The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 28


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

I would like to thank my friend Bill H. for his editing of this chapter and creative input also. 

From chapter 27 ...


"Hey Davy is that offer still good about a place to crash?" Jeremy asks.  "The university housing won't be available for three more weeks," he tells him.

"Of course it still stands, I'll send my car for you," he says.  "Where are you Jer?" he asks and he tells him the same place he dropped him off at.

Forty five minutes later Jeremy arrives, and he is amazed with the suite.

"All this room for just you?" he asks looking around at the place.  "But it only has one bed," he says looking from it to David.

"If that's a problem I'll get you your own room Jer," and Jeremy is quick to dispel that notion.

"I wouldn't think of asking you to do that Davy," he says. "We're both men and it is a king size bed so there should be plenty of room."

"If you would like a shower before dinner the bathroom is that way," and he points to the bathroom.

"Yeah I would after that plane ride it would feel good to refresh with a shower."

He showed Jeremy where to hang his clothes and gave him a tour of the suite, then left him to take his shower. Jeremy stood by the bed and stripped off his clothes, and from where David sat he could see him.  He stood there naked as he gathered his clothes, then came and asked him what he should do with them.

"Where should I put these dirty clothes?" he asks David standing just inches from him totally naked.

"Ah ... just ... leave them in the hamper in the bathroom," he says as he stares at Jeremy's manhood.

He walks to the bathroom and his ass catches David's attention, with its movement side to side as he walks.

`Fuck I need to get some air,' David thinks to himself as his own cock is now hard, and he goes out onto the balcony.

"God that felt good," Jeremy says as he comes out now dressed, onto the balcony.

"Nothing like a shower to refresh you," David tells him and he takes in the scent of his cologne. "Are you ready for dinner?" David asks as he turns to Jeremy, their faces just inches apart.  He can smell the fresh mint of the mouthwash he used, and he is intoxicated by this man.

"I could go for a bite. Are you hungry?" he asks as the two just gaze into each other's eyes.

"I'm hungry Jer, but not for food," David says and he pulls Jeremy in for a kiss.

He presses his lips tight to Jeremy's lips, which open to let David's tongue in.  They moan and groan as the passion they feel takes over, and soon they are surrendering to its lust.

"I wasn't sure I should have done that Jer, but God you've driven me wild today."

"I've wanted to kiss you ever since we were on the plane, but I didn't know if you were willing."

"Jeremy listen to me, if you are worried about my past suicide attempt, I am perfectly cured of that," he tells him.

"It wasn't that Davy, I was wondering about the man that caused you to do it," he says holding him with his arms around his neck.

"Jer, he moved on while I was in treatment in the hospital, and there is no chance of us going back together."

"Could you fall for a guy like me or would I be just a rebound for you?" he asks.  "Because I really don't want to be someone's fling," he says looking softly into David's eyes.

"Jeremy I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know what I'm looking for at the moment.  But I will tell you that you are definitely someone that I could fall in love with.  Just be patient with me;  I promise I will not purposely hurt you or cheat on you with another man," he says also holding him.

"I can live with that Davy," he says as he pulls him close and gives him a passionate kiss.  "Let's go have dinner and get to know one another, and then tonight you can make love to me," he says.

"Are you saying that you are a bottom Jer?" he asks.

"I don't know I've never fucked before."


Chapter 28 ...


"Tyler this letter came in the mail for you," Brian says handing him the envelope.  "Strange that it had no stamp," he says as Tyler tears it open.

"Oh God Brian, it's from David," he says looking at Brian.

Dear Dad.

I'm writing this to tell you that I am leaving today for Europe.  I rather not say where but I have given it much thought, and find that I have nothing to keep me here anymore.  I'm fine mentally and I had my suspicions that Bret might move on, given the fact that I had cheated on him.  I don't deserve his trust and love anymore, so I am moving on with my life.  I will miss my babies and have not figured out what I will do about that yet.  Would you please tell Bret that he has two months to find a new place to live, that I have placed the plantation up for sale?  I have instructed my lawyer to pay for all moving expenses, and to give him a monthly allowance of twenty thousand dollars until the children are grown.  I have also set up medical coverage for them, and any needs they may have he need only submit a request to Henry King, my lawyer, whose address he already knows.  I will be seeking visiting rights for my children or if he wishes we can split them up. But he will not keep me from seeing my children no matter how he feels about me, and I have instructed Hank to take care of that matter for me.

So dad I love you and Brian and will send you emails when I have settled into my life here in Europe.  I wish you happiness dad and you can reach me by email at my usual address you already have.

Your loving son.


"My God Brian, he's moved to Europe," he says handing the letter to Brian.

"Good for him," Brian says and Tyler gives him a hard look, as Tyler picks up the phone to call Bret.

"Bret have you got a few minutes today?  I need to talk to you about David," he says.

"Tyler I don't give a fuck about him I told you," Bret says as Miguel nuzzles his neck.

"Well this will affect your life deeply Bret and I think that you will want to hear about this."

"Oh ok but give me a few hours," he says as Miguel moves down to his cock and swallows deep into his throat.  "Ah fuck that's good," he says forgetting he's talking to Tyler.  "Sorry I was doing something, see you in a few," he says and hangs up.

"I think I interrupted something because it sounded like he was having sex," Tyler says hanging up the phone.

"I told you it's that jackass from over at Jason's place, Miguel," Brian says.


"So where are we going to eat David?" Jeremy asks.  "I have limited funds," he reminds him.

"Listen Jer, you are with Texas billionaire David Strathmore, I wouldn't worry about money," he tells him.

"I don't want you to think that I'm some kind of free loader Davy, I'm just not use to this kind of living."

"Well get use to it babe, because it's the only way to live," he says as they kiss and Jeremy moans in his arms.

"So you still didn't say where we are going, so I know how I should dress."

"Do you have a nice dinner jacket or suit?"

"Riiiight like I travel in those kinds of circles. I have jeans and shirts Davy."

"Let's go then, I'm taking you shopping," he says patting his ass as he moves him out the door.  "Then we are going to the `El Meson De Dona Filo' in Madrid.

They go out shopping and David totally outfits the boy, from casual on up to formal attire.  He dresses him as a girl would her doll, and he enjoys the look of his new man.

"What a transformation," David says as Jeremy comes out attired for a formal evening of dining.

"David this is a bit much don't you think?" he says looking at the price tag.

"For your wallet maybe, but for mine a mere drop in the bank account bucket," he says as he has Jeremy turn around.  "Now let's go dine," he says as they take Jeremy's wardrobe out to the waiting car.

"Carlos back to the hotel please," David says deciding to bring the things back before leaving.  "Would you please take our things up to our room before we go out to dinner?" he asks.

"Sí señor," Carlos says as he pulls up in front of the hotel.

David pulls Jeremy in for a kiss as they wait for Carlos to return, and Jeremy's hand massages David's crotch. David moans out in delight as his cock rises to full size, and he leans back as Jeremy undoes his pants.  David pushes the button to raise the window between the front and back seats, as Jeremy slides down David's pants.  He looks at David's hard cock glistening with pre-cum, and he takes it into his hot mouth.

"Ahhhhh fuck Jer, I haven't had sex in over a month," he tells him as Jeremy slides down to the root. 

Jeremy takes in the scent of his new lover as he lingers in his bush, and the scent drives him wild with lust.  He rises off of shaft and stops at the head, running his tongue around the corona. He gently massages the balls as he sucks hard on the head, then plunges quickly down once again.

"Oh fuck Jer I'm going to cum," he shouts out as he shoots his hot cum into Jeremy's anxious throat.

"Mmmmmm," is all Jeremy says as he drinks every drop offered to him, and he doesn't lose a single drop.

He continues to suck until David is spent, and then he gets up and gives him a kiss.

"God babe that was fucking hot," David says pulling up his pants.  "I hope you didn't do that because you felt you owed it to me for the things I bought you today."

"No lover, it was just a little appetizer for the main course to come later," he says as David undoes Jeremy's pants.  "No Davy, not in the car," he says holding on to David's hands. "I want my first time with a man to be special," he says and David lets go of his pants.

"But why did you just do me?" he asks.

"Because I wanted to taste you so bad that I couldn't wait," he says licking his lips.

"Señor estamos en el restaurante." Carlos says as he announces that they are at the restaurant.

They get out and David tells Carlos to arrive back in two hours, then he escorts Jeremy into the restaurant.



"Oh Kyle fuck me harder," Jeanne says as Kyle drills her with all he has and she cums and moans out in ecstasy. He fucks her hard and soon reaches his climax and yells out in delight as he cums.

"I'm cumming," and he shoots his seed deep into her, and she clings to him as they kiss. He glides in and out as he gives her his last, and he sighs as he is finally spent.

"I love you so much babe," he whispers in her ear, nibbling softly on her ear lobe.

"You bring me to places lover I've never been before," she tells him as she holds him tightly to her.

"Let's elope and get married my love, just you and I tomorrow," he says as he gets up and sits beside her.

"Are you serious Kyle?" she asks.

"Very serious Jeanne, I want to marry you more than I want to live," he says.

"Let me think about it tonight," she asks.

"As long as the answer is yes," he says.  "Now I'm famished, sex always makes me hungry," he says and she laughs at how peculiar he can be.

"Well let's go shower and go somewhere fancy tonight," she says taking his hand as they walk to the bathroom.

They shower together and have sex once again, and they don their finest apparel.  They drive to the restaurant, park the car, and go in to find a line waiting to be seated.

"Excuse me love I need to use the men's room," Kyle says and he goes into the bathroom.

He goes into the bathroom and can't believe his eyes, when he sees an old friend from Washington in there.

"Why David Strathmore, what the hell are you doing in Madrid?" Kyle asks seeing David as he enters the room.

"Kyle how are you my friend?  I was going to give you a call.  I'm living here for a while to get away from shit back home, and thought I'd look you up," he says.  "So what's happening in your life?"

"I'm getting married finally," he says.  "As a matter of fact she's just outside waiting for a table for us."

"Why don't you join my friend and me for dinner?"

"You don't mind?  We could catch up on things plus you can meet my fiancée," he says.

They wash their hands and leave, chatting about old times.

"There she is," he says pointing to a woman whose back is to them.  "Babe I want you to meet an old friend of mine from the states," he says and Jeanne turns around and freezes.

"David!" she says in shock as she looks at her brother.

"Hello Jeanne, how strange to meet you here," he says smiling.

"You two know one another?" Kyle asks looking at the two of them.

"Kyle love, David is my brother," she says as Jeremy walks up.

"Davy is everything all right?" he asks as he puts his arm on David's shoulder.

"Yes love, I want you to meet my sister Jeanne Marie," he says as she looks at David in shock.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Jeanne," he says but she ignores his comment.

"David where is Bret and why is he not here?" she asks as she looks at him.

"That's a long story and now is not the place sis."

"He has invited us to join them babe," Kyle says to her.

"Yes lets, I want to speak to him," she says taking David's arm.  "Tell me David how did you find me?"

"I didn't sis, I came here to start over," he tells her. "Can we talk about this tomorrow?" he asks but she won't let it go.

"No dear brother, we are going to talk about it tonight."

"Jeremy we're leaving," he says and the two start to walk out.  "I'll see you sis and good luck with your marriage."

They walk out of the restaurant and take a stroll along the avenue.  David calls his driver and gives him a new address to pick them up at.

"David did I do something wrong," Jeremy asks looking at him almost in tears.

"No Jeremy, this goes back to home, and her and me," he says perturbed with his sister.  "You see, my ex-lover is her brother also," he says and Jeremy looks at him strange.

"Are you into incest Davy?" he says dropping his hand from his.

David explains everything to him from the beginning up to the present, and he now understands why she is upset with David.

"Are you going to talk to her tomorrow Davy?" he asks as their driver pulls up to the curb.

"That I haven't decided yet. It was she who chose to disappear from us."

They go to another restaurant, and have a delightful dinner. Although David was put out with his sister he didn't let it ruin his evening.

"Davy I know we just met, but I want you to know that I am falling in love with you. I have never before been so swept away by a man."

"Once I left Texas I gave up on ever finding love again Jeremy.  I had decided that I would devote my attention to starting my life over.  I know I told you that the reason Bret and I aren't together anymore is because I cheated on him that one time, but it was something that I was forced into.  I want you to know that I will never cheat on you babe."

"Are you telling me that you are falling in love with me Davy?"

"Yes Jeremy, that is exactly what I'm telling you my love," and he kisses him passionately.



The next morning ...

"So have you given any thought to our eloping to get married," Kyle asks Jeanne as they lie in bed.

"I have and I think we should wait babe, I need to see what my brother is up to," she tells him.

"I see," is all he says as he gets out of bed and goes to the window and stares out.  She watches his form against the light of the window and she realizes he is hurt.

"Can we wait one more day babe?" she asks coming up behind him and he turns and smiles at her as he takes her in his arms.

"Of course we can love, I just can't wait to make you my wife," he says as he kisses her.

"Babe can I ask you something?" he asks being a bit hesitant.

"You never have to ask me for permission to ask me anything love."

"Who was that young man with David last night?" he asks.

"Kyle, remember I told you about my brothers that were gay," she reminds him and he nods yes. "Well David is one of them, and I suppose that Jeremy is his current love interest," she says rather perturbed that it's not Bret.

"David is gay; I would have never guessed," he says surprised. "When I think of the times we have been naked in the gym showers together and he never made a move on me."

"David never would think of doing something like that, he was in love with Bret and would not have thought of cheating," although she is not aware of his sexual exploits with Dan.

"Well he is so straight looking and ..." and he lets it drop.  "So are you going over to see him today?"

"Oh yes am I ever!  He has a lot of explaining to do," she says as she gets up from the bed.


"Mr. Bret Tremont?" the sheriff asks as Bret opens the door.

"Yes I'm Bret Tremont," he says and the sheriff hands him a paper.

"Consider yourself served," he says as he walks away.

Bret opens the notice and cannot believe what he is reading.  David has served him with an eviction notice effective in two months.

"I can't believe this," he says as Tyler drives up. "Can you believe he is evicting me and his own children," he says hysterically as Tyler walks up.

"There must be some mistake Bret," he says as he reads the notice.  "My God what is he doing?"

"Well if he wants a fight then he is going to get one," he says bitterly to Tyler.  "What have I done to him to make him do this to me?" he asks and Tyler cannot believe his ears.

"Are you kidding me Bret?  After you treated him like dirt, you have the audacity to ask what you have done.  Here read this and you figure out what you did to my boy."

Bret reads his letter to Tyler and he cannot believe how David found out about Miguel.  He becomes hysterical at the thought that he has lost him forever.

"Ty what have I done to us?" he asks as he cries.

"It's too late now to worry about that Bret, he has moved on with his life.  After all it was you that wanted him to be accountable for his decisions. So now that he has taken responsibility for them you don't like it."

"I should never have listened to Dr. Marks and that tough love shit."

"Bret Tremont, don't you even dare blame him for that when you were the one that decided to implement it."

"Well you have your Miguel and now you need to find a place to live."

"Miguel is nothing to me, he was just for sex until David paid for his cheating on me," he says as Miguel is standing in the doorway.

"I was nothing but a piece of ass for you Bret?"

"Miguel please I didn't mean it like that," Bret says as Miguel leaves the house.  "Fuck! Now look at the mess I made."

"Well as you said, Bret one must be accountable for their choices."

"Fuck you Ty; I don't need you preaching at me."

"No you don't, what you need is a good ass kicking for fucking around with David's head.  Now he's moved on and you don't like it."

Bret just cries over the mess he's made of things as Tyler leaves to go home.


 "Mmmmmm that feels good," Jeremy says as he wakes up to having his cock sucked.  "You've got me close Davy," he says as David just continues to suck on his cock.  He glides up and down and David can feel Jeremy's climax approach.  David gives extra attention to the head each time before going back down to the root.

"Ahhhhh fuck I'm cumming," he says as he shoots his cum deep down David's waiting throat. David swallows each drop as he pulls off some so he can taste his lover's seed.

"Mmmmmm," is all David says as he drains his lover's balls of their seed, and crawls up to give him a kiss.

"What a way to wake up Davy, can I return the favor?" he asks as he maneuvers on top of him.

Jeremy sits up and grabs the lube and applies it to his own ass. Then takes a glob and slowly rubs it on David's hard cock.  He lifts up and positions David's cock to his tender rosebud and then slowly begins to sit down on it. He throws his head back as it enters his ass and he lowers himself until he bottoms.

"Ahhhhh fuck that still feels good," he says remembering the night before when he surrendered his virginity to David.  He slowly rises off and then falls back down again until he soon finds his rhythm, and is riding his man, giving him pleasure as he quickly moves up and down on his cock.

"Yeah babe, fuck my cock with your hot ass," David says as he moves Jeremy's hips up and down with his hands.  "Oh fuck I'm cumming," he says and he shoots his seed deep into his lover's hot ass. 

"Fuck me lover," Jeremy screams out as he shoots another load.  He spews volley after volley of his hot cum all over David as he moves faster and faster on David's cock.  And then he starts to slow as the two young lovers begin to calm down.   "I love you Davy," he says bending down to kiss his man.

"I love you too," and he returns the kiss as his cock softens and falls out of Jeremy's ass.

There's a knock on the door and David gets up and throws on a robe.  He loosely ties it about his waist just barely covering his manhood as he opens the door.

"Good Morning brother," Jeanne says as she comes boldly into the room and sees Jeremy slipping on his briefs. "Did I interrupt something or did you just finish?" she asks pointing to the cum on his chest.

"Jeanne what the fuck are you doing here so early?" he asks now covering his chest up.

"We need to talk brother and I figured if I caught you in bed you wouldn't go running off."

"Would you mind if we at least get showered and dressed?"

"No, I have all day," she says giving Jeremy an evil look.

"Why don't I go shower and then go get some things done so you two can talk," Jeremy says as he walks to the bathroom,

"That would be a wise idea," she says staring at his cute ass as he walks off.

"Jeremy please come back here," David says and he now gives an angry look at his sister.  "You're my lover and mate so you have every right to stay," he says pulling him down beside him.

"Very well brother," she says. "Now I want to hear about everything that has happened ever since I left Texas," she says sitting back in her chair.  "And you can start with that rope burn on your neck."

He starts with telling her about his suicide attempt and how he cheated that one time on Bret, and then about everything else before and after.

"So you and Bret are definitely over," she asks rather disappointed at the news.

"I made an error in judgment once, and was crucified for it.  Even after he told me that if I told him what was bothering me we would work it out.  Once I got out of the hospital, it was then that I found out that he was sleeping with this Mexican named Miguel."

"So you just up and left no goodbye or try and fix things, just adios...goodbye."

"No sis, I tried to talk to him but when I called him he was cold and bitter to me, so I went and got my things and then left.  It was that night I decided that I needed to make a fresh start with my life, so remembering how much you always liked Spain I decided to come here."

"I'm sorry brother for judging you, and I'm also sorry for treating you, Jeremy, so badly."

"I understand Jeanne, under those circumstances I would probably react in the same manner."

"But that is no excuse for bad manners, and I apologize for my behavior."

"I accept that and thank you," Jeremy says. "Now may I go shower?" he asks giving David a kiss and leaving the room.

Jeanne and David stare at one another for a long moment before speaking.

"You know don't you," she asks looking him in the eyes.

"Yes sis I do," he says referring to the babies' father.

"I knew you couldn't keep your promise and let it drop. I knew you would go snooping until you found out.  Dan found out for you, because my lawyer told me how his office had been broken into and some files disturbed."

"Yes and he more or less coerced me into sex with him.  It's like I also know, and I don't want any details, that you were behind his disappearance sis," and her face goes white.

"How David, I left no trails," she says in a whisper.

"When I read about his disappearance, I started to put two and two together, and they added up to you sis."

"Please don't ask me anything more about it David, its bad enough that Kyle is his nephew."

"So are you two really getting married?"

"Yes David, I love him so much and he makes me happy."

"Is he good to you sis?"

"Very good and even better in bed," she says looking at him for a reaction.

"Well with the cock he has between his legs, I can see why you smile," he says as she blushes.

"He told me how you two use to work out together once in a while, before he knew you were gay."

"Yeah whenever I was in Washington or he was in Dallas. I would fantasize about sucking his cock whenever I ..." and he stops realizing he is talking to his sister.

"You should have seen the look on your face remembering my man's cock," and she laughs at his embarrassment.

"So are you and Jeremy serious David?"

"Yes sis, for the first time in ages he makes me feel alive in ways that ... well he makes me feel alive," he says avoiding using Bret's name.  "I should also tell you that I have put the house up for sale."

"Are you sure David that it's that final?"

"Yes.  Besides if I ever do go back I will buy something that can be ours and not a love leftover."

"You sound a tad bitter," she says moving to sit beside him.

"I am some.  He wanted me to go through this treatment so we could be a better couple and move on together.  Then I find out that he is sleeping around.  I don't blame him for wanting relief while I was in the hospital, but he was down right mean to me once I got out.  He wouldn't even let me see my children Jeanne.  He hasn't heard yet but I am going for custody of them," he says as she looks at him in shock.

"David no, consider the mess and pain that's going to create," she tells him.

"And there is no consideration of my feelings sis?  I'm not supposed to feel pain from not seeing my children?"

"This is going to get messy I can see it already.  Have you got a lawyer yet?"

"Yes sis, Thomas King, the biggest name in law in all of Texas," he tells her.

"And what of Bret, does he have a lawyer?" she asks.

"Don't know and frankly sis I don't care.  He should be getting his papers today for the hearing.  I wanted to wait a day after the eviction papers."

"What has happened to you David?  The sun use to rise and set on Bret in your eyes."

"I got sunglasses that let me see the real Bret," as Jeremy comes out of the bathroom.  "Well sis I have a young man that needs to be fed," he says giving her the hint to leave. "I hope you and Kyle are happy together," he says as he walks her to the door.

"I beg you to reconsider your actions brother, is this revenge really worth it?"

"It's not revenge sis, its getting what is mine by rights."

She gives him a soft kiss on the cheek as a tear runs down her cheek, and she looks into his eyes before turning to leave.

"I can't help feeling that you are making a big mistake," she says and then she leaves.


Later that day ...

"Mr. Bret Tremont," the sheriff asks already knowing that it is him.  "Consider yourself served," he says handing him the court summons."

He opens the summons and collapses to the floor in tears as he reads the custody summons.

To be continued ...

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