The Quarterback and the Nerd


Randy Howard II

`The College Years'


Chapter Three...


Author's note: This story is based on an e-mail I received several years ago, no author was named and with research I found this information: It was an inspirational tale written by John W. Schlatter, published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul", a bestseller in 1993. I was so moved by this tale I wrote this story to reflect my own feeling, I just hope you all enjoy how I felt.

However... No one situation is unique to anyone.  As I have inflected and expanded upon parts of my own life and imagination upon this story, I hope that in the future, that there are no misunderstandings.  Every story has been told a thousand times.  This is my work in part if not whole, and I hope that readers will appreciate it for what it is. Randy


Chapter Three...

From Chapter Two...

"Goodnight Adam, thanks for letting me stay," he says. 

We fall asleep and half way through the night, I feel him move up against me.  He throws his left leg over my right one as his arm comes over my side and across my chest, and he snuggles up tight into a spooning position.  I can feel his soft cock as it rests against my ass crack, and it makes mine hard as a rock.  I soon fall asleep thinking how he would just die, if he knew how he was sleeping with me.  I awake the next morning and we are still in the same position, but now his soft cock is quite hard.  I snuggle back some to rub it against my ass, and he suddenly comes awake.

"Oh fuck dude," he says as he jumps up from the bed.  "I am so sorry Adam for this."  He grabs his jeans as he leaves the room, heading for the bathroom.  I get up and have my jeans on when he comes back into the room, and his face is red with embarrassment.

"Adam I don't know what came over me, I didn't mean to cuddle dude," he says pulling on his shirt.

"Don't worry about Max, I liked being held like that," I tell him and he gets redder.  "Besides you moved over into that position during the night, and I didn't have the heart to move you."

"You let me snuggle with you knowing how I feel about that stuff," he says getting upset.  "Adam I thought you were my friend," he says and his eyes get glossy.

"Max I am your friend, there was nothing sexual about what you did, it was just cuddling," I tell him.  "You did nothing inappropriate dude."

"Well I don't think two dudes should sleep like that either."

"You have a lot of hang ups going on in your head man," I tell him.  "Where the fuck did you ever get so fucked up," I ask him.

"My dad, he was a marine and he was the one that instilled in me what men are and aren't suppose to be and do," he says.  "Mom was always fighting him on a lot of his views, especially ones like men crying and being close."

"She was right you know, there is nothing wrong with crying, it lets out pent up feelings, and being close, hell Max we have gotten really close dude," I tell him.

"I guess, but I am still having a hard time with some things my dad told me about guys, but I will work them out," he says.

"If you ever want to talk bro, I'm here for you," I tell him as we get our things together.  "Ready to leave," I ask as we head out the door.

"Yeah I am, and I do want to ask you something but have been afraid to," he says and again he is fighting back his emotions.

Chapter 3 ...

We clean off the truck while warms up and I can sense his tension, and it doesn't improve as the ride home progresses.

"So buddy, what did you want to talk to me about," I ask seeing how he was so quiet for the last hour.

"Are you going Christmas shopping when you get home," he asks after a slight pause and I know that was not what he wanted to ask.  So I let it drop and figured that he would ask me when he was ready.  We drive along and soon it begins to snow again.

"Shit I thought we were done with this," I say to him as he tunes in a local radio station. Eventually they give the weather and they are calling for another eight to ten inches of snow, and we still have another one hundred and fifty miles to go.

"We going to make through with this storm," he asks as I peer out into the snow.

"I don't know I can hardly see fifteen feet ahead of me," I tell him when I see an exit sign.

"How about we take a break, I am getting a headache from staring into the snow," I ask.

"Yeah it might be a good idea man, I could use a coffee and something to eat," he says, and I have to laugh because he is always hungry.  We pull off and find a roadside diner that we pull into; and we go in for something to eat.  The place has about twelve or so people like us that are traveling in there, for a break and we find a booth and sit down.

"Looks like we aren't the only ones to be out in this weather," he says looking around the diner.

"What you gonna have to drink boys," the waitress asks as she drops two menus on the table, for she rather be home than here.

"I'm having a coffee black please," I tell her.

"Make mine regular," Max says.  We search the menu and decide on BLTs when she brings our coffees, and we watch out the window at the storm.

"What do you think," I ask Max who looks worried as he watches the snowfall.

"I think we might want to ask about a place to stay the night until this storm passes," he says. I agree and when the waitress brings our meals I ask her about motels to stay in.

"Well Hun, there is a Motel Six just down the road about a mile," she says.  "You should be able to get a room there seeing how it's the holiday season."  We eat our meals and head down to the motel; we go by it because the snow blinds our sight.  As we turn around and head back we finally find the place, and we get the last room that they have.

"I think a lot of other people decided to wait out the storm also," I tell him as we bring our overnight things into the room.  We walk in and Max freezes as he looks at the bed.

"I thought these places came with two beds in them," he says with a fearful look on his face.

"Max relax dude, I will sleep on the chair," I tell him.

"No you won't you're driving and need to sleep," he says.  "Besides it's a desk chair so how could anyone sleep on that," he asks.  The rest of the day we spent watching the television, and I could sense his nervousness.  Later that evening I looked over at him and asked.

"Max do you want to talk buddy about anything?"

"Nah I'm cool," he says but I know he's not. "I'm just tired I guess."  We decide that sleep is the best thing to do, so we undress on separate sides of the bed in the dark.  The room would be dark except for the street lamp outside our room that casts a slight glow to the room.

"Adam are you sleeping," he whispers to me.

"No, why want to talk," I ask.  I roll over to face him as he also does, and we collide into each other.  We stare a brief moment as our eyes meet, and he quickly pulls back from me.  Once again I can see by the glow of the streetlight, that he is fighting his need to cry.  I take a chance and pull him over to me, as I wrap my arms around him, he breaks down and cries for almost an hour, as I tenderly hold him in my arms.

"Now doesn't that feel better," I ask him once he has stopped crying.

"Some but I still have something bothering me," he says and I am still holding him.  "Adam I ... can't ... really say this to you, I hate myself for even thinking it," he says.

"Max we are best friends guy.  There is nothing that you cannot say to me," I tell him, as I look him in the eyes.  "Just come out and say it, I won't be mad at you," I say.

"I have really come to think of you as my best friend since we got over our differences this fall," he says.  "But as the year went on I found that I ... was falling in love with you," he says pausing and then he turns away from me.

"Wow, I didn't expect that one," I tell him as I let sink in what he just said.  "Max that is a big step for you to say that to me, are you sure about what you are feeling," I ask him, as I pull him over to face me.

"Yeah Adam I am now, I have been wrestling with it for over a month now, and I didn't know how to approach you on it," he says.  "Do you hate me for being two face about this," he asks.

"I don't hate you at all Max, I have had strong feeling for you but didn't know if I was rebounding from Kyle or if it was really love I was feeling."

"Then you could love me, even after all my talk about fags," he asks and tears are rolling down his face.

"Yeah my buddy, I could and do love you," I tell him as I pull him closer to me.  He just brushes back my hair with his hand as he stares into my eyes.  "Well are you going to kiss me or do I have to make the first move," I ask him and he pulls me in tight and our lips meet in heavenly bliss, as I touch his lips with my tongue and he parts them to let me in.  He kisses me tenderly and deep as he holds me tight, and he moans out in his delight.

"Wow my first man kiss," he says as we break our kiss.  "That was soooo much better than I thought it ever could be," he says as he comes back for more.  "You are going to have to take over from here, I know nothing about what comes next," he tells me.

"Well Max, first we must decide if you are a top or bottom," I tell him and he looks strangely at me.  "Do you want to fuck me or get fucked by me," and he sits up in panic as the pictures hit his brain.

"Oh fuck I never went that far in my thoughts about falling for you, can't we just do blowjobs or whatever for now," he says as he becomes more aware of his decision to cross over to my side of sex.

"Max just relax, I would never make you do anything you were not comfortable with," I tell him as I pull him back to me and we kiss.  I lay him on his back as I nuzzle his neck, and he lets out a moan of delight.  I nibble his earlobe as I lightly pinch his left nipple, and he arches his back from the sensation.

"Fuck I never knew nibbles could make me feel like that," he says as I start to suck on his right one.  I gently bite it and then suck on it more, and he lets out a louder moan.  I get up and move between his legs, and he gets a slight look of panic on his face.  I bend down and take his large cock into my hand, as I run my tongue around the head.  I slowly take his cock into my mouth, and run my tongue around the corona.

"Adam man, that's so fucking good man," he cries out.  I now swallow his cock right down to his bush, and I take in the scent of this man.  I drink in his scent and it intoxicates my senses, as I make a memory of his scent.  I slowly rise up and down on his cock as he soon reaches his edge.

"Adam man, I'm going to come," he calls out in ecstasy. I plunge down on his cock as he shoots his first volley, deep into my waiting throat.  He shoots rope after rope of his thick cream into my mouth, as I swallow each shot he gives me.

"Ahhhhhh fuck that's sooooooo fucking good man," he yells out as he slowly comes to a stop, and I let his cock drop from my mouth.

"You're telling me buddy, that was the best," I tell him as I give him a kiss, and he gets his first taste of his own come.

"I don't know if I can do that yet," he says looking at me.

"Lets just go to sleep and hold one another tonight," I tell him as I pull him to me and he lays his head on my chest.  He falls to sleep with me holding him tight, his arm draped across my chest.  I lay there thinking about how much courage it took for him to cross that line he had mentally drawn in his mine, and I smile as I fall to sleep. 

I wake the next morning with him sucking my cock, he is taking about half in his mouth, as he slowly slides up and down on it.   I just lie there and enjoy the sensation of his first blowjob, as I suddenly realize I am close.

"Ah Max, I going to come," I cry out in delight.  "You may want to pull off if you don't want me to come in your mouth," I tell him.  But he continues to suck on my cock and I shoot my first shot into his mouth, and he gags as it hits his throat.  He starts to swallow as I shoot more of my seed, and he takes as much as he can.  I finally give him all that I have and he pulls off my cock with come on his chin.  I pull him up to me and I lick off my come, then we kiss a kiss so passionate and deep.

"Did I do all right," he asks looking at me as he lies on top of me.

"You did just fine babe," I tell him as I reach down and grab his stiff cock.  I position his cock to my rosebud, and I tell him to give a gentle push.  His cocks head pops in as I push back to meet his push, and I silently cry out in pain.

"Give me a moment to relax, then go slow as you push in," I tell him.  We wait a moment then I nod to let him know he can continue, and he slowly gives more of his cock.  He continues to feed it into my ass until he has bottomed out.  I hear him let out a soft sigh as he bottoms, and the look on his face says it all.

"Fuck me slow to start, than do as you like babe," I tell him as he lifts himself up to start.  He is gentle and slow as he starts to fuck me, and once  I meet his thrust with pushes of my own he soon increases his pace.  Our fucking soon finds a rhythm and we are in sexual heaven as we kiss.  Just the feeling of his cock as it slides in and out of my ass, soon brings me to another climax.

"Fuck me hard, deep and fast lover, I'm coming," I yell out as I shoot my seed between our embracing bodies, and my climax brings him to his.

"I'm coming Adam," he cries as I feel his come filling my ass, shot after shot he gives me.  His pace is like a stallion as he pounds my ass, until he has spent himself.

"Damn that was hot," he says as I can feel his cock soften and then fall from my ass.

"I love you Max," I whisper in his ear as I hold him to me and I can now feel him start to cry.  "Don't babe, I'm sorry if that made you cry.  I won't say that to you anymore if it bothers you to hear it."

"It does bother me Adam, but in a good way," he says now looking in my eyes.  "I never thought that I could or would hear those words from a guy to me," he says as his tears fall on my face.  "I love you to Adam, and I will forever," he says as he buries his face in my neck.  We lay there like that as we both cry and hold on for dear life to each other, as new feelings awaken in him.  We finally get up and shower then continue our trip home, now more talkative than when we begun.

"I am coming between you and Colin," he asks.

"No Max, we aren't and never have been a couple.  It wasn't that he didn't want to, but I never found that spark I needed to make it happen.  We did have sex though, but that was just what it was, sex.  We filled a need we had at the time," I tell him.

"Are we going to be just the two of us," he asks worried about Colin.

"Once I commit to a relationship, I don't stray to other men," I tell him.  "I hope you can live by that also."

"Yeah I can, I was like that with my girlfriends too.  I just didn't want to share you with Colin or ... anyone else," he says pausing.

"Are you worried about Kyle," I ask.  "He and I are over Max.  And that reminds me, where do you get the name Max from," I ask.

"My dad, it's my middle name.  He always called me by it because he said it was more masculine then the one my mother gave me."

"What is your first name, or would you rather not say," I ask.

"Ashley, after Ashley Judd," he says turning red.

"I like Max also," I tell him.  "So are you comfortable with our relationship and you're being gay," I ask him.

"Mostly, but I don't know how I am going to tell my dad," he says.  "My mom will be ok with it I think, but dad is going to bust a gut when I tell him."

"Why don't you wait, its not like we are running around town as a couple," I tell him.

"Well he just about wanted to beat the shit out of you two at graduation when he saw you two kissing," he says.  "If it hadn't been for my mom I think he would have."

"Shit Max I feel sorry for you, you really had to suppress a lot of feelings growing up."

"You know the hardest was how I felt about you.  When you two were kissing I secretly wished it was me that was kissing you," he says.  "I never told you that or anyone else for that matter."

"Wow Max, you did have it rough.  Will he be home when I drop you off," I ask him.

"Nah, he works until six everyday so you will be long gone.  We don't leave to come back until a Tuesday so he will be back at work again." 

We finally get home and I drive into his driveway, and we get his stuff out of my truck.  Everything looks so nice covered in snow with all the Christmas decorations.

"Mom is at work until three, so we have over three hours until she gets home," he says giving me a smile.  We bring his stuff into his room and he takes me into his arms, as he gives me a kiss on the lips.  We quickly undress and climb into his bed, and we kiss as he pulls me on top of him.

"Are you sure about this," I ask as I look into his eyes and they glow with the sun's light.

"Yes very sure, just go slow and be gentle," he says as he kisses me again.  I ask him if he has any lube and he goes and soon he returns with some baby oil.  He lies back down on the bed as I get between his legs.  I pour some oil on my fingers and I work it into his rosebud, and he moans as I caress his tender treasure.  I slowly insert a finger as his ass lifts up to give me entry, and I put in another one then work them around.

"I'm close to coming Adam," he says so I pull out my fingers and I put oil on my cock.

"The first time is going to hurt so when I push you give a push out, that way it won't hurt as much," I tell him.  I gently start to push against his rosebud, and when he pushes back the head pops in.

"Ahhhhhhh fuck stop please," he cries out in pain and I stop to let him relax and adjust to the feeling.  "I didn't think it would hurt that much," he says.  He lies there a minute and I feel him start to relax, and I slowly start to push in more.  I slowly start to fuck giving more with each push, until I am all the way in.  I wait for a moment to let him get use to the feeling of the fullness and I give him a tender kiss.

"Fuck me now lover, but long and slow," he says as he holds my face in his hands.  I slowly pull out to almost completely and then gently I push it back in, he rises up to meet my thrust and we soon find our rhythm.  He is moaning and sighing as our bodies are joined in our lovemaking.

 "Fuck me faster and deeper lover I'm coming," he cries out, as he shoots his seed on his chest.  His climax has brought me to mine and I to cry out.

"I'm coming babe," and I shoot my love into his ass.  Shot after shot I fill his sweet ass, as I feel every shot that he shoots.  We both come together until we are spent, and we kiss as we chill in our loves afterglow.  We are wrapped in each other's arms as we kiss in our new love, as his door swings open with a bang.

"What the fuck is this going on in my house," his father says as he pulls me from the bed.  "You fucking faggot, raping my son," he yells at me as he hits me with his fist.  I fall against the wall and unto the floor, as Max yells out to his dad.

"Dad stop he didn't rape," he says standing between his dad and me.  "I gave myself to him freely," he says and his father hits him so hard that he falls against the bureau.

"You fucking faggots have five minutes to get the fuck out of my house," he yells.  "And you are no longer my son."

"Dad please, listen to me," Max pleads but his dad walks from the room.  "I just knew this would happen when he found out," he says crying.  "Now where do I go," he asks looking lost and crushed. 

"You can stay at my place," I tell him as we grab his things and leave.  We get down to the living room and his dad is standing at the door.

"Don't ever try coming back here, because from this day on you are dead to me," he says as he opens the door and we leave.  I drive over to my house and he is crying all the way and I pull into my driveway to calm him down.

"Once your mom gets home she will calm him down," I tell him.  "She loves you and she won't let him just banish you."

"She is afraid of him you don't realize how much, he hits her if she disagrees with him," he tells me.  "I can't ruin your family's Christmas with my problems," he says still crying.

"Look at me Max, we are a couple.  What bothers you also bothers me," I tell him.  "My folks will welcome you just because I love you, so come on and lets get out of this cold."  We go inside and the first thing my mom sees, is the bruise on my eye.  I explain about everything that has happened, and I even told her about Kyle and me.

"Max you are more than welcomed in our home son," my mom says giving him a motherly hug and kiss.  "Now you two go upstairs and rest a before your dad gets home, we have family coming over for Christmas Eve dinner."  I take him upstairs to my room, and we lie on the bed to rest.  He lies with his head on my chest, as I hold him close to me.  He is soon fast asleep and he snuggles in closer, as I softly kiss the top of his head.  I think about how lucky I am to have the parents that I do, and I too soon fall asleep.

"Adam son," my dad whispers as he gently shakes me awake.  "Max's mom is downstairs to see him," he says as Max suddenly wakes up.

"My mom," he says sitting up now as he rubs his eyes.

"Go wash your faces to wake up first and then come down.  We walk into my bathroom and I turn on the light, and we see our bruised faces in the mirror.

"Oh God Adam, look at us, we look like shit," Max says as the tears dribble down his face.

"Listen babe, wash your face and lets go down to see your mom.  There is nothing we can do about this now," I tell him as we wash then head down to see his mom.  He turns the corner and as soon as she sees her son, she holds out her arms to him.  He rushes into her arms and she embraces her boy, as he cries upon her shoulder.  We leave them alone so they can be free to talk, as I wait in the kitchen with my parents.

"Son your dad told me all about it when I came through the door," she says as Max notices the cut and bruise on her face.

"Mom he hit you again, when are you going to leave him," he asks.

"Yes he hit me good this time, especially when I took your side.  So I did what I should have done years ago, I had him arrested," she says looking at him.  "I came over to tell you that you can come home, but only if you want to."

"Mom I do want to, but first I need to tell you that I am in love with Adam," he tells her as he calls me into the room.  "I fell in love with him a long time ago, but because of dad I always treated him badly and any others that I thought were gay.  But if my loving him means I can't come home, then this is where I want to stay."

"Adam will always be welcomed in my home, if he is who you love son, then I love him too," she says as she gives me a hug and kiss.  "Now how about you two bringing your things over and getting you back into your home."  My folks come back in and they give hugs all around.

"Will you both join our family tomorrow for Christmas dinner and spend the day with us," my mom asks and Max's mom accepts.   I drive Max over to his mom's house, and we get him settle back in.  The next day is a fabulous Christmas, as we all sit around singing, exchanging gifts and just getting to know one another. We had a bittersweet holiday considering the problems Max had with his dad.  He got out of jail and of course decided to come to his house to make trouble.  This time he came with a gun looking for not only his wife and son, but also for me.  The police were called and unfortunately his dad was killed in the gun battle with the police.  Max found it hard to get over the thought that his dad had wanted to kill him because he was gay.  He spoke to a counselor for a couple of weeks before we returned for the next semester.

"Are you sure that you are ok Max," I ask him as we drive back to school.  "If you need to take this semester off I will understand."

"No I am actually doing a lot better.  The counselor made me realize that I could no more control my dad's actions than I could control my being gay.  Do you think you will have room for me to move in with you," he asks me.

"How about we ask your roommate if he wants to have my room."

"Do you think Colin will do that, you know how he feels about you," he says.

"If he doesn't want to change rooms then you can move in with me," I tell him.  "So tell me lover, we haven't had a chance to make love or talk much about it since that day, but are you a top or bottom," I ask glancing over at him.

"Well it did hurt like a motherfucker at first, but once the initial pain wore off, I loved the feeling of your cock inside me and the fullness of it.  And when you came, my God, it felt like it was shooting into my stomach.  It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt.  Yeah you made me a bottom.  Hey look rest area one mile, want to stop," he asks.

"Nope not at all," and I step on it as we go sailing past.  We get back to school and the first person I see is Colin.

"Hey guys," he says as we pull up into a parking place.  "Adam can I come up later and talk to you," he asks giving me one of his smiles.

"I should tell you Colin that over the break, Max and I became lovers," I tell him and his face goes white with shock as he holds back his tears.

"Well I have to go, see you two later," he says quickly and rushes off into the dorm.

"I don't think he expected that," Max says feeling sorry for him.  "He has been my roomy for half the year and all I heard was you this and you that, I'm surprised that we are together because I was getting tired of hearing about you," he says laughing.

"I know, he had it bad for me but I told him from the get go exactly how I felt and where he stood with me."

"But that still doesn't stop someone from loving you.  Why don't you go up and talk to him and I will meet you in your room," he says giving me a quick kiss.  I go upstairs and softly knock on the door.

"Its your room to," I hear figuring that he thinks that its Max.

"Colin can we talk," I say as I come into the room, and he turns his face from me.

"Just tell me one thing Adam.  What is wrong with me that makes you not want me," he asks.

"Colin turn around and look at me please," I ask but he shakes his head no.  "Please Colin, lets be adults about this."

"No you are just dumping me and I don't have to look at you to get dumped."

"Listen Colin, to get dumped one has to have been part of a couple.  We were never a couple," I tell him.  "What we had was sex when we needed to get off, period.  There was never any love or feelings of falling in love involved.  I was always up front about where you and I stood with each other.  You were a great fuck and I really enjoyed fucking you, and you enjoyed getting fucked.  But that was all it was just sex."

"For you, but not for me, when you fucked me I was making love to you.  I gave my heart and soul to you those times that we did it.  I was so in love with you Adam that I could never think of anything or anyone but you."

"Why Colin, why didn't you move on to someone that would love you like you needed and deserved to be loved," I tell him.  "You have so much love to offer the right man, but unfortunately I am not that man.  It is nothing that you did or are, the chemistry is just not there between us."

"Fine now you said your peace please leave now," he says. 

"I don't want us to part like this, I still like you as a friend and want to still hang out the three of us."

"I can't do that Adam, it would hurt to much seeing you two together and knowing I can't ever have you.  So would you please leave and don't come back when I am here."

"Colin that's not fair, Max has a right to see me and this is still his room.  Would it be easier if you and I switched rooms," I ask.

"Yes it would and the sooner the better, so once you get your fucking ass out of here I will get my things together and we can do the swap."

"Fine then if you want to end it like this then have it your way.  I will be ready to swap in a half hour," I tell him and walk out of the room.  I go up to my room and slam the door as soon as I come in.

"What happened Adam, was he unreasonable," Max asks.

"Unreasonable, he was a fucking drama queen, but he does want to switch rooms, so I have thirty minutes to pack up.  It took me twenty and the air between the three of us as we passed in the halls could freeze water.  We finally got moved and I drove down to the hardware store and got a new lock for the door.

"Is that necessary," Max asks as I am installing the new lock.

"As far as I am concerned it is, I don't trust him as far as I can throw him," I tell him as I close the door and hand him his new key.

"I feel responsible for this mess," Max says sitting beside me on the bed.  "I knew how much he loved you and now you and I are lovers."

"Listen to me Max. I told him the first time we fucked, I was doing it to get back at Kyle, and he said that he could live with that.  We never had sex until the day before we left for break and we were not even a couple yet.  I told him then that I hadn't had sex with anyone since that night I fucked him last September.  I made it clear I needed to get my nuts off and he said again he was cool with it.  If he made more out of it than what was there, well that is not my fault and most certainly not yours."

"I know Adam, but there is just something about him that worries me."

"That is why I decided to change the locks.  He reminds me of that Michael Douglas movie from back in the nineties," I say not remembering the title.

"Fatal Attraction," he says.

"Yeah that's the one, and that movie scared the shit out of me. Now lets go get something to eat."

"Would you mind bringing something back, I want to get this place cleaned before bed," Max says.

"Sure babe, I'll be back in a few," I tell him as I give him a warm passionate kiss.  "Just something to hold you over until later," I tell him.

"Not to much later, that got me worked up."  I head over to the pizza shop and get a couple of grinders.  I run into Kyle and some other guy while I am there.

"Hey guys," I say trying to be friendly.  "How was your holiday, where's Jeff," I ask looking at this new guy.

"We are no longer together, this is Corey," he says as I shake his hand.  I let it ride not wanting to get into some lengthy conversation with Kyle, as they call out my order number.

"Well see you around, nice meeting you," I tell him and pick up my order, wondering what could have happened to break those two up.

I get back to my dorm and a chill runs through me, as I walk up the stairs to my floor.  I open the door and there lying on the floor, is Max and he is covered in blood.  I drop our food as I rush over to attend to him, and I take out my cell phone from my coat.  Just as I start to dial 911 I hear a click, I turn around and there is Colin holding a gun.

"Colin what have you done to Max," I ask looking at him.

"Nothing yet, just a whack over the head, it looks worst than it is.  Now lover lets go for a walk," he says as he points the gun at my ribs.

"Colin please lets talk this over," I plead with him and he points the gun towards Max.

"Do I shoot him or do you come with me," he asks, and I quietly walk out of the room.

"Where are we going Colin," I ask as we walk towards the stairs.

"Up to the roof," is all he says.  We climb the stairs and we hear some voices, and he warns me to be quiet or they will be shot. 

"Hey guys," Mathew Brown says on his way down the stairs.  "Did you have a nice holiday," he asks.

"Yeah great, thanks," is all I say, as Colin nudges me on up the stairs.  We get to the door that leads out to the roof, and thank God that it is locked.  He pulls out some keys and tells me to find the right one; I try several until I finally get the right one.  He pushes me out onto the rooftop, and he motions me over to the edge.

"Colin please guy, what is wrong with you," I ask him.

"If I can't have you Adam, no one is going to have you," he says looking me in the eyes.  "We are going to jump together."

"Your fucking crazy if you think I am jumping from the top of this building," I tell him.  "Let's be reasonable here, can't we talk about this?"

"You made it clear, you don't want me, so if I can't have you in life, I will have you in death," he says as he forces me up onto the short wall.

"Now do I shoot you or do you jump willingly," he asks.

"Colin stop!" Max yells out as he comes out unto the roof, and Colin turns causing us to loose our footing as we fall.

I grab unto Colin as I fall backwards unto the roof, and his gun goes flying across the roof.  Max picks up the gun just as the security team comes up and they are asking what is going on.

"This man is having a mental breakdown," he says pointing at Colin.  "He attacked me with this gun and tried to force this man to jump off the building with him."  They call the police and take Colin away as they apply first aid to Max's wound.  By now half the building is watching us as the police take our statements, and Colin is sitting in the police car just staring out into space. 

"Are you all right," Kyle asks as he comes over to me as I wait for Max.  "I heard someone tried to kill you."

"I'm fine now," I tell him.  "Thanks for asking though."

"Adam we may not be together anymore but I do still care about you," he says.  "I know you may not believe me or feel that I do, but I really do want you to be happy."

"Kyle what happened between you and Jeff," I ask.

"I thought I would surprise him and visit him in Ohio, but I was the one surprised.  He has a lover there that he lives with, and I guess he wanted him there and me here.  So I met Corey when I got back and he moved into my room."

"Just be careful Kyle, you are going through men like crazy."

"Well that's my business and not yours anymore," he says.  "You were the one who walked out on me, if I remember right."

"Yeah after I found you letting Jeff fuck you, and you didn't even care to stop when I walked in.  Well that is all behind us now, so I wish you love and happiness with this one."

"Thanks and I am glad you are ok, really."  He goes off once he sees Max coming over to me, and Max just looks at him.

"Sorry if I interrupted something," he says.

"No babe, he just heard about what happened and wanted to see if I was all right.  We talked a bit about him and Jeff, and how he caught him cheating on him."

"Well what goes around comes around," he says then realizes he shouldn't have. "Sorry Adam I should have known better, forgive me lover," he asks.

"Of course if you take me to bed," I say looking into his beautiful eyes.  "Did I tell you today how much I love you," I ask him as we walk up to our room.

"Yeah but tell me again, please."

"When we get into the room I will not only tell you babe, I am going to show you how much I love," I tell him as we stop on the stairs to kiss.

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