The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 14


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter.

From Chapter 13 ...

A few weeks later David calls to tell Bret that he is bringing Josh and his boyfriend Clay home for dinner.

"Ok babe, thanks for the notice. I'll go shopping and prepare something nice. I'll see you at six then," he says and hangs up.

He prepares a nice dinner and he waits for them to arrive. A little before six, David and the guests arrive.

"Babe I'm home," he says as they walk in the front door and Bret comes walking in.

"Hi I'm Bret, it is so nice to have guests," he says.

"Babe, this is Joshua and his boyfriend Clay," he says and Clay looks strangely at him.

"It's so nice to meet you finally, after hearing about your horrible ordeal," Josh says giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah nice to meet you," Clay says rather coolly shaking his hand.

"David, would you take them into the den while I finish up with dinner?" Bret says and starts to turn and notices Clay's boots and freezes.

"What's the matter babe," David says looking at Bret as he stares at Clay.

"Ah ... nothing dear ... I'll just finish up and we can eat," he says and rushes off to the kitchen.

He goes into the kitchen and picks up the phone and dials 911.

"What is your emergency?" the operator asks as he hears the click of a gun.


"Hang it up now," Clay whispers in Bret's ear.  "Now move it into the den."

"Clay you're the one who killed the bank officer, I recognized your boots," Bret says.

"Yeah I saw the way you froze there when you saw them," He says.  "I should've wasted you that day on the road," he says as he pushes Bret out of the kitchen and into the den.

"Clay what the fuck are you doing?" Josh asks in shock.

"You sit down and shut up too, I'm sick of your fucking ass," he says spitting at him.  "Where's the other one?"

"Right here," David says as he swings a baseball bat and catches Clay on the side of the head.  He goes down in a heap and the gun goes off, striking Josh in the arm.

David rushes to Josh's aid while Bret rushes to the phone and calls 911 again.  The police and an ambulance arrive a short time later.  Clay is still out cold and clinging to life.

"Is Josh going to be alright?" David asks concerned for his chief engineer.

"It looks like a clean shot, but we need to have him checked out and stitched up," the paramedic says as they take Josh out on a stretcher.  "The other one I'm not so sure about," he says looking over at his partner working on Clay."  Bret is talking to the police, giving them his statement about what had happened and about Clay being the one who shot the bank manager.  After everyone left and things calmed down, David was sitting and holding Bret.

"My only fear was losing you bud, I couldn't deal with another death in my life again," he says kissing the back of Bret's head.  "When I couldn't find you last week my old fears came flooding back like a tidal wave and I nearly died," he said pulling his man closer to him.

"When they took me from the bank I thought I was going to be killed.  All I could think of was you and how you would react to my death babe," he says turning his head and kissing David.  "Take me to bed babe, and make love to me," Bret asks as he kisses David passionately. 

David turns his man in his arms and kisses him with all the love that he feels for him.  Their lips join as their tongues meet in anticipation of the love to come.  Bret softly moans as he gives himself to his cowboy, completely abandoning himself to his passion.  David breaks his kiss looking into his lover's deep blue eyes and says.

"Bret I need you to make love to me, I need to feel you deep inside when you fill me with your love," he says as he kisses the man he feared he almost lost.

"I love you David, with all my heart. Never stop loving me, cowboy," he says as they get up and go upstairs holding each other's hand.

They undress each other and get into bed with Bret lying on top of David.  He's looking deep into those soft brown eyes and he lowers himself for a kiss.  David embraces his man with the passion that his heart is singing. He lets all worry and fear go as their lips meet and they become one in purpose.  Their hearts are beating to the rhythm of love as their bodies dance to the beat.

"Make love to me bud, I need you now," David says unable to control his passion for Bret.  Bret sits up and prepares the two of them positioning himself.  He looks into his lover's eyes as he slowly enters his man.  David arches his back feeling the loving sensation of his man entering him, slowly pushing all the way in.

"Oh bud, I need your love so much," he says as he wraps his arms and legs around Bret.  "Make love to me as only my lover can," he whispers in his man's ear.  Bret slowly begins to pull out and then he slowly pushes in, sending electricity through David's body as he rises to meet Bret's push.  They find love's rhythm and they are soon lost in the glow of their lovemaking.  They are moaning and sighing as they bring each other to a place only they can enter.

"I'm yours babe, take me.  I'm coming," David cries out in his passion as he shoots his love between their bodies as they kiss.  Rope after rope he shoots his love until he is spent.  Bret is feeling the joy of his lover's climax as he is shooting deep into his man.  He quickens his pace filling his lover with his seed.

"Oh fill me lover, fill me with your love for me," David cries out to his man as he feels his lover shoot in him and then kisses him hard and passionately.  They cling to one another just the way they would cling to life.  They ride the wave of their lovemaking letting it slowly take them home to a place of comfort and safety.  Bret slides off David and wraps his man tightly in his arms.  David spoons into his man, taking hold of his hands while feeling content and safe in the glow of love washing over them.

"Hold me bud, hold me tight and never let me go," David says as Bret pulls his man into him, kissing the top of his head.

"I have you cowboy, and I will never leave you," he says as they drift off to sleep, secure in their love and arms. 

David wakes the next morning alone in his bed and he panics.

"Bret!" he screams out fearing he has woken from a dream into a nightmare. "Bret where are you!" he screams again as Bret comes running into the room.  "I thought that I had lost you love," he says crying as Bret climbs into bed and comforts his man.

"I was just downstairs making us coffee babe," he says as he holds his man, comforting him.  He kisses his man as he lays him down and gets between his legs.

"I owe you this from last week cowboy," he says as he goes down on David's cock.  He slowly swallows it down his hot throat until he is taking in the scent of his man's bush.  David lets out a moan that says everything he's feeling as he's pleasured by Bret's eager mouth.  He slowly goes up and down on David's pulsating cock and soon he is shooting his sweet cum deep into his lover's waiting throat.

"Oh fuck bud," he calls out in ecstasy when he shoots his seed down Bret's throat. "You make me so fucking hot."  Bret continues to suck pulling slightly off so he can taste the cum of his man.  He sucks his man until he has given him all that he has to give.

"I love you babe," Bret says to his lover as he crawls up for a kiss.  They kiss in the passion of their love as only two lovers can.

"I love you so much bud, thank you for that," he says holding his man tightly in his arms still feeling the pangs of his insecurities.

"Are you sure you're all right love?" Bret asks looking into his lover's eyes now glowing from the sunlight.  His hair picks up the soft shades of red as the sunlight also touches it, setting off the various shades that are not there when the sun is gone.  They get up and shower together making love once again, with the water washing over them.  They dress and go down to breakfast before going to see how Joshua is doing.

"It was nice of your dad to take Josh in until his arm is healed," Bret says to David. 

"I feel so bad for him, first he gets shot and then his lover turns out to be a bank robbing murderer," David says.  "He was so sure that I would fire him because of Clay."

"He had no idea that Clay was still involved in a life of crime, did he?" Bret asks.

"No way, he even told me that Clay had been involved in some bad choices in the past and was trying to clean up his life," David says.  "He was completely in the dark about what was going on."

"That was such a horrible look on his face when Clay told him that he was tired of him.  He looked totally devastated David."

"I hope he finds someone nice that will love him the way he deserves to be loved, like we have bud," David says kissing his lover.

"What we have is special babe, I wish everyone could have this kind of love babe," he says kissing him back.

They drive over to Tyler's house to see how Josh is doing and talk about his job.

"Hey kid, how's the arm this morning?" David asks sitting next to Josh.

"Very sore but the doctor say it will be for a few days."

"Well you take as much time as you need before you come back to work; Mike is willing to fill in until you can get back on your feet."

"You still want me to work for you after what I have put you two through?" he says with tears in his eyes.

"Joshua, if I thought for one moment that you were involved, I would have had you arrested with Clay.  I do not hold you in any way responsible for what happened last night," he says patting his shoulder.

"Thanks so much Dave, you are a terrific man, and so are you Bret for being so forgiving."

"Joshua I feel the same way that David does, I just hope you find a man to love and love you the way you deserve," Bret says kissing him on his cheek.  Josh breaks down and cries from all the love and kindness that he is being shown.  Tyler takes him in his arms and holds him as only a father can.

"Quiet son," Tyler says stroking Josh's hair.  "You are loved here, and we are your friends," he whispers in his ear.  Josh finally calms down, and thanks his new friends while wiping away his tears.

"I have never had friends who have been so kind and loving as you three have been to me," he says smiling and looking at the three of them.  "The doctor says that I should be able to go back to work in about two weeks," he tells David.  "My job doesn't really need both arms at the moment so as soon as the pain goes away I'll be back.  Please tell Mike I really appreciate his stepping in for me," he says.

"Like I said Josh, take all the time you need."

"Well I have work to attend to at the refinery, so I'll leave lover boy with you two for safe keeping dad," he says looking at Bret.

"I don't need to be babysat," Bret says to David.  "But if you will feel better about it, I will visit for the day here, ok?" he says smiling at his man.

"I'm sorry bud, I guess old feelings are hard to escape from," David says kissing his man goodbye and waving to the others as he leaves.

After he leaves, Tyler makes coffee and the three of them sit and talk.

"What was that about old feelings?" Tyler asks Bret.

"He had such a flashback this morning and last night about losing those he loves," Bret tells Tyler and Josh.  "His insecurities are raising hell with his mind dad.  He woke this morning and found I was not in bed.  I was downstairs making coffee, and he screamed out my name in a terrible state of panic and fear.  I went running upstairs thinking something had happened, only to find him shaking with fear.  He thought I was dead and that he had lost me forever.  It took me quite a while and a blowjob to calm him down," he says as the others laugh, not at his problems but at the blowjob.

"Someone remind me to call you if I'm ever that upset," Josh says then turns red realizing what he had just said.

"Sorry Josh, I'm a one patient doctor," Bret says laughing.

"I'm sorry Bret, I was just joking," he says, as his redness gets worst.

"That's fine kid, but in all seriousness dad, I'm really concerned about these feelings he has about loving people."

"Maybe it is time he seeks professional help," Tyler says.  "Sometimes we need someone who can be objective to help us see a way through the forest of our nightmares."

"I've thought of that, but I don't know if he would go," Bret says.  "He feels he can handle it on his own, but after last night and this morning it's obvious he can't."

An hour later the telephone rings and it's David calling.

"Hey cowboy, just thought I would call and say I love you," David says.

"David, I just saw you an hour ago," Bret says looking at Tyler. "I love you too, babe.  Now go to work and make us lots of money," he says as he hangs up.

He puts down the phone and turns to Tyler.

"Now do you see what I mean about his fears and insecurities dad?" Bret says with tears filling his eyes.

"Yes son I do.  I know a good doctor that just started a practice in town, I think I have his card here somewhere," Tyler says looking through a drawer. "Here it is, a Dr. Paul Marks," he says.  "He is a psychiatrist," Tyler says handing the card to Bret. "Keep the card, have David call him and make an appointment.  If you want I will talk to David and urge him to seek help also," he says.

"Let me try first dad," Bret says stuffing the card in his shirt pocket.

Later that day David picks up Bret and they drive home.  He had called Bret seven times that day, and Bret was at his wits end with David's insecurities.

"David we need to talk babe," Bret says as they drive home.

"Sure bud, what's up," he says as he glances over at Bret. "You look so serious, is everything all right," he says pulling over to the side of the road.

"No it is not, but keep driving babe," he tells him but David refuses to move.  "David please let's go home, we can talk there," Bret says.

"No bud, tell me what is wrong, I cannot drive knowing that something is bothering you," he says turning to face Bret.

"David please, either drive home or I will get out and walk home," he says very sternly.


They get home and David follows Bret into the house as he goes straight into the parlor.

"Ok bud, now tell me what is wrong with you," David says taking Bret in his arms.

"You are David, or rather your fears and insecurities are what's wrong," he says as he tears up and wipes them away refusing to cry.  "I love you so much David, but you need some help in dealing with your phobias.  Last night and this morning only showed me how much they possess you and your emotions babe," he says still in David's arms.

"I am getting a handle on them," he says letting go of Bret as he turns from him to look out the window.  "They are not as bad as they once were," he says but he does not convince Bret or neither himself.

"David look at me," Bret says turning him and taking him in his arms.  "I love you so much, and this is killing me seeing you like this.  You called me seven times today babe, seven times.  Did you think I was going to just vanish into thin air or something?  They are not getting better; they are taking you over love.  Each time some little thing happens they make you fear the worst.  Look at this morning, I was just downstairs making our coffee like I always do, you went into a panic attack and thought I was dead."  David looks into Bret's eyes and he realizes that what he is saying is true.  He just stares at his man then completely breaks down in tears as he falls to the floor.  Bret holds him tight as he cries for hours, unable to put to death his fears.  Bret gets the phone and calls the number that Tyler had given him.

"This is Dr. Paul Marks answering service, how may I help you," the receptionist asks.  Bret gives her his information and hangs up as he goes back to a crying David.

"It's going to be all right babe. I am going to get you the help you need so we can live our life in happiness," he tells David holding him tight.  A half hour later the phone rings and David has fallen asleep.

"Hello, this is Dr. Marks, is this Bret Tremont," he asks.

"Yes Dr. Marks and I have a serious problem here."  Bret explains what is happening to David and his relationship with David.  The doctor tells him that he should be admitted into the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

"Is it necessary for hospitalization doctor," Bret asks.

"Yes for at least thirty days, this way we can see exactly what he is going through.  This also means you will not be able to see him for that time," he tells Bret.

"But why doctor, he will think that I am dead," Bret says.

"Exactly Bret, we need to see exactly what he is fighting with in his mind.  It will be very traumatic for him, but he will come out a better man, Bret."

Bret looks over at David who is lying on the floor shaking and crying again and then says to the doctor.

"You had better come soon doctor, he is still shaking and crying on the floor uncontrollably," Bret tells him.

"I will send an ambulance to you; please do not come with him Bret.  Say your goodbyes now because you will not see him for the next thirty days," the doctor tells him and hangs up.

Bret goes in to David and takes him in his arms wrapping him tight.  The look in David's eyes tells him that he is somewhere far away.

"I am letting you go my love, but you had better come back to me cowboy," he says and he kisses him.  A while later the doorbell rings and Bret answer it showing the way to David.  The attendants pick him up and lay him on the stretcher strapping him down.  As they are wheeling him out David looks at Bret and their eye suddenly meet.  All at once, all Bret can see in them is `why love' and he starts to cry. He watches as the ambulance takes away the only man he has ever loved.  He slowly closes the door as he leans against it sliding down to the floor crying, asking himself if he has done the right thing.  His heart is breaking as he thinks of his David, and looses control of his emotions.  He finally gets up and he decides to call his sister unable to deal with his pain.

"Jeanne Marie help me," he cries.

"Bret honey, what is the matter," she asks.

"I have just committed David to Parkland for observation," she tells her.

"I am coming over, hang on baby," she says and they hang up.

She gets there and finds Bret sitting on the floor beside the phone still crying.  She rushes to his side wrapping her arms around him trying to comfort him while bringing him into the parlor.  She lays him on the sofa while she goes into the kitchen and fixes him a cup of chamomile tea.

"Here honey, drink this it will help to sooth your nerves," she says helping him to sit up as she gives him a sip of the tea.  "Now tell me about David from the beginning Bret."  He tells her about last evening and this morning, about all the calls he made today.  Then he told her about how he had confronted him about his phobias, and his mental breakdown.

"I had to commit him sis, there was no other way to save him," he says looking at her lost and helpless.  "As they were wheeling him out he looked at me and his eyes just asked `why'. The hardest part is that I cannot see him for the next thirty days and I do not know if I can survive that," he says crying again.

"You must survive for his sake brother.  What you did took a lot of love on your part, and once he is recovered he will see that."

"Do you really think so, he will not hate me for what I am putting him through," he says looking for hope at her.

"If I know my brother, and I think I do, he will be a stronger man because of it.  Now I have to go for my next visit in the morning brother, would you be up to going with me," she asks hoping to take his mind off David if only for the moment.

"I would like that, maybe it would help me to divert my attention to something other than David for a bit," he says giving his sister a kiss.  "Do you mind staying tonight with me," he asks.

"I had already planned on it little brother, now lets go to bed," she says as they get up to go upstairs to bed.

The next morning at the doctor's office Bret is excited about seeing the ultra-sound of the babies.  As the doctor spreads the gel on Jeanne Marie's belly Bret watches with intense anticipation.  The doctor grabs the wand as he starts to move around on her belly.

"Oh my," he says after awhile of moving the wand around. "This is quite unusual," he says looking up at Jeanne Marie.

"What is doctor is everything all right," she asks rather worried.

"This did not show up last time," he said. "There is a third child in there," he says and Bret faints.  The nurse rushes to his aid and revives him as she gets him upright.

"Did he just say a third baby," Bret asks now standing next to Jeanne Marie.

"That's right young man, three, two boys and a girl," he says looking at Bret who is now smiling from ear to ear.

"We have to get another crib," he tells his sister.

"Well someone is going to have their hands full," the doctor says.

They leave the office and head over to Tyler's house to share the news both good and bad.

"Dad!" Bret shouts running in through the door.  "Its triplets!" he shouts again and Tyler is overcome with the news.

"Congratulations son, I bet David is beside himself," Tyler says not knowing yet about what has happened to David.

"He does not know dad, he is in the hospital," Bret says coming down from his emotional high.  "I had to commit him last night to Parkland after he had a mental breakdown" he tells Tyler.

"I knew it was coming," Tyler says as he takes Bret into his arms.  "It's for the best son, this way he can get the help he needs to overcome his fears."

"I know dad, I keep telling myself that. But I just hope he comes out not hating me for what I did to him," he says.

"How could he son, you did it out of love and for no other reason," he says pulling him in tightly.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize we had company," Josh says as he comes out wearing a robe looking at Bret and a very pregnant Jeanne Marie.

"Yes Josh, they stopped by to tell us that Bret and David are having triplets," Tyler says looking a bit sheepish as Bret looks from Josh to Tyler and then back to Josh.

"Wow, triplets that's great I guess if you like babies," he says not sure if he should be standing there in a robe.  "Where is the other proud father," he asks referring to David.

"I'll tell you later, why don't you go get dressed," Tyler says looking a bit embarrassed.

"Is there something you want to tell me," Bret whispers to Tyler who now gets very red.

"Listen son, we had a one time fling and that is all it was," Tyler says feeling a tad warm.  "My it is going to be a hot one today, I can feel the heat already," he says fanning himself.

"I feel comfortable," Bret says amusingly.

"Don't be a shit, son," he says to Bret and walks into the kitchen to make some coffee wearing just his robe.

"I think we interrupted something," Jeanne Marie whispers to Bret. "Maybe we should be going."

"Dad we have a million things to do today.  I will give you a call later once I hear how things are going with David," he says as they leave.

Joshua comes back down into the kitchen and wonders where everyone has gone.

"I hope I didn't chase them off," he says to Tyler.

"No Josh, they had a lot to do and needed to leave.  They also know about our little fling earlier," Tyler says.

"I hope it didn't cause you any family problems, because it was just a one time thing," he says looking like he was in trouble.

"Don't worry Josh; they know that we aren't serious about each other and that it was only that, a one time sexual romp."

At the hospital, David wakes up finding himself restrained to his bed.

"Bret!" he screams out in agony searching with his eyes for his lover.  "Bret where are you!" he screams again as Dr. Marks come over to his side.

"Good morning David.  I am Dr. Paul Marks," he says to David.

"Bret!" he screams looking at the doctor.  "Where is my Bret and where am I," he asks trying to get free.

"You are at Parkland Memorial Hospital David, do you remember coming here last night," he asks him.

"No, all I remember is being at home with Bret, what have you done with him," he says trying harder to break free.  "Why am I tied to this bed," he asks.

"It is for your own protection David, and Bret is gone," he tells him.

"What do you mean gone, what have you done with him," he says and his fears are taking control now.

"He is just gone that is all David.  You cannot see him because he is gone," the doctor tells him watching for his reaction.

"No he cannot be gone, not my Bret.  So help me if you have hurt him I will kill you, what have you done with him.  I need him ... where is ... he" and he breaks down as he looses control once again of his emotions and cries.  The doctor gives him a shot and within a few seconds, he is asleep.

"His fears are very deep rooted," the doctor says to his colleagues. 

Several hours later, David wakes up and he is in another room.  The room is private with a window and a mirror on the opposite wall.  He is no longer tied to his bed.  He gets up and looks out the window and thinks of his Bret.

"Bret what have they done to you my love," he says aloud as he turns away.  "I should never have opened my heart to you, and you would still be alive," he says as tears gently roll down his face.  "I told you that a long time ago but you insisted on getting into my life and heart."  He walks around the room, wondering where he is at, when the door opens.

"Hello David, do you remember me," the doctor asks.

"Yeah you claim to be some king of doctor I think," David says but he is not sure.  "Please sir, just tell me what has become of my Bret," David pleads with him.

"What do you think has become of him," the doctor asks.

David looks at the doctor and the orderly and turns again to the window.  "He is dead, isn't he," David asks certain in his mind that what he says is true.

"And why do you feel he is dead David," the doctor asks leading him deeper into his phobia.

"Because I know you have killed him and soon you will kill me.  Do you also have Tyler here at this place," he says turning swiftly towards the doctor triggering the orderly to stand ready.

"Do you feel that he is dead also David," he asks.

"You would know, you monster.  You seem to have all those that I love most." David says glaring at him.

"And what of Jeanne Marie," the doctor asks and David lunges at him as the orderly subdues him.

"No not my sister," he screams out in mental pain as the doctor gives him an injection.

"Let's get him in bed," the doctor says once he has fallen asleep.  "This is deeper than I thought," he says as he leaves the room locking the door behind him.

The next morning David awakes and Dr. Marks is standing beside his bed.

"Good morning David.  How are you feeling today," he says smiling.

"I will not talk to you, you monster," he says and turns his head away.

"Now David, how can I help you if you do not talk to me?  I am only here to help you to face your demons," he says as David turns back to him.

"What do you mean help me face my demons," David says sitting up and the orderly comes forward but the doctor motions him to back off.

"Your demons of fear, your fear of loosing those you love David.  Afraid to love because if you do they might die."

"They do die, all of them, Kevin, my dads, now Bret."

"David things happen that we cannot control, we have no power over them.  Like the tornado David, that took your dad and Kevin.  That would have happened even if you did not love them David," he tells him.  "Your father Sean who died of a broken heart, could you have prevented that David," he says giving David time to let it sink in.

"But I loved them and they died," he says.

"Yes they did, and you shall some day, can anyone prevent that from happening," he asks him.  "No David no one can prevent someone from dying when it is there appointed time.  We wish we could but we cannot.  Your Bret is fine David," he says and David's face lights up briefly.  "He is the one who had you put here so you could get well," the doctor tells him.

"You are lying, he loves me he would not put me in a place like this," he says lashing out at the doctor.  "You have him somewhere or he is dead," he says as he turns again away from him.

"Listen to me David, he is very much alive and well," he tells him.  "He loves you and only wants for you to get better and to come back to him."

"I will not believe you ever, I can feel it in my heart that he is dead now get the fuck out of here and leave me alone."

The doctor leaves and goes to his office and calls Bret.

"Bret, this is Dr. Marks calling, I want to know if you could come by my office this afternoon," he asks.

"Is something wrong with David doctor," Bret asks. 

"Well health wise he is fine, mentally he feels that you are dead and he is responsible for your death.  I am going to allow you to see him."

"What time doctor," he asks excited that he can see his man.

"How about two," he says.

"Two is good, I will see you then.  He gets dressed, goes to the hospital, and arrives about a quarter of two.  He takes the elevator to the fifth floor to Dr. Marks' office.

"Mr. Tremont thank you for coming.  I have to warn you he is not in the best frame of mind at the moment and his appearance is not his best," the doctor says.  He leads Bret through a locked gate into the special ward, then down the hall to next to the last room where David is.

"Would you mind waiting while I see how he is," the doctor asks unlocking the door and going in.

"David I have someone to see you," the doctor says but David remains with his back to him.

"Get the fuck out of here," he screams at the doctor.  The doctor opens the door, ushers Bret in, and then closes it.

"Hello Cowboy," Bret says and David quickly turns around.  He flies from the bed rushing to Bret's open arms.

"I thought you were dead Bret," he says crying, as he held on tight.  "Take me home babe, please," he pleads.

"I cannot babe, you are here to get well," Bret says to him.  "I love you so much and that is why I had to do this," he says.

David pushes away and he stares at Bret as he says.

"Please tell me you aren't responsible for putting me in this hell," David says with anger and hurt in his eyes.

"David I had no choice, your fears was destroying not only you, but our relationship also."

"Babe please take me home," he pleads as the doctor pulls Bret from the room and the orderly puts a straight jacket on David to control his rage.  He is laying on the bed in mental torment, needing his Bret as he screams out in agony.

"Brettttttt!" he screams. "Bretttttt come back!" He screams as he thrashes about in the bed.  The doctor reenters and administers a shot to quiet him. 

The next morning the doctor comes in and David is sitting quietly by his bed reading.

"Good morning David, and how are we today," he asks noticing David's sudden change in personality.

"It's a great day Dr. Marks, and how are you today?"

"Fine David.  Would you care to talk with me this morning," the doctor asks.

"Sure doc, what shall we talk about," he coolly asks as he sets the magazine down.

"Well for starters, let's talk about Bret.  You saw him yesterday and how do you feel about your fears now," he asks David.

"Bret who doc, I have no recollection of knowing a Bret," David says with a look that suggests he is trying to remember someone with that name.  "I do remember my Kevin and my dads, but nope, no Bret," he says turning back to another magazine.

"David you and Bret are lovers, he is your life partner," Dr. Marks says looking puzzled at him.

"Now who is suffering from delusions doctor, Kevin was my partner and he was killed in a tornado several years ago," he says without looking up from the magazine.  "Now I would suggest my good doctor that unless you can prove me legally insane or harmful to myself or others, you had better release me unless you want to face a very serious malpractice law suit," David says with a vicious smile.  "And I do mean now doctor."

"David what about your fears of those you love dying," Dr. Marks asks hoping to trigger a response.

"What about them, we all got to die sometime don't we," he says.  "Now why don't you just busy yourself with getting me out of here instead of trying to get into my head," he says getting up and facing the doctor.

The doctor leaves David's room and calls Bret.

"Hello Bret, this is Dr. Marks calling."

"Is David all right?"  He asks fearing he is worst.

"Well he seems to be the old David except to him, he does not know you.  I questioned him about you and he only recollects knowing Kevin as his partner, and never you."

"No... he is not in his right mind doctor," he says fighting back his emotions.

"Well he has even threatened me with a lawsuit if I don't release him soon, and I really cannot prove that he is legally insane Bret.  Would you mind coming here as soon as you can?  Maybe seeing you will jog his memory."

"I am on my way doctor," he says hanging up.  "Why did I ever put him in that fucking hospital," he says aloud rushing out the door.

He gets to the hospital and rushes up to Dr. Marks' office.

"Thank you for coming Bret, I hope that this works.  If not I will have to release him from here today."  They go down to David's room and he has Bret wait in the hall.

"Well doctor, have you finally seen reason and decided to release me," David asks standing to face him.

"First there is someone that wants to see you," he says as he opens the door to allow Bret in.

"Good morning babe," Bret says going over to him.

"Who the fuck you calling babe?  I don't know you or what you think I am to you," David says pushing Bret away.

"David it's me Bret, your lover," he says as tears roll down his face.

"Nice touch the tears, now doc do I call my lawyer or do you let me out of this hell you call a hospital," he says walking past Bret.

"No David, no lawyer will be necessary.  Give me a few minutes to get the papers ready."

"I thought you'd see it my way, and take the cry baby with you," he says looking at Bret.  Bret and the doctor leave David's room and walk back to his office.

"What has happened to him," Bret asks still sobbing.  "He looked at me like I was a total stranger."

"He is either a very good actor or he really doesn't remember you.  But in all reality I cannot hold him any longer, I have to release him."

He gives David his release and David calls Tyler to come and get him.

"Dad its David, can you come to Parkland to pick me up," he asks Tyler.

"Where is Bret son, why isn't he getting you," he inquires puzzled as to what is going on.

"Why is everyone telling me about this guy Bret, I don't know any fucking Bret.  Now do I call a taxi or will you come and get me?"

"Yes son, I'll be there shortly," he says hanging up and dialing Bret's cell phone.

"Bret what the fuck is going on with my son and you?  He just called me for a ride home from the hospital."

"He doesn't know me anymore dad.  He has either blocked me out of his memory or he really doesn't remember who I am," he says crying.

"My God Bret, how can they release him if he doesn't remember you.  The two of you are so much in love with each other."

"Well we were dad, but now I guess he and I are through," and he looses all control of his emotions.  Tyler hears the sound of the car as it crashes into something.

"Bret!! Tyler screams into the phone.  "Bret answer me!!" he screams again but gets no answer.

Back waiting at the hospital...

"Bret, now how does it feel to be thrown aside like damaged goods," David says to himself as he waits for Tyler.

To be continued...

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