The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 24


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From Chapter 23 ...


"Hey Ty give me a hand getting these two babies upstairs to bed will you," he asks and they take the babies up to the nursery. 

Brian moves over next to David, and he puts his hand on his knee.

"Hey buddy, between you, me and the lamp-post, are you fucking around on Bret," he asks.

"Brian, why would you ever ask me such a question," he says avoiding Brian's eyes.

"Well for one that, you can't look me in the eyes and deny it, and you have been as skittish as a cat on a hot tin roof."

"Is it that obvious Bri," he asks as his eyes well up.  "I had sex this morning with an old friend and now I'm feeling the guilt of it.  To make matters worst some young guy came in and caught us."

"Oh fuck David, you got to tell Bret before he finds out."

"Finds out what," Bret asks seriously, as he and Tyler come back into the room and looks at David.

"Nothing babe, I'll talk to you later," he says as the front door opens.

As David stands to see who just came in, Joshua and Mitchell enter the room and David collapses to the floor.

Chapter 24 ...

"Oh my God David," Bret says rushing to help David.  He sits him up and fans his face and he starts to come around.

"What happened," he asks as he gets up off the floor and then he remembers what made him faint.  He looks over at Mitchell and he knows in an instant, that he was the man that he saw in Dan's office.

"You must have gotten up to fast and fainted," Brian says saving his ass once again.  "Come on buddy I think some cool air would do you some good," Brian says helping him to go outside.

"I take it that the boy with Joshua is the mystery boy from this morning," Brian says to his buddy.

"My God yes Bri, and did you see the look on his face when he saw me," he says.

Just then Mitch comes out and comes over to Brian and David and stands there for a long moment.

"I guess seeing me made you faint," he says after a moment.  "Don't worry David I won't give your little affair away," he says.

"Mitch listen we aren't having an affair, it was a one time thing that I was forced into, and it never should have happened.  You don't know how sorry I am that I let it Dan coerce me into having sex with him, and I have been beside myself all day because of it."

"Like I said sir, I won't say a word to anyone," he says and starts to walk away then turns to say.  "One thing I do detest though is a cheater," he says not believing his story and walks back inside.

"Fuck I'm a goner," David says to Brian.  "I got to tell Bret, but he is going to be so hurt," he says crying now as Bret comes out.

"Brian would you mind excusing us for a bit please," Bret asks as he comes over to David and Brian.

"Ah sure Bret, I'll be inside if either of you need me."

"Let's take a walk cowboy," Bret says taking David by the arm.

They walk for a while in silence, and David senses that something is wrong.  After a while Bret turns to him and says.

"Bret this is going to be your get out of jail free card. I am offering it to you just this once, so be very careful how you use it," he says.  "Now my cowboy I want you to tell me what it is that has you so upset tonight.  You know I am not a fool so please don't play me for one, and consider your answer before you speak. I promise you that whatever it is we will work it out together love, and move on."

They walked a little further as David thought out his strategy.  He considered lying to cover his ass and then he remembered Mitch and his own guilt.  They came upon some rocks and David asked Bret to sit down.

"Bret I have considered telling you a lie to cover my ass and I have considered the truth also.  We have loved each other for a long time now and I have chosen to tell you the truth," he says as he draws in a deep breath before he begins to talk. "This morning I went to Danny's detective agency because I had him doing a project for me.  Well he got what I had asked him to get and I went this morning to pick it up."  He takes in another deep breath and he lowers his head.  "After he gave me the things I wanted I asked him what I owed him.  He came around his desk and he kissed me hard and deep.  I told him that I loved you and that I couldn't and wouldn't cheat on you.  He then told me that he had enough information on me to hurt me, and the next thing I knew we were having sex on his couch. We had just finished and I was getting dressed and that is when Mitchell walked in and caught us.  I am not going to insult you by saying I didn't want it to happen, for I tried at the beginning to stop it, and then I gave into his threats.  So when Mitchell walked into the room tonight and I saw him, I recognized him as the young man who had walked in and caught us today and I fainted from the shock.  So that's what has been bothering me tonight Bret, the guilt of what I did."

Bret slaps David's face with a furious force, and he nearly knocks him to the ground.  David stands there and takes it silently as Bret slowly walks away, and then turns to come back to him.

"I told you that I was giving you a get out of jail free card, and I will not go back on my word.  I want you though to move your things into the guest room until the day I choose to forgive you, if any."

"But Bret I'm telling you the truth," he says crying.

"I asked you to not play me for a fool David, and you expect me to believe that your friend of fifteen plus years blackmailed you into sex, you must really think that I am stupid."

He slowly walks back to the house all alone, and David just stands there in tears.  He can hear the sound of cars as they start up and leave, and he still remains glued to his spot.

"David are you all right buddy," Brian asks coming out to check on him.  "I don't like leaving like this."

David doesn't answer but just stands there staring into the night.

"Brian lets go now," Tyler yells to him not as a request but a command, and he turns to leave.  "Take care buddy," he says as he walks back to the car.

He finally moves from the spot he has stood in for almost an hour and he heads into the barn.  He finds him a rope and tosses it over the rafter and ties one end to a post and with the other end he fastens a noose and climbs up to the loft.  He places the rope around his neck and he moves to the edge of the loft floor as he looks down at the floor below, and he considers the misery and pain he has caused.


"What happened back there Mitch between you and David," Josh asks as he looks at Mitch's stern face.

"I promised him I wouldn't tell so please don't ask me again babe," he says looking straight ahead.

"I want to know one thing though, are you doing things that are against the law," Josh asks.

"Well I have in the past done some things for my job that one would consider shady."

"Would you turn around please and take me back home," he says suddenly as his tears start to fall.

"Why babe, what have I done now," he asks as he pulls over to the side of the road and stops.

"Mitch my first relationship was with a man that had broken the law in the past and he told me that it was all behind him, and then not more than five months later he robs a bank and kills the bank manager.  I cannot abide a law breaker or one that is shady, and I don't know you well enough to know if you are telling me the truth."

"I haven't done anything shady since last week babe, when my boss had me break into a lawyer's office to copy a letter."

"That's it Mitch please take me home now or I will walk."

He turns his car around and drives back to the house and he drops him off in front of the door.

"Can I call you Josh," he asks with tears in his eyes.

"I will let you know, goodnight Mitchell," and he gets out of the car and hobbles into the house.

He gets inside and Bret rushes downstairs, and he stops when he sees that it's Josh.

"Oh I thought it was David," he says.  "You didn't happen to see him did you," he asks.

"No I didn't, but then I wasn't looking for him either, why is he missing," he asks.

"He's been outside for over an hour now, and its getting cool out."

"I can go look for him if you want me to," Josh asks.

"No that's fine Josh, he can freeze for all I care," and he turns to go upstairs.  "Wait a minute," he says turning back to Josh, "I thought you were sleeping over with Mitch tonight."

"I broke it off with him," he says with tears in his eyes. "He's just Clay all over again."

"Oh Josh are you sure, he seems like such a wonderful boy. I'm sure that there is something there that you are not seeing," he says.

"He does breaking and entering for a living, and that's all I need to see," he says as he goes upstairs to bed crying.

Bret walks to the door and opens it and looks out into the night and he wonders where his David could be.  He closes the door and goes into the sitting room and picks up the phone and calls Tyler.

"He hasn't come in yet Ty," he tells him.  "Can I talk to Brian please?"

"What's going on now," Brian asks as he comes on the phone. 

"Was he all right when you left him tonight Brian," he asks.

"Well not really he wouldn't say a word to me, he just stood there and stared off into space, why where is he," he asks.

"I don't know Bri he hasn't come in yet and I'm starting to worry."

"Well he's a big boy and can take care of himself generally, but I was a bit concerned about his frame of mind when we talked earlier.  What did he tell you Bret about what was bothering him?"

"He told me everything about his having been coerced into having sex with Danny and how Mitch caught them.  He told me that he really didn't want to do it at first but to prevent damage to his business he let it."

"Yeah that is basically what he told me, and that how sorry and stupid he was to let himself get into a situation like that.  I would bet that he is suffering from a severe bout with guilt and depending on what you decided to do with what he told you will determine what he will do with the guilt."

"Oh God Brian, I told him that I wanted him to move out of our room and into the guest room until, if ever, I forgave him."

"You have got to find that boy Bret; he is a danger to himself at this moment. I'm coming over and help," he says as he gives the phone to Tyler.

"Bret hun we're on our way over," Tyler says hanging up.

Bret runs to the door and opens it up, and he calls out to David in the night.

"David!" He yells and listens for an answer.  "David please answer me," he yells out again.


Mitch drives to his brother's house and knocks on the door, and he's in tears when Matt opens the door.

"Bro what's wrong," Matt asks as he helps his brother inside.

"Joshua dumped me tonight," he says as Jeff comes into the room.

"Why Mitch, what happened between you two?"

"Out of nowhere he asks me if I ever did anything illegal, and I told him that I had done some shady things in the past.  He made me turn around and take him back to his house and said that he might call me again.  God bro I love that man, and now he's gone."

"Mitch you got to understand where he is coming from, his first lover was a thief and murderer.  He just had a replay of that all over again in his mind and couldn't deal with going through that again."

"I'm willing to do anything he wants me to just so he will come back to me."

"Let me talk to him tomorrow Mitch, I will make him see you are nothing like Clay.  Just what do you do for a living," Jeff asks.

"I work for a detective agency and when my boss needs things I get them for him."

"Like what kind of things?"

"Well this week I had to break into a lawyer's office and photo copy some documents for a client."

"My God Mitch, you are a dumb fucker," Matt says.  "That's breaking and entering you dumb fuck.  You could go to jail for that if you got caught."

"I know that but he pays me good money and I never get caught."

"You know what fuck head, you deserve to loose Josh," Matt says looking at his brother cry. "Take your fucking tears and go home, you aren't a brother of mine," he says as he holds open the door.

Mitch gets up from the chair and pauses in front of his brother, as the tears run down his face.

"But I still love you Matte," he says as he walks out and Matt slams the door.

"Matt..." and Matt cuts Jeff off.

"Don't stick your nose into family business babe."

"And what the fuck am I, chopped liver," he says as he storms out of the room.

"Jeff babe wait," but Jeff flips him the bird.  "Shit Mitch now you got me in the dog house."


"Can I get you anything else sir," his aid says to him.

"No Charles that will be all for the night," Senator Maxwell Stonewall III says as he dismisses his aid for the night.

Jeanne appears from behind a book shelf that suddenly opens into the room.

"I had a feeling that you would come back to me Jeanne, once they have a taste of my loving they always want more.  Now did anyone see you come up," he asks Jeanne as she comes into the room from a hidden passageway.

"No Max I was very careful about how I got in."

"So I take it you used the hidden entrance," he asks.

"Yes my love, are you sure no one else knows about that entrance," she asks setting up her plan.

"Put it this way, the only ones that ever knew about it are long dead now," he says as he kisses her neck.

"Well shall we go down to our secret hide away," she asks as she slowly massages his crotch.

"Why you little vixen, you just can't wait to get that cock into your hot wet pussy can you."

"You don't know how bad I want to give it to you Max," she says tilting her head slightly giving him access to her neck.

He reaches up for a book and the bookcase slides open a bit, and the lovers step behind the case and pull it shut.  Jeanne carries a light to guide their way down, as she holds on to Max's hand.  At the bottom of the stairs is a room just off to the left, and Max feels for a certain brick in the wall.  He finds the right brick and gives it a push, and another hidden door opens up.

"This could be eerie if I didn't know better," Max says as he pushes the door shut, and he shows her which brick to push to get out.

"That my dear was you second mistake," she silently says to herself.

He slowly starts to strip off his clothes as she removes hers, and he lies down on the bed. She puts on her dominatrix's outfit and he quickly starts to rise as he watches her turn into his fantasy.

"Mistress please have your way with me tonight," he says as she fastens his arms to the metal rings in the wall.

"Oh I plan on it my servant," she says as an evil smile crosses her lips.

She secures his legs to the foot of the bed, and then rolls up his briefs and shoves them into his mouth.  His eyes go wide as she cracks her whip, and she lashes it across his legs.

"Mmmmmm," is all you can here as he lets out a cry of pain, and she lets loose with another across his legs again.  He is shaking his head no as she is staring into his eyes, and she lashes out and it strikes his chest.

"Remember that night you took my virginity by force my dear Max, well now is the time for my payback," as she cracks it again and this time it catches his cock and the tears fall freely from his eyes.

She lets out her aggression on the skin of her captive, as the pain of her rape comes to life again. She swings the whip around high over her head, and he follows it with his eyes.  She swings it fasts and then strikes his chest again, and the blood flies in all directions.

"Have you had enough my lover," she asks and he shakes his head yes, but she strikes him again with her whip. "Well I haven't," she says as she gets up and looks at her handy work.

She walks over to the bag on a chair and pulls out a hunting knife, and she turns and flashes it towards him.

"Mmmmmm," comes his muffled cries as she slides the cold blade across his face, and his tears fall like rain down his cheeks.


"Oh are we crying," she asks.  "Do you remember my tears that night in your car?"  He shakes his head no but she knows that he is lying as she runs the side of the blade across his genitals.  She removes his gag so that he may speak for a bit, and he cries out for mercy to her.

"Please Jeanne don't do this I implore you," he cries.

"Max did you show me mercy when I asked you not to rape me that night in your car, but you struck me and took me just the same."

"You're going to kill me aren't you," he asks her as the reality of the evening is suddenly hitting him.

"Yes Max I am going to kill you but I am going to do it ever so slow.  But first I want to show you something that you might not know Max," and goes back to the bag and gets out some pictures.

She holds up the pictures of four tiny infants, and he stares at them long and hard.

"I don't know these babies," he says.

"Of course you don't, those are the result of the rape Max, let me introduce you to Jacob, Ryan, Sean and Beth Marie," and she holds a picture with each name.  "That my dear Max is what happened when you raped me."

"I didn't know Jeanne, I'll make amends," he says as he pleads for his life.  "Please don't kill me here in this room."

"Why Max, afraid they will never find your body aren't you," and she walks again to the bag on the chair. She pulls out a tube of something but he doesn't know what it is.

"What is that," he asks afraid to ask but he must know.

"This will seal that door when I close it behind me creating your tomb, and they will never find your body."

"Help!" he screams out but he knows it's no use, for the room is sound proof and several floors beneath the house.  She goes to place the gag once again into his mouth, but he asks her to let him die without it.

"I will grant you that request Max," and she plunges the knife deep into his side.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck Jeanne I'm so sorry love," he cries out in pain and she plunges it again into his chest this time.  He gasps a hard breath as he looks at her eyes and he cries as she stabs him once again.  "Mmmmmm," is all he says as he gives up his life.

She feels for a pulse and she feels none, and she bends and gives him a kiss on his lips then covers him with a sheet.

"That was your first mistake Max ... trusting me," and she gets up and goes into the bathroom.  She takes a long shower and then gets dressed to leave.  She looks one last time at the sheet covered form on the bed.

"Goodbye Max, I'll see you on the other side."

She pushes the brick and the door pops open, and she squirts the sealant around the top and sides.  She steps outside and pushes another brick, and the door quietly slides close sealing Max's tomb. 


"Bret has he come home yet," Brian asks as they come into the house.

"No Brian and I have called him for the last hour."

"Well I'm going out to where I last saw him, maybe he is still there," he says.

"Have you tried his cell phone," Tyler asks.

"Yes and it ended up ringing beside me."

"Will you watch for him here I'm going out to look."

Bret goes out to look for his lover he so coldly discarded earlier when he promised that he would work out their problems.

"Oh David forgive me please," he says aloud as he walks towards the barn.

He notices that the barn door is open slightly and he decides to look inside.  Brian comes across him just before he opens the door, and they talk before going in.

"Did you see him Bri," Bret asks as Brian approaches him.

"No but he his footprints seem to lead in this direction," he says as he uses years of police training to trace David's path.

"I noticed the door opened and was going to check the barn out," he says.

He swings open the door and they freeze, as they look on in horror at what they see.

"Noooo God!" Bret shouts as cries out in shock, and Brian is standing there in shock also.


"Josh I'm sorry for my past and I will do whatever you wish of me but just come back to me please," Mitch says to Josh's voice mail.  "I know about your past with Clay babe, and I am nothing like him, I love you and I just want you to come back to me. I'm going tomorrow to quit my job."

Joshua lies on his bead and silently cries, and he wonders how he could ever trust another man with a criminal past.  The pain came back he felt when Clay shunned his love and returned to a life of crime, and it was something he never wanted to feel again.

"My dad was right when he said I was a magnet for trash, I guess that is all I will ever catch the attention of," he says as he turns and cries into his pillow, and once again he cries himself to sleep.


"Jason are you all right love," Grant asks as he lies beside his lover and he traces a circle around his nipple.

"I guess so Grant," he says as he turns to look at him.  "I'm trying to give some closure to this nightmare part of my life."

"I cannot imagine how you must feel love, but if there is anyway I can help you through this I want you to know I am here for you," he says kissing his forehead.

Jason turns on his side to face the man of his dreams, and he gazes into his eyes.

"Just be loving me Grant, you have done more for me than years of therapy could ever do," and he kisses him passionately.  "Make love to me my gaucho," he says as Grant climbs on top of him, and their lips meet in a kiss of love.

"You know that until I met you Jay, my heart was a vacant lot void of love.  Those that I had loved in life are gone now, and I just went through the motions of living.  So you also brought to me a purpose for living when you gave your heart to me."

He kisses his love with the passion he feels and his tongue dances in his lover's mouth.  Jason reaches down for Grant's cock and positions it to his rosebud, and with a push it glides gently in.

"Oh yes lover fill me with your love," he says softly as he pulls his lover fully in.

He fucks his lover slow and easy for he wants to make it last, as their passion builds they kiss. He rides his lover with the fury of stallion now, as they approach their climax together.

"I'm cumming," Jason cries as he sends forth his seed, and he shoots it between their embracing bodies.

"Oh God love I'm cumming," Grant says as he fills his lover's ass, and they hold tight as they climax together.


"Can I get you anything else," the stewardess asks Jeanne.

"No thank you I fine," she says as she tilts her seat back. "What time do we land in Madrid," she asks.

"Well if all goes well 11:15 am their time," she tells her.

Jeanne relaxes back and her thoughts drift around in her mind, and she finds her thoughts on David.

`I had to kill him to protect you my brother, for I know you will not let it go.  I know you have set your hounds to seek out the babies' father, knowing that you would seek your revenge for what he did to me.  So now you are safe my love and my babies also.'

She falls to sleep and her dreams drift to Max and his pleases of mercy, and she shudders at how her father's evil side has surfaced in her.  She sees Max's eyes as he looks into hers as he gives up his life at her hands.  She cries out to God for mercy and forgiveness, as she moans out in despair.

"Ms Cooper, wake up," the stewardess says as she gently shakes her awake.  "You were having a bad dream."

"Oh forgive me," she says as she sits her seat upright.  "I get those from time to time.  They are a left over from my childhood I surmise," and she wipes the sweat from her brow, as the stewardess offers her a cup of tea.


Mitch sits in the dark of his room and stares out of the window, and holds a gun in his hand.  The tears run down his face as he contemplates his decision, and brings the gun slowly up to his head.



"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking.  We have encountered some problems with engine one and have had to shut it down.  At this time we can still fly safely to our closes airport but I have turned on the seatbelt sign."

"Mike there's a problem with number two engine now," the co-pilot says as he looks with fear at the pilot.

"Fuck we have to shut that one also, but I don't think we can make New York before we do," he says as he searches his options.


"Tyler call 911 quick," Brian yells as he bursts through the front door.

To be continued...

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