sex, but we confided with each other about our exploits.

He wanted to throw a bash for my birthday, but I was dead against it. I wanted to forget it completely. However, he did get me to agree to go out with him on my birthday, for dinner and maybe a visit to the bar.

My birthday was a Friday that year, so we arranged to have dinner on the Friday night. Although I was feeling low, I was also somewhat looking forward to the dinner, and I had some time due to me from work, so I left early, got home and decided to rest in case we had a late night.

I got home, stripped and climbed into bed., intending to nap for a while. As soon as my head hit the pillow my eyes sprang open, and my mind began to work overtime. Sleep was going to be impossible, so I grabbed the first book I laid my hands on and started to read.

I must mention that I love porn. Love porn vids, porn magazines, but especially porn stories. Love letting my imagination take over when I’m reading about guys getting fucked, fisted, playing with big toys, sucking enormous cocks, being ganged - all the fun things that a guy can get up to. So obviously the book I picked up was a dog eared edition of one of my favorite jerk off books, and in no time I was rock hard and leaking.

Smearing my precum over the head of my dick, I started to jerk. The “hero” in the book was in a sling, slippery with lubrication, sucking on a big uncut black cock, while his ass was being invaded by a talented hand. I could almost smell the poppers he was sniffing. In no time flat I was teetering on the edge, and with a couple more strokes, I was shooting my load all over my hairy chest and abs.

I grabbed my fuck towel, and wiped myself down, and within the space of about a minute I was fast asleep. A good cum is better than any sleeping tablet! I was woken about five o’clock by the phone. Shane was calling to confirm that he would be here about seven. That gave me time to get ready.

I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it was just subconscious, or habit, but I got out of bed, went into the bathroom and got out my douche equipment. I wasn’t expecting to have sex - far from it. After all I was too old now to attract anyone, but for years I had rarely gone out without cleaning out before hand.

After making sure I was clean, I showered, and got my clothes out for the evening. I had decided on my leather shirt, pants and boots. They always made me feel better. I made myself a coffee and relaxed in front of the television for a while, then got dressed.

Shane arrived right on time. He looked real hot. Black t-shirt, leather jeans and vest and boots. Navy bandanna jutting out from his left hip pocket. I was flagging red right. We had a quick drink, then set off in his ‘vette to our dinner date.

He managed to lighten my mood during dinner - he was always able to make me laugh with his escapades, and I was starting to feel really relaxed. After dinner we headed to our favorite bar. It was in an area of town that was surrouded by warehouses and factories, and was usually pretty quiet at night. Shane parked his car in the parking lot and we got out.

Before I knew what was happening, I was grabbed by a number of hands, one over my mouth, one over my eyes, and others grabbing my arms and virtually immobilising me. Fuck, what was going on? I tried to struggle, but was held too firmly, The hand over my mouth was removed but before I could yell out a rag was stuffed in my mouth, gagging me. and another was tied over my eyes.

My hands were pulled behind me and I heard a jangling, as I felt my wrists being cuffed behind me.

“Just play good faggot, and everything will be fine,” a rough voice whispered in my ear. It sounded menacing, and I knew that I’d better comply. I had no idea what was happening to Shane.

I was marched across the parking lot, then heard the sound of a van door being slid open. I was pushed roughly into the van, and lay on the floor. The next thing I felt was another body falling on top of me. I heard the front doors open, and then the van started up.

We lay there for about twenty minutes, while the van drove round. Finally, we stopped. A door opened, and one of our abducters got out. I heard a metal gate being opened, then the van drove in, the gate was closed and the guy got back into the van.

The next thing, the van door was being opened and we were roughly pulled out and led off. A door opened and we were pushed through.

“Stand still, fag!”

I stood there and felt a hand pull the gag out of my mouth, then the cuffs were removed. I rubbed my wrists, and worked my jaw to get the blood flowing again. Then the hands were untying the blindfold, and it fell away from my eyes. I blinked a few times to get my eyes working again, then looked around.

We were in a warehouse - but what a warehouse! It was lit with red lights, and there were slings, benches, St Andrew’s crosses, and all sorts of paraphenalia for a good hot time. And there were thirty guys, all standing round in their leathers!


I looked around at Shane and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Happy birthday, man.”

“You fucking bastard.”

“Yeah, I know,” and he grabbed me and kissed me deep. “Let the party begin!”

The guys gathered round me to wish me happy birthday. I was handed a beer and was soon chatting with my buddies. I knew most of the guys, and was introduced to others. Within a short time I had my shirt and pants off, and was just wearing my leather jock and boots, and most of the other guys were similarly attired.

. . . . .

The party was under way, Guys were playing all over the place. I had been lifted into one of the slings, greased up, and had a nice cock up my ass. It was a nice way to be opened up. I was working my muscles on his cock while he was pounding into me, and before too long I felt him stiffen and his load shot into me. He was quickly replaced by another cock. I realised that I was going to be ganged - probably by most of the guys there.

I’d taken four or five loads, when a young guy came over to me. I’d never met him before, He was wearing boots and a vest, and his hard cock preceded him by about eight inches. He was “cute” (as much as I hate that word!) and seemed a little in awe of the hedonistic fucking, sucking and fisting going on around him.

“Can I fuck you?”

How could I say “no”? There was something about him that made my heart beat faster, and my ass twitch.

He slid his cock into me, It felt real nice and comfortable.

“Oooh, fuck!” He came - immediately. “Shit!!”

“Hey, it’s OK. Here, help me out of this sling.”

I got out of the sling and took his hand.

“I’m sorry. I came too quick. Watching you getting fucked was so hot. I wanted to give you as good a fuck as you got from the other guys.”

“That’s OK. Maybe we’ll get another chance later.”

“I’d like that.”

“So would I. Who do you know here?”

“I came with Frank.”


“But I’m not with him. He is just a friend I met at the bar. He told me that he was invited to a surprise party, and would I like to go and maybe meet some other guys. I’m just new to the city. I’ve never been to a party like this before.”

“Well, welcome. I’d like to play with you again tonight, but I’d better circulate, seeing as I’m the guest of honor.”

I wandered round, grabbed another beer and was just sitting relaxing when Ray came over, and sat beside me.

“Enjoying your party?”

“Yeah. Shane’s a real cunt. I told him I didn’t want any celebration for my birthday. I’m getting too old for it.”

“He’s been organising this for months. It’s a wonder you didn’t get some hint of it.”

“Nah, it was a complete fucking surprise. I must admit I nearly fucking shit myself when the guys grabbed me at the bar.”

“Yeah - we thought it would make a great fantasy.”

“You’re not wrong. I could see myself stripped and left naked on the side of the road somewhere.”

“Instead of which you’re stripped and surrounded by a lot of horny men who want to get into that ass of yours - me included.”

He reached over and ran his hand over my jock. My cock was hard under the leather, and oozing precum. He unsnapped the studs, and pulled the pouch off, bent down and took my cock into his mouth. I lay back on the bench and bent my legs up. His hand started jiggling my balls, then snaked down till his fingers touched my well lubed and slippery hole.

I lifted my legs higher to give him better access, and felt his fingers slipping into my ass.

“Oooohh, yeah.”

Reaching over me he grabbed a can of lube and shoved his hand in it, coating it, then took a handful and slathered it over and in my hole. His fingers massaged my hole, and slowly entered me. He cupped his thumb into the palm of his hand and continued to slide in me. I felt my ass expand and then contract as it slid from the widest part of his hand to his wrist.

“Fuck, John, you’ve got a hot hole.”

“Thanks, Ray. You know I always like your hand in me.”

He slid his arm deeper into me, his fingers playing with my ass walls, and his knuckles rubbing against my prostate, making my cock leak quantities of precum. He really did have a good hand. I felt him reach the next ring, and he gently massaged it, getting me to relax even more. He picked up a bottle of poppers and handed it to me. I took a deep sniff, and felt my second ring open as he gently slid his hand further into me. My ass felt on fire, so hungry to be filled, and Ray was feeding that hunger.

My eyes were closed, and the next thing I felt was a pair of lips on my nipple. I opened my eyes, and saw my “cute” boy sucking gently on my left tit while he watched Ray playing with my hole. His cock was hard and I reached out and gently stroked it. He looked up at me and smiled round my nipple, then turned his eyes back to my ass and Ray’s hand. My whole body was consumed with lust. Every nerve seemed to be tuned to the action in my ass and on my tit. I sighed.

Ray played with my hole for about twenty minutes, then slowly pulled out.

“I think I need a break.”

“Me too, Ray, Thanks.”

The boy lifted off my nipple and the three of joined in a group kiss.

“I guess it’d be nice if I knew your name.”

“Guess it would,” he laughed. “I’m Dave.”

“Hi Dave, This man who was just up my ass is Ray.”

“Hi Ray.”

“Hi Dave.”

The rest of the night, I was fucked and fisted by at least half the guys at the party. My ass was feeling no pain, and my depression had lifted completely - maybe there is life after thirty!! Dave appeared to be enjoying himself too, I saw him fucking, being fucked, sucking, being sucked - getting into the swing of things. At the same time I realised that no matter what he was doing, he was always within my range of vision, and I caught him on many occasions watching me and whoever I was playing with.

. . . . .

It was about four o’clock, and the party was beginning to wind down. I was lying on one of the beds relaxing, when Dave came over to me.

“Can I fuck you?”

“Seems like I’ve heard those words before.” I laughed.

“I’ll last longer this time, I promise.”

I rolled over onto my back and lifted and spread my legs. He knelt between my legs, grabbed them behind the knees and held them, as he slowly slid his eight inches into me. He was a good fucker, he knew how to work an ass, and I felt so good with him in me. True to his word, he lasted longer this time. and although I had been fucked and fisted most of the night, he was able to touch areas seemingly for the first time. I finished up cumming all over my abs from his fuck.

Still pumping, he fell forward onto me and we kissed passionately, locked tongue to tongue and ass to cock. Finally, I felt him about to cum. I worked my ass on his dick and was rewarded with his load. His cock softened almost immediately, and fell out of me with a plop. We continued to kiss with him lying on me.

“John, can I go home with you?”

“What about Frank?”

“Like I said, we’re just friends. He’s been busy most of the night with one of the other guys.”

“Dave, how old are you?”

“Does it matter?”

“No. No, I guess it doesn’t.”

“I’m nineteen. . . and you’re thirty. So?”

“So nothing, I suppose. Yes, I’d love you to come home with me.”

. . . . .

Dave came home with me. He stayed the weekend. That was fifteen years ago. Dave is still here. Shane, Dave and I often laugh about my thirtieth birthday.