The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 22


This is a work of fiction. The names are in no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead. This is copyrighted, and belongs to me. No one is to copy this without my written permission.


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also.


From Chapter 21 ...

The next morning David and Bret set out after breakfast for the hospital, to finally get the children and Jeanne Marie and bring them home.

"Good morning doctor," David says as they walk up to the nurses' station. "How are my children and sister today?"

"The children are ready to go home and I was just heading in to see Jeanne Marie now."

They walk into Jeanne Maries' room and she is nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe she's in the bathroom," Bret says as David holds up an envelope with their names on it.

He tears open the envelope and pulls out the brief letter, and his eyes fill quickly with tears.

"No Jeanne you can't do this to me," he cries out.

Chapter 22 ...

David drops the letter onto the bed, and he collapses in a chair and cries. Bret picks up the letter and starts to read the words she wrote down to them.

My Dearest Brothers Bret and David.

This is a very difficult letter for me to write dear brothers. By the time you read this I will have been gone and please don't try to find me. I know you may not understand my reasons for leaving you two, but in time you will realize that what I did is out of love for you both. I know that I told you that I would never forgive you for making me go through the dialysis but in all reality you gave me time to think through what I needed to do. David and Bret, I do forgive you and will always love you brothers, but I need to be alone with my thoughts. Raise those little darlings and tell them that their Auntie Jeanne loves them.

David I know that this will be the hardest on you, seeing how I am your only living relative now. But my dear brother I know you, and I think, better than you know your-self, and I am insistent when I ask you not to try and find me. I have instructed my lawyer to hand over all of my financial trusts to your care, and I have set up a trust for each of the four children. The adoption papers are to arrive as soon as the children go home with you, and all you need to do is sign them and have my lawyer post them with the courts. I love you David and I know now that you are strong enough to ride this out, so remember I love you.

My dear Bret, I leave in your trust my brother David. I know how much you love him and I know he will be safe in your care. I have known you the longest Bret and know the inner strength you have, so take care of him and know that I love you.

Your Sister, Jeanne Marie.

"My God David she's gone," Bret says looking at a distraught David.

"Did I force her away Bret; did I force her back to the wall?"

"No babe, she had this planned for a while and we just postponed the inevitable by making her go through that damn dialysis."

"Well if it's any consolation, she is fine and her kidneys are working fine now," the doctor says as he leaves the room to give the boys time to get themselves together.

"Come on babe, we still have four little ones that need us right now."

"Yes you're right Bret, but I could just wring her neck for doing this to me."

"Listen to me and I am going to say this only one time. She did not do this to you personally as some sort of vendetta. She has shit going on in her head that she needs to straighten out, and when she is ready she will, and I stress the word will come back home. She used to do this in college whenever she had problems to work out. She would disappear for a time, and man would it drive my folks crazy, but she always came home a better person. So my dear cowboy, stop thinking this is your fault and get up, and let's take our children home."

"Ok Bret you're right as usual," David says as he gets up and gives Bret a kiss. "God must you always be right though?" and he walks out of the room.

"We need to register their names before you leave with them," the nurse says as she gets their birth certificates out.

"Now boy number one's name is ...," she asks.

"Sean Kevin Tremont-Strathmore."

"And the little lady is ..."

"Beth Marie Tremont-Strathmore."

"Number two boy is ...," and she has pen ready in hand.

"Ryan Tyler Tremont-Strathmore and the last boy is named Jacob Monroe Tremont-Strathmore," Bret says as he takes in a deep breath. "My God that is a mouthful," he says.

"What happened to Guy?" David asks.

"I thought that it would be good to name him after Jacob, he was so young," Bret says.

"I might have known with your heart you would do something like this," David says with a smile.

"You will receive a copy of these by mail within seven business days," the nurse says filing them away. "Good luck boys you sure have your work cut out for you," she says as she leads them to the nursery. "You do have proper car carriers for these babies do you not," she asks them.

"Yes ma'am already installed in the car," David says.

"Two nurses will assist you with bringing them down to your car," the nurse says. "Is your car in the front or back entrance," she asks.

"Right near the front door ma'am," David says.

The four of them, David, Bret and the two nurses, march single file to the elevators, as people stop to see the procession. Downstairs at the front door the car is waiting, as a doorman opens the car door for David to put in his charge.

"How am I ever going to tell these three boys apart," David asks as he looks at how identical they seem to look.

"Babe, they have ID bracelets on at the moment and you will get used to them soon enough," Bret says as he puts in the last of the four into their seats.

They arrive at home and Josh is there when they pull up.

"You mind giving us a hand Josh?" Bret calls out to him and he comes over to them.

"Sure how can I help," he says in a sad voice.

"Just stand here and watch the two of them while we take these two inside," Bret says as he and David carry in the first two children and place them upstairs in their cribs.

"Now you stay here and watch them while I go and get the last two," David says as he goes back down to the car.

"Would you mind carrying one Josh?" David asks.

"Oh God they're so small," he says looking at the small bundles.

"They won't break Josh," David says as he places the last boy in Josh's arms. Josh studies the tiny face that is looking up at him.

"You've got Jacob in your arms Josh," David says and Josh's eyes tear up.

"You named him after my Jacob?" he asks as he gives him a soft kiss.

"Yes and would you like to be his godfather," he asks and Josh's face lights up with the thought.

"Yes I would very much like to be his godfather," he says as he follows David into the house.

David lays his girl into the bed, and when he turns to take the baby from Josh, he finds Josh rocking little Jacob.

"Do you mind if I just hold him a while longer?" Josh asks as he slowly rocks the baby who is looking up at him. "I think he knows that I am his godfather," he says smiling at the babe.

Bret and David watch Josh as he holds little Jacob in his arms and quietly talks to him.

"No one will ever hurt you my little one, as long as I draw a breath I will protect you my dear Jacob." He rocks away as his tears flow down his face and a bittersweet smile finds his mouth.

"This may be just what the doctor ordered," Bret says as they watch how gentle and loving Josh is with the boy. "Let's give him some time alone with the baby," David says as they leave the room.

Twenty minutes later Joshua comes downstairs, and he smiles as he enters the room.

"He fell asleep so I put him in his crib," he tells the boys.

"You will make a great godfather for little Jacob," Bret says as he gives Josh a hug and a kiss.

"I think my Jake would have wanted me to go on with living," he says. "He was cremated today and interred beside his mother in her family vault."

"Why didn't you tell us today was his service Josh? We would have been there for you," David says.

"It was just me and my Jake," he says. "I wanted it that way Dave. I'm sorry if I hurt you guys by not telling you."

"You didn't hurt us Josh," David says. "We didn't want you to have to endure the service alone that's all."

"I'm glad it was just me, I got to say goodbye without people telling me to do this or that. I needed this time alone with him to say goodbye."

"Are you alright buddy?" David asks.

"Yeah I am Dave, I really am now. Seeing that little guy upstairs made me realize that life does go on. I will miss him but I need to live also, and he wouldn't have wanted me to pine away for him."

"Now time will soften the pain that you have in your heart, and you will learn to love again."

"I have already when you placed that little guy in my arms. My heart just came alive with love for him and it gave me hope for the future Dave. I think I'm going to call Jeff and go over and see him and Matt for a while."

"Go and have fun buddy, and don't worry about Jacob, we will take good care of him."

"I know you will, he's your son," Josh says as he leaves to call Jeff.

"Hey Matt, Josh here, do you guys have plans today? I thought I would stop by and hang out a while, if that's ok with you both."

"Sure Josh, come on over, we have nothing going on and we would love to see you," Matt says.

"I'll be there in about an hour or so," he says then they hang up.

"Hey babe Josh is coming over to hang out a while. He sounds almost like the old Joshua," Matt says.

"Why don't you call Mitch to come over also, he has been moping around bored lately."

"Listen you little match maker, it's too soon for Joshua and he may not be interested in Mitch."

"Well he did think you were quite hot babe, so seeing how you both are identical twins ..." and he lets Matt finish the thought.

"I think I will call and see what Mitch is doing."


"I am here to see my sister Claire Montgomery," Brian says as he checks in at the ward gate.

"Please sign in here and I will need to see you driver's license or legal ID." The attendant says to Brian as he takes his ID and scans it into the photo copier. "Please wait over there until an attendant comes for you."

"Thank you ... Jeremy," Brian says reading his name badge.

The attendant comes momentarily for Brian and takes him to a dining room. A few moments later his sister is brought in, escorted to his table by a matron. She leaves her with him but is watching Claire from a distance.

"Brian why are you here," she asks looking like hell warmed over.

"I came as soon as I heard what happened sis. I love you and wanted you to know that I have hired the best lawyer in Boston."

"Did that bastard die?" she asks.

"No Claire but you sure did a number on the fucker. Let's just say that the two of you are more alike now than you can imagine."

"What do you mean by that Bri?"

"Well you shot off his manhood and he will be sitting to piss for the rest of his life. And he will never walk again without a limp."

"You mean his ... is gone completely?" and she laughs hysterically and it echoes throughout the hall.

"Yep, the doctors had to give him a pussy now," and she laughs even harder and louder as the matron comes over to the table.

"What's going on over here?" she asks as Claire completely loses all control of her laughter. "I'm sorry but she needs to go back to her room now," the matron says as she gets Claire up and leads her back to her room. All the way back to her room all one can hear is her laughter, and Brian has to laugh himself at the irony of the situation.

Later back at Claire's house Brian tells Tyler about what happened.

"Oh Brian how awful for her," he says as his eyes tear up.

"I know she found it ironic but she laughed so hard at the image of Mark getting fucked by some inmate. I know she is gone over the deep end and it may take years to bring her back, if ever. But to see her face when she thought of Mark and his vanished manhood hit her mind and she just exploded into laughter. She was right you know, she did inflict more justice on him than any court or judge could have."

"I know it must be hard on her to be there and not be able to see her boys. That alone is punishment that is crueler than any court could impose."

"I will make sure that she is moved to a facility in Texas if she is declared innocent by reason of insanity."

"At least that way you and the boys can see her regularly until she gets out. Maybe we could even get Dr. Marks to work her case," he says.

"Well first we have to get her declared innocent by reason of insanity."


Joshua pulls into Jeff's driveway, and parks his truck behind Jeff's.

"Josh buddy, how you doing," Jeff asks as he gives him a hug and kiss.

"A lot better Jeff. I'll be back at work on Monday," he says as he notices two Matt's in the room. "Am I seeing double or is there two of Matt in there?" he asks.

"You're not seeing double buddy, that's his twin brother Mitchell," Jeff says leading him into the room. "Mitch I'd like you to meet Joshua Bradley. He and I work together at the refinery and I thought you two would make good friends."

"Hey dude nice to meet you," Mitch says as he shakes hands with Joshua. "Sorry to hear about your Jacob dude, I can relate to that," he tells him. "I lost my lover a few years ago myself in a car accident and it nearly destroyed me."

"Thanks Mitch, maybe we can share notes about how you got over the pain," Josh says looking at him in the eyes.

The two boys go for a walk outside and talk about their losses and soon form a bond.

"The pain is like an ache that gnaws at your heart and won't let up," Josh says trying to hold back his tears.

"Tell me about it, does it wake you at night and haunt you through the day," Mitch asks.

"Yeah, and it really leaves me drained."

"That's the worst part, that infernal drained out feeling. You need to find things to fill that gap that Jacob filled in your life."

"I have a new godson now, and he just makes my heart sing like my Jacob did," and he loses all control now as he cries hard.

"Come here bro," Mitch says as he holds Joshua in his arms. "Let it out and don't try to keep it in. Tears are the heart's way of cleansing the pain of loss," he tells him as Josh cries hard with total abandon now.

Josh cries for a good twenty minutes as Mitch gently holds him and comforts him with words of sweetness.

"There now doesn't that feel better?" Mitch asks looking at Josh who has tears on his face. "Here let me get those," he says as he takes out a handkerchief and gently wipes Josh's tears from his eyes. "You have such beautiful eyes Josh."

"Thanks Mitch, and thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder man," he says as he looks Mitch in the eyes. "Your eyes are beautiful also," he says and then he pulls away, turning from Mitch.

"What's wrong Josh, did I do something?" Mitch asks looking at Josh's back.

"No Mitch ... it's just that ... well we should get back," he says as he starts to walk back to the house.

"Josh wait please, talk to me please," he says touching his arm. Josh turns to face him and the tears are back as he looks at Mitch's concern showing on his face.

"I shouldn't be out here with you Mitch," he says looking away from him. "I felt something that I can't explain and it scared me."

"What Josh, what did you feel that scared you?" Mitch asks.

"Feelings ... of love stirring in my heart, but it's too soon," he says and the tears fall again. "I feel that I'm betraying the love Jake and I had, and I don't know how to deal with these feelings."

Mitch holds Josh tight and lets him cry again as he tries to explain his feelings to him.

"Josh what you are feeling is normal, Jake wouldn't want you to go through life alone, feeling sorry for him. He would want you to find love again and be loved as you both had loved," he says as he holds Josh's face in his hands looking into his eyes. "I won't do anything to you that you wouldn't want me to, but I have felt those same feelings for you also Josh. But I'm willing to wait until your heart is ready to love again," and he kisses Josh on the forehead. "Now let's get back inside and see what they are up to ok?" and they walk hand in hand back to the house.

"Mitch thank you for being there for me," Josh says and gives him a soft kiss on the lips before they enter the house.

"Are you all right Josh?" Jeff asks as he looks at his tear swollen eyes when he enters the room.

"Yeah Jeff, I'm going to make it through this and be better for it," he says looking over at Mitch.

They call for a pizza and have a fun evening watching movies and just talking about things. Josh looks at his watch and decides that he needs to get home.

"Thanks guys for a fun night," he says to the guys. "Mitch would you mind walking out to the truck with me?" he asks and Mitch immediately jumps up.

"Sure Josh," he says as he follows him out to the truck.

"Well I think you may have started something," Matt says hugging his lover.

"Yeah I think so; they seem to fit together nicely."

"Thanks Mitch for helping me through a hard part of my grief tonight," he says leaning against his truck looking at Mitch. "I really like you and would like to see you again if you feel the same."

"Josh I do like you too and it would be great to get together, but let's take it slow ok? I want you to be relaxed around me and not feel like you are betraying Jake by being with me."

"I know how you feel and I want to take it slow. I don't want some rebound relationship that ends soon after it begins."

"Would you mind if I kissed you goodbye though?" Mitch asks as he lowers his head, a bit embarrassed that he asked.

"I was hoping that you would," Josh says as he puts his arms around Mitch's neck and their lips meet. They kiss a soft and gentle kiss that is meant only for first love, and they feel the spark of love ignite their hearts. "Thank you Mitch for being so tender and loving."

"God Josh you have me all mushy inside," Mitch says as he steps back from Josh. "Go now before we go too far and regret our actions. Ask Jeff for my cell phone number and give me a call when you're ready," Mitch says as he closes the door to the truck.

"I will Mitch and thanks again for being you," he says as he drives off.

Mitch goes back inside and the boys attack him wanting to know all the details.

"Well bro, is he the one?" Matt asks looking at the glow on his brother's face.

"Listen you two all I'm going to say is thanks for inviting me over tonight. You will never know how much you may have changed my life," he says to them and turns to leave.

"That little shit head," Matt says turning to Jeff who is just as perturbed as he is. "He could have told us if they felt that spark of love or not."

"Oh they felt it," Jeff says. "Did you notice the glow in his eyes, and how he smiled coming into the house earlier with Josh? Yeah they are going to definitely going to make it."


"Oh cowboy you got me almost there," Bret howls out as he is so close to his climax. "Fuck me harder and deeper babe."

David pounds his lover's ass with the passion he feels and soon his own climax is close. Then just as they are about to fall over the edge the babies start to cry.

"Ah fuck, not now," David says as he can feel his cock start to soften as the babies start to scream even louder now.

"Welcome to fatherhood," Bret says as David pulls his now soft cock out of him and they get up to attend to the babies.

They go into the nursery and the babies are all crying and they look at one another in confusion.

"Tomorrow we hire a nanny," David says lifting Sean out of the crib.

He places him on the changing table and starts to remove the diaper.

"Oh shit Bret," he says looking at the mess in the diaper. "He's filled this thing with some ugly green stuff."

"Well just grab the wipes and a fresh diaper and start cleaning him up love," Bret says as he removes Beth's diaper. "Oh God she did the same thing but hers is all the way around front also."

David removes Sean's diaper and starts to wipe away the mess when suddenly the baby starts to piss and it hits David directly in the face.

"Oh fuck Bret he's pissing at me," he says covering Sean's little cock with his hand. "Fuck he got me in the face," he says in a disgusted tone.

"They told you to keep the boys covered until you placed a new diaper on them."

"Well how do you clean them and keep them covered," he asks. "This is harder than I thought."

"You guys need any help," Josh asks poking his head into the room.

"Oh God yes, Josh. Just grab Jacob and change his diaper if you would," Bret says wrestling a diaper onto Beth. "Shit this thing is way too big for her," as he lifts her up and the diaper falls off and she also starts to piss. "Ah shit no Beth," he says laying her back down and she starts to cry again. "Daddy's sorry love, don't cry," he says tossing the diaper away and grabbing a new one. "Tomorrow we definitely hire a nanny or two," Bret says as he gets another diaper on Beth.

"There now my little man," Josh says to a cooing Jacob. "I am going to change that dirty old diaper and then rock you while you have your bottle." He removes his wet only diaper and Jacob lets out with a strong stream of piss. He gets Josh right in the face and Josh looks at him and laughs.

"I guess that's your way of telling me to piss off kid," and the three of the guys laugh hysterically at the situation.

They finally get the babies changed and fed, and the three of them sit staring at the sleeping babes.

"Well that was an experience," Bret says to the other two. "You want to continue where we left off cowboy?" he asks and David just gives a confused look.

"You have got to be kidding right?" he asks. "After all that I just want to go to bed and sleep," he says leaving the room.

"Well how was your evening Josh?" Bret asks as he shuts the light off in the room.

"It was great Bret. I met someone that I could really fall for once I get this grief out of me."

"Really! Where at Jeff's place?" he asks.

"Yeah he is Matt's twin brother Mitchell."

"I didn't know that Matt was a twin or for that matter even had a brother."

"Well you should have seen my face when I came in and saw two identical Matt's standing there."

"I guess that would throw one for a loop," Bret says.

"He is so sweet and sensitive, like his brother. He even asked me if he could kiss me goodbye instead of taking it for granted and just doing it."

"Did you let him kiss you goodnight? Of course that's none of my business."

"That's ok Bret, yeah I did and man can he kiss. I felt a real something when our lips touched that touched my heart. It also scared me and made me feel that I was betraying Jake's love."

"That's quite normal Josh, and that will diminish with time also. Jacob would want you to find love again and go on with your life."

"I know but we are going to take it slow and see where it leads us. He, like me, doesn't want it to be some rebound thing. If we are meant to be I want it to last this time."

"Well just don't be afraid to love again. Remember Josh, just because Jacob died, it wasn't because you loved him. He had such fear in him that his heart gave out from it."

"I know Bret and thanks for caring about me," he says and gives Bret a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Hey that's my man you're kissing. Do I need to kick your ass boy?" David muses as he comes out naked into the hall sporting an erection.

"My God David, I thought you were going to go to sleep."

"And you were going to hop in bed with this whippersnapper I suppose," he says shooting a wink at Bret.

"Well he is awful handsome and I suppose well hung," Bret says as he puts one arm on Josh's shoulder and feels his crotch with his other hand.

"Ah ... Dave... really I was ..." and David cuts him off.

"Well I hope you can handle him stud, because he is one wild bronco," he says slapping Josh's ass.

"So cowboy are you ready for a rodeo?" Bret says running his fingers through Josh's hair.

"Ah ... guys ... goodnight," he says and runs quickly into his room and locking the door.

"Damn that was fun," David says a little too loud to Bret. "I guess we made him a little uncomfortable."

"Well cowboy, you got this bronco all hot and bothered now so are you going to break me?" he asks as Josh's door flies open and a naked Josh exits the room with his own cock now erect.

"Hands off my bronco there cowboy," Josh says to a surprised David and Bret as he grabs Bret by the arm. "I'm having the rodeo tonight," he says and pulls Bret into his room and locks the door.

David is standing there with his mouth wide open as sounds now come from Josh's room.

"Oh cowboy! Ohhhh cowboy yeah," Bret says as David listens at the door.

"Ah Bret," David says as he knocks softly on Josh's door.

"Oh yeah ride this bronco cowboy," he hears Bret say and he pounds on the door.

"Bret Tremont, you get your ass out here this instant," he says as the door opens and there stands Bret and Josh laughing at David.

"Yes cowboy, want a ride?" he says pulling him into the room. He kisses his man hard and deep as he makes him forget the joke. Bret slides down to David's cock and takes it into his mouth and it quickly gets hard again. Josh stands there watching as David reaches over bringing him closer to him. David looks into Josh's eyes and he puts his hand on the back of his head. Josh looks frightened as David slowly pulls him to him and kisses him hard and deep. David's tongue pushes against Josh's lips and he reluctantly opens and lets him inside.

"Mmmmmm," is the only sound that Josh makes as their tongues wrestle for dominance.

Bret drops David's cock and moves over to Josh's as Josh's eyes open wide. The sensation he is feeling is taking him close to the edge.

"Bret stop I'm going to cum," he cries out as David pulls him back in for a kiss, and Bret just sucks harder and faster taking him over the edge. "Ah fuck man I'm cumming," he shouts as he shoots his seed down Bret's waiting throat. He shoots rope after rope of sweet hot cum as David kisses Josh hard and long as he shoots the last of his seed.

"Ah fuck guys I'm sorry to let this happen," he says after they break their sex act.

"Josh you didn't let it, we did," David says looking at him. "You needed to know how it felt to be alive again."

"I didn't do anything to you that David would not have allowed me to do. It was just a blowjob Josh and nothing more. We knew when you opened that door that you were not only horny, but in need of feeling needed and alive again. That's why we did what we did Josh."

"Thanks guys I really needed that, and Bret you do suck a mean cock," he says as the three laugh.

"Yeah he does and he's got one more to finish," David says taking Bret's hand. "Goodnight buddy and let's just forget this ever happened."

"Sure guys and thanks again," Josh says as the two leave his room.

"God I'm tired," Bret says as he climbs into bed and turns away from David. "Good hot sex always satisfies me, good night love," he says and David looks at him.

"I'll give you good hot sex you shit head," he says turning Bret to him. "You got a cowboy here that needs a ride."

"Well cowboy climb on up and ride this bronco," he says lifting his legs in surrender.

David fucks his bronco hard and wild until they both are spent, and they kiss passionately as they ride out the sweet afterglow of their love.


Thomas King, the lawyer that Brian hired stood with his client before the judge in her chambers. Claire sat quietly until Mark entered the room with the district attorney Gerald Johnson. She looked over at him and instantly lost all control of her senses and started to laugh hysterically. The judge and her lawyer tried several times to quiet her down before having her removed.

"You see your honor she is not competent to stand trial because of her mental capacity," Thomas says to the judge. "She is not even aware of what she has done to her estranged husband. The knowledge she received from her son about his sexual abuse drove her insane and caused her to lash out at the man that perpetrated the attacks on her son Jason Radcliff."

"Your honor the state feels that she knew very well what she was doing that day she confronted her husband in their home. We are prepared to prove that she is not only competent but guilty of attempted murder."

"Mr. King, do you have any documentation as to her mental state at the time of the said attacks," the judge asks.

"Yes your honor, here is the letter from the team of doctors that have been observing and reviewing Mrs. Montgomery," he says handing the letters to the judge.

She reviews the letters carefully and looks at Mark who is standing with a smirk on his face.

"Well after reviewing these letters, and two are from your own doctors Mr. Johnson, I find her incompetent by reason of insanity and hereby confine her to the state hospital for treatment until which time she is considered fit for release," and she bangs her gavel on the desk.

"Your honor if I may make a request," Thomas asks of the judge. "Her family would like her committed to a facility in Texas so that they may be able to see her if it pleases the court."

"As long as it fulfills the requirements of the law I have no objections," she says.

"Thank you your honor," Thomas says and turns to Brian and Tyler who are standing in the back of the room.

"That's a bunch of fucking bullshit," Mark yells out at the judge as she gets up to leave. "She needs to pay for what she did to me," he shouts at her.

"You sir, and I use that loosely, I do hope you come in front of me when it is your turn to answer for what you have done to your son," she says angrily at him. "And I fine you one thousand dollars for contempt of court," and she leaves with a smile on her face.

"Well Brian we did it, she will be transported to a facility in Houston within the next week," Thomas tells him.

"Tom I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my sister."

"Well to tell you the truth Bri, she did it mostly herself when she started to laugh hysterically at her husband."

"She must have pictured him with a pussy now instead of his cock," Brian says and the three of them laugh. "Will we be able to talk with her before they take her back to the hospital?" he asks.

"Let me see what I can do," and he walks out of the chamber.

Brian walks over to Mark who is sitting alone as the DA finishes up some paper work.

"I would like to be a fly on the wall when they put your sorry little ass in prison dear brother in law," he whispers into Mark's ear. "With that pussy you got they are going to fuck you into insanity," and he leaves with Tyler as fear now covers Mark's face.

"Do I have to go back to that jail?" Mark asks the DA.

"Yes you do, this didn't get you a get out of jail free card," he says with disgust in his voice. "Off the record, I couldn't be happier that she got off today, I would have killed you had it been my son you did that to," he whispers to Mark and leaves.

The guard comes and puts the shackles on Mark and then leads him out of the room to return him back to Walpole State Prison until his trial.

"Brian and Tyler they are going to let you have five minutes with your sister," Tom says as he escorts them to where she is.

The walk down a long hall until they reach a room at the very end of it and a guard unlocks the door to let Brian and Tyler enter.

"Claire," Brian says as the door closes and locks behind them and she runs into his outstretched arms. "We are going to have you moved to Texas so the boys and I can see you," Brian tells her.

"Will they even want to see their nutso mother," she asks crying in his arms.

"I talked to both of them yesterday and they very much want you down there with them," he tells her making her smile. "I have a special doctor that has agreed to take your case and in no time you will be a free woman."

"Oh Brian I hope so, I thought I blew it when I saw Mark and started to laugh. I got a mental picture of him with a pussy between his legs and hundreds of men lining up to fuck the bastard."

"Well that is what helped the judge decide in your favor. Now we have to go and they will be moving you in the next week love. So just hang in there and we will all be seeing you once you get down to Texas. I love you Claire," he tells her as the door unlocks and the guard opens it.

"I love you also Brian, and you too Tyler," she says as they leave the room.


Back in Walpole Mark is put into a cell of his own. The next morning he is removed to the showers for his daily shower and freezes when he sees the full room of men.

"No please take me back," he says to the guard as he tries to leave the bathroom.

"You need to shower so strip down or do I have to do it for you?" the guard says sternly at him.

Mark slowly enters the room and removes his orange jumpsuit while facing the wall. He takes off his boxers and stands close to the shower facing away from the men.

"Hey look guys we have a bashful one here," a big burly guy with tattoos says walking towards Marks and the guard turns and leaves the room. "Hey sweet thing why don't you come join the rest of us?" he says grabbing Mark and turning him around.

"Holy fuck, he's got a pussy," another inmate calls out as the others look now at Mark. "He's a gift sent from the gods," he says as they descend upon him.

They force Mark to the floor and take turns fucking him, as the guard takes a peek in to watch their fun.

"How do you like it you fucking pedophile," he says to himself as the men abuse a screaming Mark.

"God his pussy is just like a woman's," the burly man says as he slams his cock deep into Mark.

The guard comes in and announces that showers are over for the day, and Mark crawls slowly to a bench and gets up to his feet as the guard leads him back to his cell.

"Shit man you stink of cum," the guard says with a smirk. "In you go peedy,' he says as a reference to what Mark is.


"Are you ready to go?" Tyler says as Brian brings the last of the bags downstairs to the front door.

"God you must have packed everything we own," he says as he arches his back in pain. "Did you leave anything in Texas?" he asks as the doorbell rings.

"I have a telegram for Mr. Brian O'Malley," the boy says as he hands him the telegram.

"That's me son," he says taking it from him and giving him a five dollar tip.

"Gee thanks sir," he says as he goes on his way.

Brian opens the telegram and his face goes white as he reads the content of it, and he slowly turns to Tyler with tears in his eyes.

To be continued...

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