The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 27


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

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From Chapter 26 ...


"Bret this is Dr. Marks," he says as Bret answers the phone.  "I need you to come down to my office immediately," he says.

"Doctor what's wrong," he asks.

"I rather not tell you this over the phone, so would you please come," he requests of Bret.  "And you might want to bring someone that can drive you home."

"Doctor please, you're scaring me now," he says but the doctor has hung up.  He immediately calls Tyler and asks him for a ride.

"Ty, Dr. Marks just called me and wants me to come to his office immediately.  He sounded like something bad has happened to David because he wouldn't tell me over the phone.  He told me I should bring someone to drive me home after."

"I'm on my way love," Tyler says as he hangs up.

He picks up Bret and they are soon on their way to the hospital.  They arrive and park the car and head up to the doctor's office.

"Dr. Marks if David all right," Bret asks but he sits there and looks at Bret with a look of despair on his face.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this," he says looking at Bret.

Chapter 27...

"What is it doctor? Please just tell me."

"Well I realize that you had wanted to make David accountable for his choices, but last evening he suffered a heart attack and we nearly lost him.  I fear that he may feel that you have completely washed your hands of him and has given up on living."

"My God! Is he all right doctor?" he asks.  "Are you suggesting that I see him and tell him that I still love him?" Bret asks.

"Well he seems to be fine other than not being able to communicate but, yes, I do think he would benefit well by seeing you.  What you tell him is completely up to you, but he does believe he has lost your love forever."

"Dr. Marks, Mr. Strathmore is having some kind of seizure," a nurse says coming into his office. The doctor rushes out followed closely by Bret and Tyler.

"David calm down," Dr. Marks says to him as he thrashes around. He continues to thrash until Bret comes over to his side.

"Cowboy it's me," Bret says as David begins to calm down.  "That's it my love, calm down for your bronco," he says as David looks into his eyes.  "I'm right here for you babe."  David's eyes begin to well up and the tears slowly run down his cheeks.  "Now don't cry cowboy, I still love you and all I want is for you to get better. Now will you do that for me?" and David nods his head yes.

He mouths `I'm sorry' to Bret as his tears flow, and Bret's eyes are no better.

"I know you're sorry love, but you made the decision to let Dan talk you into sex with him, and now this is the consequences of that choice.  But we will talk of that once you are better, and I promise you that I still love you.  But do you also understand how much hurt you caused me?" he asks and again David nods yes.  "Now no more shenanigans ok? I want my cowboy well so he can come home again to me ok?" and David nods yes as he puckers up again.  Bret hesitates a bit before he bends to give him a kiss.

Their lips meet and his heart softens as he feels David's tongue tapping to come in.  He opens to him as his tears flow now onto David's face, and David holds him tight as they come together in their kiss.

"No David, not this time," Bret says as he stands up feeling used as he pulls away from David.  "You need to know that you are accountable for the choices you make.  Until you can convince me that you are truly sorry for your behavior, I can't give you this kind of affection anymore."

Bret turns and leaves, as he reconsiders his love for David.  He hurts because of the betrayal, but also for being the fool for always taking the part of believing him when he says he's sorry.  He made a decision and no matter how much it hurts he is going to stick to it.

"Goodbye son," Tyler says as he kisses David goodbye. "I love you and hurry and get better," and he follows Bret out of the room.

"Are you all right Bret?" Tyler asks as he comes up to him crying in the hall.  "You did the right thing in there with David.  At least he knows you still love him and want him to be accountable for his actions."

"He almost had me with that kiss Ty, until I saw in my mind's eye him fucking his friend Dan that day.  I don't know if I do love him or not, but I want him to know that he can't take my love and forgiveness for granted."

"Bret one minute please," Dr. Marks says coming down the hall.  "I don't know what you said in there but David just mouthed to me `help me please'."

"That's good doctor; now call me only if it's an emergency with him like dying.  I don't intend to be visiting him unless it's that."

"I think that is a wise choice Bret and I will keep you updated on his progress."

"Thank you doctor and have a good day."

Several months passed and David's voice has healed.  Claire is in Texas and doing well with her sessions with Dr. Marks. 

"David you have made great strides in your treatments with me," the doctor says as he writes up David's evaluation. "I do believe that you may go home my boy."

"Thank you doctor, but I have to figure out where I will be going to," he says.  "I have thought of asking my dad if I may stay with him a while."

"Surely you and Bret are not over David," the doctor asks.

"I'm not sure doctor, but I want to know first where I stand with him before I just go home. I think that if he will have me, I might court him like I did when we first met.  After all I have put him through I need to earn his trust and love again."

"That is most commendable David, and I think Bret will find it most appealing also.  Well good luck son."

"Thank you Dr. Marks for your patience with me," David says as he shakes hands with him.

"Your personal belongings are already in your room and you may leave once I have these forms finished."

"That will give me time to find a ride and a place to stay."

David walks back to his room and finds his things sitting on his bed.  He looks for his cell phone and finds it among his things.  He dials Tyler's number and waits for him to pick up the phone.

"Hello Brian speaking," Brian says.

"Hello Bri, how are you?" David asks.

"David how the hell are you man?"

"I'm good buddy, and I have a favor to ask of you and
Ty," he says.

"Sure David what's up?"

"Well I need a ride because I'm being discharged today, and I need a place to stay for a while."

There's a long pause before Brian speaks, because he's not sure of what to say.

"Ah ... I can give you a ride if you really need one buddy," he says hesitating.  "But Ty would have to be the one to make that decision about staying here," he says.

"Could you at least pick me up and give me a ride to get my car?" he asks.  "I will get a room at a motel," he says letting Brian off the hook.

"Sure buddy I will be right there, ah... does Bret know you are getting out today?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to call him after I hang up."

"Ty is over there if you want to ask him about staying."

"Nah don't worry about it Bri, I really didn't expect to be welcomed back with open arms. Hey Bri never mind about the ride, I got one," he says lying so Brian won't feel so bad.

"You sure bud? I don't mind coming to get you," he says.

"Nah I'm good, but thanks pal," he says and hangs up.

He dials his house and Tyler answers the phone.  There is a long silence as David pauses to talk.

"Hey dad... is Bret there?" he asks.

"David ... how are you son?" he asks a bit awkwardly.

"Listen dad, I tried to commit suicide, I'm healed and no danger to me or anyone else ok?"

"I'm sorry son; I didn't mean to sound like I did. I'll get Bret for you."

 "Hello David what can I do for you?" he asks rather coolly.

"I'm getting out today and wanted to know if I could ..." and he is cut off by Bret.

"No David you cannot come home here to live," Bret says snapping at him.

"Bret listen to me, all I wanted was to come pick up my truck if I could."

"I'm sorry David; yes you can get your truck but please don't come inside."

"I won't Bret; I will have a taxi bring me there.  If you could please put the keys in the ignition I would be obliged."

"I can do that, anything else you need?"

"My clothes would be nice, seeing I have but two changes with me."

"All your things are in the barn David; I will turn off the alarm so you can go in."


"Thank you Bret I guess that's it. How's ..." and Bret hangs up the phone and David begins to feel how much he has hurt those he loves and he cries.

"David what's wrong?" the doctor asks bringing in his discharge papers.

"I guess I've lost everyone I ever loved.  I really deserve that for what I did to them."

"Give them time to see the real you David. It will take time but if I know your Bret, he will fall in love with you again."

"Do you really think so doc?  You aren't saying that just to make me feel good are you?" he asks.

"David I don't do those things.  Just give him time kid, you'll see."

David grabs his things, walks to the gate and gives his papers to the guard.

"Good luck Mr. Strathmore," Michael says as he opens the gate for him.

"Thanks Michael and I hope I never see you again, at least in this place," he says shaking the kid's hand.


"Well he must be all right if they are letting him out of the loony bin," Bret says to Tyler who gives him a look.

"Bret couldn't you have cut him some slack," Tyler asks.

"Fuck no Ty, did he cut me any when he fucked Dan that day," he asks more bitter now with time.

"Hasn't he more than paid for his sins?"

"Ty if you are going to take his side why don't you go with him?" Bret says looking at him hard.

"I'm sorry Bret; I guess I should leave then."

Tyler gets up, brings his cup to the sink and grabs his coat on the way out the door.  "I hope that you will never need forgiveness Bret," he says walking out the door. 

He gets in his car and decides to wait for David.  After a forty-five minute wait the taxi finally drops David off at his house.  He doesn't see Tyler who is sitting in his car, as he walks into the barn.  He stops and stares at the broken rope that is still hanging from the rafter.

"I should have had Brian take that down," Tyler says coming into the barn.

"Hello dad, gee it's good to see you," and he runs into Tyler's open arms and cries.  "I guess I really hurt a lot of you," he says as he pulls away.

"Where are you going to stay son?"

"I'm getting a room at the hotel by work, at least I won't have far to drive."

"You'll do no such thing son; you are coming home with me.  You have more than paid for your sins and I want you to be there with us."

"Dad I don't think Brian wants me there, I talked to him earlier and I got that impression."

"Listen to me David, he wants you just as much as I do; besides it's my house and I say who does and does not stay there."

"Well just until I can find a place of my own."

"This is your home David, your grandmother left it to you, not Bret, son."

"But he has our children and they need somewhere to live more than I do."

"God I don't know if I like the new you, I knew how to react to the old David."

"Just let me get my things and I will stay at the hotel dad."

"Well at least stay tonight with me and Brian please," he pleads.

"Well just tonight, then I'm going to leave dad, I need to stand on my own.  Ah ... dad does Bret have anyone new in his life?"

"Not that I know of son."

"Would you tell me if he did?" hoping to feel out if his dad is lying to him.

"Son listen to me, as far as I know he has not had anyone in his life since you. And yes son, I would tell you if he did."

They load up his things into his truck and he follows Tyler to his house.

"David what a surprise," Brian says looking at Tyler.

"Do you have a problem with David being here?" Tyler asks looking at Brian.

"Of course not babe, why would you even ask me such a question?" he says looking rather put out.

"Ok then, I just wanted to get the air clear here," he says and David just stands looking at them both.

"Listen David I am only going to say this once, you had better start acting at home here before I swat you one."

"I'm sorry dad," he says and sits down.

Tyler goes into the guest room to get it prepared for David and Brian moves over to talk to David.

"Are you really doing ok kid?  I mean with the situation with Bret and his new beau."

"What! Dad said he didn't have a new boyfriend."

"Ty doesn't know because his head is always up his ass.  I caught this Spanish kid sneaking in one night and decided to watch what was going on.  Well he was there for the better part of an hour before he left with his zipper all open."

"What are you two gabbing about?" Tyler asks as he comes back into the room.  "I have the guest room all set for you."

"Thanks dad but I really think I am going to go," he says getting up to leave.

"SIT DOWN!" he shouts and Brian starts to get up also. "And don't you move your ass either.  Now I want to know just what you two were talking about that has my son ready to leave."

"Brian was telling me about some Spanish guy that has been sneaking in to see Bret."

"Are you fucking crazy Bri?  That's Miguel from Grant and Jay's place. 

"Well according to Jason he caught Miguel trying to give head to Grant in their bedroom. So I figured that he moved on to Bret for a while."

"Miguel has been helping out with the field work over there if you must know."

"In the dark and at night only," Brian says.

"Listen it doesn't matter anymore, I made my bed a long time ago so now I must lie in it."

He gets up and gives his dad a hug, and also one to Brian.

"I wish you would stay son," Tyler says.

"I really need to stand on my own dad, I will be seeing you some time," and he leaves.

"Well you really helped him out good didn't you?" he says as he walks away from Brian.

David drives downtown and gets a room for the night. He wonders how his life will be now that he and Bret are through. He picks up the phone and books a plane to Madrid, for he remembers how much Jeanne loved it there.

"It just might be the place to start over," he says to himself.


Miguel goes slowly up and down on Bret's cock as Bret guides him with his hands.  He laps at Bret's balls as he bottoms at the root, and then sucks hard on the head at the top.

"Oh fuck Miguel you got me close," Bret says as he pulls his cock out of his mouth.  "Fuck me before I cum," he tells Miguel who climbs between Bret's legs.

He lubes up Bret's ass and then his own cock and slowly shoves it in, he doesn't stop, but just pushes until he bottoms and they both let out a sigh.

"Fuck me hard and deep lover," Bret tells him as he holds his hips.

Miguel lifts up and starts to aggressively fuck him, holding Bret's leg up by his ankles.  He plunges his cock in hard and deep as he takes him close to the edge.

"I'm cumming," Bret howls as he shoots his hot cum and it lands on his chest and stomach. Miguel pummels his ass with all the force he has, as Bret shoots until he has no more.

"I'm going to cum," Miguel yells as he fills Bret's ass, and he grinds deeper into Bret as he shoots.  "Ahhhhh fuck man your ass is hot," and he pounds it until he is spent.  He collapses on top of Bret and they meet with a kiss. Bret eyes tear up as they kiss.

"That's enough Miguel, I need to get up," he says as Miguel moves off of him, and he goes into the bathroom and cries.


The flight was crowded but David sat in first class and wanted to sleep most of his trip there.

"Hey dude, Jeremy Bryant's the name," this handsome twenty something year old says to him.  He must have arrived after he taken his seat and dozed off.

"Nice to meet you," and he turns towards the window.

"Dude we can talk to each other or ignore each other but in any event it's a long trip to be ignoring each other."

"I'm not much at socializing," David says looking at the strong blue eyes of this man.  "Ok, so where are you from ...dude," he says giving him his talk back.

"Ft. Worth Texas, how about you," he says as he moves his eyes up and down David as if checking him out.

"Dallas myself, but heading to Madrid for a while."

"I'm heading to the Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales," he says.

"And that would translate to the University school of Business Studies correct?" David says surprising Jeremy.


"Yeah it would dude," he says.

"Listen Jeremy, the name's David not dude," he says.

"Sorry David," he says giving a slight jab in the arm. "You have cool green eyes dude ... ah David," he says smiling.

David just smiles at this lad; he imagines what he would be like in bed then quickly discards the thought.

"So where are you staying in Madrid?" Jeremy asks.

"At the Hyatt Regency in downtown Madrid.  What about you Jeremy?"

"I'm hoping that the university has accommodations or I'm shit out of luck," he says.  "So what's your last name Davy?"

"Strathmore why," he asks wondering why he asked.

"Not the guy from Strathmore Industries near Houston?" he asks.

"Yeah, one and the same; sorry," he says to the kid.

"Davy sorry about the shit that you've been through," he says as he puts his hand on David's.  "I read about it in the paper and God you must have had a ton of shit happening to make you do that," he says referring to the news article about his attempted suicide.

"Yeah Jer I did but thank God I got help and now it's behind me."

"That's cool Davy, I just hope it wasn't over love," he asks like he was fishing for answers to questions he had in his mind.

"It was and I guess I have to move on because he has it seems," and he realizes he gave away his orientation without realizing it.

"Shit man that's gotta suck," he says and David notices he missed the slip.

They converse for most of the trip and they finally drift off to a light sleep.  David watches the young man dozing beside him for a while before dropping off himself.  They are awakened by the announcement of their approaching landing, and prepare for it.

"Thanks Davy for a nice trip man," Jeremy says patting David's hand.  "I hope I see you again," he says.

"Listen Jer, here's my cell phone number, give me a call if you get stuck for a place to stay," David says handing him his business card.

"Thanks Davy," he says as they touch down.

David watches Jeremy stand and his round tight ass is just inches from his face.  He stares at it when he suddenly hears Jeremy say.

"That took hours of working out everyday to get it into that shape," and he turns red as he looks up to see Jeremy smiling at him.

`Fuck.  I can't believe I just got caught staring at his ass,' he thinks to himself.

They leave the plane and head down to grab their luggage and David watches the young man moving ahead of him.  His confident gait as he strides through the terminal is a turn-on for David.  He notices the way he carries himself with the pride of a young lion before his pride of lionesses.  His body is built but not overly developed and shoulder length blonde hair that bounces when he walks.

`God that boy is a God,' he says to himself as Jeremy turns and smiles.

They grab their bags and head outside to the sidewalk where David hails a cab.

"Come on Jer I'll give you a ride," he says as the two get in.

"Thanks Davy, I'm a little short on cash, and what I've got I will need to eat."

"A la escuela de la Universidad de Estudios de Negocio en Madrid por favor," David says to the driver.


"God you speak Spanish also?" Jeremy asks quite impressed with David's talent.

"I'm quite fluent in it and I just told him to please take us to the university in Madrid," he tells him.  "In my business I have to be fluent in several languages Jer."

The cab arrives at the university and Jeremy stares into David's eyes before he thanks him for the ride. David watches him walk away for a bit before instructing the driver to take him to the hotel, and he feels something stir in his heart.

"La Regencia de Hyatt en el centro Madrid por favor."


His mind is wandering in a million directions as he contemplates the thoughts of finding another man.  He has always loved Bret and the thought of living without him now is something he hasn't given much thought.  He mailed a letter to Tyler telling him about his move, and he placed Norman Cartwright, his executive vice president, in charge of the company during his absence.  Henry King, his lawyer and best friend, watches over his financial assets.  He had a few contacts that he had made in Washington, and he planned on looking them up while in Madrid.

"Buenas tardes Sr. Strathmore, yo espero que usted tuviera un vuelo de pleasent."


"English sir if you would," he asks the desk clerk.

"My apologies Mr. Strathmore, I hope you had a pleasant flight," he says translating to English.

"Yes I did young man, is my suite ready?" he asks as he takes in the Spanish grandeur of the lobby. "I'll need a personal car and driver also while I'm in Madrid."

"Yes sir," he says snapping his fingers and a bell hop rushes over to take David's luggage. "El Presidente suite," he instructs the bell hop and he sets up a driver and car immediately.

He follows the young man to the elevators and then to his room, and the beauty of the suite is amazing. The bell hop sets his clothes in the closet, and his personal items where they should be.  David handsomely tips him and sends him on his way before sitting down in a chair. He flips open his lap top and sends Tyler an email, telling him that he is going to be staying in Madrid for a while, when his cell phone rings.

"Yeah David here," he says holding it with his shoulder while he finishes typing his message to Tyler.

"Hey Davy is that offer still good about a place to crash?" Jeremy asks.  "The university housing won't be available for three more weeks," he tells him.

"Of course it still stands, I'll send my car for you," he says.  "Where are you Jer?" he asks and he tells him the same place he dropped him off at.

Forty five minutes later Jeremy arrives, and he is amazed with the suite.

"All this room for just you," he asks looking around at the place.  "But it only has one bed," he says looking from it to David.

"If that's a problem I'll get you your own room Jer," and Jeremy is quick to dispel that notion.

"I wouldn't think of asking you to do that Davy," he says. "We're both men and it is a king size bed so there should be plenty of room."

"If you would like a shower before dinner the bathroom is that way," and he points to the bathroom.

"Yeah I would after that plane ride it would feel good to refresh with a shower."

He showed Jeremy where to hang his clothes and gave him a tour of the suite, then left him to take his shower. Jeremy stood by the bed and stripped off his clothes, and from where David sat he could see him.  He stood there naked as he gathered his clothes, then came and asked him what he should do with them.

"Where should I put these dirty clothes?" he asks David standing just inches from him totally naked.

"Ah ... just ... leave them in the hamper in the bathroom," he says as he stares at Jeremy's manhood.

He walks to the bathroom and his ass catches David's attention, with its movement side to side as he walks.

`Fuck I need to get some air,' David thinks to himself as his own cock is now hard, and he goes out onto the balcony.

"God that felt good," Jeremy says as he comes out now dressed, onto the balcony.

"Nothing like a shower to refresh you," David tells him and he takes in the scent of his cologne. "Are you ready for dinner?" David asks as he turns to Jeremy, their faces just inches apart.  He can smell the fresh mint of the mouthwash he used, and he is intoxicated by this man.

"I could go for a bite. Are you hungry?" he asks as the two just gaze into each other's eyes.

"I'm hungry Jer, but not for food," David says and he pulls Jeremy in for a kiss.

He presses his lips tight to Jeremy's lips, which open to let David's tongue in.  They moan and groan as the passion they feel takes over, and soon they are surrendering to its lust.

"I wasn't sure I should have done that Jer, but God you've driven me wild today."

"I've wanted to kiss you ever since we were on the plane, but I didn't know if you were willing."

"Jeremy listen to me, if you are worried about my past suicide attempt, I am perfectly cured of that," he tells him.

"It wasn't that Davy, I was wondering about the man that caused you to do it," he says holding him with his arms around his neck.

"Jer, he moved on while I was in treatment in the hospital, and there is no chance of us going back together."

"Could you fall for a guy like me or would I be just a rebound for you?" he asks.  "Because I really don't want to be someone's fling," he says looking softly into David's eyes.

"Jeremy I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know what I'm looking for at the moment.  But I will tell you that you are definitely someone that I could fall in love with.  Just be patient with me; I promise I will not purposely hurt you or cheat on you with another man," he says also holding him.

"I can live with that Davy," he says as he pulls him close and gives him a passionate kiss.  "Let's go have dinner and get to know one another, and then tonight you can make love to me," he says.

"Are you saying that you are a bottom Jer?" he asks.

"I don't know I've never fucked before."



To be continued ...

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