The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 19


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead. This is copyrighted, and belongs to me. No one is to copy this without my written permission.

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also.

From Chapter 18 ...

"Maybe indirectly, but still, he had a choice about his son."

"Yes he did, but no one deserves to die over something like this just the same. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not siding with what his father did either; I'm just saying that this could have further repercussions down the road for that boy."

"That's why we're going to get him into counseling soon so he can get on with his life. Where's Brian today?" Bret asks suddenly aware that he is not around.

"He had to go to the airport to pick up his sister."

"His sister; Jeff's mom is coming here?" Bret asks very surprised by the news.

"Yes she wanted to see Jeff and talk to him about what has been going on between the three of them. I think she is bringing his older brother with her also."

"He never mentioned an older brother," Bret remarks.

"From what Brian told me, he's from a previous marriage."

"Is he as good looking as Jeff is?" Bret asks in an excited voice.

"Listen you hussy, you have a man, and besides I have never seen him either," Tyler says with scolding Bret.

"I wasn't interested in bedding him, but some eye candy is always nice," he says shamefully.

Meanwhile back at Seven Oaks...

"God I wish he was back with that ice cream," Jeanne Marie says looking in the refrigerator for something to eat. She takes out some leftover Chinese food and sets it to warm in the oven, as a pain shoots across her stomach. "What the fuck was that?" she says as she sits on a stool, and another one shoots across again. "Oh fuck not now," she says as she heads in towards the sitting room. She gets part way there and she collapses to the floor as her pains get more frequent and her water breaks. She crawls towards the phone and knocks it to the floor, and she dials 911 before passing out...

Chapter 19 ...

"911 what's your emergency? the operator asks. "Hello 911," she repeats and still no response.

"Is there a problem Marge?" her supervisor asks.

"I have a call registering from this address but no one answers," she says. "Hello this is the 911 operator is someone there," she repeats and detects a faint moan. "I think we may have someone unconscious," she says to her supervisor.

"Give me the address and I'll send an ambulance and police," she says.

She gives her the print out of the address and she looks at it as she calls the police and ambulance.

"I know this address, its Seven Oaks Plantation," she says.

She notifies the police and tells them that there may be someone unconscious in the home. The police arrive first and when no one responds to the doorbell, they force open the door. They find Jeanne Marie on the floor unconscious and see she is definitely in labor. The ambulance arrives shortly after and they assess the situation.

"We haven't got time to transport her to the hospital," the paramedic says. "I can see the baby's head starting to crown," he says to the doctor over the radio.

"Well you'll have to deliver there and transport immediately after," the doctor says as Jeanne regains consciousness.

"Help me, the babies are coming," she cries out to the paramedics.

"Is there someone that we can call for you?" he asks as he prepares her for delivery. "We're going to deliver the baby here then transport you after," he tells her. "What is your due date?" he asks.

"The end of next month," she says. "Call 555-6428 and ask for David," she says as she screams out in pain. The policeman calls the number and gets David's cell phone.

"Hello this is David," he says.

"David this is Officer Grant Davis calling from Seven Oaks Plantation," he says to David. "We have a woman here in labor and she's in delivery as we speak.

"That's my sister officer, I'm on my way," he says running out his door as he speaks.

"Sir, can you give me some specifics about this pregnancy?" he asks.

"Well for one she's having triplets and she's not due until the end of next month. I am airborne and should be there within fifteen minutes," he tells the officer.

The officer relates the information to the paramedics as he gets it from David.

"Triplets!" the paramedic yells as he sees the first one coming out. "Here comes numero uno," he says as the first boy comes out and he takes the baby and slaps its ass. The infant cries and he cuts the cord, as the second one soon follows. "Numero dos," he says as the girl arrives and he smiles at his partner. "Nena muy Hermosa," he says in Spanish.

"Yes she is a beautiful baby," his partner says.

"El número tres están aquí," he says again in Spanish

"What did he just say?" the officer asks.

"He said the number three is here," and out comes a second boy as the other two babies cry.

One of the paramedics cleans up the babies and wraps them snuggly in sterile cloths, readying them for transport as the first one cleans up Jeanne Marie.

"Un minuto hay otra una venida," he says loudly and the others all turn to him.

"What do you mean one minute there is another one coming?" and he takes a third boy from Jeanne Marie.

"My God we got to get these kids to the hospital stat," he says looking at the four babies now crying.

David comes running in and nearly faints as he surveys the scene.

"My God is she going to be all right?" he asks not yet seeing the babies, then he suddenly hears them screaming. "The babies," he calls out as he runs in to see them and he freezes when he notices four of them.

"There must be a mistake here, she is having just three," he says looking at the four babies lying on the sofa and he smiles like the proud dad he is.

"Sir, did I understand that you came by air?" the paramedic asks.

"Yes by helicopter why?" he asks.

"Could we have you air-lift all of us to Parkland Memorial?" he asks. "These babies need to get in an incubator fast," he says.

David instructs his pilot as to what's going on and within five minutes they are airborne. They land within another five at the hospital and the babies and Jeanne are rushed into the trauma unit. David calls Bret over at Tyler's.

"David why are you calling me, I thought you were coming here after work?" he asks.

"Well daddy something came up and I had to make a detour," he says hoping he picks up on the daddy.

"What do you ..." and he stops mid sentence. "David what did you just call me?" he asks again.

"Daddy, why, didn't you hear me the first time?" he asks.

"David no, your kidding me right?" he says as Tyler watches him jump up and down.

"Babe I'm at Parkland now and Jeanne and the four babies are here," he says.

"David you mean the three babies, you just said four babies."

"No Bret, she had four babies, three boys and a girl," he says and Bret faints.

"Oh my God Bret honey," Tyler calls out as he rushes to Bret's side and picks up the phone. "David, Bret just fainted what's happened?" he asks.

"Ty, Jeanne just gave birth at home to four babies, three boys and one girl," he says and Tyler faints as well just as Brian and the others are arriving.

"Tyler love, what's wrong?" Brian asks rushing to his aid. He hears David's voice yelling from the phone and picks it up. "David?" he asks. "What's going on here? I have two passed out men on my living room floor," he says.

"They're fine Bri, just fainted from the news, that's all."

"What news?" he asks as Bret comes to as well as Tyler.

"I'm a daddy!" Bret yells out. "We got four babies!" he says fanning himself. "God you got some mighty good swimmers there Ty," he says to Tyler who grins proudly.

"Yeah and I'm a grandpa," he says proudly.

"What's going on out here?" Josh asks as he wipes the sleep from his eyes, followed by Jake clinging tightly to him.

They are about to tell them as Jeff and Matt come in to the chaotic scene.

"Mom, Jason what are you doing here," he asks in shocked amazement.

"I came to see you baby boy," she says giving him a hug and kiss.

"Does he know that you're here?" he asks bitterly referring to his father.

"Yes son he does, and he sends his love to you."

"Riiiight and I'm the pope," he says sarcastically.

"Now Jeffrey Allen Montgomery I will not tolerate disrespect," she says to him.

"And he didn't show me disrespect when he threw me out of the house?" he says angrily to her.

"He's had time to adjust to the news honey," she tells him.

"Well so you say, I don't see him here with you, just Jason or did he throw you out also?" he asks Jason.

"Why would he throw Jason out?" their mother asks looking at the two boys in puzzlement. The others picked up on it immediately.

"Uh ... no reason, just thought he may have been cleaning house," Jeff adds quickly, realizing Jason hasn't told his mother that he is gay also. "Well anyway, I'm happy to see you mom," and he gives her a kiss and hug.

"Well I need to get to the hospital, so if you will excuse me," Bret says as he leaves the room.

"Mom and Jason ... this is my boyfriend Matt," he says taking Matt's hand.

"Happy to meet you," Jason says shaking hands with Matt.

"How do you do young man?" his mom says rather coolly.

"That's Bostonian for `I acknowledge your presence but don't push for further acceptance'" he tells Matt and his mother slaps his face.

"How dare you show such blatant disrespect for me ... and in front of all these people," she exclaims to Matt.

"About the same respect you showed my Matthew," he says taking Matt by the hand and walking out of the house. "Have a nice visit," he says as he slams the door behind him.

"Well, that went well," Tyler says walking into the kitchen ushering Josh and Jake with him.

He explains the last half hour of events to them and they are shocked by the baby news.

"I think we will head back to Seven Oaks, Ty," Josh says and Jake just nods in agreement.

"Jacob honey, you give this doctor a call tomorrow," Tyler says handing him Dr. Marks card. "You need to talk to a professional counselor to help you get over this mess," he says giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Thanks Ty, I'll call him," he says hugging him back.

"Hi guys I'm Jason, Jeff's half brother," he says coming out into the kitchen. "I know we didn't get a chance to get introduced with the ruckus," he says.

"I'm Josh and this is my boyfriend Jake," he says as Jake grabs onto Josh's arm. "And of course you know Tyler, or do you?" he asks.

"No, but glad to meet you," he says shaking hands with everyone but Jake who clings tighter.

"Uh ...Jason did we get the right implications out there earlier from Jeff that you're also gay?" Josh asks as Jason turns red.

"Yeah you caught that one didn't you?" he asks. "Seems that everyone did except mom," he says as she appears behind him.

"Except mom what," she asks and he turns quickly around.

"Uh ... nothing mom we were just talking about all the stuff that was going on as we came in."

"Yes Bret and David are the proud fathers of quadruplets," Tyler says trying to divert the conversation.

"That delivery must have been something to see," she says in a rather snotty tone.

"My God mom you're such a snob," Jason says and backs up knowing how her backhand can hurt.

She gives him a rather nasty look as she walks from the room.

"So I take it you are not a Montgomery," Josh says to Jason.

"No my dad's name was Michael Radcliff of the Boston Radcliff's," he says in his best snobby Boston accent making everyone laugh.

"Do you see your dad?" he asks.

"No my dad died when I was three, and mom married Jeff's dad about a year later," he tells them. "Jeffy's boyfriend Matt is a hottie," he says. "I wish I could land a hot one like he did. He always had that luck with attracting the cute ones. Me, they never gave a second look at," he says rather sadly.

"Well if you don't mind some constructive criticism, you might try updating your style and hair," Josh says looking him over. "You do look rather prim and proper."

"That's the boarding school my mom sent me to for finishing," he says.

"Finishing what?" Josh asks.

"Social graces and shit that no one uses anymore," he says with his pinky finger sticking out.

"How long are you here for? We could get you a makeover and with, luck hooked up in no time."

"Well if the last hour was any indication of how the next two weeks are going to unfold, I would say that we should be on the next plane tomorrow," he says. "I was hoping to stay here with Jeff, but now I'm not so sure," he says.

"Well give him time Jay," Tyler says giving him a hug.

"Hey why don't you come on back to David's place with us?" Josh says as Jake grabs tighter to him. "Its all right love," he says turning to face Jake and holding him close.

"Well let me talk to mom first," Jason says as he walks out into the living room.

"Well you didn't set him much of an example," Claire says to her brother Brian. "The way you swooned over that Ryan of yours," she says rudely to him.

"You leave Ryan out of this, sis; he had nothing to do with Jeff being gay. And for that matter neither did I," he says snapping back at her.

"And now you're shacking up with another one of those kind of men," she says bitterly.

"That's it sis. I think you should stay at the hotel until you can accept that I am entitled to have a life with the man that I love," he says as Tyler enters the room. "And this man is more of a man than that pantywaist you married." He gets up and takes Tyler into his arms and gives him a kiss so passionate that it could steam windows.

"Fine with me you pervert, Jason we're leaving," she says as she walks to the door.

"Mother, go by yourself," Jason says shaking and standing by his Uncle Brian. "I should have done this years ago, but was afraid to. But I am entitled to happiness also mother, I'm twenty five years old and I'm as gay as the rest of them," he says and she looks at him and starts to cry.

"Oh God no, not you too Jason. Why?" she says sobbing.

"Ask dear old step dad," he says bitterly.

"Why should I ask him?" she asks looking at him with a puzzled look.

He hesitates for some time before answering, and then lets out his story of years of abuse.

"Because he has been sexually using me ever since I was ten mom," he says and starts to cry hard into Brian's chest.

"Oh Jason why didn't you ever tell me?" she asks him coming over to him. "I'll kill him when I get home, that fucking bastard," she says as she takes him into her arms and they cry together. "When son? I was at home with you almost all the time."

"Not all the time. Remember the volunteer work you did? That's when he would send Jeff out to play and he would make me get in bed with him."

"Did he ever touch Jeff?" she asks.

"No mom, not your precious Jeffrey, he would never touch his son. But I wasn't his son was I?" he says bitterly to her. "You did me a favor sending me off to that boarding school," he says looking away now, from all of them, as the room goes deathly quiet. "Then the vacations and holidays would come and so would his advances on me. Did he ever put his cock up your ass mother and fuck you into insanity? No mother he didn't, because he was fucking your son, but not your precious Jeff," he says with jealousy in his heart. "So go home mother and enjoy the bed you made with your man," he says and walks over to Josh. "Yes. I will go home with you two if the offer stills stands, and they leave.

"Brian I have failed my children so badly," she says crying hysterically now as Tyler and Brian try to comfort her. "Just tell me brother, did you know of this?" she asks.

"No dear sis, this was the first I heard of it also, and I'm about ready to kill the bastard myself," he tells her angrily. "Let me make a call to my old headquarters and have the bastard arrested," he asks her.

"No Brian I want to confront him myself," she says with a hollow look in her eyes. "He is going to pay for what he's done to my boys," she says suddenly stopping her crying.

"No Claire, this has to be done through the courts," Brian says. "I have a bad feeling about this," he tells her.

"Brian I love you brother, but this is a mother's revenge and no law or judge can give him what I will give him," she says now totally void of all emotion. "Would you get me on a plane for home tomorrow please?" she says now sporting a cold-hearted smile. "I want to see my boys before I leave brother. I know that you know where they are and how to get them. So would you please have them come over in the morning so I may say my goodbyes and ask for their forgiveness?"

"Ok sis, but this goes against my better judgment," he tells her as he calls Jeff's cell phone.

"Jeff, listen to me and don't give me any shit," he says as he tells Jeff to come over in the morning by nine. He calls Jason's phone and gives him the same speech.


Back at Seven Oaks ...

"Great! Now Uncle Brian wants me to come over to Tyler's house by nine," he tells the guys. "I guess my mother is going home tomorrow," he says.

"We'll take you there tomorrow and bring you back here after," Josh tells him as the doorbell rings. Josh goes to the door and answers it.

"Yes officer can I help you?" Josh asks the officer.

"I'm Officer Grant Davis and I was here earlier today when the babies arrived," he says as Josh invites him in. "I was wondering if there was any word on the babies?" he asks as Jason enters the hallway looking for Josh. Their eyes meet briefly and the sparks fly between them.

"I'm Josh Bradley and this is Jason Radcliff," Josh says as Grant walks past Josh and shakes Jason's hand gently.

"God it's nice to meet you," Grant says still holding onto Jason's hand.

"You'll never know how nice it is," Jason says smiling at him still holding hands. "Are you going to keep that or let me have it back?" he asks.

"What's that?" he says looking into Jason's eyes smiling.

"My hand Grant, you can have more than that if you want," he says and blushes as he realizes he just came on to a cop in uniform.

"A lot more I hope," he says moving a tad closer.

"How much are you willing to take officer?" he asks stepping forward some also.

"This much," he says and he takes Jason in his arms and gives him a kiss so passionate that Jason nearly loses his breath.

"Oh God Grant; now that is a kiss!" he says fanning himself. "Now I want more," he says and goes for another kiss. They kiss hard and deep while they utter sounds of delight.

"Hello you two, I am still standing here," Josh says as the two of them kiss. "Oh fuck it; have fun guys," he says going upstairs to check on Jake. "Don't forget to shut off the lights," he calls down to them.

"God I have never done this before," Grant says after they break their kiss.

"You're the first man I have ever kissed too," Jason says with his arms around Grant's neck. "Can you stay with me?" he asks.

"Would it be alright?" Grant asks. "I have to be on duty by eight in the morning," he tells Jason.

"That works for me officer, got any cuffs?" he says taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs.

They get into the guest room and he takes his new man into his arms and kisses him deeply and with years of pent up passion. They undress and watch each other as they remove their clothes and their passion builds for each other. Jason lies on the bed and offers his arms to Grant who climbs on top of him as their lips meet in the passion and lust of the moment.

"Are you looking for a relationship Jason?" Grant asks as he gazes into his eyes. "Because I want this to be more than a quick roll in the sheets," he adds giving Jason a soft kiss.

"You don't know how much I have wanted a relationship like this Grant. I know that we just met and yet here I am in bed about to surrender my virtues to a man I know nothing about yet I feel I have known you forever."

"God that is so beautiful Jay," he says and gives a kiss that is so hot and passionate it could have melted the hardest of ice. "I have never believed in love at first sight but God, you are the most beautiful exception to that rule."

Grant moves to Jason's nipples and he gives them such attention that Jason howls out in delight while Grant sucks and nibbles on his now tender nubs. Grant lifts up and looks at Jason lying beneath him and smiles at him as he moves to take his cock into his mouth. Jason's hips thrust up as this new electric sensation courses through his body. Grant slowly sucks up and down on Jason's throbbing cock until he's so close to the edge.

"God stop Grant," he moans out as he sits up. "You got me so close to cumming," he says and gives him a kiss.

He lays down as Grant reaches for the lube he sees on the stand. He pours some on his fingers and slowly massages it into Jason's tender and virginal treasure. He slowly inserts a finger into his ass and Jason lets out a sigh, then Grant works that finger around before adding a second one. He works the fingers for a while until Jason can't take it anymore.

"You've got me so fucking close officer, so fuck me or arrest me," Jason says looking at his handsome catch.

He pours some lube on his cock and works it around then aligns it to Jason's treasure spot.

"This is going to hurt, so if you want me to stop I will," he tells him. He gives a gentle push as Jason pushes back and the head pops in causing some pain to Jason.

"Oh fuck, stop please," he shouts out, but the pain soon subsides. Grant bends down and gives him a tender kiss and feels Jason relax. He gently pushes in while he kisses him and he's finally bottoming as he lifts up and waits to give Jason time to adjust to the feeling of the fullness.

"God you feel so good in me man," he says as Grant begins to fuck his lover. They start out slow but soon find the rhythm of their love as their passion builds. Grant is tender in giving his love to Jason, who is rising to meet Grant's every thrust. The ride is gentle and slow as they find the way of love and their hearts join together as one. The sensation of Grant's cock sliding slowly in and out brings Jason to his climax and he calls out in ecstasy to his lover.

"You've got me cumming," and he shoots his seed on his chest as Grant increases his pace to give Jason the thrill of his first climax, unknowing of his abuse. "Oh fuck me harder and deeper love," Jason yells as he continues to shoot his seed. "Ahhhhh fuck I can't stop," he howls. The sensation of Jason's climax sends Grant over the edge and he yells out to his man.

"I'm cumming too lover," and he shoots his cum deep into Jason's anxious ass. "Ohhhhh God, your ass is so fucking hot man," he says as he pounds away shooting his seed deeper into Jason's ass. He collapses on Jason as his climax is spent and they kiss in the rich afterglow of their first lovemaking.

"I think I'm falling in love with you," Grant says looking into his lover's eyes. "I would never have thought this could happen to me."

"I've waited for years to give to my lover what I have just given you Grant," Jason says and starts to cry.

"What is it Jay? Please, did I do something?" he asks pulling his cock out of Jason and sitting up. Am I rushing you my love?" he asks.

"No lover you did everything right, it's me," he says and Grant takes him in his arms and holds him tight. "Maybe someday I will tell you, but I don't think you could handle it right now," he says turning away from Grant.

"Listen Jason if we are going to invest our love into a relationship we need to be open and honest from the get go," Grant says pulling Jason back to face him. "Anything you need to tell me I can handle," he says looking at him and waiting.

"Well you might as well know. It seems like all of Texas knows by now," he says shamefully. "I was raped by my step dad from the time I was ten until just last month," he says and when Grant says nothing he turns and cries. "I knew I should have said nothing."

"I'm shocked babe, that's all, I don't love you any less," he says pulling Jason up to him. "Look at me Jason, if you want me to do something about it, being a law enforcement officer I will. That's what I want to do."

"No, I told my mother tonight for the first time and she's going home, I would imagine confronting him," he tells Grant. "He told me if I ever told anyone or my mother he would destroy her and find me and kill me. I'm sorry that I wasn't a virgin for you Grant," he says crying again.

"You were a virgin for me because I was the first that you freely gave yourself to," he says kissing away the tears. "Come here lover," he says and he pulls Jason into him and they spoon together and slowly fall asleep.


"We're here for our sister, Jeanne Marie Tremont," Bret says at the front desk to the attendant.

"She's in room 542, fifth floor in the neo-natal unit," she says.

"My God Tyler I never thought I would be coming to this unit in all my life," Bret says as they look for the room numbers walking down the hall. They reach the nursery and there in the front window, in four incubators with little pink and blue labels with Tremont-Strathmore on them, are the babies.

"There's my babies," says a very proud Bret.

"My grandchildren," Tyler says as tears come to his eyes. "They look so small, I hope they're all right," he says.

"Well I see you found our children," a proud David says as he comes up behind Bret and whispers, "I love you daddy."

"I love you too cowboy daddy," he whispers back.

"Well your little guys did a marvelous job," Bret says to Tyler.

"God I've got to bottle that stuff," Tyler says and the three of them laugh.

"How's Jeanne doing David?" Bret asks.

"Not too good," he says. "She lost a lot of blood and she's very weak, but she's sleeping at the moment."

"She's going to be alright isn't she?" Tyler asks.

"They hope so but they're watching her closely," he tells them. "Her vital signs are weak and her kidneys are giving her problems. But the babies are fine, just a tad less than four pounds is the girl, and the boys are slightly over that which really surprised the doctors."

"When can we take them home?" Bret asks.

"They have to be over five pounds and able to feed on a bottle," he tells them.

"Well aren't you just a bank of knowledge?" Bret says looking around first, then giving David a quick kiss.

"Well don't be in too big of a hurry to take them home boys, you will have your hands full once you do," Tyler says.

"Listen grandpa you're helping too," Bret says. "The extra one was for you."

"Well we need to go home and let Jeanne sleep tonight," David says. "We can see her in the morning," he tells them as they take one last look at the kids. "We still have to pick out a name for the surprise guy."

"That's it David, Guy," Bret says looking at David.

"Guy as in a guy?" he asks.

"No Guy as in Guy Madison the actor. He had to be an actor to sneak by all the tests."

"So it's going to be Guy Madison?"

"Well no, but how do you like Guy Monroe Tremont-Strathmore?"

"Where does Monroe come from?"

"That was Jeanne's favorite actress, Marilyn Monroe."

"Fine then, Guy Monroe it is," David says as they head out.

"Why don't you guys stay at my place tonight?" Tyler says.

"Do you have enough room with all the company?" Bret asks.

"Well Claire is in the guest room, and the three boys are at your place."

"Our place! Since when?" David asks not aware of what transpired today. Bret and Tyler fill David in about the events of the evening as they drive back to Tyler's home.

"God, talk about a dysfunctional family," David says shaking his head. "I feel so sorry for Jason and the audacity of his dad to throw Jeff out for being gay while he was fucking his step son. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when she gets home."

"That's what Brian is worried about," Tyler says. "She appears to have snapped mentally and he has a bad feeling about her confronting her husband."


The next morning the boys arrive to a very depressed mother.

"God forgive me for what I have allowed to happen to you boys," Claire says looking at her two boys. "Jason I should have noticed the signs that someone was molesting you," she says and Jeff looks at him in shock.

"Jason you were molested? By whom?" he asks and Jason hangs his head crying.

"Your father son," Claire says to a shocked Jeff.

"Dad did that to you brother?" he says taking his brother into his arms. "I'll kill him for hurting you," he says with hatred in his heart.

"No son, I will deal with your dad when I get home," Claire says with a cold tone to her voice. "He will regret the day he hurt my boys," she says staring off into space.

"Claire, I wish you would let me send some of my police friends with you," Brian says to his sister.

"I love you brother and ask your forgiveness and Tyler's for the way I treated the two of you. Especially Tyler, he has been the most gracious of hosts since the moment we arrived," she says and gives Tyler a soft kiss on his cheek. "Thank you love for making my brother's last years so happy and filled with love," she says as Tyler gets misty eyed.

"That has been a two way street also. He has given me such love and comfort when I thought there would be no more love for me," he tells her.

"Now my boys will you forgive me for what I have done to hurt you?" she asks as the tears flow.

"Mom I love you and of course I forgive you and I want you to forgive me for the way I spoke to you last night," Jeff says himself in tears.

"Me too mom, I feel responsible for this entire mess that you're going home to," Jason says holding back his tears. "I should have taken my shame to the grave with me and spared you the shame and humiliation of it," he says letting go of his emotions now. "You have no need to ask my forgiveness. You have done nothing for which you need to be forgiven."

"Jason love, I have always made you feel as if you were second best to your brother Jeff, and for that I am truly sorry son. My love for you was never second but always first, for you were my Michael's boy. How he loved you Jason, more than life itself. And I suspect that he loved you more than he did me," and she smiles as she softly rubs his cheek and then kisses him. "Now my loves it's time that I get to the airport," she says rising. "Tyler, would you drive me? I don't want to make an emotional scene there," she asks Tyler.

"Of course I would be happy to Claire," he says getting up.

"Brother dear remember my love for you, and I truly am happy for the love you have found with Tyler, Brian," and she kisses him sweetly before turning to Jeff. "My Jeffrey, always so defiant," she says holding him close. "I could never have been more proud of you son, and I hope you and Matthew have many happy years together filled with love," and she hugs him tightly before giving him a kiss. "My first born Jason, how I wish that you would have found love son," she says looking in his eyes. "Or have you my boy? I see something in your eyes," she tells him with a smile.

"Yes mother I have met someone and he makes me feel alive and truly loved," he tells her.

"Well my dear Jason, I hope that you both have the love you seek and many happy years together. And remember son, you were never second to me, you were always first in my heart," she whispers in his ear as he too lets his tears fall. "Now Ty if you are ready," she says looking at her three weeping men. "Goodbye my men and remember I love you with all my heart," and with that she walks out of the house.


Back in Boston again she confronts her husband with the vengeance of a mother's love for her children.

"Claire, I thought that you and Jason were staying for two weeks," Mark says to her. "So where is Jason?" he asks.

"Why do you ask for him Mark? Are you in need of his services?" she asks and Mark freezes with fear knowing the implications of that question.

"Whatever are you talking about Claire?" he asks rather nervously.

"Stop the charades Mark. I know all about the sexual abuse that you have heaped upon my son over the years," she says turning from him.

"Surely you can't believe such nonsense as that Claire, he is my son, I would never do such a hideous sin against him."

"Mark please don't play me for the fool. I know my son and he would never lie to me about such a matter," she says reaching into her purse for the gun she keeps.

"Claire please love," he pleads as she turns to him and he sees the gun she now aims at him. "Claire don't do this love, think of the boys ... what it will do to them," he says as he backs away from her.

"I am thinking of my boys Mark, and don't refer to me as your love," she says looking with a cold stare at him. "My only regret is that I couldn't stop what you did to my Jason years ago," and she fires the gun causing Mark to fall to the floor.

"Claire please, I'm so sorry for what I did to Jason," he says grabbing his arm that now bleeds profusely.

"Beg me for your life as Jason begged you not to rape him," she says as she fires again, hitting his leg this time.

"Claire please I'll get help and turn myself into the police," he says crying in pain.

"Mark, this one is for my Jason," and she aims for his genitals and fires. He screams out in pain and soon passes out as the police storm the door.

"Drop the gun ma'am," the officer shouts as she enters the room.

Claire turns to face them and puts the gun to her head and a blank expression fills her eyes...

To be continued ...

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