The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 20


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From Chapter 19 ...

Back in Boston again she confronts her husband with the vengeance of a mother's love for her children.

"Claire, I thought that you and Jason were staying for two weeks," Mark says to her.  "So where is Jason?" he asks.

"Why do you ask for him Mark?  Are you in need of his services?" she asks and Mark freezes with fear knowing the implications of that question.

"Whatever are you talking about Claire?" he asks rather nervously.

"Stop the charades Mark.  I know all about the sexual abuse that you have heaped upon my son over the years," she says turning from him.

"Surely you can't believe such nonsense as that Claire, he is my son, I would never do such a hideous sin against him."

"Mark please don't play me for the fool.  I know my son and he would never lie to me about such a matter," she says reaching into her purse for the gun she keeps.

"Claire please love," he pleads as she turns to him and he sees the gun she now aims at him.  "Claire don't do this love, think of the boys ... what it will do to them," he says as he backs away from her.

"I am thinking of my boys Mark, and don't refer to me as your love," she says looking with a cold stare at him.  "My only regret is that I couldn't stop what you did to my Jason years ago," and she fires the gun causing Mark to fall to the floor.

"Claire please, I'm so sorry for what I did to Jason," he says grabbing his arm that now bleeds profusely.

"Beg me for your life as Jason begged you not to rape him," she says as she fires again, hitting his leg this time.

"Claire please I'll get help and turn myself into the police," he says crying in pain.

"Mark, this one is for my Jason," and she aims for his genitals and fires.  He screams out in pain and soon passes out as the police storm the door.

"Drop the gun ma'am," the officer shouts as she enters the room.

Claire turns to face them and puts the gun to her head and a blank expression fills her eyes...

Chapter 20 ...

"Claire please drop the gun, Brian sent us," the officer says moving closer to her.  Claire stares blankly at her and she slowly lowers her arm as the officer reaches for the gun.  She removes the gun from Claire's hand and Claire breaks down in tears, she cries hysterically while another officer checks out Mark.

"He's alive," the officer says as an ambulance arrives.

  The paramedics quickly move to stop the bleeding before taking Mark to the hospital.

"God he's never going to be using these again," the paramedic says as he looks at Mark's mangled genitals. "He'll be lucky if he doesn't have to sit to piss," he adds. 

They take him away as they cuff Claire.  She's still crying as she's led from the house.  An hour later the officer calls Brian to give him the details of the afternoon's events.

"Hello Brian, Diane Davis speaking," she says.

"Hello Di, it's been a while since we spoke," he says to his old partner.  "Just tell me the facts Di," he says.

"Well your sister shot the fuck out of her husband. His `nads are gone and he will walk with a limp from now on, but he'll survive," she says.

"But what of my sister, I don't give a fuck about that dickwad," he asks impatiently.

"She's at Mass General for observation Bri, she didn't look so good," she says.  "I don't think she's going to get over this buddy, she had such a far away look in her eyes."

"Fuck Di, I was afraid of this, that's why I called you," he says.  "I'm coming to Boston on the next flight tomorrow," he tells her, "and I'll stop in to say hello."

"Brian buddy you did all you could.  She did what any mother would feel she had to do to protect her children," she tells him.  "Personally I would have killed the fucker," she adds.

"I know Di, I'll see ya tomorrow bud," he says and they hang up.

"Oh God Bri is she all right?" Tyler asks taking Brian in his arms.

"God is this what being gay causes?" he shouts out as he pulls away from Tyler's embrace.  "If I had been straight and the boys also, this would have never happened," he says crying again.

"Brian love, being gay has nothing to do with this," Tyler says.  "These things happen even in straight homes.  Dads and other male relatives have molested their children forever.  Being gay or straight has never had anything to do with it."

"I suppose you're right Ty, but what's going to happen to my sister now?  She doesn't deserve this," he says rushing into Ty's outstretched arms crying.

"They will probably find her mentally incompetent and she will get the help she needs," he tells him.  "Come on, let's get us booked on a flight to Boston babe," he tells him.  "Or would you rather not be seen with me there?"

"I am not, nor have I ever been ashamed of my love for you Ty," he says pulling back to look him in the eyes. "I am proud to call you my lover and I will never hide my love for you."

"Oh God Bri," Tyler says as he cries into Brian's neck.


"Hello this is Parkland Memorial calling; is this David Strathmore?" the caller asks.

"Yes it is my sister all right?" he asks.

"We need you to come immediately to her floor's nurse's station and ask for Dr. Clarkson," the caller states.

"We are on our way," David tells the caller.

They arrive at the hospital and ask for Dr. Clarkson.

"Gentlemen, if you would come with me please," he says rather solemnly.

They follow him into his office and take a seat.

"We have a problem concerning your sister, her kidneys seem to be shutting down and that could affect her other organs as well.  What I propose to do is to put her on kidney dialysis until she can handle her body functions on her own."

"Is she alert doctor?" Bret asks.

"Well that's where the problem lies," he says.  "She is alert but she refuses to go on dialysis."

"Can we speak to her for a moment?" David asks.

"Yes that's why I've called you in.  She needs to understand that the dialysis is only temporary until her kidneys can function on their own.  She will still be ambulatory, but will need weekly dialysis to maintain her kidney function."

They walk into her room shortly after leaving the doctor's office and find her sitting in a chair staring out the window.

"Good morning sis," they say together as they enter her room.  She turns to look at them then turns back to the window.

"What is so fucking good about it," she snaps and the two look at one another.

"Come now sis, can we talk with you?" David says sitting beside her.

"I bet that doctor sent you in here to talk me into having that dialysis shit didn't he?" she asks looking at him.

"Yes he did sis, why are you so dead set against it," he asks.

"I have my reasons, and it's none of your business."

"I accepted that once when you asked me to, but not this time sister dear.  You are going to tell me the reasoning behind your decision or I am going to declare you incompetent."

"You wouldn't dare, you bastard," she snaps at him, now glaring at him.

"Just try me sis," he snaps back and gets up and goes to the door and looks at Bret.  Bret goes over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

"Jeanne we just love you hon, and don't want to lose you," he tells her.  "You can trust us; we're your brothers Jeanne and would never do anything to hurt you." 

She breaks down crying and she loses all control as Bret and David help her into bed.

"I am losing all control of my life," she cries out to her loving brothers.  "I only wanted to have a baby for you, but everything blew up in my face," and she cries harder as they try to comfort her.

"That's why you have family Jeanne, we are here for you love," David says kissing her head.  "I love you so much and can't bear the thought of losing you too." 

She cries for a while until she finally calms down and looks at the concern in her brother's faces.

"Sit down brothers and please don't interrupt me until I finish what I have to tell you," she says and the boys grab a chair and sit.  She takes a deep breath and begins.  "Do you remember the day you asked me to have the baby for you?"  They both nod yes and she continues.  "Well that day I was coming to tell you something that had happened to me and when you asked me that I figured it was God giving me a way out," and she inhales another deep breath.  "I was raped about a month before that day on a date with the children's father and had just found out that I was pregnant," she says and the boy's faces reveal their shock but she holds up her hand to quiet them.  "I told you that I needed to think it over so I went to my doctor and told her about my idea to pass this off as your idea of artificial insemination.  She advised me to tell you the truth and to prosecute the rapist, but I had my reasons for not wanting to do either.  So my brothers, I don't want you to ever tell Tyler that he is not the father of these babies," she says finishing her confession.

"My God Jeanne!  Why didn't you tell me?" David asks her.

"Because I needed to protect the babies and mostly I had to protect you."

"Me, from what sis, what could you have possibly protected me from?" he asks.

"The babies' father for one, he would want them if he knew he was the father, and I didn't want another Ryan type revenge happening in our family," she says.

"Who is the father sis?" he asks emphatically.

"I will never give you that information brother.  I will leave a letter for you that will be delivered upon my death," she says.  "And I will also leave one for each of my precious children, but until that day I will be their Aunt Jeanne and nothing more per our agreement brother."

"I will honor your request on one stipulation," he says looking at her.  "I will no longer ask you about this if you will consent to having the dialysis, or I will tell Tyler and have it announced that the babies are a product of a rape."

"That's blackmail brother, and you are an ass for demanding that of me," she angrily says.

"And I will back him one hundred percent," Bret adds.

She thinks for a long moment as she considers what's put before her.

"Done and done," she says bitterly.  "I will never forgive you for this my brothers, as long as I live," she says turning to the wall.

"I only do it because I love you sis, and for no other reason," David says with tears falling down his face.

"Now would you please leave me alone?  Don't forget to make arrangements with the nurses to take the children with you when they are able.  I have told them that they will be going home with the two of you.  My lawyer has drawn up the necessary adoption papers and you should be hearing from him in a week or so," she says waving them off with her hand.

"We love you Jeanne," they say as they leave her and their tears are falling freely.  The doctor is at the nurse's station and they tell him that she will agree to the dialysis and leave.  They sit in the SUV and cry as they try to comprehend all she has said to them.

"David are you all right my cowboy?" Bret asks rubbing his leg.  "I know she laid a lot on us this morning, but we have to respect her wishes," he says. 

"If it takes me a life time I will find out who did this to my sister," he says.  "I will never forget her telling me that she will never forgive ..." and he cries hard into his lover's arms.

"Come on lover, let's go home," and Bret drives them home.


"Are you going to be alright Jake?" Josh asks sitting beside him on the bed.

"Just hurry home to me," he says clinging to him tightly.

"I will babe, please call that doctor today also, for your sake," he asks.  "I'll call you during the day," he says kissing Jake goodbye and then leaves.

Jake gets up and watches out the window as his lover leaves for work and waves to him before he gets into his truck.  He turns and gets back into bed and just lays there in a daze.  He dozes off until he hears the door downstairs open.  He jumps from the bed and rushes into the closet and hides in the corner, curled tight as he shakes with fear in the dark.

"Well its quiet now," Bret says listening to the emptiness thinking he heard a noise and then shrugs it off.  "The boys must have gone to work already."

"I have a call to make," David says heading to his office and closing the door and locking it.  He calls his private detective agency and speaks to his old friend Daniel Blaire.

"Danny how are you my friend?" he says.

"Davy, how are you doing these days?  God what's it been, two years since we spoke last?" he says.

"Has it been that long buddy?" he asks.

"What can I do for you my friend?" Dan asks.

"This may be the hardest job I have ever given you and the most confidential of all.  I want you to find a man for me," he says realizing how it sounded.

"Sorry buddy you know I don't swing that way, and what happened to Bret?" he asks chuckling.

"That's not what I meant bud, and besides I would want your sweet ass before going for a stranger's ass."  He tells him the entire story that Jeanne told him that morning and the quiet over the phone is deafening.

"My God buddy, that's got to be the worst shit," he says.  "Have you got any names or locations?" he asks.

"That's the problem; she is totally uncooperative about this.  I do know that she has written a letter with names in it to me but they will not be delivered until she dies," he tells him.  "I would guess her lawyer has the letters in his office."

"That would stand to reason," he says then hesitates before continuing.  "How badly do you want this information?" he asks.

"Why Dan?  I don't want you doing anything illegal or getting busted over this," David says.

"Well leave the details up to me, I will get back to you in a few," he says.  "Oh do you happen to know her lawyer's name," he asks.

"Sure, he's Nathan Marshall over on Tenth Avenue," David says.

"Ok buddy, I'll be getting back to you in a week or so," he says then hangs up.

"Who did you call babe?" Bret asks as David comes out of his office.

"I had some business at the refinery that needed my attention," he tells him as he holds him tight and thinks to himself `so now the lies begin'. 

Later that day Joshua calls to speak to Jake...

"Bret can I speak to Jake?" he asks Bret who is surprised to hear that Jake may be there.

"Are you sure he's here?" he asks.  "We've been here for hours and he hasn't been around," Bret says to Josh.

"He was there when I left this morning around nine," he tells him.

"Well we got home around eleven and we haven't seen him love."

"Would you mind looking upstairs in our room please?  He has me so worried ever since that incident with his father."

Bret runs upstairs and looks into the room and nothing is strange except the unmade bed.

"Josh love, your room is empty and you didn't make the bed this morning," he tells him.

"He was still in it when I left, this is worrying me Bret. Is David there and may I talk to him if he is?"  Bret hands the phone to David who is wondering who it is.

"Hello?" he asks.

"David I can't find Jake and he doesn't answer his cell either."

"Why don't you leave and try to find him son," David says.

"He is so clingy ever since that incident and he's afraid of everyone but me Dave," he says trying to control his emotions.

"Come on home and we'll try to piece this together," David says and hangs up.

"Have you heard or seen him?" David asks Bret.

"No babe, but when we came in this morning I thought I heard a noise but when I listened I guessed it was nothing."

"Joshua says he is afraid of everyone and everything ever since his dad tried to kill him. Let's give a search."

"Jake are you here," Bret calls out to him and he shrinks further into the closet shaking. "Answer me honey if you can hear, we aren't going to hurt you," he says but he gets no answer.

They search the entire house calling to him but get no answer.  Joshua finally arrives home and finds them in the sitting room.

"Have you seen him?" he asks in a state of panic.

"No we haven't Joshua, and we went through the entire house looking for him," David tells him.

"He wouldn't answer your calling him because he has this fear of people," he tells them.  "I'm going to try myself."

The three of them go up to Josh's bedroom and open the door.

"Jake baby are you in here?" Josh asks and he hears a whimper come from the closet.  He rushes to the closet and opens it and there in a corner is Jake shaking with fear. 

"Oh Jake my love," he says as he helps him out of the closet.  "How long have you been in there?" he asks holding him tightly.

"Ever since they came to try and get me," he whispers into Jake's ear.

"Jake baby, they are your friends and would never hurt you," he tells him.

Bret moves toward him to tell him that he is among friends and Jakes freaks out.

"No go away!" he shouts at Bret and swings his arms at him.  "You're going to hurt me like my dad," he says crying.

"Jake, please baby, listen to me," Josh says holding Jake's face in his hands making him look at him.  "They are not going to hurt you.  They are your friends and not friends of your father."

"No!  Stop!  Please, you want to hurt me too," he says pulling away from Josh.

"David calls 911 and Dr. Marks please?" Josh asks of David who rushes out to make the calls.

Jacob runs into the closet again, crawls into the corner and cowers as Josh tries to bring him out.  David returns ten minutes later and tells them the ambulance is on the way.

"God I hope I'm doing the right thing here," Josh says crying softly watching his lover in the closet.

They hear the sound of the ambulance and David goes down to meet it and returns shortly with the paramedics.  They reach into the closet and try to take a fighting Jacob out.  He screams and hits as they finally remove him from the closet and wrestle him into a restraining jacket.  He looks over at Joshua and cries as he yells at him.

"I hate you Joshua," he screams out at him.  "I hope you die," he yells as they carry him away.

"I lost the only man God intended for me," Josh says as he throws himself on the bed and cries hysterically.

David follows the paramedics downstairs as Bret comforts Joshua.

"He'll be fine Josh, just give him time to heal from this ordeal son.  Dr. Marks is a top rated doctor and the two of you will be back in each others arms before you know it."

"No Bret he hates me.  Didn't you hear him wish me dead?"

"I felt the same way son, when they took me away like that," David says as he comes over to sit beside Josh.  "I hated Bret for making me face my fears and vowed to get even with him.  It took me nearly losing him to finally realize I needed to overcome my fear, and Dr. Marks helped me recover."

"I just can't lose him," he cries.  "I just found him and now fate wants to remove him from my life.  It seems that every time I love someone I lose them," he says and David jumps right on that statement.

"Listen to me Joshua Bradley; thinking like that will only leave you like Jacob. There are things in life that we have no control over and death just happens to be one of them."


The next day in Boston...

"Well we're here," Brian says to Tyler as they walk into Brian's sister's house in Boston.

"Oh God Brian look," Tyler says pointing to the blood on the carpet.  "That must be Mark's blood."

"Too bad it wasn't all of his," Brian says bitterly.

"Don't love, don't let the bitterness set in," Tyler says as he hugs his man.

"Well hello partner," Diane says coming in from another room.

"God Di you're looking good," he says giving her a hug. "Di this is my lover Tyler Barkley," he says proudly to his old partner.

"It's a pleasure Tyler," she says.  "You must be a saint to put up with his shit," she says laughing.

"Well I'm no saint but he sure brings me to heaven," he says shaking hands with her.

"Ok, Ok," he says blushing. "She doesn't need to know about our love life babe," he says smiling.  "How's my asshole brother in law doing?" he asks.

"He's going to live ... but not as a man in the usual sense of the word," she says with a chuckle.  "The doctors are going to have to give him an operation that will leave him with the equivalent of a pussy," she says now laughing and so is Brian.

"Well, he'll make a good bitch in prison then," Brian says.

"Not really, they'll put him in the women's prison," she says.  "Can't have a woman in with men, he'd be fucked to death," she says and they are all laughing hard now.

"Kind of fix him good for what he did to my nephew.  What about my sister, she will be charged with assault with intent to murder probably?" he asks.

"Maybe not Bri, she was in a real bad way when we took her out of here yesterday.  She's going to need some good mental help to get over what's playing around in her head," she says shaking her head.  "Hey it's late and I have work tomorrow so I will see you later buddy.  It was sure nice meeting the guy that tamed his wild ass."

"Yes Diane, it's been a pleasure and if you ever find yourself out in Texas please come by to visit," Tyler says giving her a hug.

"She sure is nice," Tyler says as he comes back into the room. "Is she a lesbian?" he asks.

"Yeah, been with Shirley for nearly twenty years now," he tells him as he gives him a kiss. 

"Thank you love for introducing me as your lover," Tyler says returning his kiss.  "Let's go tame that wild ass some more," he says as he turns out the lights.

"Would you mind just holding me close tonight lover?  I have so much hurt and pain on my mind I don't think I could get it up to satisfy you."

"Lover you satisfy me just being in the same space as me," as Brian leads his Ty upstairs.



The next day after work Josh calls Dr. Marks to inquire about Jake but he can't reach him.  Dr. Marks calls him back later at David's house to brief him on Jacob.

"Joshua, Jake is a very disturbed young man," Dr. Marks says.  "He is convinced that everyone is out to harm him.  He seems to be seeing or sensing something or someone, because he has a fear about him that I have not seen in years.  The last time I experienced a fear like this in a patient they ...," and he stops short.  "Well it was a tragic case that one was."

"He even felt that way yesterday about me," Josh says fighting his tears.  "I just want him to get better and come home to me," Josh says.

"Well that may take some time Joshua and one can only hope.  I will keep you posted on his progress," the doctor says and they bid goodnight and hang up.

"I'm going to bed," Josh says to David and Bret after he hangs up. "I'm mentally wiped tonight."

"You sure you're all right love?  You probably should have stayed home today," Bret asks coming over to him and giving him a hug.

"Noooo," and he breaks down crying hard in Bret's arms. 

He cries hard into Bret's chest as Bret holds him, trying to comfort him.

"He'll be well soon love," Bret says rubbing his back.

"Why do I feel as though I have lost him forever?" Josh asks weeping hard.

"Our fears and worries do that to us, we can't control things so we worry about them or fear them.  Go on up to bed and try to sleep," he tells him.

Josh goes upstairs and goes to bed and cries himself to sleep.

"Well he's quiet now," David says to Bret as they lie in bed holding each other.  "He has been useless at work Jeff says.  I can understand because I have been there before but Jeff hasn't."

"Hold me close babe," Bret says spooning into David.  "I need to know that you have me."

"I'm always going to have you babe," he says kissing his head.  "I love you my little bronco."

"I love you too cowboy," and Bret turns his head to give him a kiss.  David pulls him closer and soon they are asleep.

Joshua has a fitful sleep as his dreamless sleep becomes a nightmare.

`Joshua where are you lover,' Jake calls out of the dark.

`Jake I'm here baby, come to my voice,' Josh calls out to him.  `Jake can you hear me babe?' he yells to him.

`Josh help me I can't find you lover.  They are trying to take me away from you my love.'

`Jake follow my voice please babe, come to me."

`Dad no, please don't, I love him.  Dad please don't hurt me anymore.'

`Jake run from him lover run as fast as you can run to me.'

`Josh I can't find you and my dad has me and he's going to shoot me Josh for loving you.'

"JACOB!" Josh yells out into the night.  "JACOB!" he yells as the telephone rings.  Josh sits upright in bed suddenly awakened from his nightmare.  A knock on his door comes a few moments later and it slowly opens with David and Bret standing there.

"Joshua its Dr. Marks on the phone for you," David says holding the phone out to Josh.

"No... no Dave...I can't" and he buries his face into the pillow.

"He won't talk doctor," he tells the doctor. "Oh God ..." and he goes quiet.

To be continued...

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