The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 17


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter.

From Chapter 16 ...

"Wow your dad has a big place, where is your mother?" he asks.

"She died giving birth to me," he says looking out the truck window.

They pull up in front of the house and there are no other signs of life around.  They go into the house and up to Jake's room.  His room has been trashed by his dad, and they look at his smashed things lying around the room.

"He really was angry at you," Josh says picking up a ripped shirt.  "There's nothing of value left in here."

"Check my walk-in closet for anything he might have missed will you?" he asks Josh.

Josh walks into the closet as Jake searches the room for anything he can salvage, when he hears the cocking of Jake's father's shotgun.

"I knew you'd be back, you degenerate bastard. My only regret is that you weren't the one to die instead of your mother that day.  If we'd known that you would turn out like this we would have aborted you, you fucking bastard," he says standing beside the closet door as he aims the shotgun at Jake.

Bam! Goes the gun, the silence broken by its sharp sound.

Chapter 17...

Josh and Jacob's father crash to the floor as the gun goes off causing it to fire at the ceiling.  Jacob and Josh wrestle his father for the gun and finally get it away from him.  He has Josh call the police as he holds the gun on his dad.

"Your fucking boyfriend will get his also," his father yells as Josh dials 911.  He tells the operator what has transpired and she dispatches the police.  They arrive within minutes of the call and they arrest Theodore, Jake's dad for attempted murder.

Jake breaks down in tears as the reality of the last few hours take their toll on him.  Josh holds him tight in his arms and kisses his head as Jake cries against his chest.

"It's over now love, lets go back to David's house," he tells Jake as he leads him out to the truck.

They get back to David's house and they explain what has happened.

"My God how can a father want to kill his own child?" Bret asks shaking his head in amazement. "Thank God you were there with him Josh."

"Why don't you take him once he is able and get some clothes and whatever else he needs.  I'll pick up the cost of the things," David says looking at Jacob sobbing quietly on the sofa in the sitting room.

"I have the money to do it Dave, and he's my man now," Josh says rather proudly.

"Well if you need an advance of your salary let me know Josh," he says.  "And Josh... I'm happy for you both," he says shaking Josh's hand.

"I know now what Jeff meant about not having that spark or chemistry between us, we both felt that spark last night when we kissed."

"I know what you mean about that spark when you kiss," he says giving a quick glance at Bret who smiles at him.

Josh takes Jake upstairs and puts him to bed so he can rest for a while. He stands and watches him sleep and is so thankful for once again having a man in his life.

"I love you Jacob," he whispers into his ear as he kisses him softly on the head. 

He quietly walks out of the room and before he closes the door he hears,

"I love you more Texan."

Josh goes downstairs and gives Jeff a call to tell him about how he's doing.

"Jeff, I called for several reasons," he says to Jeff who is a bit quiet when he answers the phone. "First I want to apologize for my behavior yesterday. I know now what you meant about not having that chemistry between us."

"Thanks Josh, I really felt bad about how I handled that situation, and I knew you were falling for me.  I just didn't have the same feelings towards you that you had for me."

"Well I did meet someone and that spark ignited both of our hearts.  I knew immediately that I may have found the one I was destined to spend my life with."

"God that's great Josh, I can't wait to meet him.  How did you meet?" he asks.

"Well he broke into David's barn ..." he starts to say but gets interrupted.

"Oh ... are you sure he's the right one, considering your last lover," Jeff asks as he refers to Clay.

"Yes he is, he was looking for a place to hide from his father and came across the barn.  Wait until you meet him Jeff; he is absolutely the handsomest man I have ever met.  He is not too tall though, about five six but total muscle and reddish blonde hair with blue eyes."

"He sounds like a dream, so when do I get to meet this dream boy," he asks feeding Josh's enthusiasm. 

"Well we have to go to the mall later, so maybe we will stop by after."

"Sounds good, maybe we can go out to a club or something if you guys are up to it."

"Ah Jeff, he's only eighteen," he says.

"God Josh that's young, even for me," he says.

"Well he isn't for you is he?" Josh says sarcastically.

"Hey sorry man, I didn't mean to make it sound like you were robbing the cradle.  I hope you both find true happiness Josh."

"Thanks Jeff, and sorry about snapping at you."

"Don't worry about it, we're cool," he says as they hang up.

"I can assume that all will be well with the two of you," David says as Josh comes into the sitting room.

"Yeah we're cool Dave," he says. "I'm going up and see if lover boy wants to go shopping, and then we'll stop by Ty's place after."

"Have fun and say hello for us."

Josh quietly enters the bedroom and Jake is starting to wake.

"Hey I see you're awake," he says lying beside him. "You feel like going shopping?" he asks as he looks into those baby blue eyes.

"What I feel like is making love with you my Texan," he says taking him into his arms and kissing him.  "Undress slowly lover and let me enjoy watching you," he says as Josh gets up. 

Josh hums the tune to the strip song as he does a dance and slowly undresses tossing his clothes at Jake. When he is down to his underwear Jake sits up and says to him.

"God I wish I had a dollar," and he laughs as Josh tackles him.

"Is that all I'm worth to you is a dollar?" he asks lying on top of him.  "What if I gave you just a dollar's worth of loving," he says and gives him a peck on the lips then starts to get up.

"Listen Texan, you aren't going anywhere, not until I get my money's worth," and he gives Josh a real kiss.

They kiss hard and passionately as their passion builds and they surrender to it.  Josh turns over and pulls Jake on top of him while they hold each other tight.

"I want you to make love to me Jake," Josh says pulling him down for a kiss.  He kisses his man and their tongues meet in the age-old dance of lust for each other.  Jake slowly kisses his way down to Josh's tender nipples and gently bites on his nubs, and Josh arches his back as the electricity from that action courses through him.

"Oh fuck you know how to turn me on lover," Josh howls out as he gives in to the pleasure.

Jake slowly kisses his way down to Josh's throbbing manhood, and he takes his times as he slowly engulfs Josh's cock's enlarged head.  He runs his tongue around the head causing him to moan out in delight.  He swallows his cock right down to his pubes and drinks in the scent of his man.  He moves up and down on his cock and sucks hard on the head causing Josh to yell out.

"I'm so close Jake ... fuck me," he cries out to his lover.   He grabs the lube and prepares them both for the pleasure to come, then he puts his cock to Josh's rosebud. Their eyes meet as he slowly pushes into his man and Josh moans out in delight.

"Fuck me slow and deep, I want it to last," he tells Jake and pulls him down for a kiss.  Jake slowly withdraws almost completely before pushing back in, and Josh raises his hips to meet his young lover.  They soon find a rhythm to their lovemaking while they hold one another and kiss as their passion builds to crescendo.  The gentle sensation of Jake's cock sliding in and out of Josh brings him close to his climax.

"Give it all to me lover, hard and deep," he howls and lets go of his seed.  Jake picks up his fucking and is now pounding away seeing Josh shoot his seed forth, and he is ever so close as he fucks his lover, then he can't hold back any longer.

"I'm coming Texan," he calls out as he lifts up and pushes in deep, and he shoots his hot cum deep into his lover's ass.  The rhythm of his climax and the sensation of his coming have him screaming in total delight.

"Oh fuck Josh you got me coming like a rushing river." He keeps shooting his seed over and over until he has finally surrendered all there is in him.  He collapses on Josh and they kiss in that sweet dreamy state after lovemaking.

"I love you so much my Texan," Jake says looking in Josh's eyes,

"I love you more lover," and he kisses him hard and passionately, and their tongues fight for dominance.

Meanwhile downstairs ...

"It must be nice to be that young and in love," David says with his head lying on Bret's lap.

"Well how about I take you upstairs and show you how in love I am with you cowboy?" he says leaning down to kiss the cowboy.

"You up to a rodeo bronco Bret?" David asks quickly sitting up.

"It's been awhile since I've had a good cowboy ride this bronco," he says getting up and taking David's hand. "Let me show you how much this bronco has missed his cowboy," and they kiss so deeply and passionately that they don't hear the boys come down.  David undoes Bret's belt and pants and lets them drop to the floor then drops to his knees.  He reaches up and quickly pulls down Bret's briefs.  He licks at his cock before taking it into his mouth with one gulp, and quickly swallows it to the base, his nose getting buried in Bret's pubes.

"Oh fuck cowboy... oh fuck the boys," he says and David drops Bret's cock as the boys walk in the room.

"Nice cock Bret," Josh says as Bret turns various shades of red.  "We just wanted to tell you that we are leaving," he says giving Bret's now deflating cock one more look.  "Sorry to make that happen," he says pointing to the now soft cock.

"Will you both just go?" Bret says as David laughs and Bret gives him a look.  "I'm glad you find this all so amusing."

"Well he did like the looks of your cock baby and since its just hanging there..."  David drops to his knees again and engulfs Bret's cock in his mouth.  He slowly swallows it down until his nose is drinking in the sweet scent of his lover.

"Oh God Davy you got me on the edge," Bret moans out in delight.  David just keeps on sucking and soon Bret is about to go over the edge.  "I'm cumming cowboy," and he shoots his come deep down his cowboy's throat as he holds David's head softly in his hands.  He fucks his mouth as he surrenders the final bits of seed and David swallows each drop he gives.

"Oh God!  Do you have to do that down here?" Jeanne Marie says as she comes into the sitting room.  Bret is too far into it to stop and David just keeps pace with his man. At last Bret comes down from his orgasm, and collapses to the floor.

"My God this place is like Grand Central Station tonight," he says as he lies on David's lap still in the beautiful haze of his climax.

"God I needed that babe," David says as he wipes his mouth.  "Why is she here tonight?" he asks.

"She doesn't want to be alone now that she's getting so close."


"What have you got planned tonight," Brian asks Jeff.

"Well not much yet, but Josh and his new beau Jacob are suppose to stop by later, why?" he asks.

"No reason, we were going out to dinner and wanted to know if you would listen for the UPS delivery.  My new computer should be coming today."

"No problem Uncle Bri."

"Well say hello to David for us, we'll be home later," he says as he and Tyler leave.

David goes into his room and prepares to take a shower, and is totally naked when the doorbell rings.

"It fucking figures," he says wrapping a towel around him and going to the door.

"I have a ... ah delivery," he stammers as he takes notice of Jeff's attire.  "Bad timing I guess," he says as he brings in the box.  "Would you just sign here?" he says indicating the space for him to sign.  Jeff grabs the electronic pad and forgets that he was holding his towel, and it falls to the floor.  His face turns several shades of red as he stands there totally naked.

"Oh God, I'm sorry for that," he says holding the keypad in front of him.

"I'm not," the UPS man says, then realizes he overstepped his professional boundaries and turns just as red as Jeff.

"Really, are you gay?" Jeff asks now taking a closer look at the man.

"Yes but I shouldn't have made that remark.  I'm so sorry; I could get fired for that," he says still red from before.

Jeff signs his name and hands it back to him, but doesn't realize it when he takes it.

"The name's Jeff and I'm gay also," he says quite comfortable now being naked.

"Matthew Jefferson or Matt, and I must say you have one nice looking cock buddy. Do you mind if I take a closer look at that bad boy?" he asks taking it in his hand.

Jeff pulls him in for a kiss and the sparks fly in all directions, as Matt surrenders his mouth to Jeff's tongue.  They kiss hard and deep as their excitement builds, and Matt's hand slides down to Jeff's cock.  He drops to his knees and licks at the head, as Jeff places his hands on Matt's head.  Matt slowly runs his tongue down the back of Jeff's cock and then nibbles his way back up.  He takes the head of the cock into his eager mouth, and quickly swallows it down to the base.  He lingers with it in his throat as his muscles milk it and then he slowly slides back off it.

"Oh fuck Matt, that is some good fuckin' head," Jeff says as Matt goes back down to the pubes.  "You got me so close man," he softly calls out and Matt slowly pulls off of Jeff's cock.

"Got a bedroom man?" he asks as he unbuttons his shirt, and Jeff leads him by the hand.  He undoes his brown shorts and they drop to the floor, and he steps out of them and into Jeff's arms.

"Before we do this Jeff, I need to tell you something," he says as he holds Jeff in his arms.  "I'm not a one night stand type of guy, so if we climb in that bed, it means that I am going to be coming back," he says looking in Jeff's eyes.  "When I kissed you I felt something that I have never felt before, and I have kept myself for the man I will spend my life with."  Jeff buries his face into Matt's hair covered chest, and he cries with total abandonment. 

"I'm sorry Jeff for thinking that you might have felt something also," he says as he picks up his work shorts.

"Matt wait please," Jeff says as he pulls himself together.  "I was crying because I'm the same way.  I have never been with a man either, and when we kissed I felt that spark go right through me," and he kisses Matt deeply on the mouth.

Jeff lies on the bed and holds out his arms to Matt, who climbs on top of his new lover.  They look longingly into each other's eyes before they let their lips meet, and their tongues do the ritual dance of love.  Matt nuzzles Jeff's neck as Jeff softly pinches Matt's nipples and they both let out a sigh of delight.

"I have waited so long for this moment," Matt says as he looks into Jeff's eyes.  "Did you just invite me to make love to you Jeff?" he asks.

"Yes Matt, I surrender my virginity to you," he says.  "All I ask is that you be gentle with me."

"I will be gentle and if you say stop I will stop," he says.  "But I have to ask you something first," and he gets red again.  "What do I do next?" he asks.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" Jeff asks.

"Once I tried it but I went soft in the middle of it."

"Well it's basically the same but the opening is a little further back," Jeff says pulling him down for a kiss.  He hands Matt some lube that he found in the drawer, and helps him to prepare them both for their lovemaking. Jeff lines up Matt's cock to his virgin rosebud, and he tells him to slowly push in.  Matt gives it a push, but a little too hard, and it goes all the way into Jeff's ass.

"Oh my fucking ass, stop," he screams out in pain. A look of shock comes over Matt's face.

"I'm sorry Jeff, oh God do you want me to take it out?" he says in a panic as Jeff only shakes his head no.  With tears in his eyes, he looks up at his lover and smiles as he softly says to him.

"Just give me a minute to get use to having you in me," he says as he lets out his breath.  "My God that hurt Matt; I thought you were going to be gentle."

"I started to push and it wouldn't go in, so I gave it a harder one just as you gave a push and God it slid all the way in."

"Its ok lover, now just fuck me slow to start," he tells Matt. 

Matt lifts himself up with his arms, and slowly pulls his cock out then ever so slowly pushes it back in. He repeats his motion until Jeff says.

"Matt you can go faster than that love, at that pace we will be here still fucking when the cows come home."

"I told you I didn't know what I was doing."

"Matt, get up and lie down on your back," Jeff tells him.  Matt pulls out of Jeff who lets out a sigh, as the fullness remains after the cock is gone.  Matt lays on his back and Jeff straddles his hips, and positions Matt's cock at his rosebud.  He slowly lowers himself down onto Matt's cock until he is all the way down, and Matt's balls are against his ass. 

"Oh God that feels so good," Jeff says as he slowly starts to ride up and down on Matt's cock.  Matt places his hands on each side of Jeff's hips and pushes himself up as Jeff comes down.  They soon find a rhythm to their lovemaking and they get lost in their passionate lust.  The awareness of Matt's cock as it hits Jeff's sweet prostate moves him quickly to the edge.

"Fuck I'm cumming," Jeff yells out as he shoots his seed all over Matt. He jumps up and down hard on Matt's throbbing cock as he shoots his seed, and Matt is brought to the edge.

"I'm cumming Jeff," as he shoots his seed deep into Jeff's anxious, twitching ass.  Jeff rides Matt's cock until each has given all he has to give, then Jeff bends down and gives Matt a soft kiss.

"God that was so fantastic," Jeff says as he lifts off of Matt's cock, and lies down beside him. 

"How did you know to fuck like that?" Matt asks as he turns on his side to face Jeff.

"Haven't you ever watched a gay porno before?" Jeff asks.

"God no!  Why, is that where you learned that?" Matt asks.

"Listen lover man, why don't you take your truck back and come on back here after," Jeff tells Matt.  "I'll make us dinner and we can watch a movie."

"That sounds great Jeff," he says as he hangs his head down.

"What's the matter Matt?" Jeff asks lifting Matt's head to look in his eyes.

"I guess you think I'm a real dummy don't you?" he says turning away from Jeff.

"I never thought any such thing Matt; I love the innocence of your love."


He kisses his lover so tenderly and long, and he wraps his arms tight around his man.

"Now get dressed and hurry back love," Jeff says as they get up, and he watches as this beautiful man gets dressed.


"Hey Jacob I hear you're a fag now," as the guys run into some of Jake's football team friends.

"Yeah I hear he likes it up the ass," Mike, Jakes best friend in high school says with an evil grin.  "Is that your boyfriend Jake?" he asks looking at Josh.

"Yes I am.  Would you want to make something of it?" Josh says standing face to face with Mike.

"Ah ... no man ... we didn't mean anything," Mike stammers as he backs down from Josh.

"I didn't think so.  Why don't you apologize to my man?" he says still looking directly into his eyes.

"God Jake, I'm sorry for what I said man," he says as he offers his hand to Jake.

"You're going to shake a fag's hand?" Dennis asks as he walks away disgusted.

"I'm the same Jake I always was Mike, I just decided to come out from hiding my sexuality," he says offering his hand now to Mike.  "Can we still be friends?"

"Sure Jake and I'm sorry for acting like I did.  Shit, we've known each other since third grade bud," he says shaking his hand.  "You going to introduce your bodyguard to me?" he asks.

"Mike this is my man Josh Bradley," he says as the two guys shake hands.

"I'm sorry Josh for being such a dick wad.  Any friend of Jake's is a friend of mine," he says.

"It's nice to meet you Mike.  Care to join us?  We were going to get something to eat, my treat," he says.

"Yeah sure," he says.  "Jake can I ask you a question man?" he asks as they all walk over to a table.  "Have you ever looked at me in ... well ... like you wanted to ..." and Jake interrupts him.

"Like I wanted to get it on with you?" he says finishing Mike's question.

"Yeah, I guess that's what I was asking," he says.

"No man never; although you do have a nice cock and ass for a straight boy.  You never sent me that spark I needed to make a move on you," he says and Mike gets a look of relief on his face.

"So you think I have a nice package going on buddy?" he asks rather proudly.

"Yeah man you do and some girl will be quite thrilled to get fucked by your cock."

"Well, Jenny doesn't complain about it," he says with a smile.

The guys eat and talk about things that friends talk about and Jake tells Mike about his dad.  They leave the mall and Jake and Josh head over to Tyler's place to see Jeff.  They arrive and Josh rings the doorbell and Jeff calls out to come in.

"That was mighty quick," Jeff says as he comes out naked from the kitchen.  "Oh fuck ... I thought you were Matt," he says as he runs down the hall to his room.  The guys are laughing hysterically when he comes back out.

"So tell me Jeff, who is Matt?" Josh asks of a very embarrassed Jeff.

"God I'm sorry for that guys," he says. "Matt is my Mr. Magic," he says with a big smile on his face.  He is supposed to be coming back for dinner and a movie," he tells them.

"Well I want you to meet my magic man, Jake Miller," he says and the guys shake hands.

"Nice to meet you and my oh my Josh, he is a handsome one," Jeff says making Jake blush.

"Well he's mine so hands off," he says but with a quiet laugh.  "So why don't we come over another time?" he says as the doorbell rings again.

"No stay please, I have plenty made and we can all hang out," he says opening the door.  "Besides here is my magic man now," he says giving Matt a kiss as he enters the house.  "Matt this is Josh and Jake, friends of mine," he says as they all shake hands.

"Nice to meet you guys," he says as he puts his arm around Jeff.

They have a nice dinner, although Jake and Josh didn't eat much, and they settled in for the movie.

"I want to tell you that this is not your ordinary movie," Jeff explains to the boys. "This is a gay porno one that Tyler had in his collection, so if you guys don't want to watch it I will understand."

"Nah we're good," Josh and Jake both say in agreement.

Jeff starts the movie and everyone's eyes are glued to the screen, as the sexual acts unfold.  Its not long before everyone is sporting a hard on, and the clothes start to come off.

"It's getting hot in here," Josh says as he removes his shirt, and the others soon follow suit.

"Do you mind if we just get naked?" Matt asks Jeff, who is already taking off his own pants.

"Go for it guys," he says and they all strip down to continue watching the movie. 

It's not long before they are acting out what they are seeing.  Matt moves Jeff to the floor as he climbs on top of him and their lips meet in a lustful kiss.  Jake gets down on his knees between Josh's spread legs, and engulfs his cock in his mouth.  Matt spits on his hand and massages it into Jeff's rosebud, as he prepares him for his cock.  He adds more to his cock and then slowly enters his anus, pausing long enough for Jeff to relax.

"Fuck me lover, hard and deep," he says as Matt lifts Jeff's legs higher.  He pushes his cock all the way in, and Jeff rises to meet his push.  He soon finds a rhythm that is fast and aggressive, and he rides his man just the way he wants it.

"God your ass is so fucking hot man," Matt says pounding it harder each time.  He picks up his pace when he feels Jeff's ass tighten around his cock, and he knows that Jeff is getting close.

"I'm cumming lover," Jeff calls out as he shoots and covers his own chest with his cum.

"You got it babe I'm cumming too," Matt howls out as he buries his cock deep in Jeff's ass.  He fills his lover's ass with cum as he aggressively fucks him deep.

Jake is quickly moving up and down on Josh's manhood, and he fondles his balls while he sucks.  Josh is pinching Jake's nubs to the point of distraction, as he soon is brought to the edge.

"I'm going to cum," he yells out to Jake as he grabs his head to guide him, then holds him down on his cock as he shoots his hot cream down Jake's anxious throat, moaning out in ecstasy.  He shoots rope after rope of cum into his mouth, and Jake eagerly swallows each drop he's given.

"Oh fuck babe your mouth is soooo fucking hot," as he surrenders the last of his seed, and Jake moans as he takes it all to the last drop.

"Well isn't this a lovely sight?" Tyler says coming into the living room, and the boys scramble quickly to cover their nakedness.

"My God Jeff, I thought you knew better," Brian says as he takes in the view.

"I'm so sorry Ty, I didn't know it was that late," he says giving up trying to hide his nakedness.  "I guess we got carried away," as he hangs his head down.

"Don't worry about it boys, we were young once," Ty says taking Brian's arm in his as he leads him to their room.  "Goodnight boys," he says as they walk down the hall.

"God Jeff are you in trouble?" Matt asks.

"Nah, they just like to embarrass me whenever they can," he says and gives him a kiss on his lips.  They kiss tenderly soon forgetting their embarrassment and their passion builds to a new height.

"Jeff will you make love to me?" Matt asks softly, as he looks into his lovers eyes.

"Are you sure babe? Remember how painful it was for me, I would never want to cause you such pain."

"I know you will be gentle and I really want to give you my virginity also," he says as he pulls Jeff into a sweet kiss.

Jake is now kissing Josh passionately as their lust is also building.

"Take me Jake, I want you to fuck me," Josh says as he savagely kisses him.  He spits in his hand but Jeff hands him some lube, and he prepares Josh for his throbbing cock.

"Man I'm ready to come just thinking of your hot ass Texan," Jake says, as he pushes his cock all the way into him.

"Oh fuck you feel good, now fuck me hard, like you mean it," Josh calls out as Jake lifts to begin his assault.  He quickly pulls out almost completely and quickly slams back in.

"Yeah man, give it to me you fucking stallion," he howls as he digs his nails into Jake's back.  He fucks his man with the force of a breeding stallion as their passion calls out in the sounds of their love.

"Ahhhhh fuck! Your ass is going to get it," Jake yells as he lifts Josh's legs higher so he can get in deeper still.  He slams at Josh's ass with the fury of a hurricane and he brings him quickly to his climax.

"Fuck me faster stud, I'm cumming," Josh yells as he shoots his second load onto his chest.  "Ahhhhh fuck I can't stop," as he continues to shoot, and Jake soon reaches his edge.

"Fuck Texan your ass got me cummin'," he yells as he fills his lover's ass.  "Fuck!  Take that cum man, your ass is so fucking hot," Jake moans as he slams faster and deeper.  They slowly reach their point of exhaustion and Jake collapses in a kiss on Josh.

Meanwhile Jeff is slowly entering Matt, as Matt gives a push back to him.

"Stop, stop, stop," he cries out as the pain of the head entering causes him pain.  "Fuck man that hurts like hell."

"I told you it would lover, do you want me to pull out?" he asks.

"Oh God no, just give me a minute to get use to the feeling," Matt says as he lets out his breath.  "Ok love, go slow," he says as he relaxes some.  Jeff slowly starts to fuck him giving him more of his cock with each push in, and soon the young lovers find their rhythm.  Jeff lifts up and watches his lover's eyes, as he slowly makes love to his man.  The rhythm of Jeff's cock sliding in and out of Matt's ass brings Matt to the realm of delight.

"Oh God you feel so fucking good in me, I think I want it this way all the time," he says as he lets out a pleasurable sigh.  Jeff quickens his pace as he senses Matt's climax, and he too is close.

"Oh fuck dude, I'm cumming," Matt screams out as he shoots forth his payload all over his chest.

"Me too stud I'm cumming," Jeff howls as he fills his new lover with his seed.  He shoots rope after rope of his cum deep into his lover, as Matt lies there watching him and cries.

"I love you Jeff so much," Matt says between sobs, as he pulls Jeff down tightly on him.  "I never thought I would find my perfect mate," he cries and lets go with total abandon. 

"I love you too Matt and I'm so thankful I waited for you," he whispers in Matt's ear.  "Don't cry lover, you have made me so complete tonight," and he kisses Matt's neck.

"My dad said that love would send me the right man if I would only be patient and wait," he says and Jeff lifts up to look at him.

"Your dad knows you're gay?" Jeff asks.

"Yeah why shouldn't he?  He's been my best bud since I can't remember when," Matt says with pride.

"My dad threw me out when I told him I was gay," and he gets teary eyed remembering that day.  "It broke my heart hearing him tell me he hated me and wished that I were dead."  He now breaks loose in tears as his pain comes out, and Matt holds him tight in his arms.

"My dad has enough love for both of us," he says to Jeff and Jeff cries harder because of Matt's love.

"I know how you feel Jeff my dad tried to kill me," Jake says as his own tears now fall.  Josh pulls him in tight to his chest as he cries, and he comforts the man he has fallen in love with.

"Why don't we go and get something to eat," Matt suggests and they all agree that would be good.  They get dressed and Jeff says as he quietly motions,

"Shhhh, listen," he whispers to them.

The sounds coming from down the hall are ones of passion, as Tyler and Brian make love.

"I'm so happy that my uncle finally found someone to love," Jeff says as the boys quietly head out the door.

To be continued...

There my readers, no cliff hanger just a chapter of sweet sex for our young and two older lovers.  I felt that you deserved a softer chapter, but don't get to use to it.


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