The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 23


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted, and belongs to me.  No one is to copy this without my written permission. 


I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also.


From Chapter 22 ...


Back in Walpole Mark is put into a cell of his own.  The next morning he is removed to the showers for his daily shower and freezes when he sees the full room of men.

"No please take me back," he says to the guard as he tries to leave the bathroom.

"You need to shower so strip down or do I have to do it for you," the guard says sternly at him.

Mark slowly enters the room and removes his orange jumpsuit while facing the wall.  He takes off his boxers and stands close to the shower facing away from the men.

"Hey look guys we have a bashful one here," a big burly guy with tattoos says walking towards Mark and the guard turns and leaves the room.  "Hey sweet thing why don't you come join the rest of us," he says grabbing Mark and turning him around.

"Holly fuck, he's got a pussy," another inmate calls out as the others look now at Mark.  "He's a gift sent from the God's," he says as they descend upon him.

They force Mark to the floor and take turns fucking him, as the guard takes a peak in to watch their fun.

"How do you like it you fucking pedophile," he says to himself as the men abuse a screaming Mark.

"God his pussy is just like a woman's," the burly man says as he slams his cock deep into Mark shooting his cum.

The guard comes in and announces that showers are over for the day, and Mark crawls slowly to a bench and gets up to his feet as the guard leads him back to his cell.

"Shit man you stink of cum," the guard says with a smirk. "In you go peedy,' he says as a reference to what Mark is.


"Are you ready to go," Tyler says as Brian brings the last of the bags downstairs to the front door.

"God you must have packed everything we own," he says as he arches his back in pain. "Did you leave anything in Texas," he asks as the doorbell rings.

"I have a telegram for Mr. Brian O'Malley," the boy says as he hands him the telegram.

"That's me son," he says taking it from him and giving him a five dollar tip.

"Gee thanks sir," he says as he goes on his way.

Brian opens the telegram and his face goes white as he reads the content of it, and he slowly turns to Tyler with tears in his eyes.

Chapter 23 ...

"Brian what is it," Tyler asks as he holds his man in his arms.

"It's Mark, he hung himself in his cell last night," he says.

"Well he died as he deserved I guess, but still it is tragic what has happened to this family."

"His boys will take this hard especially Jeff," he says.

"Well you should be the one to tell them and your sister also, she is going to behave strangely to the news."

"I don't have the time to go there now, our plane leaves in two hours and we still have to get to the airport.  I will call the hospital and ask that she not be told until I can tell her myself in Texas."

"I think that would be a wise idea," Tyler says as the taxi arrives to take them to Logan Airport.

They load the luggage into the cab and are soon on their way to the airport.  Brian calls the hospital and speaks to his sister's doctors and makes his requests.

"I think that would be a very good idea Mr. O'Malley," the doctor says.  "She had a very quiet night and she is scheduled to leave for Texas on Tuesday."

"Well thank you doctor for all the help you have done for her," he says as they pull up to the terminal. "I have to go as I am at the terminal now so I will be in touch with you."

They check their luggage and make their way to their gate as they anticipate going home to Texas.

"God it will be good to get back home," Tyler says waiting to board.

"You know babe, Boston was home for us for years, but Texas is where I have truly found happiness," Brian says as he squeezes Tyler's hand.  He leans in close and softly whispers into his ear, "I love you so much Ty, thank you for loving me."

"I love you also babe," he whispers back as they call their seats.


"Mitch this is Joshua calling and I wanted to know if you would like to go out tonight and have dinner," he says to Mitch's voice mail.  "My number is 555-9741 call me and let me know," he says then disconnects.  "God I hate talking to a machine," he says aloud.

He goes into the nursery and looks in on little Jacob who lying there wide awake.  He smiles down at him and suddenly the babe smiles backs.  He jumps back with excitement as he does it again, and he lifts him out of the crib.

"Hey my little man, how you doing today," he says as he holds him to his chest with his head resting in the crook of Josh's neck.  He sits in the rocker and slowly rocks the babe as Bret comes up to the room.  Josh's back is to the door as Bret stands there and watches him rock the babe.

"I love you so much little man," he whisper's to the babe. "I love the others too but you I love most but let's not tell them."  He kisses his head as he rocks the dear babe until he is fast asleep.  He gets up and gently lays him down in the crib and covers him with his blanket, and turns to see Bret standing at the door.

"I had to get my fix for the day," he says to Bret as they walk downstairs for breakfast.

"I was coming in to check on him, he was the only one that would not go back to sleep," Bret says.  "Now I know why, he was waiting for you to come in so he could have his fix of you for the day."

"You don't mind do you Bret, he just touches my heart so much that little guy."

"Josh you can spend all the time you want with him," Bret says.  "I have seen such a change in you since he came into your life."

"It's like my Jake gave me a part of him back to love in a different way," he says.  "I can't explain it but do you know what I mean," he asks.

"Yes Josh I know what you mean," he says setting his breakfast before him.  "Now eat up so when David comes down you will be ready to go with him.

"I appreciate him giving me a lift to work.  My truck needed this maintenance for awhile now."


"Danny boy what do you have for me," David asks.

"Well I had my man do some snooping and I got the name of the babies' father for you," he says.  "You'll never guess who he is," he says.

"Listen Danny I'm running late so I will stop by your office after I drop off someone and talk to you there."

"See you then bud," he says hanging up.

"Were you just on the phone," Bret asks as he sets his breakfast before him.

"I had some things I wanted to check on before work that could wait for me to get there," he says feeling guilty for lying.

"Well I'm ready Dave whenever you are," and the phone rings.

Bret answers it and talks a minute before handing it to Josh.

"It's for you, someone name Mitch," he says and Josh's face lights up.

"Hey Mitch did you get my message," he asks leaving the room and Bret notices the change.

"Yeah and that sounds good to me bud," Mitch tells him.

"Well I'll catch a ride over to Jeff's house after work and meet you there.  My truck is in the garage for some long overdue work and I am dependant on others for a ride."

"Let me pick you up at work and you can come over to my place and we can leave from here."

"Sounds good Mitch, I'll grab a change of clothes for tonight and shower at your place."

"See you later then, oh what time do you get out," he asks.

"Five is good so I will see you then, and Mitch, thanks guy."

"Anytime bud for you," he says and they hang up.

He runs upstairs and grabs a change of clothes and comes just as fast back down.  He gets almost to the bottom when his foot slips and he crashes the rest of the way down.

"Ahhhhh fuck," he yells out as David and Bret come running into the foyer to see what is wrong.

"Joshua what happened," David asks as they try to get him up and he cries out in pain.

"David I think he broke his leg," Bret says looking at his left leg swelling fast.

"No I can't break it I have a date tonight," he cries.

"Well date or not you definitely did something to your leg buddy," David says calling 911.

He tells them what has happened and they tell him an ambulance is on the way.

"Will you give me the phone please," Josh asks of Bret. "I need to call Mitch back before he leaves for work."

"Is he your date tonight," Bret asks.

"Yes, he's Matt's twin brother and we really hit it off and were going to have dinner together tonight."  He dials Mitch's number and he picks it up on the second ring.

"Mitch here," he says.

"Mitch its Josh," he says as the pain increases.

"Josh what's wrong man, you sound awful," he says.

"I just fell downstairs and I think I broke my leg.  They have an ambulance coming to take me to the hospital."

"I'll meet you there," he says hanging up.

"Mitch wait," but he hangs up before Josh can say anything more.  "He's meeting me at the hospital," he tells David and Bret.

"This sounds serious between you to," Bret says.

"Well it could be if I was to let it, but I don't know if I'm ready for another relationship yet."

"Josh listen to me son, you don't get many chances to find love in this world. So when it comes along you have to grab it by the horns and run with it.  This Mitch sounds like a very nice man and if he is anything like his brother, you have a keeper there," David tells him.

"He's so much more than Matt, and cuter also," he says as the ambulance pulls up.

"We are going to make this place one of our layover stops," a familiar paramedic says as he enters the house.

"I know what you mean Jim, we seem to have you here on a regular occurrence," Bret says as Jim attends to Josh.

"Yep you broke it kid," he says as he takes an air cast out of his bag.  He slips over Josh's leg and then inflates it to mobilize the leg.  "Well guys see you next week," he says chuckling as the wheel Josh out to the ambulance.

"Let's hope not Jim," David says as he kisses Bret goodbye.  "Gotta go love, see you tonight."




David drives directly over to Dan's detective agency to talk over what he has found.

"Hey buddy," David says as he slaps Dan on the ass as he follows him into his office.

"Hey watch that bud, you gonna get me all hot and bothered so early in the day," he says laughing.

"So what you got for me Danny," he asks all excited now to see who the babies' father could be.

"Well like I said, you aren't going to believe it once you see it buddy."

"So show me all ready," he says as Danny slides the name across the desk to David.

"No fucking way it can be him Dan, are you sure."

"If I told you how I came across this I would have to kill you after," he says laughing.

"You didn't..." and he doesn't finish his sentence.

"No not me, but my man George got it for me.  He broke into the lawyer's office and photo copied the letter to you from your sister.  This of course is just the name from that letter."

"Do you have that letter in its entirety," David asks.

"Yes but why would you want to see it Davy, that is for when she dies, give her some respect buddy," he says looking at David.

"Yeah I guess you're right," he says.  "So what do I owe you bud," he says getting up and Dan walks over to him.

"Well we can reach some kind of agreement," he says as he wraps his arms around David and kisses him hard and passionately.  His hands roam down to David's ass as David tries to resist him.

"I shouldn't be doing this Danny; I love my Bret to much to cheat on him."

"Well let's just call it paying off a debt, and I do have a few things that you wouldn't want out buddy," he says kissing him again.  He slowly unbuttons David shirts and removes it, tossing it to the chair.  He slowly suckles his nipple as David moans out in lust.

"Stop Dan please, we've been friends for years and you'd blackmail me," he asks as Dan just smirks.

He undoes David's pants and lets them fall to the floor and he steps out of them.  Dan drops to his knees and pulls down David's briefs exposing his now erect manhood.  Dan fully engulfs David's hard throbbing cock deep down into his anxious throat.

"Ahhhhh fuck Danny," he moans out as he grabs Danny's head and starts to fuck his face.

He fucks his face until he is close to the edge and pulls his cock from Danny's mouth.

"Get naked Danny, I want to fuck you," David says now oblivious to any guilt and giving in to the lust.

Danny quickly strips off his clothes and lies down on the couch and David climbs on top of him.  He spits in his hand and rubs it into Dan's rosebud and again onto his cock.  He lines up his cock and with one mighty shove he enters Dan's ass all the way in.

"Ahhhhh fuck Davy, take it easy," he says as David bottoms out.

David gives him a minute to get use to the fullness and then starts to fuck his friend.  He pulls all the way out and then plunges back in bottoming out once again.  He does this until he has Danny's ass in total submission and he is pounding him hard, deep and fast.

"Fuck I'm cumming," Danny shouts as he shoots his cum all over his chest. 

David fucks him with fury as his own climax builds and he soon comes to the edge.

"Ahhhhh fuck bud here it cums," and he fills his friends ass with his seed as he slams his cock hard as he shoots over and over in him.  He gives him his seed and then quickly gets up, and goes for his clothes just as the office door opens and there stands a man he doesn't know.  David grabs his clothes and rushes to the bathroom and gets dressed in there.  He then slips out the side door and down the stairs to his car.

"Who the fuck was that," he wonders to himself.

He calls Dan's office and gets Dan on the phone.

"Dan please don't acknowledge that it's me on the phone buddy, but who was that young man," he asks.

"That's the young man that works for me, George and he hasn't a clue who you are.  Well his name isn't really George but we don't use our real names in this business," he says.  "He was just telling me that something came up and he needed the day off.  Now don't worry buddy, he's cool and wouldn't say a word."

"If you say so bud, well thanks for the fuck bud.  I'll give you a call and the check is in the mail."

"Yeah thanks bud for the fuck and have a good day."


The ambulance arrives with Josh and Mitch is waiting as they bring him into the emergency room. Josh sees Mitch's smile as he is wheeled on by and he smiles back at him and his heart dances in his chest.  It takes about an hour and a half before his leg is set.

"Is there someone here for you," the doctor asks.

"Yes a young man outside in the waiting area, Mitch Jefferson."  He has an orderly go and get Mitch and soon he comes in and his smile lights up the room.

"Hey bud how's the leg doing," he asks looking at the cast.

"I guess I broke it good man," he says blushing from his clumsiness.

"How did you do it anyways?"

"I fell downstairs going to get clothes for tonight."

"God bud you would look good naked," and he soon regrets his remark.  "I'm sorry man, I forgot you are still hurting," he says looking away.

"Its fine Mitch, I'm getting over the pain now, and besides I would have been naked taking a shower."

"Well they said you can go so come on bud," he says handing Josh his crutches.  "I'm taking you to my place for the day and I'm going to make us dinner," he says with a smile.

He takes Josh to his place and he gives David a call at work, and his secretary tells him he's not gotten in yet.  He leaves him a message with her telling him about his leg and that he will see him tonight. 

"Now I am yours for the entire day bud," Josh says as Mitch sits beside him. 

"What can I do for you," he says gazing into his eyes.

"Mitch I have come to be very fond of you, and although I still have some pain left for Jake, I feel that he would want me to move on and find someone to love."

"Fond huh, I get that a lot from guys.  I'm the guy that others are fond of," he says looking away.

"Look at me will you," he says pulling him to face him.  "You didn't let me finish what I was saying Mitch.  Although I was fond of you ..." and he is interrupted again.

"God it gets worst," he says getting up. "First you are fond of me and now its pass tense."

"God damn man sit down and shut the fuck up.  What I am trying to tell you if you would just shut up long enough is that I am falling in love with you, you dumb lug."

"You love me, you could really love me, Mitchell Jefferson," he asks.

"Yes Mitch, I love you God damn it.  You don't make it easy to say it though, so I guess I will have to show you," and he pulls him close and gives him a kiss that is long and passionate.  He wraps his arms tightly around his new love.

"I fell in love with you Josh that night I first met you," he tells him as he runs his fingers through his hair.  "But I could feel the pain you felt and knew to back off and give you time to heal."

"Thank you Mitch for your sensitivity," he says.  "I knew I had feelings for you but I wasn't ready to commit to another relationship before my heart was ready."

"Well I must tell you that I am not a virgin either Josh, I have had lovers in my past."

"I only care from now forward Mitch; we are virgins to each other once I get this inferno cast off."

"Well we don't have to wait for everything until then," he says as he helps Josh to stand up.  He carries Josh into his bedroom and lays him gently on the bed.  He undresses his new love and stands back and admires his handsome naked body.

"Other than that cast you are perfect," he says as he undresses himself.

He gets between his legs and goes down on his cock and slowly runs his tongue around the head.  He licks down the shaft and nibbles back up before taking it into his mouth.  He quickly goes down on his cock and Josh lets out a sigh as he lifts up his hips to give Mitch more.  Mitch buries his nose in Josh's soft pubic hair and drinks in the scent of his man.

"Oh God Mitch that feels so good, don't go to fast though, I want to enjoy the glorious feeling you give me."

He slows down his sucking as he tenderly holds Josh's balls in his hands.  He rolls them around and he runs his fingers down to his sensitive rosebud.  He lifts off Josh's cock long enough to wet one of his fingers and then takes it back into his mouth.  While he slowly sucks on his cock he inserts his wet finger into his tender rosebud.

"Ahhhhh fuck what you are doing to me," he howls out as Mitch maneuvers his finger around. He slowly manipulates his prostate and soon he is crowing that he is close to the edge, and he increases his pace and soon he tastes the seed of his man.

"Fuck I'm cumming Mitch," and he shoots his cum down Mitch's throat as Mitch wiggles his finger on his sweet gland.  He shoots rope after rope of his hot seed until he is spent.

"That was fantastic babe," Mitch says as he lies beside Josh and gives him a passionate kiss and Josh starts to cry.  "What's the matter babe," he asks as he runs his finger over his face.

"I want to make love with you and I can't," he says.

"Just think how nice it will be once we can love," and they kiss hard and long.


"God what a flight," Brian says as they leave the plane in Dallas and Grant and Jason are there to meet them.  "Jason, Grant how nice of you to pick us up," Brian says giving them a hug. 

They get their luggage and load it in the car and are finally off to home.

"So I hear through the grapevine that you have some good news to share with us," Tyler says.

"Yes Uncle Ty, we're married," Jason says showing him his ring and feeling like a bride on her wedding day.  "Wait until you see our home," he tells him.

"I hear it's a modest little cottage," Brian says with a chuckle.

"I see you have been talking with Jeff haven't you," he asks.

"I had to call him, and yes he did tell me about some things. We are looking forward to seeing your home guys."

"So how tell me Uncle Bri, how is my mother and that ass of a husband," he asks.

"Can we wait until I have you both together later," he asks.

"No uncle I would rather hear it by myself.  Mark is Jeff's dad and I really don't want to hurt him anymore than I have," he says.

"Ok Jay when we get home we will have a talk."

They get home and they carry the luggage in and Tyler takes Grant into the Den so Jason and Brian can be alone to talk.

"Well first son, your mother is not going to prison for shooting your step dad.  As a matter of fact she is going to be in Texas at Dr. Marks Clinic for treatment until she is considered sane and released."

"That's great Uncle Bri; I know you had something to do with that."

"Well yes I did but that isn't the worst news..." and he pauses.  "Mark committed suicide a few days ago in his cell."

"That fucking coward, he couldn't give me the satisfaction of facing me and letting me see him pay for his crimes against me."

"Oh he paid big time son, your mom shot off his manhood.

"She didn't," he says looking at him in shock.

"The doctors had to give him the equivalency of a pussy so he could function and my sources in Walpole told me he was gang raped in the showers and that was probably why he took his own life."

"Well he deserved what he got, and did Jeff tell you that he was raped as a child also by his dad's brother," he asks.

"No he didn't, not by Glen did he," Brian asks.

"Yes when he was twelve years old, and it was the weekend before he got killed in that car accident."

"God that poor kid, and I liked Glen, I even slept with him a couple of times.  Well he got what he deserved also."

"You slept with Uncle Glen, good grief uncle he was a kid compared to you," he says.

"But he was over twenty one also, and that made him legal age."

"Well please don't let on that you know about his rape Uncle Bri. I wouldn't want something to come between us now that we are friends again."

"I won't say a word son, and I'm glad you two are friends and brothers should be that way.  Now let's see what our mates are up to before they run off together."

"My God Bri, Bret just told me that Jeanne Marie vanished from the hospital the day they brought the children home."

"You're kidding, did he say why."

"She left a letter saying that she had her own reasons for doing it and to not try and find her."

"How are they doing with the children?"

"They have hired two full time nannies to help them with the kids, but otherwise things are good.  He wants us to come over for dinner tonight."

"Sounds good to me babe, what did you tell them."

"I told them that I had to check with you and I would let them know.  I will give him a call back and tell him yes," he says.

They arrive at David and Bret's around six and Tyler is happy to get to hold his grandchildren, and of course one spits up all over Brian.

"God why do babies do that to me," he says as he hands back Beth to Bret and goes to clean up.

"He just grumpy from the trip, he hates to fly," Tyler says cuddling little Beth.

"Joshua and his new beau Mitchell are supposed to stop by and grab some clothes for him tonight."

"How's he doing since Jacob died," Tyler asks.

"Well he is having a much easier time ever since little Jacob came into his life.  That baby has lifted him right out of his grief and set his heart on fire again.  Then Jeff and Matt set him up with Matt's twin brother Mitchell, and they have become a couple now.  Then this morning he was hurrying down the stairs, and he fell and broke his leg.  So I guess he is going to get pampered by Mitchell over at his place, and he really deserves it after all he has gone through."

"My David you are quiet tonight, are you feeling all right," Bret asks.

"Yeah babe, just got a lot on my mind I guess," but he is still worried about that mystery man seeing him naked with Dan.  "So Brian how did your sister make out with her defense," he asks trying to change the subject.

"Well she got of by reason of insanity, and she is going to be transferred to Dr. Marks' clinic this Tuesday," he tells him.  "Also Mark, her estranged husband, well he hung himself in his cell the other night. I guess he couldn't handle the gang rape he got."

"My God that's awful Brian," Bret says in shock.

"Awful my ass, he deserved what he got for raping my nephew all those years."

"He what, I hadn't heard about that," Bret says.  "When did this all happen?"

"Just after you two left that day the shit hit the fan with Jason and he let everything out about how Mark had been molesting him since he was ten up until last month.  The fucker was black mailing the kid into sex with him for not destroying his mother or killing him."

"My God he did deserve what he got then," Bret says shaking his head.

"Would you excuse me a moment I need to use the bathroom," David says as he gets up and leaves the room.

"What is with him tonight," Bret asks as he wonders about his man.

"Well he acts like a man with a guilty conscience," Brian says laughing.  "I learned to read body language as a police officer."

"He has nothing to be guilty about," Bret says as the thought races through his mind and David comes back into the room.  Bret watches him more closely as he sits down across from him, and he notices the sweat on his brow.

"Are you sure you are all right babe," Bret asks and David blows up at him.

"Will you stop fucking asking me if I'm all right damn it," he says and he walks out of the room again.

"Yep, something is eating away at him," Brian says and Tyler swats his arm.

"You're not helping matters any, now remember you aren't a police officer any more."

"I'll be right back guys, keep and eye on the kids please," Bret says going to find David. He goes into his office and he sees him at his computer, and as soon as he enters David shuts the monitor off.

"Babe I'm sorry I made you upset, come on back and join us please."

"I'm sorry for blowing up at you babe, I just got a lot on my mind."

"Well talk to me about and maybe I can help you work through it."

"It's just work shit and you have no clue about stuff at the refinery."

He gets up and they go back into the sitting room and David apologizes for blowing up.

"I have a lot of shit from work on my mind that needs my attention and I can't seem to find the time to get it all done. You guys want a drink," he asks and they all refuse.

"Hey Ty give me a hand getting these two babies upstairs to bed will you," he asks and they take the babies up to the nursery. 

Brian moves over next to David, and he puts his hand on his knee.

"Hey buddy, between you, me and the lamp-post, are you fucking around on Bret," he asks.

"Brian, why would you ever ask me such a question," he says avoiding Brian's eyes.

"Well for one that, you can't look me in the eyes and deny it, and you have been as skittish as a cat on a hot tin roof."

"Is it that obvious Bri," he asks as his eyes well up.  "I had sex this morning with an old friend and now I'm feeling the guilt of it.  To make matters worst some young guy came in and caught us."

"Oh fuck David, you got to tell Bret before he finds out."

"Finds out what," Bret asks seriously, as he and Tyler come back into the room and looks at David.

"Nothing babe, I'll talk to you later," he says as the front door opens.

As David stands to see who just came in, Joshua and Mitchell enter the room and David collapses to the floor.

To be continued...

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