The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 16


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead. This is copyrighted, and belongs to me. No one is to copy this without my written permission.

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter.

From Chapter 15 ...

"You have made me so happy tonight love," Brian says as he undresses his lover.

"I never thought that after Troy died love would ever visit me again, but now I have been given a gift for the third time that most never find once. I love you Brian and I will try my best to make you happy as long as we have together."

"I love you so much Ty, and I promise to love no other as long as a heart beats in my chest," he says as their lips surrender to their love and their tongues dance to their romantic heartbeats. Brian kisses his man's neck as his hand roams to his nipples, causing Tyler to let out a moan as he gives them a gentle pinch.

"Oh Bri you've awakened feelings I had long forgotten existed in me," he says as Brian sucks softly on his tender nubs. He kisses his way down to Tyler's erect manhood and takes it in his hand. He licks its head as a child would a lollipop, before placing it in his mouth. Tyler arches his back as his cock moves slowly down Brian's throat sending chills of pleasure through him. He glides slowly up and down on his cock giving his man pleasure until he is at the edge.

"Brian love stop, I am so close to cumming," he moans out, and Brian drops his cock and moves back up for a kiss. "Make love to me Brian, I give you my love," Tyler says as he lifts his legs. Brian takes the lube that Tyler hands to him, and he prepares them for the lovemaking to come. He slowly pushes in, giving his lover his cock, as Tyler meets him with a push of his own. They both sigh as Brian enters and slowly eases all the way in, until he is bottoming out inside Tyler.

"I never thought I would ever feel this sensation again," Tyler says as he pulls Brian down for a kiss. They slowly start to fuck until they find their love's rhythm, and they surrender to the passion they've found. Tyler rises each time to meet his lover's every thrust, until he is at his own climax edge.

"I'm going to cum Bri," he moans as he grabs on to his man, holding him tight to his lips. He shoots his seed in between their embracing bodies, as he lets out a loud moan of ecstasy.

"You got me babe," Brian yells. "I'm cumming, oh fuck I can't stop it," he howls as he shoots his love deep into his partner's ass. He rides his ass pumping it until he has spent himself of his seed and collapses on Tyler in love's delicious embrace.

"God I love you Tyler," Brian says pushing up to look into his eyes, then bending down to kiss his lips tenderly.

"I love you too Brian, and will until I die," he says as he softly cries. "You have made this old man so happy lover, just when I thought love was through with me you come along," he says as the tears run down the side of his face.

"Now the only thing to decide is where we will live lover," Brian says. "I have no ties anymore to Boston, nor do I mind Texas, so I yield to you my love."

"Well these old bones can't take the cold New England winters anymore, so if you don't mind Texas, then Texas is where we shall live."

They wrap themselves together in each others' arms, and drift off to sleep in the warm afterglow of love.

Chapter 16 ...

"We are really having triplets?" David asks Jeanne Marie.

"Yes brother that's what the doctor told me. He also said that they could be born early because multiple births are known to do that."

"Well that means another crib and bedroom. We can't have our daughter sharing a room with two boys," Bret says. "And we need to decide on a name for the girl," he says looking at his sister.

"Don't even think of using my name," she says holding her hands up. "I told you that I'm not going to be anything more than an aunt to them."

"Won't you at least tell us why you want us to keep it a secret that you were there mother?" David asks.

"That is my business brother, and if you are thinking of backing out on your word I will disappear and these babies will be given up for adoption," she angrily says.

"No sis I gave you my word and I intend to keep it."

"Thank you now I have to go, I have several errands I need to get done. I love you both and I will see you tonight," she says as she walks out the door.

"Well love, I too must be going, I have an interview this morning with a young man for an engineering position."

"I thought that is what Joshua was doing, did he quit?" Bret asks.

"No but after all the interruptions with injuries, I thought that a second engineer would make sense."

"What's his name and where is he from," Bret asks.

"Jeff Montgomery is his name but I don't remember if I caught where he's from. Will you need anything before I go, or do you want me take you to dad's place?" he asks.

"I thought about going over to dads, but I want to stay home and get some things done in the kids' room. Are you going to be all right with that?" he asks knowing David's fears.

"Yes Bret, I'm fine with you being here alone. I will just call you nine to ten times before I come home is all," he says and laughs but Bret gives a scowl.

"That's not funny, David but please call me later. I want to hear your sexy voice tell me how much you love me cowboy," he says wrapping his arms about David's neck.

"I could stay home and just show you how much I love you instead my little bronco," he says pulling him in close and kissing him passionately.

"Later cowboy, go to work before you're late for your appointment and have to speed."

David leaves for work and gets there early, and talks to Josh before the interview.

"Did you have a chance to review the applicant's resume," he asks Josh.

"No I haven't, but I hear that he is tops in his class," Josh says. "I think it's a good idea to have a second engineer. It will allow backup for injuries, sickness and vacations to be covered."

"Would you mind sitting in on the interview since you two will be working together?" he says noticing that Josh is in a very good mood. "Josh you seem to be very chipper this morning. Did you get lucky or something?"

"Well I met someone and if my gut feelings are true, we could be heading for a relationship," he says smiling.

"That is so good Josh; I hope it does work out for you both. What is ..." and he is interrupted by his secretary.

"Mr. Strathmore your ten o'clock is here," she says.

"Would you send him in please?" They both stand to greet the young man and Josh's mouth falls open when he sees who it is.

"Jeff why didn't you tell me you had an interview here today?" he says looking surprised to see him.

"You two know one another?" David asks looking puzzled at what is unfolding. "I thought you hadn't reviewed his resume."

"Dave this is the guy I was telling you about, he is Brian's nephew," he says with his arm around Jeff's shoulder.

"You're Brian's nephew?" he asks shaking his hand. "I know Brian from many years ago," he tells him. "So why do you want to work for Strathmore Industries son?"

Jeff has his interview and David decides to hire him, and Josh is so thrilled that he will be working with him, and he hopes that their romance grows.

"Josh I'm sorry for not telling you but I really wanted to get this job on my own merits," he says as they walk to Jeff's car. "I didn't want you putting in a word for me that might influence Dave's decision."

"Will this working together be a problem for us becoming a couple?" Josh asks a bit apprehensively.

"Not for me it won't but will it for you?" he asks. "I have always been able to separate my job from my personal life," and he kisses Josh goodbye. "Will I see you at Tyler's later?" he asks.

"Try and keep me away from you," he says kissing him back. "Jeff I don't know about you but I am falling in love with you."

"I know Josh, but let's take it slow and be sure," he says as he gets in his car.

Back inside David and Josh talk about Jeff, and Josh voices his concerns to Dave.

"I think I'm falling in love with him Dave, but I get the feeling he isn't as sure as I am."

"Well what do you know about him, you know his background and family?"

"Not all that much Dave, his dad threw him out when he told him he was gay, and his mom is Brian's sister and she still loves him and doesn't care that he's gay. He has never had a man before and he wants to wait until he's sure that the man is the right one before they have sex."

"Well I can respect him for that. Why don't you have a talk with Brian about him when he's not around?" David suggests. "Joshua are you sure that you are not just on the rebound after Clay?" he asks.

"That wouldn't be underhanded or prying?" he asks. "I wouldn't want to jeopardize my chances to have a decent relationship finally, and no, I am totally over that fucking loser."

"Well just ask Brian if you can talk with him and to keep it between you two men. Now if you will excuse me, I have a hot lover at home that I want to talk with." David leaves his office feeling more confused than ever.

Jeff gets back to Tyler's house and he finds Tyler and his Uncle Brian sitting having lunch. He asks them if he can talk with them for a moment.

"Uncle Brian can I talk with you and Tyler for a moment about something that is really bothering me?"

"Sure you can Jeff," Brian says looking puzzled by Jeff's expression. "What's wrong, didn't you get the job?"

"Yeah I got hired if I want it, but that's only a part of the problem. Joshua told me before I left today that he is falling in love with me, and I just don't have those same feelings for him. If we have to work together and be in the same house, I don't think it's a good idea working there."

"Did you tell him that you don't have the same feelings as he does?" Tyler asks. "He was so upset over his last relationship failing that maybe he's on the rebound or settling for the first man that comes along."

"Well not really, I did tell him that I wanted to take it slow still. But he is such a sweet guy that I don't want to hurt his feelings either."

"Well the only thing I'm going to tell you is to be upfront with him before it goes too much further. The longer you wait to express your true feelings, the harder it will be to not hurt him," Brian says and Tyler nods in agreement.

That evening when Josh gets home, the older men are gone out to dinner.

"Jeff can we talk for a little bit?" he asks feeling nervous about it.

"Yes Josh, I wanted to speak with you also," he says.

"I had the feeling today when I told you that I was falling in love with you, that you don't have the same feelings. I know we just met and I don't want to rush you or make you feel pressured, but I need to know if you could love a man like me," Josh asks.

"Joshua please sit down and listen to me," he says looking away from him.

"Oh God here comes the brush off," he says as his eyes start to well up.

"Josh please, this is hard enough without you crying. I don't have the same feelings towards you that you have for me; the chemistry is just not there for me. You are a very handsome man and have a lot to offer the right man, but unfortunately I'm not that man. I don't know if we can even work together now that you know how I feel, but we do have to find a way to set aside our personal feelings for the job. Is there going to be a problem with me working with you at the refinery and knowing how I feel about us?" he asks.

"God Jeff is it because I moved at you too fast, or am I just a loser in your eyes?" he asks as his tears fall.

"It was both Josh, though I don't feel you're exactly a loser. I have to have that chemistry between me and the man I want to love, and we just don't have it. Also, I think that you are still on the rebound from your last relationship."

"Why does everyone think I still carry a torch for that fucking loser Clay? I am totally over that man," he says. "Well thank you for setting me straight about where I stand with you. Now if you will excuse me I have some things to do." He gets up and goes back out to his car, and rests his head on the steering wheel and cries uncontrollably. He cries until he has nothing more to cry, and leaves for David and Bret's place.

"Joshua what a surprise," Bret says answering the door. "Are you alone or is someone else in the car," he asks looking over towards the car.

"No Bret I'm alone. Would I be able to talk with you and David for a few minutes?" he asks as Bret shows him into the sitting room.

"Josh what a surprise! Is Jeff with you?" David asks when Josh walks in with Bret.

"No it's just me Dave, can I talk with the two of you please?"

"Sure buddy, what's wrong? You look like you've been crying," David says coming to sit beside him.

"Well I had a talk with Jeff and he doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for him. I guess I'm just a bump magnet for losers'."

"You're not a magnet Josh, you are still hurting from the way Clay dumped you. There is someone out there that is Mr. Wonderful just for you," Bret says with his arm on his shoulder.

"I thought that Jeff was, but now I guess I have to go back to square one again."

"Is there going to be a problem with the two of you working together? Because if there is I would rather not hire him and we'll keep on looking," David asks.

"No Dave, I can set aside my feelings, it might be difficult at first but I see no problems. Besides, he's the most qualified we have had in a long time," he says. "Can I ask you one other favor, and I will understand if you would rather not say yes?"

"Yes you may stay here tonight Josh," David says already guessing what he was about to ask. "I know that he's staying with Tyler and Brian, so if you want to you may stay here."

"Thank you both so much, if I didn't have to sleep in the same bedroom with him, it wouldn't matter."

They spent the evening talking about Joshua's feelings about himself, and how he needed someone to not only to love but to be loved by. They went to bed around eleven and went right to sleep, when around two in the morning an alarm goes off.

"David what's that alarm mean," Bret asks sitting up in bed with a start.

"Someone or something has set off the alarm in the barn," he says getting up. "I'll be back in a minute," he says grabbing his hand gun from the nightstand.

"Oh God David, just call the police," Bret says holding on to him. "I don't think you should go out there alone."

"Hey what's that noise," Josh asks as he comes into their room.

"It's the alarm for the barn," David says and Josh notices the handgun.

"If your headed out there I'm coming with you," he says as the two are about to leave.

"Well stud, I would recommend you put on some clothes; I don't want some burglar getting turned on by your nakedness." Josh runs quickly into his room and throws on his jeans and shoes, and they both head out to the barn.

"Shhhh, the door is slightly open," David whispers to Josh.

They quietly walk towards the door, and David motions to Josh to go to the back door in case whoever is in there tries to go out that way. He slowly opens the door and hears someone moving around inside, and he calls out to Josh in the back.

"There's someone in here so be careful," he yells.

Just as he reaches for the light switch and flips it on, the intruder makes a dash for the back door. He throws it wide open as he goes running through, and Josh tackles him from the side as they both collapse to the ground.

"I got him Dave," he yells out as David comes running and he points his gun at the man.

"Now get up nice and slow kid, any quick move this here gun goes off and I ask questions after," David says looking at the frightened boy.

He gets up slowly and holds his hands above his head, as Joshua grabs his arm with his hands. He twists it into the back of the kid causing him a great deal of pain, and he cries out to let up some.

"Calm down Josh, he's just a kid," David says. "Now why don't you start by telling me your name boy,' he says as Josh release his grip.

"Jacob sir, Jacob Miller," he says with tears running down his face. "You might as well shoot me sir, if you don't my old man will once he finds me," he says as he falls to the ground in tears.

David puts the gun in the top of his pants as he and Josh kneel down beside the boy. He is crying uncontrollably now. Bret comes running out to see if they are all right and is surprised by the scene.

"What's going on?" he asks as he cautiously comes up to them.

"That's what I'm about to find out," David says looking up at Bret. "You didn't call the police did you?" he asks.

"Yes I did because I didn't know if there was an intruder," he says as the police cruiser comes driving down the driveway. David walks over to meet them and explains that the wind blew the unlatched door open, and apologizes for the trouble.

"Why don't you send someone over tomorrow and I will make a hefty contribution to the policemen's fund," he says.

"That's not necessary Mr. Strathmore, but we do appreciate your benevolence."

"Nonsense, I usually make one each year anyways so just have someone stop by and I'll have a check waiting," he says. "Or even better send someone to the refinery and I will double what I was going to give. How's ten grand sound gentlemen?" he says and their faces light up.

"That's very generous sir, we'll make sure that someone comes over tomorrow," they say and they soon drive off.

He walks back over and Bret and Josh have calmed Jacob down, and they take him into the house.

"Now Jacob, why don't you start at the beginning and tell me just what is going on with you?" David says as Bret brings Jacob a glass of brandy.

"Well sir, my father is out looking for me because of what I told him earlier, and he has vowed to put me in the ground," he says as the tears start to fall again.

"Take a good drink of that brandy kid, and tell me just what you said to your father that could have pissed him off so much." He takes a big gulp and starts to cough from the strength of the brandy as Josh slaps him on his back some.

"I would rather not say sir; you still have your gun. If you don't mind just let me go, I didn't mean you any harm," he says with fear in his eyes.

Joshua looks at him with a compassionate look, for he can relate to the fear this kid feels.

"Is it because you are gay?" Josh asks and the kid turns quickly to him, and he lets out all his pent up emotions into Joshua's chest. He holds Jacob tight as he lightly strokes his head. He knows exactly how this kid feels. David and Bret get up and leave the two of them alone, as Joshua holds him and tells him to let it out. He cries for almost twenty minutes before he calms down, and he looks into Joshua's eyes.

"How did you guess that I was gay?" he asks wiping his eyes. "Are they gonna call my father to come get me?"

"No Jacob, they aren't going to call your father or anyone else. You see they are gay also, and so am I Jacob," he says still holding Jacob tight.

"You are too? But where is your lover?" he asks.

"I don't have anyone to love right now," he says sadly. "You see my last lover threw me aside like trash," he says as his own eyes start to well up and he turns his head away from Jacob's.

"God I'm sorry man, I would never throw someone like you away, you have such a heart about you," he says pulling Josh back to face him. "My father says I'm nothing but a magnet for trash, and well I was beginning to believe him."

"Listen you two, it seems that you both have a lot in common and well it's almost four in the morning. So why not take it up to bed and iron out the facts tomorrow or today? Well get going," David says shooing the two off to bed. "Thank God today is Saturday or I would be really pissed," he mutters going up behind them. "And Jacob, take a shower before you get into bed."

Joshua shows him to the bathroom, and he gets him some towels to dry off with.

"Would you join me?" Jacob asks holding out his hand to Joshua, and Joshua immediately strips out of his jeans.

They step into the shower and embrace one another; their lips meet as they yield to their passions, with their tongues searching out new ground. The warm water cascades down their entwined bodies as their hands cling tightly to each other.

"Are you sure about this?" Josh asks as he looks into Jacob's eyes and he feels his heart give a sigh.

"This just feels so right Josh, like I was meant to be here with you," Jacob says as he also feels a spark ignite inside.

They kiss and wash until the water runs cool, and then they take turns drying each other off. Josh takes Jacob by the hand as he leads him to his bed, and he gently lays him down. They entangle with each other in their passion, and their hearts sing a song of love. Josh moves his way down to Jacob's tender breasts. He gently nibbles on the nubs causing Jacob to let out a groan of pleasure as he's brought to a place he has never been before. Josh kisses his way down to his naval, and he runs his tongue around the edge before plunging it in.

"Oh God that tickles," Jacob laughs as Josh wiggles his tongue inside Jacob's sensitive navel.

He sits up and admires the boys throbbing cock, and he takes it into his hand. He places it into his mouth and sucks on the head, then runs his tongue around the corona. Jacob lifts his hips to feed Josh more of his cock, and Josh swallows it down to the pubes. He gently and softly glides back up and slowly goes back down to the pubes. He drinks in the scent of the man that he is making love to, and he registers his scent in his mind.

"I'm going to cum Josh real soon," he croons as Josh gives his cock pleasure, so Josh drops it and moves to his balls. He gathers them into his mouth and gently moves them around, savoring the taste of this man/boy.

"Fuck me Josh I need to feel you inside, I want to give you my virginity," he moans out in ecstasy. Josh sits up and reaches for the lube on the nightstand, and prepares him for his first time of lovemaking. He lubes up his finger and inserts one inside; Jacob lifts up from the assault. Josh slowly works the tender rosebud until he can get another finger in, and Jacob lets out a sigh. He works it more and puts in a third finger then works that one until he is loose.

"Are you ready Jacob? This can hurt the first time. Just push out when you feel me push in," he tells him.

"I'm ready love, just go real slow," he says and Josh lines up his cock to the tender rosebud. He looks into Jacob's eyes as he slowly pushes in, and Jacob gives a strong push back as the head pops in.

"Ahhhhhhhhh fuck that hurts," he cries out in pain, and Josh stops to give him time to relax from the initial penetration. Once he has relaxed Josh slowly pushes more in, until he has gotten it all the way in. He slowly pulls out and just as slowly pushes back in, and Jacob rises to meet his thrust. Their lovemaking soon finds a rhythm of it own, and they kiss as their passion grows.

"Oh fuck me lover Josh, long, slow and deep," Jacob whispers into Josh's ear. The feel of Josh's cock as it slides in and out of Jacob's ass, soon brings him to the brink of climax as his head tosses from side to side.

"I'm coming lover, fuck me hard and fast," and Josh lifts up to increase his pace. He pounds hard and fast as his own orgasm grows near, and Jacob shoots his hot seed onto his chest. Stream after stream of his cum spurts forth until he is totally spent. Josh can't hold his back and he senses he is close, as he pummels Jacob's ass deep and fast.

"I'm cumming Jake," he howls as he shoots forth his seed, and fills his young lover's ass. He slams his cock deep into Jake's ass to give him all of it. Once he is spent he drops down on his man, and they kiss in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"God you were fantastic Josh," Jacob whispers to his new lover, as he nibbles on Josh's tender ear lobe.

"Tonight Jake you made me feel so loved," he whispers back. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

"I know that I'm in love with you Josh. You have made me feel so desired," Jacob says as they kiss. They snuggle together with Josh holding Jake tight in his arms, and Jake's head is resting on his chest as they soon fall asleep.

"Thank God they are done, maybe now we can get some sleep," David says to Bret.

"Has it been so long cowboy that you've forgotten how first love felt when you are young?" Bret says snuggling in tight to his own lover's arms.

"No babe, I haven't forgotten how special that first love is," he says as he kisses Bret's head and they too are soon asleep.

The next afternoon the four of them awaken, and the sun is shining bright.

"Good morning lover," Jake says as he turns to face Josh. "Do you still want me now that its daylight?" he asks.

"I will always want you Jake, I shall never tire of seeing your handsome face when I awaken," he replies and kisses his man. "Ah how old are you Jake," he asks noticing how young he looks.

"Does it matter how old either of us is?" Jacob inquires.

"It does if you are a minor," he says now sitting up as Jake reaches for his wallet. He goes through his wallet until he finds his drivers license, and hands it to Josh to see.

"Seventeen, shit Jake, you're a fucking minor," he says in panic as Jake just sits there and laughs.

"What's the date today lover?" he inquires of Josh who scratches his head trying to think. "Today is May third," he says still looking at Josh. "God you are a dense one aren't you lover, it's my eighteenth birthday," he says with a smile.

"But I fucked you last night when you were seventeen," he says still worried.

"You fucked me this morning at four o'clock, I was already eighteen lover."

"Oh yeah but you are still so young, and I ... I'm twenty-four," he says.

"Listen Josh, I love you and I don't care if you are a hundred and twenty-four ... well yeah I would mind that," he laughs. "Now kiss your teenage bride," he says pulling him in for a kiss.

"Hey enough of that lets get a move on," David yells as he bangs on the door and it pops open. "Sorry boys I didn't mean to pop the door open, but Bret has brunch ready and he ... nice cocks' boys," he says noticing the two erect cocks as they both get up from the bed.

"Thanks boss for noticing, want to join us," Josh says and David goes red and leaves.

"I don't have any clean clothes to put on," Jake says looking at his muddy ones from last night.

"Come on, David already seen us, let's give Bret a treat," he says taking Jake by the hand and leading him downstairs.

"Surprise!" Josh yells out as they leap into the kitchen, and Jeanne Marie lets out a yell of shock.

"Oh Christ! I'm sorry, I didn't know you had company," Josh says all embarrassed and he and Jake run away as the others all laugh.

"Now who was surprised?" Bret says as he laughs harder.

The boys come down with robes on and apologize to Jeanne Marie for their actions. She laughs at their expressions.

"Bret, could Jake borrow something to wear so we can go get him some clothes later?" Josh asks.

"Sure he can, we look about the same size. Where are you going to go?" he asks.

"We thought he might sneak into his house and get his own clothes while his dad is gone," Josh says.

"God, do you think that's a good idea?" David asks.

"I haven't money enough to buy new ones, and besides he is out on the round up this weekend," he says.

"Well after what you told me about him, I would feel better if you let me get you new clothes," David says.

"I couldn't do that, besides I will have Josh with me to protect me," he says.

They have brunch and talk about how much they are in love, and they inquire about the babies to come.

"Have you picked out a girls name yet?" Josh asks.

"Well we have decided on Beth Marie after my mother," David says.

"That has a nice ring to it," Jacob says and they all agree.

"Well I for one will be glad once this pregnancy is over," Jeanne Marie says rubbing her enlarged stomach. "They have been so active lately."

"How much longer do you have?" Josh asks.

"A little less than two months," she says grabbing another raspberry turnover.

Josh and Jake get dressed and head out to his house to get his things before his father gets home.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, going back?" Josh asks as he drives Jacob to his house.

"Yes Josh, they are all out on the round up. This is the weekend they brand the new calves born over the winter," he says as his house comes into view.

"Wow your dad has a big place, where is your mother?" he asks.

"She died giving birth to me," he says looking out the truck window.

They pull up in front of the house and there are no other signs of life around. They go into the house and up to Jake's room. His room has been trashed by his dad, and they look at his smashed things lying around the room.

"He really was angry at you," Josh says picking up a ripped shirt. "There's nothing of value left in here."

"Check my walk-in closet for anything he might have missed will you?" he asks Josh.

Josh walks into the closet as Jake searches the room for anything he can salvage, when he hears the cocking of Jake's father's shotgun.

"I knew you'd be back, you degenerate bastard. My only regret is that you weren't the one to die instead of your mother that day. If we'd known that you would turn out like this we would have aborted you, you fucking bastard," he says standing beside the closet door as he aims the shotgun at Jake.

Bam! Goes the gun, the silence broken by its sharp sound.

To be continued ...

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