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Subject: The Pizza Boy - Chapter THREE - gay - beginnings




Hi guys,


this is chapter THREE of this story. I hope you enjoy reading this



I should also like to thank Sandy (Scotland - UK) for all his help in

the preparation of this manuscript.


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The Pizza Boy

Chapter THREE

Edited by Sandy (UK)


"Hard to believe that your boss has done this to you. He deserves

to be arrested. You should report him to the police and he can

answer for it in court. He must have been very sure that you would

not go to the police. What did he mean when he said to you

`if they had been stricter in school with you, then you would have

learned to read and write properly´."


Darren looked sheepishly down at the floor.


"Darren, I want to help you, but you need to talk to me openly.

Your boss sees you like the perfect victim, with whom he can do

what he wants, without being held accountable. There must be

reasons. I'm trying to figure out what those reasons are."


Darren raised his head. He looked in my direction but not into

my eyes.


He said softly, "I cannot read or write properly."


"But you certainly went to school, didn't you?"


"Yes, but I was often sick, and our family often moved around.

Later, I just tried to keep my head down and not attract

attention in the classroom. "


"But you have to do homework and participate in class work. At

least that would have alerted the teachers that you cannot read

or write properly?"


"I always found classmates to help me. But I then had to pay

them back with all sorts of favours. I always kept a notebook

with me and simply copied the symbols on it. I left school

without any qualifications. "


"I see, so you wrote stuff down, not knowing what it was you

were writing. Darren, wait, I'll get you a towel. You can then

lay on your stomach on the couch. The ointment must still work

some more and dry before you can put your stuff back on." I

said, and disappeared into the bathroom. Back in the living

room, I gave Darren the towel.


Darren held the towel against his abdomen and went to the

couch. He laid it on the sofa and then lay down on it.


"So, Darren, now we can talk quietly about what has happened

to you and what to do about it. You cannot read or write properly?

You have no grades and your boss takes advantage of you.

He pays you a ridiculously low wage and uses you for his

sexual fantasies. If you do not want to throw your life away

completely, there is only one solution for you. First, you

have to quit your current job, and secondly, you have to learn

to read and write. Your boss isn't going to stop abusing you.

In fact there is a risk he will get more violent, now he

thinks he can get away with it. He will have you by the short

and curlies and torture you even worse."


Darren lay on his stomach on the sofa completely naked. He had

not been out in the sun much, his skin was only slightly tanned.

He had raised his upper body on his elbows as he lay on the sofa.

I admired his strong arm muscles. His ass cheeks were very red,

but despite his injuries they were appealing: a lovely rounded

bubble butt. Darren looked at me with his brown eyes in

embarrassment, clearly feeling insecure.


The reason was not that he was lying naked on my sofa, but

because he had told me that he had not learned to read and

write properly. He was now fully aware of the consequences of

this omission for his future.


"Darren tell me one thing, do you want to learn to read and

write?" I asked him.


After only a short pause, he replied, "yes, this is now what I

want to sort out, more than anything."


"Great, Darren, that's what I wanted to hear from you. If you

really want to, then everything else can be easily solved. I have

a very good friend who is a lawyer.

He specializes in employment law. If you agree, I'll call him now

and ask him to represent you against your perverted boss."


"But I have no money to pay a lawyer."


"You do not need money. First, my friend owes me big time and

secondly, he will represent you pro bono when he hears what an

asshole your employer is. If you win, your employer will have

to pay you damages for his perverted treatment of you. But in

any case you have to leave the pizza service."


"And where am I going to work? There are not many jobs for

people like me and I need a job to earn a living."


"I know. First, we need to make sure that you learn to read

and write. That will increase your chances of a decent job.

After that we can try and find a new job for you."


"And how am I going to live in the meantime?"


"For one thing, your boss will have to pay you damages. That

should be enough for the next few days, maybe even weeks,

depending on how successful my buddy is in representing your

interests. In cases such as yours, there is public assistance

available too. I will help you apply for that, and will provide

additional financial support to give you a chance of finding a job."


"You want to do that for me? Why? What do I have to do in

return? "


"Don´t worry, you have no obligation to me. In my own life

there have been situations where I had to rely on the help of

other people. And I got help for nothing. Now I'll help you,

and at some point in your life you will meet a man who needs

your help. Then it will be your job to help that person without

asking for anything in return. If each one of us is willing to

offer some help to another, we all will benefit ultimately.

We need people to help each other, for the good of society,

otherwise we will eventually face breakdown. My only

condition is that you are serious in learning to read and write.

If I realize you are not, then I will stop helping you immediately."


"I want to learn, I want it absolutely."


"Fine, this is what I wanted to hear from you. Do you agree

that I now can call your prospective lawyer or do you need

time to think about it? How old are you?"


"I'm 19."


"Okay, so you can no longer claim support from your parents."


"It's a hard decision for me but I think you're right. I cannot go

on living this way. Please call the lawyer for me."


So I called my buddy and told him in outline about Darren's

situation. My buddy responded as I had expected. He was

totally shocked by the criminal behavior of Darren`s employer.

Martin had something else to do urgently and could only drop

by in about an hour. He asked me if that was OK with me. I

asked Darren.


Darren nodded in agreement.


Shortly after I hung up the phone.


"Okay Darren, we now have slightly more than an hour to wait,

what would you like to do? Chat, listen to music, watch a video,

or watch television? "


"So long as your friend is not here, we could go on taking

photos. If I no longer have the job at the pizzeria, I can do

with every dollar I can earn."


"Darren you do not have to worry about your financial

situation. Like I said, for cases like yours, there is state

assistance. You should only ever do a job that you are

comfortable with. Don´t let yourself be forced into something

that you do not want."


"Moritz, I liked the photos you took of me. And I would like

to thank everyone, you, your friends and contacts for how you

take care of me. So let us continue with the photos, "said



"Okay, I'm glad that you like my photos. I'd like to do some

more pictures of you. But I want to make sure you now do not

feel obliged to do what you really do not want to do."


"Moritz, I think we've talked enough now. Let's do some more



Darren rose from the sofa. I was able to take a look at his

fantastic dick and his ballsac. Darren had noticed where my

eyes wandered to and grinned. Maybe he could not read and

write but he was not stupid.


As he stood in front of me he held the towel in front of his



"Okay, Darren, how about we take some frontal shots of you

while you hold the towel before your crown jewels? That`s



After we had taken several photos with the towel, I asked the

young man, "I now want to take pictures without a towel. You

can cover yourself with both hands. This pose is my favourite

pose. It is very sexy."


Darren grinned, "Okay, I trust you." He turned briefly to the

wall and then let the towel. When he turned back to the

camera, he held both hands in front of him.


The sight was breathtaking. His chest muscles and upper arms

were of perfect proportions and matched his powerful thighs.


I took a few shots and then asked him to spread his legs a

bit, so his fit body was like an X-shaped sculpture.



.... to be continued


© copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany




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