The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 21


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also.


From Chapter 20 ...

Joshua has a fitful sleep as his dreamless sleep becomes a nightmare.

`Joshua where are you lover?' Jake calls out of the dark.

`Jake I'm here baby, come to my voice,' Josh calls out to him.  `Jake can you hear me babe?' he yells to him.

`Josh help me I can't find you lover.  They are trying to take me away from you my love.'

`Jake follow my voice please babe, come to me."

`Dad no, please don't, I love him.  Dad please don't hurt me anymore.'

`Jake run from him lover run as fast as you can run to me.'

`Josh I can't find you and my dad has me and he's going to shoot me Josh for loving you.'

"JACOB!" Josh yells out into the night.  "JACOB!" he yells as the telephone rings.  Josh sits upright in bed suddenly awakened from his nightmare.  A knock on his door comes a few moments later and it slowly opens with David and Bret standing there.

"Joshua its Dr. Marks on the phone for you," David says holding the phone out to Josh.

"No... no Dave...I can't" and he buries his face into the pillow.

"He won't talk doctor," he tells the doctor. "Oh God ..." and he goes quiet.

Chapter 21 ...

"What is it David?" Bret asks.

"Its Jacob, he's dead," David says in shock and he sees Joshua staring at him.

"Oh God no David! How?" Bret asks softly.

"They found him in the corner of his room curled up in a ball dead.  He had a frightened look on his face."

"He's dead isn't he?" Joshua asks now standing in front of them.

"Yes Joshua, he's dead.  They found him during med runs tonight."  Joshua falls to the floor in tears and the guys try to get him into bed.

"God why did you have to take him from me?" he asks looking up to heaven.  "I finally find a real love and now he's gone forever," and he screams out his tremendous, horrible pain as he mourns his Jacob.

"Bret, call Dr. Smith and ask him to come over please?"

Thirty minutes later the doctor arrives and gives Joshua a sedative to make him sleep.

"That should knock him out for at least six hours," the doctor tells them.  I will give you a prescription for him but you will need to monitor him," he asks.  "In his current condition I would not trust him to take them on his own."

"Certainly doctor and thank you for coming over," David says as he walks the doctor to the door.

"I feel so sorry for him," David says. "I know how it feels to lose someone you truly love. I'll call Jeff in the morning and have him handle things for a while until Josh can pull himself together."

"He's going to need time to heal from this," Bret says holding David close.  "I too know how it feels to lose someone you love. I wanted to die myself when I thought you no longer knew me."

"Well love, hopefully we will have many long happy years together," he says kissing his lover.

The next morning the weather matched Joshua's mood as he was feeling the awful loss of Jacob.  The rain slammed against the window in Josh's room as he awoke from his nightmare filled sleep.  He lay on the bed staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of the events of the past evening. The tears flowed again as he recalled the news of his beloved Jacob.

"God why did you have to take him from me?" he sobbed as a knock came on his bedroom door.  It slowly opened and David peaks his head inside to check on him.

"How're you doing kid?" David asks coming in and sitting beside Josh on his bed.

"It hurts so much Dave, I can't stop the pain," he says as he sits up and cries into David's open arms.  David holds him tight as Josh cries hard, unable to control his grief.

"I know this won't help at the moment Josh, but time will ease your pain.  When I lost my Kevin in a tornado years ago, I thought I would die that day. It took me years to understand that things happen in life that I have no control over, and that life does go on. Your pain will heal son, and you will find love again in time.  I know right now you don't want anyone else to love, but you will in time find that special someone.  I did when I wasn't looking for it, it found me, and God it was so beautiful that special love God sent me," he tells him as Bret stands at the door quietly with tears falling.  "Just let grief run its course, and then move on with your life son."  He kisses Josh's cheek and gently lays him down. "Get some rest buddy."

"Thanks cowboy," Bret says taking David in his arms after he exits Josh's room.

"What did I do?" he asks.

"Everything.  I love you so much," and he kisses him hard and passionately.




Jason lies on his bed crying after hanging up with his Uncle Brian.  He blames himself for the mess and pain that his mother is going through.  Grant comes home to him and finds him in tears.

"Jay what's wrong love?" he asks sitting on the bed beside him.

"My mother shot my stepfather and she's in an insane ward at Mass General Hospital in Boston," Jason tells him.

"Did she kill your step dad?" he asks.

"No, he's going to make it, but she did a number on him though."

"Well with what you have told me and my experience with cases like this, she will probably get off with probation and mental therapy for her.  She was definitely not in her right mind.  A good lawyer will argue that, and most probably win."

"Do you think so Grant?  I hate to think of my mom in prison for defending me," Jason says.  "I just feel that this is my fault, I should have kept my mouth shut."

"Jay what you went through all those years, no human, man or child, should have to endure.  I'm just glad that you are here safe with me now," Grant says giving him a passionate kiss.  "Now I have something to ask you," he says getting up.

He gets up and stands up bringing Jason with him.  He kneels on one knee and takes Jason' left hand in his.

"Jason I know we just met and this has moved so fast for the both of us," he says as he inhales deeply.  "I would like you to honor me with being my husband for the rest of my life," he says as he produces a ring box with a gold ring with three diamonds set in it.

Jason stands there looking down at his man and the ring, and the tears softly roll down his cheeks.

"Oh Grant are you sure love?  Because if you are, my answer is yes.  I would be honored to have you as my husband also, for I have fallen in love with you," and he pulls his man to his feet and Grant places the ring on Jason's finger.

"Until the day that we can legally marry, I want you to know that I pledge you my love Jason and my body, I forsake all others and will love you until the day I die."

"Grant my love, I have given my body to you freely and with my total love.  I pledge that love and my body to you and will also forsake all others for you lover.  I love you and will love you now and until I draw my last breath."

They kiss passionately as they seal their vows, and Grant looks Jason in the eyes and says.

"I will not consummate our vows here lover, I have a place I want you to see."

The two go downstairs and share their news with David and Bret.

"Oh my God look at that ring," Bret gasps as he holds Jason's hand while he looks at the ring.  "My you have great taste Grant."

"Congratulations boys and many happy years," David says as he gives each of them a kiss on the cheek.

"We have good news also," Bret says looking at the two boys.  "Our babies come home tomorrow," he says and he cannot contain his excitement.

"Well there goes the peace and quiet for a while," Grant says and he thinks about his surprise.  "Well, I have a surprise for my new husband so we shall see you guys," and they leave.

Grant and Jason drive for a few miles until Grant asks Jason to close his eyes.

"Now no peeking until I tell you," Grant tells him.

"Why all the secrecy?" Jason asks all excited about what to expect.

"Because this is my wedding gift to you and I want it to be a surprise."

He pulls his car up to a stop and tells Jason to keep his eyes closed as he runs around to Jason's side of the car.  He opens his door and helps him to get out as he turns him to face the right direction.

"Ok love, now you can open your eyes."

"Oh ... Grant it's beautiful," he says as he looks at this beautiful hacienda style house.  "But it's so big," he says as Grant wraps his arms around Jason's waist.  "Do you think we can afford such a huge home?"

"This was my grandparent's home, and they left it to me when they died," he tells him.  "Now my love it is our home," and Jason turns to face him and they kiss tenderly and long.  "Come my love and I will show you around," he says leading him up to the front door.

They stop at the front door and Jason sees the plague on the door, and he tears up as he reads its inscription.

This house was built with love.

And it is filled with love.

For here resides:

Mr. & Mr. Jason and Grant Radcliff-Davis.

Established April 1970 with love.

"Grant you do me such honor," Jason says as his tears fall down his face and Grant sweeps him off his feet to carry him across the threshold of their home.

He sets him down in a grand foyer, and Jason takes in the décor.  With his arm in Grant's he is led into the formal sitting room, and Jason is just blown away at the grandeur of the room.  He leads him next into a formal dining room where he sees a table that can accommodate at least twenty.

"My God Grant, this place is so grand, how I can possibly keep up this kind of home," he asks as Grant pushes a button on the wall and five servants come in.

"May I present your staff my love," Grant says as the staff stand at attention awaiting introductions.

"My staff," he says looking suspiciously at Grant.  "Grant I do believe we need to have a serious talk."

"When I finish my tour I will explain everything to you dearest heart," he says leading him over to his staff.

"This is Maria Sanchez your cook," he says as she curtsies to him and he shakes her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Sanchez," he says.

"Ah señor por favor me llama Maria."

"What did she say," Jason asks.

"She just wants you to call her Maria," this young handsome boy says.  "My name is Miguel Sanchez," he says.  "I am the gardener and general repairs and she is my mother Mr. Radcliff," he says with a slight bow.

"Well Miguel, if we are going to get along here you must call me Jason or Jay," Jason says to him.

"Very well Jason," he says and his mother swats his head.

"Usted no mostrará la falta de respeto al maestro del señorío llamándolo por su primer nombre Miguel," she says to Miguel.

"La madre complace él ha pedido que mí llamarale Jason o Arrendajo. Muestro la falta de respeto por no obedecer sus deseos," Miguel replies to his mother.

"I'm sorry Jason, my mother worries that I show you disrespect by calling you by your first name.  I told her that I show you disrespect by not obeying your wishes," he says translating his mother's remarks.

"Miguel's mom and dad are old school," Grant says as he introduces Miguel's dad.  "This is Jorge Sanchez his father, he handles our stables," and Jorge bows also.

"It is an honor to serve you señorío Jason," he says.  "I apologize my English is broken some."

"So is my Spanish Mr. ... Jorge," Jason says quickly catching himself.  "We have a stable?" he whispers turning to Grant.

"Wait love you haven't seen anything yet."

"And finally their daughters Gabriella and Angela," he says and the girls smile at him and blush.  "They handle the housekeeping and dinner serving."

"Grant this is so overwhelming," Jason says as he looks into his lover's eyes.  "Are they comfortable with our ... you know," he asks referring to them being gay.

"Yes my love they are used to our love," he says as he kisses him in front of them.  "Gracias para venir an encontrar mi amante," he tells them and they leave.

"What did you just tell them?" he asks.

"I thanked them for coming to meet my lover," he says and gives him a passionate kiss.  "Now let's continue with our tour."

They continue through the house and it is grand, with five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.  He takes Jason out to the stables and shows him his pride and joy.

"These my love, have been my lovers until you came into my life," and he motions to his Arabian horses that come to the open doors to meet him.

"God Grant, they are beautiful," he says as he pets one on the nose.  The horse gently nuzzles him as he turns causing Grant to laugh.

"He likes you Jay, I have never seen him take to someone like that at first meeting," he says.  "That one is called `El amante del Viento,' or Lover of the Wind."


"Well Vinny, you and I are going to get along just fine," and Jason kisses him on the nose.

They head back into the house and go upstairs to their private sitting room and Jason looks at Grant for answers.

"Well my little Gaucho, I think you have some explaining to do," he says as he leans against his lover.

"Where would you like me to begin love?" he asks with his arm around Jason.  "You already know that my grandparents left me `Hacienda El Grande' and a very large endowment with it. When my parents were killed in a plane crash some years ago, I also inherited their vast fortune."

"Well why did you keep this a secret until today Grant?"

"I have had several would-be lovers, who have tried to grab hold of me through the years.  I could see right through them and knew that it was my net worth that attracted them and not me personally. So I made myself a promise that I would keep this a secret from any potential lovers until I knew I had found the right one."

"And have you found the right one?" Jason asks turning to look up into Grant's eyes.

"Yes I have my love, which is why I proposed to you; to see if you would or could love a lowly police officer."

"I would have loved you if you picked trash for a living Grant," he tells him.  "I don't care about social standing as my parents did, I care about love and I love you Gaucho."

"Good because I handed in my resignation today effective immediately.  I want to spend every minute with you."

"Can we afford that?  I'm willing to find a job."

"Babe, neither we nor our children will ever have to work."

"Our what?" Jason asks.

"Our children that we shall have some day my love," he says to him, turning him and taking him in his arms.

"Oh now that would make me so happy," Jason says and they kiss passionately.


"I want to go see my brother," Jeff says to Matt.  "I need to know that he is all right with what has been going on."

"He is staying with David and Bret at their house," Matt says as he grabs his truck keys.

"I feel sorry for him because he is all alone and I want him to come and stay with us if you don't mind Matt."

"He's family and will always be welcomed in our home love," he says.  "You don't ever have to ask me permission for family to stay with us."

"Matt you have a heart as big as Texas."

"Maybe we should fix him up with my twin brother Mitch," he suggests.  "I think the two of them would be good together."

"I don't know Matt; he never liked me fixing him up when I lived at home.  But then I didn't know my father was fucking him either.  God when I think about that I could kill him for the pain and shame he caused my brother."

"Well we can wait on that, let's go see him and invite him to move in with us."

They drive out to Seven Oaks and the place is deserted, and they are about to leave when Jason and Grant drive up.

"Jason we were just coming to see you brother," Jeff says to his brother as he notices the ring of his finger.  "Jay what is that ring on your finger for?"

"Jeff I want you to meet my husband Grant Davis," Jason says and Jeff's mouth drops open.

"Jay when did this happen, and sorry, I mean I'm glad to meet you," he says shaking Grant's hand.  "This is my husband Matthew Jefferson."

"We met a few days ago and fell in love at first site. Today he proposed to me and I accepted his proposal of love brother."

"God I am so happy for the both of you," he says hugging each of them.  "So are you going to live here for the time being until you can get a place of your own?"

"Oh we have a cute little cottage a few miles from here. We came over to get my things and thank David and Bret for letting me stay with them."

"Well they aren't home at the moment but we would be glad to help you move into your place.  That way we can see where you live and will be able to come and visit you.  We can go out to dinner after if you don't have plans," he suggests.

"How about you come have dinner at our home?" Grant says.  "Babe why don't you go in and get your things together and I'll be right in once I make a call," he says with a wink and Jason knows who he is calling.

"Ok gaucho," he says unlocking the door and resetting the alarm.

They put his meager belongings into Grant's truck, and Jeff and Matt follow them to their house.

"Holy shit brother, you grossly understated it when you called it a modest little cottage," Jeff says as he gets out of Matt's truck.

Jason throws his arm around his brother's shoulders, and he gives him a brief run down of what Grant had told him that day.

"I'm truly happy for you Jay, after all you have been through you deserve a man like Grant."

"Thanks Jeff, I was hoping that we could put our differences behind us and find that brotherly love again."

"I'm sorry for what my father did to you Jay; I wish you had told someone years ago."

"Would you have believed me then?" he asks his brother.

"Probably not Jay, but I'm still sorry.  You did not deserve to be treated like that."

"Did he ever make a move on you Jeff?"

"No ... but his brother Glen raped me when I was twelve," he says.

"When Jeff?  Did your dad know?"

"I don't think so. It was the weekend they took you back to that boarding school.  I didn't want to go so they let me stay with Uncle Glen.  Well that night in bed he made me sleep naked because `that's the way men sleep' he said to me. So once he had me in his bed naked he started to feel me all over and then he made me suck his cock until he came in my mouth.  I thought that was it until he turned me over and climbed on top of me.  He squirted baby oil on my ass and put his fingers in me. When he had me loose as he called it then, he shoved his cock in me with one hard thrust, and buried it right up to his balls.  I screamed out in pain and he held my face into the pillow until I thought I would suffocate.  He fucked me hard and fast until he came in me, and then he put me in the guest room for the night. I cried myself to sleep that night and then the next morning he came in and repeated what he did the night before."

"Oh God Jeff I know how you feel," Jason says taking his now crying brother into his arms.  "He got killed in a car accident that following week if I remember right," Jason says still holding his sobbing brother.

"Yeah he did and it made me happy to see him dead. It bothered me then to see dad crying over his brother, but now I wish I knew what he had done."

"Well it's over and we can get on with our lives brother."

"Will you forgive me for the way I treated you growing up Jay, I was really bad to you."

"You're my brother Jeff, of course I forgive you.  I felt that when your dad was fucking me I was sparing you from his attacks."

"You would have taken his assaults to spare me Jay?" and Jeff cries even harder as he hugs his brother.

"Jeff I loved you so much, and would have gone to bed with Uncle Glen if it would have spared you the shame and pain of his attack."

The boys cry for awhile holding on to each other, when Matt and Grant come out to see what's keeping them.

"Let them be Grant, they are melting away years of adversity between them," Matt says as they go back into the house.

"We'd better get inside before they come looking for us," Jason says as they both wipe their eyes.  "I love you Jeff," and he kisses his brother on the lips softly.

"I love you more Jay," and he returns the kiss.

They walk inside and Jeff stops as he is floored by the grandeur of the house, and Gabriella announces that dinner is ready.

"You got servants also," he asks.  "Now I am jealous brother," as Jason takes his arm and leads him into the dining room.

They have a marvelous dinner and Matt and Grant really hit it off, and they decide that Grant and Jay should have a wedding reception soon.

"Grant did you really like my brother Jeff and his husband," Jason asks as they lay in bed that night.

"How could I not like them Jay?  He's your brother and family is more valuable than gold.  Matt is a hoot though, he makes me laugh at his simple logic about life."

"He has a twin you know."

"Yeah he told me that, Mitchell is his name if I remember right.  I think we did bowl your brother over with our modest little cottage though.

"Yeah we did, and he and I had a really deep talk outside earlier," he says.

"I know babe, Matt and I saw you two crying and hugging each other and decided to leave you until you were ready."

"Thanks babe, I found out tonight that he had been raped as a child by my Uncle Glen.  He never told another soul until he told me."

"That fucker, he needs to be held accountable for his actions," Grant says getting really angry. "One thing I cannot tolerate is a pedophile."

"Well he died shortly after the rape in a car accident, so he is being held accountable in hell."

"Enough of this talk babe, you have a horny husband that wants to consummate his marriage vows."

He reaches over and turns out the lights and the room is aglow with candlelight.  He lies atop his new husband and stares into his eyes before he lets their lips meet.  He kisses his mate with the tenderness and passion of his heart as his tongue searches out his lover's tongue.

"I love you Mr. Radcliff-Davis," he says as he breaks his kiss.

"I love you more Mr. Radcliff-Davis," and he kisses his husband with the fury of the passion he is feeling.

"Jay make love to me tonight please," Grant asks as he slides off of Jason and pulls him over on top of himself.

Jason nuzzles Grant's neck as Grant tilts his head in surrender to Jay's advances, and he groans as Jason nibbles his ears.  Jason kisses his way down to Grant's hard erect nubs, and he bites them softly as Grant arches his back in pleasure.

"Oh fuck Jay you got me so fucking turned on," he calls out as he holds Jay to his nipple and Jay sucks it until Grant can't take anymore.  He moves down to his cock that is throbbing with anticipation, and he takes the head into his mouth.  He slowly runs his tongue around the corona, and then swallows his cock until his nose is taking in the scent of his bush.

"Ahhhhh fuck that feels good," Grant howls out.

Jason takes his time as he slowly slides up and down on Grant's manhood, giving extra attention to his sensitive head. He glides ever so slowly until he has him to the edge and he gives him one last gulp down.

"Fuck Jay I'm gonna cum," he yells and he shoots his seed deep into Jays' waiting throat, as he holds Jays' head in place.  "Fuck babe swallow that cock," he yells as he shoots rope after rope of his seed into his mouth.  He releases his head as he surrenders the last of his sweet cum, and Jason crawls up for a kiss.

"How come you took my seed babe?" he asks after they break their kiss.  "I wanted you to fuck me babe."

"I'm going to make love to you in a minute but I wanted to taste my man first."

He sits up and he lifts Grant's legs onto his shoulders, as he moves his mouth down to his balls.

"Ahhhhh fuck babe careful," he says.  "I can go another two or more times."

"I'm counting on that my vaquero," as he uses his new name for his cowboy. 

Jason sucks his balls until he is moaning in passion, and he is thrashing his head left to right.  He moves his mouth down to his pink tender rosebud, and runs his tongue around the edge of that treasure.  Grant lifts up his hips as Jason puts his tongue into his anus, and Grant is overcome with lust.

"Fuck me Jay, I'm so close again," he howls as he pushes Jays' head away from his hole.  Jay grabs the lube and prepares his man by inserting the lube and finger inside.  He works it in good then inserts a second one, and Grant is now demanding to get fucked.  He aligns his cock to the waiting hole and Grant pulls him into a kiss.  He pulls Jason's ass down hard to him, and Jason's cock plunges all the way in.

"Ahhhhh fuck babe wait one minute for me to relax," he says as he enjoys the fullness he feels. 

"Didn't that hurt lover, plunging in all at once like that?" Jason asks.

"Oh yes and no, you had me so fucking worked up I just needed your cock in me fast.  Now fuck me slow and deep babe, I want to make you last in me before you give me your loving' cum."

"Jason slowly pulls out all the way and then pushes in just as slow, and they both let out a sigh as he bottoms.  He soon finds a rhythm that takes them both on a ride that brings them to a place where their love is fulfilled.  He slides slowly in and out and Grant loses his edge and cums all over his chest.  Jason keeps on riding him slow, just enjoying the sensation of making love to a man that he loves.  He starts to pick up his pace as he feels his climax approach and he calls out in his ecstasy.

"Ahhhhh babe I'm cumming," and he shoots his love seed deep into his lover's ass.  He is quickly pounding away as he shoots more of his love and is now unable to control the rhythm.  Rope after rope he shoots deep into his man until he drops down on him, totally spent.

"Oh fuck Grant, that was hot," he says as he kisses him hard and deep.  "I love you vaquero," he says as he rolls off his man to lie beside him.

"So I'm your cowboy now?" he asks.  "And just where did you pick up that word for cowboy?"

"Miguel told me it when I asked him earlier."

"I'm going to have to find a name for you," Grant half crawls on his lover as they kiss into a state of bliss and soon fall asleep in each other's arms.


"Tomorrow we get to bring the kids home," David says as he looks into his lovers' eyes.

"This might very well be our last night of peace for a very long time," Bret says as he moves down to David's manhood.  He starts to takes his cock into his mouth and David slowly turns around to a sixty nine position.  He takes Bret's cock into his mouth and swallows it all the way down to his pubes while Bret does the same to David's cock.  They slowly milk the cock in their mouths with their throat muscles, and groan as they approach their edge.  They shoot at the same time into each other's mouth, and they swallow the payload they sought.  They suck rope after rope of the sweet cum from each other until they have given their all.

"God we haven't done that in ages," David says as he pulls his lover up to him.

"I love the way you taste Davy," Bret says as he plunges his cum soaked tongue deep into David's mouth.

"Mmmmmm," is all David says as he tastes the cum on Bret's tongue.

They fall asleep in their favorite position with David holding his lover tight to him, his arm over his chest, and Bret holding David's hand in his.


The next morning David and Bret set out after breakfast for the hospital, to finally get the children and Jeanne Marie and bring them home.

"Good morning doctor," David says as they walk up to the nurses' station.  "How are my children and sister today?"

"The children are ready to go home and I was just heading in to see Jeanne Marie now."

They walk into Jeanne Maries' room and she is nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe she's in the bathroom," Bret says as David holds up an envelope with their names on it.

He tears open the envelope and pulls out the brief letter, and his eyes quickly fill with tears.

"No Jeanne you can't do this to me," he cries out.

To be continued...

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