The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 15


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter.


From Chapter 14 ...


"Dad its David, can you come to Parkland to pick me up?" he asks Tyler.

"Where is Bret son, why isn't he getting you?" he inquires puzzled as to what is going on.

"Why is everyone telling me about this guy Bret?  I don't know any fucking Bret.  Now do I call a taxi or will you come and get me?"

"Yes son, I'll be there shortly," he says hanging up and dialing Bret's cell phone.

"Bret what the fuck is going on with my son and you?  He just called me for a ride home from the hospital."

"He doesn't know me anymore dad.  He has either blocked me out of his memory or he really doesn't remember who I am," he says crying.

"My God Bret, how can they release him if he doesn't remember you?  The two of you are so much in love with each other."

"Well we were dad, but now I guess he and I are through," and Bret loses all control of his emotions.  Tyler hears the sound of the car as it crashes into something.

"Bret!! Tyler screams into the phone.  "Bret answer me!!" he screams again but gets no answer.

Back waiting at the hospital...

"Bret, now how does it feel to be thrown aside like damaged goods?" David says to himself as he waits for Tyler.


Chapter 15...

"Bret please answer me," Tyler pleads into the phone and still gets no answer.  He hangs up his phone and calls 911.

"911 what is your emergency?" the operator asks.

"My son has wrecked his car but I don't know exactly where he was," Tyler says panicking into the phone.

"Please calm down sir.  Do you know where he was headed?"

"To his home outside of Dallas on route 67," he says.

"I will alert the state highway patrol and have them watch for any accidents.  Now what is your son's name?"

"Bret Tremont."

"How do you know he had an accident sir?" she asks.

"I was talking to him when I heard the car crash."

"What is your name and number sir, so if we do determine that he has had an accident we may reach you?"

"Tyler Barkley and my cell number is 555-6983. If you do find him tell him I love him please." 

He hangs up and drives to pick up David.  He tries to remain calm so that he doesn't have an accident.  He wishes that Joshua had still been home, but he had returned to work this week, so he had to drive himself to pick up David.  David sees him pull up in front and goes out quickly and gets in the car.

"Thanks dad for coming to get me," he says as Tyler strikes him across the face.  "What the fuck was that for?" he asks as he rubs his face.

"Listen you spoiled little shit, you may be fooling your doctor and Bret with this game you're playing, but you are not fooling me," he says angrily at David as David starts to say something in his defense.  "Shut your fucking mouth and listen to me.  Your man is laying somewhere in a wrecked car because of your fucking fears.  I called him after you called me to ask what was going on between you two.  While I was talking to him he broke down crying over your sorry fucking ass and lost control of his car.  The last sound I heard was the car crashing into something.  He didn't answer when I yelled to him.  Now my dear boy, I do hope that you are happy with yourself," he says and slaps him again out of anger.

"Please dad, don't hit me again, I'm sorry for what I did," he says starting to cry.

"Don't waste your tears on me; I learned a long time ago to harden myself to false tears.  Your games may have cost the life of the one man in this world that truly loved you unconditionally."

"He had no right to commit me to that hell of a mental institution," he says angrily.

"He had every right to do it, if he hadn't I was about to.  You were not yourself and he loved you enough to risk losing you to see that you got medical help to get well.  I don't know what reason you may have thought he had for doing what he did, but love was the only thing that made him do it.  That boy died every day he was away from you.  He cried so badly that night they took you that we thought he was going to have to be hospitalized as well. The two of you have triplets coming and this is how you behave. God help those kids.  You make me wish I'd never donated my sperm for those kids."

"Dad we are having twins not triplets," he says still not knowing about the third one.

"No son, triplets; Bret found out the day after you went into the hospital.  Its two boys and a girl," he says still pissed off at David.  "You know it's when you act like this you remind me of ... well you know who you remind me of."

"Please dad don't hate me, I couldn't bear to lose you too.  Help me find my Bret," he says as he lets loose of his tears.

"Not until I know that you are going to treat that boy the way he deserves to be treated.  My God David, you have me so angry I could toss you out of this car and leave you," he says as he slams on the brakes.  "Get out and walk, I can't take looking at you right now," he says to David.

"Dad, please don't do this to me. I'll get the help I need, just help me find my Bret please," he pleads.

"I should throw your ass out, but if you promise to get help, I will help you find Bret.  But so help me, if you hurt that boy or go back on your word, well, this world won't be big enough for you to hide from me, am I clear son?"

"Yes dad, you're very clear, and you have my promise," he says closing his door.

They drive towards David's house when Tyler's cell phone rings.

"Hello this is Tyler Barkley," he says quickly answering the phone.

"This is the Texas State Highway patrol.  Your son's car was located a few minutes ago off route 67 smashed into a clump of trees.  He was nowhere to be found though and there was blood at the scene," the patrol says.  "We have a car out looking for him at the moment and will keep you posted if and when we find him."

"Thank you officer and if I hear anything I will call you," he says and hangs up.  "They found his car smashed into some trees on route 67 and there was blood in it.  They can't find him anywhere at the moment," he says shooting a look at David.  David hasn't seen this side of Tyler since his days in the Marines when Tyler left Dan.

"Dad take me home; he's there dad, I just know it," he says to Tyler.  They drive to the house and slow only once as they see a tow truck pulling Bret's car out of the woods.

"My God look at that car!  How could anyone survive a crash like that?" Tyler says forgetting David is sitting there.  "I'm sorry son, I didn't mean to say it like that," he says as he notices David's look of shock.  They drive on home and David runs to the front door.  He stops when he notices the blood on the doorstep. 

"Dad he's here, there's blood here on the step," David says pointing to the blood.  He opens the door and freezes when he sees his lover lying on the floor.  "Bret, please wake up love," he says feeling for a pulse.  "He's alive; I have a pulse.  Call 911," he yells to Tyler as he takes Bret into his lap.  "Oh please God I have been such a fool, please give him back to me.  I promise to treat him right and love him for the rest of my life," he says aloud crying.

"They're on their way son," Tyler says coming back out to the foyer.

"Dad, I promise that I will do whatever he wants me to do, if he will only live through this," he says looking up at his dad.

"I'm holding you to that lover," Bret says weakly as he looks up at David's face.

"Oh Bret, please forgive me for the pain and suffering I have caused you," he says crying, his tears hitting Bret's face.

"I do forgive you David, just promise me that no matter how this situation turns out you will get the help you need," he says as his eyes close again.

"Bret I promise, just stay with me please, don't leave me Bret," he yells as he hears the sirens in the distance.  "Bret!" he yells then kisses Bret's forehead and the paramedics come in the door.

They lay Bret flat on the floor and one of the paramedics listens for a heartbeat, then he shakes his head no.  David panics as Tyler pulls him away from Bret to give the men room to work.

"Dad he's gone isn't he?" he says crying into Tyler's chest.

"Clear!" the paramedic yells as they apply the paddles to Bret's chest and defibrillate him.  "Nothing, jump it to 400," he says and waits.  "Clear!" he yells out again as David and Tyler watch.  "We got a pulse," he says as they prepare him for transport.

They put him on a backboard and secure him for transport.

"He'll be taken to Parkland," they tell David and Tyler as they wheel him out the door.

"Dad, will you take me please?  I don't want to be alone if anything should happen.  I know how I would normally react at this moment but I am trying to believe that he's going to pull through because I love him," he says then breaks down again.

Tyler takes him in his arms and holds him tightly to him, and softly whispers to his boy. "Son he's going to make it because you do love him and that love will keep him here," he says to David as Tyler looks toward heaven and mouths the word `please'.  He drives David to the hospital and gives Josh a call on the way.  He explains to Josh what has happened today, and promises to keep him updated if he can.  They get to the hospital and Bret is in the O.R.; the nurse tells them that the doctor will give them a report once they finish with him.

"This waiting is worse than not knowing," David says as he paces the room.

"David come over here and sits down," he says sternly.  "You are making me a wreck with that infernal pacing."

"I'm sorry dad, I've got to do something or I will go crazy," he says and freezes as he sees Dr. Marks walking towards the room.

"Good evening gentlemen," he says.  "How are you doing this evening David?" he asks in a somber tone.

"How the fuck do you think I'm doing?" he says as Tyler slaps him on the back.  "I'm sorry doc; I'm not doing well at all.  Bret is in the O.R. and I haven't a clue if he will make it or not."

"Would this be the same Bret you didn't recognize earlier today?" he asks.

"You know it is, and yes I was playing a fucking head game with the two of you.  I am a good actor as you guessed earlier," he tells him hanging his head down.

"David we just wanted to see you get over your fears of this love/death fixation you have."

"I know now, and it may have cost me my lover's life to teach me that hard lesson.  I have agreed to get the help I need once this is over, but I will not be put in the hospital for it."

"That's fine David; we can set up a schedule for weekly visits.  I am happy to hear that you are willing to get the help that Bret so desperately sought for you," he says getting up and offering his hand.

"I will call your office and set up an appointment as soon as Bret is better," he says as another doctor from the O.R. enters the room.

"Are you gentlemen here for Bret Tremont?" he asks looking at David and Tyler.

"Yes doctor how is he?" they ask in unison.

"Well he is one lucky man, he has nothing broken but he had internal bleeding and that's what caused his heart to stop.  I'm very surprised that they were even able to get him back.  He's in recovery at the moment, but give him an hour and you may see him.  But only for a few minutes, he is still very weak and needs to rest."

"Is he conscious doctor?" David asks now more relaxed.

"Somewhat, but that's mainly the anesthesia.  Like I said, give him an hour in recovery and he should be in a room.  Then you may visit with him," he says leaving and giving a nod to Dr. Marks.

"I told you that he would survive because I love him," David says looking at Tyler.

"Did I hear you right David?" Dr. Marks asks.  "You felt he survived because you do love him?" he asks not sure he heard right.

"Yeah doc, I had to make myself believe that, but it worked."

"Call my office young man when you get a chance, and David, glad to see you back a little more normal."  The doctor leaves and Joshua comes in.

"I couldn't sit at home and not know.  How is Bret doing David?" he asks sitting beside him.

"He's going to make it but he is one hurt little boy," he says smiling ear to ear, thankful for the miracle. 

They go down to the cafeteria for a bite to eat while they wait for Bret to get into his room.  Josh notices how changed David is at the news of Bret's recovery. 

"I'm happy for you Dave, I wish you both the best," he says while his eyes gloss over.

"What's wrong Josh? You look like you're going to cry," he asks looking at Josh.

"It's just that I miss having a man of my own to love," he says.  "It hurts to see you two so in love and I have no one."

"Just give it a chance son," Tyler says patting his hand.  "David found Bret when he stopped looking for someone."

"Yeah it took me over ten years to do it dad," he says then wishes he hadn't.  "Hey don't sweat it buddy, Mr. Right is out there for you.  When you least expect it, wham there he will be."

"God I hope you're right Dave, I just hope he doesn't wait ten years to get here." Everybody laughs as they finish eating and then head up to see Bret.

"Guys give me a few minutes alone with Bret?" he asks as he opens his room door.  He walks into the room and Bret turns his head to see who it is.

"Hey cowboy," he says in a weak voice.  "How's my cowboy doing today?"

"Oh God Bret, I'm so sorry for hurting you like I did," he says as he lays his head on the bed beside Bret.  Bret rubs his hand on his head, as he feels his hair with his fingers.

"I forgive you cowboy, just tell me that you're all right."

"I'm better than all right.  Bret because I loved you, you came back to me and didn't die.  I know that there are things in this world that are beyond my control, but I also know that to live without love is worse than being dead."

"Welcome back cowboy, I can't wait to get you alone at home," Bret says as he closes his eyes.

"Sleep babe, I'll be here when you awaken and we can talk then," he says as he gives him a kiss.

"I love you cowboy," he says before he falls back to sleep.

"I love you more," David says and silently cries, thankful for having his man back.  Tyler and Josh poke their heads in the room, and notice that Bret is sleeping.  David walks over to them and tells them that he's going to stay the night with Bret.

"I'll come by in the morning and see Bret, and I'll have Josh bring your car with us."

"Thanks dad, and dad, thanks for making me see the truth about me today," he says as he grabs his dad and kisses his cheek.

"I'm just glad to have my old David back," Tyler says.  "Now I've got to get going, Brian is coming in this weekend and I have a shit load of things to get done before they arrive."

"I'll give you a hand," Josh says.  "I've been staying with you and you won't take anything for it, so the least I can do is some house cleaning."

"That would be a great help my boy; we'll see you both tomorrow son," he says and gives David a hug and kiss.

"Thanks Josh for your help also," he says and he gives Josh a kiss on the lips.  Josh takes the chance and pulls him in close and invites his tongue to come in.  "Sorry Josh, I shouldn't have done that, I forgot how vulnerable you are at the moment."

"I'm the one that's sorry Dave; I just forgot what it's like to kiss a man I guess.  Well goodnight and see you tomorrow."

"You handled that quite well cowboy," Bret says with a wink.

"I forgot how vulnerable he is at the moment. I should have just shaken his hand to show my gratitude."

"Hey cowboy, come show me some gratitude," Bret says as he holds out one arm to his man.  David goes over to Bret and lets him wrap his one free arm around him, as their lips meet in a passionate kiss.

The next morning Tyler and Josh arrive to find Bret sitting up, eating breakfast with David.

"Wow look at you Bret, what a change from yesterday."  Tyler comes to the bed and gives him a hug and kiss and he notices how restful David looks.  "David you look like your old self this morning."

"Dad I haven't felt this good in years, not since ... well in year's dad."

"David you won't offend me if you mention Kevin's name.  I remember how much you two were in love," Bret says holding his hand.  "It's so nice to have my cowboy back again, and the doctor says I can go home today."

"So soon?  Are they sure that you're all right to leave?" Tyler asks showing his concern.

"Yeah, they repaired the inside damage and now it's the bruises that will take the longest to heal."

"Besides, I'm going to be with him for the next three days anyways," David says.  "Not because I'm afraid to lose him, but we need this time to get some healing of our relationship taken care of."

"Are you two all right guys?  You're going to stay together aren't you?" Josh asks looking very worried.

"Yes Josh we are, but there are issues that we need to get resolved."

Later that day the doctor releases Bret to go home and David drives him home to their love nest.

"I love you so much David, but you really hurt me when you pretended to not know me."

"I hated you so much for putting me into that insane asylum, that all I wanted to do was hurt you like you hurt me.  I am so sorry for doing that and not seeing how sick I was mentally and all I did was blame others for my sickness. Do you truly forgive me for what I did to you Bret?" David asks knowing he deserves not to be forgiven.

"Yes David, I do forgive you and I love you with my entire heart cowboy. I am so thankful for having the man that I fell in love with back."  They arrived home to Jeanne Marie waiting for them, and she rushed out when they pulled up to the front.

"Oh Bret I was away until an hour ago. I called Tyler and he told me about what happened.  How could you do that to my brother you fucking bastard?" she yells as she confronts David.  "If you weren't my brother I would kill you myself," and she turns to help Bret into the house.  David stands there in tears as he watches Bret and Jeanne go into the house, and she slams the door once they are in.  He collapses on the ground in tears as he realizes how wrong he has been.  The door opens and Jeanne Marie is standing there watching, as David lies in the dirt crying.

"David I'm so sorry brother, for what I just said to you.  Forgive me please," as she kneels down beside him.

"You're right sis; I don't deserve to be a part of this family.  I have brought nothing but misery and shame to it."

"David it was not the real you brother, it was your sickness that made you do the things that you did.  Come on and get up and let's go into the house, your husband is waiting for you."

"Do you still love me sis, am I still your brother?" he asks.

"David you will always be my brother, and I love you so much, now let's go love."

They all sat and talked well into the evening, until Bret needed to go to bed.  They went up to bed and David held his lover, and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning Tyler heads out to the airport to pick up Brian. He's excited that he is coming for a visit.  He stands and waits for him to come off the plane, and when he sees him he is surprised to see a man with him.

"Brian I thought that you were coming alone," Tyler says trying to hide his disappointment.

"Tyler I tried to call you but I couldn't get through to you.  May I introduce my nephew Jeff Montgomery?" he says and Tyler's face lights up once again.

"Welcome Jeff.  Are you staying for the entire time with your uncle?" he asks.

"I'm not sure sir, I have an interview at the refinery tomorrow, and I hope to get a job there."

"Well you are more than welcome to stay at my home, although some of us might have to double up," he says.  "My guest room has two twin beds and I have a young man staying with me at the moment," and he notices Brian's look at that statement.  "No not like that Brian, he's staying until he finds a place of his own.  He's an engineer at the refinery, and maybe he can help you get that job."

"I would rather get it on my own sir, but I appreciate the offer just the same," he says.  "Mr. Strathmore doesn't know that Uncle Brian and I are related, and I would rather keep it that way for the time being."

"Well you must have your reasons so I won't say a word.  I won't even mention to Joshua that you are going for an interview."

"Thank you sir, I appreciate you keeping my secret. I want to get a job on my merits and not on whom I am related to."

They get their luggage and Tyler takes them to his home, and he gets them settled in.

"Do you mind sir if I take a shower? I would like to refresh before it gets too late."

"Not at all Jeff, and please call me Tyler.  I know that I'm old, but please don't rub it in by calling me sir."

"Ok Tyler and thank you for your hospitality."

He heads off to the shower while Brian and Tyler get reacquainted, and Joshua gets home early from work.

"You're home early Josh," Tyler says after he introduces him to Brian.

"My arm was giving me a lot of pain so I decided to cut out early since the place was running nice and smooth.  I need to grab a shower before dinner," he says as he heads down to his room to get ready. 

He strips down naked and heads into his bathroom just as Jeff is coming out, and they stand there naked and stare at each other.

"Ah...Tyler there's a man in my room," Josh yells out as Tyler and Brian comes running in.

"Joshua this is my nephew Jeff Montgomery, Jeff meet Joshua Bradley."

"Ah nice to meet you Jeff," he says looking down at his manhood and Jeff is doing the same.

"Yeah nice to see you... ah... sorry meet you also," he says turning red.

"Let's go Brian, I think they can handle it from here," Tyler says as they leave the room and close the door behind them.

"Ah this is a little awkward seeing how we're both naked and you seem to be getting... well awkward," Josh stammers noticing that Jeff is getting erect.  "Are you gay Jeff," he asks.

"Yes. Is that a problem?" he asks being defensive now about his sexuality.

"No not at all, I'm also gay," he says.  "Do you have anyone in your life at the moment?"

"No that's more or less why I'm here.  My dad threw me out when I told him about my sexuality.  He told me to go live with my queer uncle," he tells Josh as his eyes well up.

"God man, that sucks.  I hope your mother wasn't like that or was she?" he asks.

"No, but she has to live with dad, and she's the type to keep silent to keep the peace.  She did write me a nice letter before I left, and she told me how she still loves me and that I will always be her son," and now he completely loses control of his emotions.

"Let it out Jeff, it helps to cry and not let it stay bottled up in you," he tells him as he takes him in his arms.  Jeff cries uncontrollably into Josh's chest as Josh holds him tightly, stroking his back. 

"Thanks Josh for being understanding," he says once he regains his self-control.  "Do you have anyone in your life?" he asks looking up into Josh's eyes still being held.

"I did until a few weeks ago, but he turned out to be a loser, and well, I guess I seem to attract the loser type."

"I'm not a loser Josh and I'm attracted to you," he says still in Josh's arms.

"You're not, I mean you're attracted to me," he says pulling Jeff closer and now their cocks are rising in greeting.

"Josh if you're going to keep holding me like this, will you just kiss me?" he says and their lips meet as they surrender to the moment.  They kiss long and passionately as Jeff offers his tongue to Josh.  Josh opens slightly inviting him in as they search each other's mouth.  They break their kiss and stare into their eyes, looking into each other's heart.

"This is so new for me Josh, I have never been with a man before," he says with his arms wrapped around Josh's neck.  "I don't want to take this to another level if it's only a one night stand," he says looking for his answer in Josh's eyes.

"I know how you feel, but are you able to commit so soon.  We've only just met and I have had a very bad relationship, and I would rather know you before we took it to the next level."

"God how I have wanted a man like you.  I want to give my virginity to the man I fall in love with, and not someone I lust for."  They kissed deeply as their hands explored each other, satisfied to wait for love's magic to touch them.

"Well I need to shower, wait for me here and let's talk while I shower."  He got in the shower and they conversed as he washed, and they got to know one another as time progressed.  They dressed and went and joined Tyler and Brian in the living room.

"Well boys, I see you've hit it off really well," Brian says seeing them walking hand in hand into the room.

"Yeah we did Uncle Brian, but we want to get to know one another before we take that next step," Josh says looking at Jeff.

"I think that is very commendable on both your parts.  Take it slow and get to be friends first before you become lovers," Tyler says hugging the two boys.

"That's what we plan to do, especially after Clay; I am kind of scared to jump into another relationship."

"And I never had a man before and want to give myself to the man I will spend my life with," Jeff says.  "Although we are both considering each other as that person."

"Would you mind if we go out, the two of us, for dinner?" Josh asks.  "We kind of want to talk and get to know what the other is all about."

"No of course not; have fun and remember your key," Tyler says to them.  The boys leave and Tyler and Brian decide to go out also for a quiet dinner instead of cooking.  They find a nice Italian restaurant and get a table in a secluded corner.

"So how are things in Boston these days?" Tyler asks feeling like a kid on a blind date.

"Cold and lonely without my friends; they are either dead or living elsewhere," he says sadly.

"God it must be hard on you, now that Ryan and Sean are both gone."

"Yes it is...but not as hard as living day to day knowing that those I love is half a country away."

"What do you mean those you love Brian?" Tyler asks looking puzzled at him.

"After I knew that Ryan and I were never to be again, I never found anyone to love.  I looked but all I ever got was a one-niter that fills my immediate needs, but not my need to be loved.  I sat not too long ago thinking about the men in my life that have come and gone through the years.  Each time I thought about them one kept coming to my mind, and he filled my senses with such warmth and love."

"Well Brian if I were you, I would tell that man how I feel before he slips away.  Is he available or is he committed to another?" he asks.

"Oh he is quite available but I'm not sure if he would want another chance at love at this point in his life."

"Not want another chance at love?" he says questioning this mystery person's reason.  "I would jump at the chance for love again, but alas at my age who would want an old goat like me?" he says with a bit of melancholy in his voice.

"I would Tyler," Brian says resting his hand on Tyler's.  "I have loved you for some time now, and I decided that I have let love pass me by long enough. Tyler would you consider being my husband?" he says looking into a shocked Tyler's eyes.

"Oh my Brian, you caught me off guard with that one," he says looking totally surprised.

"Forget I said anything Tyler, I shouldn't have put you on the spot like that.  I should have known that you still carried your love for Troy, and well... let's forget it and be friends," he says pulling his hand back.

"The hell I'm going to forget it. You made me an honest proposal and you are going to accept my answer you big lug.  Brian we both know how much we loved other men in our lives, you Ryan and me my Troy.  But they are gone now and all but a memory to us.  Yes Brian, I accept your love and proposal of marriage."

"Really Ty, you love me my friend?" he says as his eyes well up to overflowing.

"You still want me don't you Brian?" he asks.

"Do I want you? ... I have never wanted anything more," he says taking Tyler's hand in his.  "I want to shout it to the world that you said yes my love."   They go home once they finished their dinner, although neither ate much of their meal.  The house is dark once they arrive, and they head straight for Tyler's bedroom.

"You have made me so happy tonight love," Brian says as he undresses his lover.

"I never thought that after Troy died love would ever visit me again, but now I have been given a gift for the third time that most never find once.  I love you Brian and I will try my best to make you happy as long as we have together."

"I love you so much Ty and I promise to love no other as long as a heart beats in my chest," he says as their lips surrender to their love and their tongues dance to their romantic heartbeats.  Brian kisses his man's neck as his hand roams to his nipples, causing Tyler to let out a moan as he gives them a gentle pinch.

"Oh Bri you've awakened feelings I had long forgotten existed in me," he says as Brian sucks softly on his tender nubs.  He kisses his way down to Tyler's erect manhood and takes it in his hand.  He licks its head as a child would a lollipop, before placing it in his mouth.  Tyler arches his back as his cock moves slowly down Brian's throat sending chills of pleasure through him.  He glides slowly up and down on his cock giving his man pleasure until he is at the edge.

"Brian love stop, I am so close to cumming," he moans out, and Brian drops his cock and moves back up for a kiss.  "Make love to me Brian, I give you my love," Tyler says as he lifts his legs.  Brian takes the lube that Tyler hands to him, and he prepares them for the lovemaking to come.  He slowly pushes in, giving his lover his cock, as Tyler meets him with a push of his own.  They both sigh as Brian enters and slowly eases all the way in, until he is bottoming out inside Tyler.

"I never thought I would ever feel this sensation again," Tyler says as he pulls Brian down for a kiss.  They slowly start to fuck until they find their love's rhythm, and they surrender to the passion they've found.  Tyler rises each time to meet his lover's every thrust, until he is at his own climax edge.

"I'm going to cum Bri," he moans as he grabs on to his man, holding him tight to his lips.  He shoots his seed in between their embracing bodies, as he lets out a loud moan of ecstasy. 

"You got me babe," Brian yells. "I'm cumming, oh fuck I can't stop it," he howls as he shoots his love deep into his partner's ass.  He rides his ass pumping it until he has spent himself of his seed and collapses on Tyler in love's delicious embrace.

"God I love you Tyler," Brian says pushing up to look into his eyes, then bending down to kiss his lips tenderly.

"I love you too Brian, and will until I die," he says as he softly cries.  "You have made this old man so happy lover, just when I thought love was through with me you come along," he says as the tears run down the side of his face.

"Now the only thing to decide is where we will live lover," Brian says.  "I have no ties anymore to Boston, nor do I mind Texas, so I yield to you my love."

"Well these old bones can't take the cold New England winters anymore, so if you don't mind Texas, then Texas is where we shall live."

They wrap themselves together in each others' arms, and drift off to sleep in the warm afterglow of love.

To be continued...

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