The Quarterback and the Nerd


Randy Howard II

`The College Years'


Chapter Five...


Author's note: This story is based on an e-mail I received several years ago, no author was named and with research I found this information: It was an inspirational tale written by John W. Schlatter, published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul", a bestseller in 1993. I was so moved by this tale I wrote this story to reflect my own feeling, I just hope you all enjoy how I felt.

However... no one situation is unique to anyone.  As I have inflected and expanded upon parts of my own life and imagination upon this story, I hope that in the future, that there are no misunderstandings.  Every story has been told a thousand times.  This is my work in part if not whole, and I hope that readers will appreciate it for what it is. Randy

From Chapter Four ...

"Goodnight Justin," I say and I soon start to fall asleep.

"'night Adam and I love you babe," he whispers when he thinks I am asleep.

The next morning I am awaken by the ringing of my cell phone and I jump up to get it.

"Hello," I say as my mother's voice comes over the line.

"Adam son I have to tell you something dear and I hope you are sitting down," she says with a voice that is filled with pain. "I don't know how to tell you this but ..." and she pauses.

                Chapter Five ...

                "Just tell me mom ... is it dad, is something wrong with dad," I ask.

                "No son dad is fine ... its Max ... he's awake and asking for you son," she tells me.

                "Mom you have got to be kidding me right ... I really don't find this humorous."

"No son he is very much alive and wants you love.  They unplugged him from the machines and he didn't die like the doctor thought he would.  He woke up yesterday evening and wants you son."

"I am almost to California mom and it will take me a few days to get back there but tell him I am on my way," I tell her and hang up as Justin comes out of the bathroom.

"Good morning love," he says as he comes over and gives me a kiss but I pull back.  "What's the matter babe," he asks.

"Max is alive and awake and asking for me," I tell him. "I have to get back home to him," and his face falls with despair.

"That's great babe," he says turning away. "I can thumb the rest of the way home so you can get back," he says as his voice cracks.

"Listen Justin ... what we did last night was just sex guy. I told you that and that I was not ready to take another lover yet because I was still in love with Max. Besides I am taking you home and then I am going to fly home instead."

"What about your truck Adam," he asks.  "You can't just abandon it here."

"I am going to ask your dad if I can leave it at your house until I can fly back to get it."

"That will be fine Adam; I'll take good care of it until you get back."

"Thanks Justin ... so you ready to leave?"

"Yeah I'm ready guy," he says and starts to walk past me. I grab his arm and pull him to me and give him a hard long kiss.

"Justin I didn't want to hurt you guy but I love Max."

"I know and thanks for thinking of my feelings Adam," and he gives me a kiss.

We drive the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon until we reach Justin's house.

"Let me go in first and talk to my dad Adam before you come in."  He goes into the house and I call American Airlines and book a flight home for tomorrow morning. Justin comes out and tells me that his dad is not going to allow me to stay because as he put it one fag is enough in the house.

"Don't worry Justin I understand and will leave my truck in long term parking."

"I feel awful about this Adam and I will be over to see you later if you will let me guy."

"Yeah Justin that's fine guy I'll be at the motel we passed just down the road," I tell him and hug him goodbye.

"See ya Adam," he says waving me goodbye.

I check into the Motel Six and make a call to the home where Max is staying. I get connected to his room and he answers the phone on the second ring.

"Hello Adam," he says making me gasp.

"Max babe how did you know it was me?"

"I was wishing for you to call me lover or are you still my lover," he asks.

"You know it baby I will always be your lover man."

"When are you coming here," he asks with great anticipation in his voice.

"My plane leaves in the morning and I will be in your room within one hour of landing lover. I thought ... well I'm glad you are back with me love."

"I know Adam you thought I was dead. My mother told me all about what happened and how you ran out upset at seeing me die. I heard you call to me babe where I was. Your voice kept telling me to come back to you so I finally found my way back to you lover."

"I love you Max and are you alright ... you know is everything working?"

"I have to have therapy to walk better but yes everything is working fine and one area in particular needs your special attention."

"That's my Max still thinking with his other head," I tell him laughing at the cute way he asks for sex. "I can't wait to give you that special attention lover."

"Just get your ass here fast Adam I miss you so much."

"I will love, I will. Goodnight my love and sweet dreams until I get there. I love you Max with my entire heart babe."

"I love you also sweetheart, goodnight."

I hang up and go and get into the shower to relax from the past day. I hear a banging on the door and shut the shower off and dry off hastily and wrap the towel around me heading to the door.

"Who is it," I ask.

"It's me Justin Adam."

I open the door and see the bruise over his right eye. His lip is slightly swollen from getting hit also.

"Fuck man what happened to you Justin?" I say letting him in then closing the door.

"My dad beat the fuck out of me and ..." and he looses it and cries hard as I take him into my arms.

"What is it man ... tell me babe."

"My mother died last month and he never called to tell me she was sick but waited until she died. He had no intentions of burying the past between us and as soon as you left I asked him where mom was.  He told me she died not wanting to ever see her faggot son. He then started to beat the shit out of me babe. He hates me and wants me dead he told me."

"Well why don't you stay here tonight and we can figure out what to do, ok."

"Thanks Adam I had no where else or no one else to turn to," and he starts to cry again. He cries hard until he can no longer cry and I tend to his bruises.

"You go shower Justin and then we can talk about what to do."

"Thanks Adam," and he goes into the bathroom. He comes out a few minutes later naked and asks if I have a pair of boxers he can wear.

"Sure man I have plenty," and I take out a pair and toss them to him making my towel drop to the floor. Seeing him naked made me get an erection and he was quick to notice it.

"I see you are glad to see me or at least your cock is glad," he says as he kneels before me taking my cock into his mouth before I have a chance to say anything.

"Oh fuck Justin stop," I say but my cock has other thoughts of its own.

He sucks for awhile until he has me at the edge.

"Justin I'm close man and I'm going to cum."

"Fuck me Adam please. I need to feel you inside me once more before you leave."

"But my Max is alive and waiting for me to come to him Justin."

"I know Adam but I want you to fuck just one more time babe please."

"I guess so ... but this is the last time we have sex together Justin."

"Sure babe I promise, I just need to have you fuck me one more time."

He gets up and we move to the bed and he lies on his back with his legs spread apart. I climb between them and he puts my cock to his waiting asshole.

"Just push in babe, I can take it," he says as I start to push in and he reaches up and pulls me close. My cock plunges into his ass and he sighs as I bottom out. "Oh fuck babe fuck me like there is no tomorrow."

I lift up and start to fuck him hard and deep pulling almost all the way out and slamming in hard and deep. I soon find an almost animalistic rhythm and we are going deeper into our lust. I bend down and we kiss passionately as he lets loose his seed between our bodies.

"Oh yeah fuck me harder babe," he yells and continues to shoot his cum.

"Oh fuck yeah I'm cumming babe," and I shoot my seed deep into his hot anxious ass. "I can't stop shooting babe fuck my cock man." I shoot a load like I have never shot before as I continue to pound his ass with the passion of the sex we are experiencing.

"I love you Adam," he says to me and I stop almost instantly fucking him.

"Justin I told you man that I am in love with Max."

"No one can fuck like we just did without being in love Adam."

"It was just sex for me Justin nothing more," I tell him as I get up and head into the bathroom. "This is why I didn't want to do this with you because I knew how you felt. I heard you last night when you thought I was sleeping. I heard you whisper you loved me."

"I can't help how my heart feels Adam. I do love you and I needed to tell you it."

"Well you did and now you have to tell your heart also because I am in love with Max and can't love you. I like you man but I am not in love with you Justin. Please understand where I am coming from."

"Fine I can tell when I am not wanted. You don't have to worry about me Adam go home to your Max. I hope you both are happy together and find love."

I close the door to the bathroom and take my shower. When I am finished and dressed I enter the room and he is gone. A note is on the bed and I pick it up and read it.

`Adam I'm sorry for the way I acted about this and I have decided to leave. I'll be ok because I still have a few friends in town that will take me in.  I hope you and Max are happy together and I truly wish you both the best. Justin'

"God man why leave like this," I say to myself.

The next morning I get up and drive to the airport and find my gate to board at. I arrive at my home town airport around two in the afternoon and grab a taxi to the convalescing home where Max is at. I stand before his door and draw in a deep breath before I knock.

"Come in," I hear him say and I open the door to see his smiling face looking at me. "Adam," he shouts and holds out his arms as I run to him and we hug and I give him a kiss that tells him just how badly I have missed him.

"God I love you Max and have missed you so much."

"I never thought I would see you again babe," he says as the tears roll down both our faces.  "I want you to hold me babe and never let me go again," he says as we cling tight to one another. "I have good news babe I get to go home tomorrow the doctor says."

"Really, you are that good babe?"

"Yes I am fine and can walk with a cane for now but that won't be long before I won't even need that my therapist tells me. I spoke to my mother and we both want you to move in with me babe. That is if you and I are still a couple that is."

"Still a couple Max, you just try and get rid of me," I tell him. "Ah Max I do have something I must tell you before we go too much further here," I say looking at the floor.

"If you are going to tell me you slept with another man Adam its ok I understand babe. I was dead to you and you had no way of knowing I was still alive."

"I did Max with this guy named Justin. He and I had sex twice in the last week and I feel so guilty for doing it babe. I told him I was still in love with you but he well I ... well it just happened Max and there was absolutely no love involved in it."

"Adam I understand babe really I do but thank you for telling me and now lets not ever talk about again ok."

"Ok Max and thanks baby for being so forgiving. I love you Max with my entire heart babe."

"I love you too Adam," and we kissed like two young lovers for the first time when the door opens and his mom comes in.

"Adam you're back son," she says and we jump at the sound of her voice.  "When did you get in," she asks me.

"My plane landed a little over an hour ago and I took a taxi straight here."

"Isn't great to have our Max back with us again," she says kissing me on the cheek and then Max.  "Did he tell you his good news yet," she asks.

"About his going home tomorrow, yeah he did. I am so excited for him."

"Did he also tell you that we want you to move in with us also?  After all you two are life partners."

"Yes ma'am and I am thrilled to move in. I will of course pay my way also."

"Don't worry about that Adam we can talk all about it once we are settled."

"Mom how come you are here so early today," Max asks.

"Well son I had the rest of the day off to pack. I am going to a seminar in Los Angeles for the next four days and I wanted to see and tell you first before I went home.  I got that promotion to head staff nurse for the entire hospital and I have to take this seminar and I have no way out of it."

"I'll be fine mom; I have Adam to watch over me while you are gone."

"I know son and it will give you both some privacy to catch up on things that have occurred over the last few months. I know there is much you want to talk about before school starts again and this way you can have the house to yourself."

"Mom you're the greatest mom ever."

"Besides mine you are the best ever.  And talking about my mom I had better get going home also so I can tell them about our news. I love you Max and I'll see you tomorrow morning babe.  I love you too mom and have a good trip."

"I love you also Adam and give my best to your folks.  Wait a minute how are you getting home son?"

"I was going to call a taxi because my truck is still in California."

"Don't be silly Adam. I'll give you a ride home once I have a chance to talk with my lover boy here. I can see a difference in him already and I would guess that change is you Adam."

"He brightened up as soon as I entered the room," I tell her looking at the smile on my Max's face.

We all talked and his mom drove me to my house after our visit.

"Adam I wanted to talk to you alone because what I have to say is hard and I can't tell Max yet. I have cancer and it is to far gone to save me. It has reached my brain and I have maybe three to six months left son." The air was so quiet and thick in the car as I considered the words she had just told me. "I want to know that my Max is going to be alright once I leave this world Adam and from the way you two look at each other I can see the love you both have for each other."

"I don't know what to say ... are you still going out to LA tomorrow?"

"Yes but for another reason than what I said Adam. I am having an experimental procedure done and will be gone for four days. I have the number and doctor's name written here for you in case you need to get in touch with me. I just don't want Max to know yet until this procedure is done and I can talk to him myself."

"I won't say a word to him about any of this."

"I knew I could count on you Adam," and she kisses me on the cheek. "Take good care of my boy for me Adam."

"I will as long as we both live mom."

I get out of the car and my head is still spinning as I remember all she has told me. My mom comes running out to greet me and can see that something is wrong with me.

"Adam honey what's wrong love," she asks.

"It's Max's mom ... she's dying from cancer," I tell her. "She just told me and hasn't told Max yet and doesn't want to until she returns from LA. She is going out there for an experimental treatment that may help her."

"That poor family what more can they possibly have happen to them," she asks as she hugs me tight.

I spend the rest of the day and evening talking with my folks about moving in with Max and his mom. They are very supportive but want me also to remember that I have an education that needs attention also.

"I plan on going back dad to school and so does Max. I hope that he still does once he finds out about his mom's health."

"Well he is a strong boy son and has been through a lot so I would guess that he would get through this also."

"I know dad and thanks for being there for me. I love you and mom for all you have done for me through the years."

"We love you also son and just want you to be happy with your life. If Max is the one that makes you happy then we love him also. We don't understand the attraction a man has for another man but we support you and love you just the same."

"Thanks dad ... I love you so much for that. When I think how Max's dad wanted to kill him and I just for being gay I feel so lucky that I have you and mom."

We talked more and I finally went up to bed and gave Max a call before I went to sleep.

"I just needed to hear your voice before I went to sleep my lover."

"Adam are you going to pick me up tomorrow or meet me at my house," he asks me.

"I will be there as soon as I get up and showered babe. I told your mom that I would bring you home and she is going to meet us at home. Her plane leaves in the afternoon so you will have time to talk with her."

"I love you Adam with all that is in me."

"I love you my man with my entire heart."

I rise the next morning and I shower quickly and ask my mom if I can borough her car for the day. She tells me that she planned on me taking it seeing how my truck was still in California.  I drive out to the home and Max is up and just getting out of the shower when I walk into his room.  The sight of him naked floods my mind with memories of our time together at school.

"Damn you look good babe," I say as I drink in his nakedness with my eyes.

"Get over here and give your man a kiss," he says holding out his arms to me. I rush to his arms and our mouths meet in passion as my hand travels down to his manhood. I fondle his cock and it soon is up and waiting for more attention as we continue our kiss of love.

"God are you glad to see me babe or just need to piss," I ask as I drop to my knees and take his cock into my mouth. I slowly suck on his cock and he holds onto my head as I pleasure his cock with my mouth.


"Adam I am close babe to cumming," he says but I just keep sucking more quickly now.  "Oh fuck babe here it comes," and he shoots his cum down my throat as I swallow quickly to drink it up. He thrusts deeply into my throat as he shoots months of pent up sperm and I take every drop he gives me. He finally surrenders the last of his seed and he is weak from the climax he has just had.

"That was so good babe," I tell him getting up off the floor.

"Damn Adam I needed that so badly," he says holding on to me as our lips meet.

He gets dressed and I take him home and we sit quietly as we drive along.

"What's wrong Max," I ask him.

"Please don't tell me mom but I know she has cancer Adam. I heard her talking to my doctor about it before I woke up and I don't know how to tell her I know."

"You remember her talking to your doctor while you were still in a coma?"

"Yeah strange isn't it," he asks.

"Tell her Max before she leaves today. I know she would feel better if you told her you know."

"Adam will you stay with me when I tell her I know.  I want you there with me babe."

"I am always going to be there for you Max, we are partners and hopefully some day we will be able to marry."

"Why Adam are you proposing to me babe?"

"You know it babe, I have wanted you for my mate since that night we first slept together and you held me to you."

"I remember that morning I woke up to find myself holding you to me and freaking out over it.  I have to tell you that I woke up during the night that night and I snuggled up against you to feel your warmth. I felt secure holding you and didn't care at that point that it looked gay I just wanted to hold you close Adam. When you pushed back into me and I felt wiggle against my cock I freaked out. Everything my dad had ever told me about how men are to be came flooding back to me and I just freaked out."

"I remember babe and I loved being held by you that way. I woke up and laid there for the longest time until I decided to push back against your hard cock that was pressing against my ass."

We finally arrive home and I glance over at him as he stares at him house.

"What's wrong babe," I ask.

"I thought that my mom would have been out here to meet me," he says and then opens the car door.

"She probably didn't hear us drive up," I tell him getting out also.

We grab his things and I follow him into his house.

"Mom I'm home," he calls out but the place is silent.  "Mom you home," he calls again as I close the door. "She said she would be here when I got home she told me last night babe."

"Maybe she had to go to the market for some food or something," I say feeling a bit uneasy now.

We put down our things and head into the kitchen when Max drops to the floor.

End of chapter five...

The Quarterback and the Nerd


Randy Howard II

`The College Years'


Chapter Six ...


Author's note: This story is based on an e-mail I received several years ago, no author was named and with research I found this information: It was an inspirational tale written by John W. Schlatter, published in "Chicken Soup for the Soul", a bestseller in 1993. I was so moved by this tale I wrote this story to reflect my own feeling, I just hope you all enjoy how I felt.

However... no one situation is unique to anyone.  As I have inflected and expanded upon parts of my own life and imagination upon this story, I hope that in the future, that there are no misunderstandings.  Every story has been told a thousand times.  This is my work in part if not whole, and I hope that readers will appreciate it for what it is. Randy

From Chapter Five ...

We finally arrive home and I glance over at him as he stares at his house.

"What's wrong babe," I ask.

"I thought that my mom would have been out here to meet me," he says and then opens the car door.

"She probably didn't hear us drive up," I tell him getting out also.

We grab his things and I follow him into his house.

"Mom I'm home," he calls out but the place is silent.  "Mom you home," he calls again as I close the door. "She said she would be here when I got home, she told me last night babe."

"Maybe she had to go to the market for some food or something," I tell him feeling a bit uneasy now.

We put down our things and head into the kitchen when Max drops to the floor.

Chapter Six ...


"Max babe what's wrong," I say rushing to help him.

"Mom please wake up," Max says to his mom who is unconscious on the floor.

"Please send an ambulance to 854 Sycamore Street. I think she is unconscious or maybe ..." I say unable to finish the statement.

The ambulance arrives a while later and the techs start to work on his mom.

"Is she going to be alright," Max asks the paramedics.

"We don't know much at the moment except that she is alive. We will know more once the doctors have a look at her."

I drive Max to the hospital once they take her away and the wait is infuriating. He paces the floor waiting for someone to come out to speak to him.

"Are you here for the lady that was just brought in," a doctor asks us.

"Yes she's my mother, is she going to be alright?"

"She was badly dehydrated and that is what caused her to pass out. She is in the ICU and wants to speak to you both. If you follow me I will take you to her."

We follow the doctor to the room that she is in and see her sitting up in bed with an IV feeding liquid into her.

"Mom you scared the shit out of me," Max says rushing to her.

"I'm sorry son I just let myself get dehydrated I guess."

"Mom I know about the cancer you have. I heard you talking to my doctor about it when I was still in a coma."

"Oh Max, I wanted to spare you that news until I was more sure if the new treatment would work."

"Mom I'm your only family you have left and I want to be there for you."

"I love you son and I am so proud of you. You have finally become the man I always knew was in you. I just feel bad that you will have to go through life alone with no family."

"Mom I have Adam for a husband and we love each other mom. Besides you are going to be fine once you get that treatment."

"I asked the doctor to call my doctor in LA to tell them what happened and they are expecting me on Tuesday now."

"We are going with you mom this time."

"Thanks son and you too Adam for being there for my son."

"That's what love is all about mom.  Now you get your rest and we will be back later this evening to see you."

"Ok boys now go home and find one another again. I love you both so much and wish you both happiness and love."

We drive back home and settle his things into his or rather our room.

"Adam I love you so much and I want to thank you for waiting for me all this time."

"Max I never stopped loving you nor did I want to see them pull the plug that I thought would kill you."

Our lips meet as we embrace each other and the passion soon leads to sexual desire.

"I want you to make love to me Adam," and he wraps his arms tight around me as we kiss. We undress and kiss again as we move to our bed and I slowly enter him with my lubed up cock.

"Oh fuck babe wait," he yells out and I stop to give him time to relax.  His breathing relaxes and I resume my entry until I am bottoming in him.

"Are you alright love," I ask and he smiles and nods yes.

I lift up on my arms and slowly start to fuck him. I soon fine my rhythm and then we are quickly in the heat of our passion.

"Fuck me Adam, hard, fast and deep babe. I want you to make love to me like a stallion that has the fury of passion in him."

"I pick up my speed and now I am slamming his ass like a stallion in heat.  He is meeting each thrust with a thrust of his own and soon he is howling out in ecstasy.

"Fuck me harder babe I'm cumming," he yells and shoots his seed hitting me in the chest and on his stomach.

"Oh fuck Max I'm cumming," I shout and shoot my load deep into his anxious ass.  I am no longer in control but my climax is pounding his ass as I shoot rope after rope of cum deep into him.

"God it's been so long since I have fucked you babe and now I can't stop," I shout as I continue to shoot.  I finally slow down and collapse on him and we kiss as we ride out the glow of our passion.

"I love you Max and I have missed you so much babe."

"Thank you Adam for waiting for me and I love you so much my love."

The next morning his mother came home from the hospital and we prepared for her trip out to California for treatment.

"You boys don't have to go out there with me," she says.

"Mom Adam has to get his truck and drive it back so yes we are going and then will drive back home."

"I just wish I had a second driver to help me with the driving because Max still hasn't gotten his eye sight completely straighten out yet."

Monday came and the three of us flew out to LA for my truck and to drop off Max's mother for her cancer treatment.  I gave Justin a call and he was glad to hear from me and invited us over to his uncle's house for a visit.

"So why are you staying here now," I ask him knowing the reason why.

"My dad and I had a real bad fight and I asked my uncle if I could stay with him.  I have signed up for college at the same school you both go to so I am heading back as soon as I have the money for airfare."

"How about riding back with Max and I," I ask him.  "It will save you airfare and give me someone to share the driving with."

"You don't mind Max," he asks.

"Hell know Justin and besides I already know about what went on between the two of you so lets get that out and over with.  It was before he knew about me and it was not love on his part dude."

"God man you are sure understanding.  I hope we all can become good friends this year at school," he says.

"I'm sure we can and we will even try to find you a nice guy for a boy friend dude."

"Don't bother man no guy ever wants me for more than a one nighter," he says.

"Well let us try anyways if nothing else you can have some great sex dude."

The next day we start out by picking up Justin and we make a quick stop to see Max's mom.  The doctors are hopeful about this kind of treatment and we kiss her goodbye and leave. 

"So how long a drive are we talking here," Justin asks me.

"Two maybe three days tops."

"That's cool so tell me Max is it true that coma patients hear things around them when they are in the coma," Justin asks.

"Yes I do remember some things I heard during my time I was in a coma."

"Wow I have to remember that if ever I am around a coma victim."

We drive for miles, switching off Justin and me, until it is starting to get dark.

"How about finding a place to eat and then get a room for the night guys?"

"Yeah my ass is getting numb from sitting and I could use something to eat," Max says.

"Ditto that babe I mean Adam. Sorry man I slipped with the tongue guys.

"No harm done Justin I know how you felt about him so lets let it drop ok," Max says.

"Thanks man and I am really sorry for saying that."

We find an IHop restaurant and fill up on pancakes and home fries then find a room at a Motel Six.  I go in and get the room and come back and tell them that we got the last one available but it has just a king size bed in the room.

"One bed and three guys well we had better shower before hitting the sheets," Max says.

"Are you comfortable with this also Justin," I ask and he just nods yes.

We get in the room and soon we are taking turns at the shower and Justin is the first to go in.

"Babe are you sure you are ok with this sleeping arrangement," I ask him while holding him in my arms.

"Adam I am very sure and I have no problem with sharing our bed with Justin."

"Well he does sleep naked and so do we babe so just as long as you know."

"Relax babe I ...," and he stops mid sentence as Justin walks out of the bathroom naked as the day he was born.

"Ah sorry guys but I do sleep naked and if you would rather I can sleep in the truck."

"Don't be silly Justin its just that you caught me off guard and God you are hung," Max says.

"Yeah most guys say that when they first see my monster.  So how do we sleep," he asks.

"I am on the left side with Max in the middle and you on the right if that is ok with Max."

"Well how about putting Justin in the middle babe and giving him a good ole college welcome," Max says giving me a wink.

"You sure babe I don't want you doing anything you feel you have to do to please me," I tell him.  "Besides the last time I shared my guy I ended up loosing him forever."

"You just try to get rid of me babe and see how hard that one will be."

The two of us just looked at Justin who was still in the dark as to what we were talking about when I came at him and through him down on the bed.

"What the fuck is going on here," he asks as Max descends on his cock. 

Max swallows his cock down to his pubes and Justin moans out from the sensation.

"What the fuck man ... is this really happening," he asks.

"Just lay back and enjoy the evening buddy," and I kissed him hard and long.  My tongue slipped into his mouth and he surrendered to my advances. I moved down to his nipples and began sucking and nibbling on them and he cried out in delight as Max continued to suck his cock.

"Oh fuck Max keep sucking man that feels so fucking good," he howls.

Max sucks hard on the cock's head and Justin is so close to cumming when Max pulls off and takes his balls into his mouth.

"Max fuck me guy," Justin says and Max sits up and grabs the lube on the night stand I had put there.

"Are you sure Justin because we are about the same size man," Max asks and Justin just nods yes.

Max lubes up his cock and puts a good size glob in Justin's ass and then firmly starts to push in.

"All the way man just but it in all the way," Justin says and Max shoves it in until he bottoms.

"Oh fuck that ass feels so good Justin," Max says. "Adam fuck me while I am fucking Justin," he says to me and I get behind him and lube up and shove it in all the way.  "Oh fuck babe that is so hot," he says to me.

They are awkward at first but soon find a rhythm to fuck and soon they are fucking each other.  The rhythm is working and soon Justin is close again to cumming again.

"I'm cumming babe," he says pulling Max down and kissing him hard as he shoots his seed between them.

"Oh fuck Jus I'm cumming to," Max shouts and shoots his seed deep into his ass.  Rope after rope he shoots into Justin and his ass constricts around my cock.

"Oh God lover I'm cumming," and I shoot deep into my lover's ass.  I slam him hard as I shoot my seed and I can feel him still shooting in Justin.

We finally calm down and fall off to each side of Justin and take turns kissing each other in the sweet afterglow of our sex.

"Man that was so fucking awesome," Justin says trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah it was," Max says. "But I do like one on one better."

"Me too babe me too."

The following night we arrive home around mid-night and we crash with Justin in Max's mom's bed and Max and I in ours.

"Max this is the first chance I had to talk alone with you since last night happened and I ...," but he cuts me off.

"Adam I know what you are thinking lover and I want you to know that although it was erotic what we did with Justin but I still just want it to be you and I babe."

"Then why ... why did you allow that last night," I ask.

"Justin needed it so bad and I knew neither one of us would sleep if we didn't get it out of us.  I love you and you alone Adam so never forget that babe.  That is why I wanted you to fuck me and not him.  You were my first and my last one to ever fuck me so kiss me and let's make love babe."

The next morning we are awaken by the doorbell ringing.

"What the fuck ... Kyle man what are you doing here," I ask him standing there in my birthday suit.

"You always greet guests like that or is it just me," he says walking in and grabbing my cock.

"Who is it babe," Max yells out.

"No one just Kyle," I say and Kyle punches me in the arm.

"I'll give you no one asshole," he says as Justin comes out naked and Kyle just freezes in his tracks.

"Hey dude I'm Justin," he says and offers him his hand.

"Nice to see you err meet you," he says still fixated on his cock.

"Like what you are looking at dude or is it your neck can't hold up your head," he muses.

"Oh fuck I'm sorry man it's just that I haven't had a man in such a long time and God that does looks so inviting."

"Earth to Kyle, aren't you with what's his name," I ask.

"Huh ... oh Adam sorry guy but we broke up a little while after you left because he wanted to be free. I want someone that wants me for me and be committed to a long term relationship."

"I hear you Kyle because my last relationship ended because Jason wanted to have an open relationship where he was free to sample any guy he wanted."

"It sounds like you two should get together and swap notes on losers or something," I tell them.

We all go out for breakfast and have a great morning before heading back to Max's house.  Max makes some coffee and we sit out on the patio and Justin and Kyle just make eyes at each other.

"Kyle if Justin doesn't mind sharing his bed you can sleep over tonight," Max says and the two light up like a Christmas tree.

"I don't object if Kyle doesn't."

"I'd be thrilled," Kyle says giving Justin a quick glance and smile.

"Good it's settled now Adam and I have some serious love making to catch up on so you two do your thing and we shall see you later this afternoon."

"Well Kyle do we sit here and listen to them moan and groan or do we make our own sounds of passion," Justin asks Kyle.

"I much rather make our own passion dude but I would rather get to know you first."

"Well you know my name and I am nineteen and going to the same college as you are in September. I am going to be rooming there and if lucky have you for a roomy.  Now what else do you want to know my liege?"

"Well are you a top or bottom and how big are you," Kyle asks with a smirk.

"I prefer to top but can be versatile and as for the second half of that question you are just going to have to come to bed to find out," he says.

"Then stud lets go make some music babe."

"Adam yeah give me it harder and deeper love," Max says holding me to him as I pound his ass with the fury of a stallion.

"Oh fuck honey I'm going to cum," I yell as I shoot my seed deep into his eager ass with all the passion that is in me.  Rope after rope I surrender my cum into him as I fuck his ass to a pace that I no longer control and he screams out in his passion as he lets loose with his climax of his own.

"Fuck me babe hard and deep I'm cumming," and he shoots his cum between us as we kiss and both of us shoot until we are spent and I slip slowly out of him and we kiss each other in the sweet afterglow of our love making.

"Yeah Justin that's it man fuck me harder and deeper babe," Kyle howls as he meets every thrust with a thrust of his own.

"I'm going to cum Kyle," he shouts and he shoots his cum deep into Kyle's ass as Kyle releases his own cum between them.  The two of them fuck until they are spent and Justin collapses down on him and they kiss holding one another as they ride out the afterglow of their love.

"Oh fuck Justin I have never been fucked like that before," Kyle says looking into his eyes.

"Me neither babe nor the way you rode my cock just made me cum so much I never knew I had that much in me."

"Hey guys how about dinner out tonight," Max yells through the door.

"Nah we are having it right here guys," Justin yells back and he kisses Kyle long and hard.

"I think you may have started a new romance babe," I say to Max giving him a kiss.

"I owed him that and more for what I did to him," he says returning my kiss.

Three years later ...

"God I can't believe we are graduating today," Max says fixing my cap and gown as a knock comes on the door.

"Hey Kyle, Justin we are just about ready," I tell them as they come in with their caps and gowns on.

"Your mom is sitting with Adam's `rents and mine," says Kyle.

"I'm so glad she is here to see me graduate today.  If she had never went for that new treatment years ago for her cancer she would have never been here today."

"Well it's time guys so let's go and get this done," Justin says looking at his watch.

"Yeah and then off to Cape Cod for our weddings and then our honeymoon," I say giving Max a hug.

"I want to thank you Adam for offering to buy me breakfast that day at the diner," Justin says.

"Why dude," I ask.

"If you hadn't done that I would not have been here today with my Kyle."

"Yeah and if you hadn't offered to help me with my books that day I would not be here either Adam so thanks babe," Kyle says and the two give me a big hug and kiss.

"And thanks for seeing the real me sweetheart and being there for me when I really needed you the most."

"Hey guys I only did what any human being should do for his fellow man.  When you see a person in need you should always offer a hand no matter what the cost because you never know just what affect you may have on the future.  Now let's go and graduate guys," I say.

This ends the series of the Quarterback and the Nerd.  I hope you have enjoyed it and I welcome your comments at  thank you Randy Howard.

Don't be surprised to see the boys show up later in their lives.