The Strathmore's


Randy Howard2

Chapter 29


This is a work of fiction. The names are no way real or to be associated with anyone alive or dead.  This is copyrighted by the author and no one is to copy this without my written permission. 

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From chapter 28 ...


 "What has happened to you David?  The sun use to rise and set on Bret in your eyes."

"I got sunglasses that let me see the real Bret," as Jeremy comes out of the bathroom.  "Well sis I have a young man that needs to be fed," he says giving her the hint to leave. "I hope you and Kyle are happy together," he says as he walks her to the door.

"I beg you to reconsider your actions brother, is this revenge really worth it?"

"It's not revenge sis, its getting what is mine by rights."

She gives him a soft kiss on the cheek as a tear runs down her cheek, and she looks into his eyes before turning to leave.

"I can't help feeling that you are making a big mistake," she says and then she leaves.


Later that day ...

"Mr. Bret Tremont," the sheriff asks already knowing that it is him.  "Consider yourself served," he says handing him the court summons."

He opens the summons and collapses to the floor in tears as he reads the custody summons.


Chapter 29 ...


When he calms down he calls Tyler about the summons.


"Tyler he's going for custody of the children," Bret cries into the phone.  "I just got a summons to appear in court next Thursday."

"Are you serious?  This has gotten way out of hand," Tyler tells him.  "I cannot believe that he would do something like this."

"I've got to get a lawyer and I don't know of any good ones," he tells Tyler. "I suppose he will be using Henry King for himself."

"Well I love you both and I really don't want to get into the middle of this," he tells him.  "Give Earl Taylor a call, I've used him a time or two."


"Jeremy are you packed?" David asks as he gives his bags to the bellhop.

"Yes Davy, those two right there," he says pointing to the two bags.  "I've got our carryon bag and laptop so I guess we're ready to go. Are Jeanne and Kyle meeting us at the airport?"

"Yes they wanted to say goodbye and figured it was easier there."

They follow the bellhop down to the lobby and the bellhop takes the luggage out to the car while David takes care of his bill.

"David just remember that you once loved him," Jeanne tells her brother regarding Bret. "I love you both and please give him my love," she says.

"I will sis, and our past love has nothing to do with this," he says with a touch of bitterness in his voice.  "He won't let me see my children so this is my only recourse."

"Just don't be your typical self please, is all I'm asking," and she gives him a kiss goodbye.

"Where are we staying in Dallas?" Jeremy asks.

"I've reserved the presidential suite at the Fairmont Dallas in downtown Dallas. I want only the best for my man," he says looking into his eyes.


"You spoil me Davy, I hope your dad likes me," he says in a nervous tone.  "I remember you saying that he is friends with Bret."


"He'll love you babe," David says as he silently worries about going home.


The flight home is long and tiring and they arrive shortly after dark.  David has hired a car and driver for while he is in Texas to take them around.  Henry King is at the airport to meet with them when they arrive.


"David how are you my man," Henry asks giving him a firm hug.

"Hank I'm fine and I would like you to meet Jeremy Bryant," he says as the two shake hands.  "Is everything on track for court?"

"Yes.  He was served last week and we will be going before Judge Martin Mathews, my old college buddy."

"I need to ask you on a more serious note Hank, will my attempted suicide be a hindrance for my case?"

"Not at all, I have subpoenaed Dr. Marks to testify on your behalf and he assures me that you are perfectly capable of raising the children."

"Hank, I've decided that I'm going for custody of Ryan and Sean only," he tells Hank. "I think two is sufficient to raise."

"Are you sure you want to split them up," he asks David. "It would be easier that way but how will the children feel later in life?"

"They'll grow up knowing and seeing each other, so I don't really foresee any problems."

"Well it looks like all our oars are in the water so barring any unforeseen circumstances; we should have a clear cut case."

They get their luggage and meet the driver who takes them to the hotel.  They check in and David gives Tyler a call to let him know he's in town and to prepare him for the coming court case.

"Hello dad, how are you?" he asks catching Tyler off guard.

"David! Son, where are you?" he asks surprised to hear his voice.

"I'm in Dallas dad, and I wanted to know if I could stop by tomorrow."

"Of course you can son; you know that you are always welcome in my home."

"Well I didn't know if the matter between Bret and I has tainted you towards me."

"Well I don't particularly like what's going on but I do still love you son," he says.  "I've got a doctors appointment in the morning but I should be home after one."

"That's good dad, I'll see you around one then," he says then hangs up.

The next morning David calls the Foster Realty Group for acquiring a choice piece of downtown property.

"Good morning this is Robert Foster," a young man says.

"Robert this is David Strathmore of ..." and he is cut off.

"Mr. Strathmore sir, I know perfectly well who you are sir.  How may I help you today?"

"Well Robert, I see that this hotel that I am staying in is for sale," he tells Robert.  "I want you to purchase it for me under the name of Strathmore Development Inc."

There's a long silence as Robert regains his composer.

"Did you say purchase the Fairmont Dallas Hotel sir?"

"Yes I did Robert and I need the transaction completed within the next three business days."

 "Wow that's a tall order sir, but not an impossible one.  I'll get right on it and get back to you once I have the entire details together sir."

"That sounds good Robert, and Robert, please keep this quiet?"

"Yes sir," he says and they hang up.

Later that day David meets with the financial team of the hotel and signs the papers to finalize the purchase. He then hires an architectural firm to transform the top floor to his new living quarters.

"Hello Mr. Strathmore, I'm Aaron Bennett of Corgan Associates Inc."


"Aaron please call me David. Now here is what I will need," and he tells him how he wants to transform the top floor into a private living place.

"That should be no problem David, my firm has had much experience with this kind of work and I think you will be pleased with the results."

"I'm sure I will Aaron and I am on a tight schedule so I would like it completed as soon as possible."

"I'll get started on the drawings immediately and send them over for your approval when they are ready."

"Thank you Aaron," he says as he walks him to the elevator.  "Have a good day Aaron and I look forward to seeing the plans."

"Good day to you also," he says.

"We'll soon have a home babe," he says to Jeremy as he kisses his lover.  "Now let's go meet dad," he says looking at his lover who appears very nervous.  "Relax Jer, he is going to love you babe," David says.

They drive off to Tyler's house and Tyler is still gone but Brian is there waiting for them.

"God David you look good," Brian says giving him a hug and a kiss on the lips.  "And who is this young man?" he asks.

"This is my partner Jeremy Bryant," he says and Brian gives him a lustful kiss on the lips and feels his crotch which makes him jump. 

"He's hung pretty nice David," he says as Jeremy blushes.

"He does that to all the new guys; he likes to see what he's missing out on."

"You might have warned me Davy," he says still blushing.

"So where's dad?" David asks.

"That I don't know; he should have been home over an hour ago."

They sit and talk for the better part of an hour, when Tyler finally arrives home.  He looks at the three of them sitting in the living room and in with him walks Bret.

"You didn't tell me he was going to be here," Bret says looking at David. 

"Hello Bret, I can see you haven't changed one bit," David says as he gets up to give Tyler a hug and kiss.  "Dad this is Jeremy Bryant my partner," he says as Tyler looks at him in shock.

"Ah ... hello young man and welcome," he says as he shakes Jeremy's hand.

"Listen you two, I was hoping that you could work this out without having to go to court," Tyler says.  "I hate to think of you both at each other's throats like this."

"Especially when one has rope burns on his already," Bret says with a chuckle.

"Bret that was totally uncalled for," Tyler says to him.

"Bret why don't you sit down for a minute and let me put a proposition to you," David says to him as Bret gives him a nasty look.

"We aren't together anymore so you can't tell me what to do," he says bitterly.

"You're right Bret we aren't, but what I've got to say might interest you," he says and Bret reluctantly sits. "I've decided that I want custody of just Ryan and Sean," he tells him and waits to let it sink in.  Bret stares at him for some time before he speaks.

"You would split the kids up David?" he asks in shock at his proposal.

"It's either that or I go for all four Bret, it's your choice.  And I will allow you to stay at the house until Beth and Jacob are grown."

"Well do I have to give you my answer this minute?"

"No but you will have to before we go to court. Because once I step into that courtroom I will be seeking custody of all four children."

"Do you hate me that much David?" Bret asks with tears in his eyes.

"I don't hate you Bret, but I'm not in love with you either. So as I said, two or four it's your choice Bret."

"I don't like seeing them split up either Bret, but at least you will have two of them to raise," Tyler says.

"And they will be allowed to see each other growing up.  It won't be as though they will never see each other," David tells him.

"Very well David, I won't oppose you seeking custody of Ryan and Sean," he says looking at him as if seeing him for the first time.  "You seem different David, like you are surer of yourself."

"Well you helped to create the new me Bret, and I really like how I feel now.  Well come on Jeremy, we have things to do," he says as he gives Tyler and Brian a hug goodbye.

"God I miss him," Bret says to Tyler after David has gone.

"I know Bret, but you made your bed and now you have to lie in it."


On the Isle of Greece ...

"Heavenly Father, Kyle and Jeanne are now about to vow their unending loyalty to each other. We ask you to accept the shared treasure of their life together, which they now create and offer to you. Grant them everything they need, that they may increase in their knowledge of you throughout their life together. In the name of Jesus. Amen"

"Let me charge you both to remember, that your future happiness is to be found in mutual consideration, patience, kindness, confidence, and affection. Kyle, it is your duty to love Jeanne as yourself, provide tender leadership, and protect her from danger. Jeanne, it is your duty to treat Kyle with respect, support him, and create a healthy, happy home. It is the duty of each of you to find the greatest joy in the company of the other; to remember that in both interest and affection, you are to be one and undivided. 


Kyle, will you have Jeanne to be your wife, to live together as friend and mate? Will you love her as a person, respect her as an equal, sharing joy as well as sorrow, and triumph as well as defeat.  And keep her beside you as long as you both shall live?


"I will," Kyle says smiling at Jeanne.


Jeanne, will you have Kyle to be your husband, to live together as friend and mate? Will you love him as a person, respect him as an equal, sharing joy as well as sorrow, and triumph as well as defeat.  And keep him beside you as long as you both shall live?


"I will," Jeanne says glowing as she looks at Kyle smiling.


"The ring is the symbol of the commitment which binds these two together. There are two rings because there are two people, each to make a contribution to the life of the other and to their new life together. Let us pray: Bless, O Lord, the giving of these rings that they who wear them may abide together in your peace and grow in one another's eyes."


"I, Kyle, take you Jeanne, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part: according to God's holy ordinance, and thereto I pledge you my love and faithfulness.  I give you this ring, as I give you myself, with love and affection. Wear it in peace always," Kyle says to Jeanne as he slips her wedding band on her finger.


"I, Jeanne, take you Kyle, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'til death do us part: according to God's holy ordinance, and thereto I pledge you my love and faithfulness.  I give you this ring, as I give you myself, with love and affection. Wear it in peace always," Jeanne says to Kyle as she slips his wedding band on his finger.


"Now that Kyle and Jeanne have given themselves to each other by the promises they have exchanged, I pronounce them to be husband and wife, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  You may kiss your bride."




"All rise, the honorable Judge Martin Mathews presiding," the court bailiff announces as the judge comes in.  "You may be seated."

"Good morning," the judge says looking at both sides. "David Strathmore is suing Bret Tremont for the custody of their children, Jacob, Ryan, Sean, and Beth. Is this correct?"

"Your honor my client, David Strathmore is requesting full custody of Ryan Tyler and Sean Kevin instead of all four your honor."

"And the other two, Jacob Monroe and Beth Marie will remain with Bret Tremont, is this correct?" he asks.

"Yes your honor.  Mr. Strathmore and Mr. Tremont have reached an agreement where they will share custody of the four children as mentioned."

"Well if both parties agree I have no objections. Do you both agree to this agreement gentlemen?"

"I do," replies David.

"I do also," says Bret.

"Very well I award the custody of Ryan Tyler and Sean Kevin to David Strathmore. Whereas Jacob Monroe and Beth Marie shall remain with Bret Tremont, this case is adjourned," the judge says.

The nanny brings Ryan and Sean over to David and he pushes the stroller out of the courtroom. 

"I hope you're happy now," Bret says to David outside the courthouse. 

"Have a good life Bret," he says in a dismissive tone of voice.  "Let's take our children home babe," he says to Jeremy as they walk down the street.

"David are you really over Bret?"

"I was over him the day he refused to take me back when I was released from the hospital babe," he says.  "Please don't worry about him in my life again; you are my only love now."


Their trip was one of luxury, but this is not what set it apart for Jeanne and Kyle. They remembered joining a spontaneous village celebration, and taking an unforgettable day trip to a deserted island where they made passionate love on a white sandy beach.  Kyle enjoyed hearing stories from the locals about the Greek culture, and as the sun went down over the watery horizon they sat with his arms wrapped around his new wife.


"It's hard to believe that our honeymoon is over babe," he whispers into her ear as he nuzzles her neck tenderly.


"I know love, and yet I want to go home Kyle."

"We shall, Madrid is only a few hours away."

"No babe, I want to go home to Texas if you don't mind. I miss my family and friends," she says turning her head to look up at him.

"Then to Texas we shall go my lover, for where ever you are that is home for me," he says as he gives her a kiss so passionate that she cries.


"Mitch did Dan give you a hard time about quitting," Joshua asks.

"That fucker tried to blackmail me into not only working for him, but he expected me to be his bitch for sex also."

"Oh God Mitch are you going to be in trouble now?"

"No because he knows I can hang his ass big time with the things I have on him.  I'm going to ask David for a job with his firm if he will take me."

"Why wouldn't he Mitch, you're a good person and have a clean record."

"Well there is that little thing with me catching him fucking around with Dan and that is what led to all his problems."

"Let me talk to him and see if I can get you a job," Josh tells him.

"No babe I'll do it myself," he tells him. "After all I didn't actually tell on him.  But if you have his number I would like to give him a call and ask to come and talk with him. I am through being kicked around by those who think I'm nothing but dirt."

"Here's his cell number, I'll be making dinner so give him a call."

Mitch dials the cell number and David answers.

"David this is Mitch Jefferson, Matt's brother," he says.

"I know who you are Mitch, you're the one from Dan's, so what can I do for you," he asks.

"Well I quit working for Dan and I was wondering if you would have some job that I would be qualified to do," he asks.

"Do you mind if I ask you why you quit working for him?"

Mitch explained the whole story from start to end and he had to struggle to keep his composure.

"You know Mitch I have been friends with Dan for over ten years and never saw that side of him until he coerced me into having sex with him that day.  I tell you what kid, come on by the refinery on Monday with Joshua and I might have a proposition for you."

"Ah sir, if it's anything like Dan made me I'll pass," he says rather disappointed.

"No kid, I'm not like that. This is a legitimate proposition for something that I'm putting together."

"Thank you David, I'll see you on Monday."

"Well did you call?" Joshua asks as Mitch comes out to the kitchen.

"He wants to offer me something he's putting together.  He told me to come in on Monday with you."

"Oh babe I'm happy for you," he says and the two of them kiss.


  "I can't wait to see my brothers again," Jeanne says to Kyle. "I guess I really missed Texas more than I thought."

"Well whatever makes you happy babe is fine with me."

"Have you given any thought as to what you are going to do for work?" she asks him.

"I thought I would run for the congressional seat that my uncle held until he vanished.  The seat is up for re-election this fall and I am seriously considering running.  What do you think about me being a congressman?" he asks.

"Would that mean us moving to Washington?" she asks.

"Yes it would more than likely for me, but you could always stay in Texas."

"I'm your wife now Kyle, where you go I will go," she tells him. "I guess being a congressman's wife would be nice," she says thinking about the parties and fund raisers."

"You would certainly turn the heads of all the men when they got a look at you."

"You flatter me honey, but I'm not all that beautiful," she says as the plane shakes violently and goes dark.


To be continued ...

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