The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 18


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead. This is copyrighted, and belongs to me. No one is to copy this without my written permission.

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter.

From Chapter 17 ...

"I love you too Matt and I'm so thankful I waited for you," he whispers in Matt's ear. "Don't cry lover, you have made me so complete tonight," and he kisses Matt's neck.

"My dad said that love would send me the right man if I would only be patient and wait," he says and Jeff lifts up to look at him.

"Your dad knows you're gay?" Jeff asks.

"Yeah why shouldn't he? He's been my best bud since I can't remember when," Matt says with pride.

"My dad threw me out when I told him I was gay," and he gets teary eyed remembering that day. "It broke my heart hearing him tell me he hated me and wished that I were dead." He now breaks loose in tears as his pain comes out, and Matt holds him tight in his arms.

"My dad has enough love for both of us," he says to Jeff and Jeff cries harder because of Matt's love.

"I know how you feel Jeff my dad tried to kill me," Jake says as his own tears now fall. Josh pulls him in tight to his chest as he cries, and he comforts the man he has fallen in love with.

"Why don't we go and get something to eat," Matt suggests and they all agree that would be good. They get dressed and Jeff says as he quietly motions,

"Shhhh, listen," he whispers to them.

The sounds coming from down the hall are ones of passion, as Tyler and Brian make love.

"I'm so happy that my uncle finally found someone to love," Jeff says as the boys quietly head out the door.


Chapter 18 ...

"Good Morning sis," Bret says as he prepares their breakfast. "How did you sleep last night?"

"Like shit! I tossed and turned all night," she snaps. "I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over."

"Well you have just a few more weeks' sis," he tells her. "When is your next appointment?"

"Next Monday at nine; you're coming with me aren't you," she asks.

"Of course I am," he says setting her breakfast before her.

"Have you lined up a nanny yet or are you still planning to care for them yourselves?"

"David wants me to get one but I would like to handle it myself. Do you still object to breast feeding them," he asks knowing how she feels about the children and all he gets is a dirty look. "I just thought I would ask in case you changed your mind."

"Do I look like I have changed my mind?" she snaps at him.

"I got some errands to run today would you like to come with me?" Bret asks.

"Oh God no. Parade around in public like some Thanksgiving Day balloon?" she says and starts to cry. "I'm so fat I can't even see my feet anymore," she says crying.

"Shhhh it'll be over soon and you'll get your lovely figure back."

"Riiiight like that's ever going to happen," she says still crying. Bret carries the dishes to the sink and mutters to himself, "Thank you God for making me a man."

"Did you just make some smart ass remark brother?" she snaps again.

"Now sis I would never do that to you," he says.


"How about I drop you over at Ty's house if he's going to be home," he asks her.

"Thanks brother but I feel like staying here today. I'll be fine, just go ... and get me some pistachio ice cream while you're out if you would."

"Sure sis, I should be home in a couple of hours."

Bret goes upstairs and showers before getting ready to start his day of shopping. He dresses and says farewell to Jeanne Marie an hour later.

"You have my cell number if you need me sis," he says giving her a kiss goodbye.

Bret left and he stopped by Tyler's house to say hello. He hadn't been over for a few days and wanted to see how everyone was.

"Well hello Bret," Tyler says as he welcomes Bret in. "How is everyone at Seven Oaks?"

"We are all fine except for my sister who is driving me crazy lately. This pregnancy is getting to her now, and she is so snappy at all of us."

"Women get that way each month and especially when they are that far along in a pregnancy. It can't be too much longer can it?" he asks.

"The doctor says a little less than two months, but God she is as big as a barn. She eats anything that isn't nailed down, and I can't forget that she wants pistachio ice cream."

"I need to go to the mall and pick up some things for the nursery and I wondered if you wanted to go with me."

"Yes that sounds like fun. I want to get a new set of sheets for the guest room, and with two more men in the house some more towels wouldn't be a bad idea."

They head on over to the mall and Bret gives David a call. He decides that they need an evening out so he makes plans for dinner and a movie.

"What movie do you want to see," David asks. "I don't want some mushy thing," he says.

"Well how about the French Connection with Gene Hackman," he says.

"Yeah that sounds good; I heard that's a great film."

"Then I will see you after work or do you want me to meet you at Ty's?" he asks.

"Yes meet me at Ty's, that will save me driving all the way home, but we will be in separate cars going home unless you go to work with me. I can drop you off at Ty's on my way and you can get your car then."

"That works for me love, see you later then. Oh David, I love you cowboy," Bret says as he blows a kiss over the phone.

"I love you to babe," and they hang up.

"Now that I have that out of the way, tell me what's been going on at your place," he says to Tyler.

"You would have died laughing last night if you had come in and seen what we saw."

"What? Tell, tell," Bret asks all excited about hearing the news.

"Well Brian and I went out for the evening to dinner and a movie, the French Connection. You are going to love that movie Bret, it's about ..." and Bret cuts him off.

"Tyler last night, you were saying," he says trying to get Tyler back on track.

"Oh last night right, sorry I got side tracked. Well when we got home you will never guess what we came into..." and he stops and waits for Bret to guess.

"Tyler please just tell me, I haven't a clue what was going on. Oh I don't know an orgy?" he guesses and Tyler just about drops his teeth.

"How did you know that?" he asks puzzled. "Yes Brian's nephew Jeff and his boyfriend Matt, and Josh and his boyfriend Jake were butt naked on the floor just sucking and fucking to beat the band," he says chuckling.

"Oh my God you're kidding, what did you do?" he asks.

"What any red blooded American gay would do, I took my man to bed and fucked his brains out," he says laughing hysterically. It didn't seem to bother them none because within minutes they were moaning and groaning in sexual heaven out there in my living room."

"Well we got caught last night too," Bret tells Tyler who is shocked to hear it. "First it was by Josh and Jake as David was sucking my cock. They had just finished making love upstairs evidently and decided to go out. They came downstairs to tell us they were leaving and there we were my pants around my ankles and David's mouth on my cock. Well we jumped a mile when they came in and Josh just had to make a comment about my hard cock standing out there for the entire world to see. They finally left and David resumed his assault on my cock, and just as I was shooting my cum, in comes my sister. Well I was too far into it to stop so I just kept feeding my David my cum."

"Oh fuck what did she do?" he asks.

"She was her old grumpy self; she told us to take it upstairs and went into the kitchen to get something to eat."

"Well it sounds as if everyone got some fun last night," Tyler says. "Well I'm just thankful that God gave me another chance at love again. I really thought that after Troy died I would never find someone again."

"I'm very happy for the both of you. I remember David telling me how very much Brian loved Ryan, and how hard he took his death."

"Yes he still cries in his sleep for him, but I will never say a word. I know he loves me in his own special way, and I could never hold a candle to Ryan with him. But as long as the two of us are content and happy I don't mind living with Ryan's ghost."

"You're a special man Ty, not just anyone could do what you do and make a relationship work. I hope that you two have many happy years together."

"Enough of this talk, its fucking depressing. I feel like spending some money honey," he says as Bret parks the car. "Oh look, a fifty percent sale at Bed and Bath," Tyler says.


Jake shows up for work at the hay and feed store he has worked at since he was fifteen.

"Good Morning Mr. Burns." Gary Burns is the owner and also the best friend of Jake's father.

"Yeah right, wanna come in my office boy?" he says in a rather stern voice.

"Yes sir, did I do something wrong sir?" Jake asks as he steps into the office and Gary locks the door. "Dad!" he says with fear and surprise in his voice.

"Bet you thought you were rid of me, didn't you boy," his father says and hits him hard sending him crashing to the floor. "Where's your boyfriend now to help you?" he asks as he kicks his son in the ribs.

"Dad please, don't do this," Jake pleads. "I love you dad please understand," he asks as his father kicks him again.

"You're no son of mine anymore you worthless piece of cow shit. Now I'm going to finish what I started the other day," he says as he grabs Jake lifting him to his feet.

He pulls out a revolver and holds it to Jake's face as Gary watches him.

"Christ Ted, not in my office," he says, "there are plenty of places in the fucking desert where no one will ever find him."

"Yeah your right buddy," he says looking at Gary. "Move it," he says to Jake jabbing the gun into his ribs.

Ted takes Jake to his truck as Gary follows them out, locking up the store.

"We'll take his truck and you can follow us in mine," Ted says as they get into the trucks. "I'll take him to the mines where the tunnels go on for miles," he says as he makes Jake drive.

"Dad I don't care if you hate me, I love you and will no matter what you do to me," Jake says as his tears fall.

"Shut the fuck up you fag, no son of mine is going to walk the earth as a fag," he says slapping Jake hard causing him to swerve the truck.

They drive for almost an hour until they reach the Lost Canyon Mines. Ted has his son pull up to the entrance and stop the truck.

"Leave the keys; you won't need them where you're going," he says as Gary pulls Jake from the truck.

"I'm gonna miss you boy, I will say you were a good worker, but I can't have no fag around my store hitting on my customers," Gary says as he too hits him hard.

"Mr. Burns please don't do this," he pleads with him. Jake cries hard now knowing he is about to die. His heart is breaking because of his father's hatred for him. He can't control his emotions and he collapses to the ground in tears and fear for what is about to befall him.

"Just do it quick dad, please," he says looking up at his dad with tears running down his face. "I love you and forgive you dad," he says as he bows his head to the ground.

Ted holds his gun to the back of his son's head, at the base of his skull and cocks it.

"Ted take him inside the mine man," Gary says looking around. "I'm getting the willies here," he says to Ted.

"Get a fucking grip man, there's no one in a hundred miles of this place," Ted tells him. He re-aims the gun to Jake's head and pulls back the firing pin.

"Hey what the fuck is going on there?" a park ranger calls out causing the men to jump.

Ted turns and fires at the ranger missing him as he ducks behind a rock. The ranger pulls out his rifle and takes aim at Ted and fires, dropping him to the ground. Gary panics and makes a run for the trucks as the ranger fires at the ground ahead of him.

"The next one is between your eyes," he calls out and Gary freezes with his hands up. "On the ground with your hands on your head," he orders Gary who quickly complies.

The ranger moves cautiously down towards Gary while keeping an eye on Jake who is now lying on the ground crying hysterically. He grabs Gary's right arm and brings it over his left as he ties them together with a restraining strap. He gets up and moves over to Ted, who is lying lifeless on the ground, and feels for a pulse and finds none. He looks over at Jake who is hysterical as he lies there crying.

"You're all right now son," he says kneeling beside Jake. "Come on, lets get you up," he says as he lifts Jake up to a sitting position. "Can you tell me what was going on here?" he asks the sobbing teenager. He holds him tenderly until he finally gets him to calm down. "There now son, you're safe and no one is going to hurt you," he says rubbing Jake's back. "Can you tell me now what happened?" as Jake wipes his eyes with the ranger's handkerchief.

"That's my father," Jake says emotionally pointing to his dad's lifeless body. "He was going to kill me before you came and interrupted him and that man," he says now pointing to Gary, who is still lying on the ground.

"Why the fuck would your father want to kill his own son?" the ranger asks.

"Because I'm gay that's why," he shouts out in anger to the ranger and starts to cry again.

"Calm down son, you're going to be ok," he says pulling Jake to him and holding him tight. "I know the feelings that you are experiencing son," he says as he slowly rocks Jake back and forth in his arms. Jake looks up at him in puzzlement as the ranger explains.

"My parents threw me out when I told them that I had fallen in love with a man. They went through the roof and my dad beat me to within an inch of my life. I ended up in the hospital for nearly two weeks from that beating," he says looking off into space as if remembering it all too clearly.

"So you're gay also?" Jake asks, now sitting up looking at the ranger. "Are you with anyone?" he asks.

"Yes, twenty three years now," he says with a smile on his face. "I have never looked back or regretted one single day with my Austin," he says with glossy eyes. So what's your name son?" he asks as they stand up.

"Jacob Miller from over Dallas way," he says

"Well Jacob glad to meat you, the names Garth Dennison," he says as he shakes hands with Jake. "Now I got to radio in this fucking mess and get you looked at," he tells Jake as he pulls out his radio and calls for the state police.

"How come you happened to be around here?" Jake asks Garth.

"This place has seen a lot of crime over the years, and some have been very famous people from around here. As part of the state park land we now patrol this area. This morning I had a gut feeling about this place and decided to check it out. I learned many years ago never to go against my gut feelings," he says as he leads Jake to the truck with his arm on his shoulder.

"Well I'm so thankful that you had that gut feeling," Jake says. "Could I use your cell phone please?" he asks Garth.

"Sorry son, state issue is not for civilian use, but here use my personal one," he says handing him his personal cell phone.

Jake calls Josh's cell phone and gets his voice mail. He hangs up and calls the operator and asks to be connected to Strathmore Industries and she connects him to the refinery's switchboard.

"Strathmore Industries how may I help you?" the operator asks.

"David Strathmore please," Jake says with a shaking voice.

"Hello this is David," David says answering the phone.

"David this is ..." and he looses control of his emotions again. Garth picks up the phone and speaks to David.

"David this park ranger Garth Dennison," he says introducing himself. He proceeds to tell David about the events of the past morning concerning Jacob.

"My God! Is he all right?" David asks as he signals his secretary to come in. "Please get Josh Bradley in here immediately," he tells her with his hand over the phone. "Where is he at the moment?" he asks.

"He is with me here at the Lost Canyon Mines," he tells David. "He's quite shaken up but otherwise ok."

"I want him taken to Parkland Memorial and examined as soon as possible Garth. And Garth, I would like you to please stop by my personal residence at your convenience tomorrow if possible. Can you hold on one moment?" he asks as Josh comes into his office.

"What's up Dave," he asks looking at David with some concern. David tells him about Jacob and he gets hysterical as he loses control of his emotions.

"David the police and ambulance are here," Garth says. "I will have Jacob brought to Parkland Memorial and I will personally accompany him."

"Thank you Garth we are on our way," he tells him and hangs up.

"Joshua you need to get yourself together for Jacob's sake," he tells him. "He's ok physically I think, but he's emotionally distraught. We are taking the company helicopter to the hospital," he tells him.

"God why wasn't I there for him?" he asks wiping his tears away. "I thought his dad was locked up."

"He must have made bail and went looking for his son," he said. "Garth mentioned someone named Gary Burns was with his father."

"That's his father's best friend and Jake's boss at the store," he explains. "He must have been there waiting for Jake to come to work this morning," he says as they leave for the `copter pad.

The pilot flies them to Parkland hospital and they arrive just after the ambulance got there. They notice an older man in a tan ranger uniform and go over to him.

"Are you ranger Garth Dennison?" David inquires. "I'm David Strathmore."

"Yes sir, glad to meet you," he says shaking hands with David. "The doctors are examining him and they will be out once they finish," he tells them.

"This is ..." and David is interrupted by Garth.

"Joshua," he says finishing the introduction.

"Yes how did you know that," David asks.

"Lets sit over here sir, for a moment," he says leading them to a quiet area where they can talk. "He told me about his lover Joshua and how he needed to get in touch with him."

"So you know that Jake and Josh are gay Garth," David says a bit hesitantly.

"Don't worry sir, I am also and their secret is safe with me," he says looking at a hurting Josh.

"Thank you Garth, and call me Dave please," he says as the doctor comes out.

"Is there someone here for Jacob Miller?" the doctor asks.

"I am," Josh says standing to meet the doctor. "How is he doctor?" he asks.

"Well other than having had a mental trauma, he is just bruised, nothing seriously wrong with him. I would suggest that he get some counseling about the incident he just went through," the doctor says. "He wants to see you, so if you would follow me," he says leading Josh to where Jake is.

"God I can't believe this happened," David says to Garth. "It's a shame his father had to die instead of accepting his son's sexuality, but at least Jake need not worry anymore about him."

"It just seems so tragic that he could even think of killing his own son. My parents threw me out when I confessed my love for my partner, Austin, but they never wanted to kill me," Garth says shaking his head in amazement. "I never did make amends with my dad before he died, but my mom and I talk now," he says with a bittersweet smile.

"I was blessed with loving parents, although my dads were gay I still was blessed," David says.


Josh walks into the area where Jake is; he sees his lover lying there in terrible despair and has to work at controlling his emotions. Jake sees him and holds out his arms to him as he lets his emotions go.

"Oh God baby," Josh says taking Jake in his arms and tightly holding him. "Cry my love and let it out," he tells Jake who lets out all his hurt and pain. He cries for almost twenty minutes before he calms down enough to talk.

"Josh he was actually going to kill me," he says looking up at Josh. "He hated me that much that he wanted to remove me from his life."

"It's over now love, he can't hurt you anymore," Josh tells him. "And Gary is being held until his trial without the right to bail."

"Take me home babe and just hold me," Jake says as he pulls Josh down for a kiss. Josh kisses him softly and long as he holds his lover tightly in his arms. The doctor comes in and clears his throat to let them know that he's there.

"Well Jake, I see you're feeling a bit better," the doctor says with a smile. "I don't see why you can't go home," he tells him.

"I'm sorry doctor, for what you saw," Josh says turning red.

"Son don't worry about it, as a doctor I have seen worst than that," he says giving Jake a prescription for some pain medication. "Jake as I told you friend here, I would recommend that you get some counseling to help you get over this," he says shaking Jake and Josh's hands. "Take care of your man son," he says to Josh.

"Don't worry about that doctor, I am not leaving his side," Josh says with his arms around Jake.

They walk out to the area where David and Garth are sitting, and the guys stand and smile when they see them. Jake runs to Garth and wraps his arms around him and hugs him tightly to him.

"Thanks Garth, for being there for me today," he says as Garth gives him a strong hug. "If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't be here right now."

"I was just doing my job son," he says as he kisses the top of Jake's head. "Now you take care of yourself you hear? And you listen to that man of yours," he says as Jake now moves into Josh's arms.

"Yes Garth, thank you for giving me my man back," Josh says as he gives Garth a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Shit boys, y'all gonna get me all gushy," he says wiping his eyes with the back of his hands.

"Listen Garth, what are you and Austin doing this Saturday," David asks. "How about coming over to my place at Seven Oaks for an old fashioned Texas cookout?" David asks.

"Let me talk with Austin and I will get back to you. I don't see any problem with this Saturday, but if I don't talk with him about it he feels slighted," he says.

"My partner Bret acts the same way, better keep them apart or they will be comparing notes," David says laughing. "Can I give you a ride?" he asks Garth.

"That would be great, seeing how I came by police car and have no way back."

"Uh Davy, my truck and my father's truck are still out at the mines," Jakes says. "But I don't want to go anywhere near that fucking place," he says shaking in Josh's arms.

"Don't worry about the trucks son, I will have them delivered to David's place for you," Garth says. "That one your father had was a real beauty."

"Well then its all yours Garth," Jake says and Garth shakes his head no.

"I can't accept it son, conflict of interest and it should go to a family member," he says. "But thanks for the offer."

"Listen deliver them to David's house and I will give it to you on Saturday as a gift for saving my life. I am the only family I have now," he says.

They all walk out to the `copter pad and Garth and Jake's mouth drop as they see the private helicopter waiting there.

"This is your ride?" Garth asks looking with astonishment at the big bird.

"Just a little toy to get me around town in a hurry," David says as they climb in.

They drop Garth off at his station and his fellow rangers are amazed by his arrival method. Then the pilot takes them home to Seven Oaks to rest.

"I'll give Bret a call and let him know what's happened." He gets Bret on his cell and he is all upset at the news.

"Bring them over to Ty's place," Bret tells him. "We just got in and with Jeanne in her current bitchy mood; he doesn't need her snapping at them."

"If you think it would be better, I can leave them there and meet you after work," he tells Bret.

So he redirects the pilot to Tyler's house and drops the two boys off before heading back to the refinery.

"My God Jacob," Bret says taking him in his arms to comfort him. "Thank God you are all right."

"Take him into my room and let him lie down and rest for awhile," Tyler says leading the way.

Josh and Jake lie down and are soon fast asleep with Josh holding Jake close to him in his arms.

"Is this prejudice ever going to end towards us?" Bret asks sitting with Tyler in the kitchen having coffee. "I can't believe that we still have people hating us for who we love."

"I know it's hard to believe that we still have such hatred, but maybe someday it will come to an end."

"Well I hope I live to see that day Ty, but I'm not going to hold my breath until then," he says. "God, I still can't fathom how a father could want to kill his own son over something as trivial as who he loves."

"It is hard to comprehend isn't it?"

"Yes it is and his only son at that. Well he got what he deserved," Bret says but Tyler seems less sure of that.

"I still can't think how his father dying will make it better. He's going to have to live with the fact that his sexuality caused his father's death."

"Maybe indirectly, but still, he had a choice about his son."

"Yes he did, but no one deserves to die over something like this just the same. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not siding with what his father did either; I'm just saying that this could have further repercussions down the road for that boy."

"That's why we're going to get him into counseling soon so he can get on with his life. Where's Brian today?" Bret asks suddenly aware that he is not around.

"He had to go to the airport to pick up his sister."

"His sister; Jeff's mom is coming here?" Bret asks very surprised by the news.

"Yes she wanted to see Jeff and talk to him about what has been going on between the three of them. I think she is bringing his older brother with her also."

"He never mentioned an older brother," Bret remarks.

"From what Brian told me, he's from a previous marriage."

"Is he as good looking as Jeff is?" Bret asks in an excited voice.

"Listen you hussy, you have a man, and besides I have never seen him either," Tyler says with scolding Bret.

"I wasn't interested in bedding him, but some eye candy is always nice," he says shamefully.


Meanwhile back at Seven Oaks...

"God I wish he was back with that ice cream," Jeanne Marie says looking in the refrigerator for something to eat. She takes out some leftover Chinese food and sets it to warm in the oven, as a pain shoots across her stomach. "What the fuck was that?" she says as she sits on a stool, and another one shoots across again. "Oh fuck not now," she says as she heads in towards the sitting room. She gets part way there and she collapses to the floor as her pains get more frequent and her water breaks. She crawls towards the phone and knocks it to the floor, and she dials 911 before passing out...

To be continued...

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