The Quarterback and the Nerd


Randy Howard II

`The College Years'


Chapter Four...


Author's note: This story is based on an e-mail I received several years ago, no author was named and with research I found this information: It was an inspirational tale written by John W. Schlatter, published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul", a bestseller in 1993. I was so moved by this tale I wrote this story to reflect my own feeling, I just hope you all enjoy how I felt.

However... No one situation is unique to anyone.  As I have inflected and expanded upon parts of my own life and imagination upon this story, I hope that in the future, that there are no misunderstandings.  Every story has been told a thousand times.  This is my work in part if not whole, and I hope that readers will appreciate it for what it is. Randy

From Chapter Three...

"This man is having a mental breakdown," he says pointing at Colin.  "He attacked me with this gun and tried to force this man to jump off the building with him."  They call the police and take Colin away as they apply first aid to Max's wound.  By now half the building is watching us as the police take our statements, and Colin is sitting in the police car just staring out into space. 

"Are you all right," Kyle asks as he comes over to me as I wait for Max.  "I heard someone tried to kill you."

"I'm fine now," I tell him.  "Thanks for asking though."

"Adam we may not be together anymore but I do still care about you," he says.  "I know you may not believe me or feel that I do, but I really do want you to be happy."

"Kyle what happened between you and Jeff," I ask.

"I thought I would surprise him and visit him in Ohio, but I was the one surprised.  He has a lover there that he lives with, and I guess he wanted him there and me here.  So I met Corey when I got back and he moved into my room."

"Just be careful Kyle, you are going through men like crazy."

"Well that's my business and not yours anymore," he says.  "You were the one who walked out on me, if I remember right."

"Yeah after I found you letting Jeff fuck you, and you didn't even care to stop when I walked in.  Well that is all behind us now, so I wish you love and happiness with this one."

"Thanks and I am glad you are ok, really."  He goes off once he sees Max coming over to me, and Max just looks at him.

"Sorry if I interrupted something," he says.

"No babe, he just heard about what happened and wanted to see if I was all right.  We talked a bit about him and Jeff, and how he caught him cheating on him."

"Well what goes around comes around," he says then realizes he shouldn't have. "Sorry Adam I should have known better, forgive me lover," he asks.

"Of course if you take me to bed," I say looking into his beautiful eyes.  "Did I tell you today how much I love you," I ask him as we walk up to our room.

"Yeah but tell me again, please."

"When we get into the room I will not only tell you babe, I am going to show you how much I love," I tell him as we stop on the stairs to kiss.

Chapter 4 ...

We got into my room and we made passionate love, and we reflected on things as we lay side by side in bed.

"Adam I still can't help feeling responsible in part for what motivated Colin to snap against you."

"Max I already told you that you were in no way responsible.  He was obsessed with me, and no matter what I or anyone else said he could not and would not get me out of his mind.  He is a nice guy but he will need a lot of medical and psychiatric treatment before he is better.  Now how about you giving me some serious attention and kiss me my lover."  We kissed until we drifted off to sleep, clinging to one another.  I awoke in the night screaming out Max's name unable to find him.

"Adam...Adam wake up, you're having a nightmare," Max says softly shaking me awake.  I grab him tight to me while I still shake from my nightmare.

"It was horrible Max, I couldn't find you and I thought that someone had taken you from me," I tell him as he pulls me close.

"I'm right here lover now go back to sleep," he says kissing the top of my head.  I drift off to sleep in the security of his arms, and awake the same way the next morning.

"Good Morning Max, thanks for comforting and holding me last night," I tell him looking up into his eyes.

"No problem lover," as he gives me a kiss, "that's my job to protect my man," he says.

We get up and shower separately for we must still be careful of those who are around, and head off to the cafeteria for breakfast.  We walk into the room and Kyle and Corey are sitting having breakfast when they see us enter the room.  Kyle gives me a mean look, as he did that day in the nurses office, as he crosses the room to approach us.

"You fucking bastard," he yells as he hits me in the face, knocking me down on my ass.  "How could you become lovers with him after what he did to me and us," he yells and now the entire room is watching us.

"Kyle back off my man before I give you worst," Max tells him standing between the two of us.

"Go fuck yourself you rapist bigot.  How dare you even talk to me, and pretend to apologize for what you did to me." He gives a swing at Max but Max steps aside, and Kyle looses his balance and falls.  Corey just sits at his table watching the drama unfold, as he continues to eat his breakfast.  Max offers me his hand to get up and we leave the room, and Kyle comes running out the door.

"And when were you going to tell me about you and Max," he asks standing clear of the two of us.

"I wasn't because I felt it was none of your business.  If you can't except a sincere apology from someone, then you are less of a man than he was."

"Oh pleaaase, like he even cared about what he did to me or us back then.  What turned you to the gay side Mr. Macho Anti Gay man," he asks now looking at Max.

"Kyle I was sincere when I asked you to forgive me and I was having a hard time dealing with being gay myself and keeping it hidden.  My being gay cost me my father's life," he says as his tears form in his eyes.

"What the fuck you mean cost you your father's life," he asks looking bewildered at him.

"My dad came home and caught Adam and I in bed together, and he attacked us both then through me out for good.  When he told my mom, she took my side and he beat her badly.  She had him arrested for assault and when he got out he came looking for us with a gun.  In the gun battle with the police he was ..." and he couldn't finish as he lost control and started to cry.  I took him in my arms as I looked at Kyle, and Kyle stood there frozen in time.

"God Max I hadn't heard about that while I was home.  I am sorry Max that he died," he says turning to leave.

"Kyle please wait," Max says going over to him.  "I really was sincere about being sorry for what I did to you.  My dad really fucked up my head growing up about things concerning men, and I would like it if we could at some point be friends," Max says offering his hand to Kyle.

Kyle stands staring for a long moment at his hand before he takes it in his.

"Only if you can forgive me for the way I have treated you two just now," he says as the two shake.  "Can we go back to being friends Adam, I miss how we could talk," he says now offering me his hand.

"You know it buddy, Max and I would love to have you and Corey for friends," I tell him.  "And Kyle, I really didn't mean it that day I said that I wish I hadn't ..." and he cuts me off.

"I know you didn't Adam, and I know how bad I hurt you.  I also have to live with the fact that I will no longer have you as my lover, and that my friend is a greater punishment than anyone could have inflicted on me."

"I wish things had worked out differently for us, but I do have a fantastic man now that I love," I say grabbing Max's hand.  "Now lets go get your man," I tell him.

"Well lets see about him, do you even see him with me here, or for that matter, did you see him come to defend me like Max did you," he asks looking around.  "But I would like for the three of us to be friends again."

We all go back inside and Corey is still eating his food, but now he is sitting with some other guys.  He gives us a brief look before turning his head away, and I can tell Kyle is hurt by his actions.

"Kyle why don't you join us for breakfast," Max asks catching him off guard.

"Really, you don't mind?"

"Lets get one thing out and over, from this point on we no longer have a past the three of us, we only have today forward," Max says smiling at us and we all agree.

The school year progressed and soon it was approaching spring break.  We had talked about going home or some place warm but had not decided yet.

"My parents have a condo in Florida that we can use," Kyle says one morning at breakfast.  "All we need to do is get down there."

"I can get airfare can you Max," I ask looking at him but he is off in his own little world.  "Earth to Max come in," I say as he comes back to the conversation.

"What did you say something," he asks now looking very pale.

"You all right dude," Kyle asks as we both look at him with concern.

"Yeah I am..." and he falls off the chair to the floor.  We all panicked as Kyle runs to call for an ambulance.  The ambulance comes and they examine him as he lays unconscious on the floor.

"Is he going to be all right," I ask one of the paramedics.

"I can't tell until we get him to the hospital."

They put him on the stretcher and fasten him securely for transport, and then wheel him out of the cafeteria.

"I got to call his mom," I tell Kyle as I take out my cell phone but realize I don't know where she works.  I decide to call my mom and see if she can help as Kyle drives me to the hospital.

"Mom I need your help, Max passed out and they took him to the hospital by ambulance," I tell her in a panic.

"Son calm down and tell me slowly just what happened."  I tell her what happened and that she needs to get a hold of his mom.  She told me that she works at our local hospital as a nurse and that she will get in touch with her.

We get to the hospital and sit and wait for news about Max.  The wait is worst than not knowing what is wrong.  The doctor comes in and asks if there is someone here for Max and I tell him that he is my life partner.

"Well he is still in a coma from an aneurism and we had to operate to relieve the pressure and stop the bleeding in the brain.  Now it is up to him as to how severe the damage is. The next few hours are the most critical son, but his vital signs are strong at the moment." He answers a few of our questions before leaving, and we cannot see him today.

"Kyle he's going to make isn't he," I ask hoping for some hope.  "I can't loose him now that he and I found one another."

"I hope he does Adam, but only God knows that for sure.  All we can do is pray and wait.  We sit and wait for almost three more hours, until his mother finally comes in.  I tell her everything the doctor has told me, and she goes white with the news and cries.

"Oh please God not my boy, he is all I have left in this world," she says as she cries.  I wrap my arms around her to comfort her, and she cries on my shoulder for almost twenty minutes when the doctor comes back in.  His face is hung down as he slowly walks towards us, and a chill runs down my spine.

"How is my son," Max's mom asks the doctor and he shakes his head in despair.

"I'm afraid that he has suffered a severe stroke, and he is in the ICU at the moment.  I have to be honest with you it does not look good for him at the present time, but maybe his age and general health is in his favor.  If you would like to visit for a moment I will take you to him, but only one at a time please."

I let his mom go because it is the right thing to do, and I sit and cry waiting my turn.  When she comes out her face is streaked with tears as she walks up to me.

"He looks so helpless Adam.  Talk to him and see if you can reach him where ever he is son," she says sitting beside Kyle.  The doctor takes me to his room and I want to cry for the way he looks.  Tubes and wires run from machines and bottles into Max's body.  I stand beside his bed and look down at my man, a tube in his mouth does his breathing as another machine registers his heart rate.

"Max my lover, its me Adam," I whisper in his ear.  "I don't know where you are love but I need you to come back to me and your mom.  Don't you dare die on me babe, you come back from where ever you are."

"Ok son, you need to go, I have to attend to him now," the doctor says and I kiss Max on the forehead.

I take his mom to the hotel she is staying at and stay with her for a while, until she is tired and wants to sleep.

"Adam thank you for making my son so happy the last few months.  He has never been so happy and excited about life until you two became boyfriends.  His father really did a job on his head growing up and I thank you for helping him to overcome the barriers he faced."

"It was hard for him and us at the beginning, but he did overcome them and we were truly happy," I tell her as I to start to cry.

"Don't cry son, be strong for him.  He is from a strong stock, he will make it..." she says hoping against hope.

The days turned to weeks and then to months, and he still remained in a coma.  He was moved to a convalescent home, for he know longer needed to stay in the hospital.  The last week of classes approached, and I knew that I was behind in my class work.  I had too much to catch up on so I took a suspended semester off.  His mother had him moved to a place near her home, so I left school to go home for the summer.

"Adam are you dropping out of school," Kyle asked me as I packed up my truck.

"No just taking a semester off.  I hope to be back in the fall or maybe the following semester."

"Adam, Max would not want you to just stop living because of him.  You have your future to think about, and what will you do if he ... well you need to think this through."

"I have Kyle and this is what I am doing now please stop nagging me about it."

I get in my truck and drive off towards home, and I know I hurt Kyle with my remarks.  I turn around and go back to his room to apologize.

"Kyle I am sorry for saying that to you buddy.  You were only looking out for my welfare."

"I just don't want to see you give up everything you have dreamed about for something that you have no control over."

"I know and thanks bud, but at least for the summer I need to be near him and hopefully things will change." 

I turn to leave and he takes my arm, and he turns me to face him as he gives me a kiss.  His kiss brings back all the old feelings I had for him, but I can see Max's face in my mind.

"Kyle please don't bud, I am not interested in you or anyone else at this time.  I am still in love with my Max and until things change one way or another, I am not going to move on to anyone else."

"Just keep me in mind Adam if you do please," he says giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

The drive home is unbearable as the miles crawl by, and my thoughts keep moving to Max.  I get home late that night and go right to my room, and I collapse into sleep on my bed.  The next morning my mom awakens me for a telephone call from Max's mom.

"Adam can you meet me today at the home," she asks.

"Sure is something wrong with Max," I ask but she won't say anything more as she hangs up.  I drive up later to the home and she is sitting with his doctor, and they are talking about Max.

"Adam this is Dr. Stone, he is Max's doctor.  We have been discussing about taking Max off life support," she says as her eyes well up with tears.  "I wanted you here when we shut off the machine son, so that you can say your goodbyes."

"No you can't he'll get better just give him some more time," I yell as the tears roll down my face.

"Young man, he is not going to change, his condition has remained the same for the last few months," the doctor says.

"Adam honey I have already signed the papers to remove him from life support.  So before they do would you like to speak with him in private first," she asks now crying.

"Yes please if I could."

"Take all the time you want son, we will be in the waiting room," she says as they leave closing the door behind them.  I take his one free hand in mine and kiss it as my tears fall softly down my face.

"Max they tell me I have to say goodbye to you forever.  I don't know if I can tell you goodbye my love.  I need you so much in my life but you are so far from me, so far that you can't find your way back.  I love you so much and will for as long as my heart beats, and I will never forget how you would look when you didn't understand something new about our gay lifestyle.  I am glad that I was able to bring you some happiness for the short time we had together lover, and go knowing that you made my life so happy and full.  I still... need you ... to come back babe, please lover don't leave me here alone like this." I cried until his mother came back in.

"It's time son, do you want to stay while the doctor does what he needs to do," she asks.

"No.  How can I watch him kill the man I love, and stand here and be a witness to it," and I run out of the room.

I go home and pack my things and go down to my truck, as my mother comes out to ask what I am doing.

"Son what is going on here with you, I don't understand why you are leaving."

"Mom, tell dad I love him and I love you also, but I need to get away for a while.  I will keep in touch once I decide where I am going."

"Have you got enough money son," she asks.

"I have plenty, I have my debit card with me for when I need cash, and I will be living in my truck or tent."

I give her a kiss and she is in tears as I drive off, and I haven't a clue where to go.  I head west until it gets dark and I look for a rest stop to stay for the night.  I find one and pull in and I am soon asleep when a knock comes on my window.

"Can I see your license and registration please," the state trooper says to me as I roll down my window.  I fish it out of my glove box and wallet and hand it to him.  "Can I ask you what you are doing here this late at night son," he says handing me back my things.

"I was tired and decided to pull in for a nap," I tell him rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out of them.

"Well this is not a safe place to be alone kid. I would ask you to please move along.  There's a cheap motel the next exit that can accommodate you," he says returning to his cruiser. 

I turn on my truck and back out, and he waits for me to leave.  I decide to drive for a while because now I am wide awake.  I see a sign stating food at the next exit so I take it and pull in to a roadside diner.  The place is deserted and I take a booth.

"What'll you have," a gum chewing waitress asks me.

"A black coffee please."

"Oh my please, a real gentleman aren't we," she says as she walks away.  She quickly returns with my coffee and I order pancakes with grits.  In ten minutes she returns with that also.  I am eating my breakfast and wondering about Max's funeral, when I notice a lone guy wonder in.  He is carrying a backpack and sits down at the counter, and he pulls out a handful of change.

"How much for a coffee," he asks the lone waitress.

"A dollar five including tax," she says rolling her eyes.  He puts the change back in his pocket and gets up and grabs his pack to leave.

"Hey buddy," I call out to him, "Want to join me for breakfast," I ask him as he looks over at me.  He walks over to my booth and just stands looking at me for a moment.

"Thanks anyways bud, but I'm broke," he says.

"I didn't ask you if you had money did I, I asked you if you wanted to have breakfast with me."  He looks at me very suspicious until he must have figured I was safe to sit with.

"Thanks bud, I could use a coffee if you wouldn't mind."

The waitress looks over at me and I motion to her the same that I am having, and she rights up the order.  She comes over with the coffee and puts it down in front of him.  A few minutes later she brings him pancakes and grits and he looks at me with a surprised look.

"Just eat and don't say anything," I tell him.  "The name is Adam by the way," as I extend my hand to him.

"Justin, and thanks for the food man." He jumps right in to those pancakes and in no time they are gone and the waitress returns to fill our coffees.

"Where you heading Justin," I ask.

"California my home," he says.  "I have been gone for almost a year now and well I need to get back.  How about you, where you off to," he asks taking a drink of his coffee.

"Nowhere special.  I just lost someone I loved, and well, I need to get my head together so I am off on the road."

"You heading west or what?"

"West so far, you thumbing rides?"

"Basically yeah, but lately I haven't had much luck." 

"Want to share a ride with me, I could use someone to talk with."

"Yeah man, that would be a great help."

We finish our coffees and I pay the bill, and I give the waitress a nice tip.

"Hey kid, that was nice of you to do that for him," she says with a smile.

"One kindness goes a long way," I tell her.

We get in my truck and head up to the turnpike, and we start to share our lives.

"You mentioned you just lost someone you loved," he asked.

"Yeah my other half man," I say.

"You look to young to be married dude."

"Sorry but my mate was a guy, I'm gay.  Do you still want to ride with me or would you rather get out at the next exit," I ask him.

"That's cool man, I'm gay also.  That is why I have been gone for almost a year.  My dad through me out when I told him I was gay, but my mom didn't want me to leave.  We have since reconciled our differences and he has asked me to come back home, because my mom is dying of cancer."

"Oh shit man, I am sorry to hear that.  Is she definitely dying and beyond all hope," I ask.

"Yeah dad said the doctors give her about three months to live," he says now starting to cry.  He cried for most of the way until we stopped for the night.  I got us a room at the Motel Six.

"Justin I want to tell you something, I am not interested in sex," I tell him as we pull up in front of our room.

"That's fine Adam, I wouldn't have made a move on you unless you gave me a sign you were interested.  I was willing to blow you for giving me a ride though," he says looking me in the eyes.

"Thanks bud, but your company is more than payment."

We went to bed in separate beds and slept great all night.  The next morning he came out of the bathroom and the sight of his cock made me hard.  I held to my decision not to have sex with him, and I waited for him to get dressed.

"I give you credit Adam, most guys see my cock don't last to long before they bed me," he says as I come out of the bathroom dressed.

"The thought did cross my mind briefly and it did take a great deal of will power to say no to my fleshly desires."

"Well how about I blow you for giving me a ride," he asks again as he rubs my crotch.

"God don't tempt me Justin, it's been so long since I have had sex and it wouldn't take much to convince me," I tell him hoping he backs down.

"I don't have money to help with the gas, so sex is the only thing I can offer," he says as he undoes my pants.  I hold on to the top of them as he drops to his knees, and he looks up at me with those eyes.

"I don't feel right doing this Justin, I still love my man," I tell him as he pulls my pants down below my knees.  He pulls my underwear down to the pants, and engulfs my cock into his mouth.

"Ahhhhh fuck man that feels so good," I say as he slowly starts to suck my cock.  He goes up and down on it as he plays with my balls and he quickly brings me to the edge.

"Fuck man I'm going to shoot," I call out as he sucks faster and harder and I shoot my cum into his throat.  Rope after rope of my seed I shoot, until he has gotten all I have to give.  "Fuck I needed that," I tell him as I pull up my pants.  "I don't think I am ready to do the same though," I tell him.

"That was for the ride dude, don't worry about it," he says wiping his mouth.  "You have a nice cock to suck Adam," he says.  "I wouldn't mind getting fucked with that if ever you have the inkling." 

"We'll see bud let's get going," I say hoping to put this sex act behind me.

Our drive that day was pleasant, and we got closer to his home town.

"How come a good looking guy like you doesn't have a boyfriend," I ask him.

"I had one but I came home one day early from work and there he was shagging some dude, and in our bed," he says.  "I tossed the two of them out and it wasn't long after that my dad called to tell me about mom."

"Shit man you really had some tough luck lately," I tell him.

"Well I guess when you give your heart to one man it hurts when he doesn't accept it in the same spirit as it was given," he says with tears in his eyes.  I felt so sorry for him having been through a cheating relationship and now going to loose his mom.

"I can relate to the cheating boyfriend," I tell him.  "My first love decided he wanted to try other men instead of being my man alone."

"He the one that you meant that you lost," he asks. I tell him about Max and how he and I came to be lovers, and he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"God man that sucks, loosing your man that quickly," he says.  "Are you tired and want me to drive awhile," he asks.

"No I thought that we should be stopping soon for the night," I tell him looking at the clock.  Other than stopping for lunch and gas we have been driving all day, and we still had a little less than three hundred miles to go.  I find a nicer motel and pull in to register, and ask about a restaurant that might be near by.

"Only thing still open at this hour is I-Hop over on the main drag," the desk clerk says.  "Here's your key and that is room 143. It's the last room down on the end."

We head over to the I-Hop to get a bite to eat, and find that it closed just before we got there.  We drive back to our motel and find a convenience store along the way, and we pick up some things to eat before going to our room.

"Shit what luck we had tonight," I say as I unlock the door to our room and we look at the one bed that it has. 

"Well I guess we sleep together tonight," he says to me with a smile on his face, and my mind races back to this morning.

"Well don't get any ideas from this morning ok buddy," I say hoping to dash any he may have.   

"Don't worry dude you're safe with me. But I have tasted that cum of yours all day and it has me so fucking horny.  I do still owe you for today's gas and meals," he says to me with a smile.

"Call it a gift Justin," I tell him but he doesn't take no for an answer buy the look on his face.

I take my shower after his and he is in bed when I come out of the bathroom.  I notice he is not wearing a shirt so I surmise he must be naked underneath the blankets. I turn off the light and drop my towel as I climb into bed beside him.

"Goodnight Justin," I say over my shoulder to him.

"Come here Adam," he says turning me towards him and giving me a kiss. The kiss is long and passionate and it makes me forget my troubles as I embrace this young man holding me.

"Justin I ..." but he kisses me again to quiet my fears. He pulls me on top of him as we kiss passionately letting our tongues fight for dominance.

"Fuck me Adam I need it so badly guy," he whispers into my ear. I lift up and he hands me some lube that he had taken from his bag and I prepare us for our love making.

"Justin it's only going to be sex man," I tell him as I put my cock against his hole and he pulls me into him causing my cock to move deep inside him.

"Oh fuck Adam that feels so good," he says and we kiss as I lay still letting him adjust to my cock. "Fuck me babe hard and deep," he tells me.

I lift up on my arms and start to slowly fuck him and soon we are deep into the throws of passion as we find our rhythm. I pick up my pace and I am pounding his ass with all the pent up feelings I have suppressed over the past months.

"Fuck me deeper and faster babe I'm cumming," he shouts out as he soon shoots his seed all over his chest. Rope after rope he shoots as his ass tightens around my cock sending me over my edge also.

"Oh damn I'm cumming Justin," and I start to shoot my seed into his hot ass. I loose all control as my orgasm takes over and shoots my cum deep into his anxious ass. He thrusts to meet my every push and he soon drains me of my seed and I collapse on top of him.

"Fuck that was so hot Adam," he says and we kiss in the sweet afterglow of our love making.

"Yeah man that was sweet," I tell him and give him a kiss back.

"Adam I know that it's too soon for you to give me an answer but could you fall in love with a guy like me," he asks looking deep into my eyes.

"Yeah Justin ... I could fall for a guy like you," and I kiss him passionately.

I pull out my cock and he gets into the spooning position as I pull him into me with my arms holding him tight.

"Goodnight Justin," I say and I soon start to fall asleep.

"'night Adam and I love you babe," he whispers when he thinks I am asleep.

The next morning I am awaken by the ringing of my cell phone and I jump up to get it.

"Hello," I say as my mother's voice comes over the line.

"Adam son I have to tell you something dear and I hope you are sitting down," she says with a voice that is filled with pain. "I don't know how to tell you this but ..." and she pauses.

To be continued ...

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