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Subject: The Pizza Boy - Chapter FOUR - gay - beginnings



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The Pizza Boy

Chapter FOUR

Edited by Brian (Arizona USA) and Rob (UK)


I asked Darren to alternately make different facial expressions. First, he should look seriously

into the camera, then look like he's angry, then look more distant and cool and kind, and

then at last look like a little boy who has been up to something.


Darren liked this role playing and acting. He obviously now had fun posing for my camera.

It was a little bit like playing a game together. He behaved now completely at ease, even

though he was standing completely naked in front of me.


It was the same with almost all the men I've photographed naked. After some time, they

become accustomed to being completely undressed as they move around in my apartment.

I do not know if this would be the same if I would take the photos in a large, cold and

unfriendly studio. The secret was that a photographer has to act normal too. Donīt look

permanently at the well build body even if itīs hard to manage. Even when photographing

the nude guys, I always looked them in the eyes when I chatted with them. When I

repositioned the studio lamps differently to change the lighting, Darren looked around in my

living room.

"You have a very nice apartment. I hope that someday I'll sometime have such a large and

beautiful apartment too."

"Thank you for the compliment. Darren now in the last years I have learned that if one

makes a firm goal, then one can reach it. Okay, maybe not everyone actually becomes a

millionaire, but you can create a goal to accomplish enough wealth so that life is good."


"Your photos are really beautiful. I don't understand why you aren't a professional


"I have thought about that many times, but then I spoke with professional photographers

and participated in professional photo shoots as an observer. I learned that if you really

want to make money, then you pay models almost no fee at all. You only give them a few

photos for their presentation folder as compensation, no money and that was it. You make

promises, you donīt want to fulfill. You tell lies and other things".


I know a photographer whoīs really become a millionaire after many years of work, but only

because he ripped off all the men he photographed. For all the photos he earns good

money, but he has never paid the models their real worth to him.


I do not like such behavior. I do not want to get rich at the expense of others. Whenever

people get so rich, from how much money they earn or deserve they forget to mention the

minimal breadline wages they pay their employees and how they have cheated their

business partners. No, at this moment I am very happy with my life and how it is."

"You donīt want to become a rich man? To me thatīs all people seem to want. Everyone

dreams to become a millionaire."

"Many want to be rich, yes that's true Darren, but I donīt think that all people have this

desire. It's not money that makes you happy, but to have a job that's fun, good friends on

which you can rely, and to be healthy and such stuff..."

Darren's face darkened slightly. Suddenly he looked a little sad.

"Did I say something wrong; what's suddenly wrong with you?" I asked him.

"I am healthy and have my brother, but a job that's fun and all the other things ... those I

don't have."

"My God, Darren, you're still young. If you work hard enough, you'll have everything you

wish for. Someday I'll tell you how my situation was, when I was at your age. It took me

many years to afford to get such a great apartment in a nice area like this. But you know

what is great about it? If one has nothing at all in the beginning and then gradually develops

a modest prosperity, one can really be pleased about every little improvement."

During our lengthy dialogue, I did not take photographs of Darren. The young man

abandoned the last pose. He stood completely relaxed opposite me. Completely at ease he

held both hands against his hips with his penis and his scrotum uncovered. During our

conversation we looked at each other all the time right in the eye. Now my eyes slowly slid

down to his crotch. I couldnīt resist enjoying this beautiful sight. His scrotum was slightly

longer than his penis. His foreskin was pulled back a little and showing some of his glans.

I had enjoyed the sight a little too long and looked quickly back into the eyes of Darren.

The young man had noticed of course what I had looked at and grinned.

"You really like looking at my dick, right?"

I felt somehow caught, it was a little embarrassing. If you photographed a man, then you

never should give the impression that you are staring at him. I always tried to hide the strong

excitement I had during a photo shoot. Otherwise it would be uncomfortable for the model

and it would expose him as a pure sex object.

"Hmm, to be honest, yes. If a man stands naked in front of you, you will want to see what his

penis and scrotum looks like. It is always exciting to be able to see something that you do not

usually get to see. If we always walked around naked all the fascination triggered by the sight

of a penis would quickly dissipate."

Darren laughed.

"It does not bother me if you look at my dick, but I would not want to constantly run around

naked. I don't want to be naked outside and in front of strangers."

"Hmm, thank you. I take that as a great gift that I can see you naked like this. You have a

really nice body and it's fun to look at you and photograph you. If we take more pictures

now, then you should put both hands in front of your crotch and cover up. I want you to

keep feeling good about these sessions."

"Are you sure you want this?" Darren asked.

"What do you mean, taking more photos of you?"

"No, I mean that I cover myself up. Don't you want to photograph me completely naked?"

replied Darren.

"I would like to, but do you want me to? You might regret it later on that I have

photographed you while you were naked in front of me!"

"I'm not quite as inexperienced as you think. My brother allowed a man to photograph him

naked and he really regretted it later. His photos can be found on some very bad internet

sites. The photos that you take are very different. Your photos are beautiful."

"Thank you. You already mentioned that you had a brother. Is he older or younger than you?

Why did he let himself be photographed naked and why does he regret it now?"

"Simon is five years older than me. When he was 17 years old he was in love with a man who

was 10 years older than him. My brother did not know that the man wanted to sell the

photos and they could be seen by anyone on the Internet who subscribed to the site. The

man even persuaded my brother to do other things later. Finally, my brother noticed that

the man did not really love him, but only wanted to use him to make money from the

pictures and other things."


I was stunned. Of course I had heard of such cases. For hundreds of years, many young

women were persuaded by such methods and led into prostitution. I felt so sorry for

Darren's older brother. When you believe someone loves you, and in reality they are only

using you to make as much money as possible from you, it's a terrible thing.


"Hmm, if I'm honest, some of the pleasure of photographing you is now gone for the

moment. If you do not mind, I would now prefer to learn much more about this tragic story

with your brother. Is that okay with you? Do you want to get dressed again and then we can

sit down and talk?"

"We can gladly sit down and talk. But do you really want me to get dressed?"

Darren's question surprised me. "If you want you can stay as you are now. However, before

Martin, your lawyer, arrives you should get dressed again."


Darren put the towel on the couch and then sat completely naked on it. The ointment

seemed to have worked well on him. He grimaced a little because of the slight pain as he sat


"My father left us when Simon was 16 years old. Simon told me later that he had not left us,

but actually he has left our mother. She made ​​his life a living hell. A few months later, my

brother and my mother got into an increasingly violent dispute. My brother left and at first

was gone only a few days. Then later he was gone for several weeks and then even months.


One day he met Joshua. The man spoke to him and bought him a meal in a cheap diner. He

then offered Simon a place to sleep in his very shabby apartment. They became friends.

Joshua gave him a lot of attention and really seemed to want to take care of him.


Simon fell in love with Joshua and Joshua told him, that he loved him too. For a short time

my brother was incredibly happy. Then Joshua brought a camera and persuaded Simon to be

photographed by him. It started innocently enough at first. Joshua encouraged my brother

to undress in front of him. In between they kissed and were affectionate with each other.

When Simon got an erection Joshua took ​​further photos. They had sex again and before

Simon had ​​his orgasm, Joshua took many photos. I've seen the photos and you can see

Simon shooting his copious load.


There are not beautiful photos. Simon did not know that Joshua had planned to sell the

photos from the beginning. Joshua was broke when Simon found out many weeks later.

A few days later, Joshua brought an older man back home and said that he wanted to watch

Simon and Joshua as they had sex. Simon refused at first but Joshua knew exactly how to

influence and manipulate Simon. My brother finally agreed.


The next time the guy did not only to watch but participated. Then there were other visitors

who came only to use Simon. Joshua then took my brother to all kinds of cheap hotels,

where the most diverse men waited in the room. From now on Simon had sex with the

clients and Joshua only watched. Later Joshua escorted my brother to the hotels where the

clients waited and then brought him back when they were finished with him. Joshua said this

was the only way to earn money and that would give them the chance to stay together

forever. My brother hated to have to do these things.


One day one of the clients said too much, and he told Simon the truth, that Joshua had

previously worked as an escort himself. When he was too old to continue then he specialized

in pimping by getting young boys and young men for clients. Joshua spoke specifically to

runaways because they were easy prey and easy to influence.


First he took care of them; he was a father substitute, brother and best friend in one to

them, and then he took advantage of their innocence and inexperience.


Simon then understood that Joshua did not love him and he returned home. A few weeks

later he had a violent argument with our mother, and then he disappeared again. Before he

left he set up certain fixed locations and dates with me so we would meet regularly from

then on. He always wanted to know how I felt, and he always asked me how our mother

treated me. He told me all about Joshua because he wanted to be sure that I would not

make the same mistake that he did.


It wasn't easy for my brother to talk to me about all this. He was very ashamed for many

reasons. He confessed to me that he was gay; he has worked as an escort, and that he was

stupid enough to fall for a fraudster.


Simon was 18 by then and was able to get odd jobs. I think he goes back to a gay bar once in

a while working as a hustler when he has difficulty paying the rent for his room. My brother

didnīt tell me that, but I found out. When I told him that our mother suddenly began

behaving oddly towards me, he returned home. He told me he would protect me from our

mother. He did not tell me exactly what he meant. Simon worked hard and saved his money.

When I was 17 years old he suddenly said I was not safe with my mother and I moved out.

My brother rented a large room for both of us. When my mother was not at home, we went

back and took all our stuff out and never went back. We did not tell our mother where we

were going. Since then I have not seen my mother and I live with Simon."

I had read a lot worse biographies in newspapers and magazines, but to hear it right from

the mouth of an affected person is very poignant. I felt infinitely sorry for Simon and Darren.

With such a family history, it was almost impossible to lead a normal life later. My childhood

was not as I would have liked, but compared to what I had just heard, life had treated me

good. Simon obviously had withheld a few things from Darren to protect him. It would be

interesting to hear Simon's uncensored version.

"It's good to be able to talk to someone about it. Simon and I have never spoken to anyone

about it," Darren said, so softly I could barely hear him.

"Your brother seems to be a good person. It's just a shame that you have never approached

charities or social services. Your case is unfortunately not an isolated case, but you can get

professional help. It is time that you no longer tried to cope on your own, but let some

government agencies help you with your problems."

"I'll talk to my brother about it. Unfortunately, he never listens to me."

"Your brother has taken over the role of your parents and parents very rarely listen to or

take advice from their children," I grinned and said to Darren. "But at some point we all have

to stand on our own two feet and make our own decisions. Give your brother time to get

comfortable with the idea. If he is as sensitive as you are, then he will come around


Darren smiled. He was completely relaxed. I could not control myself and looked at his

impressive penis. Darren leaned back slightly and spread his legs so I could also see his

scrotum with his large balls.

"You donīt have to do that."

"I would like to though. I want to thank you for your help. You are, apart from my brother,

the first person who's worried about me and wants to help me."

"Darren, haven't you have learned anything from what happened with your brother and

Joshua? Maybe I'm just playing a game and would in truth only want to have sex with you."

"I think not, but even if that were the case, I could cope with it." Darren said.

"You are an honest and good man. People like you are easily exploited by others Darren."

"When I met my boss at the Pizza Service for the first time, I felt from the beginning that he

wasn't a good person. I can sense it when people arenīt good for me. With you I feel the

exact opposite. You really want to help me and I like you, therefore, I want to do you a favor.

Would you like to see my dick when it's totally hard?"

Of course I wanted to, but Darren was now no longer a passing acquaintance. He was not

like a stranger in the studio or someone who you might observe in the locker room in the

gym. Darren had told me about some of his life story and now I felt somehow connected to

him. While I was still wondering what to say to him, Darren began to knead his penis. As he

stroked and pulled on his dick, he shook it and squeezed it. Darren's penis then awoke and

came to life growing increasingly large. Darren was really a gem of a young man I could no

longer wait to see his penis rock hard. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"That must be Martin. You better get dressed quickly."



.... to be continued




Đ copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany





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