The Storm

The back yard was all cluttered with debris after the windstorm, branches as big around as his legs were lying everywhere, the patio furniture in bent and twisted pieces among them. He wondered how he was going to get it cleaned up. Even if he took off work for a week, there was far more than he could handle on his own. There probably wouldn't be any tree services available either, they will probably be booked up for the next three months. Damn! He was just getting used to the fantasy of a dozen or so men working in his backyard without shirts. Their bronzed bodies glistening with sweat as their muscles bulged and twisted underneath. He felt his cock stir, just thinking about it, and decided there was still time to call and find out. He rushed over to the phone, picked it up, and started to dial. He heard nothing on the line, It was dead as road kill. Oh great, he thought, how am I going to get this cleaned up now? Just then a knock came at the front door. He yelled: "Hold on a minute, be right there." He quickly grabbed a pair of sweats from the closet, hurriedly pulling them over his now half-hard cock, and rushed to the door. He looked through the peephole, and saw the blond god Todd from next door. His heart skipped a beat. Todd had been his fantasy partner for a long time, and now here he was outside his door. He watched him through the peephole for several seconds, memorizing every little shadow and crevice in his face. He was unaware of his cock rising to the occasion until Todd turned to leave. Quickly, Jeff flung open the door, just in time to see the backs of those beautiful legs in cutoff shorts. He thought he was going to explode when he saw the smile on Todd's face as he turned around. The shirt he was wearing said "shit happens" and Jeff smiled. "Hi, I just stopped by to see if you needed someone to help with cleanup on your yard, it looks pretty bad." He said gesturing at the front yard. "Yeah, you should see the back, your shirt pretty well sums it all up." Jeff answered. Todd looked down at his shirt, "Oh yeah, I forgot I was wearing this" he said laughing. "How much do you charge for your services?" Jeff asked. "Well, since I'm in college, I need all the money I can get, but I haven't really worked up the charges just yet." He paused. "What seems fair to you?" Jeff thought about it for a few seconds. "How about 6 bucks an hour?" he replied. "six bucks? Yeah that's good." Todd responded. Jeff sensed a little hesitation. and said "I can give you more if that's not enough...." "No, no that's plenty, lots more than I was thinking of asking for, so when do I start?" Todd questioned. Jeff just smiled and said "Whenever you like. I have to go run some errands, but you are welcome to start without me. I will give you a hand whenever I get back." Jeff replied. "Cool, I'll go and get some tools and get started" Todd said. "I shouldn't be long, just need to get some papers to the office." Jeff stated. With that, Todd strode off toward his house, and Jeff just stood there and watched him go. He didn't realize he had an erection until he got back inside. He walked back to the bedroom, got undressed, and got into the shower. The warm water felt good, and his hand wandered to his cock as he started to think about Todd. As the fantasy started playing, he started stroking.

Todd was working on a large branch that had fallen from the big elm tree in the northeast corner, with his back to the house. He didn't notice Jeff walking up behind him, memorizing every shadow and texture of his back. His muscles seemed to ripple and writhe, attempting to find a way out from under his skin. The hand saw he was using was kind of dull, and he was working at the branch a little harder than normal. Jeff stepped on a branch, announcing his presence, and Todd stood up quickly. Sweat was running from everywhere skin was showing on his body and Jeff guessed where it wasn't showing also. Jeff noticed his back was sunburned, and offered to rub some lotion on it. He said OK, Jeff went inside to get the aloe vera and sunblock, and Todd followed him in. Jeff came in from the bedroom and found him in the kitchen sitting backwards on a chair. Jeff walked over to him, and he just smiled and put his head down sideways against the back of the chair. "This may be a little cold, I'll try to warm it up if you want" Jeff said. "No, that's fine, I'm hot enough to warm it up." Todd answered. Jeff squirted some into his hand, and rubbed his hands together, then started to rub some on Jack's back. "That feels good." Todd moaned. His back was giving off a lot of heat, and the lotion was soon warm. As he rubbed the lotion in, Todd began to moan louder, and started to relax. Soon he was almost sliding onto the floor. He raised his head and asked Jeff if it would be easier if he was lying down. Jeff said he supposed it would, and offered him the couch. With that, Todd got up and went over to the couch, and lie down on his stomach. Jeff followed, kneeled beside the couch and resumed massaging Todd's back. His crotch was well aware of the position Todd was in, and signalled it's approval. "Anyone ever tell you have great hands?" Todd said raising his head and lower back slightly. "Just you" Jeff replied. "Now will you quit moving, you're going to tense the muscles again." Jeff said pushing his head back against the couch. "This feels great, thanks a lot." Todd sighed. "Could you do my legs too?" Todd asked. "Sure" Jeff replied reaching for more lotion. Todd sat up, took his shorts off and said. "This will make it easier, you can't get to my thighs with these on." Todd replied smiling coyly. Then he lay back down, and spread his legs, to allow access to his inner thighs. Jeff started massaging his muscular legs, and worked his way upward toward his butt. Soon thereafter, Todd raised up off the couch again. "You know, it would probably make it a lot easier if you straddled me." Todd said quickly. "That wouldn't be a bad idea." Jeff stated as he got up from his kneeling position. It was slow going, he had sat there for a while, and his knees had locked. When his knees recovered, he straddled Todd's body. He started massaging his legs first, and worked his way up to his back. Todd started moving his legs farther apart, allowing better access, and finally ended up wiggling his butt. Jeff wished he would quit doing that, he was going to go nuts, if he did that any more. Todd suddenly grabbed his hand and turned over. He noticed the bulge in the shorts Jeff was wearing, and just smiled. "I've always wondered about you." he said with a wink as he started unbuttoning Jeff's shorts...

That was all it took. Jeff felt the tingling in his balls spread throughout his groin and finally to his ass. This was too much, and he couldn't hold out for the end. He shot against the wall and almost collapsed. He put his arm out to steady himself against the shower walls, as his cock spewed shot after shot. When he finally recovered, he began thinking about what it would really be like, and noticed his cock rising to the occasion. "I better stop that, or I'll never get out of here!" He said aloud. He then decided the next orgasm could wait, who knows, it might be the real thing next time. This last thought caused a smile to cross his face, and his cock to throb. Despite that, he finished his shower at a leisurely pace, and got out. He heard chopping in the back, the fantasy charged back in, and he felt his cock stir. He knew he had time to get to the post office before the rush, even if he had another one for the road. "I hope this doesn't become a problem." He thought as he stroked his now turgid cock. He then laughed remembering he Jacked off a lot more than this in high school and college, and resumed the attention to his dick, as he sat back on the bed. The fantasy resumed as he stroked.

Todd got the buttons of his shorts undone, and started rubbing Jeff's cock through the thin fabric of his underwear. He pulled at the shorts, and Jeff raised his pelvis to allow him to remove them. After the shorts were off Todd reached for his shirt, and Jeff raised his arms to allow him to raise it over his head. Todd grabbed the shirt, and slowly raised it, admiring the body underneath. Jeff didn't lift weights every day, but he did exercise, and his chest was proof of that. He had well defined pecs, and rippled abs. There was very little hair, but there was a highway to heaven down the middle, leading into his waistband. Todd pushed Jeff back on the couch, and started caressing his body with his tongue, paying special attention to his pecs. He started at the top and worked his way down. When he encountered a nipple, he very lightly caressed it, and moved on. This drove Jeff crazy, and Todd loved it. He continued to his abs, caressing each muscle slowly, starting with the smaller ones between the ribs, and working to the larger ones surrounding the bellybutton. When he made it to the waistband of Jeff's underwear, that was all it took...

Jeff felt his muscles tense, shuddered, and felt the warm sticky caress as his cum spewed onto his chest. The first shot hit under his chin, and subsequent ones his pecs, his abs, then finally it just oozed into his belly button. When it slowed, and stopped, he wiped it up. When he was fully dressed he walked to the back door, and yelled to Todd, he was working on a branch that had fallen near the pool with an ax. Todd didn't hear him the first time, so Jeff yelled louder. Todd finally heard him, and looked up to see Jeff waving to him, he stopped working on the branch, and walked over to him. "There's a chainsaw in the basement if you know how to use it, wouldn't want you over-exerting yourself with that ax." Jeff told him. "I used to help Dad with getting the firewood, so I am very familiar with a chainsaw. How do I get to the basement?" Todd questioned. Jeff reached in beside the door, and got a key ring. "This is a key to the house and the basement. You have to get to the basement through the door beside the refrigerator." He showed him one of the keys, which was a silver color, and said "This key will open the basement. I have my dark room down there." He paused. "I have to run some errands to run, so I will leave you to it. You are welcome to take a shower if it gets too hot, and don't forget to take a break if you get tired." "OK, I will see you in a little bit." Todd chimed. Jeff turned locked the door and left. When he got back, he heard the chainsaw going like a mad bumblebee in the back, got out of the car, and started toward the back yard. Remembering his fantasy, his crotch stirred as he came around the corner of the house. He was through the gate just in time to hear Todd kill the motor, see him place it at his feet, and shed his shirt. His torso was a vision of beauty, and there was no doubt in Jeff's mind, that he worked out, he had to to have a body like that. He had changed out of his shorts and now wore a pair of tight jeans with holes in just the right places. It looked like he might bust out of them at any moment. The outline of his bikini briefs could be clearly seen through the jeans. His butt was well proportioned, and his legs were well muscled. Every little curve could be seen through the tight jeans. He was shedding a muscle shirt that complimented his buff physique. Jeff could barely take his eyes off him, and as he slowly undressed. He started rubbing his chest. It was clear he was thinking about things other than cutting wood. Todd's back was to him, and he didn't seem to notice Jeff was behind him, so Jeff cleared his throat to let him know he was there. Todd turned around quickly, surprise on his face. Jeff pretended not to notice. "So, how's everything going, it looks like you've gotten a lot accomplished" Jeff said gesturing at the yard. "Yeah, but it sure has seemed slow with no one to talk to" Todd said. "Well, if you want to help me, we can get the stereo speakers extended and put them on the back porch so we will have some music while we work." Jeff offered. "Cool, lets do it" Todd said. Todd followed Jeff inside, they got some extra wire from the basement, and re-wired the speakers so they could reach the back porch. "Put on whatever music you want, I'll go change and meet you in back." Jeff uttered. "OK, I'll just take a break. Do you have anything to drink?" Todd asked. "I'm sure there's things in the fridge, help yourself" Jeff said. "I will be with you shortly" Jeff said heading to the bedroom. "There's a lot more damage than I first thought." Todd said, continuing to talk to Jeff as he undressed. There was no answer, so Todd continued. "That old elm is going to have to go, it's ripped in two down to the roots." "That's Okay, the roots were beginning to screw up my pool bottom." Jeff answered. "Then I guess that's what we'll start on" Todd replied as he made his way into the hallway. "Guess so" Jeff responded. He got to the bedroom and kicked off his shoes, pulled down his pants, and was taking his shirt over his head, when he felt someone looking at him. He pulled his shirt off the rest of the way, and found Todd standing in the doorway. "The chainsaw needs more gas, I couldn't find any in the basement." Todd stated nonchalant. "There's some in the garage, I hope, but if not, I'll run and get some." Jeff said. "OK, I'll be in the living room" Todd said as he turned and went down the hall. He settled down on the couch in the living room, and opened the soda he grabbed from the fridge. A few minutes later, Jeff came out of the bedroom, grabbed a beer from the fridge and joined him on the couch. "This is a nice place, how long have you had it?" Todd questioned. "Let's see...uh...just over 6 months" Jeff answered. "You must have bought it around Thanksgiving." Todd replied "November 20th to be exact. Funny thing is, I bought a house, but I've been LIVING at the home improvement center lately." Jeff quipped. "Well you sure made it look nice...It was a dump when the Andrews owned it, they never took care of anything" Todd replied. "Yeah, I got a really good deal on it, but it has been a lot of work." Jeff responded. " I've heard you banging around over here a few times, and even thought of asking if you needed help, but I thought I would just be in the way...Oh, by the way, I haven't introduced myself yet have I? I'm Jeff." He said quickly extending his hand to Todd. "I'm Todd." He said shaking it. They both just looked at each other then laughed "Well, now that that is out of the way, let's get this over with." Jeff said quickly, rubbing his hands together and motioning toward the back yard. "Sounds like a plan." Todd responded downing the rest of his drink . " much ARE you paying me?" he teased. "I'm paying you? I thought you were volunteering!" Todd just said laughed and said "yeah right, and I'm Hugh Hefner" and they both went for the back door.

They spent the next six hours doing nothing but cutting, sawing, and cleaning. Jeff thought he wasn't going to be able to control himself working so closely with Todd, but somehow he did. It was probably the hard work that kept his mind and body in check. His worst moment of weakness was when Todd was in the process of trying to saw a limb off. He lost his balance and fell. Jeff had to scramble to catch him, his heart racing, thinking he would never forgive himself if Todd hurt himself. He did though, and Todd just wiggled in his grasp and said "nice catch." Looking down at him in his arms, Jeff began to feel like he had died and gone to heaven. In the process of setting him on his feet again, he stumbled and fell. They both hit the ground, their chests pressed together, and Jeff felt his crotch respond. It was a brief moment, before either of them could speak, but they both managed a machine gun like "are you all right!?", then burst out laughing. "I knew you were good for something, now I know what." Todd winked as he got to his feet. Jeff just smiled. "Thanks for catching me, that could have been a nasty fall" Todd replied. I can't let my hired help get hurt now can I?" Jeff responded. Noticing Todd starting to climb the ladder again "Not again, I'm holding the ladder for you this time." Jeff added quickly gabbing the ladder frame. "Spoilsport" Todd said smiling, and jabbed Jeff in the ribs. Jeff responded by covering them with his arms. "Quit it, or I'm going to have to hurt you" Jeff said between the jabs. Todd kept on, and Jeff grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground. They wrestled for a short time, then Jeff managed to pin him. He then sat on his chest, holding his arms down with his knees, he began to tap on his chest in the middle of his pecs. "You are going to stop jabbing me right?" Jeff said slowly between each tap. "Yes, yes, just please quit that" Todd pleaded. "OK, I'm going to let you up now, remember this is only a test, if you fail this one there will be a lot more of this, and he gave his chest a few more taps." When he finished talking, he loosened the pressure on his arms, and finally got off his chest. The first thing Todd did when he got free was to jab Jeff again, then run in the direction of the pool. Jeff gave chase, and Todd stopped at the edge of the pool, teetering on the edge. "Where are you going to go now? There's no where else to run..." Jeff's taunting was cut short by a splash as Todd jumped into the pool. Jeff was shocked and surprised. He didn't know what else to do, so he jumped in after. Todd wasn't ready for that, and he was caught off guard. Jeff grabbed him and started tickling him mercilessly. "I'll quit, I'll quit" he said between the laughter. "I've heard that before!" Jeff said, continuing to make him thrash about. "I promise this time I'll quit." Todd begged. "Are you sure you promise?" Jeff asked not letting up. "I'm sure" Todd said exhausted. "OK, no turn coats this time?" Jeff said letting up a little. "No, no turn coats." Todd replied still lashing about. "OK" Jeff said letting him go. "Remember, you promised." Jeff reminded. "I'm too tired to care at this moment." Todd said huffing and puffing. They got out of the pool, and decided it would be cooler to leave their clothes on, and started working again. This all took place in a matter of minutes. Jeff thought he would never forget it. Although that was the extent of bodily contact the whole day, it was enough to drive Jeff crazy. He found it hard to take his eyes off Todd the rest of the day. As soon as the sun started sinking, Jeff looked around and saw there was a lot more to accomplish, and decided they should call it a day, and start again tomorrow. Jeff knew it was all for the better, he decided he couldn't stand one more minute with this hunk without tearing his clothes off, so it was a good diversion. I think we better call it a day, can you help tomorrow too?" Jeff inquired of Todd. "You mean you haven't spent enough money on me yet?" Todd said joking. "Money's not an issue, you're fun to be around, and even though it is hard work, I actually enjoyed it." Jeff replied. "I had a great time too, it's refreshing to talk to someone about nothing in particular for a change. My friends are ALWAYS talking about the girls they fucked, that's all they talk about! In fact, my roommate is always bringing women to the dorm room late at night, and he fucks them right there on his bed, not two feet away! I tire of it, and this is a welcome change...Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away...So...what time does the ol' cock crow for you tomorrow?" Todd asked with a coy smile. Jeff was caught off guard. " early do you want to start?" He stammered. "The earlier the better, I'm somewhat of a morning about seven?" Todd offered. Jeff thought about it a minute and said "I've got a better idea, let's make it six-thirty, and I'll fix breakfast." Jeff replied. "Sounds great!" Todd exclaimed. Let me help you with the tools and the stereo, then I'll get out of your hair." Todd said as he retrieved his shirt from the porch. "You're welcome to stay as long as you like, and you are not 'in my hair'" Jeff responded quickly. "Thank you, but just the same, I think I'll turn in early tonight. save myself for tomorrow." "Suit yourself." Jeff replied. "Maybe tomorrow I'll stay a little longer, and you can show me some of your pictures." Todd said noticing a disheartening character to Jeff's voice. "OK, sounds good, let's get these tools inside, and hit the hay." Todd put his shirt on, quickly helped Jeff carry the tools into the utility room, set the speakers back inside, and told Jeff he would see him tomorrow. When Todd left, Jeff headed to the kitchen, grabbed a microwave sandwich from the freezer, and threw it into the microwave. He started it up, and headed for the shower. The fantasy was much more intense this time, and anticipating what would happen, he shot his load before he even got to the corner of the house. He finished his shower leisurely, went to the kitchen, got his sandwich, grabbed a soda from the fridge, and sat down at the table. When he finished his meal, he realized he was pretty tired, and decided to go to bed. He knew he would be sore tomorrow, but it was well worth it.

He awoke several hours later, and looked at the clock, it was 2 AM, he had a massive hard-on, and the sheet was wet. "Jeez, I thought I outgrew wet dreams years ago." He said throwing the sheets back. "I guess that's what I get living next to someone like Todd." He quickly got up and changed the sheets, and looked at the clock. It was now 2:15, and he was wide awake. He turned out the lights, and lay back on the bed to try and sleep. He lay there for a few minutes, and realized he would probably never get to sleep again, so he decided to see what the weather was like outside. If it wasn't too cold, maybe he would take a swim. He went to the window, which looked straight into Todd's, and looked out. He froze when he saw Todd in the window. He was naked, and sporting a massive hard-on. He was so hard his cock was pulled up tight against his body, following the curvature of his abs. Jeff watched mesmerized as he danced in front of the window. Todd started stroking his cock at an unhurried pace like he was waiting for someone to join him. Jeff opened the blinds, settled back on the bed, and let his hand wander to his dick. The head was already wet with precome, and Jeff started stroking the shaft to the same rhythm as Todd. He continued stroking and watching until he saw Todd slowly start to move his hips in opposition to his hand. Jeff knew he was getting close, and began stroking for maximum effect. Soon Todd was bucking his hips faster and faster, it looked like he was on the verge of a major explosion. Jeff was on the verge too, and started matching Todd's speed. Todd was stroking in a frenzy. He swayed and thrust his hips as wave after wave seemed to wash over him, bringing with it a new load of cum. It seemed it would never stop, and he never slowed the pace until it had ceased. Jeff came almost simultaneously, shooting over his left shoulder and hitting the headboard several times. He was amazed, he hadn't came this hard since high school. He didn't want it to end, but it lessened steadily until it was barely oozing. He closed his eyes when he came, and he slowly opened them again. Todd was now in the window, looking toward his window. He looked hard, and Jeff froze, he hoped he couldn't see him, but at the same time he hoped he could. Seeming to find what he was looking for, he smiled and drew the shades. Jeff breathed a sigh of relief, and got up to close the shades. As he was closing them, he saw Todd's light go out. A few minutes later Jeff was fast asleep. He slept well. He woke up to the alarm clock wailing like a war siren, and quickly hit the snooze button. He lay there for a few minutes thinking of what happened last night. He wondered if it was a dream, then he looked at the headboard. The evidence was there, and a smile crossed his face. "I guess it wasn't a dream." he said, believing it for the first time. Then he looked at the clock, and remembered Todd would be over in less than a half hour. He decided he had better get to the store and get some groceries. He didn't have enough to fix breakfast for himself, much less him and Todd. "Here we go" He said getting out of bed. He grabbed a washcloth, wiped the dried cum off the headboard as best he could, got dressed, and drove to the supermarket.

It was six fifteen when he pulled back into the drive, and Todd was sitting on the front porch. He came to the car to help him with the bags, and Jeff smiled at him. "I know I'm early, but I thought maybe I could help. I'm not a gourmet chef or anything, but I make a mean omelet." Todd offered. "That's great, it has been a while since I had someone to kick around in the kitchen with." Jeff said. Then quickly added "do you like bacon or sausage?" He asked Todd as he opened the car door. "Both" Todd replied. "Good, I got both." Jeff responded. "Here, let me help you with that" he said grabbing the bags from Jeff's hands. "Sure, why don't I unlock the door while you..." "It's already unlocked," Todd interjected. Jeff just looked at him funny, then realizing he gave him the key yesterday he just laughed and said "OK, just call me senile." He said handing one of the bags to Todd. "Just one question: if the door was unlocked, why were you standing out here?" Jeff asked. "I'm not too keen on people inviting themselves into my place, I just figured you felt the same way, so I stayed out here. Besides, would you be expecting me to be in there? I could have really scared the shit out of you." Todd responded with a chuckle. Jeff thought about that a minute "You're right, you would have scared the shit out of me. I'm not easily startled, but, you might have been doing CPR" Jeff said as they made their way to the door. "Man, I would sure like to see that!" Todd said with a wink and a small laugh. "Yeah, I bet you would." Jeff said with a chuckle. Todd just smiled. "I hope you cook fast, I'm starving." He added quickly. "What made you so hungry?" Jeff said with a smirk. Todd smiled real big and said "You should know, you caused it." "What do you mean 'I caused it'?" Jeff asked defensively. "Well, it was YOUR yard that I was cleaning yesterday." Todd said quickly. "Oh, I guess you're right." Jeff said sheepishly. Once in the kitchen, they prepared everything. Todd started whipping up some eggs, and Jeff got biscuit dough started. Everything was going fine until Todd reached over and slapped his open hand into the flour Jeff had placed on the countertop. A white cloud went skyward, intercepting Jeff's face in the process. "Why you little shit" Jeff said grabbing a handful of flour and throwing it at Todd. He put up his arm up to block it, but when his arm came down, Jeff was ready with another handful, and plastered his face with it. Todd then grabbed a handful and threw it at Jeff, and the battle ensued. Soon they couldn't even see each other through the white cloud that had enveloped the kitchen. "Are you OK?" Jeff asked concerned. "I'm fine, but you're not going to be once I find you" Todd stated playfully. Then Jeff saw him coming at him through the white fog. It was too late, Todd saw him first, and plastered him with a big piece of dough right in the face. Jeff tried to grab it before it hit him, and in the process he threw himself off balance. He grabbed for Todd to keep his balance, and they both fell in a heap to the floor. They lost it then, laughing so hard tears were streaming down their cheeks. "You putz, now you made my sides hurt" Todd said hitting Jeff on the shoulder. "Hey, you started it, not me." Jeff said. Todd really burst out laughing then. "You may have started it, but I'm going to finish it." Jeff said as he started tickling Todd. Todd started tickling Jeff back, and they started wrestling. This went on for some time, and soon all they could do was laugh. They were getting too tired to do anything, and the laughter eventually subsided. They were both out of breath, and had quit wrestling. Jeff noticed Todd was lying on top of him. "We better finish this, or we won't get anything done today." Todd said quickly. "Party pooper" Jeff said as Todd got up off him. "Need a hand?" Todd asked extending his arm to Jeff. "Sure as long as you don't have dough in your other hand" Jeff said grabbing his hand and hoisting himself to his feet. "Thanks" Jeff said when he got to his feet. They looked at each other, then started laughing again. The flour looked like clown makeup, complete with tear streaks. "Boy, I'm REALLY hungry now" Jeff said through the laughter. "Yeah, me too, it's going on seven-thirty" Todd said. "Well I guess time flies when you're having fun." They said in unison. They washed their hands, and finished fixing breakfast. After they finished breakfast, they cleaned the kitchen. "What are we going to do about our clothes now?" Todd asked. "Well, I do have a shower, you could wear a pair of my shorts if you want, and we'll throw them in the wash." Jeff offered. "A shower sounds like a real good idea." Todd said unbuttoning his shorts. Jeff stopped him before he got them undone. "You can do that in the utility room, and you won't mess up our clean floor." Jeff said. "You're no fun" Todd teased as he headed for the utility room. Jeff cleaned up the flour that fell off his shorts, and went to the bedroom. He grabbed a couple of his shorts and a couple of shirts and threw them on the bed. "Do you want to go first?" Todd called to Jeff. "No, you go ahead, I'll get the clothes started." Jeff replied. "OK, I'll leave my clothes in front of the washer." Todd said as he entered the hall. Jeff almost fainted. Todd was buck naked and making his way to the bathroom. He was sporting a hard-on, and as he walked past Jeff, he winked and slapped him on the butt. "He must know what he's doing to me!? Jeez I almost creamed myself." Jeff thought as he recovered from the shock and headed to the utility room. Todd did leave his clothes on the floor in front of the washer, and Jeff reached down and picked them up. He threw them in the washer, and was pulling off his shirt when he heard the water turn on in the shower. He got undressed the rest of the way, started the washer and headed for the bedroom. The water was still running, and he realized he didn't put underwear out for them. He headed for the closet, and as soon as he entered the closet, he heard the water turn off. He quickly grabbed two pairs of underwear, and threw them on the bed. A few seconds later the bathroom door opened, and Todd came walking out. He was holding the towel in front of him this time, hiding the obvious erection he still had. He headed for the bed. "There are some clothes on the bed for you" Jeff said. Then Realizing HE was buck naked, turned beet red and ran into the bathroom. "Is there any hot water left?" Jeff teased as he was enveloped by the steam coming from the bathroom. "I wasn't in there that long was I?" Todd asked seriously. "No, it was a joke." Jeff responded as he closed the door. Todd grabbed a pair of the underwear. He noticed they were boxers, the kind he always wore. He then grabbed a pair of the shorts, pulled them on. They were a little big, but they would be cooler. He started to grab the shirt, but thought better of it, since it would come off as soon as he started working, and left it laying on the bed. Then he went to the living room, and sat down on the couch. The next thing he knew, Jeff was shaking him awake. "Nobody said you could sleep yet, you're mine until the end of the day." Jeff teased. "Sorry, I guess I should have gotten more sleep last night." Todd answered yawning. "We can always start on this again tomorrow, and take a break today." Jeff replied. "Nah, I actually enjoy it, keeps me busy" Todd replied. "You're not too tired are you?" He asked quickly. "Nope" Jeff responded. "OK then, lets go." Todd responded getting up off the couch and heading for the back door. "Don't forget the tools." Jeff reminded as Todd started out the back door. "OK, I'll get them, and meet you in the backyard" Todd offered embarrassed. "OK, but, don't keep me waiting or I'll have to crack the whip!" Jeff replied as he headed for the door. "Yeah right." Todd snorted heading for the basement. Jeff didn't make it far across the yard before he heard the back door open. "Ta da! here are the tools of torture for the day." Todd exclaimed. Jeff just laughed. "Let's get rid of this thing first, I'm sick of looking at it." He said pointing to what was left of the elm. "OK by me," Todd said. "I'm just the hired help." The tree didn't look as big as it really was, and it took them two hours to cut it down. While they were cutting it into more manageable pieces, Todd piped up. "So what are you going to do with all this?" Todd asked gesturing at all the piles of debris. "Haul it off I guess." Jeff answered. "Shit, I never thought about that before, I don't have anything to haul it off with." He blurted out. "Well, my cousin Lisa does, maybe I should call her and see if she's using it." Todd replied. "That would be great! It's time for a break anyhow, why don't you call her now, and maybe we can get it for tomorrow." Jeff said. "Sounds like a plan." Todd responded as they headed for the house.

Even though they cleaned the kitchen after the flour fiasco, they forgot the phone, and it was still covered with a fine layer of flour. Todd picked it up and looked at Jeff, held the phone out to him, and made a face. Jeff grabbed a sponge from the sink, and threw it to him. He wiped off the flour, and threw it back. Todd dialed the number, and the phone rang several times. After the usual hellos, he was soon involved in a very animated conversation, and it was all Jeff could do not to laugh. He would squint, roll his eyes, make mouth gestures with his hands, and yawn whenever they got too long winded. He finally said good-bye and hung up. "That was Sylvia, my cousin's roommate. Lisa is out of town for a week on business. Sylvia has the truck, and said we could borrow it tomorrow." "That's great." Jeff said quickly. "What time can we pick it up?" He added. "She said not too early, and that she will be sleeping in until about 9:30 or 10:00, but anytime after is fine" Todd answered. "That's good enough I suppose, we could do breakfast again." Jeff added with a sly smile. Todd winked and said "yeah, we could do that." Then they both laughed. "We better get busy if we're going to be finished with this by tomorrow" Jeff pronounced. "Yeah, but I think you better feed me first, or I'm going to dry up and blow away" Todd returned. "OK, OK, I get the point...How about pizza, I could order some, and we could keep working until it arrives." Jeff replied grabbing the yellow pages. "I'd rather have Chinese if you wouldn't mind." Todd said. "Are you kidding? I LOVE Chinese food, I sometimes think I should be Chinese as much as I like it!" Jeff exclaimed. "Any preferences?" Jeff amended. "Yeah, Chicken Chow Mein, that's my favorite." Todd replied. "Great, I know just the place, they have excellent Chow Mein." Jeff responded. "I'll make the call, while you take a break" Jeff added. "OK by me" Todd said as he headed for the fridge. He grabbed a soda, twisted off the cap, went into the living room, flopped down on the couch. He could hear the muffled conversation, then he heard him hang up. A few seconds passed, and Jeff came in with a beer in his hand and sat down beside Todd. "It will be here in 45 minutes." Jeff stated. "If I haven't told you lately, I really appreciate the help" he added quickly. "Oh please, I'm getting paid aren't I? Besides, it's been a blast, I can't remember ever having this much fun while making money." He winked at Jeff. "I just hope that even if there isn't a windstorm to clean up after, I can drop by from time to time." He amended. "If I am here or not, you are have the key now, just keep it, and come and go as you wish." "Cool" Todd responded smiling, then a frown crossed his features "I'll try not to be over here every day so you won't get tired of me" Todd stated. "If you do, I'll just lock myself in the dark room...that's what I do to everyone else" Jeff joked. "You butthead, I'm being serious" Todd retorted. "OK" Jeff said putting on a serious face. "Actually, it will be fun to have someone around. I don't think there will be any chance of me getting tired of you." Jeff said. "That is as long as you aren't a slob." Jeff added. "Well, I'm not a slob, I always clean up after myself." Todd stated. "We better get to it, we've already killed five minutes." Jeff said looking at the clock. "OK" Todd said as he got off the couch and headed for the door. Jeff followed, and they worked until the food came. The delivery driver was cute, and Jeff noticed him stealing glances of Todd. He handed him the check, which he looked over. He suddenly smiled real big, said "Thanks!" quickly, and went back to his car. Jeff had the check all made out, with a sizable tip. Jeff heard him start the motor and back out, turned and started for the door. Todd rushed to open it, and they heard someone drive up again. They heard a car door slam, and the doorbell ring. Jeff rushed into the house, placed the box on the table, and opened the door. The delivery boy was there, and he was out of breath like he had been running. "Here's something I forgot sorry about that" he said panting. He handed the forgotten items to Jeff, apologized again, then left. "Oh well, probably would have never missed it." Jeff said throwing the bag to Todd. Todd caught the bag, and opened it. He found two fortune cookies, chopsticks, soy sauce and napkins. "Fortune cookies, sauce and chopsticks." Todd answered. "Oh, and napkins" he added quickly. "Do you use these things?" Todd said as he broke a pair of the chopsticks apart. "Occasionally, but most of the time I use a fork, it holds a lot more." Jeff responded. "I never learned how to use them, can you teach me?" Todd asked. "I'll try, but it's been a long time, and I'm not very good at it, so don't laugh" Jeff said. "OK, I'll try not to, in fact, you will probably be laughing at me." Todd said as he closed the door. "I don't know about that" Jeff reported.

"I hope you're really hungry, because I ordered a lot" Jeff said once they made it back to the kitchen. "I'm ravenous!" Todd piped up. Jeff opened the box and started pulling little Chinese buckets out. When he finished, the table was covered with them, leaving very little room for much else. "Boy you weren't kidding were you, Looks like you were hungry too. I guess we'll be eating in the living room." Todd said helping Jeff open the buckets. "well, let's eat." Jeff said. Jeff grabbed two plates from the rack on the counter, and handed one to Todd. "I don't know where to start." Todd said surveying the feast before him. "Well start somewhere, before I do it for you." Jeff replied hurriedly. Then he started to name the dishes "Lemon chicken, sesame chicken, chicken chow mein, barbecue beef, Szechwan beef, broccoli beef, cashew chicken..." and said. "Alright already, enough! I'm getting something." Todd butted in. "Good, because I'm becoming emaciated back here." Jeff said from behind him. Todd just laughed. He spotted the chow mein and started with that and cashew chicken. He grabbed a soda from the fridge, and went to the living room. Jeff joined him a few minutes later. Todd held the two chopsticks out to Jeff. He sighed grabbed them. "I was hoping you would forget that." Jeff said as he tried to position his fingers right. It didn't go very well unless you count laughter into the equation. Jeff told Todd not to laugh, but that was all either of them did. The first time Jeff tried to pick up something with the chopsticks, it flew halfway across the room. But the first time Todd tried, the CHOPSTICKS flew halfway across the room, and Jeff laughed hard, almost choking on his food. By the time it was all over, half of the food was gone. They cleaned up what was left, and since they stuffed themselves, they decided to wait an hour or so before starting on the yard again. As they were sitting on the couch, Todd asked if he could see some of Jeff's pictures. Jeff was a little hesitant, but he finally agreed. Jeff said he had to tell him something first. "OK, shoot." Todd said. "There's something about me you may want to know, because it will be readily apparent once you see my pictures. I'm gay." Jeff answered matter-of-factly. Todd just looked at him, and burst out laughing. Jeff's looked at him dumbfounded. "What's so funny?" Jeff said, not at all amused. "I am too, and I just came out to my parents. They said I was just going through a phase, and I should start hanging around some heterosexual men. He laughed hysterically again then continued. "The REALLY funny part was...they cited you as an example of who I should spend time with!" He just couldn't control himself then, and he laughed so hard he cried. It was Jeff's turn to laugh now, and he did. When they had laughed enough to make their sides and backs hurt, and their faces were streamed with tear trails, the laughing finally ceased and they sat back up on the couch. "I have a confession." Todd said quickly becoming serious. "The first time I saw you I wanted to get to know you, and you have been my fantasy 'partner' many times. There was always that nagging voice saying 'he's straight you dolt, he would probably kill you if he knew you were gay' so I just left it at that. But last night when I saw you watching me, I was convinced you weren't straight. Of course there are a lot of 'straight' men who enjoy watching other men jack off, so I was real careful about what I said around you. Even though I dropped a few subtle hints. When I fell yesterday, and you caught me, I thought I was going to cream my shorts right there, and when it didn't seem to bother you, my heart sunk. So, I backed off. Boy am I glad you finally told me, I have been waiting a long time for those two words" Jeff didn't know what to say, he was dumbfounded, and all he could do was stare at Todd in disbelief. Todd scooted closer to him on the couch, and kissed him gently on the lips, Jeff kissed him back a little harder, and soon their tongues were intertwined and their lips were meshed. They both reached for each other, and began each others back. The tips of their fingers were gently caressing every inch. Todd's hands found their way into the waistband of Jeff's shorts, and began caressing Jeff's ass cheeks. This surprised Jeff, but he soon got used to it, and did the same to Todd. Todd pulled his lips away from Jeff's. "Let's get a little more comfortable." With that, he started taking off his shirt. "No, let me do that." Jeff said quickly. Todd just smiled and lowered his hands. Jeff started raising his shirt ever so slowly, raising it just high enough to clear the waistband of the shorts he was wearing, and working his way higher, until his bellybutton was showing. He started tracing the outlines of the his muscles with his tongue, and Todd let out a moan. He kept working his way up, never missing a millimeter of those muscles. He finally got to his pecs, and began circling them, getting ever closer to the nipples, and the circles of darker flesh surrounding them. Whenever he brushed them, Todd shuddered and moaned even louder. Jeff decided to skip over his nipples, and pulled the shirt over Todd's head, slowly continuing to tongue his way up his torso. Todd was moaning constantly now, punctuating his moans here and there with a louder one when Jeff hit a particularly sensitive spot. Jeff made it to his neck, and Todd shuddered and let out a small cry when Jeff's breath hit it. Jeff continued upward and to his ears, brushing them ever so softly with his lips. Todd shuddered again, and could hold back no longer. He grabbed Jeff by the shoulders, and brought his lips to Jeff's. They embraced and holding each other tight with their arms. They both fell to the couch, tongues entwined. Todd started taking Jeff's shirt over his head, and Jeff started on Todd's shorts. They finally let go of each other long enough to shuck their clothes. Soon they were engulfed by the desire they both felt. Todd pulled away long enough to ask where the condoms and lube were, and Jeff asked if he wanted to go to them. Jeff didn't wait for him to answer. He scooped him up and headed for the bedroom. As he walked, Jeff leaned down and started licking the head of Todd's cock. He tasted the precome that had accumulated there, and when they got to the bedroom, Jeff laid him gingerly on the bed. Jeff began licking every square inch of his crotch, skipping over his cock. He got to the area between his balls and his legs, and Todd had to pull him away, because it was too intense. Todd pulled him up and onto the bed, until he could get his swollen cock into his hungry mouth. Todd was amazing, he knew all the right places to stimulate, and soon Jeff was close. Jeff pulled his cock away, and it exited Todd's mouth with a popping sound. "If you keep on with that, we won't need lube and condoms." Jeff said breathing hard. "No harm in that." Todd answered going for his cock again. Jeff took the hint, and turned his body so they could service each other. They sixty-nined for a while, then Jeff screamed "I'm cummmming," began thrusting his hips, and started pistoning his cock in and out of Jacks mouth like a jack hammer. It was all Todd could do not to choke, but he held out until Jeff finally shuddered and all his muscles tightened, as he unloaded into Jacks mouth. Todd then let out a loud moan and filled Jeff's mouth with spurt after spurt of his tangy spunk. They both collapsed on each other, and quickly fell to sleep. When they awoke, the sun was low in the sky, and the wind had started to blow. Jeff awoke to Todd working on his member like a milking machine on overdrive. When Todd noticed he was awake, he pulled himself up to lie beside him. "Man that was better than I had dreamed it would be, you were amazing." Todd said. "You weren't any worse, but the best is yet to come." Jeff said as he reached over and pulled a condom and the bottle of lube out of the drawer of the night stand. Todd just smiled, grabbed the condom, ripped it open and began applying it to Jeff's cock. "I have been waiting a long time for the right one to make love to me, and you're number one in that category." Todd responded. Jeff then kissed him passionately. When they finally pulled away, Jeff lay down on the bed, and Todd straddled him. He finished lubing the condom, and lubed himself as well. He took Jeff's hand and placed one of his fingers on his pucker. Jeff slowly started massaging it, until he could feel it relax. When it finally did, he pushed it in past the first knuckle. This made Todd gasp, and Jeff felt his ass clench. Jeff held his finger still for a moment, letting the muscle unclench. He resumed whenever his sphincter relaxed, and Todd started moaning. Soon Jeff had his whole finger inside, and Todd was pushing against his hand, trying to get it further in. Todd reached around his back, pulled Jeff's hand away, and guided Jeff's cock toward his hole. He shiver when the head touched his pucker. A drop of precome exited his piss slit and fell to Jeff's chest. Todd slowly began working the head in, it wasn't huge, but it was bigger than anything he had ever tried to get up there. Todd slowly started working it in, and he suddenly slid up to the hilt. It was such a shock, and felt so good that Todd quivered, and a new drop of precome fell onto Jeff's chest. Todd fell toward Jeff, and started kissing him hard and passionate. As they kissed Todd started to work Jeff's cock in and out of his ass. It felt so good, he soon abandoned the kissing, and started jumping on it like a pogo stick. Jeff felt every thrust as his cock encountered Todd's prostate, and Todd let out a loud moan. When Todd was near the brink, he stopped and said he wanted Jeff to do it. He rolled off of Jeff and onto his back on the bed. He put his legs up and Jeff obliged. Todd's asshole had begun to clench, so Jeff had to slowly work it in, but as soon as he did, he started slowly thrusting in and out. Todd moaned with every thrust, and soon was matching them with his hip movements. Jeff was getting closer now, and Todd was frantically working on his own swollen cock. "FUCK ME!" Todd growled. That was all that was needed to put Jeff over the brink, he felt the tingling start in his balls, and work its way up through his groin, finally to his ass and cock. He tensed on the last thrust as he drove his cock deep inside of Todd, unloading into the condom what seemed like gallons. He almost collapsed from the intensity, but steadied himself so he wouldn't fall full force on Todd. Todd was fisting his cock in a frenzy. He blew his load just as Jeff thrusted one last time. It went in a high arc over his head and splattered on the headboard. The next salvo went over his left shoulder, and hit the pillow. The rest went everywhere else, and Todd was beginning to think he was going to dehydrate from the amount that was spewing out of him. It gradually lessened, and slowed to a trickle. Todd sighed heavily, he never wanted this moment to end. He felt he could die at this moment, and never have any regrets. "I think I Love You." He said looking into Jeff's eyes. "I think I Love You too Todd." Jeff replied earnestly. Jeff leaned down and kissed him more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone, then he just collapsed on top of Todd, and they slept soundly until the next morning, when it all began anew. This time it was Jeff's turn, and he had no problem with that, as long as he was with Todd.