The Quarterback and the Nerd


Randy Howard II

`The College Years'

Chapter Two...

Author's note: This story is based on an e-mail I received several years ago, no author was named and with research I found this information: It was an inspirational tale written by John W. Schlatter, published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul", a bestseller in 1993. I was so moved by this tale I wrote this story to reflect my own feeling, I just hope you all enjoy how I felt.

However... No one situation is unique to anyone.  As I have inflected and expanded upon parts of my own life and imagination upon this story, I hope that in the future, that there are no misunderstandings.  Every story has been told a thousand times.  This is my work in part if not whole, and I hope that readers will appreciate it for what it is. Randy

Chapter Two...

"We're finally going babe," Kyle says as we head off to Georgetown for the beginning of our college life. "I hope we have a nice dorm room," he says.

"I don't care what it's like as long as I have you with me," I tell him as I rub his leg. Riding in my truck always makes me horny, especially when Kyle is beside me. His scent and the warmth of his body just makes me want to pull over and fuck him silly. "I don't know if I can make it all the way to Georgetown without having your ass Kyle," I tell him and he gives me his seductive smile.

"We just left twenty minutes ago Adam," he says. "You are to oversexed for your own good," he says rubbing my crotch.

"Yeah like that is going to help me," I tell him as my cock rises immediately to his touch. Another twenty miles and I see a rest area sign, so I tell him that we are making a brief stop. We pull in and there is no one around as I park my truck in front of the rest room building.

"Is this a good idea," Kyle asks as we walk into the men's room.

"Sure babe, we will be just a few minutes," I tell him. "Lets take the last stall, that way we can have privacy if anyone comes in," I tell him, as I guide him into the stall.

"What is that big hole in the stall wall for," he asks looking at the glory hole.

"Its for anyone that wants a blowjob to stick their cock through to get it sucked," I tell him.

"How do you know about that," he asks as I am pulling my pants down.

"I read about it on the internet, now come on before it gets busy in here," I say and he drops his pants also. He bends over towards the walls holding on to it as I put my cock into his ass.

"Fuck Adam that hurts," he says as I stop to let him relax.

"Sorry babe, but you backed up as I was pushing in and you took it all at once," I tell him. I start to slow fuck him because he likes to start off that way when the door to the bathroom opens. Kyle turns his head towards me with a state of panic on his face. I give him the universal sign for quiet as whoever it is takes the stall next to us, and again Kyle is in a panic because he is eye level with the hole. I bend over his back and whisper in his ear to be very quiet, when all of a sudden a big fat cock comes through the hole. He looks back at me with a `what do I do now' look on his face.

"Just jerk it babe while I fuck you," I whisper in his ear, and he gives me a look that tells me he rather not. I slowly start to fuck him as he slowly jerks off the guys cock. I am watching him do this and it is making me hornier as I watch.

"Come on guy, suck it please," a voice calls out from the next stall, and Kyle looks at me and I just shrug my shoulders and shake my head no at him. He takes the head of the cock and places it into his mouth and starts to suck it as the guy gives out a sigh. He goes up and down on the cock with the same rhythm that I am now fucking him with, because each thrust I give him shoves him further down on the guy's cock.

"Yeah man, you suck cock good," the voice says as he fucks the hole into Kyle's mouth. I watch and soon my edge is close and I cry out to my lover.

"Oh fuck I'm coming," as I fill Kyle's ass with my come. I pound him with force as I shoot my seed deep into his ass.

"Oh fuck man, I'm shooting," the mystery man shouts as he shoots in Kyle's mouth. Kyle quickly pulls off and jerks his cock to finish him off getting come on his face. We clean ourselves up and we all exit at the same time.

"Hey man great head," the young man says. "Where you two heading," he asks.

"Georgetown," Kyle says before I can give the guy some phony answer.

"Hey cool, me too," he says. "You guys freshmen also," he asks. "Jeff Davis," he says offering his hand to the two of us.

"Adam and this is Kyle," I tell him. "We got Windham Hall for our dorm."

"Me also, they say that's the coolest of the dorms. Hey maybe we can hookup there. Again thanks for the blowjob Kyle," he says as he heads out the door. We get back on the road and Kyle is quiet for quite some time.

"What's the matter Kyle," I ask.

"Nothing, I guess," he says but I know it's his way of saying a lot is wrong.

"Come on Kyle, I know you better than that, tell me what's eating at you," I tell him.

"Did it bother you watching me suck a stranger's cock," he says looking at me.

"Kind of, but I told you not to," I tell him. "Did it bother you," I ask.

"I know it should have but it was kind of different doing another man's cock," he says and now tears are falling down his face.

"Oh babe don't cry, I know there was no love in it," I tell him. "So why did you do it if you hated it so," I ask.

"That's the worst part, I didn't hate it, it was kind of turning me on sucking and getting fucked," he says. "I just wished it was someone that we knew instead of a stranger," he says and it makes me worried that he liked doing another man's cock.

"That's what makes it more exciting they say, because it is a stranger, and you looked hot with his come on your face."

"Gee thanks," he says sarcastically. "Have you ever done it with another guy," he asks me.

"No just you babe, why looking to expand your horizons," I ask wondering if he is satisfied with just me. "Am I enough for you Kyle or are you thinking about other guys," I ask and now I am worried and I'm wishing we hadn't stopped.

"You're great in bed, but haven't you ever wondered what other guys are like," he asks. "I got to be honest, I really liked sucking Jeff's cock today," he says. We ride along the rest of the trip in silence, as my mind turns. I should never have stopped at that rest area now for sure I think to myself. It's dark when we pull into the campus and find our dorm building, and Jeff is unloading his car.

"Hey guys you made it finally," he says giving Kyle a big smile.

"Yeah finally and we're beat," I tell him as we grab an armful of stuff to bring in. "We're room 410," Kyle tells him as he holds the door, and I notice he rubs Kyle's ass as he walks by. "Jeff he's mine so don't get ideas," I tell him as I pass in front of him.

"Sorry man, I just thought after the rest stop we might ..." and I cut him off.

"You thought wrong dude," I tell him following Kyle up the stairs.

"What's wrong," Kyle asks looking back at the two of us.

"I thought I might stop by for some fun later," he says disregarding my last few remarks.

"Sounds great Jeff give us an hour or so," he says looking at me. It takes us seven trips but we get moved in and not a word passes between us as I am so pissed at the moment.

"What is up your ass, Adam," he asks as I collapse on the bed. "You have not said a word since we got here."

"If you want to know you are, I don't want to fuck around with Jeff or anyone else anymore," I tell him. "What we did was wrong and I don't like sharing you Kyle."

"What's wrong with just a little fun to unwind from the long ride," he asks as he putts things away.

"Because I don't want to share you, is what's wrong," I say again as I storm out of my room. I decide to go for a walk to cool down some. This is the first real fight we have had since we became a couple. I find a small coffee shop and grab a latté and look for a place to sit for a moment before I head back to my room. The place is crowded for a Sunday evening and tables are nowhere to be had.

"Join me dude if you want," this guy says to me. "I am just about finished."

"Hey cool, thanks," I tell him and sit down. "The names Adam."

"Colin, I'm a second year transfer," he says. "So what's your major?"

"Right now business but more than likely I'll be changing to marketing," I tell him.

"Yeah me too, I was going for economics, but decided on marketing." We talk for over an hour before we walk back to our dorms, and his is the next one over from mine. I go up to my room and open the door, and there on the bed is Kyle and Jeff going at it. Jeff is fucking Kyle as they are kissing with their arms wrapped around each other.

"You fucker," I say as I grab Jeff and pull him off of Kyle.

"Adam relax man he invited me," Jeff says standing in a defensive position. I just looked at Kyle with tears in my eyes and he knew by the look on my face he had hurt me. I grabbed my coat and left the room.

"Adam wait come back please," I hear him shout as I shut the door.

"What is happening to us," I say to myself as I walk out of the building and the tears are falling like rain.

"Hey man what's wrong," I hear as I turn and there is Colin.

"Nothing man," I say wiping my eyes quickly with the backs of my hands.

"Hey dude something is really bothering you to make you cry," he says as he puts his arm around my shoulder.

"You would not understand Colin, but thanks for asking," I tell him and can't get the tears to stop. He pulls me over to a secluded park bench that is just out of sight of the walk.

"Come on Adam, I know we just met, but I can tell when someone is really hurting and you are hurting bad," he says.

"Well ok just remember you are the one who stuck his nose in," I tell him. "I'm gay and when I went up to my room, my lover was getting fucked by another dude," I tell him then get up to walk away. He grabs my hand and pulls me back to the seat and has me sit down.

"I knew you were gay when I invited you to sit with me at the coffee house earlier," he says holding me with his arm around my shoulder. I also knew that Kyle had to be your lover because he was all you talked about. Are you sure it was consenting what you saw and not something that was being forced on him," he asks.

"Oh it was consensual, his legs in the air with their lips joined. Besides the dude fucking him, Jeff, told me after I pulled him off Kyle that he was invited," and I loose it again and he wraps me in his arms as I cry. He lets me cry until I cry myself out, and then he gives me his handkerchief to use.

"So what are you going to do now," he asks.

"I guess I'm going to sleep in my truck," I tell him. "Hey thanks for listening to a fag cry," I tell him as I start to get up. "Not many straights would be that understanding," I say then start to walk away. He catches up with me and suddenly he takes my hand in his as our eyes meet. "Jeff you ..." and he pulls me in for a kiss. He kisses me hard as his tongue pushes at my lips, and they open to let him in. We stand there hidden by the shrubs and the shadows as we yield to our lust.

"No Jeff this isn't fair to you," I tell him. "I would only be doing it to hurt Kyle."

"I am willing to except that for the moment," he says as we once again let our lips join. "My room mate has not gotten here yet and probably won't until tomorrow." He leads me up to his room and we undress, as we lay side by side on his bed.

"I do hope that you are a top, because I prefer to bottom," he says as I climb in between his legs. I sit up and he hands me a condom and lube, and I look at his eyes and ask.

"Are you sure about this Colin, I don't want to hurt a nice guy like you," I ask him and he pulls me down for a kiss. I slip on the condom and lube us both up as I position my cock to his rosebud. With a gentle push he gives me back one also, and my cock's head pops inside.

"Oh fuck wait one minute let me relax," he cries out, as he slowly exhales and relaxes his ass. When he is relaxed I start to fuck him slowly at first, then he sighs and calls out to me.

"Fuck me hard, fast and deep man, I like a real fucking from my man," he says as I start to take out my aggressions that I am feeling on his ass. I pound on his ass hard, with all the feelings I have towards Kyle at the moment. I can tell by Colin's moans and groans that he is enjoying every moment.

"Yeah Adam fuck me man, harder and deeper," he screams as he claws at my back. I fuck him hard and lift his legs higher as my cock goes deeper in his ass.

"Oh fuck I'm coming," he shouts as he shoots his come all over his chest and stomach. I keep pumping and pumping and soon I am at the edge unable to hold mine back.

"I'm coming man," I tell him and I fill that condom as I slam his ass with fury. I ride him hard and deep until I have given all I got, and fall down on him and we kiss.

"Well looky here, I got a fag for a roomy," a familiar voice from my past says breaking the afterglow of our sex. "Adam, I might have guessed it was you, and where is your fairy boyfriend Kyle," Max asks throwing his things on his bed.

"Max lets not have any trouble," I say getting up off of Colin. "This here is your room mate," I tell him as I pull my underwear on.

"Lets get this straight, I ain't gay and I ain't tolerating no fucking around in my room," he says to Colin giving him a mean look.

"Well this is my room also and if I want to fuck in here that is my business so just get use to it," Colin says getting his own clothes on.

"Well we will see about that," and he jumps Colin and they are going at as I pull Max from off of him. He takes a swing at me connecting with my eye, and I give him a good one right back to his own eye. He lands on the floor, and

Colin jumps on him and he pounds the shit out of his face. I finally pull Collin off of Max and sit him down on his bed.

"Hey listen guys," I yell as we all calm down, and Max gets up and sits on his bed. "We are suppose to be adults now, so why not start acting like it. Max I understand where you are coming from, and you need to understand where we stand also. So lets find a neutral ground where we can all get along."

"I just don't want to come in and see what I just saw," Max says. "I find that disgusting two guys fucking."

"And I want to be able to fuck a guy if I want to," Colin says.

"Well how about when Max is in class or away and Colin you want to have sex, then you can use the room. But when Max is here, sex is off limits for you. The same goes for Max, he uses the room for sex when you aren't around." They both look at each other for a long time until Colin finally says.

"If he agrees with that, well, I guess I can live with it," he says.

"Yeah I guess seeing how we are stuck with each other faggot."

"And that's another thing Max, how about being a man and showing respect to one another and lay off the names ok," I ask.

"I guess so," he says but I could tell he would rather not.

"Have you got a lot of stuff to bring up," Colin asks him and he looks at him in shock.

"After all that shit and me calling you a fag, you want to help me move in," he asks Colin.

"Don't forget me," I tell him as I offer him my hand. "Hey are we cool man," I ask.

"Yeah we're cool," he says shaking Colin's hand and mine. It took the three of us five trips up the stairs to get all his shit in the room. When we finally made the last trip, we all collapsed on the beds.

"Fuck guys thanks for the help, I would be doing that all night," he says with a genuine smile. "You know Adam you aren't as bad as I thought you were," he says clapping me on the back.

"Thanks Max, your pretty cool yourself," I tell him. "Hey lets leave this stuff and go grab a pizza," I suggest and the three of us are out the door like lightning. We walk over to Pizza Hut and Max is walking close to me, and he asks me about Kyle.

"What the fuck happen between you two? The way you two kissed each other at graduation I thought you two were a couple."

"I thought so two Max, until I went up to my room earlier and found him getting fucked by some dude," I tell him and he stops in his tracks.

"Shit man, that fucking fag," he says then he looks at me. "Sorry man about the remark, I forgot."

"No problem, I know old habits are hard to break. It just hurts so fucking much to see him giving his ass to this guy, and to make matters worst, the dude was invited to fuck him."

"No fucking way, God I am sorry for you, I know how it feels when your girl gives it up to another dude. Does it feel the same as that," he asks me.

"Love is love Max," I tell him, and then I remember that Colin is still with us. "God I'm sorry Colin, I didn't mean to be so insensitive to your feelings," I say looking at his glossy eyes.

"Like I said earlier I knew what we were doing, so don't worry about me," he says wiping his eyes. We get to Pizza Hut and Kyle and Jeff are there, and Kyle gets up when he sees me walk in.

"What the fuck is your problem," he says as he pushes me out of the door.

"You're my fucking problem slut, I wish I never helped you with your books that day," I say and instantly I wish I had never said it. His face went red as the tears start to fall and he turned and went back in the restaurant. "Kyle I'm sorry man, I didn't mean that," I yell to him, but he just flips me the finger as he returns to Jeff.

"You alright dude," Max says as he comes out to check on me, and I turn to hide my tears.

"Yeah man go on in and eat, I'll be there a moment," I tell him. Instead I walk back to my room and grab all of my stuff and carry it down to my truck just as Max and Colin are coming up.

"I thought you said you were coming in," Max says looking at my truck. "Where the fuck you going dude," he asks.

"I don't know but I can't stay in that room with him," I tell them.

"Well if Colin don't mind, you can bunk with us tonight until we can figure this shit out," he says. "But you got to sleep with him though," he says quickly.

I lock up my truck and follow them back to their room, as I see Kyle and Jeff walking back to the dorm holding hands. I slow to watch them approach hoping to talk to Kyle, but he stops and gives Jeff a strong kiss. I just turn and walk on putting my arm around Colin, and I know that I am using him wrongly.

"I don't mind Adam if you use me to make him jealous," he says, as he nibbles my ear as Kyle looks at us carrying on. He stops me and throws his arms around my neck, and gives me the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

"Now who is not acting like grown ups," Max says and his words cut me like a knife.

"You're right Max, this is so childish," I say and walk over to Kyle. "Kyle we need to talk and now please," I tell him as Jeff wraps his arms around him from behind. "And alone please if you can get away from monkey boy," I say and Jeff steps around him about to defend his honor.

"I have nothing to talk about to you, besides I am dead to you or so you wish," he says as he tears up.

"I was so wrong to say that and only said it to hurt you the way you hurt me," I tell him. "How would you react if you came back and found me getting fucked by him," I say as I point to Jeff. "He's a fucking looser anyways because I told him earlier that you were mine and off limits, and he still went after you. So I guess you got your wish from earlier, you wanted other cocks in your life now you have them, I wish you happiness Kyle," I says with the tears flowing down my face and I walk away. I pause after a few steps and say, "I already moved my stuff out so your lover boy can move in."

I walk over to Max and Colin, and Colin goes to put his arm around me, and I just hold up my arms in refusal.

"I have already hurt one heart, I don't want another one on my conscience," I tell him. I spend the night on the floor in a sleeping bag that Max had in his truck. I know it bothered Colin that I didn't sleep with him, but it made Max feel more comfortable. The next morning Max silently gets out of bed, as he tries to get to the bathroom before we wake up. His cock is sticking straight out as he stands over me, trying to get around me without waking me.

"Nice cock," I say and he jumps a good ten feet and he runs as fast as he can for the bathroom. He comes out later with a towel around him and he gives me an evil look, as he grabs his clothes for the day. "Hey man sorry I couldn't resist saying something with the way you where trying so hard to get your woody into the bathroom without either of us seeing it."

"You know how I feel about that shit Adam," he says to me pulling up his underwear with his back to me.

"Well if you really knew me Max you would know that I am an ass man and yours is looking real fine," and he pulls them up fast.

"Fuck you faggot, just fuck you," he says as I laugh.

We all head over to the cafeteria for breakfast, and I of course apologize to Max for my verbal abuse. He has become much better ever since the three of us had that first day talk, and we can at least now kid with each other. Jeff and I switch rooms and the guys help me move into Jeff's old room. The room is on the very top floor and is extremely small, but the best part is, it is a single room. It has a full size bed but I share a bath, but the guys I share it with are never around when I am, so it works out fine. Classes begin and I get into my schoolwork letting it fill my time and thoughts instead of thinking about Kyle. Max and I have become really good friends, working out every morning before classes and talking. The fall turns to winter and soon the holidays are upon us.

"Hey Adam you going home for the holidays," Max asks one morning at our work out session.

"Yeah I plan on leaving after my last class on Thursday, why," I ask him.

"Could I catch a ride home and back with you, my truck is old and I really don't dare put to many more miles on it," he asks as he spots for me.

"Yeah man that will give me someone to talk with, I had ... well it will give me someone," I tell him remembering I had Kyle coming to college. We finish our work out and shower before we head over for breakfast, and he asks me if he can have a serious talk with me.

"Sure Max, did I step out of line with our agreement," I ask him.

"No Adam we're cool there, I really would like to clear up some things that have kind of hung around since last year at school that's all."

"Let's grab our eats and sit over near the corner, it's quiet there and we can talk," I tell him noticing how serious he is. We fill our trays with fruit and cereal and drinks as we make our way through the line. We give them our payment card and go find a seat, and he moves closer to me than usual.

"Adam this is extremely hard for someone like me to say, so once I start please don't interrupt me man," he asks looking at me as I nod ok. "I know you and I were never friends back in high school and you have had a really hard time with Kyle, but I ran in to him a few weeks ago. I asked him if I could talk to him for a moment, as we were in a public place, and I told him how sorry I was for what I had done to him last year in the men's room at school. I don't think he really believed me, but I want to apologize also to you for the way it treated you then and when I first came here, Adam. I was a total ass and was dealing with shit I couldn't even begin to figure out. I also told him that if two people were ever made for each other it was you and he, Adam. I'm sorry for overstepping my boundary as a friend but I hate seeing you like this. Well I guess that is what I needed to say dude, so can you forgive me for the hurt and pain that I caused you both," he says in can see him fighting his emotions.

"Max buddy, you are so much more of a man and friend now, I forgave you a long time ago," I tell him. "Are you alright dude with things," I ask.

"Yeah I am, but I'm still working on getting my head together and that can take some time with my head," he says and we both laugh. "I have a morning class Friday but I planned on cutting it to go home anyways, so I will be ready for Thursday by two," he says.

"Two is good, see you then, I got some shopping to finish up." I head out to the mall for my last minute shopping, because I know I will have no time once I get home. I am having a quick bite at the food court when a hand rests on my shoulder.

"Can I sit for a moment," Kyle asks looking down at me.

"Sure I guess if you want to," I tell him. "What's up, are you going home for the holidays?"

"Yes Jeff and I are both going home, he to his home in Ohio, and me to mine. What I need to ask you is, can I go with you if you are going," he asks.

"God Kyle if you don't mind sharing a ride with Max and I," I tell him. "He asked me this morning and since it was just me going I told him yes."

"Never mind, I'll take a bus then," he says as he gets up.

"Kyle sit for a moment, and lets talk. We use to be able to talk but now we can't even stand being on the same planet it seems. Max has changed, and for the better," I tell him. "He even told me how he apologized to you for what he did to you last year."

"Well you know what they say about leopards and their spots," he says. "Like I said the bus is fine, sorry to bother you," he says and quickly leaves. I sit there thinking about the man in fell in love with four years ago and wonder what happened to him. I was deep in thought when again I am brought back to the present.

"Hey I see you're out Christmas shopping also," Colin says as he sits down. "Was that Kyle I just saw leaving?"

"Yeah, he wanted a ride back home but Max asked me also and he didn't want to ride with him."

"So you two are really over huh," he asks.

"Yeah I would say it looks that way, he is still with Jeff."

"So does this mean I might stand a chance with you," he asks as he gives me a smile. "I haven't seen you very much over the last few months."

"Right now I have been devoting myself to my studies, and another lover is the last thing I need at the moment, sorry Colin."

"Can't blame me for trying," he says as his smile changes to a bittersweet one. "Well have a nice holiday Adam and I hope Santa is good to you."

"Same to you Colin, and I hope he brings you Mr. Right in your stocking."

"In my bed would be better," he says waving as he leaves. I finish my shopping and head back to my room, as I pack up for tomorrow's trip. I set my bags beside the foot of the bed, when a knock comes on the door.

"Colin what's up dude," I say letting him in.

"Adam I know you told me that we didn't stand a chance, but I really need to make love with you so badly," he says as the tears form in his eyes.

"Colin please, don't lower yourself to begging. You are worth so much more than that," I tell him. "I haven't had sex since we did it together that day Max caught us," I tell him. Let's make a pack, if either of us want sex, and the other is available and agreeable, then we do it, ok," I say looking at him. "I don't want you begging or feeling you have to play on my sympathy to have sex with me, I like you a lot, but not the way a couple should love each other."

"That works for me babe, now lets fuck. I am so fucking horny even the crack of dawn this morning was looking good," he says stripping his clothes off. He is in my bed before I can get my pants off, and he lies there and watches me undress. When I finally get naked I climb on top of him, then I sit up and say to him.

"Did you bring a condom, I haven't got any," I tell him.

"No I didn't, but fuck it let's do it anyways," he says. "Just pull out before you shoot," he says pulling me down for a kiss. We kiss hard and deep as the lust overtakes us and the passion carries us away.

"Just fuck me Adam, I need to feel you in me so badly," he says grabbing the baby oil on my stand and handing it to me. I pour it in my hand and rub it into his ass and add some to my cock. I align my cock with his rosebud and he quickly pulls me to him, forcing my cock all the way in.

"Oh fuck Adam I need this," he says as I start to pull out of his ass, and then I thrust in with full force as he rises to meet me and we soon find a rhythm of our own. I hold up his legs as I pound his ass hard, he moans out his pleasure and delight. I slide in and out for the better part of an hour until I can't hold off any more.

"Oh fuck I'm going to come," and I start to pull out, and he wraps his legs around my waist.

"Go in my ass babe I want to feel you come," he says as I pick up my pace. I hold his legs higher and I fuck him harder as I shoot my come deep in his ass.

"Oh fuck dude that ass of yours is so hot," I tell him as I keep filling him with my come, and he shoots his own come on his chest.

"Don't stop fucking me I'm coming," he calls out as I now have no more come to give him. I keep pumping his ass until he slows to a stop, and I fall unto him and we kiss.

"That was awesome sex Colin," I tell him looking him in the eyes. "Are you alright with me shooting in your ass?"

"Oh yeah, I wanted to know how it felt to feel you shoot your love into me," he says as he lies there still in his afterglow. We get up and we get dressed and I kiss him goodbye, reminding him of our secret pack.

"Thanks Adam, you made my holiday," he says as he closes the door behind him.

The next day our classes get canceled because of a snowstorm, and I find Max to see what he wants to do.

"What do you think, should we wait this out," I ask him about leaving for home. "Christmas is still two days away," I tell him.

"I guess it would be safer but I have nowhere to stay," he says. "They are painting the dorm over the break and my room is packed up."

"Ah ..." I say pausing a bit. "You could stay in my room if that don't bother you," I tell him.

"You sure the roads are going to be that bad," he asks and I know he is uncomfortable with staying in my room.

"Listen Max, we're friends bro, I would never make a move on you," I tell him.

"I know you wouldn't Adam, but its ... well I guess so," he says finally giving in to staying. "It's probably better than getting killed in an accident."

"Yeah and by tomorrow we should be able to go," I tell him. "Let's get what you need for tonight and go grab something to eat." The storm is so bad you can't see ten feet in front of you, as we walk over to Pizza Hut for dinner. We eat and laugh at all the other guys that are still stuck here like us, and then walk back to our room.

"I ain't got my sleeping bag no more," he says as we climb the stairs to my floor. "I left it outside in the rain and it got ruined."

"I have a double bed anyways, so we have lots of room, you stay on your side and I will stay on mine," I tell him.

We talk most of the evening and watch some game on TV before we decided to go to bed.

"Dude I usually sleep naked, but for you I will leave my underwear on," I tell him.

"Thanks Adam, me too, that's how I usually sleep," he says turning red. We turn off the light before we undress to get into bed, and he moves tight against the wall.

"Goodnight Max," I say noticing that another person could sleep between us.

"Goodnight Adam, thanks for letting me stay," he says.

We fall asleep and half way through the night, I feel him move up against me. He throws his left leg over my right one as his arm comes over my side and across my chest, and he snuggles up tight into a spooning position. I can feel his soft cock as it rests against my ass crack, and it makes mine hard as a rock. I soon fall asleep thinking how he would just die, if he knew how he was sleeping with me. I awake the next morning and we are still in the same position, but now his soft cock is quite hard. I snuggle back some to rub it against my ass, and he suddenly comes awake.

"Oh fuck dude," he says as he jumps up from the bed. "I am so sorry Adam for this." He grabs his jeans as he leaves the room, heading for the bathroom. I get up and have my jeans on when he comes back into the room, and his face is red with embarrassment.

"Adam I don't know what came over me, I didn't mean to cuddle dude," he says pulling on his shirt.

"Don't worry about Max, I liked being held like that," I tell him and he gets redder. "Besides you moved over into that position during the night, and I didn't have the heart to move you."

"You let me snuggle with you knowing how I feel about that stuff," he says getting upset. "Adam I thought you were my friend," he says and his eyes get glossy.

"Max I am your friend, there was nothing sexual about what you did, it was just cuddling," I tell him. "You did nothing inappropriate dude."

"Well I don't think two dudes should sleep like that either."

"You have a lot of hang ups going on in your head man," I tell him. "Where the fuck did you ever get so fucked up," I ask him.

"My dad, he was a marine and he was the one that instilled in me what men are and aren't suppose to be and do," he says. "Mom was always fighting him on a lot of his views, especially ones like men crying and being close."

"She was right you know, there is nothing wrong with crying, it lets out pent up feelings, and being close, hell Max we have gotten really close dude," I tell him.

"I guess, but I am still having a hard time with some things my dad told me about guys, but I will work them out," he says.

"If you ever want to talk bro, I'm here for you," I tell him as we get our things together. "Ready to leave," I ask as we head out the door.

"Yeah I am, and I do want to ask you something but have been afraid to," he says and again he is fighting back his emotions.

To be continued ...

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