The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 26


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also.

From Chapter 25 ...

"David don't speak because you can't right now. Your injury to your neck has damaged your vocal chords as well.  So I will ask you questions that can be answered with a yes or no nods do you understand me," and David nods yes that he understands Dr. Marks.

He lies there as tears fill his eyes, and the shame of his deed hits him hard.

"Do you know where you are David," and he nods yes to the doctor.  "Good David, do you know why you are here," he asks again and he nods no.  "Well you tried to kill yourself and we both know that now don't we," and he nods yes.  "Did you really want to die or was it a ploy to get your way with Bret," and David gets agitated at the statement and nods no.  "So you really wanted to die then," and he again nods yes.  "Is it because you cheated on Bret and he asked you to move out," and his tears now flow freely as he nods yes.  "Are you wondering where Bret is," and he nods yes quickly.  "He has been here all the while you were in surgery and recovery David.  But he has gone home because he feels you need to be accountable for your actions, do you feel that he is right in his belief," and he slowly nods yes.

David turns his head as he cries, and the doctor leaves him to cry.

`I'm so sorry Bret for the pain I have caused you,' he says to himself in his mind.  "Please find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to do,' and his heart monitor beeps loudly as the line goes flat.

Chapter 26...

Jeff goes over to Tyler's for a visit and to catch up on the local gossip.

"Did you hear about David," Tyler asks as he pours them a coffee.

"No what happened to him," Jeff asks.

"He hung himself in his barn last night, but the rope broke and he survived."

"Oh my God not David; he has always got it so together."

"Well he didn't last night Jeff; he's in the Terrell State Hospital for the next month for observation."

"God Bret must be at his wits end," he says.

"Well that's another story in itself," he says.  "One that I'm not at liberty to share," he says still furious at David's dramatics.

"What are we coming to, at least Jay and Grant are happy and doing good.  You did hear about them didn't you," he asks.

"When we left for Boston Jason was still single now he has a boyfriend," Tyler asks.

"Well not just a boyfriend but a husband and one of means at that.  His house is a Spanish mansion complete with servants and a royal stable."

"How did this all happen," he asks as Brian comes into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.

"You two are worst than a bunch of old ladies," he says

"Oh go watch your game and leave us alone," Tyler says patting his ass as he passes.

"Hey illegal touching, ten yards and first down," he says giving him a kiss before returning to his game.

"Well Grant was one of the policemen who showed up that day Jeanne delivered the babies.  He stopped by that night to see how she and the babies were doing and that's when they met.  They fell head over tea kettle in love and the next thing you know Grant is proposing complete with a diamond wedding band."

"I'm so happy for them, after all Jason has been through he deserves to find happiness.  So how are you and Jason doing now, I gathered that growing up there was resentment between you two."

"Yes tons of it, but we are good friends now Ty, and I couldn't be happier for him.  Although I am jealous of his servants though," he says and they both laugh.


The doctor and nurses come running into David's room within seconds of the alarm sounding.  They pull down the sheet and start CPR as they ready the defibrillator. 

"Clear!" the doctor shouts as he applies the paddles to David's chest then waits for a pulse.


"Chief we still running the headline about the missing congressman," the copy editor asks.

"Yes damn it, that's top shelf news son.  Senator Stonewall is a well respected man in Texas and in this country for that matter," he snaps at his editor.

"But we haven't much more story to give than to say that he's missing and his where abouts is still unknown at this time."

"Then run with that and throw in some shit about what he was involved in, in congress."

An hour later the editor returns with a mock up of the front page.



This morning it was discovered that Sen. Maxwell Stonewall III was discovered missing from his home in Dallas.  His butler went to wake him and found that his bed had not been slept in. Upon searching of the estate, no sign of him was found and a possible kidnapping is suspected, although no ransom or contact has been made at this time.  For the rest of this story turn to Stonewall in section 1A.


"That's a copy Dan," the chief editor says. "Send it to press and let's get this thing out on the streets."


The phone rings waking Jeanne from her sleep and she glances at the clock before answering it.

"Hello," she says still groggy from sleep.

"Good Morning sleeping beauty," Kyle says in his happy chipper manner.

"Kyle," she says surprised and happy to hear his voice.

"I woke my princess didn't I," he asks.

"That's fine sweetheart, I was just dreaming of you."

"How about breakfast and a tour of Madrid," he asks.

"Sounds great, but can I take a shower and dress first," she asks.

"Well can I help with that shower," he asks in a very seductive voice that nearly makes her say yes.

"Listen my stud muffin, just cool you testosterone a bit and give me an hour," she says.

"Ok love, I will see you in an hour," he says and hangs up.

"God girl you're falling in love," she shouts as she jumps from the bed and runs to the bathroom.


"I'm in love with the most wonderful girl in the world," Kyle says as he hangs up the phone.

The knock on the door tells Jeanne that her prince has arrived and she runs to open it.  She leaps into his arms and they join in a kiss of passion.

"Good morning to you also," Kyle says as they break their kiss.  "I like the way you say good morning," and he gives her another long kiss.

"I think I'm falling in love with you Kyle," Jeanne says blushing and bowing her head.

"I know that I am in love with you Jeanne," he says lifting her face to his.  "You have taken my heart by storm," he says and they kiss as they still stand in the doorway.

"Isn't love grand," an older couple say as they walk past them as they kiss.

They break their kiss and both of them are now blushing as Jeanne pulls Kyle into the room.

"We kind of got carried away," Kyle says as he closes the door and they both laugh.  "So my love are you hungry?"

"Only for you my love," and she removes his jacket.

"Are you sure darling," he asks looking into her eyes, and she answers him back with a kiss of passion.

They slowly undress and he lies her down softly on the bed. He lies down beside her and takes her into his arms.

"I love you Jeanne, and not just because we are going to make love, but because you have entered my heart."

"I love you too Kyle," and she kisses him hard as she pulls him on top of her.

He enters her softly and makes passionate love to the woman who has captured his heart.  She holds onto him afraid to let go of the man that she has always dreamt of.  They ride their passion as he slowly fucks her and brings them to the edge of their love.

"I'm going to cum love, shall I pull out," he asks as she holds him tighter.  He shoots his seed deep into her and they moan out in their ecstasy.

"Ahhhhh fuck babe," he says as he quickens his rhythm and shoots all of his love into her.

"I love you Kyle," she says with tears in her eyes as she realizes her first true love.

"Not as much as I love you darling," he says as he kisses her deeply with passion.  They snuggle together as they ride out the passion of the glow of their love making, and soon they are fast asleep wrapped up in each other's arms.


"Grant dear, I'm going over to Jeff's and talk with him about mom's treatment and where see might live when she gets out," Jason says to Grant who is playing lazy in bed.  "Did you want to go with me babe?"

"I would love to but the vet is coming to check out the colt this morning and I should be here.  Would you give them my best and I will see you when you get home."

"Ok my gaucho," Jason says giving him a kiss goodbye.

Jason leaves and Grant lies there feeling horny so he kicks off the covers and starts to jerk off his cock.  He is lying back stroking his cock when Miguel comes into the bedroom.

"Can I help you with that Grant like before," he asks and Grant jumps at the intrusion. 

"Miguel what are you doing in here, you know that I'm married now," he says as Miguel climbs on the bed.

"I know sir, but you use to let me take care of you before," he says taking hold of Grant's cock.

"That was before I got married Miguel and now it's not right to cheat," he says as Miguel goes down on his cock.  He quickly swallows his cock and Grant struggles to get it out of his mouth.  Miguel slowly moves up and down on Grant's cock and Grant pushes his head off of his cock.

"Miguel I said no, now go or I will have to fire you," he says as Jason comes into the room.

"I think he means business Miguel now move it," Jason says coming back for his wallet as Grant looks at him with shame in his eyes and Miguel quickly leaves the room.

"I heard what you said to him babe.  There is no need to feel ashamed or worry about our love," Jason says climbing in beside him.

"Jason I use to ..." and he cuts him off.

"That we said was our past, we promised to move forward with our love," he says.  "Now my gaucho let me finish this for you," and he goes down on his lover's cock.  He takes it to the root and Grant moans out as he gives his lover his cock and he holds his head gently as Jason moves up and down on his cock.

"I'm so close babe," Grant cries out as he feels his climax getting close.

"Mmmmmm," is all Jason says as he takes his lover's gift.  He shoots his seed into Jason's hot throat as he thrashes his head side to side.

"Oh fuck babe that's good."

He lifts up his ass to give him his cock as he surrenders his seed to his man.  Jason swallows every drop he gives him until he has nothing more to give, and he pulls off his cock and crawls up to his lips and kisses him.

"Thank you babe for ..." and Jason just kisses him again.

"Grant you're my husband and it's my pleasure to make you happy," he says to him.

"Do you want me to fire Miguel," he asks Jason.

"Let's see if he understands what you said about being married.  After all, he has been your gardener long before I came along, and what you two did in bed, well that was before me and doesn't concern me."

"God where have you been all my life," Grant asks as he gives him a kiss.  "You have to be the most understanding man there is."

"Well to a point I am love.  But don't push me against the wall, you will not like me then," he says making a clawing motion.

"I promise babe I won't."


Kyle and Jeanne have a lovely breakfast at an outside café.  Jeanne hardly touches a bite of her food as she stares at Kyle.

"Jeanne is something wrong, you have not touched your food," he says looking at her.

"I have all I need to sustain me lover," she says making him blush.

He takes some food on his fork and puts it to her mouth and she gladly accepts it.  She chews it slowly as she watches him eat his food.

"God you are so beautiful for a man," she says. "My brothers would just cream in their pants at the sight of you," and he looks at her in shock over her statement.

"Your brothers would what," he asks not sure he heard her correctly.

"Kyle my two brothers are gay and they would bed you down in a heartbeat," she says making him blush more.

"Jeanne I have to ask you something and this is as good a time as any," he says moving closer to her.  "I know we have not known each other for very long, not even a week, but I am so in love with you.  Would you ever consider marrying a man like me," he asks her.

"Wow Kyle, you do move fast love." She gets up from the table and he throws some money down and follows her off.

"Jeanne I'm sorry, I have scared you off from me," he says stopping her.

"No Kyle you didn't scare me off, I was just thinking before I said yes to you that's all."

"I know we just ... what did you say ... yes my love," and he takes her in his arms and kisses her.

"Yes Kyle I would consider marrying you, but first we need to talk about me," she says taking his hand as they walk.

"I know all I need to know about you my love," he says as he comes before her forcing her to stop.

"No you don't lover, I have so much you should know before you consider me worthy of marriage."

"Come babe, there is a small park over here where we can talk," he says taking her hand and leading her.

They walk for a while and they come to the park and its beauty is astounding.  She stops to smell some roses she sees along the way and then they sit on a bench.

"Kyle before I begin, I want you to know that I have fallen deeply in love with you this week and although we have considered marriage I want you to know about my past.

"If you feel you must my love then I will listen to you."

"First my name is not Cooper, it's Tremont and I am from Dallas Texas.  My brothers are Bret Tremont and David Strathmore also of Texas.  Although they are my brothers they are not related to each other. You see David and I are the results of a rape many years ago. Our father raped our different mothers and got them pregnant.  That is why David and Bret are not related, but they are gay lovers and have four beautiful quadruplets that I bore for them.  I was raped and became pregnant with them.  I gave them up to my brothers for adoption because I was single and they wanted children.  The children will never know that I am their mother; to them I will always be their Aunt Jeanne.  The babies' father has no idea that he got me impregnated.  So he is out of the picture and as far as I am concerned he is dead to me."

"Wow babe, you are one remarkable woman," he says. "I don't care if you had a million children or if your brothers had green heads," he says taking her hand.  "I love you Jeanne Marie Tremont," and he drops down on one knee, "would you marry me my love?"

He takes out a box and opens it up showing her a diamond ring.  She gets teary eyed as he takes the ring and places it on her finger. 

"Oh yes I will marry you Kyle," she says as he stands up and brings her up to him and kisses her.

"Come I want you to meet my parents," he tells her. "Is there anyone I should ask for permission to marry you?"

"Yes and that person just said yes," and she kisses him.

Kyle drives them out to his family's house and he can't wait to have her meet his mother.

"Mom I would like you to meet my fiancée Jeanne Marie Tremont from Dallas Texas," Kyle says to his mother.

"I finally get to meet the girl that has stolen my little boy's heart," and she gives Jeanne a hug and kiss.

"It's a pleasure Mrs. Jameson."

"Please now call me Colleen or mom," she says.  "Mrs. Jameson is much too formal."

"Ok mom," she says.

"So my dear you come from Texas, I'm from Texas also.  My maiden name was Stonewall, maybe you heard of my brother Maxwell," and Jeanne's heart nearly stops from the shock. "He's your senator to Washington," she says. "But he has been missing for three days now," and she is misty eyed as she thinks of him.

"I've heard of him but never met him," she says.

"To bad Kyle's father Thornton isn't here to meet you, he would just adore you. But he's in Washington on business and won't be back until next week.  So have you two set a date yet for your wedding?"

"Well not yet but we don't want a long engagement," Kyle says. 

"I would like to get married in Texas if that isn't a problem, but here is so beautiful also," Jeanne says.

"A bride should always be married in her hometown," Colleen says taking Jeanne by the arm. "Now lets have some refreshments on the veranda and you can tell me all about your family."

"Mother, Jeanne is a rather private person and after all she just met you," Kyle says.

"Kyle that's fine, I would love to talk to your mom," Jeanne says as a servant brings some ice tea out to them.

"Thank you Carlos," she says.  "He's one of those," she says looking at Carlos as he leaves.

"One of what mom," Jeanne asks afraid of what she might say.

"A homosexual, he likes men," she says rather distastefully.

"Mom we have a reservation for lunch and should really be going," Kyle says trying to defuse the conversation as Jeanne shoots him a look.

He knows how this is going to play out as he sits down.

"Is there something wrong with gays," Jeanne asks.

"Well it's just not natural men having sex with men."

"I see.  And what if your son were to marry into a family that had gays in it," she asks and Kyle slaps his head.

"He knows how we feel about such matters and would never do anything of the sort to bring shame on his family name," she says with such arrogance to her voice.

"Well Mrs. Jameson ..." and she is cut off by Kyle.

"Jeanne dear we must really go my love," he says taking her arm.

"Very well Kyle I'll give you this one," she says.

"Well thank you for coming my dear, and please come again when my son will let you stay longer."

"It was nice meeting you and we shall finish our conversation soon," she says as she looks at Kyle.

The ride back to Jeanne's hotel was quiet as she stared out of the window.

"Is something wrong," Kyle asks looking over at the back of her head.

"Why should anything be wrong," she asks. "As long as I keep my mouth shut about my gay brothers."

"I'm sorry babe, I just didn't want a scene and ..." and Jeanne cuts him off this time.

"Listen Kyle, if this is going to work between us you must realize that I'm not a meek and mild girl.  I am a woman with opinions and views.  And one thing I will not tolerate is being silenced when I have something important to say.  If that is going to be a bone of contention between us Kyle then we should call it off now before we go much further."

"God you're sexy as hell when you get fired up like that," he says looking at her and she can't help but smile.  "I am sorry babe, and I will never do that again, forgiven," he asks as he pouts."

"You can be so fucking infuriating Kyle, but God I love you.  And we will see about the forgiveness later," as she gives him a seductive smile.


"Bret this is Dr. Marks," he says as Bret answers the phone.  "I need you to come down to my office immediately," he says.

"Doctor what's wrong," he asks.

"I rather not tell you this over the phone, so would you please come," he requests of Bret.  "And you might want to bring someone that can drive you home."

"Doctor please, you're scaring me now," he says but the doctor has hung up.  He immediately calls Tyler and asks him for a ride.

"Ty, Dr. Marks just called me and wants me to come to his office immediately.  He sounded like something bad has happened to David because he wouldn't tell me over the phone.  He told me I should bring someone to drive me home after."

"I'm on my way love," Tyler says as he hangs up.

He picks up Bret and they are soon on their way to the hospital.  They arrive and park the car and head up to the doctor's office.

"Dr. Marks if David all right," Bret asks but he sits there and looks at Bret with a look of despair on his face.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this," he says looking at Bret.

To be continued ...

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